Much better deal on that Nikon lens coffee mug

The first time I wrote about the Nikon lens coffee mug, the prices on eBay were too high. Now you can get it for $23 here (plus $6 shipping and handling):

Via PDNPulse

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  • Is there a 70-200mm version?

    • Joe R.

      I wanted the 85 f/1.2 version but because of the f-mount diameter the mug is too unstable to sit on the table without tipping over. ;^)

    • Rafael

      I wonder if its going to be the VR or VR II version..

      • Shaky

        Yeah, I vote for VRII at least so our shaky hands wont spill our beverage!

    • Wadesta

      Yeah, I don’t know if it will be the same price or not, though.

  • Acend

    Nice, I want one! Good news.

  • thefunk

    seriously nerdy.

  • Mike

    “Your order has been successfully processed! Your products will arrive at their destination within 7-10 working days.”

    Thanks for the post. Now I must wait….

    • Erik

      Same here! Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

    • andy

      Shouldn’t that be 24-70 days?

    • hi!, please tell me when someone receive the product and want it and want to hear opinions…thanks

    • JorPet

      Just ordered mine. Should be her by the second week of August.

  • somebody emailed me that, not sure if it will work:

    Using the code “100mgs” at checkout will get you 20% off!

    • Jose

      Admin, Thom Hogan Announce sony can not developing new fx sensor, that should means a delay for new nikon fx camera, please could you confirm it

      • I could not confirm it – that’s why I did not post it here on NR.

        • Joe R.

          Thom also, correctly, points out that sensors are developed years ahead of their use in cameras. In order to effect Nikon now, Sony would have to had stopped sensor development more than a year ago.

        • Anonymous

          That’s bizarre. You just reminded us that this is a rumor site but you want to ‘confirm’ it is a rumor before posting it ? How does that work ? It’s clearly a rumor already. If it is certain then it’s news, not rumor. Is this now Nikon News ? Come on, get it together. Just post the rumor and say you can’t get any support for it so you rate it 10% or something.

          • @Anon yes, I do not post every rumor available on the Internet if you haven’t noticed and I have no plans on changing that.

          • Toby

            Anonymous, don’t tell other people how to run their own website. Just because Thom said it, doesn’t make it more reliable. I do respect and like Thom’s commentaries, but he has been wrong before. NR has a pretty good track record, so they must be doing something right.

            • GlobalGuy


              I swear to god, if I hear him say “my rumor sources tell me..” or off the cuff mention things that were mentioned on this site again, either in posts OR IN THE COMMENTS, then i’m going to barf.

              Thom is turning into a hack when he can’t even quote his source, which time and again has been NikonRumors lately. Yet he always writes as if it was his idea. In journalism thats grounds for being fired.

        • Carlos R B

          He also says:No G11 killer…different from your “almost post” here…any news about it?

          • Steve

            Jose – the ‘no new sensor from Sony’ rumor is posted on several rumor sites as well as Thom Hogan, and by all accounts it is seeming pretty credible. Whether it comes to pass is another question….but if it did, I’m sure Nikon could find another source of large sensors, or start designing their own and getting them made in Korea or somewhere….it doesn’t spell the end of full frame by any means.

    • umijin

      That coupon code doesn’t work.

  • The earlier version was plastic and I’m pretty conserned about made in china food-grade plastic markings reliability. Good thing is that this has steel insides or thermos vacuum as they claim.

    • stutee

      Steel, lead, what’s the difference?

      • GlobalGuy

        If Superman can see through it, then youre in the clear. If Lex Luthor serves you coffee, then you better fear.

    • Anonymous

      stop stressing, your food already contains tons of man-made chemical crap that fda says is supposedly “safe”.

  • Nikon Boy

    I can get it in eBay for 15-25$ including shippinp

    • Nikon Boy


      • The invisible Man

        Where ?
        I just checked Ebay, would you have a link to the auction ?

  • CapFuture

    Does anyone know if they are shipping to europe/germany?

    • Erik

      They ship to norway. Just orderd one and I think germany was on the list to.

      • Liquide

        Also just orderd one to Norway ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Robert Mossack

    I am SOOO gonna buy that!

  • Phillip

    another piece of junk from China.

    • Discontinued

      Coffee mugs and T-shirts is all I am asking for. These are truly exiting MR-times (Merchandise Rumors).

  • low

    i won my 70-200 but i havent paid for it yet. i actually think the seller totally forgot about it.

