Nikon D8000 could be the name of the D90 replacement

Update: Nikon D3s now in stock.

I started to get some good vibes from the rumor mill. The model numbers are really insignificant but I was always curious how Nikon will continue the D90 DSLR line. One very possible combination could be: Nikon D4000 (D3000 replacement) and D8000 (D90 replacement), both with full HD and 14-18MP sensors (the D4000 is probably going to be between 14-16MP and the D8000 will be between 16-18MP). The full frame body is still the big question mark - I continue to receive rumors that the D700 will be replaced in 2011.

The lenses situation also starts to resolve around the following lenses (nothing new here, but I want to emphasize that the same information is now pouring in from all over the world):

  • One prime lens - either the 35mm f/1.4 or the 85 f/1.4 VR (both AF-S). The rumors are currently split 50/50 for each lens. We will see only one of those lenses between now and Photokina.
  • New high-power zoom (FX): either 24-105 f/4 VRII  or 24-120 f/4 VRII, possible Nano coating (especially if it is the 105mm focal length).
  • New super telephoto zoom (FX) - 3 possibilities here: 28-300mm f/4.5-5.6, 100-500mm or 100-400mm. There is a very low chance of a new 80-400mm lens, even though there is a new patent for this lens (coming up online soon). All VRII of course.

It is still not clear what will be the kit lens for the D8000.

The two DSLRs and the three lenses should be released between now and Photokina. Very soon I will be able to give a 90+% rating on some of those rumors but we are not there yet - I just need some more information.

BTW, many European Nikon websites were down again today - some of them were offline for more than 24 hours.

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  • Aggravated

    The D3s is definitely not available at Wolf (Admin Posted this at the top of this post) Their website will give you the impression that they have it in stock, I called at 8am this morning, they have no stock of any D3s

    I then called Nikon US in NY, they transferred me to a guy named Joel in the Dominican Republic who stated he could locate me a D3s and a 24mm lens. I waited all day but he called me back and said that Cameta Camera had one in stock and too call them, they were waiting. I immediately called and they wanted 500.00 above MSRP (5699.00) for the body. It is a very sad day when Nikon dealers go to price gouging their consumers.

    I am at a total loss of words over this. Oh, the Nikon customer service Rep said there were no 24mm in stock that he could determine anywhere.

    I sure hate to order a Canon 5d2 or 7D, but that just may happen in the morning, I am definitely aggravated especially when a Nikon dealer attempt to stick you with the big green weenie.

    If anyone knows where a D3s is for sale at the regular stated MSRP, please chime in or hit reply. Thanks

  • AMH

    the price of D90 body are now going up for the past few days…

  • ways

    FF D900

  • qoo


  • Looleylaylow

    So why does NR post information about websites being down like that in some way constitutes news? One doesn’t need to take down one’s website to make changes, even substantial changes, particularly if one is as big as Nikon. Somehow I doubt very much that Nikon would ever take a website offline to add information about a forthcoming lens.

    • In the 2+ years since I am running NR before every single announcement, some (or all) Nikon websites are down. This is a fact, not a rumor.

      • jimmy

        What is the usual timeframe between the website going down and an announcement Admin? Thanks for this wonderful site.

      • anjz

        Thanks Admin. Is there an average time from the first website outage to the announcement?

        • It varies, cannot really say.

          • Looleylaylow

            “It varies.” Is it possible you’re imaging a cause and effect relationship here? Sorry–sites go down, but not usually because they’re being revised.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      ROFL .. some of you expect this to be CNN. Wake the hell up and read what this site is … RUMORS … if you are too dense to get your head around this, then maybe you should skip stopping in. /sheesh

  • Alfredo Fernandez

    So Admin,
    how much time do you think we must wait?
    it is like 2 days or like 6 weeks?

    • Reliable information is usually out 2-4 weeks before the official announcement (scheduled press event, etc.).

      • Alfredo Fernandez


        • nothing is reliable, this is a rumor site

          • Broxibear

            Wow…that’s the most intelligent post on this site…ever thought about running the place ?

    • Canonknight

      Do the math! compute weeks, days, or even hours…Photokina starts on 21 September 🙂

  • zzddrr

    Heh heh, did you guys notice the Canon ads in the right side bar? I guess it tells everything where Nikon is right now unfortunately.

