Q&A session with Nikon Denmark: 16MP Nikon D90 replacement before Photokina, no other DSLR

This is the transcript of Nikon's press conference in Denmark. After the event, there was a Q&A session and here are some of the interesting Answers from Nikon Denmark:

Svend Erik says that Nikon was out of the crisis in six months
since the first April, sales exploded and there are now problems getting products to stores ...

10:08 [Comment from Soren Reinke:]
When will the release a camera like the D300/D700 class, that can record Full HD video?
@ Soren: I think we will see at least one more launch before Photokina. But the question is whether it is a new D300 or D700. I doubt it. I think the D90 stands for replacement within.

10:14 [Comment from Poul:]
Which sensor sits in (referring to the new D3100)
@ Paul: A 14-megapixel APS-C sensor. I think that it is a Sony sensor

10:21 [Comment by nicholas:]
will be the successor to the D90 use the same sensor?
@ Nicolas: it's hard to say. But muligeden there. But one could also imagine 16 megapixels

Svend Erik also says cryptically that there are still a half months to Photokina. It will be the biggest bet at Photokina Nikon ever.

10:38 [Comment from John:]
What happens with D5000?
@ John: D5000 continues

[Comment from kevin:]
what an EVIL camera as example the Olympus Pen and Sony Nex. Nikon has something up our sleeve which to Photokina?
@ Kevin: It's nothing new about an EVIL camera. Sorry.

10:44 [Comment from Lillie :]
Will we see anything new on D300s front of this year in the form of a replacement?
@ Lillie: No. I think not. I think we will see a D90 replacement.

10:45 [Comment by Nicholas:]
nikon will confirm that there will be another launch of a new camera before Photokina?
@ Nicolas: No it will not. The comment they NEVER on. But you ask me, so there will be one more launch."

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  • The interview is kind of confusing.

    • Scott

      It appears to just be a very basic translation. I suppose some things don’t translate to English as well.

    • Nikon Canon

      Or… us guys need to learn Danish (other than just eating them.. LOL)

    • G-Translate

      This looks like the outcome of Google Translate, quirky as it use to be…

  • Anonymous

    No mirrorless cam this year ? Nikon are losing out.

    • BornOptimist

      That’s not what he said. He said “no new information” about an evil cam

      • Anonymous

        I’m reading between the lines – he failed to say “it’s coming” so I took his comment as “it’s in development”, i.e. months away, simply cos he didn’t deny the possibility Nikon will ever release such a cam.

        • another anonymous

          hmm i didn’t see there anything about this year no evil or something like that.. i assume they were talking about today and photokina… i wouldn’t be so pesimistic, but also i can’t tell you if it will be and when.

      • Anonymous

        Who cares the evil… Where is the D700 replacement?

        • Anticipator


          • Neogene


        • Little brother

          Little brother always comes after big brother, D4….

          • Anonymous

            not necessarily, look at d3100.

            • Adrian

              D3100 is targeted for the consumer market. The D700 replacement will probably incorporate D4 elements, hence no 2010 release.

          • KT

            Well, if that’s the case then where’s the little brother to the D3S or the D3x, these cameras never had little brothers, and they had been in production for 1 and 2 years, much to the chagrin of the hungry masses.

            • Yeah, where is the lil brother for the D3x?

        • Craig Grunwell

          Who cares about the d700 replacement — let us have a d3x + d700 bastard child!

    • He probably doesn’t have a clue on what is really happening. I’ve spoken to Nikon employees in Tokyo and they don’t seem to be able to come up with coherent answers, either.

  • Hugo

    So does that mean there will be no D700s?

    • StickingZoom

      It means that there will be no D700s or D800 this year, next year is up in the air.

      • Sash

        And if next year it won’t be on the list, than surely in 2012. Or 2013. But it will be, for sure. Just wait for it. Don’t mind that exellent photo opportunities that you miss every day, while you wait for “the best” camera.

  • Anonymous

    I am thinking of purchasing a D700. should i wait it out?

    • twoomy

      That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself. Do you have anything to shoot with right now that does what you need it to? Are you willing to wait up to a year for its replacement to arrive?

      • Anonymous

        ‘m still working with my D80, but i think its time to upgrade. B&H has a nice deal for a kit with a 70-200 ($4100).

        • another anonymous

          Also not bad πŸ˜‰ but I think d80 shoots very well, my friend is using it yet. I’m shooting with d300 and i’m decided to wait for d700 successor. As for me, image quality of d80 and d300 are still really worth it and it’s better to spend the money more on quality lens. But it’s only about me πŸ™‚

          • Anonymous

            ever since I borrowed my friend’s D700 for a week, i was sold with FX. it’s like night and day. I think I may upgrade now, then re-evaluate once a replacement comes out in a year. then ill sell it for the replacement

            • another anonymous

              you’re right you’re sold hehe πŸ˜‰ d700 is great

            • Mike again

              The D700 is a fine camera and there has been nice rebates this summer so go grab one!

              A replacement would be out not until next summer, the D4 would come first anyway, it’s no logic in it to give away next generations technology in a D700 successor and than the D3 family stands there with their pants on the ground.

              The only alternative for an earlier FX release would be a stripped down FX model for the “people”, something similar what the D90 is to D300.

