Rumors started to flow: 3 new Nikon DLSR cameras in the pipeline

I can definitely tell that the rumors chatter started to pick up in the last few days after it was dead for a month. Something is definitely coming - I already started to see the first signs of an imminent announcement (Nikon AF-S 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED VR lens) which could happen as soon as the end of April. The next step will be to get the exact date for the scheduled Nikon press conference.

This is the latest info I got: 3 new Nikon DSLR cameras are in the pipeline. One of them will be an entry level model (probably D4000).

The second camera will have:

  • 39 AF points
  • it will be 16 MP with 6400 ISO + HI2 position
  • 24 fps 1920/1080 video
  • it will have an optional (new) MB-D11 grip

I do not have any info on sensor size, exact model name or release date - this could be Nikon's plan for the whole year (2010).

It is interesting to note that the current PRO DSLR line from Nikon has 51 AF points. The Nikon D90 has 11 AF points. The AF of this rumored camera falls in between, which means (if true) it will either be:

  • the replacement of the Nikon D90 (DX sensor inside)
  • a new product line that will fit between the D90 and the PRO level cameras (I consider the D300s, D700 and D3s to be PRO level)
  • Nikon D700 replacement - that means that there will be no ISO improvements and the AF points will drop from 51 to 39 (FX sensor) but you will gain video and 4 extra MP.

FYI: Nikon D90 and D300s have a standard ISO of 3200, the Nikon D700 has a standard ISO of 6400 (same as the rumored camera).

No word on what the third camera will be.

Update: another option could be: the entry level camera is the Nikon D90 replacement (I know the D90 is not really entry level), the 16MP camera is the D300s replacement and the third camera is the Nikon D700 replacement. I was not directly told that the entry level will be the D4000.

[NR] Rumor rating: 75% possibility

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  • 2nd = 3rd

    looks to me only 2 DSLRs
    2nd = 3rd = next gereration D90

  • This still nothing…

  • Gordon

    I reckon the 16MP camera will be the D90 replacement, not a new line in the bodies. With the current state of the market, a D90S refresh makes little sense when compared to Canon’s offering, plus it needs to be renamed to fit in with the new model numbering scheme.

    I’m hoping the D700X is the third body ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gordon

      It looks like Canon has some big announcements in the works too, Nikon will most likely want to have some ammunition of their own to fire across the bow of Canon.

      I wonder where the D3X update fits in to all this too, it will be due for an update at the end of this year also.

  • getanalogue

    I’m sure it will be an update of D90. D90 is the best selling DSLR, and as the lens strategy is showing, Nikon is improving the most popular products at first. Also, D90 is the oldest DSLR model in their product line. Successor would be placed between current D90 and D300s. No Pro DX model in the future. Size a little larger than D90 but smaller than D300s. Therefore new battery grip. Second (CF) card slot in the grip would be good idea. If you look at video, second slot seems to be necessary (or maybe even sensor cooling). Would be extremely happy about this camera.

  • seed

    …it’s a rumor:-)

  • alex

    D900 D700s, I am a Nikon seller in switzerland, the representative of Nikon (also a good friend), he guarantees me that this year is no 700s on the market…. But still hopes that he is wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Obvious

      Nikon isn’t a person
      and you are
      Your talking out your arse

      • gd

        I am nikon ….

        which reminds of the comedy store:

        Joel Douglas, the less famous son of the actor Kirk, was performing at the Comedy Store and getting increasingly frustrated by the audience reaction. He started shouting: “You can’t do this to me, I’m Kirk Douglas’s son!” At which point some wag stood up and said: “No, I’m Kirk Douglas’s son.” Then someone else stood up, and so on.

      • Anonymous

        No. Nikon is not a person, but I guess “the representative of Nikon” might actually be.

        Who’s the donkeys bottom for not understanding what you read?

      • Perhaps you made a mistake in your own name? Shouldn’t it be “oblivious?”

