Nikon patents update

Japanese patent application 2010-117664 shows us few more drawings of the Nikon EVIL camera:

and the new Nikon EVIL mount again:

See previous Nikon EVIL camera drawings from older patent applications here, here and here.

Patent applications 20100194962 is for a camera display that will show different screens based on the angle the user is looking at the screen:

"A digital camera according to a first aspect of the present invention includes: an image processing unit that creates first display image data and second display image data; a display device that displays a first screen image and a second screen image so as to allow a user to observe the first screen image when viewed along a first direction with respect to a display face and so as to allow the user to observe the second screen image when viewed along a second direction that differs from the first direction."

Patent Application 20100189428 is for an additional two half mirrors in a  DSLR camera. Multiple drawings are showing the two half mirrors (element 104, 492). Drawings of the actual physical device are also part of this patent:

"A known mirror unit for a single lens reflex camera includes a main mirror, which is a half mirror, and a sub-mirror that reflects the light passed by the main mirror downward to a distance measuring sensor, and these mirrors are lowered into the optical path or raised above the optical pat.

To achieve accurate distance measurement, it is desirable that measurement be started after vibration of the lowered sub-mirror has stopped. However, in this mirror unit, the vibration of the sub-mirror does not stop until the vibration of the lowered main frame has stopped. In other words, initiation of distance measurement is delayed because of the vibration of the main frame."

Patent Application 20100195996 is for vibration proof lens for compact cameras.

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  • When it comes? FX sensor?

    • I doubt it.

      there was this idea that perhaps the sensor will be DX and the information by nikon had been rescaled. Anything new about that?

    • Anonymous

      Nikon = RED

      Big mouth, tons of patents, and no delivery. It’s time to see some decent new products. But my feeling is that Nikon will milk that 12MP sensor for another year or two.

      • panfruit

        I’d say Nikon has a little mouth, if anything, as you really don’t know what truly their doing until they just about whap you on the head with it; and any other major photo company probably has a multitudes of patents as well. RED seems to hype possible future stuff up a lot, but do you see Nikon doing that?

      • ZoetMB

        That’s an absurd comment. Red puts products up on their website, then never delivers most of them. Nikon has done no such thing – in fact, as we all know, Nikon is incredibly secretive until days before product release.

        What products has Nikon announced, but not delivered? You can’t name one.

        And the latest Nikon body (3100) is 14.2MP, not 12, and it’s next to the bottom of Nikon’s line.

        Patents are not relevant. Every company files patents regardless of whether they decide to produce products out of them.

      • Anonymous

        the whole point I was trying to make was that Nikon is goddamn slow.

        Sorry but most of us is not here to waiting for the techninal break through of a D3100. We are waiting for a decent high res FF camera that is beyond 20mp+ and can compete with the two years old 5DII. Give me a break, Nikon is basically the largest or second largest dslr maker and all it was able to come after a year is a D3100?

        Come on guys, let’s start the bashing since nobody can criticize you mighty Nikon no matterwhat crap dslr it releases. 🙂

        • FakeKenRockwell

          LOL. Given what we are seeing with the D3100, it makes all kinds of sense why they seem “slow”. I, for one, am really glad to see them take charge of their sensor/tech future, and that future looks really interesting.

        • Dasher

          If you can’t wait and live without your hi-res FF, and don’t have the money to buy the D3x, get a freaking 5D2 then and stop whining like a 3 year old.

          Canon is coming with a 29MP 1Ds, so next year we will see a 5D3 with the same sensor. I will take bets we will see you here again yapping that your new 22MP D800 is crap and Nikon should hurry up and make a 32MP cheap FF because you can’t go on living without it.

          Swtich to Canon, it will really make you happy. They have always been ahead in the MP department, always will be in the long run. Why are you so slow switching to Canon????

          • Anonymous

            Dasher – that’s how sophisticated you are! Don’t you think that I have not heard enough that “THEN SWITCH TO CANON”. Look, if it depended on you probably we would be still in the cave. Most likely you couldn’t imagine that we can have better resolution couple of years ago than 4mp or 6mp. Seriously, if you don’t push these companies a little bit then they lay back and enjoy the ride.

            • Dasher

              You can have a 24MP nikon, you’re just to cheap to fork it over as you want a “cheap” FF. If you need it for business then I don’t see why it is a problem to get a D3X or just switch and get two 5D2’s and some glass.

              Just a question, do you shoot a FF now. You talk like you can only use FF, so I take it you have the D700 or D3(s)?

