Nikon D700 out of stock @ B&H

Nikon D700 is currently out of stock @ B&H. This is either a regular supply shortage or really good timing on Nikon's part. It will be interesting to monitor the availability in the next few days/weeks. Nikon shortages are usually for new products - the Nikon D700 is already 2 years old. In addition, the rebate program has been running for few months already and I expect whoever wanted to take advantage of it, already did.

Adorama and Amazon still have the D700 in stock.

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    I alredy wait D700 replacment! 😀 When it will come to us? 😀

    • Canon Fangirly

      Don’t get too excited. It will be the D3s in a cheaper package. That’s it.

      • And what exactly would be wrong with that? You’d get the best Low-Light camera ever (to date) in a smaller body. Regardless…

        The fact is they can’t even get enough D3s bodies out to meet demand, so this isn’t happening any time soon.

        • Discontinued

          “And what exactly would be wrong with that?”

          Wandy, oh Wandy,

          not everyone works saturdays only. I get your point: candlelight, weddings, RES doesn’t count, every shot softened anyway – has to be very touchy and such …

          I work 6 days a week and have a different type of clients. If Nikon doesn’t show any improvement (priced below D3x) in RES and low ISO performance this year, I am definitely done with Nikon. I could even afford the D3x, but why should I? I do not like being forced to something, which is more someone else’s advantage (Nikon’s) than my own. It’s either D700x or Canon for me. I am definitely not going to purchase a camera that gets beaten by cheap APS-C shit like D7 or even 2ti/D550. This would just be insane.

          • FakeKenRockwell

            i call BS

          • zzddrr

            @Discontinued – I 100% agree with you.

            1) Nikon does not provide any option at all – you either shell out 8 grand or you have the option of 12MP. We know it is possible to provide 20MP+ at affordable price (since the competition just did that 2 years ago).

            2) Nikon created an absolute marketing nightmare around the MPs. That is because Nikon has not provided variety. This will be hard to address because as you can see if somebody asks for more than 12MP that person is addressed with all kinds of nice messages. (my favourite is that you don’t print that large….) So, my point is that Nikon polarized its most valuable customers.

            3) Nikon painted itself in the corner. Why? Because if it releases a camera that let’s say matches the performance of the 2 yrs old 5DII then the D3x crowd will bite the head of the new Nikon president so quickly that it will be painless. My point is that no matter if Nikon releases an entry level DSLR or advanced it has to match the competition. Now, if it matches or goes beyond and this includes just 1-2 items (e.g. 1080P, or 18MP) and image quality remains the same (it has to!) then the PRO segment will not be happy.

            4) What’s left? Well, Nikon will separate the pro-line from the entry with the mirrorless. Brilliant! We’ll se again 12MP plastic crap (bit exagerate) with Nikon logo on it but at this time without mirror. So Nikon will most likely lineup in the world of NEX and m4/3s. Here they don’t have to worry about the MPs again.

            5) The Pro-line? This is a good question. I think Nikon has bring out the D4 earlier. It painted itself badly in the corner with the 12MP and it is time to change the (or provide alternative) resolution. Canon already has a working 5DIII and 1DsIV.

          • gtanaka

            I call BS as well –

            your clients are demanding higher ISO performance than the D3s? they’re demanding 5 foot wide prints?

            Interesting how other working professionals (chase jarvis, neil van nikerk, ryan brenizer, joe mcnally, moose peterson, bob krist, scott kelby, etc etc) ALL shoot 6 days a week yet have no problem with nikon…

            Yet, for SOME reason, Discontinued’s clients demand MORE

            Either those are really demanding clients OR
            discontinued has no idea how to operate his camera

          • Discontinued


            just put a little more effort to reading before you start writing.
            I want a good LOW (repeat: LOW, repeat again: LOW) ISO performance and higher RES than 12 MP.

            This is not asked to much, since even D7 kicks the butts of Nikon’s 12MP FFs in this respect.

          • Kevin

            “I could even afford the D3x, but why should I? I do not like being forced to something, which is more someone else’s advantage (Nikon’s) than my own.”