  • D700 owner

    39 AF points on a D90 replacement would be great and a real step up. Maybe this is an indicator that future pro models will have more than 51 points, also very appreciated. But if this is a D700 replacement I can’t loose the uncomfortable feeling that this is the dreadful canon way, less photo camera but more video camera. I’m only into taking pictures but I don’t mind having the video feature as long as it stays a feature and not the other way around as it is the case with the 5d mk2. Let’s be honest the majority of canon users on the internet talk about video and firmware upgrades to improve video, whereas the still image part is reduced to small group of people. I certainly don’t want this to happen to the nikon community.
    And to clarify my point, I’m not against video I just don’t want it to dominate, this is a DSLR we are talking about and not a camcorder. If you take a look at the current canon lineup one can not deny that the main selling point is the video feature and as a long time photographer this is clearly not what I want. Go ahead and flame me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nikon D750????????????

  • SNRatio

    I don’t think it’s simply the D90 replacement, I think it’s the D400, built somewhat less expensively than the D300s, but functionally quite close. And priced to compete well with the 7D. It paves the way for two interesting developments: A more aggressively priced D90 replacement later this year, and a pro DX body to be launched together with the D4 next year. I think the 16MP sensor may be the debut of a new, more video-friendly sensor generation from Nikon.

    Even with fewer AF points, I think you may find that AF performance has not dropped in the new body.

    • Anonymous

      Thank god it’s only a rumor.

  • Canonknight

    Indeed, thanks it’s just a rumor!

  • Berliner

    Why isn’t there any rumor on a replacement of the Nikon P6000, which is long long overdue?

  • No ISO-improvement of Nikon D700 replacement? That doesn’t sound appealing.

  • Joel C

    No one has mentioned d3xs. The final member of the d3 family before d4 is released.

    • Those specs don’t get us into D3() territory.

      • j0elc

        But there’s three cameras being released – not just the one the specs speak of…

    • Dr SCSI

      @Joel C,
      I started thinking about that is well. A D3XS would follow in the footsteps of the D2XS released in May 2006. This pattern would be consist with Nikon’s previous releases. The D3 followed the D2XS one year after. Thus a D4 following a D3XS is not that far of a reach. If you think about it, it would be the pro gap camera until the D4 launches next year. You could end up with 16MP AND ISO up to 6400 in a full frame sensor. This would make this camera the perfect low-light, pixel King!

  • ok another option: the entry level camera is the Nikon D90 replacement (I know the D90 is not really entry level), the 16MP camera is the D300s replacement and the third camera is the Nikon D700 replacement.

    • Canonknight

      Oopps ๐Ÿ™‚
      whatever…let’s bring it on!!!

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Yes, whatever. Right now any news is good news. At least Nikon is moving. I liked the last few days.

        thanx a lot for these rumors. Keep ’em coming.

    • alvix

      ..mmh..this sounds nikon could cover the three market segments,entry-mid-high …all at once with a new line of bodies..

    • Gordon

      I think it is too soon to replace the D300s, I’d say it will be updated around the same time as the D4 is announced. Looking at past history, that particular line is always released after the flagship model, or as in 2007 at the same time.

      Looking at the current line-up, unless the D4000 replaces one of the entry level cameras released last year, I really can’t see the need to slot in another entry level body between the D3000 and D5000. Do Nikon really need a 5th DX body?

      I’d say your hunch is right and the entry level camera will be the D90 replacement rebadged as a D7000 perhaps.

      What we do know is that both the D90 and D700 are due to refreshing this yet, but as I stated earlier I think a vanilla D90 refresh would be a poor move from Nikon, hence why I feel they are going for a upgraded model in lieu of Canon’s releases over the last 2 years.

      Which leaves the D700 update. Unless Nikon have decided to diverge the design of the D700 successor completely from the D3 series so soon into it’s product life, I have a hard time believing the 16MP camera with 39 AF points would replace the D700.

