The pictures (Nikon D7000, SB-700, 35/1.4, 200/2)

The pictures appears to be real. All specs remain the same. No surprises are expected tomorrow. Official announcement: around midnight tonight (Tuesday, US Eastern time).

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  • chewz

    preordered the new 35mm f1.4!

    • Since the more the better – Nikon will eventually be using a more manly numbering scheme one day. How about a Nikon D800000000, huh? It would leave all Canon buffleheads speechless.

      • robert


      • Catastrophile

        I would like to believe that, but what would the immediate successor to this D800000000 be called?

        • Ian

          Most likely, one of the following three options:


          • Blah Blah Blah

            But then surely the D80000000’s predecessor would be the D80000050? It would take an extremely long time to get to the D800000000 using that system…

          • Giga ISO

            no.. a successor will have an additional zero to it… somewhere in the future we will have something like 80000000000000000000000000000… err
            with ISO 10.000.000, but still 12Mp sensors…
            That’s Nikons “niche” strategy me guess.. burp! :O

            • rad

              They could totally do scientific notation. D7E3, D7E4 etc…

    • Where is the new lens pre-orderable?

      I would like to pre-order too, but I bought recently already the 24mm, the 16-35 and the 85mm so my wife would kill me 8-o.

      • nikkor_2

        In general, great Nikkor glass often holds its value very well.

        If you were buying a Can*n 1D Mark IV, your wife perhaps should worry …

  • Andrew Kevin


    • Joe R.

      Rear mic or speaker?

      • Paul

        I’d say speaker.

    • Joe R.

      What’s between SCENE and Auto… is it the “no-flash”

      • Yup seems like no-flash

      • iamlucky13

        I don’t think so. Look at the later post on the main page showing a straight-on top view. It appears to have the green “Auto” icon from other consumer bodies, plus a no-flash mode, and finally the scene mode.

        Auto mode is generic, with the camera making its best guess at appropriate settings.

        No-flash is the same, but without flash (duh)

        Scene is the specialty modes like outdoor, portrait, night, action, etc. These will have preferential settings like narrow aperture for DOF for landscapes, or high minimum shutter speeds for action.

        On the D90, there were five scene modes on the dial. In the D7000, I’d expect going into scene mode brings a menu up on the LCD screen that you can scroll through with either the dial or the multiselector.

  • Sven

    Look at the size of the “flap” for the memory cards … CF maybe ?

    • Antonio Rojilla

      I bet on CF+SD.

      • Sven

        Lets hope 😀
        CF for pics and SD for movie ….

        • Paul

          Agreed, I love CF cards.

    • Adde

      Dual SD:s or maybe the new battery system?

    • ewan

      Or maybe dual SD but they’re next to each other like this:
      rather than this:

      • Joe R.


        1 CF, 2 SDXC

      • Theo

        \/ CF
        /\ SD

        • Pascal


      • Antonio Rojilla

        Yes, that could be possible, but I still bet on CF+SD because it would be better for those than may want this camera as a back-up or companion of higher end models, and I guess there will be quite a few of them seeing this is going to be the Nikon with most pixels after the D3X and arguably with better video implementation than any model (unless it doesn’t improve upon the D3100).

        • Antonio Rojilla

          OK, in the rumored specs it already states dual SD so I’ll eat my words:

        • Landscape Photo

          What’s the point of dual slots of the same type? Just double your card capacity instead.

          • Ian

            The point of identical dual slots is identical backup across two cards, or separate cards, one for video and one for still. If the camera is designed as a suitable bridge between consumer and pro, then CF/SD makes sense. If it’s really intended as a consumer camera, then SD/SD makes more sense, because consumers tend not to use CF, but may have several SD cards.

      • sword

        You’re so smart! I like you.yeah,maybe you’re right.

      • or
        | SD

        \/ CF

        • spaces missed, when entered a reply..

          should be

          \/ CF

  • AS

    I want focus micro adjustment on this camera!

    • d40-owner

      Me too, but I suspect we won’t be happy….

    • Simon

      Me too…

      • D90

        🙁 I’ll pass. What’s the point of buying Nikon lenses.

        • Whatever

          Out of your gourd if you think Nikon lenses are immune from micro AF adjust need.

