Nikon D3S firmware update 1.01

What was fixed:

- Movie recording specifications have been modified as follows and an issue that, in some rare cases, caused movie playback to appear to have stopped has been resolved.
- When exposure preview is enabled in live view tripod mode, information + histogram display is possible, but the histogram is no longer displayed while movies are recorded.
- When the live view button is pressed with the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 connected, the image is displayed in both the television and camera monitor, but the camera monitor now turns off during movie recording.
The camera monitor turns on again when the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 is disconnected from the camera.
- Some simplified Chinese menus and help displays have been revised.
- When some memory cards were inserted in the camera, “CHA” was displayed in the top control panel and images could not be captured.  This issue has been resolved.

Download link Mac

Download link Windows

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  • Charlie

    # 1….

    • simon

      I shoot commercially for a media agency and also sports events. I looked at the canon offerings closely, but having used the d2x and d200 for some time now I moved up to the D3s and D300s. The D300s is a greeat bit of kit and although I think of it as ‘backup’ I use it loads. The D3s is something else, the autofocus, ISO performance and overall handling is sublime, in another place from any other camera I’ve used to date. The D3 got rave reviews but in real life photography I’ve had the opportunity to compare D700 and D3s images and the D700 produced some great images at high ISO but the D3s at ISO 3200 was just as good in the right lighting as the D700 (therefore the D3) at ISO 400 – just amazing, this is why Nikon is held up as the leader in real life press, sorts and day to day serious ‘street’ photography.

  • Mohinder Khanna

    I have like this RUMER Coulem it has proved higly informative

    • Global

      Actually, its quite helpful and adds to credibility.

      It also helps one suspend disbelief when there is a really big rumor, enhancing the fun, even when evidence is tenuous at best. Compare that to sites which have no idea what’s going on. You would be hard pressed to believe anything they say, even in fun.

  • ZinhaEq

    I wonder why they didn’t just launch new camera (D3Sx) instead of firmware update, it would be way more practical and traditional. *sarcasm*

  • Damien

    Great..A firmware update for a product I can’t get my hands on to purchase.It’s on backorder in most of the usual places.Anyone have an idea of where one could purchase a D3s?.Cheers

    • JorPet

      A friend ordered his from B+H back in early January while it said it was waiting for shipments. A couple of days later it said it had shipped and he had it inside of a week. It might be that if you can “pre-order” it, it might shop up sooner rather than later. (might not, but it worked for the friend).

      • Damien

        Thanks for the heads up.

      • Andrew

        Come to the UK, Nikon is giving them away here.

      • Treckie

        I preordered my D3s from B&H. it was delivered mid november.

    • Dat

      I work for Hunt’s Photo & Video and I know we have it in stock
      Call them up.

      • Damien

        Thanks Dat. Looked at your website and it says Out of stock?

    • Out There

      I had money saved and nowhere to buy mine. I’m in Canada so even more of an issue ahead of the Olympics. I contacted Vistek in Alberta. I bought my D3s for CDN $5396. Try them. They had stick as of Jan 11/2010

  • edward nafzger

    May be thats why its on back order to update firmware i want one too

  • zzddrr

    I don’t know who said that the quality of Nikon flagship models are better than Canon… I think it is the same, Canon comes out fixes as well so Nikon is not better at all.

    On the other hand this new Canon announcement with an 18MP sensor and 1080P makes the D300s for double price and Jello 720P look like a no deal.

    What is going on with Nikon? It is a year and a half behind Canon and much more expensive.

    • Sam

      Yes, we all know canon has the edge on video. Do some iso comparisons and get back to me. I think you’ll find nikon isn’t behind in the least.

      Each company is focusing on different priorities right now

      • zzddrr

        Yes but iso does not give you resolution. Also, you cannot make 1080P out of 720P can you?

