Good morning Canada, here are your new low Nikon prices

Nikon price were reduced today in Canada (see rumor reported last week). Some examples after the break:

  • 10.5, 2.8 fisheye -$100
  • 10-24 3.5-4.5 -$150
  • 85 3.5 -$50
  • d90 -$100
  • d5000 1$50
  • p100 -$50
  • D700 -$300
  • D300s -$120
  • 14-24 2.8 -$200
  • 70-200 VRII -$200
  • 60 2.8 -$100
  • 105 2.8 -$120

Source: Henry’s Flyer (thanks Ryan)

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  • BottledWater

    This appears to be a “sales event.” Future Shop still shows the same price (for the D700, anyway).

    • At that point it is not clear if this is a sales event or long term price reduction. Note that this is starting today, so many stores may have not updated their price lists yet.

      • Joe

        This is probably a Henrys sales to move Nikon items, I have been getting better prices from other dealers even after their sale pricing…..

      • BottledWater

        Perhaps Future Shop will have a Nikon promotion starting this weekend with the lower prices. Not that I would buy a camera from there, but Future Shop isn’t very competetive and usually lists MSRPs, so it may be a good indicator of an actual long-term price drop if they lower the prices. First, however, they must trick us into believing it is a temporary sale so we buy it immediately.

      • BottledWater still lists the MSRP as $2,799.95.

      • BottledWater

        … for the D700.

  • Anonymous

    This means that now Nikon globally sucks. It cannot sell the D700 and D300s from Europe to Asia.

    • No Nikon rebates in SE Asia this year yet!

    • amunk

      Only on Nikonrumors do people complain about price reductions

      • Anonymous

        amunk, do you understand that Nikon is discounting its “top line” line product for over 4 months? Such pricing for so long means that you damage your brand for big time. It is becoming a crap brand. Now when you add the number of complaints people recently encountered with the Nikon quality then you better have a f_ _kin’ good reason for overpricing you carp that does not even meet the performance of your competition.

        In the first place Nikon overpriced its crap, that’s the main problem

        • disco

          erm… is nikon to blame for currency adjustments too? i guess em folks up north don’t deserve such discounts.

  • Johnny

    It’s a good thing the price for the 85mm f1.4 has not lowered, or else I might have done a stupid mistake considering the replacement is coming “real soon now” 🙂

  • Dweeb

    Nikon have been gouging Canadians under various excuses for as long as I can remember. There’s still a lot that hasn’t been reduced there. Some introduction items like the 10-24 must have been really jacked.

  • Tom

    It’s the Canadian way! We’re gouged on EVERYTHING, aren’t we?

    • ArtTwisted

      indeed we are. Lets hope they fix the $90 battery prices next, for most serious shooters that buy 3 – 4 batterys we are spending a few hundread bucks more then we should.

  • Kianoosh

    Not sure about these prices. Downtown Camera in Toronto has had these prices for a long time now! But then, Downtown Camera has always had very competitive pricing. Some of their equipments are priced as good as B & H and Adorama!

    • Mike

      Same with Aden. Henrys is always more expensive.

    • photonut

      “Some of their equipments are priced as good as B & H and Adorama!”

      well, B&H and Adorama are reliable stores, but I wouldn’t call their prices good …

  • photonut

    wow… D700 -$300!

  • I’m really hoping other canadian retailers go down a bit too. Henry’s was always on the high side, and now they’re just that much closer to other retailers such as Camera Canada, which seems to have dropped about $30 or so and is now down to $2,477.11 CDN.

  • SimonC

    I did a quick and informal comparison between Henry’s prices and BH Photo. Prices are quite “close” now – no complaining that Canadian that we are being gouged 😉

  • TLR in Toronto sells the D700 for $ 2.449.99 since mid December. They are the cheapest in Toronto. Their prices did not change today, nor the prices on and it’s close to the end of the business day.