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    I’m impressed with the design of D7000.. loved it

    • sword

      I love it too.

    • Catastrophile

      me too but deeeeeeeeeply miss articulating LCD, can’t live without that!!!

  • crocodilo

    Kit lenses 18-105?
    Nice mode dial!!!

    I want a front pic! 🙂

    • sword

      yeah,the dial is wonderful!
      the front pic? we can see it tomorrow.

  • d40-owner

    Looks good, I like it!
    My only gripe would be perhaps the reduced rubbery area.

    • sword

      I have a D40 too.And I’m waiting the replacement of D90 so long.
      It’s happy now.

  • abo

    Does the desing looks bigger than the actual D90 or it is just “spec first sight” impression?

    • sword

      I feel it is small than D90

  • Mitchell Wong Ho

    I need to retire my D700, like yesterday!

    • Ziltoid

      Are you seriously implying a D700 is holding your photography back???

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        yeah, no scene mode for him.

        • Paul

          You mean auto mode. Manual settings are so yesterday. Let the camera decide everything for you. Just like an iphone!

          • WoutK89

            It should also decide what you want in the picture, shutter buttons are only another button that isnt sealed.

            • mrphoebs

              Where we come from that’s called the “ken rockwell” camera

            • Mock Kenwell

              Jealous much?

      • Giga ISO

        yeah… he can’t do video with it LOL 😉

  • Kevin

    I spy no scene mode clutter on the wheel – looks good!
    Did anyone notice the Gps plug is bigger compared to the D90?

  • Is there an MIC IN?

    • Kevin

      That bigger GPS plug cover could be it. looks like there’s a pair of headphones on the plug cover too.

      • NiknWontRepairMyGray

        It has a built-in mp3 player to keep you entertained while waiting for those elusive birds.

        • Paul

          Sweet! But actually live audio monitoring would be a great feature!

    • Antonio Rojilla

      Yes. In the rubber at the bottom there is a MIC label (befor the GPS/Remote labels -the remote is indicated by a pic of a… well, remote shutter release-).

      Nice to see the 2 custom memories in the mode dial too.

      • d40-owner

        Where do you see that?
        The bottom dial is Single, Continuous Low/High and remote.
        Do you mean the top dial? Can anyone understand what all the settings on the top dial are?

        • Antonio Rojilla

          Yes, the mode dial, it says, in this order:

          Flash Off

          M1 and M2 may be custom modes.

          • Kevin

            has a nikon dslr ever had custom modes?
            I know canon has em.

            • Antonio Rojilla

              Yes, at least for top models (D300 and up).

            • Paul

              I hope the M1 & M2 modes come with a Nikon system menu refresh so that it actually customized more settings than before.

          • Joe R.

            And the other ring?

            Continuous Low
            Continuous High
            Bluetooth? Mirror Up?

            • rkas

              Quite mode?

            • WoutK89

              C-low, C-high, Single, Self timer, Quiet mode, Mirror-up

            • Joe R.

              Yes, yes, I know what the possible modes are. What’s the fourth icon that you can see?

              I don’t think it looks like the timer clock icon. It’s also has a further spacing than the S, Cl, Ch. I’m wondering if it’s something like sweep pano or HDR or something (which would of set a shooting mode like S, Cl, Ch rather than a SCENE).

        • WoutK89

          Auto (green), unknown, SCENE, M1, M2, P, S, A, M

          • SA

            unknown is No Flash.

  • WoutK89

    The most important I see, it has the same “ears” as the D300s for the camera strap, that has me to believe it may be considered above D90.

    • Good eye! I hope that mean micro-focus adjustment!

      • jms

        If D7000 has micro-focus adjustment, it will be the top DX model and D300 replacement would be FX

        • Catastrophile

          highly probable this is what will happen exactly, the fact D700 was named with same number of digits as D300 further supports this.

    • sword

      above D90 and below D300s, I think that so many people need it.

      • WoutK89

        Not necessarily need, but I would want one already 😉

  • Gareth



    as stated earlier, will let people know how the 35 performs if they have it at Nikon plaza when i go there on sunday. (they let you test the lenses).


    the d7000 looks promising, not as nice as a d300, but promising. hope that af-l button is customisable to af-on and camera is able to be af-on button only. also hope it has af fine tune, then i may buy this as a second body.

    replace d700 mitchell, are you crazy?


    flash, yush. just needs that radio ability and sold (but probably sold anyway, i really need a flash).

