Nikon may announce a new flash and a second lens before Photokina

In addition to the D7000, the new 200mm f/2 lens and the P7000, Nikon may announce a new Speedlight and a second lens before Photokina. I do not have any details, but the flash could be a replacement of the SB-600 (you probably remember those SB-600 being discontinued reports) but it could also be a replacement of the SB-400. I do not think that the SB-900 will be replaced, since it was announced 2 years ago (SB-400 and SB-600 were announced 6 years ago).

The second lens will be a tough guess. According to my initial list of expected lenses in 2010 from February, the choices are for a new DX zoom that will go with the new D7000, a new AF-S 35mm f/1.4 or the long expected 80-400mm replacement.

If Nikon announces 2 more lenses, this will bring the total lenses for 2010 to nine, which is a new record. There could also be another announcement after Photokina (around November/December).

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  • Zupi

    SB-700 – I really doubt that

    • Banned

      I really hope they release a replacement to the SB-600. I want a flash but I don’t want to buy a 6 year old design and I don’t want the SB-900 which is known to bend my D700 hotshoe.

      • Discontinued

        get Metz

      • Bryan

        “I don’t want to buy a 6 year old design ”

        Yeah, because flash pictures haven’t looked any good for the past 6 years *SARCASM*

        Seriously, Flashes really haven’t changed much since TTL came out. I don’t think you’re going to see any drastic changes between an SB-600 and an SB-700, just as there was no huge change between an SB-800 and SB-900. It’s a flash. It lights things up. The camera is what really does all the calculations of how much power it should flash with. The only thing you really have to gain with a new flash is maybe a little further throw. Big whoop!

        • Jivee

          Don’t be too quick to think that. With video now prevalent, we need video lights. I’ve made my own (search LED VIDEO LIGHTS as a member on Flickr), but stil need to swap between flash for stills. Integrate both on one unit….and now your talking something different.

          • A flash with built-in LED video lights is both radical and logical! I think there has been recent Nikon patent regarding LEDs for flash. Hope to see such a flash from Nikon.

          • Bryan

            Good Point, I stand corrected.

      • Roland

        The only bad thing I can think of is the lack of a battery indicator, so you can see the battery status BEFORE it is almost empty…

        Otherwise, the SB-600 is a great flash and probably will be just as good, even 6 more years from now 🙂

      • Victor Hassleblood

        “I don’t want the SB-900 which is known to bend my D700 hotshoe.”

        Yet one more reason to hope, that the D800 will not have such poopup flash. I want its hotshoe solid. With video there are even more things bending it, such as monitors.

  • Freedolin

    The SB-400 was introduced in 2006, not 2004.

    — Markus

    • Jose

      Maybe they will replace SB-400 with something to go with P7000…

      • JorPet

        I would love to see them come out with an SB-400 that can be a slave to the SB-800/SB-900. It can be a fixed head like the current SB-400 since I want to use it on a tripod.

  • santela

    Crossing my fingers for the 35/1.4.
    Please God! Please!

    • XXL


    • Crossing every body part for the 35m 1.4.

      Please. Please. Please.

      • STJ

        Now certain body parts of mine are not meant to be “crossed” but I would still be happy with a new 135mm f2…..

    • Eric

      plus a million, i want the ultimite prime kit, 24 1.4, 35 1.4, 85 1.4, 135 2.0. I need one of those to come out before i can start hoarding beautiful primes.

    • iamlucky13

      Whatever new lens might be released, I just hope it’s not merely another DX kit zoom lens. Between the 18-55, 18-70, 16-85, 18-105, 18-135, and 18-200…I think we’ve got enough of those by now.

      I personally would be more interested in the 80-400 replacement, although it would be some time before I’d be in a position to buy it. I’ve got older, cheaper lenses that get me close to the role of the 35 F/1.4, or since I’m currently only DX, the 35 F/1.8 AF-S is a solid alternative.

      • PHB

        I am interested in a 80-400 replacement but not at all interested in a 35mm f/1.4.

        From what I hear both the 35 f/1.4 and 80-400 are both on their way, it is a matter of when rather than if and which comes first.

