Meet the new Nikon D3100


Rumors about a new entry level DSLR between the Nikon D3000 and the D5000 started few months ago. This new camera will not be called D4000 as previously expected, but Nikon D3100.

This is a break down of the main specs/features:

  • continuous AF in video mode/live view (yes, that's right - it seems that the continuous AF I mention earlier today will first be introduced in the upcoming Nikon D3100)
  • new AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder. Total of 11 or 12 AF points.
  • 10 MP CMOS sensor
  • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
  • AVCHD video codec
  • In camera video editing capabilities
  • 3fps (same as D3000)
  • will be sold in a kit with the 18-55mm lens
  • expected announcement in "few weeks"
  • no swivel display

[NR] rating: 99%

This could well be the first pictures taken with the Nikon D3100 (I know, the date is 2009, EXIF can be manipulated, etc.)

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  • pulu

    10mp cmos sensor? that’s kind of weird, isn’t it? why not give it more mp if it’s a new sensor anyway?

    • Anon

      A new sensor design must be a requirement for the video mode. Otherwise, they’d just step down the existing sensor from the higher end model, the D5000, like Nikon usually does.

      • D40-owner

        Yep, probably true.

        • GlobalGuy


          – First company to have video in a DSLR.
          – First company to have AutoFocus DSLR high-def video.
          – Best high-megapixel camera (D3x).
          – Best low-light camera (D3s).
          – Best still-photographer’s enthusiast camera (D700).
          – Best wide-angle lenses.

          • GlobalGuy

            – First to have a projector built-in to a camera as well.. =P

          • GlobalGuy, I agree – after everything has been said on that blog (not from me) Nikon remains on top of the their game. Yes, they may be slow to respond, but boy when the respond… I cannot even imagine what is in front of us in 2011… think D3s, D300s replacements (D4, D400 maybe?) – those will be some very interesting times!

          • PHB

            This is probably going to be the most important Nikon announcement this year – .as far as their 2010 sales go

            That feature set pretty much demolishes the entire Canon lineup as far as the typical amateur shooter is concerned. 10MP is really not an issue for them. And they are not going to figure out any of the fancy features on the upper end models.

            I am a little disappointed not to see an ISO rating given. If they can manage 3200, which should be easy enough, that is going to be easily enough for most people. Higher would be better of course. But we don’t know what their AF scheme requires.

            Would be very interested to see if they have an electronic shutter on this. There would be a slight impact on ISO performance, but would allow for much better video response. It would also allow for much higher shutter speeds and flash sync at any shutter speed.

            With these updates, I would predict similar upgrades to the D5000 and D90. Would not expect the D5100 for a while as the plant will be churning out D3100s for a while.

          • I dont think this demolishes the canon lineup. As far as a true amateur would be worried about 10 mp is pretty low. They may be less worried about iso sensitivity then people who spend a little more time behind the lens. 10 mp might not sell as well as it use to. Thats d80 range. It is a neat step though. Im excited to see what comes through the pipeline in the next few years.

          • Droid

            “- First company to have AutoFocus DSLR high-def video”
            WRONG … Panasonic Lumix GH1 was the first one with AF in Videomode!

          • Michael

            But Panasonic Lumix GH1 is mirrorless camera so you can’t say it’s DSLR…

            GlobalGuy is right…

          • nikkor_2


            I would revise slightly:
            – Best low-light camera (D3s).
            – Best sports camera (D3s).

            For action — outdoors or indoors — the D3S simply can not be beat; the AF engine here is outstanding, simply world-class!

      • Piero Mauro

        True for a FHD a 14 MP and above is a requirement. So the 10MP story is wrong and the FHD is true. Deduction…!!

    • this is the rumor, of course the sensor info or some of the other details could be wrong, but all together, those should be the expected specs

      • D40-owner

        Hey Admin, any rumor if it has the AF motor?

        • Don’t think so, no AF motor. After all, this is their entry level DSLR.
          Nikon has a patent for this cont. AF and the drawings include various camera designs (I have posted that before, will do a recap tonight again). Expect this (cont. AF) to propagate to all future Nikon DSLRs.

