New Sigma lenses coming soon

Just a quick update from five new lenses from Sigma will be announced soon (including a new 85mm f/1.4 lens). Not sure about the details yet, but I expect all of those to be available for F-mount.

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  • sweet! hopefully they’ll give us some good teleprime alternatives. Would be nice to see 400 or 500 f5.6. Hell, even a 300 f4 OS would be sweet.

    • ItsaChris

      400mm 4.5, 300 2.8 and 800 5.6 need OS. HMS version of the 20, 24 , 28 1.8s, fisheye and all short macros need updating.

      sigma just updated there web site and they dont even have a telephoto prime section… so I would say that is a missing element in there lineup. but i would like to see the wide 1.8s and fisheye update along with the new 85.

      • Mistral75

        Along with the 85mm f/1.4 should apparently come the OS update of Bigma and 70-200 f/2.8 plus two APS-C zooms: 17-50 f/2.8 OS and the ultrawide 8-16mm.

        • ItsaChris

          Poop… Oh well the 85mm looks good but I already have the 70-200 vr and as the 85 prime would be nice, there is just no need. I just wish some one would update the wide angel prime lens. (other than the 2k 24mm f1.4 (I Dont Have 2k For a Lens))

  • Gorji

    Isn’t PMA start this week?

    • Mistral75

      Tomorrow (Sunday).

      • Gorji

        Should we not expect something from Nikon? Is that unreasonable?

  • I really want to see a 150 macro with OS please!!

  • Leaking Starfish

    Why the lust for soft lenses? Just buy a lens baby.

    • Yeah, cuz all Sigma lenses are soft. My Sigma 150 2.8 Macro makes a laughing stock of almost EVERY Nikon and Canon macro lens out there. Only the newest Canon / Nikon macros that cost twice as much are *equal*…

      Oh, and my Sigma 50-150 2.8 is sharp as heck, too. I’ve shot probably 100,000 images with the lens wide open and it is tack sharp.

      Just had to mention this… 🙂

      • Louis Rosenthal

        100,000 you say? how’s that shutter holding up?

      • Eddy F.

        I agree! My sigma 150 is the sharpest lens I have ever owned. Also the Sigma 50mm 1.4 is an amazing lens. In fact it is regarded by many as being sharper than either the Nikon or Canon equivalents. The only problem with Sigma is quality control, but once you a good sample Sigma really has a few amazing lenses. If that 85 1.4 is anything like the the 150 and 50 it’s mine!!!

  • Ron Krapwell

    Can’t we offload all this crap to a sigmarumours site?

    • sigma makes lenses for Nikon cameras so I think this is very relevant,

    • Thanh

      Crap? Excuse me, Sigma has a very fine lens line-up for Nikon. Some of these to some extent are superior to the Nikkor counterparts or even don’t have a similar counterparts from Nikon. Period! Examples are the 12-24, 30 f1.4, 50 f1.4, 50-150 f2.8, 100-300 f4, 200-500 f2.8. And the list goes on.

      Even if you don’t like third party lenses like the Sigmas, if I were you I would still welcome their announcement because it means that they are pushing Nikon very hard to produce better lenses with lower prices. Can you image how much more money Nikon would charge us for their lenses had thir-party manufactors like Sigma not producing their lenses to compete with Nikon?

      • Louis Rosenthal

        WOW you make a valid statement and support it with complete and utter rubbish!! the 50 f1.4 (AF-S) from nikon is leagues better than sigmas, the 12-24 sigma and nikon versions are damn near identical in IQ AFAIK, the 70-200 f2.8 makes a million times more sense than the 50-150 in that 70mm is tele enough…. the only thing sigma has that nikon doesn’t is outrageously wide angle lenses with horrid distortion and extreme teles.

        one could argue that the fast primes are lacking in nikon’s lineup, but with the new 24, the 35 f1.8 and the AF-S 50 f1.4, next will be a new 85 f1.4 and as far as IQ goes, sigma just doesn’t come close to nikon.

        • Louis Rosenthal

          and don’t get me started on back-focus issues!!

          • santela

            Did you just say Nikon’s 50/1.4 is better than Sigma’s?


        • Thanh

          * 50 1.4 sigma vs nikon – IQ wise which lens wins would depend on the f stop. Wide open the Sigma is sharper, stopping down the Nikkor might be slightly better (see various reviews from the next, for example the ones from SLRGear). Build-quality wise and AF-speed wise, the Sigma wins out easily. See the posts of others below for a discussion about the quality of these lenses. In summary, I don’t see how the Nikkor could be a league better than the Sigma.

          * 12-24 sigma vs nikon – oranges vs apples! The sigma is FF, the nikkor is DX. Nikon does not have any equivalent for the 12-24 FF, period! The Nikkor 14-24 is wonderful but it is not an equivalent to the Sigma and it is also much more expensive.