        Given the success of the 85 f/1.4, I can’t think it likely that it is going to free up its production line very soon. So that may argue for the 80-400 being more likely as the production lines for primes and zooms are likely different. But the argument can be made equally well the other way. If the 85 f/1.4 is a success then people want primes.

      • Stefan

        or since I’m currently only DX, the 35 F/1.8 AF-S is a solid alternative.

        I love that 35mm F/1.8G lens … cheap and a very solid performer in low light (focusing works perfectly and fast in all light conditions). It’s my favorite walk around lens on DX if i go to festivals/events at night. However it has one big problem: flares! – this lens is close to useless if you got some bright lights in the pictures. If Nikon releases some new 35mm fast prime with nano-coating then i would be very happy to replace my old one instantly!

  • maia

    Really hope it’s the SB-700 (or whatever they’re going to call it).

  • venancio

    can’t wait for that D7000 announcement, i hope it sucks magic big time… just saying since i”ve just sent my condolences to canon for the 60D, it just committed suicide… who’s the target for the T2-1/2 i or 7Dminus… nah, i don’t really bash, i’m just tired of waiting for a breakthrough…

    • Banned

      Buy a D3s and be done with it my friend.

      • venancio

        …almost did but for the video side; even a D700 type with 1080p would shut me up… a photo slideshow with video segments for artistic continuity wows newlyweds a lot… i’ll sit in my corner now and wait…

  • Tare

    It would be best if it is 24-70 VR II
    And yes, I know I am dreaming…..

    But since nobody get any information about the new lens…..I do believe that it maybe a VR update(VR->VR II) only

    • Banned

      They would be well inspired to fix the crappy grinding zoom ring of the 24-70…

      • Zoom ring on 24-70 is smoother than on other lenses.

        • No it isn’t. Banned is spot on – I sold my 24-70; it’s been plagued with problems from light leaks to a zoom that felt like something was going to snap inside. In fact my experiences of Nikon zooms has been so bad that for now I’m only shooting with primes. I’ve just sold my 16-35mm f/4 too – I thought that as time moved on distortion would become a thing of the past and man was I wrong. The best focus ring I’ve ever worked with is on the 45mm PC-E.

          • Yes. Yes. Yes. The 45mm pc-e focus ring is butter.

        • STJ

          Never had any problem with my 24-70 f2.8 zoom ring… “Crappy grinding zoomring” sounds like it must be a really bad copy, or it was used to dig holes in sand…

    • why 24-70mm vr when they already have new 16-85mm vr.

      • Matt XVI

        Because the 24-70 is meant for FX and the 16-85 is meant for DX.

  • pethunia

    Rather disturbingly, I first read “newS flash” – expecting to see the unexpected..

  • Nadestyle

    I’m waiting for the announcment aferter Photokina…

    Maybe D700 replacement…?

    Cross fingers!

    Admin, you got me adicted to Nikon Rumors!!! Thx for your great work!

  • Ken Elliott

    A faster-focusing replacement for the 80-400mm would be a hot seller. I hope they have a better tripod collar. The existing design is so bad that replacement is a must. That adds about US$200 to the price.

    Mine is an outstanding performer from an optical standpoint (with the RRS collar), with focus speed being the only serious issue. I’ll replace it if Nikon resolves that issue, regardless of any other changes, or lack of.

    • I agree, it would be a hot seller with me standing in line with an advance order! Of course a 300mm F4 VR II Nano would be nice too!

    • However, if you want Arca-Swiss mount, you will still have to replace the foot!

  • I think is a 70-200 f/4 , following the “wave” of f/4 Nikkor new series.
    Just wait!

    • nobody

      The 24-120 f4 came half a year after the 16-35 f4. So I assume the 70-200 f4 may be coming for PMA in February 2011.

      • petry

        Why would someone buy 70-200 f/4 next to a 24-120 f/4? Just for extra 80mm and overlapping 50mm? I think 100-300 f/4 would be a better selling lens.

        • nobody

          You’re right from a focal lengths point of view. (But that is also true for the 24-120/16-35 overlap.)

