Nikon press conference scheduled for February 3rd, 2010

Nikon press conference is scheduled for February 3rd, 2010 - I am saying this with 100% confidence. As I mention before, this time I will not specify the country and location. This date also matches with the expected release of new Coolpix cameras on February 2nd.

In the past Nikon has not scheduled press conferences for their Coolpix line - they have done that only for new DSLR models and lenses. On February 3rd we will either have Coolpixes, DSLRs and lenses announced at the same time, or Nikon has a "special" Coolpix to talk about.

If the February 3rd event is Coolpix related (I doubt  that), we may expect another press conference the week after.

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  • Christina

    Thanks NR Admin! Very good news!!

    • Very welcome – I am still a bit confused because this was suppose to be the Coolpix announcement date and for the p&s products Nikon does not schedule a press conference. I am sure I will know more soon.

      • PHB

        One possibility is the launch of the EVIL camera. Another is that this is a coolpix with some important new features such as built-in WiFi and/or GPS. Both combined would be big.

        Either way, it is interesting. I would expect the WiFi/GPS features to find their way into the D4/D400 generation.

        • WoutK89

          GPS was already built-in in the P6000, so no news if that’s it.

        • []V[] i k e

          well I believe that Nikon will want to show off. They will want to be first to introduce, WIFI and GPS. as they did with the video in SLR.

          Battery grip with small LCD and GPS is very interesting, But I do not think that they will introduce it February. This will come later this year.

          On the other hand. The price drop of batery pack MDB-10 is huge. from 350 euro now on sale for 146 euro.

          • WoutK89

            its been as far as I know, almost 6 months like that, priced at 139 euro here.

      • aetas

        hey admin: Little off subject but you should open a discussion on feb 2nd dedicated soley to the ideas people have on what the new camera will be. On feb 3rd or coming week. Just a idea. Amazing job, keep it up, thanks for all the hard work.

  • Ernst


    • SZRimaging

      It is bugging me too…..

      • WoutK89

        the “th” instead of “rd”? 😛

        • SZRimaging

          Yep. The admin fixed it.

          Like always, we salute you, nameless admin!

  • Unless this is to announce a special APS-C sensor coolpix model. <_<

  • Josiah

    Who the hell cares about coolpix point and shoot cameras? They are all the exact same. Lets get some pro equipment!

    • WoutK89

      That’s the point of this ‘rumor’, there is a press conference, but most of the times Coolpixes alone dont get a press conference 😉

      • []V[] i k e

        Yeah, This time I agree with you 😉

  • I don’t want to break the hype here, but yes – Nikon has announced press conferences for Coolpix announcements as well.
    That said – I do believe this one holds more than just Coolpix releases.

    • Then it makes sense, we may have another event the week after. Nikon may have scheduled press conferences for Coolpix in the past and maybe I just never received such info. As far as I remember, all previously reported press conferences on NikonRumors have been for DSLR and lenses.

  • Anonymous

    Any new or recent or updated news regarding a new 80-400 or the like ?

    • WoutK89

      The news: There is no news. But indeed, there are only 3 pro lenses left with VR-I, and they will probably have an update if Nikon can make the 80-400 also AF-S, Nano, VR-II at once 🙂

  • Maybe an EVIL announcement !!

    • WoutK89

      Luke, I am your father 😀

      • Anonymous

        I lol’d heartily.

        • C Benson

          Where is Family Guy when you need them? Where is Stewie ( Darth Vader)?

          • WoutK89

            What the deuce? 😛

  • Hum… Well that is good news, hopefully more than a “look its an other coolpix POS” will happen. I think I’m like most people waiting, wanting a D700+ with various improved bells & whistles!

    That said a Nikon Evil would be interesting too, but unless it walks on water, its not something that is going to open my wallet.

  • Mike

    Hey Low:
    It has begun.

    Beat you to it! 🙂

    Admin: not 3th. 3rd. Great news though. Thanks!

    • well I got it right one out of three times – this is an improvement 🙂
      thanks – I fixed it already

    • low

      mike > youre this has definitely begun.

  • SZRimaging

    Well, the Olympics start the 12th, so I am not sure this is enough time to get their gear into Pro hands. Might be able to get the TCs out, but after that, probably not. More than likely, I would say this is a good omen for a 5D MKII competitor. Should be announced in time for the distribution channels to fill up and get them out to pros for weddings in the summer. Just saying.