            Let’s assume this is not BS and you’re not a troll (although that’s actually the case, but let’s go through the exercise anyways). If your business demands 20+ megapixels and you can afford a D3x and you haven’t because of some pride issue, IDIOT! If your business demands 20+ megapixels and you haven’t switched to Canon yet, IDIOT AGAIN!

            So let me see, you’re either a troll or an idiot. Do you think that’s what your parents hoped you would become when they decided to not go with the abortion?

          • Hooray

            Oh mighty all knowing but discontinued god…
            If you are done with Nikon why do you still care?
            If you can afford a D3x why don’t you go for it?
            Nikons FF are still the best low iso DSLRs around.
            As all knowing as you are you sure know about the correlation between Iso and Resolution?

          • Ken Elliott

            I always find these “If Nikon doesn’t do ____ then I’ll switch” a bit odd. I’m one of those guys with a 44″ wide printer, and print big. But the D700/D300 combo does the job for 98% of my work. When I need more, I rent a D3X or a medium format, and bill the client.

            If Nikon came out with a D3X sensor in ANY of their bodies, I’d buy it and be happy. Any job that could actually make use of the difference between the D700 and D3X is going to be on a heavy tripod, and be a well-controlled shoot. As Canon did with the 5D Mk II, you can make a mid-range camera with OK auto-focus, but with a FF 20+ MP sensor and it will sell.

            I’ve been considering buying a Canon 5D MkII or a Sony A900 with a lens adapter. I’d rather have a Nikon, but that may be OK. If I get the Canon, I’ll start buying a few Canon lenses and simply move in whatever direction my work takes me. I won’t “leave” Nikon (I have too much exotic gear from 30 years of Nikon), but they will lose some of the money I could have spent with them.

            As far as video, i much prefer a real camcorder. It’s cool what you can do, but Sony and Panasonic have “large” sensor camcorders in the works that will pretty much eleminate this current fad of using DSLRs for this type of work. Lack of zebra stripes, XLR inputs, horrible handling and such is simply too much to overcome for _regular_ work.

          • dicontinuedisatoll


            What are you like when it comes to selecting a toothbrush. I can only envision the pained look on the pharmacists face as you make him describe things like bristle count and viscosity reduction.

            There are guys who shoot for National Geographic that use D90’s. So you are either floating in a rancid cloud of self-aggrandizing delusion, or are suffering from a childhood sporting injury that has left you with no other outlet for your frustration to slither out of….

            Go away

          • I Am Nikon

            So I guess we won’t see you lurking around here anymore right ?

            good. 😉

          • Discontinued

            OK guys,

            you have caught me on this one. Guess I went a bit too far?

            Truth is I am not a Pro, not even a photographer at all. What I really am is a professional troll, employed by some big viral marketing agency (sorry, I really want to be honest from now on, but can’t possibly give you the agencies name). We are not alone and I am just one employee of just one agency that are all hired by Canon. We are part of a big conspiracy with the task to raise expectations of Nikon’s customers above 12 MP. Everybody who ever placed a comment, suggesting to be in the need of more RES, is either employed by our agency or one of the other agencies hired by Canon.

            There is no such demand for real. This is all sheer marketing strategy from Canon, to create such demands.

            One question: How did you catch me?

            Was it the demand for D700x (too unrealistic, nobody would really want one)?
            Was it pretending to be able to afford a D3x and not buying it (clearly impossible)?

        • Victor Hassleblood


          wrong answer you should have known what was going to happen next. The question was purely rhetorical of course. See, you got torn apart and you’ve been asking for it. This is Nikonfanboyrush

          @Mrs. Rodriguez,

          nothing would be wrong with that. Au contraire mademoiselle. The best possible answer Nikon could deliver to improving IQ of the competitors would be another 12MP with even higher ISO.

        • Victor Hassleblood


          I am in similar situation as Discontinued. Right now I use a HB for anything above 12 MP. But do I want to all the time? Do I have the better variety in lenses with Nikon. Is it worth the D3x? I am waiting for something cheaper to close the gap.
          You don’t know me and neither do you know Discontinued I presume. Now go on and insult me as well. Show some proof of your (imagined) superiority … or just take your thumb out where it doesn’t belong, wash your hands and become a happier person.

          If you are what your parents wanted you to be … you must be what? An annoying 6 year old pain in the butt? Oh look, Kevin writes on the internet again an he is just 6. He is soooo smart.