  • Jose

    Nice, a f/1 bright coffee mug…

  • The invisible Man

    It says “24-70mm” on the box, so maybe that’s what I received thinking it was my real $1800 zoom !
    I did notice a brown liquid leak but I thought it came along with the light leak !
    No wonder Nikon repair don’t have the parts to fix it !

    • They probably shipped it back to the engineers so they could find out what the !#$% is going on in QC ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gra

    I’m not getting mine until they fix that damn coffee leak issue!!!

    • fork()

      Easy, never use the mug at 55mm ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ekimc

    I wonder if it really leaks….
    tempting, but with shipping, it’d be 30 bucks, and the “100mgs” coupon didn’t work for me.

  • I want a 500mm f/4 version.

    • The invisible Man

      @ Geoff
      What about one for the Sigma APO 200mm – 500mm f/2.8, I’m sure you’ll never get thirsty again !

      Take a look :

      • JorPet

        That one would be great as a thermos. Unscrew the camera end to open it up…

  • The invisible Man

    This is actualy a VERY BAD IDEA, I have the real 24-70mm zoom.
    Now imagine I buy that mug (who will need to be wash once in a while…..)

    Well, here I am taking pictures for my Ebay store.
    I’m swiching my zoom for the 105mm micro, of course I put the 24-70mm on the table…..

    Honey, I put your mug in the dishwasher, but it’s havy, what did you put inside ?

    Oups ! (I wonder if the warranty will cover a lens cleaning !)

  • SimonC

    Will there be leakage through the focus window around 50mm? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ์ข‹๋‹ค ์ข‹์•„

    ์–ด๋””์„œ ํŒŒ๋Š” ๊ฑฐ์ž„??

    where site??

  • Richard

    it’s not really that expensive from ebay.
    i paid US$23.9 for mine INCLUDING international shipping from a ebay seller

    and here’s my little quick review of it:

    • ray

      Is this mug usable with the lid on. Is there an opening that will open and close to drink from or does the whole lid have to be removed.

  • Enesunkie

    I won’t buy it until it comes with VRII !

    • Enesunkie

      Oh, no lens hood. They taking after Canon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I have the 45 mm espresso version

  • Anonymous

    what i’d like is a 24-70mm lens that looks like a regular coffee mug … no one steals coffee mugs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mark

    Now just leave your mug in your car and just wait till somebody breaks in to steal your “lens”

    just sayin’

    • The invisible Man

      If you don’t whant people to steal your lenses, put on sticker on “NIKON” and write “CANON” on it.

      • gt

        I think you meant “pentax”

        • The invisible Man

          Well actually Pentax made very good lenses (at least when I was using pentax 25 years ago).
          The main brands were Nikon Minolta Canon Pentax and Olympus (all of them had about the same fame).
          The bad boys were Vivitar and Cosina.
          Vivitar often had moisture developing inside the lens, and Cosina was just not good at all.


    The indices and legends will wear off pretty quick in the dishwasher. Keep the outside dry or you’ll be left with another functional but expensive black cup.

  • Steve

    Ships from Hong Kong? Hope it actually shows…

    • Guy from Hong Kong

      I went directly to the office of that company today and bought one.

      They are quite legit.

    • Richard

      I’ve bought at least 50 items from HK, none of them have problems and delivery is always super fast.
      I’ve ordered a few other items from US, which usually takes forever to arrive, and some of them disappeared as well.

      • T140Rider

        Spot on. Especially if the sender uses USPS… This turns into Parcelforce here. They charge youy an arm and a leg (i.e. they charge more than the value item) to clear it through customs.
        I went to them and told them they can stuff it.
        I went home an bought the same item from a HK supplier and fourd days later it dropped onto my door mat.

  • chunkee

    I got one which arrived 2 weeks ago
    Bad quality, the markings are blur, no gold ring in the front, just a yellow rubber ring…
    The canon 24-105 and 70-200 are much better in quality!
    AFS 70-200 will come out in August, but my hopes are not high after receiving the 24-70… (costed me HKD$120~~USD 15)

    • Guy from Hong Kong

      The one I got was pretty good (from the company in the link… as I said above I went directly there and got one today).

      I didn’t expect it to be exactly the same as the real one.

      I think you expect a bit too much from it. Perhaps you’d like it to attach to the front of your camera too? ๐Ÿ˜›

      Mine cost about $160 HKD ($20 USD) but I did go directly to their office to get it.

  • coolleo

    I get the same form China only around US$20 including transportation cost to Hong Kong.