    • d40-owner

      Even my ancient D40 can assign AF-ON to the AF-L/AE-L button, so that should be covered.

      • st r

        Your d40 (and mine) has flash sync speed of 500. This does not mean that any of the more recent body also does.

        It is a fairly special little camera. If only it had 5-point AF and an AF motor, like the d50 had, it would be hard to beat even after all these years.

        I will not be selling my d40.

        • hexx

          🙂 nope, i’m keeping both d40s i have, the faulty one and the one which replaced it. it’s a little magic that one

        • sword

          but it would like that the flash sync speed of D40 is 250.

        • Paul

          I’m waiting for another Nikon dslr with 500th sync speed.

        • mrphoebs

          + 1 on the d40 being awesomely awesome

    • WoutK89

      There is ?still? a IR receiver on the side of the SB-700, so nothing is sure about Radio transmitter/receiver yet

    • Which “Nikon Plaza” are you going to? There are more than one. I’ll actually be near the Ginza one tomorrow. Wasn’t planning on going in, but if the 35 is out, I may have to go play with it. But that’s dangerous. I don’t have any plans for picking up the 35. I didn’t have plans for the 24, either, until I played w/ one in (appropriately enough) the Ginza store.

      Must *not* go to Ginza Nikon tomorrow. Must *not* go to Ginza Nikon tomorrow.

    • Catastrophile

      there might be AF-Luck button, for when you feel you are lucky and the camera will rightly focus on what you want it, like the google “I feel lucky” button (takes you directly to 1st result page.

  • Peter Frans

    I am greedy, I want all of that is pictured lol … I guess I’ll get a second mortgage … One things is for sure, this will be a looooong day today, can’t wait to finally see the real camera … Front too lol

  • Ivan

    I REALLY hope that it has a mic connector! internal mics are just silly.

  • WoutK89

    The SB-700 seems to be more compact, at least the bottom part seems to have shrunk.

  • Ooh Mamma!
    Looks nice. From the back at least! I reckon seeing how slim that card flap is, it could be dual SD cards, one above the other instead on side-by-side. Probably quite an efficient use of space if it is…

    Lovely chunky mode dial too! Yeah! Now show us her full-frontal!

    • Aziraphale

      And hope that she’s not ugly from the front. 😉

  • martin
  • If the specs for the D7000 are spot on, they must have something seriously amazing planned for the D4/D400 next fall….

    • fotosniper2000@yahoo

      I’m going to have to start keeping candy and stickers for the canon fanboys for when they see my Nikon gear. poor guys, canon officially sucks monkey balls.

    • gncl

      I reckon Nikon’s lineup is changing, and this camera will be the DX flagship.

      The D7000 name and the spec reflect the fact that this is no straightforward D90 upgrade. I’m not expecting another DX camera positioned above this one.

      D300 owners will have the choice of staying at the DX level with this camera, or moving up to FX with an upcoming camera, which will provide an upgrade path for both D700 owners and more ambitious D300/D300s owners.

      • WoutK89

        A straightforward upgrade as you call it would be the D100, which was released like 8 years ago.

      • Well, D7000 seems the Canon D60 competitor….

        Why wouldnt nikon compete with the Canon D7 then? Wouldnt a 16 MP – 9fps – Integrated GPS – 51AF – 2CF – Full HD + Extras – D400 devastate the D7 ?

        • WoutK89

          It would and could, but I doubt the double CF after a CF + SD D300s

          • Why SD? Its only advantage is the integrated SD slot on the 15 Macbook Pros & some other laptops IMHO..

            • WoutK89

              It gives the pros the possibility to choose which format to use?

            • nikkor

              Because there’s a SD card named Eye-fi out there which provided wi-fi connection for camera and supported by Nikon, Canon and etc.

        • Bobby

          I think the D7000 competes at the same level as the older 40D and 50D, it’s just Canon decided to bump down their XXD lineup and nikon decided to bump up their XXD lineup + a name change.