            • Eric Pepin

              Get the D700, if i had the funds and hadnt just bought the d300 I would have got the 700 and still will most likely next summer when its either discountinued or even more on sale. That camera will produce top of the line pro images for years to come. I doubt pro cameras in the next generation are going to be a huge leap in IQ from the current gen, small no doubt but nothing which maks the d700 obsolete (unless you do video)

        • BornOptimist

          Get it!!
          You will never regret this camera. I have no intention to replace mine. No matter what Nikon will bring this year, or even next year. I have used to upgrade for each new model (D100 – D2X – then went for D200 bc of smaller size – D300 – D700, and here it stops for a long time). The D700 is for me a classic like F100 which I will never sell.

    • limirl

      D700 owners get over it and stop whining !!!
      Come back in 2011, every post for months has been saying no D700 this year yet every post the same question gets asked over and over…

      • D700 owners don’t whine, those that don’t have it are the ones asking for Replacement.

    • ArthurCH

      Dear anonymous, just buy that D700, you won’t regret it for a minute. It’s absolutely the best camera out there for the price. There’s no need to wait for an update, and personally I don’t understand the need for an update at all.
      If you need video, buy a camcorder. If you need 50Mp, buy a Hasselblad. If you need a wonderful camera, buy a D700.

    • D700 is a fantastic camera. Moving up from the D80? Definitely get it now and like you said, if you *need* to upgrade when/if the newer version comes out, then you can sell the D700 (or use it as a backup).

  • Temple

    we need D700x

  • The invisible man

    Cool, we now have more time to save money for the D900 !

    • fel


      • another anonymous

        +2 πŸ™‚

    • tsnake

      I’m with you on that.
      With all the new products in the pipeline and recently released products, I will need in excess of $15K to complete my wishlist. (New D700x, New D700s, 85mm 1.4, 24mm 1.4, 200mm 2.0) ?? I’ll need some time to get those funds in order. Next March is perfectly fine IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      weres your predictions inviso- man

  • Rick

    I’m 100% on board with getting the D90 replacement. I only wish I could have it in hand before my trip to San Fran at the end of the month.

    • What are you using now that is insufficient?

  • Roger

    anonymous strikes again with his daily anti-Nikon post! πŸ˜€

  • Anonymous

    Same here. I am switching to Tampax.

    • Yes, but aren’t the images kind of…soft?

      • Anonymous

        and bloody

      • Only with those Smegma lenses.

      • KT

        Now that my friend is a statement that will need some serious pixel peeping to settle

    • alvix

      ..because of the sensitivity in the darkness ? :()

  • I look to Nikon to continue their efforts to provide quality Glass and High Dynamic Range. Mega Pixels are nice but secondary since I usually do not make huge enlargements of large image crops. I purchased a D300S last year and continue to grow my collection of DX lens as I look forward to upgrade to a FX in a few years.

  • brave new world

    if a 14-16 MPXL chip is available for DX cameras, then it is obviously possible to hit
    much more for FX. The question is however, if we will see a high resolution, slow chip for high quality or high resolution, high sensitivity but limited quality.

    if Nikon continues the life-style product lines, then we don’t need more than 16 MPXL, so there is hope for a new quality camera.

    to those who sell their gear: sad to see that – at the time you bought it, it was good –
    what happened to your expectations? probably we should all calm down a bit …

    • If my really questionable maths are in order, and the D90 replacement really is 16mp, then it appears the next D3x could be the equivalent of ~40mp on an FX chip.
      (16mp / 0.4 (crop factor on D3x) = 40mp)

      Sounds incredible. We’re talking almost 8,000 pixels on the longest side, or 26″ print native resolution! Wall hangings are in order (51″x78″) when applying the 3x standard up-res factor the Nikons typically have no problem handling. Wow.

      • Confuzzled

        Which lenses resolve an FX frame to 40 megapickles?

        • BornOptimist

          Just look at Canon 7D. This has even higher pixel density, and is not limited by the lenses.

          • I agree. I’ve been hearing people give the line about lens resolvability issues since the sensors started exceeding 6mp. Never has the reality born out the way the doomsday folks say. I imagine of the best lenses Nikon has to offer, we’ll not see huge issues even at 50-75mp.

        • Eric Pepin

          most of the pro lenses can resolve that, the 24 1.4, old 85 1.4 (and prop new) 50 1.4, 135 2.0, 70-200 II , 300 2.8, 200 2.0, and the super teles exluding the zoom should all be able to resolve it. kit zooms and 2.8 wide primes beware though.

      • 16mp in dx means 36 mp in fx (2.25 x area)

  • Del-Uks

    It sounds like Svend Erik just doesn’t know a damn’ thing about what’s in Nikon’s pipeline.
    He might be a regular NikonRumors reader though.

    • Anonymous


    • Denko

      Yup pretty much seriously-clueless it seems… this indicates more things than at first glance. Nikon is trying hard to keep something under wraps… smoke and mirrors just go that far.

    • BornOptimist

      You know – an expert is only a regular guy, far from home πŸ˜‰

  • Jacques

    Leaving Nikon for Canon or vice versa, waiting for D800 or more… just have a look to http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/en/Lens-with-Camera/Lens-rankings

    • Zograf

      That’s hard to believe! Nikon 50/1.8D worse than Canon 50/1.8II ?? Look @ http://www.slrgear.com, from any point of view the Nikkor is better, and that’s test on a 24MP sensor compared to 12MP measurements for the Canon. Not that I like the 50/1.8D…

  • Jacques
    • DXO Mark ratings are utter crap. Show me images that back this retarded data up…

  • ukj

    Well, nikon rumours guy you have been spot on with info, and the d90 replacement will be all the camera I will ever need ( unless I turn pro). Most of us know its coming, so I hope the someone leaks the stats soon just to confirm the admin predictions. Would love to know the price so I can chose the right starter lens to go with it.

