Nikon rebates extended again in the US

As previously "expected", the ongoing Nikon rebates in the US are now extended till May 29th, 2010 (screenshot from D700 rebates at B&H):

I do not have all the details yet, but will post them once I get confirmation from B&H and Adorama.

Update: Nikon D90 cash back offer in the UK is valid till July 31st.

I do not recall Nikon announcing a new camera when the old model still had a valid rebate – maybe someone can correct me here?

Maybe the timing will be the same as in 2008: D700 replacement in June/July, D90 replacement in August – at least the rebates timeframes match this schedule for now.

Update #2: just got a conformation from Adorama that the rebates remain the same as before.

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  • Jim
    • Thanks – so maybe the timing will be the same as in 2008: D700 replacement in June/July, D90 replacement in August – at least the rebates timeframes match this schedule.

      • Jim

        I hope you’re wrong cos I’d love to get my hands on the upgraded D90 in June/July as an upgrade from my D50!

  • Is there any information as to, historically, how many months rebates have gone on for a specific Nikon DSLR before that DSLR’s replacement was announced/on shelves?

    • not sure, but I do not remember a case where a new camera was introduced and the old one still had a valid rebate – maybe someone can correct me?

      • NikoDoby

        I believe there have been announcements made during rebates before but it was for an additional camera model and not a replacement. I believe the D3X was announced during rebates in 2008.

        But hey this DOESN’T mean we won’t get “leaks” and know what’s coming before July 😉

  • Anonymous

    Was there a D40 cashback when the D40x was announced?

    • NikoDoby

      No since the D40X wasn’t really a replacement for the D40. The D40X came out a few months after the D40.

      • Anonymous

        4 months later

  • Anonymous

    Can Nikon just donate these D700s to the salvation army? I mean, it is obvious by now that it does not sell. Nikon basically running a close out sale for these product for a 4 months period. This is very damaging.

    Also, have you guys noticed that this is the longest period that Nikon has not announced any dslr at all? It’s been over 6 months now since the D3s (Oct 14, 2009) was announced. I cannot find another period where Nikon was quiet for more than 4-5 months and it’s been 6.5 months now. Look at this this way, for more than half of a year they could not bring a new dslr to market. I think they have a serious issue. Maybe they have no sensor. And Sony does not give them new stuff. It would be great if Nikon would start using Canon sensors and apply their own voodoo science to it so at least we would have what we want.

    I think Nikon is in deep trouble and may pulled the plug on some products. Perhaps they had more of the 12MP crap and they did not want to be embarressed.

    • Anonymous

      One more thing, this unfortunately means that we will not see any new camera before June 2010. Add another 2 months to it and we can expect new products available around late August early September. These morons at Nikon are missing out the entire summer sale … those who want to buy a camera for the summer vacation.

      Congratulation Nikon, it seems to me you got hired by Canon.

      • Vl33d

        Do they need new DSLR to sell DSLR’s for the summer vacation ? Definetely not!

        • Anonymous

          if you are satisfied with 12MP and 720p then no, you’re right but not everyone thinks the same way.

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          Yes I do.

          I currently have no DSLR, spring and early summer is here, in four months hello winter! (Sweden.)

          Winter suck, what am I going to take a picture at during winter time?

          For budget needs I guess an updated Pentax K7 would be it, for video perfection and sweet kit lens I guess I should wait for the Panasonic DMC-GH2 but it kinda lack lens options. Currently looking into Canon because the 550D got the least shutter lag, is way more interesting than the D90 and because Canon got the 65/2.8 1-5x macro. However I know some people prefer the handling of Nikon cameras, 39 AF points would be more than the 550D and it would probably catch up in the video area to. Some Nikon lenses like the 85/1.4 and 1.8 seem nicer than the Canon ones. Regarding handling I would have needed to feel them.

          Anyway, YES, I need one NOW. If I’d decide to wait I may just aswell wait for the DMC-GH2 as said because it will eventually have no shutter lag issue for video (global shutter), will probably have fastest contrast focus, and the 12-75/2.8-3.3 kit lens or whatever it was would be 24-150 @ 35 mm which would be perfect as always on, is quite fast and will let me zoom during filming which primes obviously won’t.

          So well, yes.

          If not I would want to get a Canon 550D, tokina 11-16/2.8, Canon 100/2.8 macro and then maybe something inbetween though 85/1.8 is so close to the macro and bokeh don’t look better so it would feel stupid, and I’m not that impressed with the 35/2 either and the L-glass is way too expensive. 50/2.5 macro for sharpness maybe.

