The latest Nikon rumors

  • A European Nikon reseller sent out a notification that the Nikon 85mm f/1.8D AF lens is taken out of Nikon's catalog. The lens is currently available in all major US stores.
  • Another report from a store in Norway - they cannot order Nikon D700 from Nikon Norway any longer.
  • The new Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens is shipping in the Middle East (source). It should be available in the US next week.
  • DigitalRev thinks that the next Nikon DSLR will have between 8MP and 10MP. I give 0.01% probability to this rumor:

"...but the latest information indicates a resolution significantly lower than the 16 to 18 megapixels range we predicted or even the 12 megapixels of the current models. Apparently in a move away from the expected, Nikon will be releasing a sensor with super high IQ and Dynamic Range but with a resolution between 8 to 10 megapixels. Completely sacrificing the higher megapixels expectations of some of the Nikon users, the new bodies with this sensor will be able to deliver unmatched results."

  • Vincent Versace labeled one of his pictures on flickr as "This image was captured with a Nikon D-3 camera with a 70-300mm VR Nanocoated lens". The rest of the pictures have the same comment but without "Nanocoated". The current 70-300mm lens is not nanocoated. Could be a typo.
  • Nikon D90's "out of stock" date in Best Buy is listed as September 7th, 2010. The Nikon D700's out of stock date is August 3rd, 2010 - exactly two years since they got them in stock. Not clear if this is a standard procedure in Best Buy or they know when they will stop getting those models from Nikon:

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  • faiz

    even if 2 years is standard best buy procedure. It fits in with the usual rumors. It’s a good a date as any to mark on your calendars at this point.

    • seb

      hmmm 8-10 megapixels that would really suck. Canon will gain so much market share.

  • The invisible man

    8MP is not a joke.
    Each of the 3 sensors (RBG) will be round 10MP.
    The good news is that the picture will be much better than the already very good D700.
    Lenses will loose about f/0.7 aperture but it will be compensated by the very high ISO quality, ISO 3200 will be as good as ISO 800 on a D700. The contrast between low and high lights will also be improved a lot.
    The 3 sensors technology has been around for already few years but the problem was to be able to produce a very high quality prism (to divide the light for each sensor) at a resonable price.

    • The invisible man

      The aperture lost (0.7) will not change the DOF.
      The autofocus will also improve because of the better contrast sensitivity.
      You’re welcome Admin.

      • Thanks but you have to give me some proof on the info you posted here.
        Trusted, but verified 🙂

        • marco polo

          mmm it is not quite the 3 sensor, if you r talking about the Foveon sensor. It s still a Cmos sensor where pixels are much bigger in size, and for what i know the once the photons hit the pixel, they will be process 5 times, which in fact they will be processed only 3 times.
          here I explain: first the pixel made a cound on white light (ultraviolet) then black llight (infrared) then one by one all the RGB colors, (here again it is not a foveon sensor that can see all the blue red and green color at the same time in the same pixel) in the usual way by holding a only one color for pixel and estimating the others.
          then here the new ADS tecnology:
          RGB will be procees as usual trough 4 different lines (I remind you that nikon use also the emerald green). On the other way there will be 2 lines to process the white and the black light.
          Here the ADS systems makes something new: by the level of the RGB the color will be splitted in OverExposures and UnderExposures. All the information will be reput together as a avarange of in fact 3 photos, In the end a CMOS sensor is able to do naturally what today we can achieve with the HDR software.
          Pretty cool ehhh?!! 🙂

        • The invisible man

          I’ve been watching the video over and over since Tuesday and I can tell you this, the carmera is BIG (specialy the viewfinder, or maybe not the viewfinder but what’s under it) or else the (cute) girl holding it have the thiness hands in the world !
          I think it is definitely a BIG pro camera and Nikon will not sell it for peanuts.
          Can anyone give me back my D700 ?

        • The invisible man

          Ok, that’s all I have for now, more details next Tuesday (I hope I’ll get some pictures).
          You can start saving money now 😮

        • Markdphotoguy

          There is potentially something to what is being said there. Nikon did patent a full RGB sensor design in 2008 or 2009. It was reported on Nikon rumors. Also Thom Hogan is a believer that Nikon will release a pro camera with a full RGB sensor in the area of 8-10 Mpx someday but there is no indication of when.
          Only if the D3s/x replacement time was nearer (still too soon going by Nikon’s patterns to date) would I give this rumor any weight. However I do agree w/ Thom that we will see a camera like this someday.

      • The invisible man

        Oops ! I forgot the most important, colors and color balance will be extremely accurate thanks to the primary colors been treated separately.

      • Alex

        I’m not saying this is not possible, but the video cameras that have 3 sensors, the biggest are 2/3”. The Sony F23 is the most expensive Sony CineAlta camera with 3 image sensors. The F35 is more expensive, but has a single 35mm sensor. So I am yet to see 3 APS or 35mm sensors in anything.

      • Banned

        Invisible man, that sounds totally crazy, but in a way I’m inclined to believe you. To me your description fits very well with the other EVIL rumors of late. Could this be the “surprise”? When you think about it, in order to fit 3 sensors into a camera, they definitely have to be smaller than APS-C, and that’s what EVIL is about. Also 10 MPs sounds more like EVIL than DSLR.

        Allez, entre Francais, certifie-moi sur l’honneur que tu ne racontes pas de bobards 🙂 Merci !

        • I’ll buy a 8-10 Mpx DSLR with better high ISO than D90/D300s.
          This is just what I am waiting for.

          • johnny

            I second that!

          • Gustav

            Yep – I’m going to buy a new camera in the next couple of weeks, so I may wait to see how this plays out. I’d definitely take a smaller MP for increased quality.

          • The invisible man

            @ Gustav,
            Even if the new 3 sensors Nikon DSLR is ready it may not show up before the Photokina or earlier 2011.
            It look like it’ a BIG beast so I’m affraid it will be a pro camera, I won’t be able to afford it so I’m still hopping for a D700x or D900.
            The 3S Nikon don’t have any video features (except live view).

          • Banned

            Invisible man, you’re making less and less sense with each new message. I play the BS card on you. Find a new hobby if you’re bored 🙂

          • jr

            ..especially if it is a $1000 full-frame body with 24p/30p HD video, it’s cheap because it’s only 8MP :D. Fortunately pricier is not always better and cheaper is not always worse.

        • The invisible man

          Bonjour la France.
          (pas de confirmation ou infirmation de ce qui suit avant Mardi 23.)
          Le nouveau Nikon devait être utilisé pendant les jeux olympiques d’hivers au Canada pour démontrer la très grande latitude d’exposition entre les hautes et basses lumières (neige, glace..) et la qualité de reproduction des couleurs.
          Mais il se sont aperçu d’un problème avec le logiciel, ils ont donc annulé l’annonce du nouveau boîtier. Ce boîtier n’appartient pas à la gamme des D1,D2,D3…etc ou même des D300 ou D700.
          C’est un nouvelle “gamme” il sera très chèr (plus chèr que le D3x).
          Il devrait maintenant être présenté pour la photokina, Nikon veux être certain de commercializer un appareil photo qui n’aurait pas à être réactualiser des la sortie de sa boîte.
          Désolé pour mon médiocre Français.

