The waiting game

11:09 pm - I guess that's it for today. There should be more, in few days.

11:05 pm - Coolpixes announced.

9:52 pm - Nikon Norway again: in the Press Room the new 300mm 2.8 VRII and the teleconverter are listed twice - maybe a placeholder for the upcoming two new lenses?

9:32 pm - A good list of missing Nikon product numbers (lenses) can be found here. Let's see if we will fill some of those up tonight.

9:24 pm - A reader just emailed me about a broken link on website: the link is in the lower right corner and it reads "Important Message" (Viktig melding). If you click on it, it will bring you back to the main page. Not sure how long this link has been there.

8:32 pm - nothing yet. I say check your local Nikon site and your favorite online retailer and look for something new and unusual (broken links, blank pages, down websites, etc.) Something must show up! Now is the time.

10:20 am - I got more than 20 emails this morning asking me what will be Nikon's surprise at PMA. I have no information about a potential surprise. Of course everything is possible, but I will not go into speculations at that point. The only report about a surprise was from Hiroshi Takashima and I think he is referring to the rumored Nikon EVIL system that is expected @Photokina.

9:35 am - This is the final list of the new Coolpix cameras for tonight:

  • Nikon Coolpix L22
  • Nikon Coolpix S3000
  • Nikon Coolpix S4000
  • Nikon Coolpix S8000
  • Nikon Coolpix L110
  • Nikon Coolpix P100

8:43 am - I will do things a little bit different today: this post will stay on top and will be updated throughout the day with the latest info. I will also create a separate entry for every update that will be listed below - that way all RSS, email, Twitter and Facebook subscribers will get the latest updates and direct blog readers will be able to have a discussion in one thread (if we have problems with the server, the latest info will be available on multiple sites).

I expect the official announcement to be today @ midnight EST (in the past we had also announcements @ 11pm).

All timestamps are EST (UTC/GMT - 5 hours).

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  • N. Dharma

    still hoping 135mm f2 AFS

    • steven sow


    • I’d like to update my 135mm to an AF-S version, but… guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer. I trust that the admin’s calling this one correctly and we will not see the 135mm right now. I’d love to be wrong, however 😀

  • N. Dharma

    stil hoping 135mm f2 AFS

  • Kuri

    …I don’t wanna be first….

    • disco


  • Alex

    Can’t wait!

  • eman

    meow~ 4nd!!

    • Louis

      4nd…. right….. let me help you: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th….

  • Me

    me 4th

  • kanghong

    am i fifth?

  • Floyd

    It has begun.

    • WoutK89

      The counting game? 😛

  • Floyd

    I can’t believe no-one else beat me to that !

    • WoutK89

      nobody almost did 😉

  • nobody

    Now where is the IT HAS BEGUN entry?

    • WoutK89

      Above you 😉

    • enesunkie

      It has not begun…maybe another time

  • It is a very interesting month, many new gears yippeee..

  • RumpelHund

    Thanks admin!

    Expect to ruin my F5 key until tomorrow morning. This is killing me 🙂
    Wonder how we did buy our lenses in the past withour this freaking excitement before announcement (followed by exhausting waits for first impressions)?!

    • WoutK89

      So far, expect only Coolpixes, right Admin?

      • I never got a confirmation on the exact date for the lenses – could be tonight or few days from today – don’t know at that point (my personal opinion – it will be tonight), but definitely before PMA.

        • RumpelHund

          Argh! My F5 is already dying, it will NEVER EVER last until PMA.




          • Get a F6, with Velvia 50 and Coolscan 5000 you get a 32MP FX DSLR !

          • WoutK89

            But, the F5 button, cant be replaced 😛

        • Banned

          Wrong admin, they will never mix top lenses and crappy Coolpixes together. Today is for Coolpixes. All these people are in for a big disappointment.

          • This is a possibility – my last update was that the lenses are coming “in few days” whatever that means. As far as I know, there is no second press conference scheduled and it is hard for me to believe that they will call a press event for tomorrow just for some Coolpix models.

          • Banned

            They will announce the lenses much later at the same time as the new DSLR(s).

          • WoutK89

            The lenses, what lenses?
            The new DSLRs, what DSLRs?

            Do explain yourself 😉

  • darty

    c triste je travaille chez darty et j’ai deja les nouvelles references sur l’ordinateur depuis ce matin rien de bien sexy je pense
    un L22
    decline ds pas mal de couleur ……
    c tout …..snif

    • Banned

      Du Coolpix a la pelle, en veux-tu en voila. Je vais construire une maison en Coolpix, y’a du surplus.

