Nikon D700x makes its debut on TV with a price tag of $4,300

Credit: CNBC (click on image for larger view)

This one is weird.

On "The Suze Orman Show" (CNBC) from Jan. 23, 2010, a lady called in during the "Can I Afford It" segment. She wanted to purchase a Nikon D700x camera for $4300 (the show is based on callers who want to purchase expensive items and Suze Orman is giving them financial advice).

How did this make it to TV? Where is the price coming from? How about the picture? A prank from a NR reader?

You can watch the video on iTunes (the Nikon D700x segment starts about 29 minutes into the podcast).

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  • Anonymous

    thank you admin i not sure if you saw my post earlier. But i was watching that show saturday night and almost flipped out when I saw it. Wasn’t sure if it was a hoax or not. I thought maybe it was a mistake but suzie and the lady said d700x

    • Global

      If the “ad” was paid for by Nikon — Suzie would say “Yes you can buy it.”

      Did she say Yes or No?? πŸ˜‰

      If Yes — Maybe Nikon is trying to say “See! Even Suzie O. says its affordable!!”


      • No, her request was DENIED!

        • Dan

          Sweet lord, American TV is bad.

          • Anony-mou

            Oh yeees…

        • GlobalGuy

          Nikon should pay attention. Mass scale hoaxes could be good marketing. πŸ™‚

    • Anony-mou

      No seriously, WTF is this show??? We have the horrible Suze Orman approving or rejecting what ppl can buy for themselves. I mean, why not going to North Korea folks, life will be easier for you, hahaha.

      • Anony-mou

        Alright so I’ve seen the postcast, that was funny!!! The numbers were good, the caller was loaded!!! $7300 a month are you kidding me? She could buy the D3x and yet it was | DENIED |


      • Anonymous

        believe me those people could use Suzie to help with their decision making process because they are doing things like cosigning for 80K bmw’s and such

        • Anony-mou

          Yes I guess you’re right, I feel bad for stupid ppl, but they are needed so the economy keeps growing.

          • I’m pretty sure I posted something here. Did it not go through? Or did it get moderated out of existence?

            I posted that the economy will have to stop growing if we are to survive the next century or two. This is about as off-topic as most of the other posts here, and at least the observation has substance. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t offensive… was it? Except perhaps to economists… If it was in violation of some policy, I’d enjoy an explanation. Are semi-serious replies to comic posts forbidden?

  • inabon

    good prank.

  • Cache

    I hope it was true for I’m waiting for a D700 replacement.
    On the other hand, I hope it was a hoax. The $4300 price is killing me. ……

    • WoutK89

      It was someone with a bad case of NAS πŸ˜€

  • Mikael

    The shutter release is silver?

    • Adam

      Hmm, perhaps the reflection of light made it look like silver while its actually black?

    • WoutK89

      Looks black to me

      • Global

        Its grey, due to reflection, that’s all.

        • Hey-nonny-mouse

          It it’s silver that would explain the price…. maybe it’s platinum even? πŸ˜‰

  • hahaha that’s funny. The $4300 price tag is quite possible because D3x itself are way over expensive.

  • NikoDoby

    I dared my wife to call in. We were bored

    • Casper

      Seriously? πŸ˜€

  • tibor

    4300$ ??? byeeeeeeeee

  • Alex

    Well in the pic there’s clearly not an x next to the D700 part. Hoax anyway.

    • iamlucky13

      Yep. This one’s a piece of cake: Scale image > Scale X: 100%; Scale Y: 110%

      Look, a new camera! How come the lens is oval-shaped?

  • NikonWhat

    $4300 ? WHAT?


  • Bob the Builder

    The D700x/D900 has the D3x sensor and will be released 2nq quarter this year. The unspecified camera with the 18MB sensor that has been rumored is in fact the first field trial for the D4 sensor. The rest of the D4 electronic is not yet ready, so trialed with current Exceed. Results about .5 stop better at high OSI than D3x, but the sensor wide dynamic range needs 16 bit buffer input of Exceed II.

    • It’s “Expeed”. (And “ISO”)

      • Paul

        and 18MP

        • Louis

          yeah those spelling errors definitely almost completely eliminate credibility….. even though he’s talking some realistic stuff.