          • Banned

            Damn, and I thought you were French for some reason. Well, your french was great but your last sentence cast a doubt, so I will continue in english. Whatever.

            So what’s gonna happen on the 23? Is this new camera that was being tested at the Olympics the tri-sensor thing? Is it gonna be a medium-format or at least trying to play in that league?

      • LukeLx

        AF on DSLRs works by phase detection, not contrast, and it’s done by a different sensor, not the main one. Only Live View AF is taken by contrast detection.

        • The invisible man

          I think’re right but the autofocus will be improved, specialy in low light and low contrast conditions.
          Don’t ask me how, don’t know yet.

          • Carlos

            So you are basically saying that current D300 and D700 owners wont be able to afford the the next d400 and D700xyw or whatever. Do you understand what you are sayng? anyone who has these cameras will have to change to other brands? how marketing and financial stupid can Nikon be to do this?

        • Gustav

          This may be to improve autofocus when shooting video – which uses the contrast detection in Live View.

      • The invisible man

        The camera really look big, I can’t see what lens is on it (not easy to tell from a video).
        I just hope that it’s not a new larger format with new lenses. (that would make sens, bigger lenses to cover 3 big sensors).
        Maybe I make the mistake of my life selling my D700 for a D90. (the D90 is a piece of junk)

    • Jabs

      Hey Invisible man,
      You’re not joking are you?
      I also expect digital cameras to go to 3 sensors (R,G,B) eventually, as this technique is already used in Broadcast Video Equipment, so not only a boost for still photography, but perhaps pristine video quality also.
      Cleaner and clearer signal is one of the by-products of individual sensors.
      I would be stunned if Nikon pulled this off soon, and this would then explain what the Nikon spokesperson was talking about when they said that Nikon would be not emphasizing megapixels and was going in a new direction.
      This would be awesome news IF true!

      • johnny

        Could this be the **surprise** ?
        That’d be cool beans!

      • The invisible man

        NO VIDEO

    • Gary

      It’s almost spooky about how consistent Invisible Man seems to have been in his “knowledge.” At first I didn’t give him much credibility (no offense intended)…it’s just that so many just make up stuff like this and post it on rumor sites…but he could be onto something. Other rumors have said that the next generation Nikons are supposed to take AF to a whole new level and this would be one way to do it.

    • low

      invisible man for president!!!!

      • Mike


    • Omar

      yeah, you got a real good point there, it is possible also that by having a lower res camera and with the current tech, high ISO IQ could ended up becoming much more usable then the current high-res high-ISO camera results.

      Look at the M9 vs other 20+ mp DSLR resolution, Leica decision to remove the AA filter produces IQ as high as other 20+ mp DSLR yet it only has 18mp.

      It will be interesting if this ended up true (with all the improvements) and the only downgrade is losing more resolution.

    • Geoff_K

      8 to 10 MP ??? They will lose my next camera purchase.

      • twoomy

        Same here, this is rubbish to my work. As a landscaper, I typically shoot ISO 200 and want as much resolution as possible. ISO 5,000,000 at 8mp does not interest me at all.

        But then again, every parent who has a kid who plays basketball or volleyball will die to be able to freeze the motion of their kid touching the ball.

        • I am sure they will introduce a D3x in a smaller body for your needs.

  • chinese_ys

    For bestbuy pictures, I would say it could just be a standard procedure for Bestbuy itself to track the product.

    I do not think any of the manufactures can promise end-user or resellers that accurate product releasing cycle, especially the coming product must have some technical advantage over the previous model. Take a look at apple, leica or even canon.

  • I don’t think a move away from MP and into better dynamic range is such a bad idea; with all the web only material, 8 MP would be fine. But enlargements would be a bitch— Maybe dual capture mode on separate cards 🙂

    It is inevitable, that the next moves in digital photography will be stretching dynamic range, the optics are fine as is. Trying to match MP to the amount of information film holds won’t happen until memory storage capabilities advance, but we can chip away at dynamic range 1 stop at a time.

    • Ryouichi Yasahiro

      Most image sensors are capable of producing a dynamic range of up to 11 stops these days. The problem lies in the sheer amount of data that would have to be processed to get that much information out of a frame. Tests showed us that the current image processing pipeline of a D3s would take up to 9 days to produce one image at maximum dynamic range, because the A/D conversion time increases exponentially with every added stop. So instead of frames per second it would be frames per days. With the D3x it was about 21 days by the way.

      • Banned

        Interesting information. What would prevent the camera from just saving the data and not process it, and then let the computer do the processing? For immediate viewing in back LCD we can use either low-end sensor or process only part of the data.

        • Ryouichi Yasahiro

          Saving any data before the A/D conversion has taken place is more or less impossible. Theoretically the D3s’ sensor is capable of producing 17.1 stops of dynamic range. With the early D3 prototypes we were already discussing a camera option that decreased the frame rate to about 1 image in 5 seconds for producing images with 1.9 – 2.3 stops of extra dynamic range. Back then it would have only been possible with low noise amplifiers and a little extra stress on the A/D converter since a 16 bit A/D converter like in the current D4 prototype was technically no problem to manufacture but not many photographers would have been willing to spend the additional 500,000 JPY. Additionally we would have run into trouble trying to keep the chroma accurate enough to stay within the tolerances required by a pro body. A year later the idea was picked up again and a small engineering team was formed to work on a concept for the D4 line to get more dynamic range without drastically increasing the camera’s price. Although it seems that 1080p has become the most asked for feature we believe that there is a seriously underestimated market for a digital camera that delivers good enough dynamic range to render exposure bracketing almost unnecessary when it comes to getting more out of under or overexposed areas. Most digital photographs still look a bit “edgy” especially around highlights and that’s what we have been trying to work on for the next line of pro DSLRs.

          • Mike

            Wow. I’m sure I won’t be able to afford this new technology, but I am really really excited to see what Nikon suprises us with. Thanks for the info Ryouichi.

          • Banned

            Interesting, but are you working at Nikon? I’m surprised that a Nikon employee would be releasing secret info in the open just like that. Ah well, I guess everything is possible. Big grain of salt on that one.

      • Astrophotographer

        You speak as it you were a Nikon engineer! Hmm… Know anything else?

  • Cr

    On the issue of the 70 – 300vr N, wasn’t there a comment by someone (possibly Japanese) a couple of months ago that the 70 – 300 would be upgraded in some way? Can’t remember where I read that but I’d be very interested to see it.

  • grumps

    DigitalRev does not have any reliable sources, same with past predictions!

  • The 24mm f1.4 is available in Malaysia since last week. Curious that it is available so soon in Malaysia

    • Omar

      cuz Malaysia Nikon rocks!

      • Banned

        No, cause only 2 people in all of Malaysia ordered it.