    • S. Diaz

      Anonymous, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, my friend. For some, Nikon may have been frustrating to remain loyal to. For those of you whom feel pity and annoyance this year is a golden one. You will have 3 new cameras released. If you do not wish for a 12 mp D700 s at the end of June, wait for the 16 mp D90 replacement around 2 months later. If you are still not content with the above, you only have to wait until October of this year for a d900 @ 24.5 mp.

      • Anonymous

        Diaz, Nikon will not release a D900 at 24MP with video! How would they justify the 8 grand for the d3x?

        • Michael

          It’s simple – nikon will stop making D3x and it’s price will drop – this camera is about 2 years old too!

  • disco

    maybe you’re barry manilow

    • Anonymous

      Leave poor Barry alone! He is fine dude from the golden age! 🙂

  • Vl33d

    Nikon europe sites are very slow right now, almost down

    • That Guy


      • Twoomy

        Nope… it really has NOT begun.

      • Discontinued

        Nothing has begun.

        Nikon sites in europe are very slow ever since they ‘ve placed a F##KING “I am Nikon” animation on top of it. They change this right now to a simple link and take the animation down. About time to. Neither their slow sites nor their slow releases are much fun, right.

        They could have come up with something (if no release at least a leak) as NR birthday present. Seems as if NRs-work isn’t much appreciated by Nikon itself …

        Just Imagine there were no rumors of something to come. I’d say good bye to good old 12-MP-stills-and-720P-Video-Nikon. It’s just not what I want and it’s not what can be expected from a DSLR nowadays.

  • achton

    I went to Canon for video, & I am SOOO GLAAAD I did it. I can even adapt all my Nikon glass with Lightmetering & AF confirm on it. Too bad for NIkon, but they are going to sink the boat even more because the T2i sells as hotdogs worldwide.
    I love nikon, the AF is great, the bodies look stronger than canon’s ones, the flash system is better, but their non-initiative simply sucks. They should really become partners with fujifilm & bring in a new 3CCD sensor, this would simply change the whole thing.

    • Discontinued

      You are right. Canon is ugly. But the inner values of these crappy cheap looking bodies become more and more appealing with every single day Nikon keeps me waiting. I feel just the same. I’m almost more curious for the next Canon releases right now, than hoping for Nikon to finally move. This is just sooooooooo sad.

      • Anonymous

        I am in the same boat. I am waiting for the next Canon release too. If they come out with the 1DsIV at 32MP, I will switch without hesitation because to match that …. hmmm … it will take Nikon 4 years!

        It is too sad, I like the Nikon ergonomics and AF but I cannot stand their slow delivery. Isn’t that ironic that Nikon has 1080P in its own f_ _kin’ point of shoot but was unable to put into the mighty D3s?? Which is still at 12MP! I think Nikon is going down the chute. Way too many rebates for way too long without a fu_kin’ new camera in sight. Sorry, but I will not spend a dime on another 12MP crap that cannot even record 1 sec of video.

        • Michael

          It looks like you need camcorder. You don’t need camera.

          32MP will not make you a better photographer. But if you need more and more MPs buy medium format camera.

          And another thing: some people prefer less MP because: 1)better dynamic range 2)better low-light performance. Do you understand!!!

          • Anonymous

            Michael, first check your facts! Read the D3x review from Thom and you will find out that the iso performance of the D3x is pretty much the same as of the D3. BTW, the 7D at 18MP DX beats the D300s in iso performance. If you enlrage that DX size sensor then you’ll get over 32MP with that 1 step better performance than the D300s. I guess that’s not bad at all. Canon has that sensor ready to go.

            MP has nothing to do with your dynamic range. Maybe it was true back in the old days but these new sensors are far better now.

          • Johan Krüger-Haglert

            Yeah, that would be good and all.

            Except the Pentax k-x got better dynamic range than both the Canon 550D and Nikon D90, and I assume it cost less ;D, it also got image stabilization and 14 mpx I think.

  • no rumors about a new camera and any specs yet admin?

