This is hilarious!

Here is a funny video sent by a reader:

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  • I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gerry

      I wonder what camera he used to take the video with.

      • Click

        Probably a Canon 5D2, this was probably produced after the last issue or House…… lol… I would have joined that guy and got down on the ground with him if it would produce a D700 replacement….

        Someone did a great job on this video, very funny indeed…

        • That’s how I always imagined the infamous DPreview “experts” in real life. Spot on. Sorry, I don’t want to insult anybody.

          Taking a picture every once in a while is the best cure for NAS.

    • Adam

      You’re sh1tting me? You North Americans have the WORST HUMOUR EVER.

      That’s was atrocious. Seriously

      And he can’t pronounce Nikon

      • Anonymous

        I guess someone being pathetic is funny for some. I must admit I prefer something with just a little bit of intelligence or creativity. Each to their own. We all think we have a sense of humor after all….

        • Highlight

          Now I believe I have no humor…

        • Anonymous

          Agree! this was not in the slightest bit funny. Just some arsehole acting like a child. Sorry but this is pathetic.

      • Banned

        I agree. I really didn’t think it was funny at all. I just thought “wow, this grown man needs a life, a family to care for a purpose in life”. But I’m not North American.

        • Amien

          I agree, they have no humour at all & just like to stick with themselves. It’s an overly proud nation with no history and culture. Time to move elsewhere !

          • Alex

            like where exactly? “Culture” usually means old buildings, tiny roads, tiny crap cars, tiny houses and overpriced food and living costs with and everything being illegal. No thanks! You can keep it!

            • Jose

              “Pro-gun canadian”? Is that an underground movement somewhere in Quebec province? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Gib

              There’s also a correlation between “culture” and “superiority complex”

            • Dr Fuzz

              Well Alex, if that’s your idea of culture… then God help us all. By the way… do you want fries with that?

            • Anonymous

              …notice we don’t get any European videos to post.

              Are they afraid of their culture… or is it their teeth?


            • Alex

              LOL @ Fuzz, it’s not my idea of culture I was having a dig at Amien.

          • ok, I have to clean up this thread – it’s out of control again ๐Ÿ™

            • Alex

              So one guy makes a light-hearted video, and this website gets hate mail blaming the whole of America. LOL. It’s Obama’s fault!

            • Ric

              Can’t be.

              According to BHO it’s still Bush’s fault. I actualy blame Thatcher. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Wapbopaloobop

              David Johnson started it! He’s a witch… burn him!

            • yrsued

              Sorry to tell you bud, but….
              What did you expect???

              I love the content of this site, but this is too stupid for words…

      • You comment assumes that North Americans actually find this funny. I now want my 28 seconds back. This was terrible.


        • Anonymous

          For me, it was the incisive script and oscar-worthy delivery that made this a cut above the average you-tube rubbish. An almost perfect bit of acting – I’m totally convinced this guys is a pathetic gearhead. Genius acting ! The dumb-as-ass laugh at the end just added to the realism. Well done soundman ! The people in costumes should be shot though. After all, if you’re going to parody a pathetic gearhead, they should at least have given him a lightmeter and a multi-pocket waistcoat. And there wasn’t an tripod anywhere to be seen. How are the less intelligent supposed to know the plot ?

      • +1

      • f/2.8

        The funny part is in the reference to NikonRumors. You’re sh1tting me that you didn’t get it.

      • Justin

        I’m from North America and I didn’t find it funny at all. It was really really dumb.

      • Jose

        Guess he pronounced Nikon just the american way. IIRC from DPR thread, only gringos do that in English, not brits, aussies et al. Not sure about canucks…

      • He pronounces Nikon the way it’s pronounced in their North American commercials, so you really can’t blame him. Or us.

    • Leif

      Pathetic. Not in the least bit humorous.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, now we all understand the dangers of making video dslrs so simple a child can use them….

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was weak.

      • Amien

        he took some courage at the MC drive before !

    • The invisible man

      Finally, I found someone with a sens of humor worse than mine !

      • Nicole

        +1 (At least I hope so. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • This guy is so single!

      • Jake

        I doubt it! He’s probably dating the “Nikon Girl” Now that JoeyL dumped her.

    • balls

      you should get out more

    • GropedBear

      I wonder what Americans find funny in this video…

      I just can’t find anything remotely funny about it. Weird? yes. Silly? yes. Cringe-worthy? yes. But funny? No. It doesn’t fit into the very wide range of things I find funny. My loss, I guess.

  • Raza


  • me

    hahhah my god!!!he’s crazy.. its nikon’s fault.. รœ

    • someone send him back to Nikon for repairs!

      • VteX

        acutual LOL!!!

      • Click

        His RMA would be denied and refused. Look at his color, I think he is a “Gray Market” product….lol…

  • nikonz

    what if we all go there do the samething all together ? lol

    • Nicola

      Now THAT is a proposal ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Peter B


  • [NR] Fan

    Yeah… It’s nikon fault, waiting for new body….

  • he could have at least chucked rocks at the windows or something. Now we can try to guess who that was. Anonymous is my guess!!

  • nau

    it would be funny if it was not so true lol


  • LOL! This is too funny!