              PS: I use both systems, Nikon and Canon, so don’t have to bitch or be a fanboy of either, just choose which I want to use and take it out of the bag. D700 for WA/speed, D550 for video and gigapan/qtvr.

              While you are going nuts over how Nikon does not match the 5D2 in resolution, I am taking photos.

            • Dasher

              I even have a Sony NEX that takes all my other lenses and then some. Nikon sucks don’t it, they don’t have an EVIL. Next we’ll hear they don’t have a pellicle mirror system like the new A55, and not GPS either….

              Innovation from Nikon is one thing. Aggravation from you and your kind another.

            • Bob

              @anonymous–do you actually think that one’s childish whining is actually “pushing” any camera maker to put out products faster? Most of the whiners crying about lack of MP are not making a living off their equipment, otherwise they would have already bought the equipment needed and amortized the cost. And if they can’t afford it because of their lack of fees and bookings, well, that’s putting the cart before the horse. The pros go out, shoot and make money on their work; the whiners cry about the shortcomings of their equipment to compensate for their inabilities–doesn’t that sound familiar?

          • jay

            That’s a stupid comment. I have all F-mount lenses, and I want a 5DII-like camera, what’s wrong with that?

            • Dasher


              But bitching about it like Mr Anonymous and his kind will not help anything.

              He forgets that with the Nikon low-res 12MP we can take 9fps and with better high-iso results and better WA lenses than Canon’s 5D2. The MP race is senseless and that is what this is all about for Mr Anony, if you need it to make a living you can afford a D3X and beat the 5D2 at it’s own game.

              If you want 5D2 and cheap, then you will have to wait a few years until the FF drops in price enough to make it economical to fit it in a D3000 body.

            • Anonymous

              Jay – finally somebody got it, thanks. See people like Dasher and Nikon know much better what we want. 🙂

            • Teun

              For some reason i can’t reply to dasher, but i wanted to comment on his comment.

              It’s not because one makes a living out o photography, that the price of equipment would not matter. For studiowork, the 5DII is all one would need for a lot less than a D3x. I understand the nikon studiophotographer who envies canonshooters, because they can have their euipment for quite a bit less. It would be a good thing to offer the choise in the lower end segment. Lets say a D700s and a D700x, so (professional) photographers can have at least the choice. Pro’s don’t necessarily shoot nikon D3(s/x), i know a few who make their living with D700/D300/5DII/5DI combo’s, really they do not always need the extra features 1D/DX series cameras offer.

        • You are really persistent in badmouthing Nikon.

          • pete

            its not what WE want. its what YOU want. i shoot weddings with both the 5dmkII and D3s. they are 2 entirely different animals and you cannot, at this point in time, build a hi res camera that can perform in low light and AF as well as the d3s. period. in the future, perhaps but right now, no.

            so please dont speak out of complete and utter ignorance. if we lose the d3s sensor for a hi res sesnor standard that loses that iso performance then we are all the losers.

          • zzddrr

            rhlpetrus – I noticed that on all available forums you constantly defend Nikon. Are you getting paid for it? Because if you are getting paid for it then you’re doing a really crappy job.

            To be honest, i kind of agree with many points Anonymous made. Nikon does not provide any variety period. I have a D700 and love it but at the same time I would love to have something beyond the magical 12mp Nikon barrier. At the moment as it appears that camera is the cheapest and actually has the best video performance. I think this is a bit ironic.

            • FakeKenRockwell

              I just find the bellyaching silly. Seriously, if you need the MPs, get a 5D MkII for ‘cheap’. It’s the best DSLR made today except for the D40, which is the best greatest DSLR ever made today for people who just want to take pictures.

            • zzddrr

              FakeKenRockwell – nice example. I love the way Nikon fans can think outside of the box and can’t see the forest for the tree.

            • zzddrr

              Long live Nikon and all of us. We need it because the speed Nikon delivers … well, maybe the next camera will be light years away. 🙂

            • Ren Kockwell

              So how fast is fast enough for you? If speed to market is your main concern, then go with Canon. They place high importance on speed to market. Frankly though, all this effeminate bitching can be blamed largely on the 5D MkII. It was out of cycle, and out of product line, so now everyone expects the faster product cycles and dirt cheap bodies. Nikon has always been about conservative, quality bodies and lenses for an accordant price. Canon has always been more daring, sacrificing surety and build quality for unique features and characteristics. It’s why Nikon doesn’t have a current f/1.2—they’re not comfortable they can build one to their rigorous standards. Canon says devil be damned and the result is a lens that can often be amazing, and equally often can be frustrating to use. Some shooters have higher risk-reward tolerances than others.