      • DBX

        Yes, that’s what I was going to say. I think Nikon just realigned the top end of the crop-sensor market. So, will there even be a “D400”? Will we see two $2000 FX bodies, one with a D3s sensor and one with a new high-resolution sensor that does passably well in DX? The possibilities abound . . . . but if the D7000 is what everyone has said it is, I don’t see any more $1,800 DX-only bodies, that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous

      In the meantime you think that 12mp will do the trick in the pro-line?

  • martin

    Why does the camera have two LED-lights? One at the momoerycards (i guess indicating usage of them).. but the other one at the infobutton, what is it for?

    • Joe R.

      I dont see one at the cards

      • Theo

        it’s oval, right between the ok/wheel and card door

        • Joe R.

          I suspect that’s just a rubber plug that covers a screw just like the one next to the INFO button.

          • Kevin

            the thing next to the info button is the “card busy” light, no?

            • Joe R.

              No, I think there is one LED, in the lower left, that is for “card busy”.

              What else would you need an LED for? When recording movies the light would be on since the card is busy.

          • Antonio Rojilla

            Doesn’t make sense. They could just make the rubber over it a bit larger if they wanted to hide a screw there. Most likely it’s a IR receiver as others said.

            • Joe R.

              Yeah, you’re probably right.

            • Enesunkie

              You can use the remote behind the camera now!
              Another bonus point of many.

    • WoutK89

      One might be the IR receiver, like the P7000 has, for the ML-L3 on the front and BACK side 😉

      • d40-owner

        That would make sense.
        I find it really annoying when doing long exposures to have to point the remote from the front.

    • Anonymous

      Headlights!!! High and Low beams

  • rhyan

    OOohhh…come to daddy, my precious!

    • Peter Frans

      ROFLMMFAO … that is hilarious … but I know how you feel lol

  • Dash

    Very nice, that red dot makes a huge difference, I like the double mode dial. How soon can I preorder one? Tomorrow?

    • NRC

      Amazon had preorders up for the D3100 pretty much right after it was announced.

      • Dash

        Sweet! Hope Adorama does too, thanks.

  • WoutK89

    Screen looks to be still 3″, but does the VF appear big enough for a decent 100% coverage magnification?

  • Pascal

    I want it !

  • Victor Hassleblood

    Wow, looks much more promising than I expected. Thanks for no scene modes on the dial. That would have been a no go. I am looking forward to find out more about the abilities – especially video. This could become my first full HD plus a backup in photography and a privately used DSLR …

    … but then again I know that it is a kind of fashion at Nikon, to introduce features from the bottom (or middle) to the top instead of doing it vise versa (except for 24MP of course). It might be worth waiting a little longer … another even more proish full HD DSLR, offering AF-fine adjust should show rather sooner than later … Wish I knew when.

  • Anonymous

    You are so sexy! If you are smaller than the 7D, I’m sold… drooling!

  • I have no idea about the camera till I test it in stores, but it looks amazing – a little above the D90 and way better than I expected. If Nikon pull this one off properly, they’ve officially brought DX back into the spotlight.

    The D200 was their first step and the D300 and S a better one, but this one will probably steal a bit of the show. Great work

  • Wow…… its really in between d90 and d300.

    Look at the ch, cl dial and if it was a d300 wipe out announcement it would have the WB-QUAL-ISO dial too… but its on the left buttons a la d90…

    • WoutK89

      WB-QUAL-ISO are buttons too on the D300s, but they are on top of the Dial (dedicated buttons)

      • I know. I have a D300. I was talking about the DXXX line in general. WB-QUAL-ISO dial was more ergonomic and pro-ish. Im trying to say that D7000 doesnt look like the D300s replacement.

        Why a new crappy dial design anyways?

        • WoutK89

          It’s a better bridge camera than the D90 was when also the D5000 came. The more you add, the better to differentiate the models.

        • Peter Frans

          I agree with the dial comment … I liked the dial look of the D300s … not that bulky ancient looking nubbin’ …

    • Discontinued

      “(…) if it was a d300 wipe out announcement it would (…)”

      Very good point. Plus missing AF fine adjust, AIS support and this and that. Further more, if there is a market for more professional DX-bodies, selling at prices above the D7000’s, D300s’s and EOS D7’s prices (and there is) why would Nikon not want to be there?