          OTOH, a 100-300 f4 would be as large and heavy as a 70-200 f2.8, and so eliminate the very reason for f4 zooms, that is being lighter and smaller than the f2.8 zooms.

        • Mike

          That would be too close to the 200-400 f4 VR in price and size. The later is a $4000 lens.

      • PMA 2011 is in the second half of the year.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      It would be the most intelligent for Nikon right now because that would make massive sales with people using Nikon and it would tempt Sony, Pentax and Olympus users to switch brands.

  • Ronald

    Oh man…….waiting for november/december……. I hardly can’t wait for the D7000 anouncement 🙂

  • SBGrad

    New lens better be the 80-400 replacement. I’m just about done waiting for it. If Nikon won’t upgrade the lens, I’ll just get a 300mm prime, either the f4 new, or a used 2.8.

  • nobody

    The successor to the 80-400 is really badly needed, since Nikon don’t offer any affordable state of the art high quality long lens solution.

    The current 80-400 lacks AF-S, and the 300mm f4 lacks VR, and anything else is either just consumer grade, or more than €/$ 5000.

    • plug


  • Parci

    18-135 VR, together with the D7000

    • Bart

      Most likely. However, I’ll be much more happy with 16mm f/2.8 DX announcement, but there’s no rumors about that one.

      • A new series of 20mm, 28mm, 35mm 2.8 affordable wide primes please.

    • Would love that combo

    • jastereo

      You are exactly right.
      If either of the current choices: the 18-135 (without VR) – or the 18-105VR- end up as the kit lens for the D7000 either would be a selling point against Nikon. The new Canon 60D is coming w/their new 18-135 IS.

  • SP

    Nikon,please announce the D7000 soon? D90 will be my back-up.

    • N1DQU

      I’m with you totaly on this

  • 35/1.4


    pretty please?

    • tsnake

      +1. Of all the primes in my bag, the 35 2.0 is the dog I want to see replaced.

    • nikkor_2

      +1; agree in full with brett and tsnake here.

      Perhaps the 35 f/1.4 update will use the same optics recently seen in Nikkor updates to the 50 f/1.4 and 85 f/1.4?

  • Daniyarm

    Please please Nikon release 80-400 and you shall have my money www

    • nobody

      Mine also!

  • Joe

    Still no redeeming word on the D700 replacement. :-/
    Will go back to prayer room and send supplications to Nikon god.

  • lolcatmaster FTW


  • Gareth

    Oh my golly. this has really peakedmy interest. i have been looking at this sight far too often waiting for new of a sb-600 replacement and a 35mm 1.4g

    if these were both released now, i could almost stop using this site…

    but not quite lol.

    I really want the SB-600 replacement to be the same size as the 600 (as someone said, the 900 will bend my shoe). I also want it to have gels that will last, the 900 style menu and a hole so i can use a radio transmitter with it/them.

    that is hardly groundbreaking and i don’t see a reason for a holdup, unless nikon are planning on having built in radio receivers in the next flash guns. lol. goodbye cls (which i know is faster, but doesnt do well in many situations).

    I want the 35mm to be small. maybe between the 50 1.4G and the 24 1.4G in size. I want it to focus fast like my 70-200 and not slow like my 50. obviously bokeh and colour vibrance are important too.

    but i just need something wider than the 50 that wont distort peoples heads.

    • jay

      CLS controls flash output, radio only triggers …. what we need is CLS over Radio. Nikon please.

  • Discontinued


    your list from february proved as very accurate. Congratulations and many thanks to you and your sources.
    The list also says that there is only little chance for a 80-400 replacement to stick to this range. Predicted is a 100-500 4,0-5,6, making me really curious what size, weight and handling it might have ? ? ? The specs (if accurate) are a little frightening in that regard.

    • old-lenses-oldcamera

      Make that 100-500 f4 and it will certainly find space in my bag.

      • I’d pay $2,500 for one!

        • Anonimouse

          That would be great but in all reality it would cost more than double that 🙁

          Look at the price of the 200-400 F4

      • To be realistic in size it would either have to be less than 500, or be more like f6.3 at full zoom.