              So if you must bitch about Nikon’s speed to market, at least realize the inherent and strategically intentional differences between the company’s release philosophies.

            • Jim

              Not realky. The d700 is almost 3 years old, the d3100 has not even been released. The new d700xyz will no doubt overshadow the budget cams agaon for the coming years.

      • Discontinued

        Sooooooooo boring,

        I was really hoping this 12MP discussion would rest for a while. D3100 is already officially released and PHOTOKINA is knocking at the door (but hasn’t even started yet).

        What do I find here: 1 silly comment and 20 (! ! ! ) replies that altogether could have been written month ago and in fact already have been written in similar or even identical style for a few hundred times, every month and every week.

        This anonymous guy, who really enjoys it to trigger this, must be truly amazed right now, because …

        1.) this still works,
        2.) it worked despite the release of a 14MP …
        3.) and even that close to Photokina and despite promising rumors of D7000 and D800

        My conclusion is to ignore any 12MP comment or reply from now on, regardless whether in favor or refusal of existing 12 MP Nikons.
        This just can’t go on for ever and ever.

        • FakeKenRockwell

          this is mostly right, except the issue in question is not 12MP, it is that Nikon is “slow”. Most here are pointing out that (a) the slower roll out appears to be a function of a fundamental business/R&D shift that Nikon undertook over the last 2-3 years, and (b) judging by what the D3100 entré and the comparatively anemic 60D that was just announced, we may yet reap the payoffs of the wait. Anyone is entitled to petty bitching, but it’s just not particularly useful for anyone (consumer or otherwise) nor does it add anything valuable to our collective knowledge.

      • Philippe


        D3100 has 14 megapixel, don’t think they are going to milk to much…

        It’s not like they can come up with a brand new camera every 6 months

        • @Phillipe: Nikon has released, since Aug 2006, 12 dslrs, not counting the “s” versions (the D3s should be seen a new camera. That’s 1.5 camera per semestre. Some of them milestones in the digital era. In the same perio, they have updated or released new lenses in large numbers. One of them is the amazing 14-24 f/2.8, which matches the performance of primes in the same range, including the legendary Zeiss primes.

          If people are tracking my participation in forums, it’s easy, only here and DPR. My pic is here. Click my alias and you’ll be taken to my Flickr account and images. And if they think I always glorify Nikon, take their time and go back to the launch of the D60 and check my comments at DPR.

          Now, complaining and bitching day and night about 12 MP (best APS-C and FF sensors in the market, btw), or that a basic camera doesn’t support 60fps for video, or …, sorry, I won’t follow that.

  • Cache

    I have a question. Are those design drawings need to be to the scale when applying for a patent? If so, seems the sensor will be really small.

    • Joe R.

      No, they do not. However they have to be about right.

    • dave

      That depends on the wording within the claims of the patent. The claims can specify a specific size, a range of sizes or that sensor is only provided for illustration purposes. Or even claim scalability within certain parameters. Or claim that the sensor is present to illustrate location and/or distance to some other element and not size. On the one hand you don’t want to make your claims so specific that some can come along and drop a smaller or larger sensor and claim it as a new invention, but you don’t want to make it so general that it gets rejected because it is too similar to a patent by Canon or Olympus.

  • fiatlux

    Round sensor? 😉

    • Eric

      lenses project a round image circle, maybe thats what there illustrating. This is also the argument for square sensors, something I would love to see a company have the balls to do

      • dave

        Hasselblad went to square film frames over 50 years ago specifically because it maximized the usable area of the image circle. and very quickly the most popular accessories were backs and masks that allowed you to use rectangular-framed films or produce rectangular images on your film. In general, our brains like our images to be rectangles, as that is how we see the world.

        • Discontinued

          @Eric ‘n dave,

          a 100% agreed with dave. I’ve shot V-Hassis (and occasionally still do) for 16 years. This camera is effectively rather a 6 x 4,5. Only very few shots get published as squares (some CD-booklets and record covers, about 2,5% of the shots I took).
          Many photographers I know preferred 6 x 7 during the film age for that reason and the max. possible MF IQ gained from that format.

          A rectangular of an 4 x 3 ratio (like todays H-series) can be regarded as ideal IMO. No cropping for double pages (when IQ really is needed) and only little cropping for single pages with their 2 x 3 ratio.