        I am sorry to disappoint you but our favourite company is getting behind the game seriously. Somebody said that high iso capabilities of the D3s is mostly due to the firmware of the camera. Now, I have a feeling that Canon is not that much behind in the iso game.

        On the other hand, our flagship D3s does not have 1080P or just simply our D300s. The problem is right now that Canon offers the new camera at $800! The D300s is twice as expensive. So what do you think how much can Nikon charge for these cameras?

        On the other hand, we have a bigger issue with Nikon. What DSLR will Nikon release? They have to replace the entire product line in 12 months as all of their cameras are behind Canon except only 1 feature high iso (and maybe focusing but that’s for sport shooters).

        Look at this scenario. Nikon will compete with this new 18MP Canon so it releases a D95. Ok, what MP? What video, 1080P? and what price? Now, after this release try to sel 1 piece of the D300s.

        The problem is right now that you can do the same with all their products. I have no idea what is happening but I am kind of loosing my patience since Nikon still cannot come out with a high res NOT $7-8,000 camera for over 1.5 yrs. Yes, Nikon is again 1.5 years behind even Sony. And don’t come back with your high iso argument because we already discussed that. Try to enlarge and crop something from a 24MP and 12MP source. You will see the difference. Even the sub $2000 Sony does very well.

        • tim

          a. if u need a camcorder for HD, GET a REAL CAMCORDER!

          b. Im not sure what you crop? Do you shoot stuff with a fisheye, for what you would need a 300mm?? 12MP is more than enough for almost all needs, except the most extreme print (but for those you probably wanna go film and/or Hasseblad).

          • zzddrr

            I like the fact that you know better what I need! Have you ever actually compared 12MP with 24MP?

            Also, since you seem to be really clever. Tell me, why does the D3x cost almost twice as the D3s? If 24MP is not good then it supposed to be cheaper?

            My last point is that almost 95% of the Nikon users are in denial. I mean I understand that it is hard to admit that our favourite brand is behind the game for big time but this is the fact! Look at this 18MP Canon release. Tell me how will Nikon sell the d300S if it will ever come out something that competes with this new Canon (let’s say Nikon D95).

            And this is the real troubling part, Canon is systematically going after the Nikon best sellers. First the 5DII took care of the D300s and D700 combined! Then now Canon is after the D90. Do you see a pattern here?

          • tim

            Im saying there is a difference to what looks good on paper and what really matters. I DO NOT need more than 12MP (at the moment). I DO need FPS, sharp accurate AF, ISO speed (i shoot sports). If i needed MP i would buy a Hassel.

          • Jay

            you should tell spike jones that lol he uses 5dmkII

          • tim mate ur absolutely right canon goes for the big mp nikon refines it and has fantastic iso thats why the D3 & D3s are awesome the D3x & the forthcoming D3xs are studio kit

        • F-stop

          You make great points and others are looking at you like how dare you but your right…as much as we love our Nikons..they are slowly falling behind…yes if people want really video then buy a vid camera but that facts are simple..the rest of the world is just taking the next steps and it just seems Nikon is taking baby steps. Why, so we buy a product that will be out dated in months?…one thing for sure Cannon did not waste time putting 720p in any of their cameras ..why did Nikon..its not about what we need its the fact that they did do something that needed to be done from the start…there were alot of questions why the 300s had the same video and as the D90…its the game called business and as long we keep buying whatever they put out then they wont change……they know what they need to do…question is will they…..

          • zzddrr

            F-stop, very good points.
            1) I am not saying that I need the video personally. But I noticed that many people do.
            2) I think Nikon’s number 1 issue is that it cannot produce its own sensor. I firmly believ that this has to something with the impotence of Nikon to come out in timely manner with products.

            Look at it this way, if Sony does not couple years of research into developing that 24MP sensor, then we would not even have the D3x. See, this is the issue.