        • USD2,142.86 and 1~2 weeks for delivery (at the largest Malaysian online store.).

  • Daniyar

    There is no way Nikon will rework 70-300 VR before 80-400 lens. 70-300 VR does not need Nanocoat. What we need is 80-400 or 100-500 with VR2 and pretty good resolution at the long end. Although they can skip all of these if they just make 300mm F4 AF-S VR2 lens (Nano or not). I’ll even pay $2k for it, it’s still cheaper than $5k for F2.8 version.

    • Cr

      True. But they could do both at the same time. Release one improved, highly portable zoom and one more expensive upgrade on the 80 – 400. Whichever of your suggestions they pick I wish they’d hurry up.

      • ryan Loewy

        hurry up, nikon! hurry up now! hurry hurry hurry! ONE of your customers is in a rush, so you MUST hurry, develop, get it out there, NAO! golly, you nikon rumor cats really love b*tching. haha, thanks for teh lulz

        • Geoff_K

          yeh, only one is in a rush. thank YOU for the laugh.

  • Kevin

    In many ways it could make sense that we could see a 24mp D4 with 3 sensors and say a 36mp D4x using 3 sensors. 8mp and 12mp respectively. Those numbers seem quite possible.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what I call a change of mind. Didn’t you only very recently insult anyone here who wanted to see more than 12 MP in the next release …

      So now 36 MP is much more likely than the use of an already existing 24 MP in a camera below D3X. Well that makes sense. Why should Nikon take the easy route to satisfy customers when it’s much more fun to piss ’em off at the high costs of new developments.

  • low

    awww man, i would love that 8-10 MP using crazy fat pixels!!! BRING IT NIKON!!! SHOCK THE WORLD!

  • “Color Separation Device of Solid-State Image Sensor” – Is this the full color RGB sensor mentioned above, a variation of the foveon. An explanation is found here:

    • Banned

      Good find!!!


    • andy

      I remember that article. That’s immediately what I thought of when I saw this. This would basically have all the benefits of a 3 sensor system with only one sensor and without the bulk of a tri-chroic prism. I would be surprised and amazed if they’ve managed to miniaturise this system sufficiently though.

      It’s not really a variation on the foveon sensor though, the foveon relies on the silicon sensor itself to filter out different wavelengths at different depths which is highly inefficient and negates any sensitivity advantages. This system (or a 3 sensor system) would be far superior.

  • ArtTwisted

    I really hope nikon isint stupid enough to go with 8mp. They would completely be usesless in modern stock and landscape photography, also product photography, and basically most studio work. Atleast whne compared to even a 5d or 5d 2. The megapixels can hurt, but often can help too.

    • Jabs

      Actually, the resolution would be counted as 8 megapixels X 3 as you are dealing with three sensors (Red, Blue, Green) for a total of 24 megapixels and then 10 or 12 X 3 for a total of either 30 or 36 megapixels, thus an increase beyond current cameras and possibly a 16 bit pipeline.


    • WoutK89

      “They would completely be usesless”
      Prove me wrong, but I think as long as it goes click, and it absorbs light, it is not (completely) useless…

    • Gustav

      So you’re saying that no professional quality work of the nature you described has ever been taken with less than 8MP. Hmm… how odd as just five years ago, people were doing exactly that.

      • Geoff_K

        We used to ride horses everywhere also, but most would not want that option.

      • ArtTwisted

        proffesional quality work of the nature i described has been taking with point and shoots too and disposables. The vast majority of landscape photographers would not be satisfied with 8 megapixels, and many dont even use slrs because of this. I could see how 8 could be used by sports and general photojournalistic types sure, and if colour and dr are spot on then it would sell, also video would no doubt be amazing, but for studio photographers and landscape photographers, i honestly do not think that that kind of camera would be a hit UNLESS it was a MAJOR improvement in Dynamic Range, as in a absolutly revolutionary leep beyond what any single sensor 20+ mp camera can do, but i doubt that.
        The fact that the very top of landscape photographers and many product photographers use MF or even 4×5 film should tell you how important resolution is for that kind of work. For most of us 2 megapixels is fine, but if i want to sell my work which i sure as hell do, then more is always better.

    • Apeman

      I will buy a 8 megapixel DSLR if the IQ is comparable to D700 in all ISOs and the size is small like a D40. Even better if they release pancake primes with it! I’ve been thinking about getting one of the EVILs lately coz no matter how good the D700 is, it is not in my bag everyday due to its weight and size…

  • I’ma call bs on the prism split/3 sensor camera just from a technical standpoint. Those prisms are expensive. The Nikon stacked pseudo Foveon is something we’re likely to see, but not any time soon, and it’s gotta be at least 12mp. Try enlarging from the current foveon sensor…it just doesn’t scale well.

    Picture a “back illuminated” version of the D3x sensor. It’d be at least a stop faster before anything else they did, such as whatever was done to tweak the D3s sensor (unless…maybe that IS the trick they used?) The point is a D3x sensor a stop more sensitive would put an 8mp sensor to shame, no matter if it has a clean 204, 800 ISO.

    It’s easier to tweak current tech than totally re-tool and make something brand new. Easiest = cheapest, and especially today, that’s what’s most likely to happen.

    You heard it here first: we will absolutely see cameras using the D3x sensor, more 12mp sensors, and not long from now, we’ll see a 14-15mp sensor in a Nikon DSLR. Just a little bump. That’s all. I know, they look horrible in the Pentax and Sony cams at higher ISOs…but look at the A700 compared to D300. I bet Nikon could work their magic on the 14mp Sony sensor. Heck, look at the images on the net from the Samsung NX10 with that 14mp Sony sensor. Nikon ought to be able to do at least that well.

    Anyway, the point is this: don’t expect anything revolutionary anytime soon. Maybe a new AF sensor and some re-purposing of sensors already in production. Yes, expect some better video. This is all Nikon is in the position to offer.

    Argue all you want…but this is all I’ve seen positive evidence for.

    • Jabs

      Hey Micah,
      First point – the D3S has a NEW sensor and not a tweaked D3 sensor.
      Second = The Foveon concept also counts each sensor and then adds them up to get its’ full resolution.
      Right now, RGB sensors (3 CCD or 3 CMOS) are already in use in the Broadcast Industry and they offer better color purity and excellent low light use both in still photography and video, where they allow less color smearing and provide sharper and cleaner results. Trying to increase the pipeline of a single sensor handling a single color array is easier than trying to separate their combined output later. You just need three separate channels of computer processing though with each optimized for that particular color, hence technically superior.
      Third, there is a limit to what a monolithic or monoblock sensor will do or resolve and in video, this is even more critical as movement is involved thereby showing misregistration or color crossover and smear easier.
      Digital sensors with separate Red, Blue and Green channels are superior and more accurate, as they are optimized separately per their own color response channels and Nikon would be wise to pursue this matter plus they already have an RGB meter (this is why they beat everyone else in metering accuracy and repeatability) and thus now the sensor pipeline would also be RGB with a sensor for each color.
      Faster response, better metering and now RGB autofocus – if they can pull this off, then all other digital cameras will be instantly obsolete in still and video capabilities. They could also easily offer 2K or 4K video resolution (all above current Hi def 1080p).
      A back illuminated sensor is inferior to a TRI-SENSOR approach as the Foveon demonstrates amply. The Foveon’s problem stem from a lousy pipeline and a company with no equipment able to deal with higher resolution or higher cost bodies. The concept and results are great but they need a Nikon to offer such a unique item as Nikon has lens, accessories and the al-important pro market to sell it to while they do NOT.
      I expect this concept in perhaps a few months from Nikon.
      Perhaps this is what the Nikon Representatives were hinting about recently and now this makes more sense.
      Each sensor designed and optimized for a particular color spectrum is superior and faster in response plus has a higher bandwidth and color purity or accuracy. This is were digital cameras need to go as Pro video is already there.