    What lens do you guys think I should get for my first DLSR ?

      • ukj

        thanks but i still would like to pay my mortgage

        • Well, you could specialize as the only photographer in your area that shoots family photos at 800mm. You could build a real niche…

          No, but really, what is your price range, and what are you shooting mostly?

      • mikon

        That’s really a stellar lens with some great features. I think the crop factor with the DX will really bring out its strengths, though may not balance well with the D90R

        • πŸ™‚

          I wish I could offer more than imagination to the comments about the qualities of this lens.

      • limirl

        He said camera lens not an RPG !

  • Anonymous

    It’s the lenses stupid. 24 mpixels is over-rated. I justbshot a wedding with the d3x. Love the cropability. But then I didn’t shoot raw , didn’t even consider it because of the space required. 24 is for studio. Medium format the way to go for resolution. That or stitching. Going back to a d3s. Right now can’t do canon. Micky mouse auto focus. I think the 7d is there most innovative product. Then there is leica, making all sorts of money now. A modern rangefinder, volume production would be interesting

    • You wasted your time using that camera if you weren’t shooting raw. The output between that the 3/3s and x is so close that I feel it takes raw just to capitalize on the extra information. Of course, I think the 12mp FX sensor benefits from raw files the same way.

      I can download a full 32gb in 12 minutes. That’s two weddings on the D3 or one on the D3x. The difference is really nil in a professional millieu. Except for news, but why would you shoot news with a D3x?

      Uh, the 7d is closer to D3x res, but the glass isn’t there and, like you say, Mickey Mouse focus. Oh, and Leica has the same nominal res, so wait…why are you saying 24mp is overrated, but 18 is just fine? They’re really damn similar.

  • EAJ

    Yup, “I think” means “I haven’t a clue”. Admin, this is how rumors get started : )

  • I’d like to see a D700 replacement, too, but I’m still taking professional quality images with my D300, D700, and my new favorite the D3,(not”S”). People who bash Nikon for not releasing cameras and lenses fast enough are not usually making a living with them. After all, I know a photographer who still uses a Canon D60…He says he doesn’t need to upgrade, because he gets 16X20’s, so he’s happy. Personally, if I had to shoot with a D60, I’d just have to quit πŸ™‚

  • Carlos R B

    So pretty much what Nikon Rumors already said long before….

  • morg

    my D200 is long in the tooth its been beat up badly and in need of replacing but its looking like not this year ?

    • Eric Pepin

      D300s, trust me youll like it. if you need a replacement go for it, or spend 400 -700 bucks and get another used d200 to tide you.

  • Anonymous

    Bye Bye Nikon. Welcome to the 14 Mp era. The speed Nikon moves from one resolution to another we can expect in 2014 a 16Mp.

    Nikon clearly demonstrates that it is not capable of competing with Canon and Sony when it comes to sensor technology. Otherwise we would have more than 12Mp in the D700 after 2yrs of its release. Nikon is at 12Mp since 2005 June!!!! Think about this for a second.

    Ok here is something POSITIVE about Nikon from me. The 85 mm and the 24-120 f4 look very good. For those who miss the VR from the 85 I can tell you why Nikon left it out. The VR causes noise in Video mode and apparently it caused way too much in that particular design and Nikon went after the image quality. That’s why it does not have the VR.

    Other than that, the reason why I am negative about Nikon is because it is too darn slow.

    • Mike

      In 50 years Nikon developed 6 flagship film bodies (F->F6). In 10 years they have had 3 flagship digital bodies (D1-D3). How is this slow?

      “Nikon clearly demonstrates that it is not capable of competing with Canon and Sony when it comes to sensor technology”

      Really? Does Canon and Sony have a D3s equivelent? How are a850/900 sales?

      For once and for all; if you complain about lack of pixels, you do so out of lust. If you were a working pro who ‘needs’ high pixels you would have just purchased what you needed 3 years ago. Either medium format or a D3x or 5D II or a850/900. This common declaration of “Nikon sucks, I’m moving to X” is getting quite tiresome. If you can’t make a great image with what you have, look no further than your bedroom mirror. If you consistently have to crop, then get a better sense of composition or a longer lens before bashing pixels. Why anyone tortures themselves with a 12mp inferiority complex while looking at Canon offerings is beyond me. If you’re not happy with what you have, I will be the first to give you a pat on the back for your honesty as you walk out the Nikon door. I freelance with a wedding studio that shoots with a 7D and they are in utter awe at the files the D700 produces. The only thing that prevents them from switching to Nikon now is that they are in mid-season and they “know” their 7D. If you don’t like it, switch, but be quiet about it.

      Sorry, admin, rant over. πŸ™‚

      • Anonymous

        In 50 years Nikon developed 6 flagship film bodies (F->F6).

        This is true, but during the film era somebody else took care of the “sensor” aka film development. Try to do it today, take the cheapest Nikon DSLR and shoot the same resolution as the flagship D3x. You were able to do it with film as you as you used the same lens and got the settings right. That is because you were able to use the same “sensor” aka “film”.