  • zzddrr

    Here is something better than the coffee mug:

    1) This outperforms all Nikon video implementations for $169

    2) This one seems very innovative, a 3D lens that can be attached to the m4/3

    In the meantime our beloved brand seems to be sleeping. The thing is that again, Nikon not only missed the video for big time but I am afraid that it will take forever to see a 3D lens from it. I think this is a really interesting concept (3D lens).

  • Norgate

    I hope they make a 600mm F2.8 . I will defenitely buy 2 and I will use it as my everyday walk around lens coffee mug ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Norgate

      I will reserve the other one for the old man shooting birds beside me . Just in case he won’t notice me when I switch the coffee mug with his lens .

  • Martijn Bouius

    it’s a coffee-filter!

  • AWESOME! my friend just ordred one for both him and me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Guy from Hong Kong

    It is awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

    When I went into the place today, they didn’t have the 70-200 2.8 ones (canon version) as they were very popular they said (a new shipment arrives tomorrow, so don’t worry Canon fans).

    BTW they know about this link at Nikon Rumors. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • YAY!

    YAY! I want one today!


  • Cup

    Where is the 600 F4 cup?

  • Rafael

    WARNING: this cup may leak during long exposures!

    recall, recall !

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    it takes a 200-400 for bavarian beer … any chance to get one?

  • The invisible Man

    You can make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with that mug.
    What about a little trip to columbia and bring back the mug filled up with cocaine ?

  • ray

    This is a poorly designed cup. You have to remove the lid in order to drink from it. So now your hot beverage cools faster and if you use it in your car you have to be careful of bumps and potholes unless you don’t mind your drink all over the place.

    I’ll wait for a better design.

    • Andy

      That is some very good and useful info. Thanks!


    • gt

      only photographers would break down the pros and cons of a novelty cup’s design.

      it’s not meant to be the greatest coffee mug – it’s meant to give people a chuckle.

      You wouldn’t expect a spiderman tooth brush to rival an oral B – but sometimes its fun to have a spiderman toothbrush

  • The invisible Man

    I was looking for that cup on Ebay, a guy from China was selling it for $24 with shipping, I then take a look at his feedback comments.
    Beside the cups, see what that guy is selling (+18 years old):

    • There you go a teleconverter for the mug!!

  • Do they make a 10 mm or super wide version for tea…or do I have to drink so much tea in that bad boy that I nearly pee my pants!lol

    • woohoo, a person from edmonton!
      have you ordered one? i’m trying right now but the server seems to be dead.

  • ashley dudd

    hey nikon roumor,
    What is going on? no roumor? we need real stuffs, not a coffee mug!

    • @ashley dudd: I told you anything there is to know for the next Nikon announcement. If I learn something new, I wil post it online asap. In addition, comments like yours will be considered as spam, since they don’t bring anything to the ongoing discussion.

      Here are the rules for posting a comment on NR (from gizmodo):

      • ashley dudd

        sorry man, i wouldn’t bother any longer. have a good life!

    • The invisible Man

      We understand your frustration, ALL OF US are waiting for new informations about cameras and lenses that could be release at Photokina in September.

      The coffee mug is fun and related to Nikon so I think Peter is right about sharing this.

      Actually I’ll like to see more accessories related to Nikon on NR for example new SD & CF cards and readers, new softwares, or usefull tools like Test Charts (to check if our lenses are not a lemons).

      Most of us don’t have time to look for all the good things available, and if nobody talk about it we may miss cool stuff that make photographer’s life even more exciting !

      • New SD, CF cards and other accessories are covered on many other, well established websites and this is why I choose not to cover them here. Actually, I do cover them briefly in the weekly links section. This is also the reason why I started – to cover everything else.

      • If there are no rumors, for the D700 replacement for example, it means that it is not coming anytime soon (by soon, I mean in the next few weeks).
        In the past 2 years, I have extensively covered every new product from Nikon prior to its announcement, without missing one (ok, maybe I missed some Coolpix models). If Nikon announces a D700 replacement tomorrow, and I have no clue about it, then I have failed, but pelase don’t blame me for the lack of rumors.

        • The invisible Man

          I’m new to NR so I was not here when the D700 came out.

          How many weeks before did you know about the D700 release ?
          That may give us an idea about the D800/900.

          You’re right about not covering things like memory cards, but I think things like the Coffee mug are welcome here.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            “(…) but I think things like the Coffee mug are welcome here.”

            Oh yes ! ! ! And support like yours to “the ongoing discussion” (to quote NR) by providing us with links to dick expanders is very valuable too.

            this can’t be serious. Where am I ? ? ? I already regard reading a coffee mug discussion as a waste of time. Having links like the above mentioned by T.I.M. and sending away ashley dude doesn’t make this any better.
            Maybe you should reconsider how valuable this discussion here really is as well as your definition of spam.

