NPS survey in Europe – all about the D700 replacement

Update: this survey is now sent to registered Nikon users worldwide (not only to NPS). I will publish my own D700 replacement survey later on today.

NPS members in Europe received an email survey from Nikon today. The first few questions were pretty standard (what camera you have, what features are important to you, any feedback to Nikon, etc). After going through the rest of the survey, it was clear that this whole campaign was created to gather information/data for the Nikon D700 replacement. Here are some of the questions (those are not direct quotations):

  • What improvements you would like to see in the D700 or why did you not purchase one?
  • How likely it is that you will purchase a Nikon D700?
  • What would you photograph with a FX camera?
  • What are the most important features of a FX camera?
  • Are you interested in a FX camera (vs. DX camera)?
  • What is the largest print size you use?
  • Will you purchase a DSLR in the next 12 months?
  • There were few questions about pixel count - how important it is, etc. One of the example question was about a 15 MP and 25MP resolutions - not sure if they picked those numbers randomly or there is a reason behind it.

Now, I am not sure if this is a good or bad news - is Nikon just starting now to think about the D700 replacement? Maybe they just want to be sure that what they have in their labs is what people would buy.

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  • xxx

    D700 sucks

    • oh really, show me proof that it sucks as I use it every day and it seems to work fine for me.

    • canon user words

    • Jose Vicente Lopez

      I am not a professional, but i would like to have FX nikon camera that allow me to use my DX lenses with decent resolution. Based on the technology of current nikon camera, this is posible with 24 Mega pixel camera with a crop mode resolution of 10 megapixel.

      • dom

        I have a poster on my wall which is 40-20inches, taken with a 6mp dslr, I am not printing out many that size. also if you are wanting a more pro camera why would you use the amature lenses? (if price is the issue then the difference between 6pm and 10mp is not something that should concern you.)

        Bring on better iso but more importantly greater Dynamic range. If they could get Fuji s5 style dynamic range with D3s iso ability then…. camera perfection!

        plus 60fps 1080p would rock the video world too

        • Jose Vicente Lopez

          Sorry friend, probably you have a reason if we were talking about D3s or D3X, but we are talking about the cheapper fx camera from nikon, we are talking about the next step from dx camera user to fx format. This kind of person probably have two or three DX lenses and two or three FX lenses. That is the reason of my comment.

          • Arne

            Not all users upgrading to D700+ have DX lenses,
            I have 2 analogue Nikons and lots of nice lenses,
            so I don’t want to switch to Canon 5DII, and I have
            waited for soooo many years. So I can easily wait
            for an improved D700 for a lower price (why is
            the price rising all the time?)

    • Nikon d700 Fan

      My wife does also……

      Nikon make it 25 mp please….

    • Anonymous


    • xxx´s mama

      yeah it along with the D3 and D300 sucked out a big chunk of market share from your canon crapy cams ;-).and now you are the one who sucks

      • xxx´s mama

        reply was to the sucker xxx at the top

  • WR

    I am looking at purchasing an FX camera, but with everything that has happened with Nikon updates I will wait for the D700 replacement. My D300 will suit me just fine until that day comes.

    • Son of FE

      Ditto !

    • I’d love an FX camera. There are two things stopping me.

      1) Weight. I can go places with a D40 that I can’t get to with a D700.

      2) Doesn’t work with my $17 infrared remote. What the hell is up with that?

      Sensors seem to be improving at somewhat under 2 years per stop (I calculate 1.75 years). Noise-reduction software also improves but I don’t know how fast. Theoretically I would expect FX to run about a stop better than DX, and that seems roughly borne out by the data. So if DX lags FX by under 2 years, what’s FX worth to you? If you’re a pro who never ventures far from a car, then probably quite a lot! For amateurs and pros who work in the field, not bloody much, I would think… although a D700 and a pile of FX f/4 lenses (if those existed) might be more portable than a D90 with FX f/2.8 lenses for similar performance. That would change quickly if there were more f/2.8 DX lenses out there!

      • Adam

        huh? so you are saying DX is the way to go?