          • Did I mention that Nikon is first to introduce this tech in DSLR?
            Now we just have to wait until it hits the pro line.

          • D40-owner


          • QuidoD40owner2

            CMOS – great
            Live view – great
            Rid of 3 AF points – great unexpected
            Larger AF frame coverage – fantastic unexpected
            Less MP than 12 – great unexpected

            Now switching between my D40 and Canon 1DII.
            I might actually buy this over a used D300. Will miss AF motor, flash commander mode and probably 900k px LCD and probably AF micro adjust – but can’t have everything!
            If the D90 replacement adresses these, I might buy that instead.
            But a great step on Nikon part IMO. Ken Rockwell might have the new king πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      10mp sensor can be theoretically great from proper implementation of Video perspective. At this resolution they can bin 4 sensor pixels into 1 movie pixel for 1080p (3840 x 2560 sensor -> 3840×2160 window -> 1920×1080 movie). 9 sensor pixels into 1 movie pixel for 720p as well. That would be a real break through compared to line skipping Canon. Or is this wishful thinking?

      • Nikon

        Let’s hope that’s the reason… Plus 10mp = larger photosites for greater dynamic range… Only feature missing is 48/60 fps… Overcranking and slow motion are an important feature

        • nikkor_2

          “Plus 10mp = larger photosites for greater dynamic range”

          ‘Fat’ photosites are of great benefit, in my opinion; go, Nikon, go!

  • Cree

    if this is what gets the ball rolling, it’s a good start. now, where is that D700 replacement?

    • Not going to happen!

    • gt

      expected in 2011. please stop posting this sort of thing.

      • GlobalGuy

        How the hell do you know. πŸ˜‰

        They can post whatever they want. =)

        • WoutK89

          If people keep posting the same question over and over, doesn’t make it come any sooner/faster. WE ALL don’t know what will come when, so it’s in top 5 most stupid questions you can ask if you ask me.

        • gt

          yes, being annoying is allowed. I still request that it stops.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I wouldnt be surprised if the replacement was a 10MP camera with video like the 3100, which is going the wrong way in MP in my book.

  • I Am Nikon

    Now Nikon is getting weirder on the model names..

    • nobody

      Well, at least with that numbering scheme they will not run out of numbers again too quickly πŸ™‚

    • Zoetmb

      No…if this is a slight upgrade to the D3000, which is what the D3100 name implies, then it makes a lot of sense. I suppose they could have called in a D3500 or something, but they obviously want to “reserve” the D4000 name for something else.

  • Joe R.

    At 10 MP it better have low noise at 3200.

    • SGN

      Nikon fact: Nikon cameras don’t have noise. Your retina is not built for such perfection, so it injects the Illusory perception of noise to prevent burning itself out.

  • David Hasselblaff

    10 megapixel CMOS sensor? Nikon has never had such a sensor so far. The current 10 MP is CCD. If that camera comes out I might actually buy it. Cheap, small enough for the backpack and holidays – that’s what I like.

    • Phoenix

      Actually their Coolpix P100 features a 10MP CMOS sensor, to my knowledge this was the first Nikon with that sensor, and the first with 1080HD filming, so it could be the same sensor used in the D3100.

      • Segura

        Really a point and shoot sensor in a DSLR . . . what are you smoking?

        • PHB

          From the designer’s point of view, changing the size of a sensor is a matter of firing up Verilog/Cadence/whatever and telling it to rebuild it for the new pitch and minimum feature size.

          The physical product used in the different cameras will be very different, the software on the other hand is essentially the same.

          Nikon will expect to make several million D3100 cameras over the run. So making a new mask set is not going to be a huge concern for them. Getting it right first time on the other hand is very important. I know a guy who was given a Porche as a bonus for getting the VLSI layout of a CPU right the first time, save the firm half a million dollars.

          • I DESERVE A BJ!

            Nikon don’t make or design their sensors, that’s Sony’s job πŸ˜‰

            This rumour of a 10 MP CMOS seems absolutely unlikely to me because Sony don’t produce one.

      • Totally impossible its a DX sized sensor and the coolpix sensor is much smaller than dx.