          A square, the ideal use of the lens’ image diameter at first sight, but a huge waste of it on second look, just sucks and is bound to die.

    • Joe R.

      It looks like the EVIL lenses will have no aperture ring, like G lenses today.

      Nikon should throw the aperture blades on the camera. It could completely shut to protect the sensor from dust (they’re some kind of patent they have for something like that floating around). The lens could communicate what diameter opening corresponds to what what f-stop for it’s particular geometry and then the body could provide an aperture of that diameter.

      Maybe I should patent that idea…

      • tzb

        I’m afraid that you don’t really understand how aperture works. Remember that the diaphragm has to be located in a precise spot in the lens construction so that it affects the depth of field in a predictable way and doesn’t undermine the quality of the lens through diffraction.

        • qadn

          Pentax auto 110. I have one.
          The aperture is in the body to allow for the extreme miniaturization.
          This also means that ALL lenses are 2.8 lenses.

          Also: You need to specifically design the lenses to have the aperture in the body.

      • Dasher

        The aperature us always between lens groups so that won’t work. Also it can not close fully to seal it completely against dust, you would need a shutter for that.

        Looks like it is a small image circle, so not likely APS-C 🙁

        • MCharlou

          Not always, there is no glass behind the aperture blades in the 180mm IF-ED… but its 2 inch deep into the lens. I think it has to be right at the focal point.

        • Worminator

          “Looks like it is a small image circle, so not likely APS-C”

          iirc the related lens patents were for an 18mm image circle, it was guestimated in those posts that the sensor would be of the order of a 1″ sensor.. about 3 times smaller than APS-C, or 2 times smaller than 4/3, or 3 times larger than a LX-3/G11.


          What? Of course you could seal it from dust. I don’t mean sealed like with a body cap on but sealed for lens swapping. Something that works just like an aperture mechanism that either completely shut (when the lens is off) or completely open (lens on).

          Also, as far as I know, the aperture can be anywhere you want it as long as it’s behind the largest (optically not physically) element. Though in practice it probably requires addition elements and possibly baffles that would make the lens barrel larger than otherwise needed.

          It was just a thought. I’ll buy you all a D4xs when Nikon buys my in-camera-aperture patent. 🙂

          • WoutK89

            Just such a pity, you keep talking about it here, so its now an open invention, and not patentable anymore

          • Jim

            Just add a shutter on the body, less expensive than your contraption (niw pattented by someone else 😉 )

            • Joe R.

              No, no. If the aperture is on the body, clearly the shutter will go on the lens.

  • Jabs

    Hey Adminstrator,
    Outstanding job as usual.
    This layout reminds me of how Nikon did the F3HP and then the F3AF with semi-silvered multiple mirrors. It seems like a camera set up to shoot really fast and accurately plus maybe employ contrast detect A/F like the F3AF of the past which had its’ AF module in the removable head and the F3’s all had a semi-silvered mirror assembly in the lower mirror box area with center weighted bias 80/20 metering. I wonder of this is going to be full frame (FX) or DX or even a choice of both? Maybe they plan on making the sensor module easily updated or changed by Nikon itself during Production to become different models easily?

  • I saw that – it is not Nikon for sure, neither Leica, don’t know about the rest.

    • Luke

      maybe it may be Ricoh with a new module for its GXR system…

      • LGO

        “A “rangefinder” company will release a MicroFourThirds product within few hours.”

        Ricoh does not make a rangefinder camera.

    • LGO

      Leica perhaps in cooperation with Panasonic?

    • Lolly

      It’s probably an Asian company … it’s early morning time in Japan, Korea. It’s too late for an European company. Could it be Pentax ?

      • Lolly

        It could be Sigma. The DP2 is considered a type of rangefinder camera.

        • Contax?

          • Vladi

            its Voigtlander and its not a camera, but 0.95 lens.

          • LGO

            Earlier post was for an m4/3 camera but this was later changed to “m4/3 product” which turned out to be a 0.95 lens.

    • I Am Nikon

      I think Leica too.

      A Re-branded GF1 but double the price.


      • no, Leica will “sing” at Photokina, not now

        • Victor Hassleblood


  • robert

    can I ask a silly question..?
    What does evil pertain too..? Evil this and evil that..I have no idea what it means..
    thank you..

