Nikon Coolpix P100, Coolpix L110 expected

Nikon Coolpix P100 (P90 replacement) and Coolpix L110 (L100 replacement) are expected on February 3rd. Those will not be the only Coolpix camerasย that will be announced.

I will rate this rumor @ 80% today since I expect more details tomorrow.

Still no word of DSLR or lenses announcements.

Pictures of the current Coolpix models that are expected to be replaced:

Nikon P90

Nikon L100

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  • Abhi

    Bring on the dslr goodies!

    • Twoomy

      Good scoop admin! But I want that D900! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • AlexFoo


        • []V[] i k e

          +1 SLR INFO PLEASE

  • matt s


  • nikkor_2

    NR Admin: once again, you scoop everyone!

    At present, I’m only interested in lens rumors; have you heard any lately?; any chance of update(s) to prime lens(es) on 3 Feb?

    • patience, patience – it could be that they will have a separate press conference a week later for the good stuff and that’s why I don’t have any info yet

      • NikoDoby

        But what about canon’s announcements a week later on the 9th? They both can’t be popping champaign the same week.

        • Anony-mou

          Actually they can, they LOVE to do that. These 2 companies are total copycats.

  • BF

    L110 or L100?

    • NikoDoby

      P100 replaces the P90. The L110 replaces the L100.

  • Chris

    Contenders for replacement by EVIL

  • It will a tough 2 weeks waiting for the announcement

  • Nau

    ppl who get this things dont use Nikon forums … so give us a real news ๐Ÿ™‚

    (good info tho)

    • NikoDoby

      I’ve been waiting all year for the P90 replacement Nau! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nau

        replacement for P90 came out years ago its called D40! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have KR virus

    • fotosniper

      u know what we all use? wow

  • dude

    nikon should just end their compacts business!

    • low

      then they wont be able to give us those awesome dslrs and lenses we all use ๐Ÿ™

    • Neil

      They shouldn’t. They sell a great number of them, whatever their relative merit.

    • NikoDoby

      DUDE! Nikon sells more COOLPIX L20s than D700s or D3S combined!

      • GlobalGuy

        Besides, they arent bad cameras. They just aren’t the best. Most of them are priced fairly reasonable. About where typical Joe consumer wants to spend. And Nikon has even come up with some innovative ones here and there, proving they aren’t creatively dead in that division. Let’s not forget that the most important thing to a compact camera user is simply the ability to take pictures anywhere and not have the camera fail to take the shot. They really aren’t that interested in specs or absolute perfection. Most of them don’t even realize their pictures are blurry or spotty from noise reduction — because probably 99% of pictures taken with compacts are viewed at 25% online or 15% on Facebook.. lol. Nikon delivers a stable brandname that some Chinese companies, etc, cannot offer at good price with pretty ok specs. Canon makes some of the best — but not THE best. No one wants to afford the best.

        Seriously, even Nikons worst point and shoots are perfectly good enough for the vast majority of, let me coin a term, “net ‘togs” (internet photographers). Hell, half the people here probably dont take more pictures than of their cats and the food on their friend’s plates when at a restaurant (sad but true!).

        More power to Nikon.

        • Anony-mou

          Totally agree with you, especially the 15-25% zoom ratio that most people use with their photos, so they can view them in Windows photo viewer and post them on Facebook. Sad but true.

        • PHB

          Nothing I have read suggests that Nikon’s compacts are worse than equivalently priced competitor’s models.

          The difference is that apart from Canon, the competition does not have a strong play in the DSLR world. So once the price point has got up to the bottom end of the DSLRs, Nikon and Canon are focusing on the DSLR while the rest of the field try to upsell the customer to a better compact.

          They do have better lenses than the competition though. The P90 lens is a 26-625. Now wouldn’t that be fun on F-Mount?

  • JR

    Who the hell buys these cameras? give us REAL cameras and lenses.

  • Jer

    Tough room Adminโ˜ฎ

  • Bob

    I wonder if they have 1080HD on them?

    • PHB

      First sensible comment in the thread.

      Once Nikon has AVCHD support on one of their cameras, we can expect it to move up the line. I would expect it to be a firmware change, though whether that is backwards compatible is another issue. I would hope so.

      I would be rather more interested in the fact that the previous model of the camera had a sensor pitch of 43MP/cm^2. A D300 at that sensor pitch would have a sensor resolution of 175MP. It only really manages ISO200, and the maximum ISO of 6400 is at the cost of reducing resolution to 3MP. But it is still an interesting data point.

      The P90 has a sensor area of 0.25 cm^2 that is compared to 3.7 for DX format and 8.6 for FX. Yes there are disadvantages to a small sensor and they seriously affect this class of camera. Which is precisely why any improvement at this end will be far more illuminating with respect to Sony/Nikon manufacturing capability than anything they produce in DX or FX format.