        • Depends on how far you carry your gear on your own back, and how much you want to shoot moving targets in low light. For studios with flash and whatnot, the only reason I can see to go FX is to use super-wide-angle lenses, but then, I don’t do that. For available-light photography, a D3 with the 50mm f/1.4 lens is comparable to a D90 with the rumoured 35mm f/1 lens 😉 You could also compare, say, the D3 with an FX f/4 100-300mm lens (eg. 70-200 f/2.8 * 1.5x tele-extender) to D90 with f/2.8 70-200mm DX.

          DX is lighter, FX is better in the dark. IF they made equivalent lenses. Which they don’t. So never mind.

      • …except that I can’t do math. DxOmark’s numbers confused me. Looks like over 4 years per stop, actually. Since we can anticipate mankind lasting maybe another 50 years, I would expect the last DX cameras to be about 11 stops better than FX is now 🙂

        • PHB

          We will reach physical limits long before then.

          But folk who go on about how wonderful the extra ISO stop is forget that in order to realize that stop you need to have a lens with a larger aperture.

          f numbers are aperture divided by focal length. If instead of f-stop number you consider the aperture divided by 35mm equivalent focal length the so called ‘speed advantage’ of FX format goes away.

          • geoff

            huh? you don’t need to do (or have) anything to take advantage of that extra stop. i suggest you read up on the basics a bit more.

  • Nick

    Nikon is listening now. It’s a good sign.

    • WoutK89

      They try to look as if they are listening 😉

      • f/2.8

        Or, they try to make the NPS members feel they have a say.

        • WoutK89

          Read below, it is apparently not NPS members only 🙂

          • f/2.8

            Should have known, one of the questions is if you will buy a DSLR in 12 mos. But who knows, there had to be an NPS member that uses a P&S to make a living!?

      • PHB

        I doubt that there is any real choice in the feature set of the D700s. It will simply be the D700 body with the D3s sensor plus video.

        This would seem more likely to be a survey to see what the likely demand would be for possible replacement cameras. In particular should they replace the D700 with an 18MP body or bring out separate 12 and 24 bodies like they have done with the D3/D3s?

        Another area where information would be looked for would be to help decide whether a plastic FX camera and lighter weight lenses would be worth while.

  • Jörg Gänsler

    Well that probably means that we truly have to wait quite a bit longer for a D700 successor. Since I don’t believe Nikon would start such a survey shortly before releasing a new camera. What are your thoughts? Please tell me that I’m wrong.

    • Adam

      well to me it means we will only see a D700x or D700s sometime next year.

      • another anonymous

        Hmm as i know they are developing and improving features in labs without strict relation to one specific camera model. More likely they choose some collection of developed features to create the model of camera from and testing and tuning it do deliver to the market. But then it’s more likely they will use these answers into the release for 4th quarter of 2010 of sooner. If it will be the successor of d700 or only some facelifting i have no guess. But what will be this daily reading all about if we know the answers? 😉

  • Segura

    My credit card is ready . . . do it . . . do it now!!

  • D800

    If D800 can manually exposure + 30-60fps in 1080 video, then they can finally fire down the Canon 5DMKII

    • Adam

      The D800 is not a video cam =.=

    • dom

      yep i agree. although i want a camera for photo sake, i would hate to be left behind in the multi media world and not have really good video function on my top range dslr. canon 7d is looking very nice to me where i can shoot sports and do slow mo video of snowboard jumps etc. come on nikon! beat canon!

  • Considering I just bought a D300s, I’d really consider adding an FX camera like a D800 if it were spec’d right with an 18 MP sensor that can still handle low light very well. If it’s a longer wait, I’d be fine with that since I’m happy with my new camera but a nice used D3 or D3s might suit me very well too if they set the price too obnoxiously high. I’d love to use the same D3 battery in the D300s grip.

  • raf

    I find it hard to believe somethign isn’t near completion. Look at all the bodies that came from the D3 would give the impression that the D800 will not be in a newer body. Rumors have also reported that the D3S is a new sensor. So my guess (guess) is that we would get a D800 with a similar sensor to the D3S that can provide video.

  • Jesus_sti

    Why not a medium format :)… ok it’s not for the D800 but I want a medium format nikon made…

    • Mark

      I think you make a great point. I think there is a market out there for something designed along the lines of a Mamiya 6 rangefinder. Rangefinder in style to help keep it compact.

      • PHB

        Seems like a camera of that type would be pointless.

