Nikon D8000 could be the name of the D90 replacement

Update: Nikon D3s now in stock.

I started to get some good vibes from the rumor mill. The model numbers are really insignificant but I was always curious how Nikon will continue the D90 DSLR line. One very possible combination could be: Nikon D4000 (D3000 replacement) and D8000 (D90 replacement), both with full HD and 14-18MP sensors (the D4000 is probably going to be between 14-16MP and the D8000 will be between 16-18MP). The full frame body is still the big question mark - I continue to receive rumors that the D700 will be replaced in 2011.

The lenses situation also starts to resolve around the following lenses (nothing new here, but I want to emphasize that the same information is now pouring in from all over the world):

  • One prime lens - either the 35mm f/1.4 or the 85 f/1.4 VR (both AF-S). The rumors are currently split 50/50 for each lens. We will see only one of those lenses between now and Photokina.
  • New high-power zoom (FX): either 24-105 f/4 VRII  or 24-120 f/4 VRII, possible Nano coating (especially if it is the 105mm focal length).
  • New super telephoto zoom (FX) - 3 possibilities here: 28-300mm f/4.5-5.6, 100-500mm or 100-400mm. There is a very low chance of a new 80-400mm lens, even though there is a new patent for this lens (coming up online soon). All VRII of course.

It is still not clear what will be the kit lens for the D8000.

The two DSLRs and the three lenses should be released between now and Photokina. Very soon I will be able to give a 90+% rating on some of those rumors but we are not there yet - I just need some more information.

BTW, many European Nikon websites were down again today - some of them were offline for more than 24 hours.

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  • I’d be really, really surprise of a new 14 or even 18MP sensor… wouldn’t make too much sense, at least for the FX format. There’s already a 12 and a 24 one, why would they release a 16 ou even 18 ? For the DX format, since there’s already a 12MP one, I’d aim also for AT LEAST 18, if not 20 or more. Yet again, wouldn’t make any sense to throw out a brand new sensor with only like 2 or 4 more MP compared to the previous one… And especially when Canon is having 18+ MP sensor.

    • Those MP are for the DX bodies (D4000 and D8000).

      • Please stop this VR2/VRII emphasis… The lens naming is already confusing, and VRII as a technology means absolutely nothing. The old 70-200 was VRII already, but it still had only a bit more than two stops of „vibration reduction”. The new one truly freezes the shaking. The VR seems to be a lottery, but thankfuly improving over the years. Still can’t wait for the new 200-400 to see if they updated this part too.

        • northy

          The old 70-200 wasn’t equipped with VRII, you can look it up on the Nikon website. As for the other stuff, I agree, the naming scheme from Nikon is a bit of a mess.

        • I see that too many people confuse about the “VR II” and “II”.

          The difference should be clear for everyone:

          In the lens denomination/name, “II” stands for the second generation of that lens, no matter if it has VR or not.
          1. AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II;
          2. AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II.
          3. AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E II
          Exception: AF-S Teleconverter TC-17E II that seems to miss the first generation. The name contains “II” by marketing reasons.

          In the lens description “VR II” means the second generation of VR.

          Of course, the previous generation of 70-200 was not VR II. Please check at:

          • Mika

            Yes, this makes things really confusing.
            For example the Nikon AF-S DX 18-200/3,5-5,6G IF ED VR and Nikon AF-S DX 18-200/3,5-5,6G IF ED VR II both have VR II. The “II” in the model name means it’s a second generation lens as you said, but in this case it could very easily be missunderstood.

          • that’s correct – in the post I was referring to the VR version, not lens version

          • King Of Swaziland

            I think, at this time, one can assume anything new other than the ultra-cheapo-consumer-kit lens will have VR II technology, so talking about it in lens titles is just confusing.

          • Catastrophile

            to avoid the confusion use the following notation:
            V-II-R means second version of VR
            VR-II means second version of the lens
            V-II-R-II means second version of both

          • I Am Nikon


            “V-II-R means second version of VR
            VR-II means second version of the lens
            V-II-R-II means second version of both

            can you post a link to where this “VIIR” and “VIIRII” you are referring to ?

            VRII is the 2nd generation of the VR Technology by Nikon.

            The Nikkor AF-S 105mm doesn’t have a VRI version, and yet the current one has VRII in it.

            Why would Nikon put a VRI on the AF-S 105mm if there’s already an existing VRII tech in their arsenal ?

    • Johan krüger-haglert

      Who gives a shit. It makes sense to use a new sensor, I don’t give a rats ass about how many megapixels it would have though.