    • Ronan

      I don’t know about you but a D3s already arrived at our studio. We already have all the pro tele lenses we can ever carry…

      I’m just pissed i’m not the one covering the JO 🙁

      • SZRimaging

        I’m still debating the next body. I could order a D3s if I spent a little less on new lights. However, with my trying to refocus on portrait and studio, and a little less on sports, I am hoping for a new 18MP body. Just don’t have the budget for the D3x, yet.

  • Bob

    Ok I guess I’ll wait!!

  • Anony-mou

    It has begun.

    Fo’ real!!!

    • low

      its a comin’….. 😉

      • WoutK89

        its a me, Mario 😛

        • low

          a mario will cost 3.5k + 😉

          • WoutK89

            Does it come with the shrooms? 😛

  • Sould I put the champagne in the cooler yet ?

    • Yes, the usual vigil will begin on Fenruary 2nd – all Nikon websites should be updated late night on Feb 2nd.

    • aetas

      I have a bottle in mine. We should all have a toast when we finally see what is coming our way.

  • I hope it is the D900!!!

    • []V[] i k e

      if it is not any better camera than the D700, Im not buying anything for a long time. 😀

      Maybe I get the cheap D90 instead of D3 LOL

      • GlobalGuy

        It wont be that much better except for very specific applications. The D700 is perfectly fine for the next generation.

        Sad to say that most of us with D700’s have to wait another 2-3 years before we get our upgrades. But its fun watching the rest of you squirm just prior to your purchase in anticipation!

        • Mikey

          I hear you. I don’t see the big deal with 18 MP. 12 is fine for most applications, and 24 +/- is more in demand for glossies, XXXL stock, and huge enlargements. If I had a D700, I’d sit this one out fact..I’d sit it out if I had a D90, which I will ;). Now a $2,500-$3,000 24MP sensor to compete with Canon and Sony, well that would put a spring in my step.

  • Admin, just wondering what is the reason behind not disclosing the country and place? NDA? 😀

    • Just not to get anyone in trouble. Every time I announce the country, the specific Nikon devision is probably re-evaluating with whom they share their press-conference info. I got some reports in the past that Nikon got mad few times in the past when I posted all the details online. I would like to receive heads up in the future, so I think it is better not to publish any details. Those event are per invitation only and are not open to the public, so it will not be of interest to the NR readers, only the date matters.
      FYI, I have received info from two different countries on the Feb 3rd event, so this date is solid.

      • I see…The fact that Nikon was unhappy means that they or their people must be reading this blog :p But I think it’s a good move as we’re only interested in the date and what’s going to be released.

        Looking forward to more (confirmed) rumours very soon! 😀

    • SBGrad

      Haven’t you ever seen the movie, Independence Day?

      “Two words, Mr. President. Plausible deniability.”

  • I hope it is new lenses and DSLR’s.

  • Tim McCarthy

    so now what im aleady to buy a d3s!!!!!!!!! do i wait or dont i???????

    • WoutK89

      Yes wait, because the new camera will make the D3s stop working. D’oh

      • Tim McCarthy

        No im sorry WoutK89 i asked question on a site that gives help i know this camera will work perfectly but don’t like wasting my hard earned money on equipment that will be redundant from the second week in February. If you dont have any thing of any use for me id rather u not make any smart ass comment on my remarks!!! Or in this world do you mock people trying to get more information!!! if u think so im sure there a whole bunch of second graders that would love you to poke fun at them while they are learning!!!!!!!

        • WoutK89

          I am just trying to point out, there will not be a camera that will outperform the D3s, since it was just announced last autumn. If you need a camera like the D3s, why wait?

          • b

            you could have said exactly that earlier.

          • WoutK89

            People can think for themselves…

  • Hi, any notice about D700x ?

  • kevin

    For the record the D900 or D700s/x will not be considered a pro camera anyways. It is a camera meant for serious enthusiasts although some professionals will use it as a main camera. I don’t think Nikon or Canon would ever suspect a professional photographer at the olypmics or anything other sporting venue would use anything less than the top of the line camera.

    It will not be a 700x. At the very most we see a camera that is either like the D3s or a new D700 with a 16-18 megapixel sensor. I’d be honestly shocked to see them release a 24.5 megapixel D700/800/900.