  • Gareth

    after having a play with that 35mm pic layered on a 24mm 1.4 and 50 1.4, i have come to some conclusions.

    first, you don’t need photoshop to see.

    the front element is very far forward (much more so than 24 1.4 and 50 1.4).


    the pic seems to be at a slightly different angle to the ones on

    if i just shrink the pic down so the contacts are the same size as the ones on the 24mm pic, the 35mm is significantly longer than the 24mm.

    but as i said, the curves are harder than the 24, leading me to think it is at a different angle. so i adjusted the pic so that the face plate is the same size as the 24mm (not using the same dimensions) and assuming the face plates are the same size (this is possible).

    after doing this the mount lined up perfectly and the back curve of the lens lined up perfectly, and the af contacts lined up perfectly with the 24mm.

    leading to my conclusion that they are the almost same size. the 24 is slightly wider at the far end (very slight).

    the 35 is on top in black at 30% opacity. the 24 is underneath in red at 100% opacity.

  • If that’s real, no need to upgrade from D90. As I would really like to have separate controls for at least AF-mode and AF-area. Maybe a used d300s or something.

    • WoutK89

      AF-mode? You mean the Dial for Cl, Ch and S(ingle) frame, and so on.

    • Antonio Rojilla

      It has custom modes that you could use for that.

    • Joe R.

      AF-Mode (C,S,M) is on the front near the lens.
      AF-area (Spot, Center Weighted, Matrix) is on the top, just in front of the top LCD.

      • AF-Mode: Where do you base this ? I hope not on the the fake image and that was on NR awhile ago.
        AF-Area: Spot / Center / etc. are NOT AF they are metering modes.

        • Any Nonmouse

          AF-Mode on D7000 is presumably the same place it’s been on the N2020, N4004, N8008, F4, F5, F6, D1, D1x, D2h, D2x, D2xs, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D50, D70, D80, D90 (basically, every Nikon with an AF motor).

          • The place most likely is, but the question was about the selector itself… is there Continous, Single, Manual positions (as I said in the first comment) just like in d300s or not like D90.

            I do not know any real images that show the camera from the left.

            • Any Nonmouse

              My apologies. Top-down pictures from a later post show that the AF button on the top (at right) of the D80 and D90 is gone from the D7000, the same goes for the drive-mode button in a similar position.

              We know that drive-mode now has a dedicated dial (a wise choice), and I hope (based on new info) that the AF-Mode selector now has C/S/M (or A/C/S/M).

              The area/dynamic/single AF selector doesn’t seem to be present. I would hope that it’s at least assignable to a function button (or BKT).

        • JorPet

          The higher end models have both, one for metering, one for AF. If you look at the D700, the top switch around the AE-L/AF-L button is the AF area selector (full, center, single). The one at the bottom is the metering selector.

          The M/AF-S/AF-C switch will be on the front as has been stated before. That is where it is always located.

          • JorPet

            Doh, I got those two switches exactly backwards, but it still applies.

  • lowlander

    the viewer housing on top looks big…….big enough for 100% me thinks!!

  • safeg

    Only back shot? I want see front sexy shot!!

  • alvix the new line of nikon cameras start to make sense …entry level d3100..mid level d7000 , high level d300 replacement and then fx line…I think we can be pretty happy right now…I wish the same fresh design for the software too ..ehm…

    • Yes….


      D3100 – amateur
      D7000 – advanced
      DXXXX or D400 ?? – pro

      D5000 line was pointless anyway.

      • WoutK89

        D5000 brought the swivel screen, if they can make it side swivel, there is still a use in having a D5100 next.

        • X0I2o5y2

          I totally agree with you on that, WoutK89.

      • Antonio Rojilla

        More likely 3 series for me:


        The first one already got a second model (3100), and we are going to see the first model at the top. I guess we’ll see a 5100 next year.

        For me the question is: will the 7000 series be the top DX models and everything else move to FX?

        • WoutK89

          will they make the D300s –> D9000, all DX models in the Dn000 range?
          That would indeed give room for the D400 to become FX budget. The D300s –> D9000 would mean also the same as we had before, a longer life cycle because they can go till D9900 as last iteration, and the D7000 –> D8900 as last iteration.

          • I still see a D400 coming, there are a few features that we won’t be seeing here, like AF tuning, maybe 14 bit processing, higher fps rates, for example.

