Meet the new Nikon D3100


Rumors about a new entry level DSLR between the Nikon D3000 and the D5000 started few months ago. This new camera will not be called D4000 as previously expected, but Nikon D3100.

This is a break down of the main specs/features:

  • continuous AF in video mode/live view (yes, that's right - it seems that the continuous AF I mention earlier today will first be introduced in the upcoming Nikon D3100)
  • new AF points configuration which should cover a very large portion of the viewfinder. Total of 11 or 12 AF points.
  • 10 MP CMOS sensor
  • HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
  • AVCHD video codec
  • In camera video editing capabilities
  • 3fps (same as D3000)
  • will be sold in a kit with the 18-55mm lens
  • expected announcement in "few weeks"
  • no swivel display

[NR] rating: 99%

This could well be the first pictures taken with the Nikon D3100 (I know, the date is 2009, EXIF can be manipulated, etc.)

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  • nikonbeliever

    D3100 is nice. It’s surely an upgrade to what’s out there right now. But I will wait for it’s big brother the D700 replacement which I hope to have the same video capability as the D3100 with higher mega pixels possibly 16-18mp and speed of 7frames per sec.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I’d hope for 18 and would be in for 1 and would be ok with 720 video considering I have used it one time in the year or so I have owned the D90.

  • le_eiji

    This sounds like a good idea. D3000 has no special advantage to offer, but this one, if the spec is true, will be a pretty interesting camera for those who want a decent low light performance and a video function. With 10MP counts, this is going to be a DX version of D700.

  • “HD video: 1080p/24 and 720p 30/24!
    AVCHD video codec”

    This is a very good sign for the D700 replacement :D:D:D:D:D

  • thefunk

    I find it slightly amusing when amateurs go on about FX.

    I want I want I want.

    I want to go out and spend a few thousand quid on glass.


    • philippe

      Did you read that on a forum?

    • You should tell them what to spend their money on.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        yes because he knows what my needs are ;- P

    • gt

      is it amusing when professionals go on and on about FX too? those “idiots” are hillarious

    • Chris_M

      I don’t see any contradiction or reason for amusement in the fact that some hobbyists spend “a few thousand quid” on the equipment, usually more than enough, required to practice their hobby. That’s how any passion manifests itself, from stamp collecting to fishing or vintage cars enthusiasts.

    • nikonbeliever

      I own more than 60 lenses and more than 20 bodies in digital, medium format and 35mm. And I’m not even a professional. Do you call me an idiot when i’m happy with my toys?

      • gt

        are you a photographer? no.

        are you a collector? yes.

        are you an idiot? Jury is still out on that

  • Hey Admin, Do you have any news if the new Live view in D3100 does have

    “Live View exposure metering”? with a Live view histogram?

    Which you can adjust the exposures in real time?.

    I hope Nikon’s new Live view will have this

  • Kimych

    it’s Very BIG DUCK !!!!! It’s photo was taking seems COOLPIX 3100

  • le_eiji

    Many hobbyists are richer than professional photographers, so there is nothing wrong with the fact that they want expensive equipments which poorer professional photographers can’t even afford. If you were an amateur and earned 1 million annually, then you would be justified more in having a desire to get 2 D3Xs with some fancy nano-coating lenses than in having a desire to get a D3100 with a kit lens. If you are a professional and earn less than $20,000 annually, you are still justified more in having a desire to get 2 D3Xs than having a D3100, but for completely different reasons.

  • SNRatio

    Some commenters seem to forget a couple of things:

    1. This is the entry-level DSLR, price-pressed, and with just the barebone of features. It SHOULD NOT be too complete feature-wise. That’s for the next models up.

    2. It is a stills camera WITH some video capability. And it seems like Nikon is pretty serious about the video thing now. Complaining about lack of more advanced video features in an el cheapo (look at the street prices of D3000 now, and compare..) entry level stills DSLR is completely off the mark. Much more serious, the other way round, is the lack of RAW stills in Sony’s new APS-C video offering. At a kit price of $2000, they should have been able to include that.

    3. If you are serious about photography, and doesn’t own an enthusiast level DSLR, this model is probably not for you. But for me, it might in fact be the DX complement to my D700 for a while. Very curious about the AF system, though. I’m glad I don’t have to expect more than the mere basics from it.

  • i_want_a_D900

    I am tempted to say forget about the D700S. My D700 is good enough for the next half-decade as a still camera. This D3100 might as well complement my D700 as the video camera/backup body. Glad I still keep my 18-200 VR till this day – i knew it would be uesful again one day.

  • Anonymous

    AVCHD is limited to 24Mbit/s. As video-pros we need more than that! Plus 60/50p at 720p or higher would have been great for slowmo. Canon still seems to be on top in terms of video for the pro. What a shame.

    • Gruntosaure

      As video pro you’re telling us you’re using 500$ device to make professional videos?
      And moreover you want this 500$ device to be as qualitative as a 50000$ one (Red cameras with no option)?

      Are you serious?

      • Anonymous

        well apparently canon know what they’re doing. look at the 550D dude.

        • Gruntosaure

          Sure …
          First 550D is more of a D90 level,
          and second … you really think this 550D could compete a real professional camera (shooting in for 4K for example) ?

          • Anonymous

            i dont think nikon is going to implement a different video codec for their d90 replacement. plus i’m talking about the indie-buget-pro sector here. i’m a nikon shooter myself and frustrated to see that canon is – so it seems at the moment – on top here.

    • 24 Mb/s AVCHD would be higher quality than what Canon currently have because the codec implementation is superior. (See: HMC-40.)

      24 fps will be great if they really mean 23.976 fps. 24 fps exactly is a big problem for audio sync.

      Speaking of audio… ?

      But I’m confident that Nikon will get it right, all they have to sell are cameras, they don’t do video like Canon & Sony & Panasonic and don’t have a pro video division to sabotage them.

  • thefunk

    I seem to have started something.

    I’m a painter.

    • Vl33d

      What do you mean? Did you send NR false rumors ?

      • Anonymous

        well apparently canon know what they’re doing. look at the 550D dude.

  • There could be a typo in the D3100 sensor MP – it may be 14MP sensor that was used in the Sony NEX camera. Not sure yet.

    • Michael

      new D90 may have sensor from Sony Alfa550

    • Balaji

      14mp sensor would completely cannibalise any D5000 left unsold….

  • Matus

    AD: This could well be the first photo taken … blabla
    Design of that camera unhidden:


    • The only problem is that this camera will not be displayed as “D3100”, this is not a “D” model.

  • svatoslavic

    OMg. Stupid expectations. There will be NO new autofocus in the entry level cheap model. There will be no new sensor. The D3000 replacement will have 12 M CMOS sensor as D5000, live view and improved video. But not within several weeks. D5000 and D90 be updated first.
    Nobody will develop new 10 mpix sensor,cause it’s expensive to start to produce, much more cheap is to continue existing 12 M. And think, in which camera could the hypothetical 10 M be used ? Only in the cheapest entry-level. By now we’ve had twice more cameras in production than sensor models.

  • mario olmillo

    And then after a month, Canon released its first 3D – DLSR, with 1080p 60fps. and the techno continues with its never ending story.

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