Rumors started to flow: 3 new Nikon DLSR cameras in the pipeline

I can definitely tell that the rumors chatter started to pick up in the last few days after it was dead for a month. Something is definitely coming - I already started to see the first signs of an imminent announcement (Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED VR lens) which could happen as soon as the end of April. The next step will be to get the exact date for the scheduled Nikon press conference.

This is the latest info I got: 3 new Nikon DSLR cameras are in the pipeline. One of them will be an entry level model (probably D4000).

The second camera will have:

  • 39 AF points
  • it will be 16 MP with 6400 ISO + HI2 position
  • 24 fps 1920/1080 video
  • it will have an optional (new) MB-D11 grip

I do not have any info on sensor size, exact model name or release date - this could be Nikon's plan for the whole year (2010).

It is interesting to note that the current PRO DSLR line from Nikon has 51 AF points. The Nikon D90 has 11 AF points. The AF of this rumored camera falls in between, which means (if true) it will either be:

  • the replacement of the Nikon D90 (DX sensor inside)
  • a new product line that will fit between the D90 and the PRO level cameras (I consider the D300s, D700 and D3s to be PRO level)
  • Nikon D700 replacement - that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video and 4 extra MP.

FYI: Nikon D90 and D300s have a standard ISO of 3200, the Nikon D700 has a standard ISO of 6400 (same as the rumored camera).

No word on what the third camera will be.

Update: another option could be: the entry level camera is the Nikon D90 replacement (I know the D90 is not really entry level), the 16MP camera is the D300s replacement and the third camera is the Nikon D700 replacement. I was not directly told that the entry level will be the D4000.

[NR] Rumor rating: 75% possibility

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  • MSM

    Any speculation on the timeframe for these cameras?

  • Gary

    If this rumor is true, my bet would be that this 16MP camera would be a DX model, most likely the D90 replacement. This would make sense and would give Nikon a big boost at the lower level dslr segment, where more volume will be sold.

    I can’t see Nikon putting out a 16MP upgrade to the D700 this year. At 16MP it would be seen by many as superior to the D3s for a fraction of the price.

    Plus, I don’t see Nikon taking a step backwards with its AF from 51 points to 39. Even if they could get the 39 to outperform the 51, that would be a tough sell in the marketing department. To the public the higher the number the better.

    Now if one takes these specs and asks what this would be truly superior to in every way, it is the D90. Add to that the fact that it’s time for the D90 replacement.

  • Nico in China

    I do totally join Thom Hogan about dreaming of a “digital FM3A” or anything the size of an entry level DSLR but with the ergonomics to please advanced photographers (D3000 on steroids?).
    But that seems not so probable considering the size of the recent high quality lenses from Nikon.

    In real life i’ll probably buy anything that comes as secondary body and/or D700 replacement and keep shooting with the non-digital FM3A when i want something small that feels nice in the hand and D700 otherwise.

  • Ubiquitous

    I believe that the D4000 will replace the D3K, which is the D40x in disguise, imho. The 16MP and 39AF points might replace the D90 (D9000?) There is no difference, actually, between the D5K and D90. The other might replace the D300 (D400?)

  • Jim

    I have a D300 and do HDR and print 13 x 19 inch prints and can now do 17 x 25 on a EPson R3880. I have been holding out for a D700 replacement for over a year for the following four reasons. 1. To get a better view finder. 2. To use the F2.8 glass. 3. To be able to print large prints (I feel we need at least 24mp for gallery quality enlargements ) and finally better ISO performance like the D3s.
    I can’t believe the D700X would have 16mp, 39 AF, etc. I am afraid the recent sell off of D700’s and FX lens is to clear the inventory for next year. I hope I am wrong.

    • Andrew

      Nikon invented the D3x for you, why not but this?

  • ArtTwisted

    anybody notice the huge market niche here that no one is filling. I would spend anywhere from 2 – 3 thousand on a d90 ish sized metal body with full frame sensor. It could have NO live view, NO video, just a few dials and four buttons, no menus, no programable functions, just one little lcd and i would wait in line all night to buy one. This is the camera that would make me change brands instantly, any brand that does this gets my money. And no leica doesent count, over the price, and there rangefinders which dont suite what im doing so well.

    This is where sigma, pentax, or olympus could come in from left field and take the market, im hoping sigma especially, they have there own good sensor tech they just need to implement it better and they have a huge line of very good EX glass. commmmmon ppl.