  • stepper

    I’m hoping for an SB-400 replacement that takes 4-AA batts and more functionality.
    Something that can be placed on light stands but still be used as a back-up unit if need be. All this in a price point close to the current SB400.

    • Eric

      that is called the sb600, except for the price part. The 400 successor will most likely use 2 AA batteries and be for minor fill light only.

  • TT

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release the 80-400mm!!!

    I’ll buy it immediately. Please Nikon…do it.

  • I will repeat again, the site is now clean of malware. I requested a re-evaluation from Google, but it may take a while until they updated the Chrome security.

    • BKKK

      Just a heads up that I just got another malware flag come up in both chrome and firefox. Got this report from malware detection
      “Malicious software is hosted on 1 domain(s), including”
      Tried again and no problems???. This was 2nd time I have visited here today and 1st time no problem either.

      SB700 would be great news as I am after new flash and new model would hopefully drop price of SB600s on fleabay

      • Gerry

        +1, I just got it on IE

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      I would check again just now the page triggered a download in my browser (Chrome) asking if I wanted to download a file called something like “presentation.ram” I canceled it but… dude it isn´t clean yet.

      That´s one of the advantages of Blogger… you don´t have to be dealing with security patches and stuff like that…

  • The invisible man

    What a bout the VRII for the 300/4 AF-S ?
    Will I have to make it myself ?

    • No, I will help you. 🙂

      • I hope you 2 will make a video of it. Please try not to use too expensive parts. 😀

    • Ren Kockwell

      What about a camera with 3 sensors?

  • Nikon Canon

    Whoohoo, a 80-400 replacement, I want I want I want

  • nonbeliever

    It´s dissappointing looking at the announcements of Nikon – releasing slowly stuff people have been looking for for years – 24-120mm 4,0 – while Canon and Sony doing the real innovations. I´m wondering when the successor of the D700 comes being on the same level as the 5dmarkII. Canon will probably just wait some weeks to present the 5dmarkIII surpassing Nikon by three years of development. Making efforts is not enough if you want to stay at the top.

    • gt

      Stop worrying about “who’s on top” and start worrying about your photography. If you can’t make a decent image with a D700, you’ve got more to worry about than the fact that 5dmarkIIs are selling well

      • nonbeliever

        I´m not worrying who is on top – I´m worrying that in future I have to use my professional Nikon lenses on old cameras. 5dmII delivers almost same iso performance as d700 but with 21 mpix and video – no response from Nikon. I want a camera to really use my lenses – there is no way of changing systems.

        • Mike

          I shot a wedding with a guy last week that had two 5D Mk II’s he had to shoot between 5.6&8 all day because he said he couldn’t trust his AF to nail focus at 2.8. Half the time I saw him bent over deleting images. The worst feeling in the photography world is not being able to trust your camera. A studio I shoot with uses 7D’s and same issues. I’ll take less mp in a trustworthy camera anyday. In critical situations I can’t be concerned with faults of the camera.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Nikon is too slow and stuck at 12mp. Do not expect Nikon to come out with a decent camera this year. Nikon switched business, it only makes new products for Ashton and Coolpix team. Nikon is impotent and cannot compete otherwise we would see a response to the 5DII by now.

      • Johan

        That was probably the most ridiculous comment I have read. If megapixels is all you like why not switch to canon or but a compact with 14 MP and crap quality. For camera quality Nikon are hard to beat. And we have only just seen the beginning of the new line.

        • Anonymous

          Johan – and you will not see anything else this year! Nikon is done for the year. Now they will only focus on jacking up the prices since they created the new flagship D3100. regarding Camera quality, why don’t search on dpr how many quality problems people encounter even with the D700 or you forgot that only a year ago 500k of the D5000 had to be fixed?

          • WoutK89

            bla-di-bla, “wheh, wheh, wheh, Nikon doesn’t grant my wishlist mommy”. If life was only that simple, that all you wished for would immediately come true. But life is hard and your will have to learn to wait. Santa only comes once per year too 😉

          • Quality problems with the D700? lol.