            Back to the video issue of 720P and 1080P. I think simply Nikon does not have the the capabilities to do anything with video period. I think because they do not control the sensor side they have an additional issue to be addressed. Most likely Nikon did not implement the 1080P because it was so crap and Jello looking that made even the engineers throw up all over in the R&D facility in Nikontown. Simply the sensor cannot deal with it so that’s why we have 720P.

            Or, the audio recording capability of this $800 Canon beats the mighty D3s. This fact alone tells me that we have a much more serious issue with Nikon. My theory is that with intro of the video Nikon realized that their cameras can take picture at low resolution. That’s it. If you need more resolution or video then you have to wait at least another 6 months. I think Nikon’s entire current product line is not capable of dealing with the high res and the video so they have to replace it.

            Mark my word, in 12 months, if Nikon is capable of doing it, all products will be replaced in the DSLR segment.

            If not then we Nikon owners should just pray! Seriously. If Sony decides to put video in their cameras, well it will be interesting to see the outcome since Sony pro video equipments are not bad at all.

            I think this is the reality and we have to admit that. Sorry for the bad news.

          • Rawrbawr

            This $800 Canon can be referred by name you know, the 550D/T2i.

            Sure, it’s disappointing that “Full” HD is not included in either the D3s or the D300s but I don’t see why you are making such a big deal out of it. Yes, Nikon is far behind in the video department. Yes, a considerable amount of users are aching for good quality video with manual control. But, the Nikons you are comparing to are more rugged, shoot faster (fps), better AF, better viewfinders… which are all features that make the lives of photographers a little bit easer.

            I do wish that Nikon would up their efforts in the video department and they are slow as hell, but I guess the inclusion of 1080p video in one of their newest Coolpix is a beam of hope.

            As to the price of the D3x and the price of any gear for that matter, it’s not just supposed quality of the equipment that determines the price, but also the supply and demand and costs/benefits. I am sure the D3x is selling fine enough for Nikon to keep the premium so high. Quality is not exactly always determined by money.

            And I am definitely not in denial of Nikon’s shortcomings. I talk about them every day with my fellow Nikon shooters. I of course would like them to improve, and to secure a better market share, and to make every product and feature I want. But for now.. they have given me enough to take the pictures that I enjoy taking.

            And remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

        • T140Rider

          Some points
          1) Here in the UK the 55oD is NOT Twice as expensive as the D300S. Its more like 40% more.
          2) D300s has 51af points, 550D = 9
          3) D300s give you 7fps, 550D = 3.7

          I agree that if you want 1080p HD then at the moment Canon is the one to go for. After all, just how long have they been doing Video? Nikon has a lot of catching up to do but from zero to where they are now, they have made great strides.
          AFAIK, even HD TV is only 720p and not 1080p so at the moment IMHO, I don’t care about that. I don’t shoot video and haven’t shot a movie since my student days in 1974.(8mm B&W).

          • i agree but also nikon make great cameras for photography if ppl are so keen to make movies buy a sony comcorder its all about having the right kit for the job ya dont buy a bus then expect it to win le mans

        • David

          Over at canonrumors, people are disappointed at seeing 18MP on the new camera, wishing it had only 15MP.

        • Jabs

          An easy summation of the differences between Nikon and Canon currently –

          Canon is going for the MEGA-PIXELS and marketing this to fools or the uninformed as an ASSET.
          The newest Canon’s are horrible as still cameras BUT have a small advantage over Nikon in video.
          BOTH have ‘jello effect’ as MOST photographers are too uninformed to know HOW TO CURE this effect in Post-Production.

          This effect is because NO manufacturer of DSLR’s so far has enough processing power in their cameras to get rid of the rolling shutter issue as 1080i files are huge and you would have to STORE as a still store, a few frames in the camera hardware and then back up and erase BEFORE shooting again to GET RID of the jello effect.

          PERHAPS that is why Nikon wisely did not go for 1080i YET.
          UP your processing power PLUS storage power and then let us see in a few months how that is FIXED.
          Professional Digital Video cameras already do this, so in time we probably will see this on DSLR’s.