      And much rather 16 or 18 than 22 crappy ones.

  • qoo

    I hope had new FX line release on summer!!
    Go nikon~

  • SBGrad

    A 28-300 would be a personal disaster, I already have the 70-300 AF-S VR. If it were up to me, 1st choice would be 100-500 (as long as aperture doesn’t exceed 5.6), then 100-400, but if we see a 28-300 I’ll just buy a 300 f/4 and a TC-14.

    • Ian

      It won’t happen but a 200-500 f4 would be really useful.

      • Andrew

        … and 10 grand!

        • King Of Swaziland

          $10K? The 500 f/4 prime is already $9K, try $15-20K and it will only happen in your dreams.

      • There’s no way a 100-500 f/4 is coming out, they JUST re-vamped the original 200-400 f/4. My money is on a more consumer-oriented, f/4-5.6 lens with AFS (finally) so that the 80-400 can be put out to pasture like it needed to be YEARS ago… (Ever shot with the Canon 100-400, with USM? It makes the Nikon 80-400 feel ancient. In fact the 80-400’s heyday was on the F5 and the D1 series cameras, back when they actually put real POWER in their AFD drive…

        But I digress. My point is just that, considering all the lenses recently released AND the lenses that sorely need replacement, that is what is most likely. A lens in that range, with that performance and price point.

        Personally, I’m not interested in any of that. I’m DYING for a 70-200 f/4 VR. Anybody who has handled and reviewed images from the Canon versions will know what a gem and hot seller this lens could be…


    • iamlucky13

      A 28-300 would be a really weird move in my opinion. Obviously, the intent would be an FX superzoom, but superzooms are about convenience, which is not why FX exists.

      @ Matthew Saville – I’m sure what SBGrad was intending to convey was a 100-500mm F/4.5-5.6 rather than a constant F/4. This has been rumored as the actual 80-400 replacement.

      I don’t know that they need to squeeze all the way out to 500mm in what will probably be a $2000 lens, but I doubt anyone realistically imagines a zoom that outspecs (much less outperforms) the 200-400. Whatever comes out should give Nikon users an equivalent to the Canon 100-400 and an alternative to the Sigma 50-500.

  • Valadice

    I thought the odd/even number depended on whether the D1/2/3 was odd or not.

  • rad

    Any idea of dates better than now and photokina? I’m eyeing the Rebel T2i but this would stop me.

    • One possibility was August, another one was at or right before Photokina (September). It looks like there will be at least 2 annoucements this summer.

      • During the first 5 months Nikon has released only 2 new lenses and one refresh (200-400) – the second half of the year should be more active.

        • Aggravated

          If Nikon has “released” new products in the first 1/2 of the year how come you can’t find anything on anyone’s website or shelf to purchase? Maybe you would serve the visitors of this site better if you could offer a “user or dealer based” list of who and where Nikon items can be purchased from. None of the big online etailers have Jack sh*t in stock to order and you ask anyone and no one has a clue when anything is due to hit the shelves. It’s like the blind leading the blind “what a great business model”. Try finding a D3s, a 24mm F/1.4, TCIII teleconverter, or many other Nikon lenses (they are just not available for some reason). I sure don’t believe it is frikin Pirate related and Nikon needs to release more items, but will they be available to actually buy, I seriously doubt it, at least for a year.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Most Coolpix have 14MP.

    • Anonymous

      Go buy it than.

      • longtimenikonshooter

        I am already happy with 12.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        A 12MP dslr would be a major failure for Nikon at this time.

        • A 12mp D700s bracketed with an 18~22mp D700x wouldn’t be a major failure, IMO. Just a matter of having cameras for the two camps that seem to exist right now. I’m not sure Nikon can release one cam that would make everyone happy. What’s that saying about not being able to please everyone all the time?

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Atleast this guy seem to have prefered 10-12 mpx over 18 in the 7D.

          I think I to would had.

    • Aggravated

      I went to the Ritz website looking for a new D3s before I made my previous post. Their website has all the looks and appearances of them having that model in stock. I said that is too good to be true, so I called them on the phone. They wanted my name and phone number so they could put me on a waiting list. They had ZERO, NADA, ZILCH in stock, just like everyone else.