        At 10MP the High ISO should be better than the D90/D300 could be interesting!

        • gt

          if it had an AF Motor, I’d be intrigued

          • EP

            How else will it autofocus during liveview mode?

  • D40-owner

    Holy crap! 1080p/24?? That’s a first for Nikon. If it has minimized the rolling shutter, we’ll see a lot of people happy with this.

    I have to say that, from the specs, this looks like the entry-level update that should have been the successor to the D40. Low-budget amateurs have been waiting for this a looooong time.
    The D40x/D60/D3000 were all stepping sideways, not forward.

    DEATH TO THE 3-point AF!
    LONG LIVE the entry-level 11-point!!!!

  • I wonder if it will still be only 5 minutes worth of video. . .

    My Pentax Kx will do 10 minutes worth of 720p HD video and a whopping 25 minutes worth of lower resolution (but full 2X3 APS-C frame format) video.

    • Bryan

      I hope video time is only limited by the amount of card space. If Sony can release APS-C video camera with interchangeable lenses (which I assume doesn’t have time limitations), Nikon should be able to as well, though it may not be in the entry model

    • bblee

      The time limit is based on .AVI files having a limit of 2GB I think. If it really records AVCHD, that would eliminate the limit because MTS/M2TS files don’t have the same limit.

      • rawrf

        BUT, the actual files on the card would have a filesize limit due to the card’s filesystem (I think it’s 4GB?). But it should probably make a new file smoothly to be able to be joined later seamlessly.

        • PHB

          This is not the issue. The problem on the D90 was that the camera would overheat after a long video shoot.

          Every video camera on the market has the file size issue. What they do is to start a new video clip every 2Gb. Problem solved. It is fairly rare that you want to use every bit of a 2 hour shoot in any case. And if you do it is just a matter of fixing it up in Premiere or whatever.

    • Zoetmb

      Why do you need longer than a 5-minute continuous shot of video? Only Martin Scorcese, (the late) Andy Warhol and Yoko Ono need more than a 5-minute shot at a time.

      • Hello, Im a wedding videographer waiting to have longer recording of video in a Nikon camera. Why do i need it? `Cause of the damn speeches segment of the wedding. Some people do a speech of 10 min or so and the D90 only gives me four minutes… Where are the other six minutes that i need?? O yeah, in a Canon 5D… And i dont want to buy a crappy camera that i don`t like at all, also i have too many nikon lenses i cannot jump to canon if i wanted to.

        Yes i have camcorders, but the cinema look of a DSRL is priceless, no camcorder does that with video… so i want more from Nikon in video.

        • EP

          During a pause in the speech, you can quickly stop/rec. But the sensor will be limited for the next run anyway. Bring an icepack?

      • Michael

        think about people who make homemade blue movies – they need more than 5 minutes:))))

  • SimonC

    Interesting. 10MP might not go over so well with some folks but the rest of the specs look good.
    – Liveview in the entry level DSLR finally.
    – AF improvements (both in video/liveview and AF points) is very good
    – AVCHD format is the right way to go. Let’s hope the bit rate is between 18~24Mbit.

    But the D90 also needs replacement during this time frame. Will Nikon release two DSLRs in close timing?

    • ha

      they can easily push the bitrate to 40 – 50mbps like canon does since AVCHD uses H264 under the hood. The only real limit is the capacity on the memory cards and the fact that files canot be larger than 4gb.

    • “10MP might not go over so well with some folks but the rest of the specs look good.”

      The D3100 market shouldn’t be the ones worried about MP. The only problem I see is that this market is most likely the ones that believe salespeoples’ pitches about MP being the reason to buy camera X over camera Y.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        It’s jut like anything else …. 350 horsepower is “better” 120hz on that tv is “better” … 18MP is “better” ….. I guess those that like Nikon (I like the feel better than the past Canon’s) will overlook the lowering of the MP instead of trying to get more. Maybe they do not want that segment of customers, it’s their company. /shrugs

        If the sales rep makes more selling Canon than Nikon I can guarantee that the rep brings up the 10MP vs 18MP. Unless you really had a preference and did some research on the two, most would pick 18MP over ten … after all that is nearly double the MP.