        That is why I (and perhaps many others) complain. You got a camera and whatever resolution you have in it you have to live with it.

        • And what’s wrong with 12MP? Seriously? I had been quite content to with my 6MP D70 for the past 5 years. Now that I have a D90, the 12Mp is nicer. But what’s difficult now is getting enough disk space to store all of these 12MP raw images.

          Having to contend with both 16MP and 18Mp images would just complicate that. At 12MP, the D90 produces great images. As a tool, it has the features that I need. I could care less about video since I bought an SLR not a video camera.

          Right now, the D90 sits between the EOS 500D and 50D. Right now, the D90 is closer to price to the 500D rather than the 50D. As a photographic tool, the D90 is more capable than the 500D, but yes, it does have 3 less MP. But who cares, that 3MP more is only about an 9% increase in linear resolution.

          One thing I will agree with you one is that it does SUCK that cameras are stick with the sensor you bought them with. I really wish that SLR camera makers would take a page from the medium format camera makers and offer swappable backs or sensor modules.

          • Anonymous

            Ryan – you did not get the first part finally got the point I was trying to make.

            As you put it ” that it does SUCK that cameras are stick with the sensor you bought them with.”

            See, we would not argue if we could swap the sensors based on our tastes. I mean I understand that for you 12Mp is fine. Most of the times it is fine for me but there are occasions I want to go beyond that. Then wouldn’t be great if we can save a little money, buy a new sensor and swap it in.

            • Admin –

              I think you should start requiring registrations for comments. Benefits:

              1) We know exactly who the pinheads are
              2) You can block based on email address, name, etc.
              3) You drive away the less committed surfers

              Not perfect, but helps get rid of these anonymous hooligans.

            • Adding registration means you will have to remember one more password. I doubt anyone will be happy about that? I will however do this if the comments go out of control – I would like to think that we are not there yet. Last time there was an announcement, it was crazy for few days and then everything went back to normal.

            • BornOptimist

              I agree with Ron Adair.
              Please start with registration. I don’t mind spending a few braincells to remember another password.

            • Admin –

              I don’t mind registrations, though I completely understand your point and furthermore want to emphasize that this is not my website and clearly not my decisionβ€”I know you care more than any of us do and therefore are making the decisions which are best for all of us.

              Mostly it was just venting against the admittedly very few trolls that seem to lurk here for no other reason than to poop on our parade.

            • Eric Pepin

              please add registration to these comments…….. please, pretty please. I dont mind having actual conversations with people on what they think is happening but so many people that dont have a clue pretend to be pro photographer gurus and ruin this comment section for everyone.

              for the last damn time, 12mp is good enough for 99 percent of PRO jobs and if its not enough for you maybe theres a problem elsewhere. If you work in a studio and need massive resolution for marketing either stictch or go buy a mamiya / phase/ blad back and be done with it.

            • fork()

              I disagree strongly about logging in for commenting. Let’s have the registered discussions in the forums instead.

              And yeah, the white background is much better, thank you! πŸ™‚

            • Hey admin, what about a system like engadget or youtube where shite comments get voted out of view or down the list?

            • Micah, unfortunately I do not have the resources of engadget and youtube πŸ™‚ Last year I looked into some wordpress plugins for rating comments and did not like them. I will go back and see if they have a new/improved solution. In the mean time everyone has to fill a name and email in order to post a comment, I just made that change.

          • tsnake

            You cant be serious.
            Enough disk space?
            Why would anyone be shooting digitally without an external hard drive for storage?

          • Denko

            “But what’s difficult now is getting enough disk space to store all of these 12MP raw images”

            This is a non issue…
            For offline (offline off of the camera) storage 2TB goes for $100
            and a couple of more for the double backup offline (offline off of the computer.) and if you are doing video production offline tape drive for backups.

            Maybe you are a person that want all your pictures on the camera at all times…

            A couple of huge issues with that is that if the camera is lost or stolen you have a lot of personal info on it. If you don’t have a backup then you have no pictures at all… I’ve seen many talk about “keepers”… meaning that they delete whatever they shoot if its not good in that instance… I never ever delete… I rarely even double check my stuff… I do however dump everything onto backup and offline as soon as possible after a shoot. The in-camera storage is just a workbench and nothing more.

            Now personally I don’t think I need more than 18MP but I definitely need 16MP because I personally clearly see the difference between 12MP and 16MP on the viewing distance and size that I have for my stuff… this even when I am not wearing my glasses! Yes on gallery paper and not on rotten LCD monitors.

          • Confuzzled

            You could care less about video, or you could not care less about it? Those are opposites, you know.

            You said that you cared about video, but maybe you didn’t mean that. I sure I know I don’t.

      • Anonymous

        Mike – you cannot handle that somebody actually criticizes your “mighty” overpriced Nikon?