    • Alex

      If the ‘D900’ isn’t considered pro, than neither can the Canon EOS 5DII be. It will be the Canons equivalent and I can assure you the Canon 5DII is both a pro camera and used widely by pro’s, I work for a lot of very respected tog’s who swear by it.

    • Ronan

      Wrong Kevin. D700 is considered a pro. D3ish are ‘Expert’.

      • PHB

        Nikon most likely consider D3-ish as ‘collector’ models or alternatively ‘someone else pays’.

        Given that the feature set for the D3 is virtually identical to the D700, I really can’t see a justification for calling it ‘expert’. Does using a second CF slot take that much more expertise? I can see calling the PC lenses ‘expert’, but not the bodies.

        Has anyone managed to wear out more their D700 yet? I will probably buy a D4 or a D5 in due course. But not while DSLR designs are becoming obsolete faster than computers.

        • GlobalGuy

          This isn’t necessarily true. They can be using the D3x to set new price expectations in the high-end camera line. The D3x could be a sacrifice in order to extort the price of a D700x, should Nikon decide to make it ridiculously high priced as well.

          Furthermore, the D700 is a pro camera and there is no doubt about it. Nikon is REALIZING this late, however, and this can be shown by how they added dual-slots even to the D300s. Nikon has a chance to make a truly pro D700x — lets hope they do it right this time. The D700 was pretty good, but they could have sold so many more and offered a few more details by top-of-the-lining it a bit more. Things like dual slots, crystal displays on the hand-grip, aspect ratio adjustments — these little things matter.

          And if the D700x has it as well as a few other things and either improved ISO or MP (or pref both), then it will truly be a pro-camera, no questions about it.)

        • SZRimaging

          The larger buffer, second CF slot, and better chipsets are what make the D3 better than the D700. All three of which can come in handy. Dual CF is more of a workflow question, and the ability to not change cards quite so often.

          • Dr SCSI

            SZRimaging, as I own the D3 I can add that the Dual CF capability is a MUST for any serious professional (i.e. they get paid for their pics) who must absolutely deliver (sports photog., wedding photog.) their labors. The D3 allows for duplication of the photos on two separate CF cards as they are taken (built in redundancy). Now with 32GB and 64GB cards readily available, the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket can’t be understated; and Nikon responded accordingly.

    • CatSplat

      Considering that both the D300(s) and the D700 are considered to be “professional” bodies by Nikon, and thus can qualify the owner for NPS membership (among other criteria), I see no reason why the D900 would not be considered “pro.”

    • nobody

      Nikon Professional Service (NPS) considers the D700 and also the D300 to be “professional”. They both qualify for the NPS program.

      In reality, there are hobbyists using a D3X, and there are first class pros using a D90. It’s not the camera that is professional, its the man or the woman behind it (-:

      • WoutK89

        To add: I have seen many pros next to the football pitch (dont you just like english :-P) with a D3 style body as a first, and a D700 as a second body around their shoulder. D3 with long lens, and D700 with a wider lens.

    • PHB

      For the record, Nikon themselves describe the D300, D300s and D700 as ‘Professional Cameras’. They are not distinguished from the D3/D3s/D3x in any way.

      I have met far more pros touting a D300/D700 than a D3 series. And I have met more amateurs than pros carrying a D3.

      If you really want to boast about how great your toys are, please do so somewhere else. The D700 replacement will be a professional camera as far as anyone not interested in equipment snobbery.

  • Alex

    ADMIN: Just wondering why you’re not saying the country and location the conference is in? It doesn’t matter at all to me, I don’t care about know and I can’t see why anyone else would. Just really curious to know why you’re with-holding that? What for?

  • JR

    come on…. FAST PRIMES.


    • STJ


    • STJ

      It’s a lot easier to mention the primes below 200mm which do not “need” a refresh than the ones that do…. Ok – I guess i just want to write that I agree with you… 😉

      • b


  • Killa

    I tired alredy to wait my D7000. ) Please, no questions. I want sleep. Thank you.

    • WoutK89

      Take a pill 😛 You can wait another year probably

  • low

    looks like we are getting a high MP successor to the d700. dual slots, movie, etc. should be fun. darn, i was hoping for a high iso performer like the d3s..we’ll see.

    • I think that everyone wants to get a receiver D700 in the face D3s:)
      sure hope so)

    • isitfebyet?

      what are you basing that on?