      I even called Nikon in NY who transferred me to a guy named Joel who is Nikon’s Customer Support rep who is in the Dominican Republic (800-645-6689 ). He went to calling everyone while I was on hold, only to come back on the line to tell me that B&H, Adorama, J&R, Wolf and all the others had no D3s inventory (Heck I already knew that). Anyway, he took my number and said he would try to locate me a new D3s. I have waited all day long, and still NOTHING. I guess there is not a D3s in the U.S. That is pretty pathetic IMHO.

      Oh, he said that NASA had bought 15 of the D3s bodies, whoopee do, 15 bodies to NASA sure couldn’t have wiped out their US supply chain, or at least you wouldn’t think it would. Could Nikon be purposely under producing these because something with more Megapixels and 1080 video is due to be launched and they don’t want to get caught holding too much inventory. 5200.00 is a ton of money to spend on a 12MP DSLR without 1080 video when Canon can sell a full frame 1080 21MP DSLR for less than 1/2 of what a D3s will run you.

      • Jesus_sti

        Mp doesn’t say nothing …. the deep of color, the Ev, the dynamic range …
        The D3s is a camera for pro photograph… video doesn’t make sense… compare low light canon vs low light nikon … Right less Mp and ?

      • I’m not making excuses for Nikon, but what if they
        1) Misjudged the US demand *and*
        2) Moved most of their production to the upcoming Dxxx that it set to be announced soon (and which should be available within a month of announcement).

        I’m just trying to think of reasons why there’s a shortage (no D3s at Yodobashi Camera in Utsunomiya, either). Perhaps the beancounters at the Sendai Nikon plant are in a tizzy as to what to do now that they’re caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

  • Anonymous

    Tons of Nikon gear is out of stock, so you can’t even buy equipment that’s already been released. Even if they release some cool lenses and cameras, you won’t be able to get anything for many months after it’s released. I don’t understand why they do that.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      Perhaps Nikon management anticipated a world-wide depression right after the collapse of Lehman.

      • Anonymous

        I can understand not wanting to release lots of new products due to the poor economic climate, but not keeping the gear they offer in stock does not make sense. I know many people who want to buy tens of thousands of dollars of equipment, me included, but can’t find anything in stock. Some are buying Canon gear simply because they can actually find it in stock to buy. Maybe Nikon is in more financial trouble than they’re letting on.

        • so you are buying canon gear because you have to buy stuff? wow. i just continue making kick ass images with the gear i have. no need to waste money on crap

          • Joe Fish

            Me too, even use a D100 now and then. Why not? The aufocus is spot on, not so with the 5d mkII I had.

          • Anonymous

            Wow yourself. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying Nikon should make sure the gear they have released is in stock so a photographer doesn’t have to wait many months to get it in hand.

    • amunk

      they misjudged the american market for some reason (underestimated demand), and are now scrambling to restock.

  • advan031

    Please please release the 35 f1.4 before the 85 f1.4 because I’ll buy the 35mm f1.4 in heart beat!

    • t1t4n1um

      No way! We here need a new portrait lens, for those of us shooting DX!

  • Click

    Can Nikon afford too continue to be silent in this market today by not offering a “FX” alternative to the 5D2 that has 1080 video?
    Sure the D700 is a great camera, but I feel they need to come up with some type of competition to the 5dMark2 at a similiar price point or their will surely be a bunch to jump ship.
    We have to spend 5199.00 to get a 12MP sensor with 720 video, and even then it lacks so many features that other manufacturers have offered for years now (various FPS etc). Bad thing about this, is, the D3s has been basically non existent for 1/2 year already, and you still can’t purchase one today along with certain lenses an there is no end in sight. Very Sad IMHO.

    • jimmy

      There is always the possibility that Nikon simply haven’t been able to integrate 1080 video into a camera like the D700 yet. Perhaps they simply don’t have the ability to make video as good as Canon (who have enjoyed a massive advantage due to an already existing video camera department) at this stage of the game.

      I hope they prove me wrong, but it is a real possibility.

      As much as i am looking forward to a D700 replacement with video, i would much rather wait a few more months for it to be finalised, than buy a d700 with really crap video tomorrow.

      In saying all that, the D700 has been out for two years yesterday! They have had enough time to make significant improvements on an already great camera!

      • Carlos

        More likely they are not allow to develop 1080p because of a clause impose by Sony when they made the sensor for Nikon.

        • Except for the fact that Nikon owns EVERY right to their 12 MP FX sensor, which is exactly the reason that Sony hasn’t come out with a competing 12 MP FF body, and even their A850 has the lame-duck 24 MP sensor that can’t shoot past ISO 400 for the life of it.