    • WoutK89

      And how does a sensor work, if the rest of the electronics arent ready yet, of course you get “only” .5 stop improvement, because it is not up to speed yet πŸ˜‰

      • No

        No, SNR would actually improve if you had to truncate the bitdepth of a sensor by pairing it with a narrower processing pipeline.

        You’d lose dynamic range and the other advantages of the higher bitdepth, but a 16 bit sensor truncated to a 14 bit pipeline would have a better SNR than a 16 bit sensor running through a 16 bit pipeline.

        Doing this is entirely possible and a quite plausible first field test.

    • Kuri

      Bob the Builder wrote: Results about .5 stop better at high OSI than D3x, but the sensor wide dynamic range needs 16 bit buffer input of Exceed II.

      Bob the Dreamer maybe? So this “D4” is 0.5 stops better at high OSI (sic) than the D3x… Wouldn’t that make it WORSE at high ISO than the current D3(s)?

      Surely a “D4” to replace the D3(s) would have better high ISO? And replacing a 24mp D3x with a 18mp D4?

      Can we bullsh*t? Yes we can!

  • You guys are missing the most important part… Did she say they could afford it?

    • NikoDoby

      My wife took Suze’s advice and bought a Nikon L20 instead because you really can’t tell the difference between it and a D700. Suze Orman saved us $4200USD!!! WOW thanks again Suze, now I have enough to buy my 22inch custom rims for my truck instead! YES!

      • πŸ™‚

      • Bet you’ll look nice in those rims. πŸ™‚

        • NikoDoby

          I’ll take a picture with the COOLPIX L20 and post it.

          • I look so forward to that moment.

  • I think the $4300 is with free shipping, so that’s not too bad !

    • Global

      It must be shipping over-night directly from a Japanese factory with kisses on it from Nikon’s CEO.

      • Louis

        and the CEO’s “best” daughter is holding the camera when you open the box hahahaha

        • Louis

          I’m going to nikon hell for that…..

  • Ken Rockwell

    Would it be better than my two D40’s? Or either one? Simple answer. NO. Anyone who thinks otherwise might want to put their camera gear away and check in to the nearest med center.

    Even more help is needed and fast if you are a woman, especially a woman who needs advice on whether she needs a $4300 camera when you can get a perfect D40 (if you are one of those people who still feels the need to own an DSLR!!) for little more than $350! I bet she was a single mom too as they always want things they can’t have. We have alot of them out in the bay area – maybe some might fall into the bay sometime and help the US economy.

    That’s my two cents – if I was charging for it though it would cost a load more than that!

    • Alex

      As a hobbiest camera the D40 is great, it’s leagues behind in the pro world though, simply doesn’t do the job. High iso’s are a must for pretty much all wedding photography now. D40 400 iso is only *just* useable.

      • Ken Rockwell

        Erm? Do you know who I am? Do you know how important I am? The D40 is all you will ever need if you MUST have a DSLR.

        The age of the DSLR is over… we are all going to be downsizing back to compacts for everything unless you are in the press corp or on a Nasa mission to Mars which may be taking place in 2020/2025 or 2030 as my contacts advise is the more likely year – going to be a US backed IndoChina joint venture according to my source.

        • Alex

          Yes I know who you are, I read your review when I bought my D40 a few years ago. But I do hope you’re someone pretending to Ken Rockwell, otherwise you’re a complete stuck up so-and-so.
          “Do you know how important I am?” Seriously? Get a grip.

          I know in my league.. wedding photography a DSLR is a must to compete with others nowadays.

          • Ken Rockwell

            I was walking past a church in NY during the Holidays and there was a wedding – in the snow and all – and the bride’s second cousins old college teachers pet Dachshund (a Doxie for most of you here in the States) barked at me and then their great great English Auntie who is now nearly 93 spotted me and called me over asking if I was really Ken. Once the cat was out of the bag they wanted me to take all the images of their special day. The guy they hired wasn’t too happy with this so he ran away with his gear and that left me with a whole wedding, a Canon S90 and my greatness standing between success and failure – and who knows maybe the quickest divorce in history?

            Afterwards the bride and groom said it was the best wedding photos they had ever had taken of themselves.

            So you see, you don’t even need anything like even a D40 for a wedding let alone a D700x or whatever it is when it stops being vapourware and is real world. My advice – get a decent compact or if you must flash the cash go for real quality – get a Leica.