    • CreativeAngle

      Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lenses – Basically a DSLR type camera without Optical viewfinder and mirror

  • LGO

    Nikon needs to develop a mirror-less compact camera with EVF, interchangeable lens and global shutter with high data rate for HD-video if it is to compete effectively in this market in the long run.

  • mikeg

    I think one of your ads is trying to infect users. Unless I’m getting false positives here. Mcafee picked up about 20 “Exploit-CVE2008-5353” trojans as soon as I came to the site. Going to research it a bit more.

    • Recent Convert

      Had the same problem; Kaperski stopped it.

      • Michael Scott Vincen

        New patent, looks like a old advantax mount and configuration to me.

      • Recent Convert

        Admin: In my case, it was one case of “Exploit.Java.CVE-2010-0886.a”

      • Enesunkie

        ESET NOD32 used here. It quarantined some stuff when I first came to NR also.

    • Lolly

      I got error message a few times when I tried to view comments today. Maybe NR is being targeted by DOS attackers ?

      • f/2.8

        by Nikon. They are p’oed NR is leaking all their secrets.

    • thanks, let me check (it looked fine on my site)

  • gamma

    The second patent is actually quite interesting. It could be a 3D display. Different images displayed when looking from different angles would allow to show different images for both eyes, which would be then combined in the brain to a 3D image.

    You might compare with Toshiba works on a 3D tv set without glasses

  • Lola

    “The new product will be produced by a company that also makes rangefinder cameras (IMPORTANT: this doesn’t mean they will come out with a rangefinder body! They also could make a lens or an accessory only!!!).
    My “feeling” is that it is not a camera.”

    A lot of excitement over what could be a viewfinder ?

    • WoutK89

      Tamron making M4/3 lenses?

  • Huggs

    That mount looks very EF-S.

  • Astrophotographer

    On the EVIL diagram item 21 is marked as the sensor. Too small for APS-C so the 17mm chip looks likely again. And looks like a 4:3 proportion not 3:2.

    • Astrophotographer

      Opps, item 12.

  • Bruno

    Hey Admin, I’ve got a security warning when trying to view the site, just about 5 minutes ago.
    My browser (Google Chrome) warned that the visit could lead to malware content.
    5 minutes later it was ok…

  • Ren Kockwell

    Leica has stated quite declaratively several times that they have no interest in M4/3 and that they have no plans whatsoever to pursue the format. Whether you believe them is your own prerogative.

  • tsnake

    I await patiently the elusive D700x drawings.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I hope it’s a small, killer DX system with small, fast primes. Digital Contax G2. Anything to shut the pieholes of the illiterate Sony morons proclaiming the NEX system the best thing since breast augmentation.

    • My guess is exactly that Contax is releasing an m43 evil.

    • Enesunkie

      We know it will be a cold day in hell before Sony comes up with something better than breast augmentation. 🙂

  • This is likely some smart store owner jumping the gun, D5000s is a total absurd for those who know a bit about Nikon’s ways with names.

    • I agree, I saw that earlier, but decided not to cover it. It is not even a manufacturer, just some online store that is looking to get some extra traffic (and they did) 🙂

  • DaWolf

    Best EVIL from Nikon is not having announced a D700 replacement yet!!! …LOL

  • Admin, any rumblings about a Photokina announcement of Evil system development?

    • zzddrr

      easy rhlpetrus, you have to be more patient with Nikon. Let Nikon take its time and if it takes 5-10 yrs you have to wait. By that time your avatar will grow facial hair so long that Gillette will sponsor your next camera purchase 🙂

      • Ren Kockwell

        Man, you’re a whiner. EVIL is a relatively new concept. You’re frequently in praise of Canon’s speed to market—where’s their amazing and affordable EVIL camera, hmm?

  • Manne


    but the evil topic is so evil in terms of high quality photography, IMHO. I’d like to close my eyes about that.

    And I’m still hoping that I’ll awake and this evil crap is blown away just like the APS crap in the 90s.

  • Vladi

    @Admin: Got this message, just now when trying to load nikonrumors:

    The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent.

    • I ran the scanner again and it found something – I forward it to the guys (they are my clean up crew).

  • What does it mean?