            • gt

              The thing about the nature of this site is that there’s not ALWAYS going to be “SOON TO BE RELEASED” post. I encourage NR Admin to post whatever he wants during these down times because its just fun to read about Nikon related stuff.

              Ashley Dude’s comment added nothing to the discussion. It was a meaningless complaint that doesn’t acknowledge any of the difficulty/impossibility of daily posts with (at least somewhat verifiable) rumors. Not only that, it creates a negative vibe –

              In conclusion, Chill out. We can have a fun breather post about a nerdy nikon cup once in a while.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              I do not mind the fun and have nothing against the post itself. Trouble starts with the comments and the way they are judged.
              Maybe ashley’s complaint was meaningless, but it was minor too. No need to make a major deal of it. This could simply be overlooked. If admin would not have responded to it, I wouldn’t have noticed ashley’s comment at all.
              On one side we have this fun thing, leading from coffee mugs to Nicock-expander-links and this repeated joke about the wife washing the lens instead of the mug (hahahaha), and on the other side we have demands for (oh so very funny) discipline to add “to the ongoing discussion”.

              Sorry, but I just don’t get it. DISCIPLINE FOR FUN, oh yes, that makes sense to me.

            • Victor Hassleblood

              P.S. I have lyrics on a record, saying fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. Discipline for fun fits the same pattern.

            • I am just trying to have some order in the comments section – as you have probably noticed in the past, I am not big on censorship but sometimes I just have to remind everyone to stay on topic. My comment was not only directed to Ashley Dudd, but to all readers.
              Thanks for your understanding.

  • CamaJan

    Can you mount the mug on the camera?:-)

  • NikorRyan

    I want a fisheye version for shots ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • If I had one of these coffee mugs on the bench next to my real lens,my wife would probably pick up my real lens and put it through the dishwasher.

  • Buyer Beware!

    Please note that many/all of the ones available on eBay are fake/copies with poor quality screen printing etc.

    The original Nikon version has a black metal (anodized?)l thermos insert.

    The first batch of knock-offs had a black plastic ‘thermos’ insiert.
    The latest batch has a ‘metal’ thermos insert.

    At the time of writing, not a single one on eBay is an original, all are knock-offs.
    I haven’t even been able to get a real one through NPS.

  • Laughingbuddha

    Who cares about this lenscap?

  • Anonymous

    Nikon sucks! It seems to me they can only produce coffee mugs from poisonous chinese plastic.

    • Makoto Kimura

      its poisonous and also has plenty of room for all that haterade you be drinkin

      • The invisible Man

        The Nikon F6 is available and don’t have 12MP

      • Makoto Kimura

        haterade tastes so good when it hits your lips… the nikon P100 was announced 2/3/10 & is available & it has 10 megapixels

        how is that relevant, to anything?

        • Anonymous

          I said new products. Nikon stuck in the stone age of 12MP. Now it is in trouble because sony will not make more FF sensors. Now the only FF sensor sony had was 24MP.

          Other than that, Nikon offers Ashton for Makoto to have fun with or a coffee mug made in china from plastic crap (as all the coolpix and the lower end dslrs)


    Awesome, I’m getting one. Thanks for the post.

    I think it is reasonable to understand that if there is no new rumor posted then there are no new rumors or any rumors worth talking about. Instead of holding this site responsible for not getting any new information get off your lazy ass or simply change its position and use google to see if you can satisfy your urge for a new rumor through some other site. If you can more power to you if you can’t well then I guess you should learn to be a bit more patient and in any case you should stop bitching cause you probably don’t pay the admin to go get a new rumor for you every day.

    Also if your valuable time was wasted reading all the comments on the coffee mug then you should reassess what it is YOU do with YOUR time and not blame the site. The information is there for those that want to read it, it isn’t forced upon you.

    I like this site, I think the way it operates is fine. I am a fellow webmaster and I was just getting a lil’ frustrated with some of the comments haha. I know what it’s like man.

    • THURO

      Oh, and sorry for the lack of punctuation. I usually go back and add that at the end, but this time I forgot.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I for one am absolutely pissed off that Nikon hasnt come out with a set of wine glasses and fine china!

  • Anonymous


    Any new rumours of this coffee mug coming in a 24-70 VRIII version? I really wish Nikon would get their act together and release this lens with VRIII…. And while their at it where is my 20 megapixel mug?!!

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