      I would not mind a camera that could do 175MP but was limited to ISO 200. And we can probably expect the replacement to have an extra ISO stop. So if we take this as showing where the electronics can go, it is quite encouraging. It is also where my calculations predict that the laws of Newtonian optics break down and quantum effects start to take over.

      Clearly Nikon can produce a 24MP DX body camera and a 50MP FX body camera – should they choose to. Past that point we are going to be increasingly limited by the lenses.

      If you are satisfied with 12MP then it is highly likely that the EVIL format will deliver equal quality in 90% of situations and be considerably more practical than the big format.

      • GlobalGuy

        “So if we take this as showing where the electronics can go, it is quite encouraging. It is also where my calculations predict that the laws of Newtonian optics break down and quantum effects start to take over.”

        If your quantum strings physics is accurate, don’t worry……. the flux capacitor will fix everything. Let’s not pretend that quantum noise is going to kill cameras. Someone will develop a predictive quantum noise reduction and in-body time-space vibration reduction…. =PPPP

        • PHB

          I have a degree from the Oxford University dept of Nuclear Physics.

          If you want to understand how VSLI devices work, you have to understand quantum physics. It is taught as an undergrad course in any decent university.

          At about 50 MP/cm^2, the dimension of the sensor cells is about two wavelengths of blue light. Macro optics no longer provide a good approximation of what is taking place at the quantum level. While it is quite possible that someone could work out how to make a finer resolution work, it is going to take a completely different design approach. And is probably pointless as the lenses are not good enough in any case.

          The bottom line is that folk who yammer on about the benefits of FX over DX are mostly speaking out of their bottoms. The difference in sensor size is nowhere near enough to make a major difference in quality. The P90 with its 0.25cm^2 sensor is severely limited by the piddly size. The D300 with a sensor 16 times larger is not close to being limited.

          The Nikon engineers know optics and they know quantum mechanics. I would expect that the DX series is going to be the most interesting format to use until the EVIL format gets going strongly. Sure there is going to be a niche for which the FX format is useful, the same way that there is a niche for which a 400mm f/2.8 lens makes sense.But for 90% of uses the smaller format is going to be better.

          • jay

            well then, how do you explain the huge difference in image quality between D3s and D300s?

  • I tend to advise people looking at P&S to go Canon as I’ve been under-impressed by Coolpix brand and quality/price. That said I hope Nikon will solve the issues with its P&S line, but I still don’t know why P&S cameras would have a big event when many Nikon shooters are really wanting news on the new lenses, new DSLR, new EVIL… sigh…

    • WoutK89

      Nikon has a big event for the press ๐Ÿ˜‰ The press likes all news they can bring…

    • I myself used a Canon compact in the past ๐Ÿ˜€

      • There are currently 3 P&S in my family, I’ve personally directed at least 10 friends & co-workers to P&S cameras for their needs/budget. Every single one says “Canon” on the front.

        • Anony-mou

          Well, Panasonic does good cameras too.

  • Martin

    Nice call admin….you scoopster you!!

    Correct me if I’m wrong guys and gals but this is “meat and potatoes” stuff for Nikon. I’m sure they make some descent coin off these Coolpix. Then they use the profits for R&D…so be patient young DSLR and Prime warriors. Our time will come.

  • jay

    Who cares? Why? Nikon only has lousy compacts, why bother????

    • WoutK89

      lousy compacts, lazy reader? The thread here is full of reasons why!

  • jay

    To all the guys preaching Nikon makes money off these junks, please, Nikon is not a religion. It only deserves praise and dollars when they make a product that’s worthy.

    • GlobalGuy

      Not true — you are judging the needs of professional photographers against the needs of net ‘togs. Its a whole other set of needs. Someone posting to FACEBOOK does NOT need the “best” compact camera. I don’t know if you’ve seen the size and resolution of facebook pics — the number one application for net ‘togs by the way —but its pretty crappy. Nikon’s image quality blows Facebook out of the water.

      DSLR users are early adopters, spec gearheads, and print almost larger than life or at least pixel peep 100% when we go to the computer. For us we can’t fathom compacts by Nikon — let alone by anyone WORSE than Nikon (and there are a bunch!). Canon we say is good only because they are one of the best of the worst. We are talking about the net togs here — NOT pixel peepers.

      Micro 4/3rds is being developed to fill that gap. You can’t blame Nikon for “keeping up with the market” in a market that already has too many megapixels (Compact camera industry), and where users generally have no idea what they are buying in large majority — because they only take pictures to post on Facebook.

      I’m not defending the fact that Nikon’s aren’t the best. But they are OK compared to the bottom rung, and only OK compared to the top rung. They are stable and reliable and last years and years (my Nikon compact has lasted 10 years so far.. not a single issue!, even the battery works perfect and the picture quality is still better than anything Facebook supports!). So don’t get crazy here.