          Learn Post Production and VIDEO yourself instead of spouting off!
          Go to and LEARN the tools of the trade!

          Nikon is now in a world unto itself with the D3s and even the D500 which BOTH better anything currently made by Canon including the 7D, 5DMk2, and ID Mk4 in PICTURE quality.

          ‘FLAWED’ Mega pixels is NOT the way to go but perhaps Canon will sell zillions of cameras to gullible persons.
          PROS know and see the differences while most amateurs are clueless and all about having bragging rights in more mega-pixels!
          Why does the Canon 40D beat BOTH the 50D and 7D?
          EVER heard of picture quality?

          Have you seen the comparison pictures between the D3s and the Mk4 at the same ISO?
          It is like they are in two different worlds of photographic accomplishment.

          Sorry, if I seem rude BUT we need to be better informed.

        • Jabs

          This place is filled with WHINING and insatiable human beings.

          NO matter what the Camera manufacturers do, people complain.

          DAMNED if you DO and damned if you DON’T.

          I don’t ‘hear’ much constructive criticism or even REALISTIC goals and aims but more selfish and IMPRACTICAL wish lists by whiners.

          DO any of you know how to manufacturer ANYTHING?

          We have gotten so used to features and feature BLOAT, that people here are like crack addicts looking for a new fix in DREAM features while unable to EVEN fully exploit a basic camera – EVEN a point and shoot.

          GROW up!

          • Anon

            My sentiments exactly!

        • Anon

          Ha, another my camera company isn’t spoon feeding me 1080P HD whiner! Or if its not that its “if my pictures had an extra 10 or 20 MP I would be a much better photographer”. I guess all of the photographers from the 50’s through 90’s and so on were really crappy because they didn’t have 24 MP or 12MP for that matter. and oh how 1080P HD would have really helped them create better pictures especially keeping them in focus in low light (Damn that crappy Nikon AF & ISO). You guys are always so hilarious because what your whine about has nothing to do with the artistry of digital photography or creating breathe taking images. Sure most of us love the new features of today’s technology but every company prioritizes what is most important in the manufacturing of their products differently. Canon obviously focus on putting big glamor features into their products so that they can be used as a marketing tool to attract mostly consumers and canon pros. These features often look good on paper but tend to lack in all other crucial areas of the products; Either its a very high megapixel full frame with 1080P HD, crappy AF, okay ISO, and slow FPS, Or its a high megapixel cropped sensor with 1080P, good AF, above average ISO, and high frames per second. Either way you go these cameras are not very versatile (what if a canon shooter wants to shoot sports and landscapes? what options do they have other than buying two cameras?). Nikon however focus more on the versatility of their cameras building more on the features that make it easier for photographers to compose shots in the field, and at the same time try to throw in a few glamor features. For example a semi-high megapixel Full frame, with 720P, great AF, Outstanding ISO, High FPS (You can shoot sports, landscape, nature, street, portrait, ANYTHING and you still have moderate video capability), or its a semi high megapixel cropped sensor, with 720P, great AF, average ISO, high FPS. No camera company is perfect it is simply a preference. Do you prefer the cameras with the big glamor features with moderate performance in the field or do you prefer the camera with the versatility and excellent performance in the field with minor glamor features. I made my choice and sold my Canon 5D Mark II for a Nikon D3S and couldn’t be happier. I plan to buy a P100 for just $499.99 which is half as much as the Canon 550D and offers 1080P LMAO (Nikon is so behind). Not that 1080P is a necessity for me, I like most of you whiners just want a new toy to play with. Whats funny is Canon users complain about AF, ISO, not have versatile Full Frames, buying bad copies of products etc. Nikon users complain about HD Video & Megapixels Lol. Who really has the bigger problems?

    • Anonymous

      blah blah blah !!!!!!

      • zzddrr

        and what did you try to say?

