Updated Nikon rebates in the US

An updated Nikon rebates list from Calumet (US):

Adorama and B&H should have have the same rebates. Amazon does not have any Nikon rebates. For comparison, see previous rebates list from July.

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  • Anonymous

    Jeez, not this shi* again…

    • Well, re: the previous post that stated Nikon has posted a decent jump in profits, maybe these things help make a bit of money.

      • Anonymous

        especially when Nikon keeps supply short and use chinese child labour to produce 90% of the plastic crap.

  • calumet rebates only good for one week? i hope that means something happens right after that. these prices suck even with rebates. i would’ve probably caved a lot earlier if they were juicier deals. even now they might as well slice list prices down since they are just doing the same thing with these perpetual rebates.

  • JM

    Thanks alot Admin for posting this. I am still on the fence about getting the D700 prior to the D700 replacement being issued, and am trying to wait as long as possible to see if any new D700 info comes out.

  • Tom

    Jeze. I just need a lens. Can’t they put a rebate up for that? Already have a body.

  • Discontinued

    6 comments within 24 hours. Is this a new all time low? Looks as if rebates ain’t doin it anymore for the old stuff. Can’t wait to see what new stuff is coming.

  • These rebates are not as good as the ones in the summer. Even with rebate, Amazon’s regular prices are better….70-200 VR II. I’d love a D700, but this rebate just doesn’t do it for me.

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