        • another anonymous

          I think Mike’s reaction is about hearing still the same things whitout any reasonable decisions made from the state of things and maybe also more from people that do not really need that. When I’m not satisfied with nikon, i can go with other brand when i really need it now, there nothing to complain. When I can wait and I decided so as I know that the quality from the brand is worth it, then I’m waiting, getting money prepared and enjoy great shooting with gadget I have. Where is anything for complaining? Nowhere, just some people are too hot on new great technology to be here right now, but it can’t be so great when developed in a hurry. The quality is essential and makes the name. We’re here cause of it. The only reason for problems with timing are buying decisions, but they will be here no matter how fast the development will be. Please write reasonable criticism, we like to read it. Much thanks ppl πŸ˜‰

        • Mike

          The term overpriced is relative isn’t it? Someone who cannot afford a BMW will think it’s overpriced. Someone who can afford it will think it’s a good deal.
          I have no problem with people critisizing Nikon. But the critisms are of what? Dynamic range? No. AF speed? No. AF accuracy? No. Shutter delay? No. Metering? No. Lack of AF-S primes? Not anymore. The criticisms are pixel count. That 12 is inadequate. Really? For what purpose? Again, if one really needs (and by needs I mean gets paid for images created with) high megapixel cameras, they already own a D3x or a Canon or a Sony or a Leica S2 or a medium format offering and have made their money back. If megapixels are your only criteria for claiming a capapble camera system, then by all means buy a Sony or a Canon 20+mp for the same price as a D700. But to complain that you ‘need’ it and want Nikon to make one that is “affordable” or in a DX00 form factor ‘OR ELSE’, falls on deaf ears. Go and use what you need and can afford. Easy as that. I read recently that someone on dpreview forums saved for 4 years to buy a 200-400. Never complained about affordability or being overpriced. She saved for it. If you can’t afford a Nikon D3x, go and buy a $2500 5D Mk II or a850. Easy as that. Just please stop the whining. That’s all.

          I agree that it would be nice to swap backs, but with many of the sensor improvements, there have also been interface, ergonomic, AF improvements too. Even the Leica S2 and Pentax’s new 645D MF don’t have swapable backs.

          • Bob

            Thank you Mike for the very intelligent, articulate, and eloquent response and explanation. We need more of you on the web with rational, well thought positions.

    • Carlos R B

      Hummmmm. Dxo mark seem to disagree:


      Among 6 best current sensors on the market 4 are from Nikon…and the other two: canon or sony? no, Phase one….

      So clearly Nikon develop better sensors than the competition…

      • Anonymous

        those are modified sensors made by another company. Sony spent over $600M on developing imaging chips (this includes the sensors and projector chips). It’s like the Mercedes with Tuning.

        • Your point?

          So, you’re saying:

          – Nikon sucks because they don’t make their own sensors
          – Canon rocks because they make their own sensors


          – Nikon only has BETTER sensors because someone else makes them
          – Canon’s sensors suck more because they make the sensors themselves

          Sound logic.

        • Carlos R B

          Yet they develop others sensors much better than the original makers….

        • Carlos R B

          Also please compare A700 vs D300 and A900 vs D3x please people wake up….you can complain about slowliness or whatever, but talk about the sensors is just plain silly…

        • BornOptimist

          And guess what, a great part of those 600M is spent on Nikon equippment

        • false, d3, d3s and d700, are all nikon sensors

          you’re just trolling here, why bother

    • Matt XVI

      What’s your problem? Some of us don’t want higher mega pixels. 12 is more than enough for what I’ve been doing and to be honest I would prefer not to have the larger file sizes for nothing. Whats important to me is high ISO performance and dynamic range. I’d be happy if they stayed at 12mp for the next 30 years and concentrate on these two things. If people want to crop so much get the right lenses for the job and compose properly, your images will turn out better that way anyways.

      • Magnus

        “Whats important to me is high ISO performance and dynamic range.”


    • Doc

      As I opened a pic from Nikon’s website with the new 85 1.4, the exif data said the resolution is 5000×3333. Thats a bit more than 16MP. May it be the new D90?

      • The exif says D3x, so it’s probably just a crop.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to find they have a reddish hue

  • Oka

    So this interview was recorded half a month ago? I’m confused.

  • Anonymous
    • PHB

      Actually the Canon Vixia is a better bet for not much more money.

      Nikon make the best DLSRs, but they do not currently make a dedicated video camera and so Nikon video is currently a niche product. It has its uses, but if all you want to do is to shoot video and you are not looking for high end response, then a dedicated camcorder is going to be optimal.

      DSLRs are currently competing at the very low end on the basis of convenience. It is better than a camera phone and the usability limitations are acceptable for occasional use rather than carry a second camera. It is also competing at the very high end as DSLRs are actually better video cameras than most current professional level models. They are tapeless for a start.

      Over time I expect the usability issues to be covered much better and the distinction will disappear. In particular I expect that most EVIL systems will have dedicated video or optimized for video bodies in due course.

      • Joel

        Actually, DSLR video is competing with the low end of the very high end camcorder. In order to get low light, sharpness, and depth of field control that DSLRs provide in a video camera, you’re looking at $20k to $50k cameras. That’s why people care so much about video.

  • Anonymous

    There’s actually two things going on in the transcript, if I read it correctly–it looks like the standard Cover It Love format used to liveblog events. The beginning is mostly from the Nikon press conference, but pretty much everything in response to a question from the “audience” ([Comment from …]) is from the liveblogger him/herself. Unless the blogger says the info is from Nikon, it’s very likely to be conjecture rather than fact. So I don’t think Nikon’s actually confirmed the D90 successor before Photokina (or a lack of other DSLRs on the way); the liveblogger’s just repeating the latest rumors to give the audience an idea of what might be coming.

    It’s confusing, though, because it also seems like one or two questions were actually posed to Nikon directly (ex. the D5000 stock question). So who knows?