      • low

        it will cost a buttload, and we’ll hear the outcry once again. lol 😀

  • SimonC

    More 18..XXX DX zooms, please! 😉

    • WoutK89

      wwaiting on the 18-35 FX remake

      • Martin

        Wouldn’t that be nice. I think it’s time Nikon releases a wide angle FX zoom for us mortals. By that I mean something in the $900 – $1100 range.

      • nobody

        Preferably as a 16-35 f4. Same quality as the 14-24, please (-:

    • Dr SCSI

      SimonC, the current 18-200 is a perfect all around DX lens. I would rather see a 200-600 DX f/4-f5.6 lens for nature photography, outdoor sports photography, etc, with a price tag not exceeding $1750. Mounted on a DX body with high ISO capabilities put it over the top; just think 900mm f/5.6 (35mm equiv.) This fantasy lens, along with a 18-200 DX, a 12-14 DX, and some futuristic zoom macro is the only thing you will need in your kit. 🙂

  • Tim

    Hey what about a 180/2.8G ED VR AFS micro in the mix. Somthing like that has been rumoured and would replace the 200 micro and 180/2.8 in one swoop. And it would work with the new converters that are in the rumour mill, so they’d have a decent new lens to launch with too.

    • WoutK89

      mmm, 180 micro at f/2.8, that would differentiate it from the 3rd party offerings

    • Dr SCSI

      Tim, I have the 200mm f/4 micro and I can tell you that the DOF is PAPER thin at f/4, I couldn’t imagine what 180 f/2.8 would look like. In fact I am probably going to buy a used zoom macro if I can find one for a decent price. The versatility of the 200 f/4 is limited to super close ups with GREAT light required.

  • dave

    ADMIN: Popular Photography (yeah, I know it’s not everyone’s favorite camera rag) named the D3X as it’s camera of the year for 2009. The last page of the article landed in the back of the mag amongst the advertisements. On that page, they said they expected the D3x sensor to show up in a D700-style body in the near future. I suspect they might know a little more than the average tog about such things. Typically, magazine articles must be submitted two to three months before magazines are actually shipped. Pop photo included a hands-on article of the D300s and D3000 in the September issue, which was delivered to their subscribers mid August, about three weeks after the announcement. And their online article appeared at the end of July, just days after the announcement. So it stands to reason that if there is a D800 or D900 to be announced in the first or second week of February, Pop photo was shown one back in November or early December. While the Camera of the Year article was certainly penned and submitted before Pop Photo got a look at the next great thing from Nikon, it might give an editor enough time to add “Our crystal ball tells us the D3x’s 24.5MP sensor is likely to show up in a consumer model soon.” to the Camera of the Year article before sending the January issue to print. Food for thought.

  • sgts

    guys, please switch to sony, its heartbreaking to see you waiting like this – sony are not going to let nikon use the 24mp sensor in a cheaper model, ok ?

    • WoutK89

      And what about the lenses we then have to miss, we arent with Nikon just for the fun of having a name…

    • NikoDoby

      That’s right sgts. Sony wants to keep all the cheap quality models to themselves, lol 🙂

    • Bob

      I’d go to Canon first

    • Dr SCSI

      sgts, Sony has the fabrication plant where the D3X sensor is manufactured to Nikon specifications for Nikon. Nikon engineers designed the sensor and they had Sony produce it in their plant. I bet if you were to look inside the Sony plant, you would probably find Nikon lithography steppers behind the scenes producing both the Nikon and Sony CIS sensors. It isn’t a question of what Sony will allow, it is a question of what Nikon thinks is the best buisness strategy for products to bring to market. I suspect the reason we all wait, is because of of our high expectations for quality and when Nikon delivers, they deliver in spades.

  • A 24-120 mm VRII pro zoom, please!!!

    • WoutK89

      pro? What would make it pro? Why not just high quality?

      • I use “pro” as a shortcut for “high quality” and in this case especially to distinguish it from the existing 24-120 mm Nikon zoom.

        • WoutK89

          so, what would you like to see in this new 24-120VR then?

          • Dr SCSI

            I think I know what VeronikaB means by “pro”. She wants a lens which has been optimized for the FX sensor, with a quality build, great optics, and the newer VRII image stability. She wants an all arounder lens to mount on her FX body (D700?). I only have one thing to add to her wish list, a little more reach, say 24-135mm and f/3.5 throughout! If this lens were made, then I wouldn’t have to go buy the 24-70 f/2.8

  • Segura

    So I just came back to January 2010 from the future and here is my report back from the press conference. 1 camera body and 3 lenses were announced. Here is a copy of the press release.