          I think the biggest reason Canon is in the lead in video is simply because they have been developing (and selling) video technology for years now. Their video equipment production was huge LONG before video ever became possible in a still camera. For Canon, it was simply a matter of waiting for their DSLR CPU speed (and CF card speed) to come up to par so they could write the data fast enough. While for Nikon they are basically starting from scratch.

          At least that’s my un-educated guess at the situation.

          Either way, I don’t care because I’ll never need HD recording in the same camera body that I use to shoot stills. Even if I am FORCED to embrace “fusion” as a freelance photographer, I won’t be shooting video and stills at once, my brain just can’t handle it. I would be teaming up with other videographers, and whatever equipment they use is up to them. In fact if Nikon makes a 1080p DSLR and everyone started using it, that’d just annoy me because then the videographers would be constantly asking to borrow this or that lens in the middle of the ceremony / reception. Yes, I realize how cool it is that you can shoot video with the same system that I’m shooting stills with, BUT THAT DOESNT’ MEAN I’M GOING TO LET YOU USE ALL MY LENSES!!!

          See my slightly exaggerated and dramatized point? 😛

          Either way, I do agree that for the sake of industry survival, Nikon DOES need to make a 1080p camera, and SOON. I just personally loathe that day…


      • Anonymous

        This 1080 video thing seems to have screwed everything. Video in dslr is aimed for newbies (blurry 10 min. snapshots at best); professionals would buy a proper video camera anyway.

        Why can’t they introduce a basic high-quality 24mp D900 purely for photographers?

        • Claustral

          DSLR video is going big much faster than people expected. TV production companies are replacing their pro video cameras with 5D’s by the case load. They are so cheap compared to an Arri or other top-line video that they can expose them to peril or even destroy them while filming – and get novel shots in the process. A camera car might have 5-10 DSLRs attached to it to get different angles, rather one pro video. Final proof is that the series final of one of the world’s most watched series – “House” – was recently filmed entirely with 5D’s. The shallow depth of field available with fast lenses is a particular look that is hard to get any other way in video.

          So while photographers might wonder why video is important, professional videographers are taking the new technology to heart very quickly.

          • Twoomy

            +1. EXCELLENT POINT!

            And while it might seem like hogwash to all us still photographers, tapping the videographer market seems to be what Canon and Nikon are trying to do. That’s where the new money is, even if it’s at the expense of releasing camera features for photographers. *sigh*

            Oddly enough, I’m surprised that Sony isn’t really too deep in the movie dSLR movement yet. They have a long history of video like Canon, but I think they were trying to prove too hard that they were serious about making cameras for photographers.

        • Hendog

          Several feature films have been shot on DSLRs; the video is far more cinematic to small sensor video cameras. For those productions who can’t afford a RED kit or similar, video capable DSLRs are a godsend. Please Nikon, serve this market as Canon have been

        • Mark

          >”Why can’t they introduce a basic high-quality 24mp D900 purely >for photographers?”

          I agree.

        • you sound ridiculous saying that – honestly. you have to realize that these cameras are being used for major motion pictures as well as by news agencies that requested this feature for years.
          I’m fairly certaint that having 1080 video has not detracted from any photographers ability to produce stills

    • Ugal

      If you were to be believed Nikon/Canon users jump ship at least twice a year… In which case we wait 6mth for them to jump back…

  • Chris

    Sounds promising. Really hoping for a FX camera that competes with the 5dm2 and a similar price. I love Nikon’s photo quality more than Canons…but as a filmmaker I want something with great video.

    Also, I too really hope for the 35mm 1.4 before the new 85mm 1.4…that would just be awesome!

    • Carlos

      Surprise you can find the different outside of pixel peeping. You should check how you handle your workflow.

  • Anonymous

    I want a 35 1.4 with FAST focus. I’d get one right away.

  • In your previous “rumor” you state that there will be one DX and one FX camera. Here you describe a D4000 as a D3000 replacement and a D8000 as a D90 replacement. Those are both DX. So are we getting 2 DX bodies and no FX? Or is it one of the two DX you are describing here plus an unknown FX?

    • Carlos

      Wellcome to NR

    • Jun

      This is rumors…
      He probably writes the stuff he know so I don’t think u asking makes him know more… And there’s different sources of the rumors, plus it was said earlier it might be three cameras to be released….