    • my understanding is that this is the actual transcript of the conference and the answers are from directly from Nikon

  • wannabe anonymus

    10:14 [Comment from Poul:]
    Which sensor sits in (referring to the new D3100)
    @ Paul: A 14-megapixel APS-C sensor. I think that it is a Sony sensor

    Comment from PAUL, not POUL…. just for stopping by, not mad, sh*t happens to people and you are one of them too :))

    • let’s make is clear – I did not translate this text, I just c&p

  • Ronald

    Remember, he’s talking about releases BEFORE the Photokina…… so there is still hope for another anouncement at the Photokina or after the Photokina later this year πŸ˜‰

  • There’s a lot of “I think…”, “I don’t think….” going on here. Makes me wonder if the guy was informed or authorized to even speak on behalf of Nikon.

    • Bob

      It’s called hedging your position, reading between the lines, corporate speak., being coy.

      Do you actually expect Nikon’s representative, at a press conference no less, to be SO stupid to actually blurt out its plans and future undisclosed products and tell you what Nikon has up its sleeve?

  • Sebastien

    Hi All,

    I discovered NikonRumors recently as I begin to shop a first DSLR camera. Since I’m new to this world an know noting, I want your opinion. I find canon T2i really interesting (it can shoot 1080p 30fps comparatively to Nikon D90). But the built qualilty of Nikon seems better (for entry-level cameras). Do you suggest me to wait the D90 replacement or to got with T2i now?? Even if it will be first DSLR, I want a high end entry-level model that I will have mor a few years.


    • Bart

      wait for the D90 replacement

    • New to nikon

      I’m in the same boat but I gonna buy the new d90 when it’s comes out, my question is what lens should be my first buy

      • another anonymous

        It depends on what you want to shoot. In general it’s not bad to start with 18-200mm len if you have no dominant shooting area. It’s gard to give advice without to know what for. Check some forums on it.

        • another anonymous

          oops πŸ˜‰ it’s hard to… just overtyped

      • Start with the 50mm f1.8D. Fast, bulletproof and cheap . Although I personally don’t care much for 50mm on DX, I still recognize the value of this lens for people starting out. Getting some fast f1.8 glass for US$100 or less is a steal.

        The 18-200? Not sure if I’d recommend that starting out or not. I’d say go w/ the 50 and work with that until you’ve got your feet under you. Once you’re squared away, you’ll have an idea of what you want/need in lens range at that time.

        For one’s money, I’d rather suggest a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 or Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 than the 18-200. Start out with fast glass and you never have to replace redundant range (or at least, it would be less often).

        • +1

          I started with only the 50/1.8. It’s a truly great lens, dirt cheap, and will teach you a *lot* about composition. What you will miss is a wide-angle, but spend a few weeks getting to know the 50mm before getting that type of lens.

      • I’d get the 16-85 vr, best kit lens for aps-c, any maker.

        If money is there, new 55-300 vr should complete the basic lens system. Then, for interiors and good bokeh, a prime. I like the old 35 f/2 a lot, but newer 50 f/1.4 af-s is also very nice.

    • Joe D

      I’m a canon guy. Wait for the D90 replacement. I had a T1i myself.

      Wait for the D90 replacement. The T rebels are very nice. I’m digging the very good and cheap Canon primes. But the D90 was/is such a great body, it behooves you to wait a few weeks.

      Normally I dont say wait, because you’ll wait forever. But here, there is a big announcement just around the corner. The T2i won’t be updated for a bit. Hell, you may even want to see what the 60d has to offer. Photokina comes around once every two years. Only this time. Wait.

      • New Guy

        As the name suggest fairly new to this scene. Like you suggested wait for D90 replacement and 60d. Aren’t those two cameras supposed to be closer in specs than T2i? I’m just guessing b/c wasn’t the D90 & 50d compared to each other before?

        • The rumor is that Nikon is upgrading body of D90 line for next model, making it much closer to 50d line. We have to wait and see. I have a D80, jurassic camera by present standards, but click on my alias and check images, I never missed an image because of it. Nikons are very well designed and built, very reliable. The basic kit zooms are also usually better, optically and built-wise thanCanons.

          • New Guy

            Thanks, great pictures by the way! Yeah I’m currently on the fence about which camera to go with. I’ll have to wait for the specs for both and how much $$ I’ll need to have saved before I make a choice. In the mean time maybe I’ll have to check out a rental place and play with some of the older models.

            So with the original Nikon D90 what Canon would be similar?

  • Anonymous

    good iq under high iso is way more important than more pixel. i can already make fine 16×24 prints with my 10mp as long as iso is moderate.

    • No, higher resolution & low iso dynamic resolution is more important. I’m fed up stitching frames while waiting for this D800 (or whatever) !

      • Rodolfo Paiz

        No, ergonomics are more important. Or viewfinder size. Or the weight and heft of the camera itself. Or something. But that “something” is different for each person. So don’t expect Nikon to build what *you* need, nor judge them for doing so or not… that’s either silly, or insanely egocentric.

        Look at the overall market, choose and buy what you need, make images. Why is that so hard for some people?

        • Joe D

          Direct print button is most important. Uberimportant.

          • another anonymous

            don’t fool us πŸ˜‰ we are…

        • +1

        • BornOptimist

          “So don’t expect Nikon to build what *you* need, nor judge them for doing so or not…”
          but they have built what I wanted – the D700, and I will not sell it again. After I have worn it out, it will get it’s place next to the F100 (still working, but retired).