        I am holding out for higher MP, video is not a must and i can live with 720. I would be more than happy with the D700 iso performance if they could get to 18-20 I would buy one.

  • Valadice

    So how do you pronounce this?

    D three thousand and hundred
    D thirty one hundred
    D three one hundred
    D three one zero zero

    • D40-owner

      You have to spell it in code: Nikon Thirty One Double-O

    • I Am Nikon


      Sounds better..

      but seems like a Nokia phone. lol

      • Valadice

        Maybe its times for DSLR to take a leaf out of mobile phones and actually name them. I personally love the HTC phone names, HTC Incredible, HTC Hero, legend, awesome, chuck norris, wild one…ok I made some up.

    • Joe R.

      “D Three Thousand Mark Two”

      • mark

        β€œD Three Thousand Mark Two”

        … then suddenly the AF craps out and the pictures turns our with bands …

  • So, Not really a D90 replacement hey gang? It may be cheap enough to make it a worth while second camera though, or even something for dedicated video, hrm.

  • D40-owner

    There is a very interesting upside from this entry level:
    EVERY DSLR Nikon launches in the future will have to support AVHCD@1080p/24, or suffer world-wide destruction of Nikon offices.

  • I Am Nikon

    So we can agree on that this D3100 will not have an AF Motor right ?

    • NRC

      Entry level DSLRs do not have AF motors. Replacing the D3000 makes this Nikon’s entry level DSLR.

    • Worminator

      The name strongly suggests a D3000 body with largely internal changes mostly relating to liveview and of course video. Of course you’ll get a one or two shiny new buttons on the back but that’s about it for physical changes I think.

  • akvisuals

    If the expected release is in a few weeks, then this thing should be announced anytime now, right?

    • no, I think the announcement will be few weeks away – will correct the post

      • akvisuals

        Thanks, you rock! You’re way better than the Canon Rumors guy πŸ˜€

        • Joe D

          Ooh cat fight!

          • Banned


  • Charles

    Thirty-one oct zero would be best.

  • Charles

    Thirty-one oct zero would be best. Sounds fierce.

    • It’s “The One Hundred”, son of D Three.

    • iamlucky13

      “Thirty-one double-ought”

      Also, crank up the shutter noise so it sounds like a gunshot.

  • Bonetti

    Im on my Way to Costco to Buy a D90 to replace my D200. i have 90 days to return it. I hope the D90 Replacement comes out before the 90 Days

    • akvisuals

      It will. I will eat my hat if it doesn’t.

      • Squiggs77

        But will you actually be able to pick one up in 90 days?

  • NikonHQ

    Our sources indicate that something will be coming from Nikon (or possibly Canon… they were vague, but my money is on Nikon) on Tuesday.

    Not necessarily a new DSLR, but I have a feeling it may be this one.

  • fede

    I wish Nikon would focus more on Pictures rather than Video.

    • Roland


    • jastereo

      I agree, to an extent, but I’m very interested to see what sort of High ISO abilities that new 10mp CMOS sensor has (previous 10mp was CCD – and not that great at HIgh ISO’s – many say even worse than the 6mp D40). If it does better than the current D90/D300s 12mp CMOS sensors- and that’s a good possibility considering the larger pixels for more light gathering – that’s truly a good thing for better still photos as well. If it is better, I say well done to Nikon for staying out of the stupid megapixel war (at least on the entry level end of things).

  • Yannovitch

    Arf. I hope the D700 replacement will bring something better than AVCHD. We even have AVCHD on P&S camera. Canon have a codec with 50+ mbit/s and that’s a reason for the good quality of the video. A better rolling shutter with less cache delay and it will be perfect.

    I was waiting for a compressed RAW video codec like the one in Red ONE, it’s because of that I’m not supra-happy, jumping everywhere because of an indescriptible joy to have finally 1080p24 in a Nikon camera ;).

    (Excuse me for the mistakes, I’m french)

    • Anon

      buy a hd camcorder

      • awdfsd

        which one?

        • SGN

          NEX VG 10.