      Nikon have talked about surprising the market in interviews earlier in the year, perhaps one of these 3 rumoured bodies will be the surprise.

    • I want to believe that one of the bodies is a D400. ISO6400 makes more sense as an improvement to the ISO3200 of the D300s. The reduced number of AP points might be the new AF system compared to the 51 points.

      But it also makes sense if the resolution is improved and the ISO remains the same: overall, there is a slight improvement in the ISO.

  • stansmith

    it’s may be a rumours but Amazon have the mb-11 grip on his page….

    • stansmith

      forget me it’s an old thing for pronea…lol

  • I have a D700
    My ideal camera is:
    Size camera in between D700 and D3
    12800 ISO with extention to 50000 or 100000..
    Full Frame
    1080p video with autofocus
    at the very least least 16 mpx, but 24 would be perfect (can use the DX size of pictures with telelens and keep a 12mpx resolution)
    Then i’ll buy it…

  • Alicia

    Does this rumor have a date? I was thinking about getting a D90 in May but I wouldn’t mind waiting a month or two.

  • Brian Davis

    Another entry-level???? Cmon, that’s bullshit. Us pros are wanting some new bodies.

    • Canonknight

      Easy! It’s just a rumor!

  • Niko

    If the D90 rumor upgrade is true, this is nothing but a strategy to push people to higher margin product. We enthusiasts know that we do not need 39 AF points, the most important ones are clustered in the center. Canon 7D build quality and finishing still sux but their 19 AF points are cross types and the color based metering system is sufficient to challenge D300/s. Unless Nikon is positioning this to be a specialized V-dSLR with superior AF tracking compared to Canon 5D MkII’s sluggish phase detect AF in video-mode, I don’t see the point of this camera. Then again, this could be 5D Mark II killer in terms of video.

    D700 may or may not get an update. If it doesn’t, it still is a near perfect camera for enthusiast. If it does & gets D3s sensor, Nikon will be committing marketing suicide — twice.

    • Gordon

      Why? The D3(s) sales and D700 sales have been strong, I don’t think the D700 has taken anything away from the D3 series, if anything it has probably given Nikon more sales which they may never of received if the D700 never came into being.

      The same rational can be used for a D700X if released now, Nikon would only gain additional sales, not lose them.

      A sale is still a sale, much better Nikon to get the sale then do nothing and lose it to their competitors.

      • I_want_a_d700x_

        I would bet with real money that 75%+ of D700 buyers would have never bought a FX body if the only thing FX available is the D3 at US$5000 a piece.

        Getting all the D80/D200/D300 shooters to upgrade to D700 was big money business for Nikon. How many more 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200 did they sold for all those people who switched from DX to FX?

    • erth

      Oh honestly.. the 7d build quality does not ‘suck’ at all.. it makes me wonder if you have EVER even touched one.

      And yes I use both, 7d and d300.

  • me

    i want a d90 sized fx camera with video mode of the 7d/5d

  • liPpi


    I guess 16 MP will be a crappy D700x with video but the third DSLR might be a D3Xs!? (japanese logic) What do you think? Would make sense to release a D3X update (with 28 mpix & HDVideo & 6400 ISO) before Canon releases their 32 1Ds MIKIV flagship …


  • Mike

    From the specs you suggest and other rumors, let me guess at all three. This is a variation on the NR admin post at 8:09am:

    #1 D90 replacement/entry level (D900?). With no other high-end amateur DX body and the D90 refresh due, it could be defined as the “entry level” camera. D5000 and D3000 would be entry level bodies but will be discontinued not refreshed a their 2-year anniversary (see #4).