        • Anonymous

          Nbr of pxls is not the most important thing good pxls is !!!!when they get good pixels higher without loosing any capabilitieees they ll do it … soon !!!!!

          • zzddrr

            Anonymous, so why does the D3x cost almost twice the D3s? Perhaps the Sony quality pixels are not that good so they have to charge more.

            No, Nikon alone is not capable of coming up with products that are beyond the 12MP mark period.

          • Jim

            my needs are not necessarily your needs and vice versa. don’t tell me what is good for me, and i won’t tell you what is good for you. if we can all keep this in mind, we may be able to understand each other better.

    • rbciu

      I would like you to please read this nice review by Karel Donk and then go purchase Canon gear yourself.

      If you feel that Canon is as superior as you say it is, please lead the way.

    • bla

      Oh yeah, 18 megapixels is going to save the day! Canon is WAY ahead!!! Nikon must release 18,5 megapixels now for 50 dollar less!!!

      Ever seen how many actual pixels you gain horizontally and vertically? And that is worth what? Maybe time to get informed on what resolution actually means including in prints.

      But hey, enjoy the EOS550D with its tiny plastic body. If you think it compares in any way to a D300s because it does less bad video and has more pixels, surely save yourself some money and get it.
      Just do not come back whining when you find out that a lot of lenses will not resolve sufficiently to make a difference between 12, 15 or 18 MP anyway.

      I just prefer a Nikon in my hands, and no megapixels will change the awkward ergonomics of the cheap Canons for me.

  • No new DSLR appears to have sunk in most of us.
    How long do we have to wait is anyone’s guess.

    • enesunkie

      D7000 or whatever in August, my quess ! :~)


  • James

    hahaha this people who really don’t shoot complains. If I hear most of popular pro (Bob, Joe, and others) says Nikon is really behind then I switch and whine.

    People people. Hard to please. My professor in school always say. It’s the photographer NOT the camera. Now it seems that ITS the CAMERA and even YOU need a CAMERA with VIDEO to take pictures.

    blah blah blah blah

    • zzddrr

      James, in this case I suggest to use a D1. You will be happy.

      I mean think logically a bit, there is reason why people drive cars and no longer ride on buggies.

      • WoutK89

        But then a car from 1960 will not do, it has no DVD-player, end of the world…

        So, technology may advance quick, but having patience is something not many people have apparently

        • zzddrr

          Oh noooo. You are comparing apples with oranges Woutk89.

          I am sorrry but the bad news is that Nikon is impotent to launch products on time! Do not try to convince me that they so want to make sure the quality is there because if that’s the case then
          a) we wouldn’t have had the D5000 recall
          b) we wouldn’t have had this firmware update the mighty flagship
          c) we wouldn’t have to return many of the mighty flagships at 8 grand with dead pixels and focusing screen misalgniments
          d) we woulnd’t have issues with many of the nikon lenses (I had problems with 70-200 VR)

          Being patient? How long? It’s been 1.5 years and Nikon is behind Sony and Canon when it comes to affordable high res. not to mentione the brilliant 720P crap Jello solution.

          So when will the mighty Nikon respond to the competition because I spent 15 yrs and quite few 1000s in fuckin’ Nikon glass but I won’t shell out the money for a D3x that should be at the price of the D3s. So how long should we wait?

          • bla

            My god, you are really totally clueless?

            a. Any company can have product recalls. Toyota is famous for its quality focus, and even they need to recall every now and then. I rather have a product recall than staying silent and endangering customers.

            b. Canon also have firmware updates for the high end cameras? So Nikon fixes issues on their products? What the heck is bad about that? Should they leave the errors as-is, or are you stupid enough to believe that bug-free products exist?

            c. Proof of that point? Or did you happen to have read about 1 bad sample?

            d. Yeah. Other brands never have failures. Oh wait, they do. Just as much.

            So stop these clueless rants. Where you think you are discrediting Nikon, you are making a complete fool of yourself.