      • Mike again

        I don’t stitch my pictures myself, I let the work on AutoPanos Giga! πŸ˜‰

  • Kontharo

    If you have the transcript in Danish, I’m able to translate it just a tad better than what’s posted here πŸ™‚

  • Sorry, the headline to this post is VERY misleading. After reading the transcript, it’s clear that nothing is certain. The headline leads one to believe that the a new D90 with 16MP has been semi-offically confirmed by Nikon. Instead, it’s far more speculative from “I think we will see a D90 replacement” which “one could also imagine 16 megapixels.” That is very different from someone stating that a new D90 IS coming at Photokina WITH a 16MP sensor.

    My other beef with this post is that we don’t know who these guys are. Are they just sales reps or Senior VPs at Nikon? If these are just local sales reps, this post has far less relevance than if they are high-level personnel. Just saying.

    • Brent


  • Jason nikon

    Well, nikon rumours guy you have been spot on with info, and the d90 replacement will be all the camera I will ever need ( unless I turn pro which won’t happen ). Most of us know its coming, so I hope the someone leaks the stats soon just to confirm the admin predictions. Would love to know the price so I can chose the right starter lens to go with it.

    What lens do you guys think I should get for my first DLSR ?

    • Jose

      Sorry, but I did not understand some comments claimed for more realivity info. This post suppouse to be nikon rumors, not confirmed nikon products, just wait Photokina close days and the information will be developed day by day such happened with D3100. Good work admin

    • As a general lens, the 16-85VR is a very good, not too expensive. Avoid 3rd party lenses for a 1st lens. The 50mm f/1.8 or 35mm f/1.8 should be in the bag, cheap and excellent introduction to bokeh and low light photography, which you will have a lot of fun doing.

      • There is also a Forum on this blog, a good place to find answers or assistance.

      • Avoid 3rd party lenses for a 1st lens

        Can’t say that I agree with that.

        As I suggested above, a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 or Sigma 18-50mm f2.8 would be excellent lenses for beginners, IMO. Because it’s fast glass and something that you can keep using for a long time (instead of picking up some slow zoom and selling it 6mo-1yr on down the line).
        Another nice 3rd party lens is the Tamron 90mm macro. A little more expensive than the 2 zooms, but still a tight little lens for little money. I just saw one used for US$200 in Tokyo. Unbeatable price for glass that good.

        Do agree w/ your 50mm/35mm choices. I’d forgotten about the 35mm f1.8. Good call!

        • I have the Tamron 90mm macro which I like a lot. I am considering the Nikkor 60mm or 105mm, would love the 200mm. (The Tamron is great, esp @ f8. I normally use it in manual focus, 1 to 2 ft focusing distance.)

          The only Sigma I have is the 18-50 (with macro) 2.8, bought 1.5 years ago. I like it for the close focus in wide angle. However, the zoom mechanism is broken, and with very light use over the 1.5 years. I don’t have any problem with my other 8 Nikkors and the Tamron. (I like the silky operation of Nikkor AF-S.)

          The 35mm 1.8 is really good value by any standard. (Cost about the same as 18-55 kit lens.)

  • Global

    It sounds like he doesn’t know anything.

  • Sahaja

    > “I think that it is a Sony sensor”

    Hmm… Sony also seem to be releasing new APS-C cameras with 14 and 16mp sensors and there are rumours the new Sony cameras will have some AF technology from Nikon.

    Are they getting together to gang up on Canon?

    • Jose

      Suppouse you are tru, the sensonr should be from sony but what about expeed 2 or low speed and high iso NR, what about Metering modes and autofocus mode. Otherwise you have to consider Nikon’s WB algoritms, Nikkor optics, etc.
      If a digital camera perform depend only of a sensor, I will buy a less expensive sony camera (With sony camera forget to move to new FX models, sony is out of this market)

    • maceda

      Nikon-developed sensor based on Sony underlying technology – see Thom Hogan’s comments:

      “I’ve now heard even more details about the D3100 sensor and from a few sources closer to Nikon Japan. It does indeed appear that Nikon has moved to producing their own sensors. They may be licensing or cooperating on some of the underlying technologies, but it appears that Nikon has decided that Nikon DSLRs will in the future have Nikon-controlled and Nikon-exclusive sensors. That they haven’t chosen to make a bigger deal of this is strange. And some parts of Nikon appear not to have gotten the memo on this, as I’ve seen quotes from Nikon personnel in some subsidiaries that say “Sony sensor.””

  • nick94

    what are the dates for photokina?

  • Ken

    I’m another Canon guy currently shooting a Rebel XSi with decent mid-range glass, mostly 2.8 zooms & and a couple of 1.8 primes. I’m ready to upgrade to a FF sensor but in addition to IQ, I need speed, decent high ISO and really good AF for the indoor sports I occasionally shoot. Canon requires me to spend almost 5K for a 1.3 cropper to get the performance I want as I am not impressed by the IQ of the 7D and it’s still APS-C. The 5DII is just to darn slow even though the IQ is top notch. So I’m left waiting to see when Nikon releases the D700 replacement which seems to be the perfect camera for what I want to shoot, the 12MP of the current D700 while fine for most use doesn’t make me feel good about the aggressive cropping I sometimes require or the detail I desire for my landscapes. Plus I don’t upgrade every year so my next DSLR has got to last me at least 3-4 yrs. Come on Nikon!!! I’m almost sold…….