    #2 The smaller FX body we’ve wanted (D800?). I don’t see where 39 focus points would be a problem for most of us. Video is 780p (so as not to compete with #3, but with software fix to panning problems in the D90 and D300/300s). Nothing revolutionary like mirrorless or 4/3ds. Rotating LCD and 1080 video would be nice, but not a deal breaker. Emphasis here is to provide high ISO FX capabilities in a smaller lighter body, not to replace the D700- sort of an FX VW beetle.
    #3 A real D700 replacement (D700s like the D300->D300s evolution) in the current body size. D3s sensor, higher max frame rate, uses MB-11 grip, 1080p, full-size viewfinder, in-camera HDR, two card slots (maybe both CF), D3S-like high-ISO performance. The idea here is that the D700 replacement takes on most of the current D3s goodies, as the D3s approached its replacement by the D4 next year. Idea for Nikon- put the card slots in replaceable modules available for purchase as accessories. The standard camera configuration is empty, but we can purchase an accessory holder which is 2xCF, another 2XSDHC, or a third which is 1xCF and 1xSD. That way, we can buy what we need, pre-load the modules with cards, and switch out in the field as we wish.
    #4. WAG. Nikon decides to differentiate their product line better: Consumer=Coolpix, SLR entry= D900), prosumer/enthusiast=D300s. Hence with that variation, there is room for Nikon to move D3000 and D5000-like capabilities to the Coolpix line-up and to expand or add models with 4/3ds and other revolutionary (for Nikon) improvements. FX- Entry D800(#2), prosumer/enthusiast, D700s (#3), and professional D3s/D3X until replaced by the D4. That way, the D700’s capabilities don’t compete with the D3s/D3x for very long.

    Whew! I’m sure I missed a few ideas, but that’s my best guess and a WAG. Let’s hope the changeover begins soon. It would be nice to be shooting with something new this summer.

    #5. Big WAG- one of the kit lenses for #s 2 and 3 is the 105mm f2.8 macro VR. It’s a great macro and a good portrait lens, hence quite a value for a kit lens. Also, one of the new lenses this year is a 24-70mm f2.8 replacement with VR.


  • Anonymous

    Well, guess I know where my money is going. I’ll take 16MP new body, now, please.

    Could be that it is 39 points because maybe they worked out a new autofocus system for FX sensors that cover the entire frame?

  • Ed Nafzger Ret RNLMC

    So letยดs think D 90 refresh D700s and x or D4 and we all can be happy and admin thanks for this next round of rumours

  • bradboob

    I have a d90 and love it, so I’m very anxious to see the next revision. On the video side, sure 1080p will be awesome but if it’s still that motion-jpg codec it’ll be junk, I really hope they use a new codec too

  • SimonC

    THe specs above are almost certainly for the D90 replacement.

    D300s replacement would get the new, rumoured AF improvements in the D4. And that would not be until the D4 is released (2011). The 39 pt AF would be, I guess, a watered down version of the 51-pt. But still better than any other APS-C camera’s AF. The 16MP is most likely another Sony EXMOR sensor – I’m OK with that since the nominal ISO increased to 6400, which usually indicates that the sensor IQ has improved over the 12MP sensor.

    There is also the 3rd camera listed above, which NR has no info on. THat could very well be the D700 replacement.

  • Dweeb

    Aw c’mon, yet another grip?

  • Alex

    DSLRs have a 2 year cycle yeah? So this October, the D90, D700 and D3x will all have hit 2 years. I suspect the D300s and D3s won’t be updated this year.

    • rs

      Thats my guess D700s D3xs and new replacement for D90. Only thing that is out of whack is D90 type camera usually follows d300 type camera. D300 type camera upgrades trickle down not up.

  • Ed Nafzger Ret RNLMC

    where is the 100-500 vr rumours going at guyยดs

  • imvp

    Well, I still like the Canon 7D…

    • Canonknight

      Me too, I just like my Canon 7D and I love my D300s. Inside the studio, I use the 7d. Outside active shooting, the D300s rocks!!!

  • Bryan

    Wait, you mean Nikon is releasing new stuff that going to make my current camera obsolete…that’s it, I’m swithing to Canon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Canonknight

      Go on, nobody will miss you!