        The D3x pretty much beats the Mamiya on every spec feature. You pay a heck of a lot more for the extra size and weight and get almost nothing in return. They only real advantage would be the leaf shutter and high flash sync.

        If you look at the specs on the ‘blad you will find that their ISO performance is essentially the same as the D50 despite the large sensor cell area.

        There will be no medium format Nikon, the future is in making the sensor smaller, not larger.

    • Anonymous

      did you buy the d3x?

  • Well, it actually means nothing about the next camera if it’s coming soon. Why? Because they’re not going to survey you on the D800 when it’s not even out yet. But what they can glean from what people are thinking now will not only tell them if they are on track with the D800, but what they should be planning for the D850 and D900! Cameras take a long time to develop. They can’t possibly be doing preliminary research on the next one.

    • SZRimaging

      More than likely, it is a survey for the D800, but there is a D700s or x in the pipeline.

  • Moops

    15mp sensor with mp4 movies instead of the ridiculously large mjpegs.
    not that I use movies much, but seriously, do it properly or don’t do it at all.
    disk space is cheap but NOT infinite. If you want 25mp get the D4x.

  • nuser

    The questions they ask definitely make sense.
    I guess they are looking for a compromise between resolution
    and high ISO performance.
    For me high ISO is more important, but you may want more resolution
    for wild-life shots (long lenses).
    If you shoot for Sports Illustrated and need crazy resolutions, may as well use mid-format…
    I’m pretty happy with D700 the way it is now, other than maybe viewfinder coverage.
    The natural progression for nikon would be using D3s sensor in a smaller body, like
    they did with D3 and D700.
    Doesn’t seem to make sense to design a completely different sensor for
    I think the survey is targeted more towards D4 or whatever next pro camera is
    going to be.

  • Jon Paul

    15MP seems conveniently placed between the 12MP D3s sensor and the 18MP sensor that there have been rumors about.

  • PhotoGreg

    I love my D700. Quite honestly, I believe it to be the best SLR I have ever owned.

    As a Pro (Who makes money with my camera) I would like to see continued focus on image quality. 12mpxl is fine for my prints up to 24×36″ but I’d like a lil more head room resolution wise. So if image quality doesn’t suffer 18Mpxl is more then sufficient.

    I think that with the D3 and D700, Nikon gets it. I only hope that the focus on image quality continues.

  • grumps

    Quite honestly, in real world terms, I like what I’ve seen of 24MP cameras and the like. I only hope to see them improve low-light shooting capabilities with each iteration and it will no longer matter to me if they just capped the whole thing off at 25MP and let medium format continue the rest of the race and so on.

    Silent shutter (I will keep saying this one), less vibration, or anything that can help and then keep improving the menu software system. I love the D700, but weighs a lot with a good fast lens. DSLRs today are amazing, video related for me is much less of an want, as a far as what a DSLR can offer me right now, I’m doing good! For everything else there’s my point n’ shoot and then a digital rangefinder!

  • longtimenikonshooter

    it makes clear nikon is thinking ahead with D700s.

  • Right now I am still a DX shooter as I need the pixel density and 1.5 crop factor for wildlife. However, if they come out with an 18 MP FX sensor, with ISO performance similar to current D700, that would probably be the camera to get me to move up to FX. It would have enough pixels that I could still crop in to “extend” reach, and the higher ISO capabilities would help keep shutter speeds high for long lenses. Since I travel for my wildlife photography, I am also very interested in a replacement for the 80-400 (which I currently have), especially if it is in the 100-500 range with improved IQ, AFS, Nano, and VRII.

    • nonbeliever

      You are so right! That is exactly the reason for more pixels. In wildlife photography you have to be fast, framing almost can´t be perfect, which means you need cropping. With 12 mp you can´t do that.

    • I do lightning photography and I experience the same thing. Most of the time the bolt isn’t perfectly framed and I need to crop. I need more MP and good low light picture quality. For me, I’d also love the versatility of a good video camera on it so I don’t have to buy one of those too.

    • Jeff

      My bet is they had something like a 700s ready and got upstaged by the Canon 7d and MkII so they are rethinking what they put in the D800. They really need it at least 21MP and 1080p with many of the other new features to keep in the game.