          • theNEOone

            Wait a minute, the “Do you know who I am ” part is the section that made you question his actual identity? I’ve been been in this photography-hobby world for about a week now (still haven’t unwrapped the plastic on my d5000 cable) and I was able to spot the sarcasm…


          • Alex

            Successul troll, you had me going there.

          • Ken. Buddy. I passed you once in a Hollywood Video, in the romantic comedy isle. You smelled funny. It made me throw up a little in my mouth.

            Yuk, it’s coming back.

        • David

          If you are really Ken Rockwell, I just wanted to let you know that I have always hated you and you annoy the crap out of me. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

          • Richard K

            So you delete comments in a very biased way Admin. I see this guys allowed to post hate in his posting and yet you delete others! Is he a friend?

            • I deleted the comment that was posted twice (with the same content) and the comment where he was threatening to kill somebody. The other comments are still there as you can see.

            • NikoDoby

              Threatening to kill somebody over a Suze Orman D700X post?!?! Wow, what’s going to happen to this place if all we get for PMA are new COOLPIXes?!

              The Internet is hardcore!

            • low

              it has begun

            • BenS

              Thats not surprising. People nowadays would kill without reason at all. That’s how fcked-up some people’s mind are nowadays.

            • MM


            • MM

              WW3? lol

            • Admin, when is your birthday ?

            • NikoDoby

              Whoa! Who said that? I heard the question but I don’t see anyone asking it?

          • Anony-mou

            Admin please let us all post hate, hate is LOVE.

        • D40, D60, D90, GO!

          “Do you know who I am? Do you know how important I am?”

          Haha! This really made my day! Thanks, whoever you really are! πŸ˜€

        • lox

          1: “Do you know who I am?”
          2: “You know who I am?”
          1: “This is not a game of who the f*ck are you!”


          Ok, Ken. The force is strong within you, even though you are not the only experienced user of Digital SLR.

    • Ken, I appreciate your work and visit your website often.
      Here is my opinion:
      I’m photographer but also computer tech (cool for digital photo right ?).
      4 years ago I did built a computer that cost me $3500 (only for the computer, not including monitors, printers, scanners, etc…)
      Why did I spent $3500 in a computer (and I was working in a computer store, with special prices for employees).
      So why ? Because I’m working on computer all day and the $3.500 I spent on it save me at least 3 hours a day.
      That’s the same reason why I am willing to pay $2000-$3000 for a DSLR.

    • Hey admin, can you yank this troll crap?

      • done, I cleaned some of the comments – if he continues, I will ban him. Fair warning.

        • Richard K

          What is this – bans? This is an open forum. Some people find it hilarious! Speaking personally, I would just switch to another another server and IP address anyway in about ten minutes time from yet another country!

          On the other hand I think I may just leave such a totalitarian website. Urgh!!!! So long people, get a sense of humor!!!

          • Richard, I am just trying to keep things civilized here – if you are not familiar, moderation is a very common practice used in every decent blog/forum ou there. I am actually very loose compared to other sites.

          • Anonymous

            You should leave then, nobody will be sad about it

      • Richard K

        Why? If you don’t like it, don’t read it! Are you British? At the Tennis at Wimbledon last year my grandmother had her yoghurt taken away because it wasn’t “official” yoghurt. I think you could have a job there.

        You are always calling on admin to remove things and people and have them ‘rubbed out’ so to speak.

        • Anonymous

          Bye bye, we don’t need you

          • Ignore him, and he’ll go away. Lamer.

        • PHB

          You are just showing your Yankee ignorance there. Unauthorized yoghurt consumption can be seriously disrupting to the players. Federer almost lost a point last year after a member of the audience opened a pot of raspberry-banana in the middle of a rally.

          I had the same exact problem trying to bring food into a US cinema. What’s wrong with bringing your own popcorn? And when I got the popper back it was scratched.

          • Anony-mou

            LOL there are weird comments out there but this takes the cake. I will be careful eating rasberry yogurt next time I go to the UK. I will stick with the official roastbiff pudding yogurt.

          • dave

            We are trying to protect those who have peanut allergies, you know. If you use peanut oil to pop your corn, one whiff of it could throw someone with a severe peanut allergy into aphalectic shock (even the spell-checker doesn’t know how to spell it) and with the swelling and the inability to breath, it could make things a bit uncomfortable for the pour soul. As we know, the Brits are too good to have peanut allergies, it’s such a pedestrian affliction, but we must protect our guests and players. We wouldn’t want Roger to turn all read and spotty in the middle of a tie-breaker just because someone popped the lid on an unsanctioned snack!