    • ha

      wrong. did you bother to look that AVCHD uses H264 as the video encoder? that’s the SAME as canon does. What determines the quality is the bit rate. The d3100 uses the same video codec as every canon dslr does so technically the final quality will depend on the bitrate and sensor sampling.

      canon subsamples their sensors leading to artifacts. let’s hope nikon didn’t.

      • EP

        *Crosses fingers for 4.2.2… though probably not….*

    • Zoetmb

      Yes, Nikon is surely going to put features from the $25,000 Red One into their bottom of the line, consumer, upgrading from a P&S, $600 DSLR. Please get real. Neophyte consumers do not want to deal with raw formats.

  • ngates

    so… what about a d90 replacement? Should I wait or buy it cheaper on J & R?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if these types of cameras are just by products of the awesomeness to come?

    • enesunkie

      It’s been pretty quiet at Nikon for a while now. I’m optomistic that the engineers have been able to make some progress and that in the next 12 months, the whole lineup will be updated with as you say some “awesome” features.

  • Canon 60D

    I dont expected a replace D3000…maybe it’s a fake rumor, where d90s?

    • gt

      comment fail

  • the shot was taken in Slovakia. Slovakia doesn’t have any mountains high enough to have that amount of fresh snow in the summer, so it might as well been shot in 2009 in the winter.

    • WoutK89

      I can tell you, its not summer in march on my calender…

      • a good calendar, you have then πŸ™‚

        sorry, I didn’t notice the date.
        so that leaves us with a manipulated exif which would make giving any credibility to the 3100 pointless
        the year was set wrongly, which is more probable,esp. in a pre-production example

  • Carlos R B

    Admin,so this is the tech the evil system will use?with other sensor…

  • p.s. nikon, bring on the glass!!

  • Hendog

    Glad to see Nikon isn’t fighting the mpix war with canon. 10mpix is probably a good compromise between noise and resolution with current tech for DX. Should be pretty sweet in low light. D700 replacement is on it’s way now! Orgasmically exciting πŸ˜€

    • Zblorg

      I agree, It takes guts to offer new DSLRers something with less mpix because their P&Ss probably have the same amount, or more, and for those users (I think, correct me) the stat at the top of this list is mpix. What other stat is there that is easy to compare from one camera stat page to another?

      • enesunkie

        I bought my neice a Canon P&S. Did a little research to get one with the best reviews and hopefully best image quality for the price. When my sister saw all the cameras in different colors she asked why I didn’t buy an orange one (her color). My point is that even MP is more technical than a lot of consumers care to worry about. It’s just an “accesory” for a lot of people.

    • Roland

      They are definately not fighting the “mpix war” but they sure are fighting the “must-jam-in-hd-video-in-all-dslr-war”.

      Still and video are two different genres and artistic crafts so they should not be combined in the same tool imo.
      It’s like making a hammer for professional carpenters with a spatula in the other end… ridiculous!

      • Roland

        Perhaps a better analogy would be a tool with a hammer in one end and a saw in the other…
        Still, ridiculous!

        well, you get the point.

  • hah

    1080p AVCHD video. Sweet. finally nikon leaves behind motion jpg. This is a good sign for higher end bodies.

    • LGO

      AVCHD has the advantage of having temporal and spatial compression while MPEG can only do spatial compression. So if the encoding speed is moderate, AVCHD will give you better results than MPEG. But if the camera can encode at higher speed (e.g., MPEG at 50Mbit vs AVCHD at 16Mbit), the MPEG will yield cleaner images. But given the limitations of current video-enabled dSLRs, AVCHD is likely the better choice.

  • okie dokie


  • Brian Davis

    Why is nikon focusing on stupid entry level cameras….they need to put out some newer pro stuff. That’s what everyone is waiting for. We have enough cameras tailored to soccer moms.

    • Canon 60D

      we want a d90s!

    • nobody

      “Why is nikon focusing on stupid entry level cameras?”

      Maybe because this is what they earn their money with?

      “….they need to put out some newer pro stuff. That’s what everyone is waiting for.”

      In which universe is that the case?

      “We have enough cameras tailored to soccer moms.”