      • Anonymous

        JABS, are you alright ?
        You must be joking right, or did you just get carried
        away into the dreamland ? ?
        Are you and KEVIN actually the two names for a split personality
        of the same person ? ? ?

        First all that complaining about “Pixel-crazed childish spec-heads” who wanted to see res above 12 MP (in a photo) and now you predict 4K (32 MP) video in a DSLR …

        What is that supposed to mean? ? ? I’ll never ever going to comment on you again. It’s not worth it.

        • Jabs

          Hey Anonymous,
          Perhaps you are NOT technically astute enough to comment.
          I NEVER posted against above 12 megapixels BUT, I spoke out against horrid results above 12 megapixels by Canon and others, so thus I favored good results over ‘specmanship’ or I would not point to the D3X at 24megapixels.
          I also asked people here to WAIT on Nikon.
          I also do NOT expect cheap bodies from Nikon above 20+ megapixels at the cost of the Canon 5D MK2, so maybe you have me mixed up with someone else?

          Sorry, but I post as one poster only.

          You can make above 12 megapixels by using multiple RGB sensors and then the final resolution is TRIPLED – you get the best of both wolds – HIGH ISO response, color clarity, and megapixels with better IQ.
          Sorry, but Engineering is my background!

          • Anonymous

            4K Video ? ? ?
            No comment ! ! !

          • Jabs

            Sorry Anonymous but 4k video refers to a resolution of approximately 4000 X 2000 and the D3s does still images above this already. The computing power to do this is what becomes expensive.

            2K = (2048×1080) and 4K = (4096×2160)

          • Jabs

            Continuing Anonymous,
            Multiple sensors are somewhat like multiple CPU’s in a computer, wherein smaller or slower processors in multiple, do more work at a time.
            In 4K video, they use multiple smaller sensors each optimized for a particular color spectrum and then they combine this with fast computer processing.
            Still (digital) photography is actually HIGHER in resolution than current Cinema resolutions much less video and most don’t know this.

          • Anonymous

            as I said. No comment. Just this: amen.

          • Ok, maybe on paper, but in the real world you’re full of shit. You DON’T get triple resolution from 3CCD or Foveon. Only Foveon fan boys believe that crap.

            You can project movies from 4k that will be viewed at 50’+ and it looks great. But stills from a foveon look like crap at 20×30 and 6mp looks pretty decent (assuming both are shot for max resolution). A D3 shot looks 50% better and D3x shot looks 100% better. Marketing resolution on Bayer sensors works because the tech is old and demosaicing algorithms have be optimised for quite a while. Stacked arrays suck at sub pixel estimation. Maybe there’s some processing to overcome this, but I’ve never seen a successful implementation.

          • SD14 files can be enlarged only to about 6mp before you start getting horrid aliasing. Try it. 3CCD images suffer the same issue.

        • tomik

          not worth on you actually 😉

        • This is informative and enlightening.

      • All I said was back illumination was a simpler to implement improvement on an already kick ass sensor. That cheap bump in quality (if it hasn’t already been done) is enough for most people and will make it a worthwhile tech to put to market short term.

        Prism split imagining isn’t a drop in solution and would take too much R&D. Is it being tried? Heck if I know…but you can’t make a strong argument that it’d be easy to implement and will be marketed for a DSLR again any time soon. (There was at least the Minolta 3000 and it was a clunky 1mp.)

        If there is a prism split imaging device that resolves 24mp right now, I’m unaware of it. But even so, it would really take three 24mp sensors to best the resolution of the D3x. Poo poo the Bayer pattern all you want, but Foveon and existing beam split images don’t stand up to more than 25% expansion over their native resolution. Part of the advantage of the Bayer pattern is it’s inherent noise which looks filmic in enlargements.

        Better is what you can actually use today. There is no three sensor solution that resolves what a D3 will resolve, let alone what a D3x will resolve. If you think some wundertech that doesn’t yet exist is better, that’s your prerogative. On paper tech A may have more potential than tech B. But until tech B makes it into a functioning product, you’re making a pointless argument.

        Back illumination is tech that’s ready to implement today, with existing processes, and can improve existing sensor easily. It’s here today in a couple sensors, and I expect it to be here very soon in DSLRs. It’s conjecture, yes. But it’s educated and relevant. A back illuminated sensor would be a drop in solution for existing models, which means minimal production line alterations.

        Projecting movies from a beam split sensor is a whole other story, and they do better with moire than down res-ed movies from bayer pattern sensors. That is the state of the art today. Still cameras are a whole different story.

        This part isn’t conjecture, this is my experience. See for yourself: get some Foveon raw files and try to stretch them past their native resolution. You won’t get to 50% bigger before you see ugly artifacts.

        D3s sensor…whatever. I think they’re related. What changes in build it takes to define a sensor as “different” than another is debatable. I think they share enough parts to say they’re related. You could argue otherwise, but you really don’t have any more grounds to do so than I do, so it’s pointless. Like the D3x sensor and the D900/850 sensor. I can say they certainly used a different AA filter. Does that make for a “tweak” or a whole new sensor? They appear to use a different CFA based on the color palette of the files output. Is that a tweak, or does that make for a whole new sensor? Sony and Nikon have even gone on record to say they are related. They share output resolutions. Are they the same? No. Similar? How can you say otherwise? A different CFA and AA filter would be tweaks in my book, as would different A/D processing. The hard results are incontrovertibly different. I wouldn’t argue otherwise. But to me, these are tweaks. Significant…but tweaks to related parts. Is it not a tweak if it can only be performed by the manufacturer?

      • PHB

        Having video cameras that are 3CCD and 1 CMOS sensor, the single sensor beats the 3CCD quite handily in my view. There are certainly advantages to having 3CCD, but there are costs as well.

        Main challenge for using a prism in a DSLR is that you would need three shutters (unless you put the shutter in the lens). That would mean having to go to an electronic shutter system in my view.

        I can see a huge market for this purported camera, but ONLY if it had either native video or some means of plugging into additional processing power to do 4K video. 8MP does not make sense to me as a still camera, it makes a great deal of sense for video.