    • Alex

      I’m with you there, I would buy that. Just think, we all had cheap FF cameras at one point! The quality wasn’t that good, but we had them! 🙂

  • Son of FE

    What is a “DLSR” ?

    • Canonknight

      D*mb Shutterbugs Looking for Replacement…..:-) 🙂 🙂 LOL :-):-):-)

    • Canonknight

      Admin is busy taking great pictures through the great viewfinder:-)

    • R!

      Canon live view sucks!!!!Panasonic live view is the best that s what we need for video, so does Sony we are goiing to get it sooner!!!

      • R!

        …and by the way the nikon live view with phase detection is the sh….!man I use it all the time in CH no live view beat that ,try it!!!!

    • nick

      Just curious, do nikon fanboys troll

      • Anonymous

        I guess no cause they dont care evrybody know Nikon is the ish!!

        • Anonymous

          that means the best ,OK!!!!!

    • Alex

      Admin, can you please delete all posts typed completely in caps?

      • I just did

        • Oh sorry for that Admin, Don’t get me wrong guys, I use d300
          Hey Admin, just wondering what would be the improvements of the Nikon live view system with the said rumors?????????????????????

      • Alex

        thanks Admin! great work!

  • zzddrr

    I guess you left the CAPS LOCK on. other than that I can se shortsightness

  • nick

    this guy is a troll – a troll who is obviously insecure about his canon camera being “beaten.” I don’t get why people get so caught up in this ridiculous nikon vs. canon debate. they’re cameras! just go shoot some pictures.

  • Ken Watanabe

    What is a viewfinder? I always live view.

  • Nicola

    Great news,but i’m tired of this HD video thing.I’m using a Nikon PRO DSLR.
    What on Earth suggested to marketing guys that i’m going to shot video with it?
    Ever never tought that if i’m using a $1500+ Nikon MAYBE that means that i’m interested in pictures?Whealty amateurs who buy nikons already have dedicated hd video gear.

    It’s like putting a ice cream machine in a Ferrari: “Hey,if he buys a 599FXX he might be interested in ice cream!Let’s put one inside!”
    And in the next gen: “We got from 600 to 650hp…and we doubled the number of ice cream flavours!!”

    Want serious HD?Go buy a Panasonic PRO camera and a Kuro/Aquos screen.

    Don’t think Steve Mccurry spends too much time wondering if his back can do 720p or 1080p or 1920p or HDwhateverP.

    Give me:
    -LOW noise
    -Few more MP
    -Usual mighty AF(and it is,indeed)
    -Usual mighty exp metering

    • Bogdan

      @NICOLA: A lot of amateur film-makers are starting to use DSLR geat to shoot video ! Actually using a DSLR it seems you get a way better low-light performance than even pro gear costing much more (due to the larger sensor size), also you can have a nice backgroud separation that you cannot achieve with other gear.

      So video is not like an ice-cream machine. It actually has a use for the right people.

      I suggest looking at this shoot-out (ep1 and ep2) and maybe you’ll have a better understanding :

      Also just a few days ago I saw that the House series finale was shoot with a DSLR camera !

      • R!

        NICE COLORS !!

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      Don’t be so square. It’s like me saying: i prefer bw pictures, so why do the manufacturers care about colors. Why should anyone…
      c? same direction…

    • Alex

      I’m with you Nicola, I’m tired of this HD video thing! Give me 4K video!!! 🙂 That is the digital cinema standard. Not 1080p. I want 24p/25p/30p/50p/60p options.

  • SNRatio

    16MP: It’s Nikon’s habit to have new sensors debut in prosumer/pro models. (Not new AF systems either.) Maybe the D4 sensor will be 16MP, but that’s not due now. A 16MP D700 successor will not make much sense at all. Either D3s high ISO or D3X resolution. Which leaves us with a relatively high-end DX model. As it will be placed between the D90 and the D300s, it might be considered a D90 replacement, but it will be much more of a D300s replacement, specified and priced competitively against the 7D: As good (or maybe even better?) video, in practice as good resolution, at least as good DR, better color separation, better high ISO, better AF system, about same price.

    My guess is that the third body is the FX variant of this, similar to the D300/D700 combo. With a newly developed (or highly refined) 18-24 MP sensor, and very good video, better than the 5DII. And priced competitively. Don’t expect full D300/D700 quality or D3X resolution that’s for the next releases. A D700s may or may not come, my guess is that it will come, but later this year, when D3s sales are falling and Nikon has had more time to make a video implementation that makes full use of the D3s type sensor, they’re far from that now.