          All you say sounds a lot like you have issues with your parents. Is that what they call you all the time, an IDIOT. And is that what they complain about all the time, to have not chosen abortion. I am completely with your parents. They are dammed right.

          • zzddrr

            See and read my #2 point. Nikon really managed to find the most stoneage assholes who cannot tolarate more than 12MP. These neanderthal type of people probably felt dizzy and disorientated when Nikon switched from 6MP to 12MP. I am not sure how they will handle the bump from 12MP to 24MP because if Nikon does not do it then it can say goodbye to quite few fans.

            Now, come on asshole 12MPers and start the bashing

          • dicontinuedisatoll


            At least discontinued’s fractured tale was entertaining, and worth responding to.

            And please, if writing “Come on, asshole”, can you please remember the comma so we can distinguish your challenge from one of the pornographic advertisments that clog up these comment lists. Thanks!

          • zzddrreatspoosticks


            I guess we can’t expect more delicious irony than you judging intelligence, so let’s pull up the tent as the champion has been crowned!

            Long live zzddrr, and his rare combination of pithy prose, photographic skill, and the ability to name himself without the burden of vowels!

          • zzddrr

            @ zzddrreatspoosticks – no comment. Just read above.

      • Kensmokecrakrockwell

        Good. Thats what im hoping for. Keep shooting wak @$$ videos with your canon. And dont get it wet. I’ll be busy shooting great pics wit my Nikon.

  • love

    I’m waiting for a d700 with video and dual card storage.

  • Hugo

    Please replace the D700!! I don’t care about dual cards, but I do want HD video, D3s performance and possibly free cookies.

    • ffaabb

      You talk a lot about the video feature on Nikon’s next DSLR releases. Being a videographer myself, i can’t wait for those new model to come out, for obvious artistic motivations.
      However it’s not only about the 1080p image size, we also need ext mic + headphone minijack port, autofocus, possibility to change aperture while recording, ability to shoot for longer than 12min on each go, no deformation of the image when doing fast pans, and garanty that batteries don’t run off after 45min.
      I’m new to Nikon, I would never question it’s aura in photography, but can they really make a good usable tool for video shooting?
      Now the video of Canon 5D is everywhere : videosclips, comercials, shorts films, next episode of ‘House’ …
      AG-AF100, and many other model in the future from many manufacturer are on the go, so… How good can we expect from Nikon in this field, in regards to the interview of Hiroshi Takashima in January : ” We plan to surprise the market in 2010″ ??

    • Michael

      Yes, D700s with sensor and processor from D3s – i’m waiting for it! I sold my D90! Hurry up Nikon!

  • Nathan Shane

    I can sure tell that my D700 is two years old now and needs a new replacement. A couple of the rubber grips on the camera are starting to pull lose, the backside of the rubber is losing its stickiness…that alone is a reason for Nikon to replace the D700 with a newer model that includes 1080 HD video and a few more megapixels. 🙂

    • Joe J

      it will be announced in the next two months….

  • Other dealers like Unique Photo (legit local place in NJ I shop at that matches BH prices) have the D700 in stock. It’s probably just a fluke.

  • Anonymous

    you guys must be really good to be complaining about D700. I am amazed how nikon rumors is filled with you guys.

  • Dasher

    Same sensor as the D3s plus 1080p 50/60fps and I’m trading in my D700 yesterday!

  • love

    I think before Nikon put a D700 update with equivalent D3S performance they will have to produce enough D3S chips and sell enough D3S bodies to make some profit.

    • Sancho Pansa

      Nikon will never sell enough D3s to reduce the cost as much as you expect. They need to use that sensor in D700 equivalent to help spread the cost. The market for the D700 with that sensor would probably be much bigger than the D3s just based on cost.

  • I don’t understand what the big deal is. People are just gear fags. Until there is a next gen sensor maybe in a D4, there will be nothing to get excited about.

    If you NEED more res and/or video, stop complaining sell your lenses/accessories and switch to Canon’s 5D Mark II. It’s really a no-brainer.

    I like my Nikon stuff, but I am a professional and if I NEED something, I know what it is and don’t waste time waiting around (losing money by not being able to take jobs b/c of the lack of proper equipment) for Nikon to come out with something. A lot of people here need to reconsider what NEED is.