        • How did the 3CCD Minolta bodies handle the shutter? I thought it was in front of the color prism?

  • I Am Nikon

    Any 24mm f/1.4 reviews up already ?

  • tim

    I would take ISO, S/N and dynamic range any time over MP. I almost never crop pictures (if you are a cropper then MP truly is a holy grail). I try to get the shot trough my viewfinder not on PS. 4MP is enough for A4 prints. So people who “””need””” 24MP must print A0 regularly. Man thats some expensive prints. You people must be rich if you print A0 pictures of your cat.

    The only reason I see in MP is:

    Cropping (macro?)
    Stock (so you can offer 100000*50000 pictures for sale)
    Landscape (detail needed in a wide shot)
    Model/product pictures (large prints, a lot of cropping)

    As far as i know the last 2 use Hassels and the first 2 use Canon. So there must me some people who want speed and color above MP right? Yes there are a lot of them! I think that thats a good tactic from Nikon. I also think a D700s would sell better than a D700x (provided its a 3S and a 3X sensor)

    • I Am Nikon

      sadly, most people still prefers high MP than everything else nowadays..

      Good thing I’m not one of them and Nikon knows where the heart of an image really is.


      • tim

        amen, brother!

      • Omar

        thanks to the word called “marketing”

      • Mike

        Exactly. Just like the horsepower war. What good is 500hp if you can take a corner? Give me better handling and cornering over brute power anyday.

    • Anonymous

      4 MP is just enough for A6 (360 dpi printing).
      Just do the math. You need 24 MP for high quality
      A3 already. Most people don’t print in screen-res you know.

      I admit, that you don’t need more than 24 MP in most cases, cause
      the bigger the print the further the distance of it’s viewer. Therefore you
      can lower dpi for printing sizes above A3.

      And to remind you, professional photography very often is not about
      getting it “right” in the viewfinder, cause the image proportions of your
      camera often vary from the ones the publishing requires.

      Never ever to crop is a rather hobby-like approach to photography. Besides, there is much more than cropping that can be done in PS. MP does help a lot
      in architecture too.

      • tim

        I agree with the architecture! MP there is great! Sort of like landscape. (buy Canon)

        I think you misunderstood what i meant with “getting the shot trough the viewfinder”. Of course i crop (or rather the editors). By cropping i was referring to cropping 50% of the image or more. There the MP relay count. (Buy Hasselblad)

        About the DPI. Yes you are right at 360 DPI a 4MP image is too small for A4. But can you name one publisher that prints 360 DPI in offset?

        All im trying to say is that image QUALITY =/= MP.

        • Anonymous

          Yes I can and it really is quite common. 4C offset printing is mostly done with either 60 lpcm* or 70 lcpm resolution.
          70 lcpm require 140 ppcm**.

          An inch is 2.54 cm. 140 x 2.54 = 355,6 dpi There you go!

          Every color magazine of better quality (or brochures etc.) you’ve ever had in your hands is done that way. So are calendars and
          books covering art, design, architecture, fashion, wildlife.

          *lines per centimeter
          **points per centimeter

          But still you ‘re right. IQ is not just equal to MP. But didn’t we read that already often enough here? I’m sure most people are aware of it and have seen noisy pics off a compact at least once in their lifes. Don’t you think so?

          • tim

            Yes you are quite right! Im more in the 250 DPI area when printing (lets call it standard res. printing 🙂 Still when held in hand you cant relay tell that its a “unsharp” image.

            Thanks for the info on high res offset. Interesting indeed.

            I agree. Lets jut let people buy what they want i guess. Ill go for IQ in ISO and range every time.

  • Lucky May

    It’s also getting scarce to find the 85mm F/1.8D in stores here in Hong Kong. Wondering if a AFS or DX version is coming soon?

  • EG

    Please give me a D3000S with highiso

  • Zim

    Canon dropped the price of the 7D by $100 till April 2. Maybe they know something!! Nikon……I’m still waiting

  • Megapixels hater

    “DigitalRev thinks that the next Nikon DSLR will have between 8MP and 10MP…”

    I dream about that. To hell megapixels. Or Nikon should manufacture 2 versions of one model – not more than 12 MP, for those who likes picture quality and more than 12 (15, 18, 30, 40, 50 …) for those who pees in pants about megapixel quantity.

  • Bob the Builder

    We all know that Nikon moves slower than it compilation. But it has taken 2.5 years for the competition to catch up with the D3. Canon planed to beat the D3 but Nikon released the D3s at the same time as the 1D IV and over time guess who will win more key sales??
    The D3s is a stop gap measure to trash the competition until the D4 is released. What has Nikon been developing from the completion of D3 until D4 in terms of new sensor technology the will beat the competition for at least 5 to 10 years.
    Look at the sensor patients. 3 years ago Nikon published a technology that could measure the amount of light for each of the primary colors per pixel. And why is 12 MP the sweat spot for Nikon sensors?
    What I have seen is a 12MP sensor with the light capturing ability of the the D3s with resolution of approx 30 ~ 36MP. Time will tell when this will be released.

  • Anonymous

    Most of you who don’t want more than 12MP are cheap people. I mean, you buy a bloody camera for $5000 or $2500 and lenses for another couple of thousands and can’t buy a decent computer? Not even a $100 WD 1TB external drive?

    What is wrong with you guys? The sensor of the D3x does not create more noise. Read Thom about this.

    All of you 12MP lovers, if it depended on you we would still live in caves. Can’t you see that you 12MP lovers just create ideologies to explain Nikon’s inability to make a camera that is more than 12MP for over 2.5 yrs now.

    • Megapixels hater

      Go to Canon. They love megapixels.

      “Can’t you see that you 12MP lovers just create ideologies to explain Nikon’s inability to make a camera that is more than 12MP for over 2.5 yrs now.”

      I hope so. That’s why I’m typing about it everywhere. Not for you, but for Nikon. I hope they read it.

      • Anonymous

        Why is that?
        Do you want to
        see them go down?
        Are you the advisor sitting
        on the wrong side of the shoulder?

        Go ahead and more and more people actually
        might indeed go to canon. What’s in it for you ? ? ?

        Personally I want Nikon to get it right by giving fps and iso
        in its S-cameras to people like you, and giving MP and IQ at
        100-400 iso in its X-Cameras to people like me. What’s the deal?

        Yours sicerely
        not the anonymous to
        whom you responded

        • Gustav

          Anonymous, switch to Canon. Seriously – you keep complaining that Nikon doesn’t do what you need, and Canon does. So go and don’t look back.

          Funny how when it’s your desires, Nikon must do it to stay in business, but when others say they like what Nikon is doing, disproving your assertion, you claim they’re just enabling Nikon’s decisions. So what if they are? Doesn’t that mean Nikon listens to its customers? Nikon is just not listening to you. So go to Canon where they do what you want.

          • Anonymous

            You pitty 12MP lovers. Can’t you see how one sided is the equation? Nikon makes only 12MP but people like you need only 5MP.