      • Bryan

        t’was sarcasm ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alex

    When a PRO glass release is announced with a body, the body is inside a PRO series (d300 and up), a new announcement for the 200-400mm VR II could show us a PRO body, hope a D400 or D700s. Hope to see other glass also!

  • Erik

    Yes Nikon be kind to me an release the two Nikons I am waiting for:
    D4000 = D3000 + sensor from D5000/D90/D300
    D700s = D700 + sensor from D3S

  • Acend

    Better be a FX body at $3000 in there, with 1080p/24-25. Better ISO and higher MP than D700 would be nice but I don’t really need it.

  • stepper

    Unknown third camera:
    Mirrorless camera maybe???
    Or maybe FM3D???

    • zeissbrit

      Thats a good idea!! They did say they’d rock the world with the next DSLR release. I will wait for affordable full-frame, 100% viewfinder with 20+MP (autofocus or not) .. until bout September time and then i’m going Pentax 645 if Nikon doesn’t offer the goods. Check the 645D interview on Luminous Landscape..- suddenly more attractive.

      • Me

        Why not buy a Mamyia and be able to put what ever back you want on it for your medium format? Shutter modules are replaceable, better tethering, Schneider lenses….?

        • ZeissGit

          Recommend backs? Aren’t the Schneider lenses you’re talking about large format lenses which cost an arm and a leg? Of course i prefer anything that lets me use Zeiss and stuff like it.

    • Quatschmacher

      I’d love it to be an FM3D, well if Nikon listened to the survey opinions and I wasn’t the only one to suggest this then perhaps it might happen.

  • phen

    i hope the second camera spec is applied to the replacement for d90 : )
    w8ing for the new replacement

  • rhlpetrus

    It looks like the D90’s replacement, but with a slight rise in level. Later the D5000 will get an update with same sensor and the D3000 will get video and the present 12MP sensor with 720p.

    But it could be a better AF with less points (39 to 51) and the D400.

    Surely the D400 is coming, so the latter could be it.

    You’ve forgotten to mention that Nikon is likely launching an EVIL system around Photokina.

    • Catastrophile

      sooner or lat(t)er evil will prevail, and in the end all that will remain of the universe is black holes!

    • Alex

      What has the EVIL got to do with 3 new DSLRs?

      • stepper

        It’s a rumor!
        Rumors can be right, wrong or in between.
        It is totally possible that one of these will be EVIL.

        • Alex

          Oh I see. I guess there’s always a chance it’s not even a camera then?

          • stepper

            like I said… it could be partially true with only two cameras, so yes…

          • Catastrophile

            could it be a carrot grinder that third thing alongside the 2 upcoming cameras?!

          • I want a 28.2mp Carrot Grinder! If it’s got automatic salt-assist, I’m totally getting it!

            If it doesn’t have at *least* 23.7mp, then I’m switching to the Ultra-lux Meat Slicer. At least it had a built-in tenderizer.

        • Niko

          Nikon rumors usually have much higher probability of coming true compared to Canon’s

      • rhlpetrus

        You forgot Nikon is the dark oops black side so evil makes all sense ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Paul

    If they do release a new grip, it better have wireless transfer built-in or offer some other improvement over the MB-D10.

  • psychophoto

    I’ve been rockin’ the D40 for a couple years now and have been stalking the rumored D90 replacement for about six months now (or did it start with the D400?). Anyway, this is certainly welcome news (rumor) and hopefully I’ll have less limiting camera by the summertime. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the D40 but some things are a drag like 3-AF regions, no built-in motor, and no autobracketing, among other things. Looks like it’s a good time for me to upgrade.

    Thanks Nikon Rumors. Now I’ll try to get some work done and not check this site 5x/day (yeah, right)

    • Anonymous

      Save up your money. Don’t complain about the D40’s issues, like lack of focus motor, and 3 AF regions. Nikon had cameras that could do those things, but you didn’t spend the extra $$ to buy the body that did all that. It’s kinda like buying a V6 Mustang and complaining that it is not a GT . . . kinda like buying a base model truck and complaining that it isn’t a crew cab . . . almost like buying a coach plane ticket, and whining that you can’t sit in first class . . . or like complaining about traffic, when you didn’t want to pay to take the toll road

      • psychophoto

        LOL. Don’t stop now, you’re on a roll!