    TOKYO — Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of three new lens products, compatible with the FX format. The fast telephoto AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G ED VR lens is equipped with vibration reduction (VR II) that reduces the effects of camera shake equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately three stops. The AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III and the TC-17EIII match the recently released TC-20E III as the world’s second and third teleconverter to utilize an aspherical lens element respectively.

    Nikon’s development of the FX-format D3-series and D700 digital-SLR cameras has received tremendous support from professional and advanced amateur photographers. Nikon is expanding NIKKOR lens and accessory lineups by releasing new, high-performance products compatible with the FX format, allowing us to cater to the more advanced demands of users.

    TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of its new FX-format digital SLR, the Nikon D900.

    As well as inheriting the finest features of the highly acclaimed D3x, the D900 boasts many innovative enhancements and is designed to meet an even broader scope of creative demands from serious photographers.
    .First and foremost, the D900 possesses the superb product quality required of the of Nikon’s FX-format digital SLR camera line: 7 frames-per-second*1 high-speed continuous shooting, exceptional accuracy thanks to the 51-point AF system and approx. 95% viewfinder coverage, plus dual card slots (CF and SD) and the rugged durability that enables the camera to work under extreme conditions. What’s more, an enhanced D-Movie function provides new features, such as an external microphone input for stereo sound recording and AF capability with contrast-detect AF during movie recording. Such outstanding specifications in a trim, responsive, versatile DX-format digital SLR will give any serious photographer an extra measure of agility, for traveling and shooting with greater ease.

    On top of this, users can choose from the extraordinary range of more than 60 NIKKOR lenses, and Nikon’s Total Imaging System — benefits that give the D900 a special advantage in terms of creative D-SLR versatility.

    Anyway the D700 was released as 12MP and will be available July 2010. A firmware update is in the works to update the resolution to 14MP, which will be available Q1 2011.

    • Segura

      Just found the correction notice posted by Nikon in July 2010:

      Anyway the D900 was released as 12MP and will be available September 2010. A firmware update is in the works to update the resolution to 14MP, which will be available Q3 2011.

      • Wow! 😀

      • WoutK89

        Found another mistake: “(VR II) that reduces the effects of camera shake equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately three stops.”
        No VRII lens does only three stops 😉

  • Anonymous

    let’s wish for something we all want

  • Gorji

    NR Admin:
    As we wait for a new DSLR, can you run a poll to see what people do with their old DSLRs? Am I the only person who has hung on to their D100 and D200? I am shooting D300.


    • Steven Sow

      I’m shooting with a D300 as well, I still have a D1X & D1H. Not for long though, I’m going to try to get what I can for them to put toward a new lens. Hopefully there will be a new camera announcement in Feb, full frame that might lead to some D700’s hitting the used market, I’m wanting to move up to a full frame body.

    • I will ook into it – I am almost ready to bring back Page 2 of Nikon Rumors for all the other stuff Nikon related stuff I want to post – anybody here still remember page 2 of NikonRumors from over a year ago?

      • Nope is there a link or something? 🙂

      • WoutK89

        I do remember, but I like the one page only concept. I dont mind having to scroll, but I dislike to look in two pages to see if anything has happened in the mean time 😛

    • Bob

      I’m still using the D200 and a D70s. I need a new camera.

  • libellule

    Vous pouvez aussi noter sur vos calepins l’annonce du successeur du D700 la semaine du 15 février…

    • WoutK89

      You can also write down the announcement of the D700 successor the week of 15th of february…

  • Johnny

    In the spring 2009 Nikon had a press conference with just coolpixes. They introdued the projector-Coolpix.

    I have also attended another Nikon PC with just coolpix, but I can’t remember when that was.

  • I really , really want to see more fixed aperature zooms for studio work. I hate zooming with variable and having exposure changes with strobes

  • edward nafzger

    Wooow and please bring us the next generation D700? and the long rumoured 100-500 vr lens yes i will buy both and extra the D3s

  • Well, I’m hoping for a successor to the D700. Since it has been discontinued, that makes sense. Hopefully with video, which is where things seem to be headed. Mixing stills with video for weddings and portraits will help seperate the pros from the amateurs.

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