        • zzddrr

          Oh and with your car from 1960 you’ll always keep viagra in the glovebox. 🙂

          I am sorry but I couldn’t resist this joke

  • romain

    i like the elegance of this firware update. No need to make any modification dealing with picture/exposure/AF on this camera -for time beeing-
    just tuning the clothes dryer function

  • Jim

    New firmware, but where is the focus-priority fix?

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t install this update:

    – When exposure preview is enabled in live view tripod mode, information + histogram display is possible, but the histogram is no longer displayed while movies are recorded.
    I think it’s actually useful to have the histogram displayed while movies are recorded. I can’t imagine why they removed this feature.

    – When the live view button is pressed with the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 connected, the image is displayed in both the television and camera monitor, but the camera monitor now turns off during movie recording.
    Again, no idea why they’ve removed this. If you use an external monitor for the director to see what’s happening, then (without the firmware update) the camera operator has something to frame the shooting with at the same time. Firmware installed, you’re shooting blind.

  • I know this is about firmware but while people are on the topic…. I would much rather have a camera with better noise / ISO performance any day. If all you want is a super large noisy gross image go get the canon then. Also the video on canon is 1080P but if you are in less then ideal lighting it looks like crap because of the noise. As I understand it the barrier here is that you cant have both in the same sensor right now. You either get lots of megapixels and a noisy grainy image or fewer megapixels and better iso/noise performance. Its all about the quality of those pixels and bit depth to me, thats all that matters. I would love to see an 18-24megapixel nikon but only if it performs like the D3S I want one of these cameras soooo bad!

  • qh

    I’ll ask, why isn’t there a firmware update for the D90? Its been over a year since the camera was released.

    One thing I hate about Nikon is how they limit and don’t improve anything within the firmware.

    Only two products that I own have improved (added features) after I bought them – my Xbox 360 and iPhone.

    Is it too much to ask for Nikon to throw us a bone? Maybe enable additional bracketing option like 5 or 9.

    • bla

      Are there specific issues with the D90 you can point out that are certainly related to the firmware? “One thing I hate about Nikon is how they limit and don’t improve anything within the firmware.” Yeah, evil Nikon limits cheaper models… so evil, that if you want more functions, you have to spend more money.

      Or do you just want some features the product does not have for free?
      Or do you think a firmware update is mandatory for a product once it has been on the market for a number of months?

      What you are asking is a iPhone update making the 16GB model a 32 GB one, and the XBOx 360 mysteriously adding a hard drive all of a sudden.

      So, yeah, it is too much to ask. The bone you want thrown is available. It’s called D300(s).

  • DatelineSeattle

    I’m bummed about the D90 firmware too. I doubt we’ll ever see manual focus but expanded bracketing, time lapse, better ISO are not too much to hope for…
    Anyway, I’m thinking now is a good time to Craigslist the D90 and go for the T2i. Some moments are B&W, some are stills, some are video…Nikon doesn’t seem to get that..

  • inabon

    amateurs worry about equipment.
    professionals worry about money.
    masters worry about light.

    yes, I’m a amateur and a huge nerd, so I like equipment (thats why I visit this page daily ), for me? couldn’t care less about video and will only like to see VR on the 24-70 as a change this year, I think Nikon has way more lenses that I would need and the D3s, if I could afford it, could give me 10 years of bliss.

  • Looks like Nikon has fallen for the bait that Canon has set for them with the video no-sense trap.

    • Jay

      lol you are aware nikon came out with video first……

      • zzddrr

        rather called Jello

    • zzddrr

      Yep. Good point Louis. It is interesting that Sony did not incorporate them. One thing for sure that is most likely Sony knows much more about video than canon and nikon combined.

      • WoutK89

        So, you think it is ok for Sony not to have video, but that Nikon does have video but not of your likings makes it a bad thing? I dont understand you 😛

        • bla

          Don’t even bother to try understand him. Enormous waste of time to try.