  • d4

    d4 please.

  • NikoDoby

    I was wondering what that guy was doing on his hands and knees in the parking lot.

    • Bob


  • King-Pin

    That is hilarious!

    Mind you, it would be even more awesome if it was a flashmob with hundreds of people doing the same thing at the Nikon parking lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • GlobalGuy

      This is a great idea. Let’s flashmob Nikon in Los Angeles and all the major Nikon cities with signs demanding the D800! Just as a joke/fun thing for Nikon-spirit building. Preferably on a Saturday, so the employees can join in too. How can we start a flashmob event?? Bring your cameras! =D

      • Victor Hassleblood


        I would record that flashmob of yours and cut it together with some guy appearing in the window and presenting the D800 (as soon as it’s there) and shouting “here you are”. That would turn it into a YOU ARE NIKON ad/spot.

      • King-Pin


        Well, how about getting the Admin here to start one, heh heh heh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Magnuss


    • If you guys want to organize a flash mob, you can use facebook or twitter – I can certainly spread the word, but I do not want [NR] to be the organizer of such event.

  • Anonymous

    please! Nikon I don’t want to come back to NR in at least three years, I’m here everyday! this is sick! release that camera please!

  • Click

    Was that guy “Mr. Grey Market”. By the color of his uniform, it seems so. He is really desperate for an upgrade or new body since he went down on all fours….. lol…..goood one even though we still don’t have a D800 or D4.

  • Anonymous


  • iamnomad

    At the very end, I expected him to explode.

    • Banned

      Now that would have made it interesting or worthy of being.

  • Justin

    freakin hilarious! that was a good laugh!

  • Enesunkie

    Ok, fess up, which one of you did that!

    • Enesunkie

      Look at these posts at 1:oo AM. He’s not the ONLY one losing sleep over this.

      • fork()

        Just don’t forget that NR has visitors from all over the globe…

  • Liquide

    Am i the only one expecting him to be hit by a truck or something?

  • cirtap

    I thought I was the only one bitching and moaning…Nikon where are you? Knock our socks off.. IF i see another 12.1 or 12.3 mp camera coming from you all..CANON here I come!!! Now DO IT..and get off your lazy asses!!! D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4,D4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby

      I would be pretty surprised if Nikon didn’t annouce the D4 next year. I would be surprised if they did announce a D700 or D3s replacement this year. Nikon surprise me!

  • I thought it was more pathetic than hilarious… I believe some people that come here are actually like that. Grow up people, get lives.

    • Ronan

      Comming from a guy with the username Cesar… LOL

      • Don’t take it personal RONAN, you’re not a troll… Nooo you are not. So what are you waiting for the most? The D700 successor or the 85mm with Nano coating?

    • Banned

      Oh yes a lot of people coming here are like that.

  • vayaconqueso1

    Holy crap.. I made the front page of NR. I really hope Nikon’s security cams didn’t catch my plate #. If I get arrested tomorrow, I did it all for the D700, honest ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Banned

      Was it you? Assuming it was you, dude you’re funny!!!


      The police doesn’t arrest people just because they go into parking lots and have bad humor, so you’re fine.

      • i’m really nice

        Is it 1992?

        I didn’t think anyone did the “NOT!” joke anymore.

        • Banned

          Sorry I’m new to all this, for me it’s FRESH (here, another one.)

  • Oh dear

    Someone needs “Chill Pill”. But, his prayers will be answerred soon

  • familyphoto

    He does need a new body. Mmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm. Needs to put down the computer and pick up some running shoes.

  • I think it was serious !

  • I didnยดt laugh, it look like some gadget nerd, that donยดt have any fun, than making stupid videos for … hehehehe lol

    We need the new lenses! Come on Nikon, D700s (D3s sensor plus 24-120 VR N f/4 ultra sharp)

  • donde?

    Actually I’ve shot a bunch of really great pictures with my “old” D80 that I’m wondering if I really needed a new camera.

    (of course I do, who cares about pictures!)

  • What a fucking disgusting way to pronounce Nikon. I mean really, if you’re so big of a fan, at least pronounce it the way it’s pronounced.

  • Deputy

    He should have done it in Japanese! I’m sure Nikon USA wants the new cameras more than anyone but it’s the old guys in Japan running the company who just don’t get it!
    (I used to work for a major Japanese tech company….)

  • Al0n

    I dream of day when Nikon will announce the D3 – D700 new line.

    I dream of a day when Nikon Rumors goes back to the Black background.

    Please make this dream come through.

    PS. Would not mind few 1.4 primes in the mean time!

    • i’m really nice




  • Jim

    Sad actually. Take some pictures and stp whining like a child for a new toy every other week. Geek!

    • King Of Swaziland

      He did take some pictures, a whole movies worth of them, in fact.

    • YAY!

      Sense of Humour Fail

      • Banned

        No, HUMOR fails.

        • YAY!

          I will not spell colour “color” either.

          Or metre “meter”

          etc. etc.

          • dgm

            try Aluminium hahaha

  • steven

    Hilarious???…really?………wow,I guess I missed something. Typical geek humor(not funny)….or lack there of.