      And with good reason. This is what keeps Nikon going!

      • Brian Davis

        Dude…shut up.

        Nikon is kept going by the professionals who use and buy their gear daily. You think they really care about the soccer mom that buys the $450 D3000 or the dedicated pro who buys their 70-200 for $2000+?

        I just can’t believe they are wasting their time with this garbage. The D3000 is a glorified D60 just like the D5000 is a dumbed down D90. The soccer moms don’t know anything about cameras so they’ll buy whatever and leave it in Auto…so it doesnt matter anyways.

        • PHB

          Before being rude, try to be right.

          Fact is that Nikon has always made its money from cameras aimed at consumers. The Pro-Photography line has never been the main profit center.

          Nikon has almost certainly lost money on every single flagship digital camera. It is highly unlikely that they even make money when profits on the lenses are added in. They just don’t sell enough to cover the design costs. The only reason that making the flagship models is economic is because the technology developed trickles down the line to the prosumer and consumer models.

          Nikon may make a bit of money on the D300 and D700. But the volumes are tiny next to the D90. And the D90 outsells all the professional bodies (D300 and up) put together, just as the D300 outsells all the FX bodies put together.

          The breakthrough camera for Nikon was not the D1,D2,D100 or any of the prosumer bodies. The camera that was the breakthrough was the D50. That was the one that changed the industry and meant Kodak was really on the way out. Before the D50 you could not buy a digital camera with a shutter-lag of less than a second without paying thousands for it.

          • Zoetmb

            This guy has it right. The other comments are idiotic. You can complain that Nikon can’t keep the D3s in stock, but other than that, there’s plenty of models for pros. Cameras are not a magazine subscription – they don’t come out with new models every month (or even every year.)

            What is it that you want to do (aside from video) that you can’t do with the current models that you think Nikon is going to resolve with (presumably) this year’s new models?

          • gt

            Nikon makes a large sum of money through the sale of consumer and prosumer bodies and glass. This also why they release so many mid-range variable aperture lenses. (16-85, 18-200, 18-105, 18-135, etc)

            It is a huge source of revenue.

            I don’t understand how this is even debated…

        • Abo

          Make a simple math dude assuming the proportion of low consumer sales and high end pros:
          1000 D3 @ 4k US Dollar = 4000000
          25000 D3100 @ 450 US Dollar = 11250000

          So, if you are business person, do you actually think about the soccer mom’s? hell yes!

        • Whatever

          As PHB nailed, you’re as rude as you are wrong.

    • injurytime

      This is not the end dude … this is only just the beginning πŸ˜€

  • ZRH

    So the rumor is Nikon will release 3 BIG CAMERAS by Photokina/this fall—so if this D3100 is one… and the D90 replacement is second…that leaves one more slot (please O’Lord…or the Easter Bunny, whoever is in charge) for a serious FX camera! I am on eggshells here! They squandered two of the slots on DX cameras already!

    • the unbridled eye

      is it confirmed that the D90 replacement will be DX?

      • na

        Nothing is confirmed. Did you miss the “rumors” part of “nikonrumors”?

      • enesunkie

        I’d bet the house the D90 replacement will be DX.

        • PHB

          The D90 replacement is not going to be a replacement if it is not DX.

          FX is not a good format unless you have FX lenses. And Nikon does not have a range of low cost FX lenses at the moment. It does not even have a good FX kit lens. So the idea that there is a demand for a cheap body to go with expensive lenses is rather silly in my view.

          Any cheap FX body will come out as another addition to the range. If the D90 replacement is the D7000, a plastic FX would be D9000. But thats not going to happen for several years yet.

          I would expect the next priority update for Nikon at Photokina to be a D5000 replacement. I would suggest similar specs to the D3100 with a swivel screen and a higher resolution sensor. I would expect an announcement at Photokina but probably not availability for both models immediately.

          The other possibility is that the third camera is the EVIL launch. Which is quite possible. It might just be that the D3100 and D90 replacement together do not leave a hole big enough in the DSLR lineup to require another body.