            Long live the 12MP! In the meantime Canon sells more than Nikon. So, let’s wait for another low class 12MP release from Nikon to make you happy.

            Gustav, people who understand changing technology are waiting for Nikon to release the next 12MP crap. Mark that day because that’s when many people with brain will switch to Canon. Hahahaha

          • Anonymous


            what’s wrong with demanding customers? Is this page about the church of the 12 (MP) apostles and amen to the ridiculous 12 MP gap between 12 and 24 ? ? ?

            Stay pleased if you like, but what is this NR for anyway, if you expect just nothing to come ? ? ?

            Well if this is church and Nikon is religion, I’m out of here.

            Yours sicerely
            not the anonymous who
            previously responded to you

          • nick


            I think people are sending you away because they’re tired of hearing Megapixel complaints. These complaints are usually misguided and misinformed.

            Judging a camera based on its number of megapixels has been thoroughly debunked. Only in very select situations does a camera need a high number of MP – and those situations are rare. It’s certainly not an issue for print work, unless you’re doing billboards in times square.

            google the term the “megapixel myth.” Alternately, read the article about megapixels at

            The concern over megapixels is frustrating because it simply isn’t as important as dynamic range, color contrast, autofocus accuracy, high iso performance, and a host of other characteristics that truly make a camera functional and excellent.

            In many ways, those concerned with high MPs are not concerned as photographers – they are concerned as gearheads – who just want to blindly excel in every technical category.

            Unlike them, I won’t send you to canon. Instead, I urge you to educate yourself about what the “real” benefits of high MPs. Read the articles I mentioned above – particularly the one by thomhogan. Goodluck shooting!

          • Anonymous

            Hi Nick,

            to me it seems that half the people here do demand more than 12 MP in a body priced below D3X.
            How come that the other half (all the MP-haters) exactly know about the lack of education of the first mentioned.

            Do I know you?

            Of course I seek IQ and am very well aware of the fact that this is not done by MP only but as part of it, always when size and detail matters.

            I do my shots mainly in controlled situations and I don’t need you to wish me “Goodluck shooting” as my shots generally do come out as supposed and do neither dependent on luck nor on high fps, high iso or automatics of any kind.

            Here might be two contrary types of “gearheads” around. I don’t belong to any of those and I don’t mind If Nikon serves the speedfreaks among the “gearheads” who just point their cameras at 8 fps somewhere, crossing their fingers and peeing their trousers, till they finally find one shot among 256 that could be used (and shitting pants if they don’t).

            (That sounds a little offensive I know, but so does the constant prejudice against people in the need for MP as part of upsized IQ)

            I just want my share and that is IQ (including res). Other than you and many others here, Nikon must see a demand for it, or the D3X would never have hit the market.

            I can’t see how it harms you except for the case that you feel a bad desire to be accounted as a “gearhead” of the other kind yourself and unless you eagerly want to be left alone by the “gearheads” of the first kind.

            But think about it: all you “gearheads” of any kind could share the same lenses and that would help Nikon to sell them. So what the F*** is wrong with my D700X ? ? ?

            Yours sincerely
            the anonymous below
            the other anonymous

      • Geoff_K

        Fewer MP cameras will not be a top priority of the majority of camera purchasers. The majority of camera purchasers are people that do not shoot professionally. If Nikon goes to only 8 or 10 MP camera’s many will buy another brand.

  • I would take a 8-10mpx sensor in order to gain 2/3 stops of DR. With the right software, you could boost that up to 10-12mpx without any issues.

    Throw in broadcast 2K video and I would pay through the roof for it.

    • grimfandango

      What’s exactly you wanna do? Shoot during pitch-black nights? D3s is pretty darn good already. 3 stops? Seems you need night-googles not a camera. Nah… 16-21 Mp kb would be just fine. Besides: what stock photos are you doing? Can’t be product or fashion or art or landscapes or portrait (or sports then you are probably at the wrong site ;D)

      • I’m not talking about increasing light sensitivity…. i’m talking about DR.. dynamic range… so it picks up extremely detailed shadows/highlights.

        Not all stock has to be 20+mpx… and not all photographers carry just one camera.

    • How about shooting macro handheld @f/5 ~f/8 at higher ISO for a faster shutterspeed? It is not easy carrying a heavy tripod for 3 to 4 hours in a rainforest.

    • Geoff_K

      When you boost you create and when you create you alter.

  • ys

    Re: DigitalRev
    Could it be that NIkon’s got its own implementation of the Fujifilm’s Super CCD type technology?

  • marco polo

    here my previous explanation:
    mmm it is not quite the 3 sensor, if you r talking about the Foveon sensor. It s still a Cmos sensor where pixels are much bigger in size, and for what i know the once the photons hit the pixel, they will be process 5 times, which in fact they will be processed only 3 times.
    here I explain: first the pixel made a cound on white light (ultraviolet) then black llight (infrared) then one by one all the RGB colors, (here again it is not a foveon sensor that can see all the blue red and green color at the same time in the same pixel) in the usual way by holding a only one color for pixel and estimating the others.
    then here the new ADS tecnology:
    RGB will be procees as usual trough 4 different lines (I remind you that nikon use also the emerald green). On the other way there will be 2 lines to process the white and the black light.
    Here the ADS systems makes something new: by the level of the RGB the color will be splitted in OverExposures and UnderExposures. All the information will be reput together as a avarange of in fact 3 photos, In the end a CMOS sensor is able to do naturally what today we can achieve with the HDR software.
    Pretty cool ehhh?!! 🙂

  • Jose

    Remember, The president of nikon in a review few weeks ago, promise a new products with improving IQ and Dynamic range, This is one of the reason that make this rumor possible

  • Kevin

    No what I said was we won’t see a 24mp D700x and we won’t see that 24mp D3x sensor in the D4. I think you all think it’s a matter of Nikon updating the firmware in that sensor to make it magically work at higher ISO speeds or something. I think the foveon is unlikely to happen but it could be plausable if and only if they are talking about 8mp and 12mp per sensor in the D4 and D4x.

    I’ll say it again we won’t be seeing a D700x. It’s never going to happen. I’ve said this time and time again and you all must be retarded or just don’t want to believe it. If nikon produces a D700x it will kill the D3x and even more it will also likely have an effect on D3s sales.

    Canon is going through this exact same problem right now. People are only buying 5D Mark II bodies. Even the 1D Mark IV isn’t selling that well. Right now if Nikon pushes out a D700x they will have issues selling the current D3x, the future D4 and the future D4x just to satisfy the desires of people that can’t afford high end cameras and honestly don’t need them.

    I’m a serious believer that Canon pushed the 5D Mark II to market prior to it was properly ready in order to stop the bleeding since they were losing a large portion of market share. Had they not introduced the 5D Mark II when they did it is quite likely that nikon would hold a 20 point lead in market share right now instead of a 10 point lead.

    If you keep reading into morons thinking we’ll see a D700x then your dead wrong.