          • zzddrr

            Bla, the problem is that you did not read carefully my posts! Let me sum up for you (and for the rest).

            Nikon should have NOT touched the video unless it is 100% perfect the same way as it comes to Nikon’s picture quality. My point is that Nikon took away resources from the still image side for producing crappy video.

            My assumption was that if they focused on video then at least match the competition but that is not what they did. That is why I am pissed because Nikon is stuck in the middle. They are behind in terms of still resolution (not iso) which would be much more valuable for many of us. (e.g. a “baby D3x”)

            As I said, there is a reason why Sony did not go down in that way and that is why I would love to see some that actually works from Nikon. If they wanna put video in DO NOT DO IT until it’s perfect. I much more value for example an HDR function. Or just make the viewfinder of the D700 100% and add the D3x sensor.

            I hope this explained why i am pissed about Nikon. They send out the wrong impression.

  • Sean Dackermann

    Personally, I think this is the dumbest argument in the world. zzddrr, what is your point? Instead of complaining about it so much, go buy Canon. Goodbye.

    Nikon knows what Photographers want. Canon knows what consumers want. Guess who I’d rather follow? Guess who’s gonna be just fine in the long run, because the big press agencies and other departments that buy bulk amounts of equipment with go with the company that will provide them with the best images possible in every working condition.

    If your a specs kinda guy, and a paper skimmer, then no Nikon isn’t for you. If you’re a photographer, than Nikon is. 720p vs. 1080p? In the long run who cares? Your 1080p file will be compressed down to 720p anyways unless you have a computer/software that can handle files that large. Besides, are you going to be broadcasting these videos on the internet that everyone will be looking at? Or are you looking for something of your personal enjoyment to watch on your HDTV at home? This isn’t the water cooler, we don’t care if you moan about how much video Nikon/Canon can produce.

    Any of us know that Canon/Sony/Panasonic are Video companies. Nikon is not. This is something new for them, and they are running tests in all of their DSLRS to find that perfect fit.

    Another note…the sensors Nikon uses are Manufactured by Sony..that’s it. Nikon processors,engineering,etc makes what happens from that sensor a completely story than what Fuiji gets from them, or Sony themselves.

    Megapixels? Who cares. My d2x made perfect 12×18’s that were spotless and flawless. Do I care what your 21 Canon can make? Nope, because I’m not shooting with it it doesn’t matter to me. It sounds like you’re a Canon fan, sell your Nikon, and purchase Canon and good luck with all that you do.

    When it comes down to it….quit talking, take pictures. If you complain so much, maybe photography just isn’t your thing.

    Take Care.

    • Jay

      lol u mad?

      • sean dackermann

        Nah just irritated with idiots lol

        • zzddrr

          sean dackermann, I did not call you idiot! You did it with you by yourself.

          • sean dackermann

            Funny how you have nothing relevant to say. now

          • zzddrr

            sean dackermann, it is a complete waste of time to trying to explain something or arguing with somebody who has demonstrated that he is not capabale of doing such thing in a cultural manner. Sean, I did not call you idiot you did. So I would not like to go down to your level of having discussions with you. I hope this explains for you.

  • cool…am surprised about CHA errors though….

  • wish

    I think zzddrr has valid points. Some of you guys are blindly picking on him while you know Nikon is falling behind and you don’t know how to defend them.

    Frankly Canon 7D compares to D300s in picture quality and whoops its a*s when it comes to video. Thats a fact, deny it all you want.

    Nikon opened a can of worms by incorporating video in D90, kinda like kicking the big kid first and then gettin your arse whooped after. Sorta like Japan bombing pearl harbour first to realize they woke up a gaint.

    Hope Nikon will clean up its act fast.