    • Alex

      So, bread, water and shelter hey? Who even NEEDS a camera? Seriously, are you shocked that people talk about rumors about future Nikon product on a website called

    • Discontinued

      Take lost investment into account and you will get the point, why people still hang on for releases to bring their system up to date. How would I feel, if the D700x was announced one week, after I sold the Nikon-lot?

      Don’t know about you, but I work to get as much out of it as possible. Changing brands and systems frequently would certainly be a limiting factor.

      • FakeKenRockwell

        Again, I call BS. Pros I know just go with whatever they need to get the job done. Only amateurs and wannabes bother to chase release schedules or complain about lost investment. For Pros, that’s just the cost of doing business. I know folks that dump Canon for Nikon and Nikon for Canon all the time. Shrug, Who cares.

        • Anonymous

          you mube a wannabe

        • Discontinued

          I would have never imagined that a FakeKenRockwell could be even worse than the real one. Congratulations ! ! !

          PLEASE DONATE TO FakeKenRockwell ! ! !

          Obviously you are not just NOT a Pro yourself, on top of it you don’t have the slightest idea how to run a business. You are probably not even a grownup.

          How come, that every time a class B or C celebrity among the shooters changes from Canon to Nikon this kicks of an earthquake here in the news and comments? Is it ’cause it happens all the time?? Is it really???

          I buy a new lens without hesitation if needed, a new body, another studio flash … to change the system frequently back and forth and to lose a few thousand each time you do it is a completely different matter.

          If you don’t get that point: Well, good bye and good luck. You can still ask for donations.

          • gtanaka

            There’s something profoundly amateurish about your posts.

            The nikon pro bodies retain value incredibly well. The d700 brand new retails for $2100. A used d700 body sells for about $2000 on ebay.

            Even if a d700x was released, a used d700 would likely retain its value for a period of time. When its value drops, it won’t be by any drastic amount either.

            At most you’d lose a couple hundred bucks. If you were a pro and you absolutely needed the new d700x, this small loss should not phase you. it’s simply a business expense.

            Your only concern should be using the best equipment available to do your job – not worrying what’s around the corner.

          • Victor Hassleblood


            5% off for a used piece of old tech? Who would buy this?You must be living in dreamland!

            Where I live you lose 25 to 75% percent on Nikon equipment, when sold as used on ebay. But was that really the point at all? Point is that most people waiting for D700x (and we are many) already have one or another 12MP. What does it help to buy some more. Can you combine them to get more RES? Is D700x coming sooner, if I start buying lots and lots of D700? What’s your point?

          • Victor Hassleblood


            is it that what you eagerly want to tell your mum for calling you an idiot all the time? Is this what you don’t dare saying to her, because you still live at her place?

            Explains a lot. Must be an unbelievable unhappy live. I can’t even imagine and feel truly sorry for you. Then again, do I know you, do I care?
            On 2nd thought I must say it’s quite good fun (a bit sadistic of course …) to imagine the live of a person, that does post comments like yours.

          • gtanaka


            I don’t know where you live but this is based on ebay “recently sold” prices. In other words, it’s based on fact – not made up statistics and percentages.

    • zzddrr

      WANDY RODRIGUEZ we do not understand you.

  • Anon

    99% of the people complaining about how D700 is too old can’t get a better picture with D700 replacement

    • +1

    • love

      you cannot driver faster than the speed limit of public roads, but you still want to buy a bmw other than like a ford.

      • Patch28

        What is this “cannot drive faster than the speed limit” of which you speak??? You referring to those suggested numbers on the signs on the side of the road? Bah…

    • Michael Vang

      I agree to that as well. Gezz guys, buy a video camcorder or just switch to Canon and quit whining.

      • Wierdo

        I hate when people buy Ferrari and drive the speed limit… It’s a sport card dummy!!!
        I think people are stupid when they have a prius and drive like their a racecar driver. Lol
        And I hate people who have top of the line Dslr and still haven’t take 10k after a year of having it.
        :/ yes I’m just bitter that way Lol

    • zzddrr

      @ anon – and you are that only 1% who will be able to take a better picture with a D700 replacement.