          * 70-200 vs 50-150 – Again you are comparing oranges with apples. The 70-200 is FF and the 50-150 is DX. The former is twice the weight and almost double the size. I know many DX shooters are longing for Nikon to produce a 50-150 DX version.

          In sum, I pointed out that Nikon does not have an equivalent for the likes of the Sigma 12-24 FF and the 50-150DX, and you counter-argued me with the Nikkors’ 12-24 DX and the 70-200FF, which are completely different lenses, as evidence? Whose evidence is rubbish now Mr. Rosenthal?

          Anyway, my point was that competition is good and we should be happy to see that there are competitive products from other brands. It gives us consumers more choices and saves us money.

          • Louis Rosenthal

            sorry if i jumped to a conclusion but the last sigma 50mm i tried at a store wouldn’t correctly focus at all, and i’ve never had an issue with my nikon AF-S version in the year that i’ve been shooting with it, in fact probably well over half of my best pictures are taken with it.

          • Louis Rosenthal

            sorry if i jumped to a conclusion but the last sigma 50mm i tried at a store wouldn’t correctly focus at all, and i’ve never had an issue with my nikon AF-S version in the year that i’ve been shooting with it, in fact probably well over half of my best pictures are taken with it.

            anyhow, cheers to competition 🙂

          • Thanh

            Totally agree with you on that focus issue Louis. No matter how good a lens is optically, it is useless if it doesn’t focus properly. That is the problem with third-party lenses.

            That said, I think third party lenses, at least the good ones, can work very well after being calibrated. In my place Sigma UK offer a very quick and effecient service to calibrate their lenses.

            If there are two similar lenses from Nikon and a third-party brand, I would go for the Nikkor if it offers the same quality and is affordable to me. But if third-party options can help me to cover the big holes left in Nikon’s lens line-up with decent quality, I would certainly go for them.

  • N.M.

    If the new 85mm 1.4 is anything like their 50mm 1.4, this is very good news indeed. Sigma has the best 50mm for Nikon, period.

    • roger767

      how about the Nikon 50 1.4. The tests say its supersharp

      • Anonymous

        Depends if you look for AF-speed and sharpness wide open, in which the Sigma outperforms the Nikon so I heard

      • lox

        Just compare the results at around f/2 or below – the sigma clearly outperforms the Nikon. The may be on par with each other at f/8, but this would even be true for the old 50/1.8. The Nikkor isn’t a bad lens, but the Sigma is serious stuff. If you consider going into low light photography, the Sigma would be a perfect choice. It handles extremely well, gives excellent results and is made to last a hundred years. I wish every Nikon lens looked like that.

        Whenever possible, I go with Nikon. But their D-prime series, 20/24/28/35/50, is plastic crap, each and every lens. And shame on Nikon that they did not take the opportunity to make the 50/1.4D successor a serious lens. I wonder what comes next. Good wide angle primes a long-awaited by many.

      • rg

        seeing samples from both,
        sigma has better bokeh aswell, thou its subjective choice.

  • anonym
  • anonym
  • JBL

    OMG 8-16!!!!


  • peter

    I’d be mighty tempted by the 28 1.8 if that’s one of their updated lenses…

  • JBL

    Oh and btw, here’s a translation of the french infos posted on photo rumors:

    For those who might be wondering, here’s a translation:
    Sigma annonce la sortie du nouveau compact numérique équipé d’un capteur 14 Mpix de taille reflex et du processeur “TRUE II”.
    Sigma is announcing the arrival of a new digital compact camera equipped with a 14 megapixels reflex sized sensor (DX crop I guess) and the TRUE II processor.
    Sigma annonce la sortie d’un nouveau compact numérique
    équipé d’un capteur de haute définition de 14 Mpixels de taille reflex.
    Sigma is announcing the arrival of a new digital compact camera equipped with a high definition reflex sized sensor of 14 megapixels.
    85mm F1,4 EX DG HSM
    Téléobjectif à très grande ouverture
    Do I need to translate this one? Wide aperture telephoto
    70-200mm F2,8 EX DG OS HSM
    Télézoom à grande ouverture est équipé du système de stabilisation optique Sigma OS “Optical Stabilizer”.
    Wide aperture telephoto zoom equipped with the Sigma OS “Optical Stabilizer” optical stabilisation system.
    8-16mm F4,5-5,6 DC HSM
    Premier zoom ultra grand angulaire pour reflex à disposer d’une focale de 8mm
    First ultra wide angle zoom for reflex cameras with a focal length of 8mm (again is this for DX or FX?… probably DX.. damn looks like a fun lens to use)
    17-50mm F2,8 EX DC OS HSM
    Zoom standard à grande ouverture est équipé de la stabilisation optique Sigma OS
    Wide aperture standard zoom equipped with Sigma OS optical stabilisation.
    50-500mm F4,5-6,3 DG OS HSM
    Ce nouveau télézoom x10, intègre le système de stabilisation optique Sigma Optical Stabilizer
    This new 10x telephoto zoom integrates the “Sigma Optical Stabilizer” optical stabilisation system.