        I see your point. My first DSLR, and I outgrew it fairly quickly.

        Toll road is my fav.

        • Anonymous

          It is an easy camera to outgrow, it is kinda like a dealer giving you your first crack rock free . . . just to get you a taste, then get you hooked into bigger rocks . . .

  • MB

    I can’t wait to switch to Nikon!

  • low

    hmm..should i stick with nikon or canon?? HMMMMMMMM????

  • CE

    At this point, the HDSLR world has absolutely lost all confidence in Nikon. They completely ignored all their costumers desperately asking for a camera with 1080 and with manual controls. Nikon has been utterly disrespectful, and their communication has made Canon appear to be a much more interesting company, even though Nikon has generaly more attractive products. I’m off to Canon, anyway. It’s my turn to ignore Nikon, and I bet a lot of other people feel the same way.

    • nick


    • Once you’ve got yourself settled over on the Canon side (good riddance, btw), then you might want to take a look at the link Mr. Adair posted up above:

  • Joe

    Personally, I’d be happy with a D700 replacement having 16 mp and the same ISO, especially if the image quality remained the same. Think about it, that would be an improvement in resolution with NO degradation in image quality. The D700 already has pretty good ISO performance, better than most cameras out there.

    Plus, that would be a huge improvement for me. I’ve only got a D60 right now. I want something better since I’m finally starting to get some paid photography work. And that camera would be PERFECT for me and my needs.

  • paul

    To all the people hoping for a D700 with a D3s sensor, I don’t think so. Have you tried to find a D3s lately? There aren’t any, and at 5100 bucks a pop and on backorder do you really think they are going to sell the same model in a small body at 2000 bucks off the price?

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      Canon did it. That’s why we hope for Nikon to do the same.

  • chuck

    All sounds dead on!
    Pro NIkon is the best no question about it, yes they are pricey but D3X and D3s blows away anything Canon has. D700 also better than anything Canon has. I’m not talking for pornographers but for stills!

    Where Nikon is getting cleaned now is the midrange and entry level. Betwen the TI2 and 7D Nikon needs something more. D4000, D400 make sense.

    They could use a refresh for D3s+, D700+ and D3X+ wiht 1080p and 30FPS.
    Come on Moore’s law is there 30FPS should be easy NIKON don’t be lame and pull a Toyota and do 24. WAKE UP and kick Canon!

  • David Segura

    If you are into video, stop whining and go to Canon or Sony. Keep in mind of the big three, Nikon does not make video cameras. Where Can and Son have $$$ of R&D from making video cameras, that can be easily shifted to their DSLR’s, Nikon does not. Nikon will keep making the best still photo cameras out there, and the best ergonomics, but no matter what they do in the video side, Canon and Sony will still be better.
    That being said, I am sticking with Nikon for my photography. Everyone else threatening to jump to Canon if Nikon doesn’t do more with video, and if video is the main reason you have a DSLR, go now. We understand.

  • Admin, is there any reason for thinking that the 16MP camera is the D300s replacement, or is it just a wild guess?
    Just want to listen to your thoughts, wild guess or not.
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zzddrr

    only 16MP? Hmmm, we need more for landscape etc. If it is less than the 5DII then many of us will be disappointed

    • nick

      I realized I need to stop judging people based on their desire for megapixels. Let’s talk about this for a second.

      Okay here’s the break down:
      16MP = 4992 X 3328 pixels. You could print an excellent 11″ x 14″ at about 300 DPI with that. However, a 24″ x 36″ print would be poor quality – with only 138 DPI.