      Nr is a good site keep it up
      let’s hope summer has some exiting new stuff for the nikon ethusiasts

    • in the previous post I just reported what somebody that I follow said on an Asian forum, this post is based on tips I received today

    • Anonymous

      There is no need to bracket “Rumor” on this site. : )

  • Kimo

    I’d love to get that 35mm 1.4 !
    Any word for new flash (SB-700) yet?

  • Fat Ho Z

    its really bad if D700S/X not come ture…….

    I m waiting over 1 year…….nah..

  • SimonC

    I’m going to guess 16MP Sony CMOS sensor for DX. IMO, it sounds like the right target for the new D90 replacement and inline with Nikon’s recent remarks that they don’t want to increase MP without sacrificing IQ. Canon can have 18MP but Nikon’s 16MP will almost certainly be better IQ (DR, bit depth, etc.)

    • Ima

      Canon has 18MP in the 7D and Nikon’s current/2yr old 12MPs have better IQ according to

      • nobody

        No, that is not the case if you compare them at the same print size!

        And, btw, isn’t resolution one aspect of image quality, too? I tend to think so.

        • SimonC

          True, resolution is one aspect. But I think too many people focus on this metric and don’t consider color depth and DR.

          That said, I will give credit to the 7D, considering its 18MP sensor gives the D300s’ 2-yr old 12MP sensor a run for its money.

          My point is, I’m guessing that Nikon doesn’t want to aim for 18MP (whether or not we like it) but would rather balance out other IQ factors. I’m perfectly fine with that.

          Competition is good.

          • With the advanced amateur DX lineup, Nikon has gone from 6 to 10 to 12, so I’m guessing their next move will be to 14 or 16 MP. (D100, D70, D200, D80, D300, D90…)

            Canon went from 6 to 8 to 10 to 15 to 18, by the way. (10D thru 7D)

  • Alex

    So Nikon found a new naming convention. It is obviously avoiding moving on to like 3100, 5100 etc… so it won’t be long and there will be a Nikon D9,000,000? I would have thought it would be smarter to have updated models in the series not require all zeros after the first digit,

    • And it still wont be full frame or a replacement for the D700 🙂

    • With film, Nikon used digits like F5, N60, N65, F100, and N8008, etc. etc.

      I’m betting that since previously the numbering was backwards, they’re simply hoping to phase out the 2-digit lineup, so that it makes sense once again. (four digits is beginner, three digits is prosumer, one digit is flagship.)

      There’s plenty of naming options within this system, and Nikon is pretty consistent with the way they name things… And any inconsistency is usually only because their long-term plans have yet to be revlealed…


      • jimmy

        What is two digit then?

        It should be somewhere between prosumer and flagship based on that convention but the D60-90 clearly are not.

        • Maeka

          That’s the part he was referring to as “backwards”. And the D90 hopefully will be the last of it.


          has been the pattern since the end of the film-only days.
          Hopefully soon we’ll have the
          pattern only.

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            what does it matter what they call the DSLR’s ? a name is just something to call it. the only reason to care is so one can easily know they have better gear than another.

  • My 35mm 1.4 will be ordered as soon as it’s announced. I can live without the 85mm 1.4. The 1.8 is a pretty great lens already.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      if you don’t shoot sports.

  • Cam’on…not again DX bodies 🙁

  • The visible woman

    Great job Peter, thanks !

  • Mishima

    Please please please come out with a brand new FX with HD recording! I cant wait for replace my d90 with that new model as im so tempted with the 5D MKII features.

    • Carlos

      Let say if Nikon was allowed to develop full HD video and a codec for its D700 replacement in 2011 to match the 5DMk2, by that time Canon would be releasing the 5DMk3 with RAW video and other advances. This means Nikon will continue to miss out in the video market.

      • A very valid point – people are forgetting that the 5D MKII is also due for replacement – I also keep abreast of some of the Canon rumours and they are currently saying early 2011 for a refresh. This therefore gives Nikon a current problem – if they mis-judge but still release the FX product (D700 replacement) early now, they might be truly spanked by Canon in that space for at least the next two years. I say Nikon are obviously intelligent enough to know all of this and are making sure that the replacement will be a market leader, even if it means delaying until 2011. Only time will tell if they get it right…

        • I read that Canon were waiting to see what Nikon do before releasing another camera. With Nikon’s ability to not release a new FX camera this sounds like a suicide pact 🙂

          • jimmy

            I’ll bring the coolaid.

          • XccVBV

            lol, thanks!


    ugh. i hate huge numbers

  • nobody

    Aren’t we still in odd number times, until the D4 arrives? So the D90 successor should surely be a D7000.