    25.08.2010 23:33:27 Detected: Exploit.Java.CVE-2010-0886.a Internet Explorer
    25.08.2010 23:33:27 Denied: Exploit.Java.CVE-2010-0886.a Internet Explorer
    25.08.2010 23:33:28 Detected: Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.ft Internet Explorer
    25.08.2010 23:33:28 Denied: Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.ft Internet Explorer

  • Jabs

    About the display in the patent.
    I think that it reminds me of a projected display or often called ‘HEADS-UP’ display. One layer for viewing and then the controls displayed above almost virtually and thus no need to refocus your eyes or leave the area that you are focusing on while being able to use Touch Screen or projected menus while you use an EV (Electronic viewfinder) based camera.
    Nikon seems to be going that route and perhaps that is also a part of the ‘surprise’ in technology coming from Nikon and I feel that the D3100 is the first camera body being a shot over the bow of competitors.
    Nikon is an Engineering company (the BEST in photography bar NONE) and throughout my years of photography, I have never seen one Company that comes close or even equals them. They are SLOOOW but usually blow everyone away after a while.
    Their HISTORY – get over it.
    Look at the Nikon camera-projector for a CLUE to this patent!
    Pellicle mirror cameras are often erratic and unpredictable as they are based upon mirrors and glare or odd angles affect them but they are fast – just ask Canon about their lamented F series film body of the past. Speedy, but unpredictable behavior as PREVIEW tests are showing of Sony’s new wonder camera. A pellicle mirror allows constant contrast AF until something comes close or passes by and it loses focus and then often hunts. The mirror is also subject to scratches and often does not work with polarizers and drops dead in bright sunlight or backlit situations.
    All speed and bragging rights, but not the best approach, perhaps – I hope that Nikon does not go down that route like Sony!

  • zzddrr

    Gosh, I will live up my retirement funds by the time Nikon comes out with this one.

  • FakeKenRockwell

    If Nikon gets it, the EVIL will be small, light, superior to the G11 (bigger sensor) but smaller than NEX/m43 so that it is actually small enough to be fun for serious photographers and enthusiasts.

    • zzddrr

      FakeKenRockwell – I think you missed the Nikon announcement because the new EVIL is already out from Nikon. And as you said it “If Nikon gets it, the EVIL will be small, light,”. Yes, Nikon nailed it! It is so small and light that we cannot even see it that’s how small it is. 🙂 It is almost like a virtual camera that only has patents filed. really cool though

      • FakeKenRockwell


      • Anonymous

        virtual camera, I love it. LOL

  • Nikon D7000

    I don’t care about these boring patent news. I wand more D7000’s rumors, specs, spy shots! I hope Nikon D7000 won’t have flip & tilt monitor. D5000 had one and was the most ugly Nikon’s DSLR.

  • Antonio Rojilla

    Admin, you should post about this idea: with their EVIL Nikon are going to close the current gap in sensor sizes:

    Small enough to get the smallest system in the market, but big enough to differentiate itself from the compacts. There can even be a big difference in DOF provided that they release f/1.4 lenses, and so far lens patents showed here point in that direction (a f/1.4 lens would get a DOF of a f/3 lens in 35mm, which is not that bad, specially for low end users used to the large DOF in most compacts -small sensors plus slow apertures-).

    Just to let you know -in case you don’t- back in the 80s Nikon had a B&W 2/3″ DSLR based on the F4 that was accompanied by two very fast QV zooms, a 10-40mm f/1.4 and a 11-120mm f/2 (considering the 4x crop factor that was equivalent to a 480mm f/2 at the long end -of course with the equivalent DOF of a f/8 lens-, the wide end was not so spectacular).

    The good thing was that it could also use 35mm Nikkor lenses via the QM-100 mount adapter that was in fact a wide converter that could ‘retain’ the angle of view of all those lenses.

    Maybe they plan to use similar solutions more than 20 years later.

    BTW, the camera was the QV-1000C and you can read about it here:…mpanies/nikon/htmls/models/digitalSLRs/SVC/index.htm

    And here there some more photos of the lenses:

  • Antonio Rojilla
  • Martin

    Hello [NR] admin,

    there still is a virus problem, sorry to report that.

    Something on your front page (maybe a ad or whatever) starts a download for this file

    Very disturbing.

    • Martin

      oh, and whoever come across that file:
      Don’t open it, could be malware, some Acrobat Reader exploit or similar.

    • The site is clean now – I just checked it again, maybe the page is cached in your browser?

  • @Admin, a suggestion: collect in a single post the list of all lenses that have had patents registerd for a 17mm diagonal sensor (2.5x crop), with links to their original NR posts, so that we would have a glimpse of the future system if it materializes. For example (just fictional FLs and f/numbers):

    17mm f/1.4 (link to more info)
    6-12mm f/2.8 (link to more info)

    Tks, Renato.

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