            • WoutK89

              The video function is absent and I can not put it higher than 12mp

              My guess what his problem is in quality

        • Roger

          Dont worry about it, this anonymous user here who does nothing but bash Nikon in every post.

      • preston

        Nikon may not be able to compete with the 5DII right now, but did you see the specs for the 60D today? Holy crap! The D7000 is going to blow it away! No innovation from Canon on that one AT ALL.

        • Anonymous

          But wait a second, are we sure whether Nikon can produce 1080p 24,25,30 for example? Other than that the image quality is not bad at all. And forget about the D7000. It is not coming, Nikon is done for the year.

          • preston

            If Nikon DOES release the D7000 this year it would only be right for you to submit in a post your acknowledgment that Nikon has exceeded your expectations for once.

            • WoutK89

              You really think he will do that? You have got the wrong person in mind…

          • OMG you’re so wrong! Why do you actually bother posting?

    • Canon doing real innovations? Have you seen the spec of the 60D – it looks like it is going retro to me. Hop onto Canonrumours and have a read of what they think of it – I could only find 1 person who was happy with the new spec. The D90 replacement will eat it alive if the specs deliver what we’re expecting to see.

      As for the 5DMKII – the more I look at my contacts shots taken with it, the less impressed I am. The ISO performance is a really big issue – I don’t get grain through the dark tones at ISO 200 on my D700, but they’re definitely there on the 5D MKII.

  • onodera

    80-400 replacement and a 16-105+ kit zoom are both on my wishlist. As Nikon won’t release such a zoom, let it be a 80-400.

  • Gerry

    Dont even tease me with the thought of the 80-400 replacement…. I dont want to have to buy another lens this year. I have been waiting for the replacement for a long time!

  • Marko


    Do you have any info about CNX. They released v2.2.5 few days ago. The release covers D3100 support and I seriously doubt thew will release 2.2.6 few weeks apart just to cover D7000. Do you have any info if D7000 support is already included in 2.2.5 or can we hope for CN3 ?

    • Anonymous

      Marko – you are right, this means that Nikon will not release any new cameras this year. They are done for the year. Look at the great new mighty flagship D3100 outperforms the entire dslr line in resolution and video performance. What else do folks need?

      Just relax, let Nikon alone and take its sweet time and jack up the prices. Look we got new lenses and if things work out in 6-12 months some of them will not be out of stock.

      • WoutK89

        I am sorry, I am reading through this comment section, already 3rd comment I see of you, and I am seriously wondering why Admin still lets you roam around here…. You are as bad as people always jabbering about the Canon 5DII is better, and we all know you will switch. If you dont agree, why even bother coming to this website, don’t like coolpixes, ignore that item here, don’t like waiting, look for a life instead of spending too much time on NR.

  • In a previous post I mentioned that I “smell” a new flash coming and I believe that is correct. It will have the capabilities of the 900 in a more compact design. I would now surmise it will be the 700 flash which goes nicely with the 7000 release.

    • Eric

      i doubt it has the commander mode. If nikon replaces all of its pro line with cheaper alternatives that do more they are going to have problems on there hands.

      Example, i bought the 900 for school, when i need to buy a second flash ill buy another one but if the 700 does the same and is smaller ill buy that of course. I also bought a d300s, but if the d7000 does the same or better with the same build quality ill buy one of those as my backup instead of another d300 and ill just wait for FX bodies to come down in price. I dont regret buying what i did, at the time it was the best for my needs and it will serve me well in school but if nikon may have problems. Consumers dont care about things like metal bodies generally, in fact canons are often easier to sell because there lighter then the similar consumer nikon bodies. Im not sure what game nikon is playing, but i see a plastic D7000 with 90 something coverage and 16 megapixels, 5 FPS maybe six and one maybe two sd slots. I dont see nikon going way above the 60d for the price of the 60d, does not make economic sense unless nikon can actually make lots of money of that body.

  • T140Rider

    Queue demands for Nikon to produce a camera body with one of these next year for less than $1000.00
    With comments, I must have now etc.
    And other sites in DP Review.