      I love my D3 but even with 600mm I miss the 1.5x reach of DX. I’d buy an 18MP DX that’s super sharp at low ISO (50 would be nice) coupled with a 100-500 f4 and VR at least as good as VRII. But the lens can’t get soft at 500, needs to be sharp throughout the range. I’d buy both now.

  • KT

    I would have thought they would be asking these questions last spring, not in Dec 2009, unless they are laying the ground work for the D4 and beyond. The D700 replacement should be undergoing field testing by now. Can’t imagine Nikon deciding on what sensor to use this late in the game.

    • f/2.8

      Perhaps they are just making you think they are clueless on the replacements and then pull a double launch of D4/D400 (like D3/D300 ) + a few lenses in Feb. just in time for World Cup 2010.

      Like my rumor?

      • WoutK89

        I’m lovin’ it 😛

      • Jeff

        Doesn’t make much sense, the D3s with its speed and high iso will be fantastic for both the winter games and world cup. Not sure how much could be improved on given both should have ample light.

  • Jo

    Let’s just hope they have been working on both the S and X version and they are not sure which one to release first !
    I’m waiting for this update to switch to FX !

  • John

    I think the 700 replacement needs to do more than mirror canons current cameras, needs to be innovative like the D90. I would like to see internal Wi-Fi, or 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps. I do not want to see the D700 replacement to be a poor man’s D3s, or D3x. .

  • Ray

    i think my D700 kicks ass, cant ask for more, or else will have to turn to d3s.

  • D700

    I hope they will put D3s-sensor and Q-mode to the D700 successor. Doesn’t care about the video at all… What is important, is the really good high ISO’s!

    Nikon, forget the Canon style pixel race and give us the things that really matters and give us new possibilities to use our cameras! Like really really good very high ISO’s ,)

  • Mike

    I have a D300 and I am very, very close to making the move to FX i.e. D700. For the weddings that I do I have really enjoyed the low light abilities when I’ve rented it, and I tend to do most of my shooting is lower light. But I am waiting for the D700 succesor for a few reasons…. while 12 mp is great, I do like the idea of even 16 or 18 mp… better resolution for some of my DX lenses (wife has D90 and likely will stay DX), and more head room for 5:4 cropping. Also, dual card slots. D300s, D3s, D3x has them. I can’t imagine the D700 successor not having them, and that is a feature I really see the value in. And one can only imagine that the successor will have a movie function too. All that adds up to me waiting. D300 is a fantastic camera, absolutely, but I prefer the DOF of FX and it’s low light abilities too boot. I hope the rumors are true and that this new hypothetical camera comes about before April.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is Nikon is debating whether to release a D700s relatively soon (spring/summer), or wait a bit longer and release a D800 instead (next year w D4 and D400).

    If the D700s is falling behind schedule, there’s a potential issue with the other newer generation models following closely behind eating up D700s profits. Granted, the cameras would be for different market segments, but if the newer generation models sport big enough improvements (sensor size, ISO, …), it would render a D700s a perceived lame duck product in the eyes of consumers. Under such a scenario, it would be better to skip the D700s and release a D800 in conjunction with the D4 and D400.

  • Astrophotographer

    I think in the not-too-distant future you’ll see chips that can switch between high resolution and high ISO. Binning has done in astrophotography for years. Combine 2×2 pixel signals before A/D and gain 4x sensitivity at the expense of half the resolution.

    So imagine a 48MP camera with 3200 ISO that can switch to 12MP with 12,800 ISO.

    • geoff

      those astronomical sensors you’re referring to generally use much larger pixels than what would be used in the DSLR you’re proposing. also, the fill factor of the pixel (the active light collecting area) does not scale linearly with area, and neither do any of the noise parameters.

    • Jeff

      Why stop there, if they could put two sensors in the body (one large pixels for high ISO performance and the other small pixels for supurb detail) then they could combine the output and get best of both in the same output and very large too.

      Hey, if you’re going to wish, why not go all the way!

    • That’s a great idea! I wonder why nobody’s thought of it! You could have, say, a 24MP sensor, and then when you wanted less noise you could tell the camera to save images at 6MP (2×2 binning) or use Ye Olde Interpolator to get to any lesser resolution you like.