    • Darty, le contrat de confience…

    • Gerry

      parlez vous anglais?

      • WoutK89

        Oui oui 😛 Je voudrais un kilo de pomme de terre 😛

        • Banned

          Et le cul de ta femme aussi 🙂

          • WoutK89

            Lucky me, I am not married 😉

          • English please

          • Banned

            Alright admin I’m sorry, trouduc!

  • HKM


  • Martin

    Can’t wait for the new 18-55 VRII DX and the 18-200 VRIII DX.

    Gotta luv Nikon!

  • John

    Countdown? It may just be me but I seriously think you guys need to get a life. It’s just a camera…

    • WoutK89

      No its a Coolpix 😎

  • rad

    Seriously Nikon is horrible with naming their cameras

    • huh

      yeah because ipad is such a lovely name :). sounds like what girls buy on that “month”.

  • Carlos

    So, a bunch of compacts with no RAW…no P6000 update and no S90/Lx3 competitor….i can wait a lot longer….

    • eric


      I’d love to have some Nikon equivalent of a Lx3 or a G11.
      Let’s hope the EVIL system will be worth the wait!

  • The champagne is in the coller, I hope this time I won’t have to put it back in the closet.
    Coolpix ! I think the “cool” is not necessary.

    • “cooler”…..and I’m not drunk yet !

    • WoutK89

      “I think the “cool” is not necessary.”
      As long as it makes the pix

  • just to check time

  • edward nafzger

    And the rest will wait for the next quarter for the hpoefully 100-500 vr 3 f5.6 lens and dslrs

  • edward nafzger

    Hopefully slip on the board

  • I wonder if the P6000 will be replaced, it’s been out of sale here for a while now….

  • They may be talking about Thom Hogan’s blog post from yesterday at Thom is an excellent photographer who teaches workshops around the world and is the author of a large number of Nikon system guides. The pertinent part of his post is: “Plus, to keep the rest of us awake, we’ll finally get the 24mm f/1.4G, plus another wide angle lens, some accessories, and a surprise. At least I think we’re still getting the surprise at PMA. I’m a little surprised that nothing has leaked about the surprise. In fact, if it’s in production already I’m stunned that we haven’t seen anything about it, so maybe it isn’t in production yet.”

    He appears to not only expect the surprise, but seems to have a good idea of what it is and some notion of its timing, given that he expects it to be in or near production at this point.

    • Anonymous

      BS, then why doesn’t he tell us?

      • Well, there are many possible answers to your question aren’t there? Only a few of which would involve BS. His friends in NY may have told him of a “surprise” in Feb. and that’s really all he knows. Or he could be writing a guide with a pre-production model and have a non-disclosure agreement in place which he believes “surprise” doesn’t violate, or a number of other scenarios. Of course, Thom could just be making it up, but Thom’s reputation and career go back decades now and it wouldn’t be in character for him to make the comment with no basis; you could think of it as a credibility issue. The same statement from one person without Thom’s background and statute might be “BS” and yet from Thom, given the totality of the circumstances, it seems pretty credible. Certainly Thom thinks it is at least.

        Now of course Thom isn’t necessarily out to please you or me, and so he could know have no NDA restriction and could have just decided not to say for no better reason than he doesn’t want to be the one to ruin the surprise.

        • metalorange

          Another possible answer would be he repeats everything he reads on Nikonrumors.
          I am reading his site for many years now and I think the quality of its content has dropped a lot. When was the last time he did a review?

          • Banned

            I totally agree. Thom Hogan is just repeating NR and he has no more access to Nikon secrets than you and me. He even says that himself. Then he goes and talks about “surprises”. What the hell does that mean? Nikon gave an interview saying they will “surprise” the market and that’s about it. Now Hogan thinks he knows something we don’t. I like the part about how he knows the “surprise” is already in production, and then he says “well maybe not”. That’s some great info right there!!!

          • Anonymous

            +1 – he should stick to books/reviews

          • Anonymous

            exactly – there is a surprise, but then there may not be, even Ken doesn’t do that to attract internet traffic

          • Anonymous


          • aetas


          • enesunkie

            Actually his writing and reviews always appear well thought out (currently on the 2nd read of a field guide of his) and thought not always right, he does usually make a tough case, unlike some posts on the web..