    • Niko

      I like your assessment regarding the new body, but if this 39 AF point body is positioned below D300, Nikon is creating a rather strange competition with its own bestselling prosumer D300s. Plus, the supposedly DX body has 4 more Megapixels. The new buyer interested in the prosumer line would swiftly disregard the fine D300s and go for the new body. To them the loss of 12 Af points is minimal compared to the gain of 4 Megapixels and 1080p video. However, if this is a Video-DSLR variant of D700 with faster AF tracking than 5D Mark II, it kinda makes sense.

      • SNRatio

        D300s is _not_ a completely pro line camera, but rather a hybrid, and the usual 4 year generation time for pro models does not necessarily apply to it. Nikon has never been shy of “killing” older, more expensive models, and with a D400 as rumored, they are making room for a purely pro DX model at the top next year. Where they can do the rather expensive D3s/D3X tricks to the sensor without pricing themselves out of the market.

        Also, the D300s is stuffed with expensive parts, so Nikon may actually make more money on a D400 with a somewhat simpler build.

        A system with fewer AF points may actually come out as more efficient and simpler to use for many users. Many professionals use just a subset of the 51 points today in a lot of shooting situations.

  • R!

    I m getting out heere ,Its sunny today!!!!
    I’m gona shoot!!
    shoot shoot ,don’t talk!!
    evry nikon shooter know that!!

    • ArtTwisted

      im with ya today

  • Niko

    If Nikon releases the new 39 AF point body as a 1080p video DSLR version of D700 and price it lower than 5D Mark II, it will be another interesting day at DSLR fight club.

  • nick

    Here’s a Practical Idea that Nikon is perfectly capable of accomplishing –

    Why not market two versions of each camera –
    one with Video capability
    and one without?

    The one without would obviously be hundreds cheaper – and would allow consumers to prioritize their needs. Personally, I don’t want to shell out an extra $400 for video capability that I never plan on using.

    • The invisible man

      The one with no video well be only few bucks cheaper.
      when you buy a $2000 camera, 80% of the price go to dvpt, marketing, retail and warranty cost.
      So bettween a D700 with or without video you’ll save $100 maximum.

      • Annatar

        You live in la la land.

        • Annatar

          oops, that comment was meant for Invisible man…

          • The invisible man

            I’ll take it, we are not picky in la la land !

    • Me

      What you’re asking for is two sets of motherboards, with two sets of daughterboards, with two sets of coding teams and two sets of QA processes for two manufacturing lines and then associated stock-keeping costs for these two lines of cameras plus additional marketing costs.

      The profitability for this bifurcation would be low.

  • JK

    Something wrong with your Caps Lock…?

  • Joe

    The new 200-400mm f/4G should be really cool. I can’t wait to see the MTF charts and the IQ on the lens.

  • 3rd camera has no details. It should be as follows:

    D900, 24mp FX, 200-6400 native iso, 100% viewfinder + flash, no-video (thanks), 39 focus points but widely spread though the frame, 3 fps, 3 exposure in-camera-hdr, dial-in long exposure, price = $3500 bundled with compact quality walkabout 28-200mm VR.

    • I forgot to say, built-in GPS wouldn’t be a problem anymore. They even include one with mobiles today.

      • The invisible man

        Price $3500 ?????
        I’ll have to sell hundreds extra TC to afford a $3500 camera !
        I’ll like $1995 better 😮

        • ArtTwisted

          keep dreaming, if the 700 is near 3 grand, its replacement will be too.

    • Gordon

      Would’nt the native ISO be 100 not 200 if you anticipate the re-use of the D3X sensor?

    • dream on…

      You don’t need a single AF point with landscape…

      oh and a D900 now also… are we also going to see D5 after D3, st*pid kid go dream on!

  • Alex

    Canon doesn’t even make a fast full frame camera, so I can see why he is jealous.

  • peter

    If there’s a new AF module it’s got to a DX body. A new AF module on FX has to be released with the D4. Just because it’s 39 points doesn’t mean it COULDN’T be better than the CAM3500, but if it were better it would sabotage D3s sales, and if it were worse it would be a step backwards from the D700. Neither makes sense.
    This is definitely a D400/D90 amalgamation.

    But the questions is…where the HELL is our D700x ? !@!@#!#@$)!@$#

  • Canon Fanboism, please do not use caps in your comments. Thanks.

  • 16mp D400 with D700-like noise performance would be a stellar one, unless tried to be faked via noise reduction route washing out most of the useful info. I mean clean but detailed images, not the way you may see on some 5D II files with smeared details even at base iso.