    D300 —> D300s
    D3 —> D3s
    D700 —> D700s

    Hmmm this seems to have a trend that we can see. Trust me I’d love to see a D700x as I’d sell my D3x right away. I absolutely love the D700 but I do feel a D700x would substantially hurt Nikon for years to come. Canon is currently screwd. They won’t sell many 1Ds Mark IVs when they are more than $6,000 more than the 5D Mark II. It just hurts the development of future cameras.

    • marco polo

      Good point
      but as you know the sensor in the d300s is different than the predecessour d300
      and d700s will share the same tecknology. So here one issue:
      If the use the same tecknology we ll get a D3S in small format…which is not very competitive for pro amateur or entusiastic photographer. So instead they will push the pixel at the 18 using the same sensor of the d300s. ultimatly we will see a camera with the same iso performace as before but a bit more resolution.

    • Anonymous

      If the D4 and D4X happen as you predict them, it would as well mean, that the D3S & X get discontinued. Or is the D2 still around?

      What would happen to the fab 24 MP sensor? Do you really think they just put it in the bin and give a shit about the former investments on its development? Well, that again makes perfect sense.
      We are all “retarded”, yes!
      Common, calm down and once take a look in the mirror instead of reflecting on us. Or is that too disappointing?

      D3 —-> D700 (both discontinued)
      D3S –> D700S (already released and following soon (according to yourself))
      D3X –> D___? (Oooops)

      Are you by any chance the one who “can’t afford and honestly don’t need” a D700X if it would come up? I still recall your previous comments. It all started
      with a final speech on the glories of 12 MP-technology and the unlimited quality of it and its large size high res printing capabilities. When people started to make fun on this, you all of a sudden claimed to have a D3X and to be the only one in true need of it. You are somewhat suspicious to me …

      … I was just the same when I was 14. Knew everything, pretended a lot and used to be very insistent . That’s fine with me Kevin, but I’m not going to comment on it any further.

      • marco polo

        Kevin the D4 is long aways to wait…..Even thought the D3X is not selling very well.
        To find out with new D700 we will have you have to answer 2 things:
        Video? yes since the D90 all user asked for avideo in the higher mode
        High resolution in number of pixel? yes… but not too much!!
        So the D800 it will be more an update of the previous one.

        About the comment of the 3 sensors my previous comment.

  • getanalogue

    Kevin, it is agreed.
    But new tech under Nikon’s patent for 3ccd sensor(s) would be a ground breaking innovation for still photogs. We will see it in D 4 and D400. Only question from my side: If the sensor has 10 MP for each colour, is it then a 10 MP or 30 MP sensor with the respective resolution or is the better performance only going to HDR, colour precision, AF but to overall resolution? Knows someone around the (correct) answer?

  • Zim

    So where are all these new cameras!!!!

  • JT

    On the subject of mega pixels, here’s a crazy idea I’ve been thinking about for a while. Let’s play devil’s advocate and go with the lowest MP we can go.

    – 1080p is only 1920×1080 = 2MP.
    – Computer monitors rarely go above 1920×1200 = 2.3MP (I believe the 1024×768 is still the most common resolution, which isn’t even 1MP).
    – Movie mode is the hot feature in cameras these days, especially 1080p.
    – Fewer and fewer amateur photographers are doing photographic prints, and are targeting their pictures for computer monitors.

    So let’s create a camera with that in mind:
    – 2.3MP, with a 16:9 aspect ratio crop to 2MP for 1080p
    – Full-frame sensor (to have even bigger pixels, and shallow DoF for movie-making)
    – Live View and Movie Mode, 24fps and 30fps
    – Clean 102400 ISO (maybe even higher?)
    – High FPS (not much data to process here)
    – Put this all in a D90-sized body.

    Would you buy it? Given the course of things, I don’t see why consumer-level cameras SHOULDN’T go this route.

    • grimfandango

      you forgot a teeny weeny detail. The retina has a better resolution than some crappy monitor. so if you want a clear, crisp, sharp picture at DINA 4 or 3 you need more MP. If you cut or zoom in your pictures you need more MP. For PS you need more MP. Usually.
      Besides… who uses a XGA-Monitor anymore? Even my notebook tops that.

      • grimfandango

        At least i wasn’t talking about anything less than d300 if you were talking about d5000, d90s or coolpix i apologize. (but then again about them i couldn’t care less. Thank god, ignorance can be a blessing 😀 )

        • JT

          This idea definitely wouldn’t fly in the D300 and higher segment, I agree. A 2MP D4 would probably make Nikon the laughingstock of the industry 🙂

          Although if it had clean ISO 1,000,000,000…

          • grimfandango

            That would be the ultimate stalker ninja tool. See what a cat can’t…

      • JT

        I wholly accept that cropping will be a problem with this camera. The question is: will most consumers even bother to crop their pictures or process their movies? Or will they just upload their pictures and movies straight out of their camera to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc. as is? Note that the aforementioned sites already downsize their images to web-scale resolution. Why not have a camera that produces a high-quality 2MP picture (possibly using a Foveon-like sensor) right out the camera, and cut out the middleman?

        I agree that our eyes can resolve much higher than 2MP, but if these images/movies will only ever be viewed on a computer screen, why would it matter?

        Obviously we still need cameras that push the boundaries on MP, high ISO, and/or DR. I’m targeting a segment inside the consumer-camera segment. Specifically, the segment that wants a compact, affordable, full-frame camera with movie-recording (essentially, the DSMC for the common man). The catch is that it’s only 2MP. Is that enough?

        (Also, I just realize that this may be more appropriate for a forum post. Admin, feel free to tell me to move this discussion there).

        • marco polo

          well as I said before it s not a Foveon Sensor at all
          It still is CMOS sensor whit a new bucket design of the pixel
          the pic will be short in term of pixel but the resolution is 3 times higher

          it will have the same effect of what today is called HDR software
          here an example:

        • The D300, in 14-bit raw, gives a file size of 14MB to 15+MB. For those who use D300 in jpg mode and think the file is too small.. shoot in raw. (fps suffers, though.)

      • I read somewhere that the human eye resolves 9 lines per mm while the D90 do something like 90 lines per mm. I think it is in one of the photozone reviews. (If I remember correctly.)

      • anonymouscanonfanboy

        75dpi@1 metre I believe…(that the eye can resolve detail)

  • Kevin

    I know Sigma states the resolution is equal to all 3 added together HOWEVER the image size is equal to the size of one of the sensors. So if they use 3 8mp sensors you would get 24 effective mp however the images would be 8mp in size. The dynamic range though would be through the roof.

    You are also incorrect on the D300 and D300s. They use the same sensor. It just begs the question would Nikon make a D700s and just add video or would they put the D3s sensor in that camera. At this point there is no reason for nikon to put the 24mp sensor into a D700 body.

    If Canon were smart they would have waited to put the 7D AF into the 5D Mark II and they would be selling that camera for $4,000-$4,500 which is where the original 5D once upon a time was at. I still think they rushed that camera out when it really wasn’t ready.