      21MP = 5616 x 3774 pixels. You could print an 11″ x 14″ at 340 DPI. However, once again, a 24″ x 36″ print would be poor quality – with only 156 DPI.

      If we’re talking about printing here, the difference between 16MP and 21MP is negligible. But maybe there’s some OTHER reason you guys want more megapixels.

      Can someone please give me a rational explanation for this desire? Or is it simply to “beat” canon?

      • stepper

        Thanks Nick! That was an excelent way to put it!!!!

      • zzddrr

        Nick, it is a great explanation you put together.

        The reason why 16MP would not do trick is not based on printing. It is much more to do around the processing. Let me state here an assumption that everyone would find acceptable. Not everyone can properly frame! This is what going to happen after that … enlarge … cut the piece needed. See, immediately at the end of this little “step” you may endup with 10MP (after the cut).

        Also, sometimes when you take picture of an object, Now over time an enlargement needed. Maybe the object is no longer available, so what would you prefer a 16MP or 24MP image of the same? My guess is the later.

        As I said 90% of the times the MP need has nothing to do with the print. I hope it make some sense. (But simply, more data is better)

        • rs

          Good glass is the answer. With my D200 and good glass I can crop down to 1/6th original and still get a decent 11 x 14. I wipe the floor up with my friends 7d and his kit lens any day.

      • Alex

        That’s why I don’t care for 16mp. I mean it won’t be bad, but not worth an upgrade from 12. 24mp would be a nice bump though.

  • The invisible man

    D700: from a 12mp sensor to 14mp whe have 17% increase in 2 years !
    Cool ! We will get a D700 with a 24mp sensor in 2028 !

    • zzddrr

      The invisible man (and family) it seems to the kids and wifie are sleeping now….

      Hey, Nikon stuck at 12MP since 2005 June! So your calculations are wrong.

      I think Nikon needs MP viagra. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Magnus

        Please stop whining about 12 MP.

        Canon went from 14.7MP to 10MP (G10 to G11) – and nobody (?) complained…

        • zzddrr

          Magnus, you’re comparing apples to oranges. We are talking about DSLRs at pro level. In P&S it’s fine but in serious work 12MP is not enough

          • So all the professionals who don’t have more than 12mp are out of work? If these people don’t have jobs anymore and can’t afford rent/food/etc., perhaps we ought to get a collection going- some sort of help package from the gov’t.

            The best pro I know personally *just* got a D700 in January. He was mopping the floor with the D300 before that. I’ve never heard him *once* complain about lack of megapixels. I understand that there might be a genuine need for a few people to have more MP for cropping, but the large majority? I seriously don’t think it’s an issue. Did you catch the comment above you about a D200 shooter not needing more MP? Might want to re-read that one.

          • zzddrr

            Fried Toast, that is not what i said. What I said is that nowadays there is need for more than 12MP. Especially when we are talking about new products.

            If it were on you, I bet we would be still at 3MP. ๐Ÿ™‚

            As I said, other manufacturers offer products that is beyond 12MP at fairly acceptable price. There must be a reason why Sony and Canon has those products. Besides, if it wouldn’t be good the 24MP D3x then Nikon would not sell it at that massive price.

  • Nutty4Nikon

    David S. up the list said: “Keep in mind of the big three, Nikon does not make video cameras.
    Heck, Nikon started or beat Canon to market with Video (D90). So Canon replied and did it way better (sorry but it’s true with the latest video firmware upgrades)!

    You may not want video, but its there if you do, and this option creates a new opportunity for many Photographers to enter into Videography to expand their offerings.

    Nikon temporarily holds the edge in Image Quality, AF system, Ergonomics, etc. but do you think for one minute that Canon isn’t working on a better mouse trap. Wait until they release the 5D Mark 3. I am not a Fan-boy of Canon.

    Each brand have their strengths and weakness’s. We call all agree on that…

    • Alex Wong

      Better image quality, AF and ergonomics.

      What else would a photographer ask for?

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