        • Anonymous

          His predictions have been completely wrong, either “his friends on NY” or Thom himself are BS-ing us.

        • I have friends in NY? Doubtful. I can’t remember the last time I got a heads up from NikonUSA, let alone a press release (I get Olympus and Canon press releases, but NIkon refuses to put me on their list; go figure).

          I’ll also repeat that I am not under NDA to any Japanese camera company at the moment. My last NDA with Nikon expired many years ago.

          One problem I have with one of my sources is that they’re deep sources. It’s difficult to get a sense of timing from him/her/it. I also don’t always know the final product name. That alone gives away a bit of where that source might be, as it can’t be within certain groups because otherwise he/she/it would know with more certainty about release timing and name. Indeed, in at least one case I predicted something that didn’t make it out of prototype. For the sake of protecting one group I HAVE been in contact with in Japan in recent years: my source is not in the documentation chain.

          As for my just parroting NR, has it ever occurred to you that the same leak sources may be watering more than one plant? I’ll just give one example: the last early “official” photo that NR posted prior to release was also sent anonymously to me and at least one other popular site that I know of.

          • Thom, I have to agree that this has been the most difficult press announcement in terms of available information/rumors/leaks before the release (at least for me). I hope this will change in the future 🙂

          • WoutK89

            Admin, hope you are not referring to the fact, that the future will be all blurry again? You just started to make everything clear 😮

            • the future is always blurry – even few hours before we see the light 🙂

            • It’s not blurry if you have AF-S and VR lenses :o)

            • low

              can only nikon can really shoot in the dark 😉

            • benS

              fishy. I thin our NR Admin knows something and he is not telling till the aanouncements are made.

              ya… if its blurry, why not use VR and the hight ISO capabilities of the D3S. Common NR Admin, can you give us some clues ! Waiting time is a killer ….

            • NR he is making money is with the advertizing on the website, and with no money, no NR, so more we click on NR pages, more he can make money.
              That is the reason why he can’t tell us all about the releases before the last moment, also, please continue to visit this site even after the products are release, to help him keep runing this great website.
              Thank you NR for the fun (and of course the news).

            • W8n4D900!

              Hmm, the future is blurry, because the D900 is a new camera that comes without a POS “KIT” lens. (thus, blurry)?

              My prayers answered?

              Self afirmation: “I am a good photographer and I deserve a D900 with video, FX self cleaning sensor, noiseless 800 ISO, dual card slots, on my doorstep by March 1, 2010!”

            • W8n4D900!

              Don’t care what they call it, as long as its got the goods described! Maybe it will be D800 as suggested at back in October. Supposedly going to be released early this year, like NOW! NOW. I SAID NOW!!!!!!!!

              btw, just clicked a few links to help NR.

            • derek

              but admin didnt mention the new body this time, only lenses,.. but who know, i am happy if you are right!

            • Even with the D3s? ; )

          • PHB

            It is quite likely that they are not exactly leaks so much as teasers.

            Nikon has an interest in making sure that what they give out to the press under embargo is still fresh on publication day. They also have an interest in creating buzz so that people know to look for the official word.

            The point of an embargo is to be a convenience to the press, not to Nikon. Instead of getting a press release and having to write a hurried article, the journalist can spend maybe a couple of days writing a longer piece or a reviewer can do something more substantial.

            You put out a teaser to generate buzz. But you don’t want to tip the competition off too far in advance in case they pre-empt you. But on the other hand you might be bluffing and want to try to have the opposition show their hand first.

            Nikon and Canon will both have EVIL systems in the works. Both will probably want to ‘win’ at Photokina. So suckering the opposition into announcing early may provide an advantage.

            Another element in the Nikon deal may well be a Sony tie in.

  • ABC

    I was considering buying the Canon 5D 2 but held off for the next Nikon full frame….AKA the D900. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to be released in this PMA announcement. Sounds like more of a summer release…..wish Nikon would hurry up already!!!

    • Ken Rockwell

      I just sold my 5D2 to get the original D700.. the Autofocus on the 5D2 is that horrible switching to the D700 felt like a massive upgrade… because it was. I only got my D700 2 days ago but had used one previously.. so the rumors about the D900/D700s/D700x were around a longtime before I decided to get my D700 but the D700 is excellent anyway. I don;t care if a D900 comes out tomorrow and the D700 drops a grand in its price, I will still be just as happy with it. (extremely)

      • Banned

        So where is your D40 Ken?????