  • Mishima

    I somewhat find the “Nikon D4000 (D3000 replacement)” abit ridiculous. I’m not referring to the rumors posted! but in actual fact i just dont understand what’s Nikon’s plan to refresh such a new entry level DSLR? They’re selling good and its still brand new. As for the D90 replacement i guess this pretty make sense.

    They should in fact focus on the FX model, C’mon Nikon ! Its time for a change and show Canon who’s the best !

  • jimmy

    In Australia, Nikon D700 rebates end June 30th, whilst D90 etc rebates end 31st August.

    I think D700 replacement early July, with a DX replacement for photokina in September.

    Still hoping for 1080 manual video in D700, don’t mind 12mp. 9fps with battery grip would be very nice also.

  • Annatar

    Maybe, maybe not. The rebates in other countries, e.g. US, have been going for some months but still no release of a D700 replacement. The Aussie rebates are well overdue due to the price gouging Nikon has been doing here despite the strong Aussie dollar in recent months. I’m inclined to agree with others that the D700 replacement won’t happen till 2011. So much so that I went and bought a D700 recently and I’m loving it – I’m sick of the speculation.

    • Broxibear

      That’s totally the right thing to do Annatar, use your camera and enjoy it.
      Maybe the D700 replacement will be slightly better in some ways but it won’t make those who buy one a better photographer because of it…don’t get sucked in by the constant wanting of the next new dslr, make good use of the D700 and in 3 or 4 years you might want to upgrade.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        It may not make the photog better, however it could take better pictures ;- >

  • I wish the 24mp D900 (or whatever to be called) will be launced this summer bundled with 24-105mm f/4 VR. IMO, it doesn’t need to have any video which makes thing more complicated, fragile and more expensive. But for marketing point maybe they must better have two models, a general-purpose 12mp D700s with full HD video, and 24mp D700x aimed only for serious photographers.

    • Another altogether solution is a 18mp D800 with full HD, but does Nikon really have access to that (Kodak) sensor, and will it support video?

      Even such a camera exists tomorrow, there would still be unhappy folks, one camp because possibly it doesn’t have the same sensitivity & noise levels of D3s, others because it still doesn’t have 24mp as D3x has.

  • The Raze

    What do you think? Will the D90 replacement still feature the small LCD screen on top?

  • Well, I had no trouble buying a D300s this week. But I guess that was a mistake now that I see an immanent D90 replacement with 30% more MP, HD, etc.

    • Don’t worry, I think the D300s will still be superior than the D90 replacement in other more important ways 😉

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence. The rumor-specs below (assuming they are even ball-park accurate) sure make this D7000 look pretty damn good for what is gonna be significantly less than the $1500 the D300s cost me.

        On the other hand, the reality is that i need a camera now, not whenever this D90 replacement comes out. And the way my D40x just quit working, the ruggedness of the 300s was a real consideration.

  • TheChemist

    I don’t know wether it is true or not (for me it seems to be), but on the german someone ( who says he is a german Nikon-dealer posted details of the D90-successor:

    Name: D7000
    ISO 200-12800 (lowerable until ISO 100)
    Fast AF in liveview
    720P video, better quality and AF, additional stereomicro and stereo jack (in and out) for micro and KH
    3,5″ display, 1.4 mio. pixel
    22 AF fields
    Magnesium body

    The D7000 will have a built-in AF-motor. Release date is still secret.

    Kind regards

    • thefunk

      sounds a bit close to the d300s,

      • TheChemist

        The german Nikon Dealer got an Email from Nikon, where this information is from. He says, Nikon wants the D7000 to be more “profi-like” than the D90 and that the D7000 will be the direct successor of the D90.


    • Greenwood_Geoff

      Not enough better than my D90 to even bother. I hope he is wrong.

      • Hendrixx

        i hope you’re joking

    • I seriously doubt Nikon will email a dealer with the specs of an upcoming camera – this has never happen before. In addition, the magnesium body for the D90 replacement sounds fishy. Note also that he did not start a thread with this info – he just replied to an already started thread. Coincidence? Thanks anyway for the rumor.

  • b3rt619

    sooo….i just bought a d90 kit from Costco (d90, 18-55 & 70-300 lens, and a 4gb card for $1400) i have had it for a little less then a month. Costco gives a 90 day return on cameras I’m wondering if i should return it and wait for the one that will replace the d90??

