You know this one was coming (Nikon lens coffee mug)

When Canon came up with their coffee mugs during the last Winter Olympics, I thought for a moment that they may really have better stuff than Nikon. Today I got my faith back - the Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 coffee mug is "now available for pre-order" on eBay 🙂

But wait, there is more - for all you caffeine addicts: the Nikon Lens AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Coffee Cup is also available:

Prices vary, to see all Nikon mug entries on eBay click here.

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  • Karl Guevara

    We. Are. Saved.

    • Banned

      $50 for a mug????!

      • stepper

        I guess isnce this a photo related item then the “you get what you pay for” cliche still applies – hopefully. Regardless, I can’t resist!!!

      • Tabitha Green

        At that price this is a complete joke. $50 for $1 worth of plastic. D:

        • GlobalGuy

          Is it safe to even drink from these things — how is it certified? Do you trust this manufacturer?

          Lead poisoning and other leeching agents may be at play — the type of PAINT & coatings on the cup is particularly in need of explanation. I would not drink out of this mug unless there was a third-party certification by a reliable source.

          Any illegal use of a brand/id/corporate logo shows me that there is not likely any concern for law or safety involved in this product.

          • iamlucky13

            It’s probably safe to assume the nano-coatings cause cancer. On the plus side, the AF-S motor can be repurposed to stir in your coffee and sugar, while VR helps prevent spills when traveling on bumpy roads.

            As for price, 77mm lens cap alone retails for around $20!

            On a more serious note, plastic molded components are really cheap if you make enough of them, but the initial cost of the molds can be quite high. While I have no doubt there’s a very big novelty markup, just because you can get a plain travel mug produced in volumes of tens of thousands per year at Target for $10 doesn’t mean the unit cost for these before profit is that low.

      • Anonymous

        It’s as overpriced as the lenses themselves.

      • ali

        No, $50 for the Nikon logo!! Bwahahahaha! $1.50 for the actual mug if you are a great shopper. The logo itself is what jacks up the price of this insane idea of a coffee travel mug.

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      The 70-200/4L mug look way hotter though =p

      • Tabitha Green

        Sure does! 🙂

  • Karl Guevara

    Great info in the auction: “This is NOT an actual lens! You can NOT attach this to your camera, and it is mug that can contain hot liquid.”

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert


      One can attach the 70-200/4L mug to a Canon body 😀

      Turn it on the highest FPS, hold the shutter release and hope the sensor keep the chocolate milk hot? 😀

      • GlobalGuy

        Are they going to make a Mug-to-Nikon adapter?? =P

        • quilmore

          will a coffee on this mug give you better “focus” on your work/study than the canon equivalent will? :-p

        • Karl Guevara

          I am waiting for an M version with adaptor for M43, so we can have espressos from a Summicron.

  • For once, the 70-200 VRII might be *too* big…

  • Bauke

    This great, I immediately ordered one

  • Chris L

    I’ll drink to that!

    • Vladi

      Viva la Depeche Mode!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Nikon will actually deliver this coffee mug. But my best bet is to see “out of stock” 🙂

    • GlobalGuy

      6 months waiting list. 😉

  • preston

    no – keep trying though 🙂

  • preston

    $40 for a coffee mug?? That’s very cool, but I’d rather save that money for a real 70-200 VRII.

    • Pat

      Or apply this $40 towards half the cost of a Nikon 77mm clear filter I always think is too expensive…

      • mine was half price at Adorama when I bought mine a few months ago.

  • taurui

    Finally!!! 😀

  • Sam

    About the only 70-200 VRII that I’ll be able to afford 🙁

  • Alexander

    I’m waiting for the Sigma 200-500/2.8 coffe mug…

    • neuro

      nooo that would be for beer not coffe XD!!!

      • Johan Krüger-Haglert

        With recent and future advancement in beer manufacturing that would be a little excessive:

        • GlobalGuy

          Beer is not meant to be hard alcohol. How are you supposed to drink a 6 pack, if it kills you in the process and tastes too strong to boot.

          They are better off selling watered down hops with nice flavors.

          • Alexander

            My favourite beer for the moment is Mikkeller Jackie Brown.