  • varera

    no, it is pathetic, not funny.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything hilarious, but a blank space !

    • Your employer has strict Web surfing policies and filters.

  • Roan

    Could have been improved if he had pronounced Nikon correctly, but the epic win makes up for that.

  • chewz

    nikon not naikon

    • Nikoniastu

      Yep… I think we should all start saying also CAINON and not Canon. Is just time!!. Same way like “soccer”…. We invented football (and I mean the real game where you use your feet 99% of the time and where you get penalty if you use your hands). Why the H…LL. they should call it soccer… its football. Soccer even sounds like a bad word similiar to fu….er or su…er. You know!!

      • Roan

        Good example, except that soccer is a british word. A slang way of saying ‘Association football’ which was the orginal name for the european code of football to distinguish it from ‘Rugby football’

      • And where’s “CAINON” supposed to be from? If you’re going to pick on Canon pronunciation, it might be a bit difficult to pin down who’s right.

        When written in Japanese, it’s kyanon (ใ‚ญใƒฃใƒŽใƒณ). Whenever I hear Japanese people say it, I think they’re saying “kanon.” They may be saying, “kyanon” however. I haven’t paid much attention.

        Regardless, “kyanon” is from “Kannon” (or Kwannon).
        So… shouldn’t we really be calling them “Guan Yin?” “Kannon” is merely a localization of “Guan Yin,” so how is that any more correct that Americans saying nigh-kon (instead of the Japanese nee-cone)?

      • Ric

        Another name for Soccer is Boring.

  • Maybe all of us should do that and post our own video to youtube as a form of petition. It’ll be more effective lol :p

  • Dee Seven-OhOh

    Not funny… If he’s _SO_ unhappy with his D700, I’ll have it. Perhaps he should quit whinging and go take some pictures.

    • YAY!

      Humour Fail.

      • YAY!

        I mean:

        Sense of Humour Fail

        • Jojo

          Dude, your fail is and EPIC FAIL

          • YAY!

            I failed at telling someone they fail. LOL

            • Dee Seven-OhOh

              OMG you’re almost as humourless as that pathetic video. LOL

  • Zupi

    Why does everybody in USA pronounce word Nikon wrong?

    If you all are fanboys than act like one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dee Seven-OhOh

      I think you mean ‘then act like one’…

    • Mike

      It’s called dialect. Even in Canada, Nikon employees pronounce their own company’s name ‘Nai-con’. By now, to us, it seems silly to pronounce it ‘knee-con’. Too British. Just like the Brits say ‘Al-u-mini-um’, North Americans say ‘Aloom-in-um’ but it’s spelled the same way. Don’t get upset with my American cousins, they’ve been doing things differently since they formed their republic! And much of their culture and pronounciation has rubbed off on us. (btw, I agree that football to describe American Football is silly. One guy actually makes contact with the ball with his foot during the game and even then it’s only 6-7 times. Even rugby has more foot to ball contact!). (And rugby involves way more athletisism but sees zero coverage here, but that’s a whole other topic of discussion).

      • Jojo

        Most americans actually say “A-loo-mi-num”.

        • Jojo

          And the second line to my post…

          … and only a few say A-loo-min-ium.

          • Anonymous

            and “erb” instead of “Herb”

            There’s an H in there noobs. ๐Ÿ˜›

            (yes using “an” in front of “H” is actually correct if you pronounce “H” correctly).

            • Alex

              but in traditional old English, H at the start of a word is silent. The words “History,” “Historian”, “Historically,” etc are often pronounced without an H sound at the front because, funnily enough, historians have often learnt that the English language had changed, and wasn’t “correct.” And, YES, there would be an “an” in front of “historian.”

  • ZinhaEq

    Check his other videos on his youtube channel and you’ll know why he made that one.

  • Dee Seven-OhOh

    @YAY! Rewind knob!

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious? All I see is a B L A N K S P A C E !

  • Zorro

    A waste of bandwidth.

  • Muh-Kuh

    Can somebody shoot this guy? PLEEAAASEEE!!

  • Off topic, but there are new promotions on D3000, D5000, and D700 where discounts on some accessories, speedlights, and lenses are purchased together with the body. The promotions are in Singapore by the way. These promotions are launched to commemorate the Youth Olympic Games and expected to last till 31st August, but I’m quite certain it is also because of the upcoming announcements.

  • le_eiji

    let him know that in japanese, you will never pronounce “i” letter as “ai”.

  • sjms

    wow, that was stupid.

  • Really?

    Nothing but a blank space on the web page? Not sure why this is funny

  • C Anon.

    Never mind the rubbish video… we all know Nikon cameras are total pants. He demanding a replacement for ‘his’ D700 because it broke!

    • Zippy-do-dah

      Film user!

  • noob

    and “erb” instead of “Herb”

    There’s an H in there noobs. ๐Ÿ˜›

    (yes using “an” in front of “H” is actually correct if you pronounce “H” correctly).

    • noob

      sorry I posted this above… thought the website made a mistake.

      • It does that occasionally. Darn things don’t nest properly. Sometimes they’ll fix themselves automatically. Other times not.

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