      My friend, since you’re made that assumption I just assume that you must be a genius.

  • love

    obviously, hobbyists and a professionals think and behave differently, when buying a camera, a hobbyist is like shopping for toys while a professional is just doing his/her everyday grocery.

    • FakeKenRockwell

      RIght on.

  • Dash

    This fact could either support or crush rumors:

    B&H is out of the d5000 as well, adorama and amazon both have it.

    • Dash

      and back-ordered “by mfr” for both of them sounds pretty promising, I can only hope

    • Alex

      DSLRs need to stop being filtered down OLD technology from previous generations. I can’t think of other electronics where this happens. Each year, I think Nikon needs to release a whole lineup of cameras with the latest technology, just varying levels of features at various price points. You buy a new computer, you get the latest technology, just different specs. You buy a new Sony camcorder, whatever price point, you are getting some of the latest technology. With a Nikon DSLR, you are getting OLD technology! – eg D3000 uses stripped down D200 technology from 2005, D40 uses D100 technology from 2002! The only time you would get new technology from Nikon is if you bought a D3x the day it came out.

      Maybe this is going to change? Perhaps a D5000 replacement will come out simultaneously with a D90 replacement? And share the same sensor! Come on Nikon, catch up!!! I feel a photography lecture about to come.

      • Dominik

        And where would Nikon get the R&D budget and resources to simultaneously develop new technology for all of their product lines?

        That’s a pipe dream.

      • PHB

        Old technology filtering down the model lines is standard in most industries.

        If you bought a Mercedes E-Class in past years you would have had inertia reel seat belts, ABS brakes and GPS a decade before they were fitted in Ford and GM vehicles. There is no Ford model on the market today that has an engine anywhere close to the weight or performance of the one in my ten year old XK8.

        The main difference between the consumer and pro models in the Nikon DSLR range is taking out functions that confuse the less sophisticated user. My wife much prefers the D50 to my D300 because it has much less to think about. It takes time to work out how to make complex features accessible.

        As it is, pretty much the whole Nikon line has the same sensor tech.

        Live view costs money to implement. Sensors with more autofocus points cost more than those with fewer. Is it particularly surprising that the low end cameras lack these features?

        • Alex

          No, it would be like a 2001 Merc S Class becoming the 2005 E Class (minus a few features), and the 2005 E Class becoming the 2009 C Class (minus a few more features). But that’s NOT what happens. That’s not to say SOME of the technology won’t start at the top and filter down, but in Nikon land, it’s like you’re getting an old camera almost.

          • Kevin

            Trickling old technology down to entry level products happens in every industry. It’s a problem you’ll continue to face if you’re poor.

          • cirtap

            BUT you didn’t know this…The 2010 E Class Coupe is NOT built on the E Class Platform…IT IS all C CLASS…Underpinnings…AND Mercedes Never told anyone about this..SO when you buy the $60,000 plus E Class Coupe….YOUR buying a $35,000 C CLASS….YAHOO Way to go Mercedes.

          • Alex

            @Kevin, I think you’re missing the point. I don’t have a problem with trickling down technology. I have a problem with Nikon not doing anything new for the cheaper/smaller DSLRs. They are just rebadged and stripped down older models, I think I have given enough examples in technology where this does not happen. Heck even if you had $8000 to spend on a camera, you still can’t buy anything NEW from Nikon!

  • Huggs

    DigitalRev states there may be a D700 and D90 replacement at Photokina.

  • Ron

    Not for nothing — the D700 has been in stock/out of stock at BH for two years. It’s a fluke and will be back in stock within a few days.

    People are looking for something where nothing currently exists.

  • It was out of stock when I bought one a couple of months ago, all the shop had left were demo model. I had to wait a couple of weeks before a new one could be sent out.
    The free battery grip turned up this week.
    Taken well over 2000 shots with it so far – fantastic piece of kit.

  • Steve

    I still say the replacement will come a year after the D4. I don’t see them sticking a D3x sensor in it, and they can’t keep up with D3s sales, why would they bother with an “s” or “x” version?

    It’ll show back in stock soon enough – just like it always does…

  • longtimenikonshooter

    They had D3s out of stock just a week ago. Should we expect something else to replace D3s?