  • NIKONFX2011

    The Nikon D4 is coming out very soon. I have found out from a very reliable source the D4 will be out early in 2011, as they are already starting to test it. As for the other models, this information was not given to them, but this might indicate there may not be a D700x, but an entirely new camera. Again, the only reliable information I have been told was that the D4 is going to be out, nothing about a D700 replacement. Should be exciting to see what other products get offered.

    • tsnake

      Great. A new $10,000 body.
      Wonderful, just wonderful.

  • cirtap

    Well we all know that Canon and Sony are about to drop 4 cameras each…Where is Nikon? How many cameras are Nikon Dropping on me and you? Two at the most?
    I am already feeling like a homo-step child.

    I Don’t want the new Nikon D95…I do want my Nikon D4 or D400, D8, OR D800s,x…

    Two Cameras? Is that is Nikon?

    • cirtap

      IT…instead of IS.

    • CK

      I too am waiting for the eventual D4, but im not too worried about their time table.

      Nikon likes to make announcements around October/November and early Spring. I dont have a clue what cameras will be shown then, but im pretty sure something impressive will be released.

      In either case, just wait till photokina before you get too upset. Some secrets are kept very tightly under wraps. The D700 was practically a surprise no one knew about ahead of time.

    • Enesunkie

      So your saying between Nikon, Canon and Sony there are going to be 10 new cameras announced along with all those that are currently available and that is not enough for you to decide which is the best one for your needs?

  • Mark

    Nikon’s cameras now are of incredible quality, they don’t need to drop 5 cameras.

    • Precisely. Give me quality over quantity any time. Another reason I don’t mind waiting for products to be refreshed/replaced… takes time if you’re going to do it right rather than doing something half-assed just to keep up with a certain product cycle.

      • Agreed. Look at the Canon lineup. They release a new xxD body what? Every 2 or 3 days? I’d love to see the breakdown of the cost-effectiveness of the shotgun strategy of releasing new bodies.

    • Mike again


  • Regarding the transcript of the Q&A: Call me silly, but the fact that this is so maddeningly vague indicates to me that it is, in fact, officially from Nikon. Think about this for a second. Spokespeople are there to put a spin on things, sometimes even to the point of misdirection or obfuscation. Companies do things on their own timetables, including the announcement of new models and their specifications. Some indications we’ve gotten thus far point to the fact that the cameras yet to come, whether they’re replacing the 90, the 700, or the 3, will have some pretty wicked specs.

    Now put yourself in Nikon’s shoes. You’re trying to give newer models (the 3100 and 300s) the time to gain traction. You’re also trying to preserve the decent sales of a model that’s not due for a refresh any time soon (the 5000). Are you going to potentially blow both of those things out of the water by leaking too much information too soon on other models?

    This may not be their thinking/methodology, but something tells me it’s not that far-fetched, either.

  • Db

    Im planning ti buy D90 this weekend. Is there a chance of price drop for D90 and I should wait some more time.

    • nick94

      its almost guaranteed that the price of the d90 will drop significantly once the new model is released.

      • Bob

        D80 and D200 both dropped significantly a few months after the D90 and D300 were released (40-50%). I picked up a D80 for $400 about 4 months after then D90 was released.

  • Stefan

    phwwwwwwwwww our English is way better than many other nations. Anyway these particular Danes seem pretty daft.

    Also just to clear things, “Mulighed” means “possibility” (in this particular sentence)

    However, let’s hope the camera will come soon so it can drop in price before ive used up my nikon d90 πŸ˜€

    • Rasmus JJ

      I agree Stefan, terrible translation.

  • Man I cannot wait for the D90 replacement. I’m just pray’n for improved ISO performance, the AF-F mode for video, AND an external mic input like the D300s! It’s the one thing really lacking on my D90.

    Also, I want to really thank the admin of NR. Seriously, you keep tech freaks like me really entertained, and it’s awesome having all the rumors in one place.

    This nikon/canon battle is horrible and awesome. The two companies really only make each other better, I love it.

  • alvix

    is it possible that some samples we are seing @ nikon website are made with new cameras ? I mean, the sample n.4 has a 5000 x 3333 and iso 50 ..maybe is made with a new D90 or whatever @ 16 mp, that can go as low as iso 50.. given the fact that the D3100 has a base iso of 100 (mmhh.. strange for these days..) ?

  • Charlie Martin

    I’ve had my D80 for three years and I’m ready to upgrade to the D95. Megapixels are important but, I really need low ISO, dynamic range and FPS. 16MP is all that I will need. However, I plan on keeping my D80.

  • Anonymous

    You nuts? The D3X blows the 5D mk II away.

  • Abhinav

    omg ! what kind of intereview is this lol..its too confusing !

    is this danish to english translantion ? right ?

    • Rasmus JJ

      Abhinav —> Yes, it’s a danish-english translation, and it sucks.
      If anyone got the danish transcript I could translate it..

  • D700 update?

    I hope the update to the Nikon D700 will come soon. But I am ready to wait as long as Nikon provides a great update to the Nikon D700, especially with respect to HD video.

    As an entry-level camera, the Nikon D3100 is really nice, especially with the addition of 1080p video that should be on every single camera, and in particular on every single DSLR camera.

  • paul

    if the d90 replacement will have alluminiun/ magnesium body, that means nikon will release a new battery grip. Am I wright?

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