      Oh wait–they’ve been doing that in consumer digicams for a decade.

  • plug

    I love my D700, its the FX glass I want. 300 f4 update PLEASE.

  • Anon

    I’m not a professional, but to me it’s all very simple. Just give us a D700S with the sensor from the D3S and we will all be very happy!

  • mildred

    There will be no new body in the pro-segment until summer 2010.

  • MikeO

    as someone who is studying r&d/marketing/engineering and sales I would say they are reseaching for the next full redesign(the nature of that survey suggests the product is a long way out). I would also guess they have another camera in the pipeline (D700S or X).

    I’m not sure how NIkon R&D works, but maybe they have two teams working on different sensors and they are trying to decide which one to implement? Not sure how early in the camera design process the sensor has to be selected. Maybe the sensor and its processing is not developed alongside the shutter/body.

    • Daf

      Sadly I’d have to agree.
      If they have something ready for 2010, then it would likely be way beyond the point of market surveys influence already. Damn

  • david

    If you go to the B&H website and type Nikon D700 into the search box, there is now a D700s model listed.

    • WoutK89

      Send a screen shot!

    • Gustav

      Did you know the word “gullible” is not in the dictionary.

  • I don’t really think we need that D700 replacement by 2010, but a slight update as D700s or D700x wouldn’t be a bad move. I’d really like to see them working on piratical updates such as:

    – Dual memory card slots like the D300s or D3 series
    – increased ISO performance – although I’m not complaining about the current performance at all, but improving that is way better than pumping MP
    – increased dynamic range – it is a huge + in the D700’s abilities and not usually praised, but it continues to amaze me when I pull stuff out of +2 stops overexposed areas

    I feel sad to see them dumping more money into R&D wasted in HD movie mode, 1080p recording, high frame rates movie stuff… I don’t use it, and I don’t want to have to pay for it, and I’d rather buy a camera WITHOUT the feature at a discounted price. I’d rather see Nikon come up with another speedlight priced between the SB900 and SB600 and some new glass that replaces the aged gems such as 50mm F/1.2, 85mm F/1.4, an more affordable PC-E, a higher magnification macro lens, etc.

    It’s a good sign that they’re listening, but I think the D300 is more appropriate to get a replacement than the D700 that still is one of the best cameras out there on the market.

  • Great expectations, and great disappointments. That’s why I’m planning to start reading canonrumours after buying 5mk2, and great lens like 24 nad magical 85 1.2 🙂 Waiting is so stressfull, and Canon gives all I need today. Colours, lenses…

    • mike

      How is your AF ? 😉

      • f/2.8

        Dude, that is a low blow.

  • Anthony

    I had what sounds like the same survey via Nikon Europe, but not NPS member. I got the impression that this was about how to fine tune the marketing campaign for the D700 replacement – what features/benefits are most likely to have the most pull in the market place. I left some comments at the end about what I’m really looking for are updated fast primes.

    • Daf

      Damn – should have made that suggestion too.

      (Think it was NPS was my fault as it’s obviously the same E-mail address used from my Nikon Europe account)

    • Anonymous1

      I left a comment at the end that what I’ve been waiting for is a decent mid-range (24 – 120 mm) zoom. 🙂

      And a watermarking option in Capture NX2. And layers or control points that would work with the Develop section of CNX2.

  • Daf

    An alternative motive may be that they are thiking of releasing a D400 that is ~15Mpx and worried that it may kill off sales of the 700.

    But then part of the mai did say :”Nikon Europe has decided to undertake a short survey in order to better understand what consumers seek in a new digital camera. The feedback that we receive from the survey will be used for our future product development; ” so I agree that does point more to a 700 replacement.

    Towards the end there were standard “any suggestsions or feedback” to Nikon , both on FX and in general. Part of my reply was that they shouldn’t be so secrative. E.g. If I knew for sure that there wouldn’t be a 700 replacement or 400 until well into late 2010 – then I’d go out and buy a D700 tomorrow! (I’m currently on D200) – Surley that would be good for Nikon.

    • steve

      I am ready to buy a FX body today. But I am hesitant because a replacement for the D700 may (probably not) come out next month – then I would wait. But if I knew it was going to not come out until April/May, I would go buy a D700 today.