    • disco

      bad analogy IMO

    • Jabs

      Greetings WISH,
      It is not about picking on that person BUT is about that person trying to pick apart the opposing viewpoints and strategies of two companies apparently going in different directions – Nikon and Canon, that is!
      Since the old days of film, Nikon and Canon have always been fierce competitors and always tried to one up each other. Canon NEW F1 -vs- Nikon F3 series!!!
      In the digital domain, Canon had a seemingly insurmountable lead PRIOR to the D3-D300 combination.
      Canon flubbed several bodies including the MK3, 50D and even the recent 7D and now are running AFTER Nikon trying to ‘outspec’ them and reestablish itself as the premium player INSTEAD of Nikon.
      ALL of Canon’s recent DSLR moves have been to outdo Nikon ‘spec wise’ but they have NOT topped or even remotely equaled Nikon’s D3 nor D300.
      Heck, even the D90 and D5000 have topped the D300 in picture quality, so Canon seems to be ‘playing spoiler’ and were seemingly shocked when Nikon introduced the D3s and made it unable for them to now brag about having higher ISO than Nikon, so they withdrew their videos and ISO shots.
      I have looked at the shots of both the 7D and the new MK4 and they are BOTH worse than the Nikon counterparts -FACTS!
      Nikon produces cleaner and better files by a wide margin EVEN when you DON’T take into account the D3x, which is way beyond ANY 35mm digital camera now and even surpasses some medium format cameras – FACTS!

      Bottom line:
      Consumers like to brag about numbers and specs, while PROS like picture quality.
      The D5000 and D90 have better picture quality than both the 7D and the MK4, in spite of their higher resolution.
      In MY opinion, the best camera introduced by Canon in the last few years has been the 5D MK2 and despite its’ problems, it is way better than their new stuff!
      Higher resolution on APS-C sensors wins you the bragging rights BUT loses the picture quality rights.
      Canon F1 pellicle mirror 10 fps -VS- F3HP, F3C, F3TBlack, F3AFand F3P – all over. Nikon got 8 fps consistently with MD4 and MN-2 nicads.

      Same problem – high spec – unusable camera.
      End of rant.

  • Does anyone know if this fixes the issue with single point af-s slow acquisition in low light?

  • Jabs

    Here is a LITTLE wake-up call for those talking about Nikon -VS- Canon here!

    • wish

      hahaha, you are too gullible my friend. Enjoy the kool aid.

      • Jabs

        Greetings WISH,
        Perhaps your wish is for people to be uninformed but over the last three or more years, Canon has been struggling with autofocus issues, mirror problems and other minor issues.
        INSTEAD of fixing these and moving forward, they seem to have gone on a mega-pixel WAR while ignoring the more pertinent and needed problems.
        There are too many respected photographers and reviewers saying basically the same thing, that perhaps YOU cannot deal with the truth and wish others to now bury their head in the sand.
        I love and respect Canon, BUT this has gotten ridiculous!
        Perhaps it is CANON who is doing it to themselves and NOT Nikon!
        No manufacturer is or will ever be perfect nor will the ‘perfect’ camera ever be made BUT now Canon is starting to seem like Leica in making high priced CRAP wherein they tell you about the non-existent benefits of stuff that basically is flawed.
        PERHAPS you wake up and realize that it is NIKON who is currently pushing the envelope of DSLR performance and not anyone else.
        The D3s and the D3X have NO equal in any other pair of cameras on the market -FACT!

        Leica’s new S2system is finally a START for them in the RIGHT direction and about time they get away from that rangefinder MESS or face reality of its’ limitations!

        Canon NEEDS to go back to the drawing board and perhaps create two different divisions to deal with Professionals and Consumers, as they are great at consumer cameras but are dying at the professional level.

        This is year 2010 bud!

        NO TIME to wish – just deal with the REAL facts, as many NOW are!

  • Jabs

    Here is why the Nikon D3s is superior to the new Canon 1D Mk4:

    As you can clearly see, the D3s is superior from at least ISO 800 on up.

  • Ben

    So Nikon have a new D3S and apparently this video was made using it. Video people!

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