  • nicolaie

    i bought a D700 on rebate. it’s simply stunning. no need for a new body, just some new glass please !

    looking forward to an 85 1.8 with circular blades, a la 50 1.4 G.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Just heard the new 300mm f/2.8 VR2 is a disaster.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      “My DAP review of the Nikon AF-S 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II documents in multi ways the worst super telephoto that I’ve ever used— a bad sample presumably. But to my surprise, I’m not the only one that has found an issue. See Brand-new Blur for more on this unfortunate situation of terrible quality control. ”

  • I hear what everyone is saying, but really, do we need another camera every 2 years. Are you telling me your D3s or D700 doesn’t take immaculate pictures? What size are you printing at? I’ve printed images from my D700 at 24×36; and they are stunning. Clean images at iso 2000? It’s simply amazing. What are you people smoking?

    I love new technology as the next person, and the advances are amazing – but I am not pining for a new body – just for video. If you want to handhold video and have it look good, get a handheld video cam. Otherwise, you really need a tripod w/ the dslr – it’s just so shaky without. The shallow DOF is great, and I have spent time with the D300s, but to create usable high quality video, good tripods are a must…

    Quit complaining and get out there and shoot! Use what you have, stop geeking out and running with the lemmings, and create! Better iso and more pixels aren’t going to make you a better photographer.

    • Alexander


    • Anonymous

      Todd, yes! We need a camera that at least provides the same performance as the 5DII. Give me a break, Nokia will start to sell 12MP in cameraphones. We’ve been asking for over 2 years now for an affordable high res smaller body. What did we get? A fu_kin’ $8,000 dollar brick while Sony and Canon can make cameras over 20MP for 1/4th of the D3x price.

      So tell me, Sony is able to produce 24MP at $2k, Canon is able to produce 21MP just above $2k but Nikon even overpices the shitty 12MP D700 that cannot even sell right now. I am sorry but I had to return two copies of the D700 due to quality issues. (the first one had a shutter failure in less than 30 days, the second one had too many hot pixels.) Then I said this must be the last batch… now that was in last October. Nikon’s quality went down terribly. My only hope is that they come out with something really good soon. Otherwise, all of my Nikon lenses will be sold off on eBay and I will swicth to Canon.

      I am glad for those who are happy with their 12MP and I can understand that they are fine with that. But almost the same size of crowd is asking for more than 12MP and Nikon is deaf to hear that. Now I can tell you that they feel it on their revenue.

      • Anonymous

        You really should switch to Nokia.

      • Listen, I completely agree that D700 is a very capable and very sufficient camera for producing professional still photographs. From what I hear, all that you could ask for in a still picture digital SLR.

        However, I need more from a DSLR. Now that the technology exists, I want to utilize the amazing lenses available for DSLRs to shoot indie shorts. Why spend and absolute small fortune to buy a video camera and DSLR lens rig to get the same or better quality video from a DSLR with HD video technology. Now that DSLRs are capable of recording HD video they are serving a larger purpose than just still picture photography. I agree, if you’re recording family get-togethers, or the like, get a camcorder! But when you’re intention is to record a short film for submission to a film festival or some other professional or semi-professional need, and the technology is there, then I am going to try to save a few bucks by having both in one piece of equipment!! It just makes sense. I love Nikon, a true Nikon fanboy, but don’t be so ignorant about what OTHER people may want. If you’re happy with the current product line-up, then GREAT!! You don’t have a problem!! If not, then you’re like me, and you’re going to bitch so that Nikon hears it and delivers instead of Nikon not hearing our complaints and not knowing why no one is buying their cameras anymore.

        • Anonymous

          You should step it up and get a D3s.

          • Anonymous

            The D3s is only crappy 720p. You really don’t get it do you? Just because you’re fine with the crappy 12MP (and if you got the D3s then you also have 720p) it does not mean that people don’t want let’s say 1080p which is available in your point and shoot cameras and perhaps a little bit more resolution because 12MP does not cut it nowadays.

      • longtimenikonshooter

        totally agree what you said about their quality control. it has gone down hill big time.

        • m

          thats exactly what u get when they r being quality tested by robots..:)

          • Anonymous

            robots in China? Huh? No, Nikon became a cheap bastard and sells all second quality products as perfect.

        • Michael

          I own Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR Micro – made in China – built like a tank, works perfect, sharp like Swiss army knife.

      • Michael

        Oh God another one who is going to switch to Canon!

        And in 2015 – i’m fed up with Canon – i’m going to switch to Sony!

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Would image stabilization help with video shake? I assume so?

      Can’t Nikon and Canon just throw it in and disable it when lens IS/VR is on?

