This is hilarious!

Here is a funny video sent by a reader:

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  • Philippe

    If nikonhumor is this bad, I wonder how bad the new nikon’s will be.

  • Get It Right

    Just for S&G’s heres a NIGH-Kon commercial made by the one, the only…..Nikon USA.

    And they clearly pronounce it as NIGH-KON.

    Suck on that Brits….

  • Curlykale

    Very unfunny, an overweight American kneeling at the shrine of Nighkon, terrible!

  • Curlykale

    And don’t you just hate it when somebody announces that something is ‘hilarious’?
    Gets my back up straight away……

    • gobludgeonurself

      What I really hate is people like you making anon comments that repeat what 50 others have previously done – well done. genius…

  • Zoetmb

    I’m with those who didn’t find it funny. It was all concept and no execution.

    Compare it with this one. I hate rap, but this one is really funny and well done:!

    Besides, Nikon “announces” long before they release, so even if they announced today, chances are it wouldn’t be available at most stores until at least a month from now.

    But I also agree that this isn’t worthy enough of a U.S.-bashing discussion. If you want to bash the U.S., there’s plenty of other newsworthy items you can choose from, like those crazy politicians in Texas who claim “an ex-FBI man” told them that there’s a plot where terrorists come to the U.S., have a baby (who is automatically a U.S. citizen), send the tyke to a terrorist training camp and then 20 years from now, he’s going to come back and commit havoc. But they can’t name the FBI-guy and they have no evidence.

    Or a Jet Blue airline attendant who got so fed up with unruly behavior by fliers that he triggered the emergency slide before the plane got to the gate, grabbed a beer and left the plane. (He was arrested later.) Some people think the guy is a hero, some think he’s a jerk.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, I found it funny.
      You can’t really compare one guy with a camera to JoeyL, a (really hot) professional model, and god knows how big a film crew.

      besides, the jet blue guy grabbed TWO bears (and jumped).

      • GropedBear

        “the jet blue guy grabbed TWO bears (and jumped).”

        You would jump too, if you had just grabbed two BEARS!! Bears are not to be grabbed, groped or otherwise messed with.

  • Steve Bodi

    I live about 10 minutes from that nikon building. Canon is constructing a big headquarters building less than a half mile away . I wonder if the employees will have gang fights if they run into each other at the Dunkin Donuts on route 110 .

    • ans

      we are about to see many drive buys and molotof unexplained explosion in the area. They’ll be all equipped with cameras and will shoot each other.

  • ans

    Hello from Greece!

    I find it kinda funny. That’s because D700 is simply a great camera that doesn’t seem to need a replacement. If you need more megapixels (actually why?) then get a D3X or go to canon and show off you Canon 9d mark345,4 with 81.3354^46 megapixels and plastic body with creamy dressing.

    Ok we need a refresh on that line. But i think Nikon just does it right.

    Also here in Greece everyone calls the company “knee-kon” but i personally don’t care. sometimes say “knee-kon” sometimes “nai-kon”.

    I prefer anything american than british XD.

    Have a nice day!

  • robert

    not funny the least and if anything badly done..I guess people laugh at anything..

    • drororomon

      It would be cringey if it wasn’t true.

  • Brent

    Still waiting.

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