    The only possible way must be from breakthrough technology. Where will the sensor be coming from?

  • Oh sorry for that Admin, Don’t get me wrong guys, I use d300

    Hey Admin, just wondering what would be the improvements of the Nikon live view system with the said rumors?

  • Oh sorry for that Admin, Don’t get me wrong guys, I use d300
    Hey Admin, just wondering what would be the improvements of the Nikon live view system with the said rumors????

  • Gahl

    could the second be the EVIL?
    So first would be the D90 replacement, second is the new EVIL, third one the D700s.

  • Guys,

    60 days rebate in Belgium ends beginning of May. I’m still using my good old F100 & film 🙂
    I would like to make the switch to the D700. Reading all your comments, I really do not know what I have to do.
    – go out and just but the D700?
    – wait for its successor? but when? What will improved? 12MP –> 16MP – not really worth the wait.

    tell me !!!

    • rs

      Buy the D700. It is one fabulous camera. Nikon got everything right.

      • rs

        I forgot to say you can always play what if. Just get it i doubt you will be disappointed. The images it produces are stunning.

    • lolcatmaster FTW

      shoot with what´s available today and don´t worry what will come in the future, many people sweat, cry and whine for an update but for most people the D700 is an excellent camera.

      Most of the people whining here don´t even print so it is ridiculous that they ask for a high megapixel count camera… :/ (yeah I think they are all idiots). others ask for video having dreams of becoming “directors” LMAO… what a joke…

      Get the D700 you won´t be disappointed at all

  • Guys,

    I’m still working on film with my good old F100. I really want to make the switch to a digital FF. the Nikon rebate program runs until the beginning of May here in Belgium.
    So you guys tell me
    – should I just go out and buy the D700
    – shoud I wait for its successor? is it worth the wait? I really want the best MP for a specific budget – but 12 –> 16MP?

    thanks for your elaborated advice.

    appreciate it,

    • How much money do you plan on spending? An upgraded D700-whatever will probably cost a bit more than a discounted D700. If you’re not into video, then perhaps a used D700 would fit even better. If you like the idea of a dual-card slot, possible built-in GPS and (most likely) more MP, then you might want to wait.

      Personally, I’d say buy now what you want/need right now. And if you have to ask if you should wait, then it doesn’t seem like either one of the cameras is calling out to you yet 😉

    • PHB

      Really depends on what lenses you have. If you have invested heavily in FX glass then it may make sense to go for a D700, otherwise the D300s may be a better choice.

      At the moment there is no difference in ISO response between the D300s and D700. So if you want the longest reach possible the D300s is the better camera. If you shoot a lot of wide and have recent super wide lenses then the D700 is a better choice.

      The only optical advantage of FX over DX is that the larger sensor sites allow more light to be collected. At the moment the D300s is a generation ahead and so the two bodies have identical ISO response. Nikon has a sensor with better ISO response it uses in the D3s. So I think that the chance of there being a D700s in the near future with the D3s sensor is a near certainty.

      The D700 came out a few months after the D3 and is almost exactly the same camera except for a few minor differences in the cpu, battery system and viewfinder and of course the bigger body. We are now up to the time where a D700s would be expected. It does not seem at all likely that it would be anything other than the Ds3 sensor in a D700 body.

      • LGO

        @ PHB

        I have the D300s, D700 and a D3s. There is no way that the D300s would even match. much less surpass the D700 in high-ISO low-light shooting performance.

  • People,

    I’m still working on film with my good old F100. I really want to make the switch to a digital FF. the Nikon rebate program runs until the beginning of May here in Belgium.
    So you guys tell me
    – should I just go out and buy the D700
    – shoud I wait for its successor? is it worth the wait? I really want the best MP for a specific budget – but 12 –> 16MP?

    thanks for your elaborated advice.

    appreciate it,

    • I have the D700 now and love it, price seems right. Difference between 12 and 16 MB isn’t that much, do you need video?

      • Anonymous

        If you are still shooting with an F100 it is obvious you keep/use your cameras for a long time. I’d buy a D3 and keep it forever.