          Nikon does not need a platform like Photokina to launch a pro body. Anyone who knows/cares about such things will find out regardless of where it is launched. So what I would expect is the EVIL launch, Coolpix launches and consumer DSLR launches.

          If we are lucky we might just see some new lenses, in particular the long awaited refreshes of the 85 f/1.4 and 80-400 VA.

    • The third will probably be an EVIL incarnation. I’m not expecting an FX model at all but maybe a couple more lenses to go on one.

  • PhotoHop

    I think the specs are great and if this is priced in the $500 range, it will likely mean my current back up camera, my D60, will be up for sale.

  • It would be very easy to upgrade the D700. They have everything (now) that is needed to upgrade the D700. Video(1080p with cont AF), maybe the D3s sensor, put in some Dual Card CF slots and well there you have it, the D700s.

    • Son of FE

      Vince, I like your way of thinkin’ πŸ™‚

    • Michael

      heh, it would be a perfect camera for many people – perfect means none of them would buy any nikon body for many many years – so once again it means less money for nikon…

    • jastereo

      Yep – exactly what I’m waiting for… Just do it Nikon. Not that I’m holding my breath!

  • leo

    dx I guess, right?

  • Void

    All well and good, but I want an upgraded D90 (want motor, more buttons), not a D3000 replacement. Also, what happened to the articulated screen from the D5000? Are we ever going to see it again? I really liked that feature, it has helped me get some shots i might not have otherwise.

    • PHB

      I would not worry.

      Nikon are clearly in calculated leak mode. Their main fear at this point will be that news of the higher level models will leak before people get to see what is going on at the entry level.

      This is a spectacular deal. It the specs are real, Nikon are offering an entry level camera that blows away pretty much everything else that is out there on everything other than MegaPixels and features that entry-level users do not want.

      Now imagine that we learned the specs of the D90 replacement first and then this came out. That would not be quite so impressive. The D3100 would be seen as the D7000 lite, not on its own merits.

      I think we will see the swivel screen survive as well, possibly move up to the D90 replacement as well. I loved the swivel on the Coolpix 950.

    • jastereo

      A swivel screen on a D90 replacement would be great…but only if the can have the great high res screen from the D90/D300 and up (which the D5000 swivel screen doesn’t have). Without the high res screen it’s a downgrade and a horrible idea.

  • Blckcat

    Why are you guys stressing on the name? I’d just call this “D3.1K) πŸ™‚

    • rawrf

      hey, that’s catchylooking!

      but whatever you do, it seems to be turning out to 4 syllables.

      • SGN

        D300S is 5 syllables.

        • rawrf

          I meant AT LEAST 4, but I was too lazy… but, wow, 5 syllables o.O

  • rawrf

    I wonder if it’ll have geotagging? I think it’s a really neat (though not critical) feature.

  • Denko

    I am not adverse to the D3100… users and potential future prosumers need to start somewhere and maybe D3100 is that ticket.

    Having said that… from a prosumer point of view I would like something much better than just an evolutionary iteration to the D90 (barely prosumer IMHO)… and because the 3100 clearly indicates that it is not a new cycle (D4 and D7000 that might not have the AF motor (I need it for some of my lenses.) I see no direct reason to upgrade my low-end in September….. *argh* 4 minutes per film scan is getting to me… Nikon for the love of whichever deity you want please give us a final reason to ditch film scanning for good (D3s close but no cigar.) Please! Pretty Please!

  • SGN

    Let’s call it the odd one with the even number!

    Admin, was the name D3100 obtained from some other source than that pic?
    Actually that pic has no exif, maybe the camera name was typed in, and it was a typo from D300 more likely, or D3000?

    • akvisuals

      If you haven’t noticed, the numbers 1 and 0 are quite far apart from eachother. Except on a numpad..

      • SGN

        Well, even with 14 inch laptops taking over the world, some must have numpads left over……
        I do… that’s why the possibility occured.

    • Somebody sent me the picture as a tip, of course it could be manipulated but how did they know about the D3100 (got the tip before this post was published). Of course it could just be a typo from D300 or D3000, but rather a weird typo – don’t you think? Why would one want to modify the EXIF data to an unknown camera? I really don’t know at that point.