          • Louis

            i’m with anony-mou: that is likely the funniest comment i’ve ever read on here!

            and Dave, the peanut thing…. because cinemas don’t sell salted/roasted/whatever peanuts?

            in other news, Federer wins again! rock on national sports hero! (yeah i’m swiss – can’t touch this) πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

    • Ken Rockwell doesn’t live in the bay area. Busted! (If the rest of the conversation wasn’t enough to give it away. LOL though!)

      • Exactly. And for the record, I’ve never really smelled Ken Rockwell. He rents from Netflix anyway. πŸ™‚

      • Anony-mou

        Funny that you even say busted, that shows you believed it for a sec. Lame!

      • DC

        What!?! And I just sent that guy some paypal

    • I had my fingers crossed that this was sarcasm. Well done.

  • BenS

    The waiting time for the new camera is just too much for some Nikon fans… they have lost sleep, lost their social life and are glued to nikon rumour sites. They have reached a point where they are starting to hallucinate. Maybe it is time to check in to the Nikon Rehabilitation Center πŸ™‚ LOL

    • LOL !
      That 100% me !

    • aetas

      NRC I need to go.

      • Jim

        kind of like the lady standing next to the bed in Paranormal Activity. must.. have… new… gear!

  • I have been checking NR 1-3X daily for months in anticipation of the successor to the D700. I’m hoping for a D900, combining low noise @ high ISO, 18MP+, and a package similar in size to the D700, all for under $4000.

    I have to say, if the D700x really does turn out to be just a high MP D700, and it costs $4300, I’m out. I’d rather buy the D700 for $2600 or the D3s for $5200 (almost certainly the former – it’d just be a toy for me).

    Still, I’d say that the Suze Orman thing is a hoax. A really good, timely hoax.

    • I’m already checking this site ~10 times a day and I’m waiting for the D400 which is supposed to come out in 2011! πŸ˜€

      • Worminator

        I’ve got automatically generated feeds that checks NR status once a minute and posts the results to Twitter in hot anticipation for the Nikon D22 due out in late 2017.

      • C Benson

        Don’t hold your breath man, you may be waiting a very long time.

    • Forget $2600, I’ve been seeing mint-condition used D700’s dropping down below $2000! I’m so there. No matter what a disaster a D700x is, people will still fire-sale their D700’s to either buy it, or jump ship. Great opportunity for a D700 purchase in the next few months…

      Just my opinionated opinion!

      • Doubt there will be much jumping ship–have you really used the alternatives?

        And the D700 is going NEW for $2,400. I don’t know where the 6+ month old $2,600 reference keeps coming from…

      • Paul Verizor

        Im with you Matt.
        I’ll let you get yours first so we are not in a bidding war with each other. πŸ˜‰

    • Richard

      I agree about the hoax.

      Nikon would be better served not to produce the camera at all than to price it like that. It would sit on the shelf and collect dust while people changed to a Canon 5D MKII (which can be had for $2,500 now).

      • I’m not sure I agree. On paper, that sounds like a good call, but there are other factors. The D3x chip is higher resolution than the 5D MkII. Not only that, but in my experience the Nikon chips are much cleaner, really giving a 40%-50% resolution gain when compared to other chips of equivalent mp.

        In addition, if the D700x had the same bump in ISO as the D3s did (compared to the D3), then you’d get sick high ISO coupled with highest res prosumer camera on the market.

        To a shooter concerned with quality and value, $4,300 is a pretty good deal compared to the alternatives. Higher res AND better high ISO over the competition? Sorry, that’s worth cash.

        • If the D700x has two card slots, over 3 frames per second, ISO 200-12800 and Video with more useable AutoFocus, I will gladly pay $4300 for one.

          Where do I get on the waiting list?

        • Richard

          It is not that I necessarily disagree with your analysis of the strengths of the sensor, but we are talking about mass marketing and the price differential is sufficiently great that I do not believe the Nikon entry would be commercially viable at $4,300.


  • Robd

    Ken, get over yourself already, seriously. Every photographer has different needs, what you need and want may differ from others, have a nice day.