  • Convert

    I wish Nikon did this half a year earlier before the 7D and now T2i came out. Not sure of the ratio between stills and video people buying VDSLRs but nowadays you have to get on backorder list to order the body. So there must be a market for them. This convergence is a big thing for people like me who are primarily into video. Sad, because the D90 came out first but got left behind. The D300s would have been great if the resolution wasn’t limited to 720p. I was all set to “make do” with it as a shallow DOF camcorder until the 7D came out. Now I have a lot of Canon glass and its too late for me. It would take some serious features to convince me to switch back to Nikon. I think the fight will be around noise at higher ISO, length of recording and rolling shutter. That’s where canon is winning at the moment. As a stills camera, I don’t really prefer one brand over the other. I’ve had my hands on the D50, D80 and D200 prior to this. But for right now, I ‘m going to use the camera that will let me shoot my project now.

  • Chris Farley

    Hey I am thinking of upgrades these days too…the Soccer World Championship is close and Canon/Sony/Pentax is pushing it hard nowadays… the current Nikon lineup is really great I think, but maybe this means nothing…. at our local retailer there only was ONE Nikon D5000.. it was the demonstration device and they told me only that single one is for sale and they are not planning to get/order (what ever) more of them.. I was a little surprised, but after reading this rumor here… hmmm maybe there is something to rock and roll in the next weeks =) besides this D5000 thing… I hope so because I would love to see the D90 succsessor maybe then WITHOUT a moviemode as Sony does this…with the A550 e.g…. but with an AF improvement + 5,5 up to 6,5 fps in burst mode + improved software etc. and because there is no moviemode in the D90 successor there will be a a DSRL especially for movie fans… maybe maybe.. lets see! Have a great weekend

    • ArtTwisted

      At my store we cant order D5000’s fast enough, and we are just getting our stock back up. While we have many T2i’s sitting in boxes in the stock. Every region wil lbe different and individual stores mean nothing man.

  • enesunkie

    Sony doesn’t have a 16 MP sensor. Which is more likely ?
    A) Sony making one for Nikon before using it on one of there own cameras or
    B) Nikon designing and manufacturing it by themselves

    • Gordon

      Don’t they have a 15.1MP sensor?

  • Fredbare

    The 3 logical choices are:
    Nikon Mirrorless (Thom Hogan says by August)
    D90 replacement (anyone think Nikon will bring another D90 @12MP to the party yet again?)
    D700S (D700 significant upgrade only after the D4 has been brought out maybe 1 year previously)

  • Heinz

    Too little, too late…
    The Canon 7D Mk II will most probably come out this September with a 21mp APS-C sensor. And the entry level 600D with 21mp should come January 2011.

    So, expect 21-24mp as standard resolution for APS-C DSLR’s in 2011-2012.

  • I personally believe your second option is the more likely, as it fits both rumours about a 16-18mp replacement for the D300(s) and the recent post on DPReview that Bahrain has confirmed that the D700 is being discontinued. These were two guesses prevelant since late last year; the third body…almost certainly a D3000 replacement…is probably a rush addition, as Nikon simply can’t (commercially) stand the drubbing the D3000 has received for an entry level camera.

  • Jim

    i’m a noobie here, so maybe this has already been picked up, but has anyone noticed/pointed out that the D700 is now showing out of stock at adorama, J&R, and amazon (which is selling it only via crutchfield at full msrp)? probably more an indication of its popularity, but could be a sign of selling out the inventory pipelines ahead of its replacement? thoughts?

    i’m a d300 owner looking to upgrade, but am reluctant to switch to d700 at this point in its lifecycle…

  • PhotonFisher

    If Nikon will actually provide three models, then que obvious question is: are they targeting new market segments or will they bring updates of the current line-up.
    The DSLR segment is a generating high-margin i.e. customers might expect more, than just a few features, that will be implemented for the sake of “just having” them.

    If Nikon is vlever, then they will generate even more rumors. The sole existence of high performance (and prive … margin) lens leads to a simple conclusion: Nikon wants CoolPix, DX and FX segments to make everyone a happy customer.

    If you compare the current DSLRs against the bext quality equipment (guess…), then it is clearly not having real 16bit per color (that’s why I0m asking for HDR) and that’s why your will need a larger cache for images …

    Beyond 12800 ASA … it must be dark out there … the invention of flashes was a good one. Remember 1600 ASA used to be the parctical limit for film (having resonable quality). Now we’ve got 8 times higher sensitivity …

    Finally: robustness and durability are relevant … aren’t they? Only asking for functional specs is not sufficient …

  • PhotonFisher

    OK live view – what about having it wire-less to have a full remote control that’s there cameras and smart-devices (computers, phones …) would match. It would open a totally new way of working with cameras … up to now the viewfinder is oart of the camera …

    Think of having several cameras being supervised, controlled in that way … this is what professionals use today to generate 3d scenes with “ordinary” cameras.

    for Apple-lovers: what about using an ipad for that purpose ? could become an n-pad …

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    Dear N-waak,

    The best price-performance is probably D700 – feels like the F3. A combination of D700 and a lens is very attractive these days. My advise: what’s your current favorite lens? Get a D700 with a AF-S lens of your favorite and compare it. You’ll start liking it very soon.