        • In the trash, way to many pixels !

        • Ken Rockwell

          Just trying to see if everybody can post as Ken Rockwell.
          If you see this post, it’s apparently possible.

          • Banned

            Thank you Sherlock…

          • But Only I can post as myself!

      • wonderer

        I have 5D2 & D700. What’s this horrible AF performance problem you’re talking about on 5D2? It’s only bad at tracking, AF is fine.

        • I’ve seen it. I’m a Nikon owner, but I’m not averse to Canon (most of my P&S cams are Canon). In low-light, the mkII I saw *definitely* had AF issues. The mkII’s owner tried out my D700 and was impressed/jealous.

          • I shoot Canon 5DII, D700 and D3s – the Canon has the slowest AF but for most stationary objects in good light it is fine. Tracking is rubbish though – as is the shutter lag… D3s absolutely thrashed 5D2 / D700 for speed and focus – veen good with ancient 85mm 1.4 D and screw focus! If you shoot low light and don’t need 20MP then a D700 still beats a 5D2 in my book – unless you need HD video – obviously!

      • ABC

        Thx Ken for the info. I’ve used the 5D 2 before but not the D700. Since I’ll be spending a small fortune for one of these camera’s I’ll just wait a little longer to see what comes out. Seems like the reviews comparing the two, the D700 just nudges a head of the 5D 2. For now I’ll keep using my S90 point and shoot. Look forward to getting a real camera!!! I also went to B&H last week…great store to get hands on the equipment!

  • Bert

    One good thing about a 24mm 1.4 is that I might be able to get a 28mm 1.4 at a price under $2000

    • Banned

      And why not getting a 14-24 at this price point…….. 1.4 for such short focal length… And such amazing low ISO…. fail to see the point.

      • Bert

        I have D700’s and if you are shootings weddings/portraits at a pro level then you know there is no substitute for sub 2.8.

        • Mike

          Thank you Bert. My sentiments exactly. Conversly I can’t think of why people want a 2.8 prime lens. Light yes, cheap – that’s relative to who’s buying. But there are zoom lenses that cover various focal lengths at 2.8, that are just as sharp/sharper. A wide angle lens at 1.4 is a coveted and needed lens in (for example) a wedding shooter’s arsenal. Yes, you can do a photoshop gausian blur fix up to replicate a 1.4 DOF, but what is your time worth? Edit 20 wedding pics to have a “fake 1.4” DOF look. Do that mulitiplied by 20 (?) weddings. Covert that to a dollar value and I guarantee a 24 1.4 lens will be cheaper than your time spent doing funky selective focus edits. That is one of many reasons why a 24 1.4 is so desired. It’s time intensive to duplicate the look of 1.4 on an image taken at 2.8. Plus, 24 1.4 vs 24 2.8 is the difference between ISO 3200 and ISO 1600. Even on a D700 I’d rather take ISO 1600.

          • WoutK89

            isnt it between ISO 3200 and 800?

          • eric

            After 20 weddings, I’d hope you’d know that there are 2 stops between f/1.4 & f/2.8, and only one stop between ISO3200 & ISO1600.

          • fake a 1.4 blur in photoshop? Are you kidding me? Sounds more like something a sub $1000 photog would do.

            The real benefits of 1.4 lenses isn’t the blur in low light but being able to capture SOMETHING in low light with a decent shutter speed. Now with the D3 and D700 cameras and great speedlights, I don’t think I’d ever see the need to waste 2 grand on a lens like this for weddings. I’d probably use it less than 2% (infact, I’d probably use it just because I felt I needed to use it).

            One thing this lens would be sick for is shooting low light reception video on a D300s or D900. In those situations you cannot use flash to lighten up the scene and nikon has nothing in the wide angle department for lowlight (f4 is still there fastest WA right?). I’ve moved to Tokina for this reason.

            I praise the release of this lens mainly because it now shows that Nikon is willing to compete with Canon on the fast prime front. I use a 50 1.2 for video and it’s great because it’s got that classic smooth focus. I’d love to see a new AF 50 1.2 come out to rival Canon but as a full time professional wedding and commercial photographer, I don’t see the point of 24 1.4s initially. Maybe as my tax bracket increases I’ll eventually get one but I wound up selling my 85 1.4 because I never used it. Oh well

  • 28mm 1.4 would be nice addition!