    • Mark


      You and I are basically in the same boat. I have a D200 and either want a D700 or what is going to replace it. I want the D700xs/D800 if it will provide me the proper gains at the right price. I would like a little more megapixels for $2800 or less.


  • jo

    Resolution is important to me as a stock shooter. The D3x is now a year old so that doesn’t seem like a good investment. I really hope that Nikon get this right and make a competitor for the 5d mk2. I really have too much glass to go swapping systems. It is getting on for almost 2.5 years since the D700 was released, the replacement must be due for release soon.

    • T140Rider

      Are you sure it is more than 2.5 years since the D700 release?

      I’m pretty sure is 1.5 years. I got mine last Jan and is the best SLR I have ever used except maybe my FT3(circa 1978) that I still use on a regular basis.

    • nobody

      The D700 was released in summer 2008, just 1.5 years ago.

      • jo

        Opps, my mistake, it just seems that long 🙂

  • Good News!!! They are asking us!!!

  • Gribben

    I was beginning to show interest in Canon 5D MKII as I´m openminded. (At this time I own a D300.)
    Yesterday I had a friends 5D MKII in my hands and tried it. I can say for sure, I will never ever buy this piece of plastic. 21 Mpix or not. Its ugly, bulky, bad ergonomics, the list is endless. For me the choice is easy. I will buy a D700 NOW, and when the replacement is released, I will look at the reviews and take it from there

  • Nikon asking for user input from europe is special enough. That they still think NPS members are more valuable than other customers is a shame. But, this is a start.

    • nobody

      I am an NPS member, but I have not been asked.

    • Daf

      Someone above said they received it – but are not NPS. So was just to Nikon EU users.
      Appologies – thinking it was for NPS was my mistake. (I sent it in)

      They may have only sent it to certain people e.g. I have a D200 registered on Nikon EU site.

    • mike

      I’m NPS and didn’t get it either.

      I’d imagine it would be a good mix of NPS, NPU and other registered customers.

    • geoff

      NPS members are full-time professional photographers. In other words, these are the people whose income depends on their cameras, and they’re the people who are going to be using them every single day. They’re the people who know their cameras best, and they know what features Nikon can add or tweak to make their lives easier or offer them new sources of revenue. So yes, the opinions of NPS members should count for more than the casual user or armchair pixel peeper.

      • mike

        True, and as a pro, and NPS member I can see your point.

        BUT the D700 is a cross-over camera for both pro’s and well off or serious amateur photographers and therefore it is relevant to ask a wider pool than pure pro users. Especially as is currently the lowest end of the FX range.

        If it was for the D4 then I’d say restricting it to NPS members might be a good idea, accepting the fact that some non-pro’s (and therefore non-NPS members) still own it, but wouldn’t necessary be demanding of the key features of the pro line of camera – every day with their mortgage and food depending on it.

  • Tijn

    If the like to know:
    # What improvements you would like to see in the D700 ||| 18Mp or more as long as the high iso performance remains
    # How likely it is that you will purchase a Nikon D700? ||| Most likely! I’m waiting a few months allready for the D700 replacement
    # What would you photograph with a FX camera? ||| Nature + portrait
    # What are the most important features of a FX camera? ||| Bokeh
    # Are you interested in a FX camera (vs. DX camera)? ||| ABSOLUTELY!
    # What is the largest print size you use? ||| postersize
    # Will you purchase a DSLR in the next 12 months? ||| YES

    • WoutK89

      Explain, why is Bokeh THE feature you are looking for in a FX camera?

      • geoff

        Bokeh describes the quality (not quantity) of how a lens renders out-of-focus light. In other words, bokeh is NOT how blurry something is – bokeh is how the blurry parts look. This has nothing to do with the camera. Depth of field, on the other hand, is dependent on the sensor size.* You have to use longer focal lengths to cover the same FOV, and that yields a smaller depth of field for an equivalent FOV, meaning the out-of-focus areas will be blurrier.

        * – technically it isn’t, since a 50mm f/1.4 lens will have the same depth of field on both cameras, which you can prove to yourself by printing out a DX print 1.5x smaller than an FX print and then comparing them side-by-side.

    • WoutK89

      I will explain what I meant, I always thought the lens made the bokeh

      • f/2.8

        I think he meant DOF.