    • Way to spot a troll. *sigh*

  • I use a D300 for night photography. A compact would never, ever work for me. I have to be able to quickly get into full manual mode and work the settings to have a chance of a decent 8-10 minute exposure. Few P&S’s have an tolerable manual mode and never can be pushed to take an exposure measured in minutes. A friend of mine has a D40 and I find it maddening to not even have a top LCD.

    I’m sure the Suze Orman thing was a hoax. Hilarious, though. Did she approve them for it? πŸ™‚

  • Maark

    It’s Nikon saving money on financial advice and trying to figure out what to charge for the next camera.

    So what was the advice? Get a D3? πŸ˜›

  • Tobi

    LOL ! You guys must be so gullible to think that that is the real kenrockwell! LOL !!Can I sell you a new D700X for 1800?

    • Hell, try to sell them a D40 for 1800, they would probably go for it, Ken’s advice!

    • santela

      I thought it was funny… those people gotta be pretty retarded to actually buy into that.

  • Jim Rockford

    I smell a rat and its Ken shaped.

    • Ben Rockpile

      Me to.

      • Rocky

        Jim’s my boy – we’re really close.

        • enesunkie

          Really close? It looks like your related!

  • johnny pierce

    I love Suze. She is hot.

    • Darius Valkovar

      Are you for real? Where do you live? She is not unlike a dried currant that has fallen into the CoCo Pops and slowly dried off.

      Visit Bucharest if you want to see effortlessly hot women. Just don’t go near the gypsies – they’ll sell you a microwave but you’ll think your buying a Mercedes.

      • Worminator

        +1 funniest comment I’ve read all day, especially when done in a Borat voice.

        • Jean-Luc

          Your funny and funny right when the Borat Sagdiyev characature is Kazakhstani but with movie they pay Romanian gypsies bars of chocolate to be the Kazackstani poore. Romanian gypsies do live like that but you keep avoid them and be sure you hold a long stick in the countryside but it is not allowed to be “fatter than have of one mans wrist” and cannot use killing strength. In Bucharesti you will not many often see a gypsy and is safe even for men in onlys two or threes to walk even passing 9 in night.

          • T140Rider

            Having worked extensively in both countries since 1992 I can testify that in Rural Areas, the locals are remarkably the same.
            I was in Almaty when Borat was released. The local Kazakh’s I worled with found it very funny as no one from KZ wiuld dare send themselves up like that.
            There is a great place out in the desert about 6 hrs from Almaty there there is 50+ Russian SS20 Missile Carriers just parked up by the side of the road. I was photographing them when some locals arrived on their Camels and asked me to take their pictures. A really surreal event especially after the large amount of Vodka I sdrank that night.

  • Sgt. Dennis Becker

    Yeah Jim, think you are right. Swing by the office when you have a second I have some info on this guy. Call me before though – right?

    • Richard

      That’s good, Dennis!



  • Pataro

    US$ 4300!!!!! I am OUT!!!

  • bjokerud

    While you’re fighting it off, I feel the need to say something. Say it is true, and the price 4300$ as well, then it will probably cost close to 5000$ in Norway. That’s not happening… The 5DmkII goes for aprox 3000$ in Norway, anything over 3500$ is just wrong for us nikonshooters… The D700 is actually a few dollars more than the mkII.

    • I really don’t think Nikon’s going to be able to add a price premium on this particular body because I think they will be hard press to “beat” the 5D MII’s capabilities enough to justify the extra cost without encroaching on the D3s price point. Remember at these prices $500 is only 10% more, so for 10% more why not go for a D3s and skip the D700-whatever?

      • Adam

        cuz some prefers smaller body high res over big body low res πŸ˜€

  • Leaking Starfish

    D 800 gotta have 24 mpxers and video for a little over three k or they can stuff it. Excellent landscrape/carryaround camera. Studio too.
    Big gun D4 can be higher ISO, 18 mpx for newsy types and journalismos.

  • low

    good i hope its 4300.

  • It’s because the dollar don’t worth a penny (nice !), in Europe you’ll pay only about 1000 euros ($1600) !

    • WoutK89

      it is a little more πŸ˜‰ The Dollar isnt that bad, it is somewhere between 1.4 and 1.45 lately

  • Gary

    I agree…this is just strange. Perhaps the caller has read some of the rumors and is basing her purchasing desires on that.

    The only other explanation is that the caller has seen or heard something about this new camera…of course, even if this surfaces, it may not be the dslr released in Feb.