  • fxed

    I would get the 16-35 f/4G VR. F4, VR and more than likely less $ than a used like new 17-35 f/2.8. Perfect for my outdoor landscape shoots. I have a planned shoot of the National Cathedral, Washington DC, in the spring. The two contenders is this catergory cost more than I care to spend and I want to get off the rent option. Thom Hogan wants a 16-28 f/4 DX which is stange and a 16-35 f/2.8 which makes great sence. Instead Nikon puts all it s vast resources into zoom wide development and out pops an f/4 16-35. It should be built up to pro specs like the Canon 70-200 f/4 is to it’s big brother f/2.8. The ISO ability of my D700 compensates for the f/4 aperture indoors.

    I really want a 24-70VR and a 100-500 version of the 80-400 and a 85VR but will be pleasently surprised with the f/4 16-35.

  • eru

    100-500 is very much needed, un wide side i’m set with 14-24 and I would go for the zeiss lenses. Also a 200 macro would be a nice add, and of course my d900

  • Bob

    I really appreciate what you are doing!

  • **** BREAKING NEWS****
    Because of the gvt budget cuts, NASA is returning to Nikon all the D3s they bought in December and will use Coolpix cameras instead.
    Now we know why there is no DSLR for the PMA but bunch of Notcoolpix.

    • ABC

      No DSLR for PMA announcement…..I guess Thom Hogan was wrong after all

      • Anonymous

        Thom’s ‘predictions’ on dpreview included every possible Nikon product – of course he will get some of them right, and if he doesn’t the surprise category should fix that – he has everything covered 🙂

        • Banned

          LOL, you’re right. Thom Hogan sucks.

  • I have butterflies in my stomach 🙂

    • Millionflame

      why ? 😀 hehe I am a student and in 2 days there is my third exam… after every arithmetical problem (30 mins) I watch out for NEWS! I´m with you!

  • afterdarkernikon

    Who cares about those new Nikon releases?

    Are you really going to buy any of them?

    I am really wondering if you are all really buying any of them that you are waiting for. In case it is released tonight.

    Good luck!

    • I’ll sell my D90, beg my wife for some money, sell more of my tc (I hope) and I’ll buy the D900 (D700x) !
      I have an handicap and I can die anytime any days so I will not wait any longer to buy that D900 if it ever come out !

      • Banned

        I don’t have a handicap and I can die any time any day too. But you comment was funny…

        • The good thing about it, is that I stay home all day, so I have plenty time to play with NR.
          Unfortunately I don’t get any money from the gvt for my handicap (but that’s good for your taxes) ;o)
          Still better than living in Haiti right ?

  • MB

    It seams that we are missing S2000 here.

    • WoutK89

      Thats a Honda 😛

  • Tim

    So why does Nikon abide by American time for their announcements? I thought they were a Japanese company?

    It would just be so much better for us people east of the Atlantic. It’s now gone 4 o’clock in the morning in Tokyo and we’d all know what was going to be announced.

    • ABC

      …it will be ready in 15 minutes

  • Rock Kenwell

    The surprise…

    I really shouldn’t tell you but…
    it is my new book on Nikon Vapourware ™.
    The title is:
    “Nikon Digital; 7 years of wild guessing – my life as a gearhead so far”

    I closely worked with Nikon on this over the past years.
    Every time I thought of something, I called them, asked them if it was true and they always said ‘no’.
    So there are a lot of Nikon endorsed facts in my book.

    Some of the highlights:

    Digital rangefinder – confirmed as not true!
    Nikon EVIL underwater camera – confirmed as not true!
    21mm f/1.4G AF-S – confirmed as not true!
    105/1.8G DC AF-S – confirmed as not true!
    A picture of my nan in swimming costume, ca. 1925. True!!

    The first 15 people who buy my book at the Nikon stand (well, actually just behind it near the exit) will get it signed for FREE, I’ll waive the $5 signing fee if you quote “Nikonrumours rules”

    See you there sports!!

    • ABC

      hey Ken I hope your book has pics…I cant read well

  • Geoff

    The new range of Evil cameras slotting between the Coolpix and DSLR will be called Hotpix. This is a hot rumor

  • edward nafzger

    The clock is tik tak tok 7 hours left we will see

  • tchar

    I have two reasons to be anxious. Tomorrow I will receive my brand new 135 f2 DC. I decided to invest in that lens since I don’t believe that Nikon will manufacture it anymore. In my D300s would be a 202.5 f2 lens not as fast autfocusing as the 200 f2 but still great for indoor pictures. I hope that my forecast on that come true. Anyway no G AFS lens can have the DC feature.
    Let’s see what is going to happen.