  • Simon

    \this is just as credible as thew 2 new dSLRs that was confirmed on this site a couple of months ago. Pure fantasy!!!!

  • LukeLx

    Hi everyone, i’m a Canon user, 40D, 300D, some Ls, some others.
    Sorry for my english 🙂
    I’m following both Canon and Nikon, and also Sony about the mirrorless camera and A700 replecement.
    What i like it’s a sport oriented camera, with low noise and clear per-pixel IQ.
    That’s why i choose the 40D in 2007 (as well as i would have chosen the D300 if i had Nikon lenses). Later, 50D was really crappy to me, and also the 7D. Why? Some points are in common with some posts in this thread, that’s why i’m writing here. The last point is the interesting one.
    50D is totally worst in every field (DR, per-pixel IQ, noise etc), while 7D (extraordinary body, bad sensor to me) got: lower DR, worse per-pixel IQ, something better and something worse about noise.
    That’s beacause a 1st hardware-base noise reduction is always applied, you can’t control it, you can only control the usual one (that act in the same way in camera as in post-production). That generally grants cleaner images, but you can see noise in shadows and noise reduction artifacts even at ISO100, that’s the base HW ISO for Canon.
    The common point is, when you increase the resolution you got many cons:
    – DR reduction
    – Noise increasing
    – per-pixel IQ lowering due to both capped resolving power and stronger AA filters
    – lower diffraction limit, look at lenses comparisons at cameralabs using the 7D, there are always more detail at f5,6 than at f8, to me is too low)
    and… You need shorter shutter speed to freeze movements, you’re looking/shooting/printing at an higher magnification, always; or you can’t crop, you decide.
    You can read about it even in Canon white papers, about the 1DIV that got 16MP on an APS-H sensor.
    So, while i can understand that you can choose to loose some points from the “state of the art” regarding DR, noise, etc, are you really convinced you want to be obblied to use shorter shutter speed? That means increasing ISOs, that means increasing noise, and everything to gain a +13-15% in resolution. ( that’s the real life value for a +5MP increment)
    Is it worth it?


    Some links
    Camera Labs

  • LukeLx

    Ehm, for an unknown reason my post is in the middle of some older ones, but i’ve posted 19 April at 7.55am 🙂

    I was really impressed by the Nikon AF Expansion mode, present even on the D3000 (that is the one i tried).
    Kudos to Nikon, Canon added this feature only on the 1D and 7D.

  • Give me an 18MP DX sensor with the noise characteristics of a D700 and I’m a really happy camper for what I do 🙂

  • sirman

    wow, everybody looks like looking for the higher MP to cover up their so called “not so nice taken pictures”. i just want improvement into the new replacement of D700 with cheaper price :p

  • Thom

    Please please please announce the D800! I am hanging around with my D300. I specially don’t buy a D700 cause the D800 is sooooo cloooose – since a year ^^

  • ways

    Nikon D900
    D3X sensor.

  • []V[] i k e

    MB-D11 is this the one with GPS in the grip?

  • Mr. Obsolete

    I really do NOT care about video. Give me a tack sharp, color correct, FAST-focusing camera body with a BUILT-IN vertical grip that can easily produce gorgeous 20″ x 30″ prints. And keep it under $2,000.

  • I’m a student and i’m seeing most of my class is Canon. With the advent of hd video and the 5d etc, Nikon better come out with a full frame 16 pix or bigger with 1024 HD video, or i’m going to have to sell all my equipment and buy canon so i can get a job some time in the future.

  • broxibear

    Please hurry up Nikon…I’ve been waiting months to upgrade to a FX body and I need to know what your new dslrs will bring and at what price.
    I don’t care about video so a D900, Fx with 100% viewfinder would be fantastic…as long as it’s priced well, otherwise I’ll get a D3…just give me the information…I can’t take much more…I’m going to cry…help me Nikon…help me !!!

  • linusjcmlopez@gmail.

    just hoping for a nikon with fx sensor in a dx body with a 3″ lcd with 920k dots, nikon battery grip for dx, a 35mm and 50mm G lens with an f/1.2, dual sd card slots, higher iso ratings. just wishing nikon and 10 mp.

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