        But his/her answer to this question is indicative of finicky customers:

        # How likely it is that you will purchase a Nikon D700? ||| Most likely! I’m waiting a few months allready for the D700 replacement

        • WoutK89

          I will not even buy one for sure, and I am waiting for it! Show me some news Nikon

  • zen-tao

    I’ve listened something about a replacement of the D700 it will be named D007 with plunder license of our pockets. Modest improvements in image, useless video features and an astronomic Mpx/price rate. It would be the first time Nikon company sells bargains.

    • WoutK89

      -1, boohoo, we dont need comments like this 😛

  • dino

    Why can’t we participate as well? Is there any link to take this survey ? The only thing that is clear is that Nikon wants to know who has to address this new Dx00, if studio users or reporters. In the end they might be thinking of the fact that the actual D3x,the only real studio camera, is a very expensive one and people might buy Canon for more MP and lower iso usage. I think we could even see two Dx00 given the circumstances, where only the sensor and few else is changed and of course a distinctive -s or -x on the Dx00 mark.

    • Anonymous1

      Their e-mail said they chose at random from their customers.

  • dino

    p.s. Such move might lead us to think how valuable they think the D700 is.

  • WOW.. Should have sent this out 6 months ago…Seems late too market?
    I was looking for the D700x/D900 soon, like first quarter 2010.
    More disappointment.

  • D700 lover

    I love my D700! It’s the best camera I’ve ever tried!!!

    • zen-tao

      You nailed that. And for this reason Nikon Co. might discontinue the D700 production in order to launch a new camera more expensive an with little more features. We have to consider that D700 price is falling an that means less benefits.

      • WoutK89

        What has Nikon done wrong to you? It has always been like this with new cameras, yes they come with higher price, so what, its normal.

        • f/2.8

          I think his gf thinks his Canon makes her look fat and went and posed nude for a Nikon shooter.

  • Alex
  • dino

    Right, we can post here our thoughts !

    * What improvements you would like to see in the D700 or why did you not purchase one?
    a) size, more compact and lighter if possible. No other gimmicks to add (that cause also more button). Less is better. Try to create a digital FM3A or something like DRF (very easy to operate)
    b) iso, d/r and iq. This wil be never regretted by users. Less MP but utmost iq. 15 MP is enough, even 13.5 would be fine (3000 x 4500)
    c) eventual shutter silencer for reportage purposes. Don’t ask me how, I’m sure engineers can do it.
    d) PLEASE put rule of the third lines in the viewfinder and PLEASE put AF CROSS sensors where we have always wanted: at lines crossings ! Then you can set how many sensors you want but please take care of photography basics !!!
    e) eventually improve / create a better viewfinder for manual focusing.

    * How likely it is that you will purchase a Nikon D700?
    Actually low since I’ve already one.

    * What would you photograph with a FX camera?
    Nature and portraits

    * What are the most important features of a FX camera?
    Iq,versatility, reliability (here including weatherproof)

    * Are you interested in a FX camera (vs. DX camera)?
    yes, definitely

    * What is the largest print size you use?
    11″x18″ or 30cm x 45cm

    * Will you purchase a DSLR in the next 12 months?
    Not likely, but I’ve already done it a few months ago!

    * 15 or 25 MP ?
    15 is enough.

    • dino

      Since others have clearly expressed that: I agree with keeping the built-in flash.

  • Robert

    Suggestions, Nikon? All I want is digital FE/FM:

    • FX sensor with about 18 megapixels
    • lens mount reads AI aperture settings on manual lenses
    • all shutter speeds, plus B, on a top dial with program settings for
    aperture and shutter priority; no other preset programs matter
    • viewfinder has split-image focuser
    • body no larger than a D40 and preferably smaller

    Useless features that can be jettisoned:
    • built-in flash
    • live view
    • video capability

    The older I get, the less I want to deal with menus, and thumbwheels, and
    hold-this-button-while-pressing-the-shutter-halfway…. I want a full-frame sensor in a traditional-size body, using traditional lenses, with traditional controls. And the non-traditional part of the camera (menus, etc.) should be handled with similar economy and finesse.

    And if Leica can do this in an M9, which is the Leica M-body equivalent of this,
    what’s stopping Nikon? To me that’s the big message of the M9 — and I sure hope every DSLR manufacturer understands it and copies it.