    Just think how long it is going to take to transfer the 380Mb image to storage.
    1 frame per 10 seconds anyone?

    • Bryan

      That’s Awesome! This would be great for those photographers who love the look of lens imperfections in their images and never use ISO higher than 25. I’ll take two!

      • Bryan

        And just think how happy your clients will be when they see all 11 pictures you took at their wedding on your 4GB CF Card.

  • Today Canon really blasted Nikon with telephoto lenses updates. 🙁

    Imagine, a 400mm f/2.8 at only 3.8kg! No problem lugging that in the field. I am really eager to see the weight of a new 500mm f/4.0.

    I wish Nikon would also think about weight in their lenses AND update some old ones.

    • danpe

      The current 400/2.8 is rather heavy compared to he current from Nikon so this is indeed welcome for the Canon shooters., The price increase was even more impressive than the weight savings!

    • Roger

      400/2.8 for 11 grand, 300 for 7 grand.

      That’s not “blasting Nikon”, that’s blasting your own users.

  • WoutK89

    Yep, this really adds to the discussion, if you don’t have anything significant to say mr Anonymous, go play in the sandbox or something, but please stop posting useless comments like this in every article posted on NR.

    If you take this into account, very many thanks, if not, I feel sorry for you already

  • Phillip

    35mm 1.4 AF-S!

    • Roger


      Oh, and I want that 50 to have bokeh even better than the Noct Nikkor.

      • NYikon

        +1 (especially the 50mm 1.2)

      • Eric

        24 1.4 for wide angle, close spaces
        35 1.4 for walk around
        85 1.4 portraits, walk around
        135 1.4, telephoto, headshots, 200mm equiv on a crop sensor body

        that would be my wedding prime set if i had the funds. A crop body (d3oos) with the 85 1.4 and full frame with 35 1.4 would be around the neck, and i could go to 200mm equiv if needed.

        • WoutK89

          A 135/1.4 would be as massive as the 200/2.0 I would assume. In case you want it to perform at large apertures too.

          • Roger

            There’s actually a manual lens 135mm F1.5, I think Vivitar is the brand. It is H U G E.

            I’ll be happy with a 135 F2, I just need it to be shockingly good optically and mechanically.

        • STJ

          135f2 and better quickly… we already got 24mm, 50mm and 85mm…

      • nikkor_2


  • Anonymous

    Here is a song to support the Great Nikon. I hope you all like it. 🙂

    Fuji Mountain reaches across
    Shaping up our beautiful land from picturetown to facebook.
    Our Nikon, who’s hailed by us all
    And cheered throughout the land.
    He leads our photogs, the Sun’s cause he carries on

    Oh hail Nikon, Oh hail Nikon!

    Flower blossoms all around tell
    His broad and warm love to us
    Blue waters of the Seas sing
    Of all he has done.
    He’s a great artist full of joy, picturetown’s garden he glorifies

    Repeat Chorus

    He defends our Nikon cause
    Full of iso will and courage
    He spreads the honor of our nation dear
    Throughout all of the world.
    He’s the champion of light, and night is his stance

    Repeat Chorus

    • Ren Kockwell


    • Admin – can’t you just delete him permanently?

    • venancio

      tried to fathom it, really, and it’s okay… would make more impact like having a good bokeh if you added to sing it to the tune of “what?”…

  • J2

    AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR

  • JD

    Admin, no stress, but please evaluate those comment rating plugins for wordpress, so we users can vote down comments so they get hidden 🙂 I went through and tested a few of those wordpress comment rating plugins some months ago (there’s at least 5-10 of them if you search around), and at least one or two of them function very neatly.

    And thanks for being so objective about the rumors and separating verified rumors from unverified. That in addition to many brilliant commentators here makes the site a very interesting read. Hence it would be a very welcome addition that further improves the site if we are able to vote down all those comments that don’t add anything to the discussion.


    • Which one did you like? I will go over them again once I move to a new server. Thanks.