    As an aside, it was funny hearing Suzy go on about how cheap point and shoots can do the same thing as a high end dslr. Suzy may know something about money but she clearly doesn’t know much about photography.

    • dave

      Actually, Suzy either understands, or is pretty representative of, what most people want when they buy a camera. Most people (95% of the camera buying population) just want snapshots. If it is in focus and everyone has their eyes open, then it’s a good picture. When they take a picture of their kids in the Disney parking lot, they want both their kids, and the Disney in the background to be in focus. None of this DOF crap.

  • Pataro

    In Brazil, it will cost about US$10k – immoral!!!

  • anonymouss


    bahaha I’m so glad I have never seen that show. wooooow

    they used dpreview’s D700 picture.

  • Bert

    You would think being about a week away from Feb. 3rd there would be some credible solid information available as to what Nikon is up to. Kind of tired of waiting for fast wide primes (don’t care about ISO 25 million). I think Nikon will announce another 10 useless Coolpix models and that’s it. πŸ™

  • Gary

    Keep in mind something about the show: even though it’s staged to appear as if the call is taken spontaneously and at random, it’s my understanding that people “apply” to be on that segment and are vetted and chosen.

    The people have to submit their financial statements, etc…for analysis, and then if they are chosen they are featured on that segment. Suzy already knows the financial picture and knows what she is going to say.

    So if it’s a hoax, then someone went to a lot of trouble to appear on that segment, and submitted a lot of financial documentation, whether real or otherwise, without even knowing they would be featured on the show.

    So the caller does have some apparent credibility to make it through the vetting process for the show. Now of course the show doesn’t vet camera equipment model numbers…but it just doesn’t seem like the sort of stuff that makes for a hoax. Now again, the caller may be going on incorrect or rumored information…as for the image featured, I wouldn’t infer anything from that…I’m sure the show just pulled a stock photograph…

  • Ubiquitous

    If the rumor is true, the D700x/D900 is cheap. I expected the price to be ~ $5,000. QAm I going to get it? No; I have enough with the D700.

    • At $5 grand, why not get a D3s?

      • Twice the resolution? Guess there’s always that.

  • Wow, this many posts. I can’t believe that so many would hop on to a comment by one of the 24hr. infotainment channels.

    CNBC must want to distract some people from the Leno-OBrian mess on the other NBC station.

  • lucas

    Nikon may release D700X or D900 on 3rd, Feb.

  • lucas

    Nikon may release Nikon 700X or D900 on 3rd, Feb.

  • Gary

    One more observation: the caller would have had to submit her information along with her request to be featured on that segment a while ago…again, this is not something that just happened overnight.

    This may have even have been submitted to the show before all of the D900 rumors surfaced…

  • Jerry

    Why does everyone on this site assume that a “competitor” to the 5dMII is properly priced at $1500 or more higher? I like Nikons and have had them for years, but the 5dMII is a superb camera, fits pro and am needs, etc. and Nikon has never attempted to match it (indeed, it took it until the 700d to match the old 5d, albeit with all the improvements that time brought to all Nikon and Canon models). So if Nikon is not going to truly slot a competitive camera (and you all don’t seem to expect that), then MANY of us are simply and finally going to eat our losses on some of our N lenses and move over. In the long run, particularly if Nikon continues to refuse to meet the competition, it will be the smartest thing to do. Wake up, Nikon!

    • Man, please call when you dump your gear on the cheap. The D700 is on par the 5dMkii when it comes to image quality, and resolution is darn close. Look at the chart tests. Canon is all about going for big and bold, making a splash. Quality is second place to that. Nikon focuses instead on quality and getting things right. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. But Nikon is no slouch. They just don’t talk big and deliver small (with an ad budget of a small country).

      • James

        Canon 5D2’s 21MP weaker AA filter sensor has much more detail and resolution than Nikon D700’s 12MP and stronger AA filter sensor. The only advantage the D700 has is better metering and autofocus. When it comes to image quality and the addition of 1080p video at a cheaper price I think Nikon should be worried.

  • Anonymous

    I also think that the price of $4300 for the D700x (same sensor as in the D3x) is plausible.