    If the D3000 successor is called D4000, they are running out of numbers again very soon, since this model is upgraded every year. So there must be a different solution.

    And if there is really no D700 upgrade this year, I see a good chance for a 18-24MP FX camera in a D90 type body (with full HD) to compete with Canon’s 5DII. It just makes sense for Nikon.

  • Ed

    Admin I want to thank you for the heads up. You give me something to hope for and your info (correct or not) is always welcome.

  • buster

    If so many items are out of stock, surely this must have a very, very bad impact on cashflow towards nikon, up to the point that more money is leaving the company (wages, r&d, etc) then coming in (sales). How are they going to buy/pay stuff for manufacturing if the cashflow is negative? Surely a lot of banks will be very cautious to give credit…..

    Let’s hope they hit a home run with the next round of camera update this and next year

  • fritzi

    yesterday i received the information that d90 replacement will be D9000 dx sensor by 14,6mp and full hd. d700 comes 2011!

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      14.7 MP sensor … bah i’ll keep my D90. less than a 3MP increase wont be noticeable … they need to get closer to 18.

      When Joe nobody goes in and the clerk lays an 18MP cmera next to a 12 or 14MP camera I can guarantee that most casual buyers would choose 18.

      • PHB

        The incentive to upgrade is most likely going to be some form of the D300 autofocus system plus true HD video.

        But really who upgrades with every single model? This is for people who are still on the D80 or want to move up from a D40 or a D3000.

  • 24-105 f/4 VRII or 24-120 f/4 VRII, and a possible 35mm 1.4….. would be nice, very nice. Especially since Nikon has no real answer to the brilliant Canon 24-105 f/4. The Nikon version is average at best, compared to the Canon version.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know that Nikon’s 24-105mm will be at average quality before it’s out? Maybe it will be much better than Canon’s. Just my 2 cents…

      • I think Willem is commenting on the existing Nikon 24-120 mm lens, which is indeed average at best.

  • SNRatio

    I think the upcoming announcement will be enthusiast gear, so it will be more of a D300s replacement than D90. But because it will be placed “between” the two models build-wise, it could be said to “replace” either. The FX normal-zoom is long overdue, and it makes sense if they release the 35/1.4 first. They aren’t covered with AF at all at 35/1.4, and the existing 85/1.4 AF-D isn’t that bad. If they have limited production capacity (as it seems), it makes sense to do the 35/1.4 first.

    It also makes sense to release the more expensive model first. But they may keep the D300s in the lineup as the “DX pro model” until next year. It may turn out to be something like the D2X/D200 situation.

  • ewan

    It does seem odd to suggest that it would be the D90 getting replaced rather than the D300; given the history the new sensors seem to appear in the higher end camera first; e.g. the D200 sensor later being used in the D80, and then the D300 one in the D90. If it happened the other way round surely there’s a risk that the cheaper, more basic camera at the D80/D90 level would outperform the more ‘pro’ camera.

    • Bryan

      That is unless the Dx00 series will no longer be DX.

      • ewan

        That’s certainly possible, but I think it’s a little unlikely, and I certainly hope it doesn’t happen. Firstly, there’s still quite a price jump between a DX and an FX sensor, and it’s not clear where that would be found without making any FX D300 replacement a lot more expensive. Secondly, D300 users are quite likely to have some DX lenses (e.g. the 17-55, various ultrawides etc.) and if the upgrade proposition requires getting a new body and a bunch of new lenses it makes that upgrade very expensive, and a comparable amount of hassle as jumping to another system entirely.

        Also, given the general ongoing improvements in sensor performance, it shouldn’t be too hard to make a new DX sensor with similar quality to the current D700 FX sensor, which makes it somewhat pointless. Not completely pointless of course, but anyone that wanted a D300 but with better quality at a higher price would have just bought the D700 in the first place.

        Overall, it doesn’t sound like a good move to me.

        • PHB

          The price jump in the camera could disappear as production improves.

          There will still be a large demand for DX format pro bodies because 90% plus of shots can be taken just as well with lenses are a lot cheaper and a lot lighter.

          Its quite astonishing the number of people who bleat on about how Nikon should be producing a 100-500 zoom to replace the 80-400 because 400 is not long enough and then bleat on about how they are FX only. If you need the reach, get a DX body and the 80-400 gives you the equivalent of 120-600.

          I think there will be at least another DX pro body, and probably another after that.