  • Muskie Pete

    Do your price comparison at Photo Price, print it out and walk into any Henry’s and they will match or beat.
    They have been in the photo biz for about 60 years.
    They are not going to give you a real deal unless you ask.
    The 100 years last year was the start of the pawnbroker biz that is gone.

    • Scott

      Thanks for the link Muskie, this will make it much easier to watch the Nikon 70-200 VR2 that I plan to pick up shortly.

      I was told as well that June is Nikon month at McBain so there might be some sales there if anyone is willing to wait (pricematch).

  • Howedog

    There are no changes on the Nikon Canada website, nor is there any mention of a price drop. There are no changes on The Camera Store site either. I won’t put much credence in this till the website prices change.

  • Ryan

    All I did was point out the items from the flyer that had “Price Reduction”

  • Henry’s is still one of the most expensive places to buy camera gear in Canada. Rebates are good but other vendors still have lower prices.

    I’d expect further price reductions overtime as Nikon fails to release new (better/competitive) camera bodies. Given what Canon has released in the prosumer end of their DSLR (5DM2, 7D, T2i) versus Nikon’s offerings (D300s, D90, D5000) in similar price ranges its clear who spec-wise is the juggernaut.

    Even if you don’t use the video feature Canon hands down has put newer cameras in the marketplace and Nikon is giving no signs of competing with anything less than top pros with cameras like the D3s and lens which cost incredible amounts for being minor updates to lenses which honestly, didn’t need to be updated when you think over the whole Nikon Line-up.

  • Tom

    Bought a D90 today. Took it to the pool for kid’s swim lessons. We are amazed! Out of the box, on auto and the “motion” pictures are remarkable! We’re in love already. Got an 8 GB Sandisk Extreme II card, a UV filter, a new Lowepro bag, and a few things ordered on eBay. (Remote control, polarizing lens, and glass LCD cover.) Gotta grab another battery yet. What a wonderful piece of equipment.

  • Tom

    BTW, camera was done for $1120. The bag retailed for $75, but they cut $19, and the UV filter was had for $22.

    On ebay, the remote was $4, free shipping, the polarizing lens for $12, $3 shipping, and the LCD cover was $5, free shipping. Gotta love eBay! Found a battery for $13.

  • Pierre

    They advertise their D700 at $2799, I paid $2549 last week at LL Lozeau in montreal, and they are now at $2499 at the regular price.

    I don’t know if Henry’s price include the rebate or not but even if it does, it berely match the LL Lozeau price

  • Terrence

    I think Simon’s Camera in Montreal is selling for $2399 actually… hasn’t been updated, but Simon’s Camera’s actual website says $2399… pretty good price there, especially if you’re buying from a different province, only GST! $10 shipping…

  • TLR dropped the D700 price from 2,799.95 to 2,699.95 today.

    I see no further drops at Canadian retailers – so far.

  • Paul M

    The Camera Store (Calgary) 10.5mm 39$ saving D700 15$ saving D300s 30$ saving.Wow?

  • Paul M

    I should of said. TCS is10.5mm 688$ Henrys is 699$
    TCS D700 2559$ Henrys 2499$
    TCS D300s 1598 Henrys 1599$

  • BottledWater

    Future Shop dropped to $2699. I guess the drop was only $100.

  • M!

    I bought thru henry’s commercial division and they prices are good.
    vistek is good as well. the ppl i deal with at both shops are professional and helpful.

  • While I’ve never liked Henry’s prices (way over-priced on used gear), their offering on the D700 ain’t half bad. If you visit their Ebay store, you’ll find the D700 for $2357CDN (and that’s for a new D700). Ontario residents get hit hard with two taxes, but if you order from another province, you only pay one tax.

  • Ooops! It’s 2357US, not CDN, but since the loonie almost on par it’s not a huge difference.

  • Paul M D700 2341.99$ cdn

  • That does look like a much better deal…sadly out of stock and back ordered. Hadn’t heard of before…thanks for posting that.

  • Bastien

    Price drop at 🙂

  • Phil

    D700 is $2369.99 at Aden Camera in Toronto

    that’s the lowest I’ve seen so far

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