    • Jerry

      Anonymous: I’m seriously interested as to why (prior investment in glass aside) you or anyone would spend $4300 for a 700x rather than $2400 or so for a 5dII. And I’m not even considering video, which I have no interest in but understand the 5dII is taken seriously for by videographers. Frankly, I’d like to find a reason to stay with Nikon, but have run out of patience waiting for it to deliver the sharpness that Canon delivers at a fraction of the Nikon cost. I know sharpness is everything, but it certainly counts.

      • Ubiquitous

        Jerry: I’m not anonymous, but I’m very happy with the D700 and D5000. However, knowing what I know now, I would not have gone with Nikon, if I have to do it all over again. I would lose too much money to convert. Canon – never!

        I took up photography again after 15 years. I had the Canon AE1 and A1 in my film days. They did discontinue the mounts making my film lenses obsolete. If they did it once; they can do it again. To me that is lack of responsibility and seriousness. I gave my Canons, lenses, and flashes away.

        The camera I liked the best was the Pentax, but they were and they still are at the brink. The Leica M9 just came out and the M8, was not that good. Sony was in diapers, 3 years ago. Regardless, If I knew I was going to spend so much, 3 years ago, I would have hone for Leica and three lenses. I’m really a Leica shooter, but their prices!!!

        • James

          The EOS mount that Canon replaced the FD mount with is the best of all manufacturers. Why do you think Canon can produce an 80mm f1.2 lens? I don’t think the EOS is about to be replaced.

  • nikkor_2

    Fast primes, fast primes, wherefore art thou?
    Deny the D700x and refuse thy rumor;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but ‘jointly released’ – primes and low cost 24 mp body available together!;
    And, I?; I’ll no longer be thinking of the Zeiss ZF!

  • Nathan Shane

    Well, I watched the segment like many of you and as some other have pointed out:

    1) the call appears to be spontaneous but it’s not, why?

    2) out of the blue Suze puts up this woman’s current financial responsibilities, so that alone shows there was some “pre-information” taken for the segment.

    3) Suze doesn’t have to know if that camera model “actually” exists, the purpose of this segment of the show is about if it is “wise” to spend $4,300.00 on a camera – it could be any camera and I don’t think the shows producers have any responsibility to determine if an actual D700x exists or not for that amount of money.

    4) the show is taking the caller’s information in good faith, why should they doubt the validity of what they have been told, the caller said she was a more serious photographer and was looking to spend a good amount of money on a new camera. Most likely the caller has heard the rumors of a D700 replacement, so she probably told the shows producers a price of $4,300.00 for Suze to consider which would be a good price to quote to cover all possibilities.

    Like I said, this show segment was about spending $4,300.00 and ultimately has nothing to do about a Nikon D700x.

    • Louis

      very good point, of course when some one waiting for the D700 replacement goes to the NR homepage and sees “D700x” as it flashes in his mind, it gets them hyped…. so anyways, if all goes well we’ll get a 24MP body with the capabilities of a D3s for a little over $1500.00….. tomorrow.
      who else has such a dream?

  • awesome πŸ™‚

  • enesunkie

    Thom just upated his 2010 predictions “to reflect a slight bit more information”

  • Ezzat

    You know, the moment I saw this one posted I thought of Ken Rockwell. Why? not because of his arguments about equipment and technology, but because a while ago he posted on his website a guesstimation on how the D700 upgrade will look like.

    The funny thing is, it’s a year old post. It has the specs, price (you guessed it, $4399) and the release dates. Of course this hasn’t happened to date.

    Now maybe perhaps these folks at the Orman Show, mistakingly came across Ken Rockwell’s page on the legendary D700X and thought:’This is Ken Rockwell, the info is solid, so let’s put it on the show, kinda entice people who lost their jobs whether getting a 4 grand DSLR is the way to go”.

    Just a hypothetical scenario.

  • Why would anyone ask that idiot about anything? Sheesh.

  • zeeGerman

    @Admin, maybe you email them?

  • Cash

    I would say 4300,- hell no but what happened before!!! D700 was 3000,- then 2 months later 2500,- 6 months 2000,- 2 years later 1800,- EURO

    So I will never ever pre-order. I wait a year on everything and you get good deal. !!

  • High

    When will it end?

  • Daf

    Prank, blates.
    So many reasons why… we’ve not heard of it… if someone WAS in ne know – they’d know if they could affoard it, not call this show… etc etc.

  • Daf

    Post ordering still gets a bit screwed when you delete stuff….

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