  • i_want_a_D900

    regardless of whatever crap they sell or they don’t sell, i just want a D900 with 20-24MP sensor and 1080p video.

  • venancio

    the d700 stock worldwide will still last till christmas, to allow you to buy it for someone as a christmas gift. but for yourself, you can keep any of the new dslr’s that will be announced on july 20, yeah, anniversary of NASA’s first moon landing…

    • Gary

      It would be cool to announce new cameras on that anniversary of NASA’s first moon landing…now that would be a more daring marketing move…also, given Nikon’s close relationship with NASA it would make even more sense…however, at this point I don’t believe it will happen…

  • woble

    Wow… seriously? First they have a cash back programme, and now it’s out of stock. Give me a break.

    Don’t hold your breath, D700 replacement won’t come until D4 it out, if ever. If you want FX, buy D3(s) or D700 now and go on shooting. As far as I am concerned, D700 was one of a kind product by Nikon, meaning they will think twice before releasing a similar product again.

    D90 on the other hand might get a replacement very soon.

    • 100% agree. The D700 free battery grip offer is still running in the UK until 31st July too. Photokina around the corner. This is not even a rumour, it’s a stock check, not even worthy of column inches on here – IT MEANS ZERO.

  • Click

    I placed a post hear on Nikon rumors 3 (Three) days ago that B&H photo was showing the D700 body and all D700 rebate package deals as “Out of Stock”. That same day (3 days ago) B&H also changed the status of the D3s from “ships in 2-4 weeks” to Temporarily Unavailable…. What up with that? Everyone else has stock of both the D700 bodies and the rebate deals. I think B&H knows something is going to happen soon, and is not re-stocking the D700… Or they are waiting on a new shipment to arrive. I heard a week ago from a local dealer that another batch of 24mm f/1.4 lens were supposed to be available any day…. I sure hope something new is coming. Personally, I would be satisfied with a D700s with or without video where as some folks want a D700x with or without video. Damn, I wish they would do something if not both. Heck, anything to stimulate Nikon’s user base would be nice.. It’s been too long of a dry spell IMHO.

  • Ron Scubadiver

    IMO, all this means is that Nikon has been keeping inventories tight. All sorts of stuff goes out of stock at B&H. It sells well and cannot be kept in stock. When the D3s is available off the shelf everywhere, then look for a D700 replacement in a few months.

    • Dash

      But maybe it’s just B&H that keeps inventories tight…

      • Ron Scubadiver

        Equally likely.

  • Eric

    I don’t believe it. All shops in Japan have it as instantly available. Don’t dream too much 😉

    • Saw D700 bodies in stock @ Yodobashi recently. D3s was OoS, however. A little supply restraint, perhaps?

  • Sammy

    I still don’t get why someone would want a D700 replacement. Video? Why? To be a “pro” one has to dedicate themselves to a particular craft. Photo and video are two different crafts.
    Unless Nikon is looking to revolutionize photography, there is no need for a replacement.

    • Anon

      Maybe what you don’t get is that (a) there are more than one sort of pro, and (b) not all non-pro equipment is suitable for some of us “non-pro”s. Myself as a case in point – I live in the Pacific NW, and I spend a lot of time outdoors. My general purpose camera needs to have excellent, clean, low-light capabilities (lots of clouds), good weather-proofing (it rains a lot here because of all those clouds), fast focusing (kids and wild animals, but I repeat myself), good wide-angle (just because) and video (kids, mostly). Now, I don’t want to have to haul three or four different pieces of equipment with me to capture the kids playing, the deer running, the trophy hunting shot, and the mud puddles and mushrooms under overcast skies. I’m not a pro, so I can’t afford $8k for a camera body as a biz expense, and I don’t want more than a dozen, maybe 15, megapixels. The lower-price Nikons are not sufficiently weather-proof, nor do they have the low-light and wide-angle capabilities of the FX sensor; as to the Canon 5DMkII: it’s low-light capabilities and weather-proofing are not as good as I’d like, and I don’t need files that big. A 700s, with decent HD video and two card-slits, would be ideal for me personally, as well as a lot of other not-quite-pro, or semi-pro, folks. Or, just those with high standards and a mid-level budget, looking for maximum flexibility….