  • Click

    Nikon is really “Proud” of anything with their name on it? Like most items, they are the most expensive and “Out of Stock” of course you can put your name on a list.

    Check out this lens technology, Surely this will be adopted by DSLR videographers. Technology is advancing in leaps & bounds.

  • Steve

    OK, two things come to mind when I look at this:

    1. Walking up to an overlook to take a photo with it in my hand, then taking a drink out of my lens in front of everyone. That ought to freak ’em out a bit eh?

    2. Leaving the lens in the cupholder of my truck only to come back and find it was broken into because someone thought it was a real lens.

    • GlobalGuy

      Yeah, but you’ll have insurance and a new window. The thief is going to have a bloody hand and a cup.

      • preston

        yea, and then he’s so pissed that he sets your car on fire. .

  • Will the VRII stabilize my shaking hands after a whole pot of coffee?

    • Astrophotographer

      I was thinking the same thing. I could use a coffee cup with VR.

      • i_want_a_D900

        The VR would stablize the mug only , not your hand, sorry!

  • Gary

    And the prices are about the same as the Real Lenses!
    We must have the word “stupid” tattooed across our foreheads.:-)

  • pb

    24-70 is great, but I will wait for the VR version 😉

  • tsnake

    BFD, honestly, I could not care less about Nikon memorabilia.
    All I want to read is that a D700 size body with 25mp, ISO 12800, 5 fps, and 51 focus points for $3000 has been officially announced. Oh, and they can skip the video. If and when I want to become a videotographer I will buy a video camera.

  • daniel

    I want one!
    Maybe this is what I was waiting for to start drinking coffee

  • Zoetmb

    Did this guy get a license from Nikon to produce these? Because if he didn’t, I think he’s going to be shut down real soon.

    And these look a little too good to be true. Are those photos of the cups or slightly modified Photoshopped photos of the actual lenses? If those aren’t the actual cups (and I don’t think they are), you might be a little disappointed as to how they actually look. Although the “lens cap” does look thicker than a real cap and looks like it was designed to keep the liquid in. Which is actually too bad because a real Nikon lens cap costs something like $16.

    Anyways, the guy seems to be getting bids, so assuming he does have a license, he’s a genius for being able to sell $50 coffee cups. He probably gets a bigger % margin than Nikon does on some of the actual low-end lenses.

    • stepper

      Good point. The photos of the mug look way too good to be real. And with the relatively low feedback ratings of the sellers I find it just a tad bit suspect as to whether or not these things actually exist – or will ever exist for that matter.

      • stepper

        Come to think of it, although they are probably legit, this would make for a near perfect scam. Offer auctions for a pre-order item and tell the buyer that the item will take up to 35 days for delivery when Ebay’s window to file for complaints is only 30 days (example only, I have no clue how long the complaint window is opened).

        • Regardless of the complaint window`s length, good luck with eBay helping you with anything. At least, I`ve never gotten any help, much less response from them.

  • Bob

    While the lens mug would be really neat to have, I don’t see anyway to justify spending $40-50 plus $10 for shipping for a mug! Maybe Nikon will include one with the purchase of a DSLR body.

  • Darkness

    The 24-70 looks big enough for nespresso…

  • Anonymous

    Easy way for photographers to sneak in liquor at sporting events? highly likely.

    • Anonymous

      YES! LMAO…

  • Jay A

    Nikon needs an F4 version of the mug…otherwise noway

  • Anonymous

    What if you accidentally brought your lens to work instead of the mug? That could be disastrous on so many levels… lol

  • Anonymous

    I bet it smells and tastes like plastic too..

  • Geo

    You can hold more coffee by attaching a TC-1.7E II

  • Blocky Face

    One guy did review of Canon mugs and plastic one (24-105) smelled and coffee tasted like, well – plastic.So I guess it’s only good for keeping your pens and pencils in.(then $45 +s&h is way too much).

    Canon’s 70-200 was stainless steel inside, so no plastic aftertaste.

    We’ll see if Nikon versions are better…

    • jim

      Nikon’s is always better!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Only fools believe…

  • Anonymous

    1/10th of the price and doesn’t taste like plastic!

    • preston

      . . and doesn’t look like a lens, which is the entirely novelty.