    • Mike

      Don’t forget that video of any sort first showed up in the D90. It then trickled up. I think novel/new technlogy at the D90 pricepoint attracts a much bigger market vs the D3 market. And coming out with a new sensor at the D90 level allows for further tweeks to appear up market. It gives them more R&D time to get 14 bit frame rate up to snuff from the 12 bit /3 fps found in D90 level cameras.

    • since not that many d300s’s are being sold it doesn’t matter – they need to refresh the D90 which was a Canon killer – fitting neatly into a slot that Canon’s line did not truly cover…
      Canon and Nikon sell far more entry to mid cameras than upper cam’s and that is why you may see the introduction of the new sensor in the D90X camera…

  • canphtoto

    I just hope the D8k will have the motor inside the camera.

    • roberto

      me too!

  • Carlos R B

    Admin, i dont get it….why they will update the D90 with more MP (what i hope so, contrary to some others) before the D300? Wouldnt the D300 be their priority?

    • who knows – why did they introduce video in the D90 first?

      • preston

        because video was not seen as a professional tool in a dslr at the time. it was just for fun. that’s why it started in the middle and then worked it’s way up after they realized there was demand for it. the difference is the top of the line pro cameras have always had the highest megapixels.

        • ewan

          Exactly. And if the D90 replacement does come first with a sensor that has higher resolution and is higher quality than the D300s (and maybe capable of 1080p video too), then the D300s is dead in the water – who’s going to buy one then if the D90 replacement is cheaper and better?

          • JED

            Because the D90 replacement will not have the build quality and some of the pro level features of the D300

          • I Am Nikon

            not to mention the D90 replacement will have slower fps than the D300s. or yet 100% viewfinder.

          • ewan

            You’re both quite right of course but I do think that:
            – You’d have to be pretty wedded to the fps and build quality to accept a higher prices and lower image quality for it,
            – You’d have to be pretty desperate to get something soon to buy a D300s when you’d really have to expect that even if the D90 successor does come out first, it can’t be much longer until that sensor makes it into a D300 level camera.

            I think at the very least it would create enough doubt to be a bad move on Nikon’s part; if they get the new sensor out in the D300 successor first it keeps the range neatly in order with no uncertainty over which camera is ‘better’.

  • Bob Fossil


  • So, can someone explain the logic behind Nikon’s DSLR model numbers? From the sequence numbering, it is easy to make the logical (but totally wrong) conclusion that the Dnnnn line is an order of magnitude more capable than the Dnnn line, which is an order of magnitude more capable than the Dnn line, which in turn is an order of magnitude more capable than the Dn line.

    • nobody

      “So, can someone explain the logic behind Nikon’s DSLR model numbers?”

      Simple answer: No.

    • kendoka

      The numbering makes no sence – but I do think they should stick to the better cameras having lesser digits (i.e. D3 >> D3000).
      Why not start a totally new way to number cameras:
      Dx1 (pro DX model)
      Dx1000 (entry DX model)
      Fx1 (pro FX model)
      Fx1000 (entry FX model)

      • that is the way Canon does it – it makes sense

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      why does it matter ? they could start calling them A1 A2 A3 until they get to A99 then goto B1 B2 etc for all I care.

  • Acend

    A new FX body this year? I believe it when I see it. I would be happily surprised it this turns out to be true.

  • Bryan

    I have a feeling that Nikon will now make the Dx000 line all DX and the Dx00 line and above all FX. This would explain a new sensor in the consumer bodies without first being in the prosumer line. With the advances in sensor technology in the past few years, I don’t think any company can afford to not release better technology in new consumer model xyz for fear that it will hemorage sales from old pro model xyz. Otherwise camera technology would become stagnant. it’s how things work in the world of technology. A 20+ FX sensor as a D700 replacement is not far fetched for that reason. I think we’re definitely going to start seeing a big acceleration in camera cycles because of this. If a camera company wants to stay on top, they’re going to have to stay on the bleeding edge.

  • zack

    Nikon D8000, what an ugly sounding name. Nikon D90 at least has some pro zing to its name. I predict a flop

    • Derek R

      But, they ran out of numbers! There are already the D40, D50, D60, D70, D80, D90, D100. They have to enter a new order of magnitude, so to speak.

      • Anonimouse

        But what aabout the D10, D20, and D30?

        • zack

          Or D9x?

          • Anjin san whispered in my ear that’s 6 generations into the future from the now existing D3, it will have 60 Mp, ISO 12800 and 15 fps and will be released July 2025.