  • zzddrr

    The grunch stole the Christmas!

  • Wierdo

    I’m gonna buy myself a used D700, to tired to wait…
    I need my camera to produce something useable at iso 3200…

    Then I’ll sell it for $1000 when the new one comes out lol

  • Ren Kockwell

    Awesome. More purchasing advice from “real pros!” Amazing how many real prosare not out shooting, processing & humping new business, but are plumbing this site. Business must be great.

    Before you insist that someone just shut up and buy a D3, or a 2-year-old D700, maybe you should consider that they don’t have a full frame camera yet and are looking to upgrade. Pros can upgrade whenever they want if they’re good. But an enthusiast has to make his camera purchase count. So it pays to research and analyze and wait if necessary. This doesn’t mean they’re not shooting while they wait. It just means they’re being prudent. So please resist your urge to be an asshole if you can.

    My sense from the interest on this blog and others is that A LOT of enthusiasts are looking to go full-frame very soon and are just looking for a good reason to pull the trigger. And in case you haven’t noticed, consumers and enthusiasts comprise the bulk of camera sales at Nikon. They also dominate these boards. So stop reprimanding them for not being professionals. That’s just childish and not very, um, professional. That goes for all you fake pro posters as well.

    • Ron Scubadiver

      KR, right?

    • jason

      ditto i totally agree! you dont have to be a pro to buy pro kit

    • brucliv

      I agree RK. What I don’t understand is why a serious amateur would still be sitting around with his d70 waiting for an upgrade to the D700 for more than a year. That’s a year of lost images, assuming this amateur has some ability.

    • D900_Buyer


  • pethunia

    Hear, hear!

    I deliver pro quality images, but they do not pay the bills.
    So I will simply wait for the D700 sucessor.
    Which I require to have 18+Mpx and 1080pxvideo.
    My choice – the waiting + the specs.

  • Interest

    Constantly checking on Amazon UK website as my reference for the price of the camera, and the D700 has bee out of stock / available 1 to 2 months since 8th of July.

  • thefunk

    Please supply detailed statistical analysis with graphical representation with demonstrating the correlation between stock availability and equipment release for the last 5 years by close of business today.


  • Pretty *wild* guess:Nikon delayed the D90/D700 replacement because it’s going to adopt the new Foveon 14MP sensor.
    Let’s see ;o)

  • Anonymous

    Nikon F6 out of stock @ Adorama… do you think it’s time for a replacement ?


  • It’s not true that B&H is out of stock, it was explained to me at the Superstore when I was buying it that its available in their warehouse to be shipped out BUT its available in the stores, even the the one with kit lenses are available in store.

  • Bonetti

    Stupid Complains

    “I need 100% Viewfinder cause 95% is not Enough” I have never miss a shoot or framed incorrectly because of not having a 100% VF

    “I need at least 14MP cause 12MP is not enough” I remember When the D100 came out no Body Complained or even the D2x

    “I need Video” BUY A VIDEO CAMERA

    ” I need ISO 200,000.” Wait 10 Years

    ” My SB900 Overheats” Turn the Thermal feature OFF

    ” I can Afford a D3x, Should I Buy it?” IF GOD HAVE BLESSED YOU, BUY IT!!!

    ” If nikon Does not Give me What I want Im Switching to Polaroid, HP, Sony Cybershoot, Fuji Finepix, Nikon CoolPix, Canon Powershoot, or go Back to Disposable film Cameras.

  • Anonymous

    j&r does too

  • Clark


  • i want D700 replacement with dual cards and higher resolution, but nobody will ever take D700 from my hands. I will keep it then as backup backup camera, then as home pics camera, then as i dont know, it is so cool camera i would never sell it.

    I have Mamiya for anything that needs high res already but would love to have more improvements then just two card slots (video is not interesting)

  • Mike again

    going to make my very first of topic post…. WTF is all this “Ken Rockwell” impersonation about, seems to be a f*cking disturbed kid here, I mean come on who ever it is who is hiding behind the impersonations it’s f*cking immature!
    Rant off… =D

    Now… Nikon D700 successor… if Nikon release something already very soon before a D4 it’s something based on the D3X and not really a new generation, I still believe a real D700 successor is to follow AFTER D4, unless Nikon creates a totally new family/model in the X00 series replacing both D300 and D700.
    Yeah.. what if there wont be any small bodied FF at all but a, say D400 with D700 spec..?