    • Johan Krüger-Haglert

      Btw if one don’t mind losing pixels over image “quality” then something simple such as iMovies digital shake reduction may be enough, by cropping and moving the image from frame to frame.

  • if anyone’s intrested d90 in Poland is still cheaper… about 586€. which makes it 70-100€ less than in UK. just saying. however polish nikon service (I believe warranty works best in country you buy stuff in, but since we’re in EU we should be able to score the same thing in every EU service) sucks…

  • m

    its takes out nikon D5000 / 300s / 700 bodies out of their shelf every other day so as to create an impression that they r selling hot. Vendors are jacking up the prices of these dslrs up by one and half times the rebate amount announced and then offering rebates. r people really buying these??

  • in Shanghai i see piles of D700’s unsold while people get 5Ds and similar like they buy dumplings…. Nikon is loosing big and market will be soon saturated… that is, unless they have a strategy that I’m missing.

  • Jack

    I just hope my D300 doesn’t accelerate uncontrollably down the LA freeway.

  • Anonymous

    Odd, but not all Adorama deals are back. The D700/24-70/SB900 is no longer there. Check the link from the earlier post with all the deals – it returns an Adorama page with other suggestions instead of that deal.

  • Special K and Anon,

    I hear what you are saying. Nikon can be frustrating at times (understatement…), but look at what’s happened in the last few years. Our little DSLR can now shoot movies – for the silver screen – if need be. Crazy amazing times. Maybe they are working some issues out with QC, but I would rather have them work kinks out before product release. I will totally agree with you though, the D3X…way over priced. And I do think they should get on their horse and release a full frame DLSR with 1080 for around 2 G’s. If not, the rest of the Nikon crew won’t really have an option but to start buying Canon bodies.

    That being said, I think we have short fuses these days. It’s all pretty much 1st gen gear, and the best is yet to come. And if you are shooting for an Indie film, then I think you have to be heading over to Canon for the time being. With the live-view mode overheating issues in the Nikons, and D3s being twice as expensive as the 5D, it’s a (sad) no brainer.

    Get the drums out, write Nikon, and tell them to get on it! Perhaps they are still patting themselves on the back for the D3. It’s a 2 year game these days…

  • Anonymous

    It is clear that Nikon does not care about its buyers! Look what they released recently:

    >> Six and a half month ago D3s = nightvision at 6400 iso and above + crappy 720p
    >> 300mm = only for a selected few + apparently has issues
    >> 200-400mm = $7000 again for a selected few

    The rest can f_ _k off and start looking at the Canon offerings for 1080p and high res. The only thing we heard from Nikon was “I am Nikon” and since most of their European sites has been crippled. This company cannot even fix its own website!

    The sad thing is that I wrote two emails asking Nikon for an explanation why two brand new D700s can have such quality issues. After more than 15 years with Nikon, this company did not even bother to respond and apologise for the bad quality product they sold. Is this normal? NO! These are the signs of an ignorant company. I wish my Nikon lenses would perfectly work on the Canon or even on the A850. I would buy it without hesitation.

  • I heard from Adorama that Nikon told its dealers to run the package rebates as long as they’re profitable. The sales guy at Adorama actually suggested that I buy the combo I wanted and sell the camera on Ebay!

    • Anonymous

      southx, if what you said is true then Nikon is really desperate and has nothing new to offer for a long period of time. I think if they cannot deliver a 5DII killer within 90 days, then they’ll be f_ _ked up for the next 3 years. Once people buy into the Canon then Nikon really has to have a convincing argument to bring those back who left.

      • Nikon did release a 5DmkII killer. It called the 24mm 1.4 lens. That with a redesigned 85 1.4 later this year and a new 35 1.4 next year will bring Nikon entirely up to par or ahead of Canon’s glass… The only advantage the 5DmkII has over the D700 is in pixel count and that doesn’t count for much to most serious photographers. I’d rather have decent auto-focus, or a flash system that works well… Landscape photogs and pixel peepers are the exceptions… they should stick with Canon.

  • Weston

    I’m not seeing adorma having the SB900 D700 combo anymore, unless I’m missing something.

    • Give them another day or two to upgrade their system – it was the same situation the previous two rebates cycles. They confirmed to me that the rebates remain the same.

  • Weston

    I ordered the D700 with 24-70 2.8 on amazon yesterday, but they are not participating in the rebate anymore, they told me to go directly to Nikon, what a flippin pain.

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