  • 24mm F1.4 AFS. Yes please!

    • 28-75mm f/2.8 AF-S please (the 24-70 have toooo much distotion and fall off).
      300mm f/4 AF-S VRII please (with a decent collar tripod collar).
      That’s all I need, am I picky ?

      • tchar

        I am fine with the 300 f4.

  • BradL

    More Coolpix. Whoop-dee-do..!

    • W8n4D900!

      Amen to that BradL!

  • Ken Rockwell’s Dog

    I’ve now got Ken’s D40. It’s so great even a canine like me can take better pictures than the pro’s.

  • Martin

    It’s interesting that both Admin and Thom claim that Nikon has done a good job at keeping things hush hush. I wonder what’s in store for tonight.

    • ikonic

      just some ‘stylish’ little coolpixes… and maybe some lenses.

    • “Nikon has done a good job at keeping things hush hush”

      Probably because no one wants to talk about Coolpixes 😛

  • Anonymous

    You are missign 2 compacts from the list, Shelrok. Not to mention the ne##$#CARRIERINT#$^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W^W|paylddmp$C0:A8:0A:50$chpei1\nktw\nk%

  • ikonic

    I’ve got a D700 and D300, and is planning to get another Nikon, just waiting on a new announcement. I am now more focused on a camera that has 1080p recording ability and better movie functions, as I would like to use it for filming. If there is no news (or the new camera doesn’t support any 1080p movie), I think I have no choice but to get a Canon 5D2 for the sole purpose of filming. I know, DSLR is not originally designed for this, and I know alot of people couldn’t careless for this feature, but certainly the Canon and the likes, had opened a new scope for movie making.

    • Scholve

      Double that, if there is no Nikon camera with 1080p I will have to get 5D2 with new set of lenses. That makes me extremely……….angry/happy. Angry because I don’t necessary want to spend $$$$ on new gear but happy that in the end I will have video in whatever camera. Still keeping D700 though with lenses, sooner or later we’ll get Nikon’s answer to the new trend.

      • ikonic

        The thing is, allot of Canon ‘moviemarkers’ are adapting the Canon with old Nikorr lens, as they have a finer quality as well the bonus of the aperture ring. Well, I have a number of these and so probably dont need to get many lenses.

        • Scholve

          I have mainly Gs unfortunatelly

  • W8n4D900!

    I will be first on the B&H waiting list for the new D900!
    Not 1nd, not 1rd, but 1st! FIRST!

    Full Frame
    12+ Megapixels
    2 card slots?

    One can only hope…………


    • I don’t think so, here is what the D900 will look like (well, I hope mine will) :
      – FX sensor.
      – ISO 800 good as ISO 200
      – NO VIDEO
      – 100% viewfinder
      – two CF slots

      • tchar

        without at least 18+ Mp forget it

      • MM

        Video is a must have for newer cameras. Non video dslr is sooo 2000. ;D

        • Video is needed because photography clients are asking/demanding it now a days.

      • W8n4D900!

        Good point on the 800 ISO = ISO 200!
        But I bet it has video, to compete with the Canon 5D2! It can’t be more expensive than the 5D2 if it doesn’t have video.
        If it doesn’t have video, I may not buy it.
        If it does, with all things I specified, I WILL be #1 on the wait list at B&H.
        When is PMA?

        Coolpix, smoolpix, who gives a crap? Show me the D900!

    • WoutK89

      The surprise is, Camera on Demand, whatever suits your style, within reason, they make it for you 😉

  • So is it for sure that there are no DSLRs coming out tonight? When is PMA, and will Nikon for sure release the successor to the d700 before then?

    • I’m assuming if their smart they will have it in photographer’s hands well before the wedding season. One would hope.

      • SZRimaging

        Agreed. It makes sense for Nikon to release the camera of choice for weddings in the next two months.

  • litebyte

    Damn quiet on the speculation front…no leaks at all, nothing from Thom, Lammerse, Ken and others, they’re probable already playing with some new toys 🙂
    A couple of hours to go 🙂

  • alvix

    yeah..but then we’ll se the light through our sharp nikon lenses! … 🙂

  • Matt

    Where’d you find a new 135 f/2? I thought they had all disappeared off the shelves.

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