    So… dream on guys, anything earlier would be base on any of the D3 models or something else! 🙂

    • Dgm

      “WTF is all this “Ken Rockwell” impersonation about” ?

      That’ because none of them could make a decent Barbie impression, so they HAD to go for Ken

      Sorry, could not resist
      Ok, I am out …..

  • Scott

    a 18mp FF, 8 FPS, D700 replacement would be perfect.

  • Marc Ruby

    It’s beginning to amaze me how many people don’t know what a D700 is for. If Nikon brings out a new camera with more megapixels, it most certainly won’t replace the D700. Of course, they make more money on the D3s, so some people will spend 5 grand and others will foolishly switch to canon

  • S

    I took pictures all day (D700), I strongly recomend to do it every once in a while 🙂

  • Wormwood

    Nikon, gimme a full frame camera with1080 video and the D700’s ISO performance please… I don’t care about higher MP’s.. 12 is fine.

  • Anonymous

    When will people realise that NOISE is a function of sensor area, and output size?

    A D3X is NOT noisier than a D3 at the ame OUTPUT size at any ISO.

    Only when vewed on screen at 100 percent Which is a BIGGER image… . And yes I have compared directly on paper. The only disadvantage of more pixels storage space. But if that bothers you shoot at the lower resolution settings…

    The advantage is ease of leveling horizons, correcting lens distortion, or even automatic chromatic aberation removal, meands less loss of sharpness and more detail.

    • Justin

      This might be practically true (only you can decide that) but this is not likely to be strictly true.

      For one thing a CMOS chip has an electronic amplifier interfaced to each pixel. This amplifier has an equivalent noise charge (ENC) that gives you electronic noise dumped into each pixel. As you split up the chip into more pixels the “charge buckets” get smaller but the random noise charge dumped into them by the amplifier more than likely is not scaling at the same rate. (Now as the CMOS scales things likely improve, so a later designed higher pixel chip might in fact keep up with an earlier lower pixel chip of course.)

      But in theory fewer pixel should result in a technically less noisy image. But the perception of noise, grain, photographic texture is all very tricky. So your practical conclusion may in fact be right for these two cameras and especially for the work you do.

  • maybe people just bought some cameras for their summer holidays. The Canon 5D II is also out of stock at b&h.

  • Stephane

    How much do you guys figure a used D700 will go for once it’s replacement comes out?

  • Peter B

    What I want from a D700 Replacement

    1080p video
    100% viewfinder
    IQ same or better
    Made in Japan.

  • Daf

    Body Only out of stock for Home delivery (so main/central warehouse) @ Jessops – arguably UK’s largest photography retailer.

  • Graham

    But D700 in stock at Warehouse Express and Grays of Westminster …. and I would agree with those saying that a D700 “minor upgrade” ie a D700s is getting less likely. Also, not sure why people are holding off buying one if they need it and they say they’ll buy the D700s. If you are think that the D700 is “old technology” (and I’d agree it certainly isn’t new technology) then a D700s isn’t going to be a jump forward, more like a short step. So you’ll be paying slightly more for .. well slightly more. I guess video might do it for some folks.

    With the D3 and D300 nearly 3 years old, it wouldn’t surprise me if a D4 \ D400 would be the next big releases (though almost nothing Nikon does surprises me anymore). I’m not even sure that a D90 upgrade is possible without killing D300s sales … in my dreams we might see the following come Xmas:
    – D4 flagship
    – D400 (becoming the new “budget FX” line)
    – D90 replacement (becoming top of the line DX)

    But then I’ll wake up and continue to use my D200 …

  • Dweeb

    Huh? How can a simple out of stock situation at one dealer generate 110 comments?

    Next week’s story – D700 back in stock at BH – no replacement in foreseeable future.

    BTW it is not unheard of for Nikon to announce new product for the year late July.

  • JJ

    I just love to see the coment´s of some people. For me I have a D700 and i am very happy I can make very god photos. Some guys are waiting for the new model forever and don´t buy anything, they just whant to have the best, not to work with it, but just to have it….

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