This is hilarious!

Here is a funny video sent by a reader:

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  • The invisible man

    I’ll like a huge D4 mockup falling from the sky on that guy’s head.

  • Serpiente

    Maybe he is already demanding a new Star Trek movie too..

  • That’s just embarrassing.

  • Nikon should at least take heed of this. They are being rather slow….. then again…. slow and steady wins the race…… the dilemma

  • PhotoHop


  • Christina

    After reading these posts, I’m thinking that many of you didn’t get the humour.

    I am an American who lived in England for a few years. Your television programs, and even the advertising are really really top notch. Much more intelligent, and much funnier where intended. Not to mention you are much more in tune with current events and quality of life.

    When my British husband and I returned to the US, I missed British entertainment. No one has been able to duplicate the likes of “The League of Gentleman.”


    American humor has it’s place. Although some of it is down-right ridiculous, some is actually pretty good. There is social commentary to be found when you stumble upon the right shows.

    Now, the chap in the video was funny to me because I THINK he was actually mocking everyone for ‘pining’ the D700 replacement. It was meant to just lighten the moment and let us all laugh at ourselves for being so intense pre-Photokina.

    So, respectfully, lets all ‘lighten up a bit’.

    and since I’m an American, I guess I better end my post with the obligatory
    “Have a nice day!”

    • Christina

      not sure what your point is. I wasn’t talking about British Columbia.

      I was talking about England, and Brits, and the humor from Britain, etc. I didn’t mention Canada at all.

      Maybe you were responding to someone else’s comment?

      • Amien

        No, I answered to the tread who is related to north american’s bad humour. You mixed up with Bits, who, I agree, are full of humour !

        • Ric

          and bad teeth

    • Bingo. He was making a mockery of the whiners here @ NR. So how could they possibly find that funny? 😉

  • Muh-Kuh


  • Edmund

    What’s ‘Photokina’? Some sort of rash that photographers get?

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t seem at all funny to me.

  • Dweeb

    Not as “funny” as the Hitler D3X video, which BTW has also not seen any movement by NyeKon on it’s outrageous price.

  • I thought the video was current and clever. I although think many of the commenters take themselves very seriously like their precious time was wasted. I would point out that he is asking for a D700 replacement entirely accurate according to the NR survey. The video was done with Nikon DSLR video. Humor is often times not humorous to many. In fact much humor is purposefully intended to put someone else down. I would point out that this person at least does not make fun of someone else.

    • David Johnson

      but you can all make fun of me if you wish 🙂

      • Anal Johnson

        Leave David Johnson alone … what’s he ever done wrong?

      • David Johnson

        Never mind that sh*t… here comes Mongo!


          leave me alone behind my desk, in my weelchair with my lame skills.

          • atom

            are you THE OLGA JOGNSON from dpreview ???

        • Ric


          Mongo like candy

          • David Johnson

            Mongo only pawn… in game of life.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah!! brilliant

  • Alex

    Man that video was funny!
    And what’s with the backlash on how Americans pronounce “Nikon,” I thought it was common knowledge that English and Australians pronounce it “Nikk-on” (short vowel), and Americans pronounce it with a long vowel on the I, because there is one K. (Basic rule in English, it makes sense), So it comes out as “Ny-kon.” My wife knows a little bit of Japanese, and I asked her how a Japanese person pronounce that word, and she thinks it would be “Nee-kon.” So everyone can get off of their high horses and pronounce Nikon however the heck you want.

    • Mike

      +1. Well said. ‘Tomato, Tamato”. Pronounced a little bit different, but it’s the same thing and everyone knows it’s the same thing.

    • Christina


      thanks for putting all this into perspective!

  • Mat

    it wasn’t funny at all, but d700 replacement would be great 😉

  • Anonymous

    the only thing that would have made that funny is if he didn’t know he was being taped

    • S

      What actually makes this ‘funny’ in one respect, is the fact that the guy in the video is only mirroring many people’s true sentiments, though if in a exaggerated way. Exhibiting his sheer desperation and anguish, by the fact that almighty Nikon had not brought out a D700 replacement sooner. Many of us want a FF higher performance camera (in all aspects) for a reasonable price.
      What is essential for me is higher dynamic range, thinner AA filter and quite simply put..more megapixels. I won’t ever need 700,550,822 iso to photograph african miners, at the bottom of coal mines, at night handheld…WOULD YOU?
      D700 was sex on a lens..come on my D900 I want to marry you with a 24-70 or 24mm 1.4.