  • Anonymous

    8-16mm F4,5-5,6 DC HSM
    it says DC, meaning DX (“only”), DG is Fullframe

  • nick

    I wish they put OS on the 50-150mm

    • nick

      By the way, if anyone is attending PMA can you ask if they plan to update the 50-150mm with OS anytime soon

  • starship

    70-200 hsm with OS!!! applause!
    i was waiting for this a long time.

  • Anonymous

    New Sigma lenses are announced on dpreview…

  • If Sigma ends up making an 85 1.4 HSM that is as good as their 50 1.4, well, wow. If they ALSO came out with a 35 1.4, I could almost be sponsored by Sigma and shoot 100% EX lenses. I might need an ultra-wide 2.8, but maybe the 10-20 would do. I really hate f/4 though for photojournalism. I wish they had hit 2.8 with their mk2 10-20, but oh well. The Tokina 11-16 is awesome, but it’s not a Sigma. Nothing wrong with that, but in this dream world of being sponsored by Sigma, that wouldn’t go over too well. 😛

    In spite of the nay-sayers who are ragging on you for posting this “non-Nikon” news, THANK YOU for posting this! Considering how Nikon is moving at a snails pace in upgrading their fast, pro-grade primes, I think this is VERY pertinent news…


    • ArtTwisted

      I could be sponsored by Tamron at the rate im going, and i have to say I love the quality I can get out of those lenses. Soon enough i wont have a single nikkor lense in my bag, go figure.

  • Jim

    The new Sigma lenses are up now on

  • sixbysix

    It’s hard to know whether to be excited or not about the 85mm f1.4. On the one hand, i’m about to sell my Nikkor- the love affair with the look of a fast 85 has faded, and now i’m just left with lots of niggles over bokeh CA and wide open softness compared to my ZF 100mm. If Sigma’s design corrects for the Nikkor’s flaws, then it could be an all-time great lens… but an f1.4 telephoto with Sigma-esque focus issues is no use to anyone, however great the optics.

  • Leaking Starfish

    Every Sigma I ever tried was crap. Mostly focus issues. Every Tokina I ever tried was crap. Every Tamron I ever tried was crap with the exception of the 17-50. There is a reason third party lenses cost less.

    • Louis Rosenthal

      give the tokina 11-16 a try – it’s the one third party lens i like and therefore own

    • ArtTwisted

      good thing is if your third party lense breaks you can replace it, and it that one breaks you can usualy replace it again and sometimes even another time and sometimes buy a fith for your dog and not come to the price of the nikon lense. Its comparing two completely different things.
      Price is as much a factor as build quality or sharpness or any of those things. Same with weight, and nikon isint about to produce LIGHT f2.8 zooms. Theres a market for it, but its impossible to compare and say which is better.

    • Anonymous

      Sigma’s lens are very good after calibration. I am lucky to live in with 5 minute from their repair center. And yes every Sigma lens i own was calibrated there and its prett consistent.

  • İts announced at :))

  • santela

    All right Sigma, good job on the 85, now update your 24/1.8 would you? I’m very tempted to buy that lens, but its a very old lens, make it HSM, and give it better design, please! Otherwise I’m just gonna have to go to Adorama now and buy your old version…

  • santela

    Interesting… spotted a 28/1.4 on eBay for $2200 Buy Now Price, looks to be in good condition to me.
    Are the 28mm owners feeling pressure from the new 24mm? The last time I checked (which was about a month ago), they were going for $3000 and up.
    If anyone’s interested:

  • Seems like there’s a photo of D900 in the preview of PMA on dpreview.

    • It’s just a sticker :p 😀

  • L0RE
  • .cheesehead

    the SRP of the 17-50mm is £899

    the other ones do not show a SRP yet

  • That’s expensive – I guess the ‘FLD’ glass costs them a lot to produce. For what it’s worth I do like Sigma’s lenses though, an affordable alternative to the Nikkors and generally not much reduction in image quality. In my experience anyway!

  • Bara

    Does anbody know when will be this lenses avaliable?

  • Jaws

    The Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM lens is a good lens, but the only thing it’s missing is OS. That would become an excellent lens with the addition of OS.

    The 85mm f/1.4 sounds promising if they make it on par with their 50mm f/1.4.

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