            Nikon was the company that started the pro-APS-C option, even at full-bodied sizes, why would they leave that market to others?

            • alvix

              ..and I dont understand why they dont make the 14bit option like almost all of the canon lineup .. ? ..

            • WoutK89

              Just think about it, I said D300s will be upgraded by D9000, name does not matter 😉 That way Nikon has like with the D40 some room to expand lower in FX (D400 to become the bottom line FX). It’s just a name, I still see a D300s successor as a must, since the D300s is an unfinished masterpiece.

            • hah

              they left nothing. The D400 will kick butt. Just not done yet.

      • Valadice

        D5000, or its rather replacement rather, has a spot inbetween D3100 and this D7000. Price gap between D3100 and D7000 is enormous, and surely something that can compete with Canon 550D is a likely candidate.

        • If that is the real scenario, pro/prosumer DX users should be afraid. Nikon should decrease the price tags for D700 series or keeping the D300/s is inevitable.

  • 3D-Matrix

    No AF-On Button????
    No AF-Field-Mode???

    • WoutK89

      AF-field mode is a button next to the LCD top screen. AF-ON can be designated to the AF-L/AE-L button.

      • Scott

        Yes, the AF-L/AE-L button can be set to AF-ON. But, that button is too far left to be comfortable for that use. This makes the body useless to me.

        • hah

          because you held one…?

        • WoutK89

          Too close to the eyepiece you mean, because I can reach it in on my D80 with half my thumb already.

  • Drey

    Same kit lens as the D90????

    • WoutK89

      It seems like it. It’s still a fine lens. You can choose from 18-55, 18-105, 16-85 or 18-200


    to tell you the truth, dural SD.

  • lusiya

    If add an Easytagger GPS, it would be even cooler!

  • David

    Viewfinder looks the same as the D90.

  • Adam

    So the D7000 is going to be a D90 or D300s Replacement?

    • Any Nonmouse

      Depends on who you are. It looks superior to the D90 in every way (except price, naturally).

      For some people, it’ll be a big-enough improvement on the D90 to substitute for the D300. D7000 has more exterior controls and more AF points than the D90 (in addition to the megapickles). It also has a higher continuous frame rate (I’d put my money on 6FPS) and 100% VF coverage.

      But the D300 still has strengths: more AF points than the D7000, it meters with AI-S lenses, and has even more external controls.

      The D300 still has a place, but it’s a smaller niche given the D7000’s specs.

    • hah

      except for video, I don’t see anything about this camera that would make it worth the witch from D300/s. the extra 4MP are meaningless if you give up the superior AF and FPS of the 300 series.

      at the price of 1100, let’s not kid ourselves folks: this is THE D90 replacement.

  • Mandrake


  • Oh boy, should I upgrade my D90 to this baby, or wait til next year…..can I wait….ahhhh I am going crazy with Nikon fever….. 😀

  • NiknWontRepairMyGray

    The design of these new Nikon gears is orgasmic! Notice how Canon make their new dslr bodies all curvy and feminine. Now look at that D7000, SB-700 and AF-s 200mm, they look like some Madmax war machine sh!t!!!! hellyeahhhh!!

    • nikkk

      Hmm, I find feminine shapes more sexually pleasing to me…

  • Price? Still rumored value of 1,200USD body only?

    Looks nice.

  • steve

    i fail to see the huge diffences between this and the D90…if you compare the pictures of the back, they look rather similar. it doesn’t look to me like something that stands between the D90 and the D300. it looks like a D90 improved replacement…
    and this makes me think it’s probable to see a D400 sooner or later…

    • hah

      are you serious?
      besides the extra 4MP you get H264 video with continous AF. 39!! AF points up from 13. and if true, a metal body. I guess your definition of “huge” may be better suited to comparing a D3100 to a D3s.

      • WoutK89

        11 AF points in the D90 (Multi Cam 1000)

  • zzddrr

    I do not want to ruin the party but i don’t understand something. Nikon releases DX cameras with FX lenses? Hmmm

    Is Nikon serious? I mean, I like my D700 but have been waiting patiently for something that is beyond 12mp and not a tank. I guess it is time to wait for sony because everything Nikon releases comes in sony resolution.