    • Hendrixx

      dude why? D90 is an amazing camera and you got a good deal. start shooting and dont think about tomorrow.

      • b3rt619

        you are right i love it so far its a great camera. but if something is coming out soon that is going to replace what i just bought, i am just wondering if i should have waited.

        • Broxibear

          b3rt619 the D90 is a fantastic camera, I owned a D80 for 4 years before I upgraded to full frame (I already had AF lenses from my film cameras) and it was great.
          My advice is to not to worry about the next model until you’ve used it for at least 2 years, by that stage the upgrade won’t cost as much and if you keep all your D90,boxes etc in good order you can make a lot back on ebay ?
          I understand everyone wants the newest thing but you don’t need it and spend the cash you save on other things.

          • b3rt619

            the D90 does have everything i need and i think i did get a good deal so i am going to keep it for a while until i really want to upgrade from a D90. Broxibear thanks for the tip i did save all the boxes ill keep them safe for when i want to resell it. but i am still very interested in seeing what new specs these new cameras will have.

  • thefunk

    yes the magnesium body jumped out to me as the fishy bit, and the 12800. They don’t want to outdo the D300s in all respects ? So technical spec might get bunched whilst they try to compete with better market spec but isn’t it exactly these pro items (body, card slots etc) that mark a real difference ?

  • The NR admin comment about Nikon never emailing a dealer is almost obvious. I believe most NR readers know Nikon plays very close to the vest. We also find it hard to accept that Nikon has indeed fallen way behind on video capability. I think the Nikon D90 video is important and despite owning video gear I find it easier to be in the field and be able to use great stills and video. For what is it is worth I think my D90 images are at least as good as the D300 images I get. The magnesium body is not as attractive to pro use in the field as some might think. A 100% viewfinder is important but not vital. Nikon just does not have the video expertise that Canon or Sony has. Yet Nikon can hardly afford to wait much longer to get improved video in a D90 replacement. As to sales from D3s and D3x and even D300s, the D90 market is more critical to Nikon sales and stockholders. I do think the three released camera rumors for this year are credible and think the entry level and D90 replacement is key. I also am waiting for personal purchase a D700 update with HD video.

  • The Raze

    I think (hope) the reason Nikon has been taking such a long time implementing better video capabilities, is that they want to release a product that will not only be better than Canons current video, but also be on par with canons next update of video!

    Much like the D90 is better for stills than the 550D, even tough the D90 is 2 years older than the 550D!

    Nikon don’t rush it, they take their time, and make it GREAT!

  • Marc

    Will these new cameras not have the inbody autofocus motor like the 3000 and 5000, cuz that would be a real turn off for me.

  • Anonymous

    i think d90 has been discontinued for few month, i have been checking for d90 stock at 5 camera store they are all out of stock

  • To Anonymous. The D90 is still in stock at B&H Photo where I got mine. Their service in great. I am also sure Amazon has the D90. Despite having some serious pro gear I use the D90 most. I would like a better video on it. I also think the D700 is one of the best cameras ever made. But a D90 replacement and a D700 replacement with HD 1080p video on both would be awesome. I keep looking at Canons like the Mark II D5 but with both DX and FX great Nikon glass I am staying with Nikon. Even if Nikon comes out soon (and I HOPE they do!) with D90 and D700 replacements with high def video, the two existing cameras will still be out there taking great shots.

  • Kevin Rounds

    I’m getting ready to buy a either a d5000 or d90 very soon, I like the feel the the d90 in my hand bettter (big hands) but its a little out of my price range. Do you think if the d90 is replaced that the price will come down a little? Thanks.

  • My judgement is that the D90 is worth every penny of the price. It should run about $1,100 with the 18-105VR kit lens (which in that range is excellent). I own some considerably more expensive glass in that 18-105 VR range and am amazed at the results with that modest lens. I use a 18-200VR on it now most of the time. But with a 60 Micro and a 70-300VR it is awesome. I believe there is a sweet spot there somewhere and I’d rather have a good body (newer usually IS BETTER) matched with great lens if you have them but the kit lens are very good. I have used the D5000 and feel it is NOT what I want, BUT less money.

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