  • Gary

    Nikon’s D3100 blows away the new Canon 60D, and is less expensive, to boot.
    The D3100 has better high ISO performance, and has true autofocus in video mode, which is something the consumer target market will love.

    I guarantee you that if you put a D3100 and a 60D in the hands of a consumer buyer, in let’s say a Best Buy, that the video autofocus alone would sell the D3100.

  • anony E mous

    Has there been any word as to what lens will be included in kit with D95/D7000? Things like that matter to beginners.

    • WoutK89

      16-85VR, 18-105VR, 18-200VRII, and if they release a new DX zoom, probably that one too. If the D7000 will indeed have the rumored specs, I think we will not likely see a kit bundle with 18-55/55-200 lenses. Maybe they will announce the first DX power zoom lens

  • Merv

    Anyone notice that the new Canon 70-300 is a ‘L’ series lens? I wonder how much that would cost. Maybe this points to those who are suggesting an 80-400 update?

    • SGN

      KenRockwell thinks 1500$

    • jastereo

      yeah, white paint is expensive…

  • John

    Another vote for the 80-400 replacement, I really like the idea of the 100-500mm, can’t afford the 200-400mm f/4 so hopping either lens is below the €2000 mark.
    Think this would be a bigger sellar than the 35mm f/1.4, after the 24mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4, focus needs to go telephoto lenses for those that can’t afford the f/2.8 and f/4 monsters.
    Can’t see the 300mm f/4 getting updated, but a 80-400mm replacement, that along with the 16-35 or 24-120mm would make a nice kit.

  • Jonas

    Yesterday I was at a local Nikon Pro Dealer here in Belgium. I asked them about the price difference between the D90 and the 18-105 kit lens and the D90 successor with the same lens. They said the D90 successor is going to be sold in kit with a constant f/4 aperture lens, so the price difference is going to be substantial. I guess it’s possible we’ll see a DX-zoom.

    • bb

      so the kit will cost $3,000? the new 24-120mm f/4G ED VR cost 1,300.

  • Roland

    What about an updated 24-70 FX-lens that actually has VR/VR2?

  • Everyone will go crazy if it’s really the long awaited 80-400 replacement 😀 It’ll be even better if it’s a constant aperture…in my dreams.

  • Mike

    Just wondering why does it seem so unlikely/unreasonable for Nikon to offer a lower-end flash (like SB-600 class?) with slave controller to market into the D5000/D3000/D3100 owners who are willing to spend some $$ to experiment with CLS? The folks at my local pro photo shop laughed at the thought. I bought a D5000 last year after waiting 2yrs. for Nikon to produce the right set of specs. and I had some valid reasons beyond price why I ended up with D5000 over D90. Lack of CLS control was one of the tough lacking features to swallow though. Seems like there should be a viable market there without undercutting higher-output/featured (SB-900 class) units. And by the way, it would also means add’l sales of flashes as slaves to entry-level+ users. Just a thought…

  • SebastianK

    Surely the 80-400 is overdue, being 9 years old. Really, we’re not asking for much: updated VR and AF-S. Maybe a better collar.
    But I also like the idea of a slower, but more affordable 400 or 500 prime with VR, like 400/5.6 VR. There might be an issue of where to put the VR, since the long primes don’t have lens groups close to the sensor, which is where I think the VR-actuated group wants to go.
    I’d say, weight and price of zooms go with the cube (3rd power) of focal length, all other things equal. Look at the 70-300FX in relation to the 80-400.

    • WoutK89

      “There might be an issue of where to put the VR, since the long primes don’t have lens groups close to the sensor, which is where I think the VR-actuated group wants to go”

      And therefore the new 400-500-600 do have VRII already?

  • Kingyo

    wow I hope there’s announcements in Nov/Dec of a shiny new D700 replacement! With pop-up flash! I happen to like the stupid pop-up flash in certain situations so I think it should stay 🙂

  • Me

    Anybody interested in a replacement of the 17-55 DX lens with VR II? A lens like that along with great high ISO will make me reconsider my switch to full frame.

  • Will the new lens be wide or telephoto? Any rumors?

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