    • WoutK89

      They also released DX lens with FX body 😉

    • They look pretty serious to me, with two DX bodies in one month, both likely best at their price brackets. New sensors,not Sony (against yours opinion), many new lenses, a new and serious compact.

      What do you want from them, that say it in a more serious, austere, way? 😉

      • Anonymous

        24mp in size of A900 or A850 which are available for over 2 yrs. Don’t care about video since I am planning to buy the sony NEX10 (once prices go down a bit and with an adapter I can use my Nikon glass on it. I figured it would beat any dslr in the video department and I expect the price of it around $500 in 6 months.)

        Renato, I have to agree with zzddrr on this one. I find it too suspicious that Nikon releases cameras with the same res as sony. I mean this cannot be coincidence. Or if it is then we have to ask the new Nikon president to tell us about the next week lottery numbers. 🙂

        • ewan

          A lot of the Nikon’s have historically used Sony sensors, so it’s no surprise the specs match up, but Nikon are supposedly developing their own:

          It wouldn’t be entirely surprising if their own sensors started off as an evolutionary development of a basic Sony design though.

          • Anonymous


            That makes sense. I was even thinking about that nikon and sony share the cost of developing the base so after they can customize it.

    • hah

      The D700 won’t be replaced this year. nikon is upgrading from the bottom models up. this is actually a good thing because it means the update will be even more awesome.

      • Anonymous

        @ hah,

        this will be really ugly, I mean right now the cheapest Nikon dslr has better resolution than the flagship. So Nikon thinks that the FX crowd can go to hell and wait another year to surpass the magic 12mp? Or Nikon expects those to buy the cheapest first and 2 yrs later they migrate the D3100 sensor resolution (I know one is DX other FX) into the flagship?

        Then why did nikon release FX lenses if they don’t offer anything than 12mp?

        • Any Nonmouse

          Then why did nikon release FX lenses if they don’t offer anything than 12mp?

          Nikon’s had a 24mp FX camera for over 20 months now.

          • Anonymous

            @ Any Nonmouse

            I do not consider the D3x here intentionally.

            1) It is tank. You have to buy an extra seat when you fly with it because it is so overweight

            2) The sensor is sony, thus sony can offer A900 and A850 while Nikon charges a whopping 3-4 times as much for the same resolution

            3) Size of the darn thing. Not everyone’s job is to take picture of hutchie mama’s fat ass. Seriously, many would love to chop off an inch of the darn thing.

            So what does nikon offer? Nothing. I am sorry but is it sin to expect Nikon to actually produce something that is available from the competition for over 2 yrs now? Right now I decided not to buy Nikon lenses because it does not make any sense with 12mp. What I have is just fine. Once Nikon delivers 24mp then we can talk. Nikon is only catering people who look for night vision to watch their hutchie mama. 🙂

            • Any Nonmouse

              Nice backtracking.

              Nikon currently makes 3 FX cameras. If you ignore 1/3 of the product line, you can make almost any criticism.

              The D3 and D3x are the same size and weight. The D700 is 350g lighter, 35mm less tall, a little less thick, and a little less wide. Significant differences but not world-changing.

              The D3x uses Sony’s sensel, but there’s much more to the sensor. The AA, Bayer-filter, and microlenses are Nikon. The quality of the other electronics matters too, and the D3x soundly beats the A850 and A900’s DXOMark scores.

              But if you like Sony’s 135-format DSLR offerings, then go for it, just be aware that the Sony grass ain’t much greener. You won’t have to bitch about teh megapickles, but you’ll have less much selection in lenses (esp. specialty lenses) and flashes.

              BTW, how much of the FF market does Sony hold now? How firm is their commitment to that market?

              If you can’t or don’t want to pay for it, I won’t criticize you. But that’s your choice, it’s not that Nikon doesn’t offer it.

            • Anonymous

              @ Any Nonmouse

              You still don’t get it do you? What I am saying is that sony and canon were able to deliver high resolution in a small body and nikon is behind them for 2 yrs. That’s it.

              If the D3x would be in the same price as the D3s I would not hesitate to buy it and would live with the tank size and weight body. But there is no clear justification for charging 50% more than the D3s. Nikon was nasty and now many thinks twice to invest into Nikon lenses. That is because Nikon is so sloooooooooooooowwww. I really hope that Sony will become a serious contender in this game so we consumers would have better choice.