      I for one am perfectly happy to know that net togs needs are fulfilled, Nikon makes profit, the profit goes into basic R&D for compacts and awesome R&D for DSLRS. Serving the needs of both segments at once.

      It would be NICE if Nikon had at least 2 compacts a year that were the BEST in their class, just to keep the value of their brandname up…. but thats the need of a DSLR user wanting the “best”. Its not the real tangible needs of a net tog who posts exclusively to Facebook.

      • WoutK89

        hehe, thanks for the long explanation, saves me typing… always ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Neil

        Completely agree.

  • HenryB

    Don’t give us porridge,.. I want meat.

  • S1970

    Ok, I will give a guess on the SLR related stuff:

    D900 or whatever name, FF with between 18 and 24Mp
    24/1.4 lens
    85/1.4 lens, possibly VR
    80-400 successor, maybe with a slightly different focal lenght.

    The D900 will be launched as a studio/portrait cam, and with the new 85/1.4 will be a nice combination tadadada.

    Ok, just guess.

    • tim

      The D900 should combine the best of both worlds.

      The high(er) MP of the X series for studio needs and FPS and ISO capabilities of the current S (H before) series.

      That would be one amazing camera!

    • tim

      Of course both a bit below the PRO level (so Dn series would sell normally). And for mid price! Somewhere in between the pro and D700 level..

      • WoutK89

        Different markets, no competition between D700s and D3s

        H is not equal to S, see: D2XS, I think the H just disappeared because Nikon already had a D3, which is kind of H, but without the confusion.

        And D700 style body with high MP and high fps would take some serious high end engineering with the read out and throughput of data

        • tim

          Agreed! But its not like its not possible.. A year old 5D MK II has 4 (almost) FPS at 21MP.. I think they could push 5-6, maybe 7 with grip at 18MP. That is fast enough for “the bet of both worlds”.

          Im speculating of course. This is a best case/dream body scenario.

          • WoutK89

            If only I knew what it would take, technology keeps advancing, but I am not sure if Nikon can provide an Expeed-II with a new announced camera already, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a D800 or D900 with this advance ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am a gadget freak, not one that buys it, but just interested what I could have in a few years time in my D90 style body!

  • This is the right direction to go in Nikon… if you want to get your butt kicked by Canon. I just got a S-90 because I needed a good concealed carry camera. Something that is always on me. These are just too big. Who runs these large companies any way. God people get in the game.

  • zeeGerman

    @Admin: What happened to the Crystal Ball post?

    • WoutK89

      Interesting question indeed, I already thought something was missing. Censorship?

      • zeeGerman

        It weird, first I thought that it they might have said something they shouldn’t have, and ask NR to take the post down, in order to save them trouble. But the original info on is still there.

      • Gordon

        The popphoto news about the D3X was old news anyway, I believe the article was published in mid December 09.

        Actually Dec 21st to be precise.

    • sorry, I deleted it by mistake – it is back online now

  • Chris P

    Interesting timing, especially if there is another press conference, as admin thinks there might be, after this one In the US PMA is towards the end of February and in the UK Focus on Imaging, the UK’s biggest trade show, is the second week of March. Could be that there is going to be at least one new camera and/or multiple lens introductions which will be of great interest to the professional end of the market?

    • WoutK89

      I think PMA is more likely than the UK show. Every year PMA has a small success and every 2 years, Photokina!

  • Ubiquitous

    Wilma, the good people at Nikon are coming out with more Coolpix cameras – Yabadabadoo!!! I’ll get one for Barney, too. Dino ate his last one.

    • WoutK89

      Bam, bam ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Oh disappointment ๐Ÿ™
    But I’ll be looking forward to another possible announcement a week later. Nikon better make it BIG :p

    • WoutK89

      Why do you need an extra announcement, when the announcement could still be coolpix + more?

      • I was just following what Admin said, about there being another announcement a week after ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Markus

    After all the speculations and news there will be more for sure, right?

  • nau

    thats a looooooooooooot of posts for something like that ๐Ÿ™‚
    – ppl got nothing better to do thn refresh NikonRumors
    – shows that we still care for PnS cameras ๐Ÿ™‚

    • WoutK89

      Nothing to do at the moment, and bitching about PnS cameras is fun to read ๐Ÿ˜›

  • What? No new lenses. C’mon!

    • WoutK89

      And what do you deduce that from, from the announcement that still needs to be done?

  • inabon

    I’ve been waiting for a crush/freeze/water proof Nikon. Guess its not happening. Hate having to go to Olympus for that.

    Before someone says “Carry your Dxx”, I can already tell you don’t ski/mountain bike/water raft. I take my D300 for serious shooting, but need one that I can throw in a pocket and forget about it, but, I do want good IQ, don’t really care about “smile detection” or any of that crap.

  • thedude

    you guys seem to be as crazy as i am at the moment.
    i just can’t wait read here officially about the D900, cuz i want that baaabyy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    really curious what the new dslr will be like.

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