      • SGN

        If the D3100 name tip an picture tip come from different sources like you say, definitely it seems real!

        Thanks a lot Admin for your effort, information and clarification! πŸ™‚

  • SGN

    Admin, any news on lenses?

    • working on it

      • SGN


        The updated 80-400 or 100 500…

        Well, i won’t be able to aff ord the update, but maybe prices wil change on the older ones or 3rd party ones. Someday….

        • A new super zoom is rumored/expected, I had several posts on that few months ago. Not sure what the exact focal length will be. As soon as I find something credible, I will post it online.

          • they key word here is “credible”, otherwise I can be writing about new lenses all day long

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    a proper display (just in case it is sunny …) and a HDMI output or even wireless transmission of video would help a lot …

    • GlobalGuy

      I feel doubtful, this is Nikon afterall.. they are going to push it out.

      Then again, Nikon hasnt made a decent entry-level since the D40…. and they really are being criticized for it pretty harshly. If this one is pretty good (depends on the new sensor), then it might save the reputation of the entry-level.

      —> ANY WORD ON SHUTTER (electronic shutter) SPEED?
      It was something that helped the D40.

  • akvisuals

    A new 17-55 with VR + nanocoating would be a nice lens to go with the new D90. And eventually with the D400.

    • Michael

      yes, it would be nice, but it’s price would kill you…

  • SNRatio

    I really hope this is correct. It would be exactly the right thing for Nikon to do, but it costs, that’s why I don’t feel quite sure about it – almost too good to be true. Finally, we can get the real follow-up to the D40.

    But I wouldn’t be too optimistic about AF improvements. They need to make this cheap, so will they really put in dual phase-detect and contrast-detect here? The large AF point coverage could indicate that all or most points are contrast-detect.
    It will also be interesting to see the performance of a 10MP CMOS, possibly Nikon-designed?

    If they can produce a decent ISO3200, the D3100/18-200 Mk II combo could really be kind of small photographic swiss army knife.

  • Peter

    Its looking promising but still only having the choice of 24 fps in 1080p is a bad move. If they try and pull this shit on the d700 replacement then I will be walking out for good and I bet I wont be the only one.

    TO compete with Canon Nikon need the d700 replacement to offer: 1080p in 24/25/30 and 720p in 50/60 for overcrank. They need full manual controls, a high quality high data rate codec and full HD monitoring via HDMI while recording.

    In fact given the amount of time the Canons have been in the market Nikon will probably have to exceed in ALL these areas as Canon will likely bring out new models with better features.

    Still I have my fingers crossed…

    • Anon

      go buy a sony nex-vg10

      • SGN


        • oh yeah


          but sony wll be US$2000-


    Side-Grade …

  • Improve

    I don’t see how a 10mpx cmos better than a 10mpx ccd. this is pretty much a d3000s.

    • Michael

      ccd sensors are better with low iso (100-200), cmos sensors are better than ccd with higher iso settings (400 and more) – just compare D80 with ccd against D90 with cmos – you will see the difference…

    • if this is really a 10mp cmos its a new sensor. the 10mp ccd from the d3000 was also used in the d80, d200, d60, and d40x.. ancient lol

  • b

    3100 was my zip code where i grew up. really.

    • enesunkie

      You lived in a town with a 4 digit zip code?

      • b

        yup, but i grew up in austria. there are only 4 digit zip codes

  • Anonymous

    i’m calling it the d40s

  • ChriSin

    AVCHD….finally we a get a decent codec! Hopefully like canon we will be able to hav ea good bitrate on the h264 side of this. As for 24 fps only though….that sucks! Hopefully the D90 successor will be better for video (especially as the last D90 INTRODUCED video the DSLR!)

    • why does 24 frames per second suck?

      • enesunkie

        Because now that we will be getting 1080p video, we need something to complain about!

        • Anonymous


    • gt

      you’re one of those guys that complains about not having features you never use, aren’ t you?

  • Charles

    3.1 X 10^3

  • pher

    If you can define for me what pulldown is w/o googling it then you can have the right to bitch about 24fps only for full HD. Otherwise, stfu and just leave already.

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