              Other than that, Nikon can lost 6k business with me this year because I do not need better lenses for the 12mp. All I say that there is a reason why the Nikon had to fire their previous president! Just think about this for a second.

            • Landscape Photo

              I fully agree with you. D800/D900 is the missing body in Nikon’s lineup. They need to fill this gap asap.

            • Anonymous

              @ Landscape Photo

              Yes, there is nothing Nikon can offer in that segment for over 2yrs.

    • Any Nonmouse

      I guess it is time to wait for sony because everything Nikon releases comes in sony resolution.


      • Anonymous

        @ Any Nonmouse


        • robert

          You have to be patient. Nikon will’ll be worth it.
          1-Nikon said they will now make their own sensors so I don’t think Sony will be in future cameras
          2-you don’t expect for Nikon to deliver a 24mp FF camera and then just deliver d800’s with 24mp’s do you? Not many will buy the D3X. Be patient. Something good is coming.
          3-Nikon announced theyre working on producing carbon fiber bodies so I think it’s possible they might implement that in the D800/400.
          4-Nikon puts out lenses they think is right based on many things. Updating a lineup, priority, missing lenses, whatever. The fact is there are enough DX lenses for now. The FX lineup is lacking some updates and there’s still a list of needed lenses, so their priority was to release these lenses. don’t compare cameras to lenses..

          If you have no patience by all means don’t let us stop you. I feel your pain, but you have to be patient. The grass is not greener on Sony’s side.
          Oh, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out..
          I don’t always like what Nikon puts out, but Sony is not a leader in technology. Sensors are only a small part of the package btw.

          I guess it is time to wait for sony
          You;ll be waiting for quite some time..their high ISO isn’t something to write home about.. You won’t be happy there..

    • Ken Rockwell’s Cat

      Hello, ‘Mr. whining 12MP is not enough’ is back!

  • Max

    No exposure and autofocus setting selectors. Have to wait till the D400. Too bad.

    • D90

      Yep. same here

    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      You mean the metering and AF mode? they are on the top near the shutter release button.

      • Max

        Same annoying button+dial thing as on the D90?
        That was one of the reasons I moved from the D90 to the D300… 😐

  • Amazing that Admin managed to get hold of these official (I’m sure they are) pics. Great work!! 😀

  • Xscream

    Why is the VR on/off switch so different from all other nikon lenses on the 200 mm f/2? I can see how it is very easy to change VR-status though. I would love to own one of these.

    35 mm f/1.4 looks like a nice lens as well, let’s hope it has the same performance/$ as the 35 f/1.8!

    D7000 looks nice, I hope there will still be a D400 though!

    SB-700 indeed looks a bit smaller than the SB-600.

    • SB700 looks smaller, especially the battery area.
      D400 should be coming up very soon! 😀

      • Xscream

        Yeah, wonder whether the SB-700 takes four AA’s or a battery pack?

        Oh and admin, you deserve a statue from all the curious nikon-users!

        • Peter Frans

          Battery pack would be awesome

        • Any Nonmouse

          Even a 2×2 battery layout would be better than the pants-on-head T-layout on the SB600.

          • Anonymous

            Why does it have print button?

    • I don’t know. Most Nikon lenses I use have that VR dial. Doesn’t appear unusual to me.

      • WoutK89

        Indeed, 200/2.0 and up (300/2.8, 400/2.8, 500/4.0 and 600/4.0) have that VR dial/switch design. The 80-400 has it too btw.

  • DConceicao

    Look at the fixing system.
    Is the same as the D300… and an improvement over the D90. So I would imagine the Magnesium-alloy body is confirmed!

  • Broxibear

    Wonder how they’ll price the SB-700 ?
    The SB-600 is £220 and SB-900 is £315…I need another flashgun for a shoot in October but I doubt it’ll be for sale by then…but hey, be positive, maybe it will ?

    • WoutK89

      250/260 is my guess.

    • Al

      To quote NR in the previous post: “Nikon Speedlight SB-700 and new the 200mm f/2will be available for sale in November, 2010.”

      Unfortunate. I could really use a new speedlight soon. Maybe Santa will surprise me 🙂

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