    They ARE NOT going to give you different resolution in a D700 update. You either get a D700s or a D700x. The D700s as many will tell you is the most likely possibility from the logical standpoint of how the cameras would effect the Nikon business plan. If you are going to see 18mp it will be in a D800 in the future.

    • marco polo

      Sorry you are wrong as Nikon confirm many times the D300s has a different typy of sensor of the D300
      Infact the shape of the mirror micro lenses have been improve in the same way of the D3S also all the ADC system have been change as well.
      The same type of sensor will be insert in the Nikon D800 that will be introduce next 12 of April at 10 30 UK time

    • Apeman

      “…If Canon were smart they would have waited to put the 7D AF into the 5D Mark II and they would be selling that camera for $4,000-$4,500 which is where the original 5D once upon a time was at. I still think they rushed that camera out when it really wasn’t ready….”

      If they did that, the D700 will clearly have the price advantage and canon will have nothing to compete with. They have to release the 5D2 in rush before more people jumping ship. I think for Canon, it is quite successful on the 5D2 release in terms of retaining market share and at the same time open up new market on video. The 5D2 also boosted more sales on their premium lenses. I know few friends who are new to DSLR just bought the 5D2 + several L primes. Features like HD video and 21MP win over faster FPS + better focus for average customers.

      • Simon

        Less ofthe average. Most D700 images looks like they were taken by average photographers.

  • Perhaps we should also discuss what we expect from Nikon in terms of enhancements to the current functions, ergonomics and performance. Not just MPs, sensor and lens. I know that’s more relevant for user groups, but I thought it will be interesting.

  • Carlos

    So basically saying that current D300 and D700 owners wont be able to afford the the next d400 and D700xyw is a marketing and financial stupid move from Nikon…if this new technology and rumored price(by a poster here) turns to be truth……everyones with previous models will buy others brands…

  • marco polo

    Admin please can you confirm that the sensor of the d300s is not the same of the d300
    They change the shape of the mirror micro lenses in order to incrise the quality of the pic.

  • Kevin

    Enter it in google and you’ll see fast enough. It’s information that the general public has known about for a long time now. The D3 to the D3s was a different sensor. The image quality is insanely different where as the D300 to the D300s are virtually identical.

    What I was saying is photograhers that can’t afford the $8,000 or so high end cameras likely don’t need or require them for their business. If you had a serious need for a camera that was that important to your clients and business the $8,000 wouldn’t be that bad. The question is why should nikon make a 24mp D700x just to cater to the needs of those who can’t afford a D3x and likely don’t need that resolution in the first place. I would kill the companies profits and would hinder development in the future. This is the exact same thing Canon is about to learn when the sales of the 1Ds Mark IV are less than what they anticipate.

    I really don’t think the big battle between Nikon and Canon will be megapixels at all but will evolve into something completely different. The problem right now is that megapixels are the really only selling feature of Canon’s camera system. They are inferior to nikon in just about every other way with the exception of 1080p video.

    • marco polo

      very good point,
      So tell me if you have to desigh a new D700 that will have a very big market.
      Where will you improve it?

      • Mike

        Dual card slots, D3s type sensor, 100% VF, built in radio flash trigger system.

        • marco polo

          u ll get 100% VF
          dual card slot
          and 18 megapixel

  • Nikkorian

    8 to 10 megapixels. wow. for me the way to go. why would you want any more??? I look at my pics on screen usually and if i should do a rare print, it’s no poster. so i look for iq at high iso and for high dyn. range. cheers

    • Geoff_K

      Why would you want more than 4 or 2 for that matter. Those would look fine on your webpage. If you do not know what people want more MP, then you have not been reading these threads.

    • mikeg

      Its an interesting idea…a FF camera that is $1k or less that only does 8Mp. A lot of people would probably not realize how good the images would be. Most consumers simply look for the megapixel # and that’s it.

      • ArtTwisted

        if its under 1k i would buy it, just for the DOF and not having to buy odd wide angles and of course having my 50 be a 50.

        odd note, if you want an APS normal lens, get the 28 f2.8, it turns out to be a 42, which is exactly true normal 🙂 cheers.

    • Retro fit it to the FM or FE! The film winder turns on the LCD review.:-)

  • peter

    I hope we see a D4/D800 simultaneous release this summer. Just like the D3/D300 that brought Nikon back into the fold.

    A D4 with this fancy 8mp multi sensor thing, and the 24mp D800. That oughta do it I’d say!

  • Anonymous

    What happened to the post about the D3H?!

    • the pictures were fake and I removed the post

  • Kysa

    One more out of stock and do not know when or it will be at all in stock again. Another one drop to glass for d700 being out…

  • Kysa
  • Simon

    Reason why dealers are not re-stocking D700 is because it is not selling enough unit to justify manufacture. All the sales has gone to 5DMk2.

    • Geoff_K

      If this is true, it proves the majority want MP over performance. Hopefully Nikon decided that 12 MP is not enough for your average prosumer person and bumps to 18 in the next FF they put out for we who are not professionals, but have disposable income and want a nicer camera.

    • Kysa

      Wrong SImon, note, if it is like you say, they would write that it must be ordered, but they say that they don’t know when it will be available at all, it is different thing.

  • kevin

    You’d be wrong about that. Why do you think people would buy an inferior camera over the D700. The D700 is a way better camera than the 5D Mark II. Right now many retailers have a limited supply of the D700. I don’t think it’s a surprise to anybody that a D700s is coming in the near future.

    It is still being manufactured as well. Two months ago Adorama had the camera back ordered and when I just placed my order for a D700 with 70-200 they had way fewer bodies in stock than I would have thought.

  • Jabs

    One of the main problems here is that people read web sites and do not have the Technical background to determine if what they read is fact, fake or ‘friction’.
    Three chips add up to the total of THEIR resolutions and not in the guise of the Foveon.
    We are talking Pro VIDEO and not some dumbed down consumer crap.
    The Foveon has very good color response from my observation, but it is not at the professional level, yet.
    Back-light sensors are a stop gap measure until multiple sensors perhaps take over. You can have individual 3 sensors or ONE sensor containing three individual chips, hence no need for some prism or beam splitter to now direct the individual colors to their respective place.
    WHAT century are you guys in?
    We are in a digital era and you guys are reading old outdated information and too dull to realize this.
    THE NEW 3 chip Video cameras have done away with this,so get real!!!
    Perhaps you start reading from some new sources or get an education and get the heck off the Internet.
    Look up Sony Broadcast online for a clue!
    They are now moving to FOUR colors with the adding of YELLOW, so perhaps you do some research yourself.
    Too many talking heads here for me to respond to you, as my response will probably fly over your head.
    Multiple chips can be pre-aligned or synced units or individual units.
    I don’t think Nikon is making a Foveon-like array but taking it to another level perhaps like they already do in DIGITAL Pro-Video wherein they do both hi-res stills and hi-bandwidth video.

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