Nikon D7000 will be available in stores in October

Few last minute updates on the Nikon D7000 specs:

  • Nikon D7000 will be available in store in October, 2010
  • 20 scene modes
  • New dial, like in the pro line
  • 150k shutter cycles (D90 was rated at 100k)

Nikon Speedlight SB-700 and new the 200mm f/2will be available for sale in November, 2010. Not sure about the availability of the Nikkor 35mm f/1.4.

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  • crocodilo

    I’m not too sure as to why some photographers act so snobby regarding scene modes, auto settings, whatever. I too do m0st of my picture taking in P, A, S or M, but the scenes and auto modes are great for changing things on the fly, or handing the camera to anybody else. These scenes are fast and handy. Besides, Auto is completely different from P, as in lots of other settings are adjusted, not just exposition. This may mean a lot when we’re talking about a camera that doesn’t have hard buttons for every setting and control available.

    Having user presets available on a dial would be absolutely fantastic.

    For those who do not like the scene and auto -modes, here’s a thought: don’t use them. Just dismissing them as amateurish is as silly as saying pro bodies shoudn’t take jpegs, only raws…

    Just my two cents… and yes, I’m a newbie.

    • haha

      I agree…

      and then if any features are stripped they complain.

    • For those that complain, they should buy a D300s, IMO.

      As for why those knobs are annoying to some people, it’s about taking up valuable real estate on the body for other functions that you aren’t going to want to menu-dive for once you’ve gotten a handle on basic photographic abilities. There will be a point where you, too, will disdain the scenes button. That was one thing I was *very* happy to be rid of when I moved into the D300. I’d be happy if I never saw one again.

      As for handing the camera to someone, I make sure it’s on Aperture priority, compose the shot how I want it, have the person stand where I tell them to and *hope* that they get one of the 3~5 shots (avg shots taken by random people when using my camera since I leave it in CH). Out of 3~5 shots, there’s a better chance of at least one being in-focus 😉

  • Gareth

    i just realised i need to go to nikon plaza on sunday to get my sensor cleaned.

    they have all their lenses available to try.

    i hope they have the 35 1.4, will let everyone know my verdict (which wont be much from a quick test in a dark room), after it gets a 1.4 testing.

    • Not there yet. Was just at Nikon Plaza in Ginza today.

      No D7000.
      No SB-700.
      No fancypants Coolpix whatever-it-is (they did have the new projector one and I couldn’t figure out how to change the settings – what a PITA to use that was).
      No 35mm f1.4.
      No 200mm f2.

      The did have the 85mm f1.4G under glass, but I didn’t see one out to be played with (I didn’t ask, tho’, either).

      Did play w/ a D700 w/ the new 28-300 mounted on it. Definitely doesn’t have the sloppy zoom creep that the 18-200 has. Very tight throughout the zoom range. Shots seemed to be sharp. I couldn’t really find anything to complain about (other than the speed).

  • Kristin

    Admin (or anyone that might know), you mentioned in your above post to pre-order the D7000 through either B&H or Amazon. Are they better than places like Best Buy? Is there a reason you suggest those places? Is it because they tend to get their merchandise in earlier or the price? I will be ordering the D7000 as soon as its announced and not sure where I should pre-order it from and would appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance!

  • Rabi

    20 Scene modes? Really? If you want scene modes, you are probably better off buying a high-end P/S than a DSLR.
    They are a waste of dial space.

    • That’s why there’s no dial for them; they’re in the menus instead. 🙂


    the wait is over im gonna preorder as soon as its available .

  • I am really excited by the release of D7000. At the price of $1,499 for the new features including 1080p high def video recording, this is surely worth the investment.

  • jeremy

    trying to decide on the canon d70 or waiting on this nikon d7000. want to take pictures mostly, but do need some video. any suggestions?

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