        • Mike

          Canon had those (D10-D30) before switching to xxD. Imagine the smile on Canon’s executives if Nikon started naming their cameras after Canon’s long deceased models. Oh the hummanity!

          • Anonimouse

            Canon also had a D60.

  • ZoetMB

    I don’t buy this analysis. There has to be a bigger difference between the supposed D4000 and the supposed D8000 than a max difference of a 14MP sensor in one and an 18MP sensor in the other.

    And once again, even with the switch to 4-digit camera model numbers, Nikon is putting themselves in the position of running out of numbers for everything except the high-end line. They really have to re-think this.

    Since there is no longer any confusion between film and digital models, they should probably go to a prefix of FX and DX followed by a model number with some logic behind it, perhaps 2 numeric digits for semi-pro, 3 digits for high end consumer and 4-digits for low-end consumer (instead of the illogical 3 digits for semi-pro and 2 or 4 digits for consumer.)

    • PHB

      D8000 will likely have the D300 AF system plus an AF motor and flash commander capability.

      An easy solution to the numbering system would be to start using the lower digit of the non flagship models. So D400 is replaced by D401, D402…

  • Thom Hogan seems to have confirmation of new upcoming products as well. Short term. Read his post from today.

    • Catastrophile

      he also had confirmations that fuji was working on a micro 4/3 camera which didnt materialize last PMA season (as the rumor he confirmed was claiming).

    • Anonymous

      he got the info from here, again – same number of lenses and DSLRs

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me, or have the photographs on his front page been getting poorer and poorer? I’m not a photograph critic. They just really don’t seem pleasing to my eyes. I’m legitimately curious if it’s just me.

  • Jeremy

    What did Thom Hogan mean with the comments on his website? Is Nikon announcing new products tomorrow?

    • Anonymous

      he means that he doesn’t have a clue what is coming

  • Click

    Just what we need, more new product announcements when Nikon can’t even provide the products that they announced months ago. One thing is for sure, we are finally getting closer to knowing what every Camera manufacturer is going to do this summer and fall.

  • thefunk

    I find Nikon Rumours faintly ridiculous but totally addictive. I do hope Nikon catch up with video because I’m not in a position to jump ship. Barrel.

    • thefunk

      ..which leads me to think that whatever they come up with has to be good else they’ve blown it..

  • Gusto

    Yippie… Diffraction galore… 😉

    Anyway, while Panasonic, Sony and Canon (reportedly) are going to release innovative DSLR alternative products for consumers in Photokina, Nikon, in contrast, is going to appear rather backdated. 😉

  • thefunk

    So clearly the only alternative….

    is to give up on the video thing altogether and make one funk of a good stills camera for a really good price. You know, one that takes pictures.

    • when has nikon ever made a great stills camera at a really good price?

      • zack


      • PHB

        The FG – Only GBP 30 more than the competition and mine came with a free motordrive.

  • Hendrixx

    ok for us not in the know, when exactly is photokina?

    im on the verge of buying a 7D but i can wait a little if a D90 successor is on it’s way since i really do like the nikon ergonomics better(the 7d is about the only canon i’ve tried that i really liked).

  • So Nie

    photokina is a large bi-annual trade and consumer show in cologne, germany. It covers anything related to photography.

  • gonzalo

    D8000 sounds like “low end” camera to me.
    And the DX0 was always a “man in the middle” line… D60-D80-D200… D3000-D90-D300….

  • Hendrixx


    • mike

      photokina takes place from (thu) sept 21st to (sun) sept 26th
      (which is by the way one week earlier than in previous years due to a survey among exhibitors)

  • eszgabor

    “BTW, many European Nikon websites were down again today – some of them were offline for more than 24 hours.”

    I think the global European server ( has problems because I gave lot of error messages instead of the websites.

    The requested URL could not be retrieved
    While trying to retrieve the URL:
    The following error was encountered:
    * Read Error
    The system returned:
    (10054) WSAECONNRESET, Connection reset by peer.
    An error condition occurred while reading data from the network. Please retry your request.
    Your cache administrator is webmaster.
    Generated Thu, 27 May 2010 20:23:17 GMT by NIKPE012 (squid/2.7.STABLE8)


    Service Temporarily Unavailable
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

  • So Nie

    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

    is what i get.

  • thefunk

    fair point. Nikon have always been top dollar products, but have always made quality cameras that you can rely on. I am not sure how that applies in this modern day arms race.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know if it was mentionned : “Cashback in France until July the 31st.”

    I guess, no announcement before August.

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