  • fastermaster

    so lame

  • NR Admin, I love your site, but come on, hilarous? Really? PLUS new d300 and d700 is gonna be siiiick, hurry the eff up nikon.


    Techhores..not even funny man…

  • Alex

    I have a theory that some people only laugh at jokes that are based on sex. You could say the most lame thing with the mentioning of an act or a body part, they giggle like a school girl. Yet, when you put something genuinely funny in front of them, all they can say is “Not funny man!” If he had done the same prank and mentioned “breasts,” they would have found it funny.

    • Numpty

      Hehehehehe… you said ‘breasts’.

  • TeagueLee

    Well personally I can’t wait for the D700 replacement… all you techno-bitches will be ditching your D700s, and I’ll pick one up, with around 2k shutter operations, for a fraction of the original price!

  • Makoto Kimura

    It is actually pronounced “Nay-qon” people get with the program. Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few. Even Ashton Kutcher can pronounce it and drop at least 3 panties at the same time.

    • Bob

      “Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few. ”

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Dr Fuzz

        Time for your medication Bob!

  • Maurizio

    D4 !!
    I attend
    I want…

  • Broxibear

    In the uncut version the Nikon CEO comes out of the building, walks up to the man, pulls out a handgun and shoots the fool in the head…he then turns to camera and says “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…especially on Nikonrumours!”

  • Anonymous

    Not funny, just sad. Get a life

  • Tzvika

    i’m not sure if this will help the camera to be released one day sooner 😉

  • Another variant of the video with a guy near the canon hq would be —– Please Canon quit the DSLR business and produce lens caps for nikon so they can release the D700 replacement ASAP !

  • Bob

    Sad and pathetic…..

    An adult man crying for a new toy.

    • Dr Fuzz

      Bob, you really should go back to you room now… the nurse is waiting…

  • I hope you all realize that this was staged, not reason to blame the person who taped the video – he is just “playing” his own script.

    • Really?

      Something on this website was “staged”?

      Perhaps that calls into question ALL the content on this site!

      • Alex

        Especially your comment!

  • Michael

    This is not hilarious, this is sad! Stupid. Not even mildly funny.

  • not even a small smile.. I too want my 28 seconds back.. North American

  • zeissdarling

    How dare you take it upon yourself to represent us all asking for a D700. NO to 12mp!!! BRING OUT THE D4 !!!!!

  • chris

    That is not funny. It is just lame.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s my 24.6 mp D700X ???

  • Roger Moore

    its not funny.
    its stupid and pathetic.

  • I Think this is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen. In fact, I am going to write a 10 page article about my experiences I’ve had on my knees in Nikon’s parking lot.

  • human tripod

    This video should end with that idiot getting run over by a truck full of D700x’s. Get a life, you pathetic loser.

  • QuBe

    Good grief!
    There sure are a lot of people posting here who could shove a lump of coal up their butt and have a diamond within 24 hours…
    Switch to decaf already.

  • eyrieowl

    guess you had to be there….

  • Someone just saw dinner for smucks, and he was at the head of the table… That was bait too stupid to be funny.

  • Vladi

    Looks like there are Canon 60D pics floating around the net. Nothing similar on Nikon front?

  • BenS

    hmm … for a moment there this guy gave Nikon security a scare. They thought he would offer himself as human sacrifice to please the gods of Nikon …

  • Charlie Martin

    This just more evidence that the vast majority on this site are waisting their time wishing their lives away on a camera that may or may not be released. Nikon will release all new cameras on their time frame and not ours.

  • Ron Carroll

    NOT hilarious. Not even funny.

    That’s the view from Boston…

  • yrsued

    Some people are stuck on “STUPID”

    This video proves it!!

  • sam

    it’s pronounced “Nee-kon” not “Nai-kon”

  • Tzvika

    I think this video is REAL! and this person, so help me god, was found 2 hours later dead, been shoot by D3xs i belive….. ;D

  • I was going to complain about a non-rumor-y post, but after watching this I laughed so hard all I can do is say, Thank You 🙂

  • i_still_want_a_D900

    That was me ! I am with this guy ! I still want a D900 ! Let’s protest in front of a nikon building !

    This is the funniest video ever since the “Hilter bashing the $8000 D3X” video…

  • Neil

    Nothing funny about this clip, its crap and was a waste if time viewing.

    • gobludgeonurself

      like this comment of yours?

  • Curious

    Hey, who recorded me?

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