  • prices will probably go down once this comes to the US (if it is legal of course)

    • jim

      Will it be offered in grey market? Will NIkon USA service any warranty claims–e.g., my cup develops a leak, the coffee tastes stale, etc.

      • wait for the bundle with the D3 “keep warm/re-boil base”.

  • thefunk

    Surely no-one is actually going to buy one of these ?

  • thefunk

    ever been mugged ?

  • fzz

    those ebay dealers are mainly from HK, they import from China at about USD 10 each, i saw it on (which equivalent to ebay in China)

  • Anonymous

    It has begun.

  • Coffee adicted Edwar

    Well it´s better buy the 70-200 mug it´s a littlebit more plastic for the money 5 dollars oke mabe10 photo related but 50 no way Jose

  • Digitalux

    Nice. My reseller always gives me goodies…

  • The price seems a little steep but that’s flippin awesome. I’d buy one just to throw around and scare people with. “Oops oh sheet, I just dropped a $2500 lens!”

    As someone else said, the 70-200 would be a huge drink cup. I think that a 24-70 would be just about right. Although an inverted 14-24 might make for a nice desktop mug with a wide stable base.

  • Coffee addicted

    Well i want an 300mm vr 2 or 200-400vr2 mug funny variable coffee mug oh and open please a nikon store in Medellin Colombia that makes me original dutch and a lot professional photographers happy we still have to get almost everything from nikon via USA Europe or panama

  • I agree. $40-50 for a coffee mug, even this cool, is dumber than $8,000 for the D3x when it launched…

  • longtimenikonshooter

    they’ve switched their production from making lenses to making coffee mugs? what’s their core business?

  • chunkee

    Ordered Two already
    costing @ US$12~~~
    coz ordering with another 40 guys~~~
    (China shipping to Macau)~~~

  • Anonymous

    Imagine getting beaten up and mugged for your coffee…

    “no honestly this is not a lens….. it is my beverage!!???!!…help”


  • Am I the ONLY commenter in over NINETY comments to call this BLATANT photochop? The 24-70 especially, it is SO clearly just a photoshopped empty space on top of a normal 24-70. The 70-200 looks similarly photoshopped with what looks like the inside of a generic metal pipe. The inside just doesn’t match the lighting of the outside, and the edge is just so clearly a photoshop trick. I’m sorry…

    And if anyone has seen the Canon mugs, they’re hardly this good of reproductions, they’re just cheap vacuum-formed plastic.

    I’m just saying. Everyone is right to balk at the $40 price, and talk about how society is descending into materialism since people WOULD pay that much for such a product, …but you all get an EPIC FAIL for not noticing the photoshop. Sorry!

    I bet this guy is just taking the money and running. Either that or, he hopes to get enough sales to actually START production on a cheapo, vacuum-formed plastic version that will look nothing like this.


    • preston

      But it looks like this is a REAL ebay entry, meaning HE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! And this won’t even finish production until July, but he’s “pre selling” it now – yea this is definitely a scam like someone mentioned earlier. Everyone is saying (including me) that $40 is too much for a mug, but if it really duplicated the lens to that level of detail, like the same speckled texture on the metal between the rings, then it would cost a lot more than this.

  • thefunk

    I eat my breakfast from a rusty old paint tin. I phoned this guy in china and he said it would be fine as long as I sent him $20. Quids in.

  • how upset would the common car thug be if he to go to the trouble of breaking into my car for nothing more than a coffee mug

  • lunar

    where is the hood?

  • jim

    I’m waiting for my D700X coffee mug, otherwise I’m switching to Canon!

    • Christina


  • That is the only way I can afford a 200mm G VRII. LOL
    But I drink a lot of coffee I need a 500mm mug.

  • GeorgeofSacramento

    But Ken Rockwell prefers a Dixie Cup.

  • Sqeener

    yeah i’m not gonna buy this thing until Ken Rockwell puts up a review and tells me to. I’m being sarcastic. Ken also told me to be sarcastic.

  • York

    I had the Canon 70-200 mug. What I can say is “what a piece of crap” It looks so good in the picture and feel so cheap when you hold it in your hand. Canon may just pay $1 for it… Hope Nikon has the mug build like their camera. I love Nikon but I’m a Canon shooter.

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