    Prices will take care of themselves, as they always do. So while I’ll never be in the market for an M9, I do have hope for a full-frame Nikon DSLR that’s traditionally sized and operated.

    And if Nikon doesn’t make it, well, someone else will — Cosina, maybe?

    • Alex

      I have a D700 and I found more convenient to “disable” the auto replay on the back screen after each picture, it make it easy to change settings for an other shoot.

    • steve

      I actually think the built in flash is a feature that is superior to the D3/D3s. With it I can use the camera in commander mode to control off camera flashes. With the D3 you need an SB-800/900.

      • WoutK89


    • PHB

      Leica did this in a rangefinder camera format which is not subject to the design constraint of the SLR mirror.

      I know that lots of people here think that FX is the bees knees, but bigger sensors do not improve camera performance. Only bigger lenses that collect more light are going to improve your low light response.

      Think about it for a minute, if you have a 3 inch diameter front element and you wast no light in the lens path it is not going to make any difference to your light sensitivity if you concentrate that light in a small area or a large one.

      The FX format is better in SLR format at the wide end of the scale. If you look at how the 14-24mm has to bend light to fit the FX frame and the 10-24 has to bend the light to fit the DX frame you will see that the 10-24 is actually the more impressive design achievement. The results are nowhere near as good, but the constraints are much more severe.

      The mirror is sized for 35mm film, that is why there is an advantage to using FX sensors in F-mount format.

      On a rangefinder design a bigger sensor just means that you are going to have to make bigger pieces of glass. If you make a smaller sensor (as appears to be the case with EVIL) you have a lot more flexibility than with a large one.

      If Nikon made a mirrorless design in medium format the result would be bigger than the D3 and could not use F-mount lenses. Going for a 2.5 crop sensor makes a lot more sense since it is a no brainer to provide an adapter to use F-mount lenses. So you get a new 5mm Wide and use your existing F-mount zoom.

  • Chris_M

    I’d buy a FX camera for the wide angle FOV (28, 25, 24mm) without pronounced barrel distortions. I wouldn’t buy the D700 because it’s huge and heavy (for my standards).

  • I can replicate the whole survey here, on NikonRumors (I have the full pdf file with all questions) but I am not sure Nikon Corp. will like that. Maybe I can create my own version of the D700 replacement survey.

    • WoutK89

      Yeah, give us a D700 poll 😛

    • dino

      Maybe, since you’re a forum administrator about Nikon news, Nikon may allow you to post here the poll or sending to people who could request to you with the premise to fill in completely especially as regards your (our) user profile (i.e. telling them who are we, which kind of business we have etc.)

  • Christina

    I may only be a lowly D90 user, but I am waiting on the next generation full frame from Nikon in the $3K to $4K price range.

    Here is what’s important to me:

    1. Low light capability that is 2nd to none.
    2. Decent MP like 18. Doesn’t have to be 24 since I don’t do huge posters.
    3. In camera stabilization
    4. In camera pixel re-mapping. I don’t want to send my camera away for something that can be fixed internally. Pentax does it, so can Nikon.
    5. Quick preview of image. Modify exposure settings and then take picture and write to card. Pentax K20D does it, so can Nikon.
    6. Simple multiple image capture for HDR.
    7. Don’t make me pay for Video mode since I can’t be bothered. I want efforts to go into better IQ, etc.
    8. Full 100% viewfinder view. And more diopter magnification for those of us getting older with poor eyesight!
    9. Pop up flash which the D700 has now. Don’t get rid of it.(Someone up above said to get rid of it. Nooo!)
    10. Multiple card slots so those of us with SD cards can use them instead of Compact Flash.
    11. The realization that there are scads of non-professional photographers out there that want and deserve the option to buy a top-notch camera for their own use. Their needs are just as important as the professional’s. So, listen to us, and your profits might increase!!
    12. Tell us what you are doing, so we can make more educated purchasing decisions. Why do we need to keep guessing? The amount of blogging and commenting on the future models of cameras, at least on Nikon, is enormous! This time could be better spent taking pictures!!

    Basically, I would really like a full frame Nikon that continues with the high IQ of the D700, but incorporates some of the wonderful USEFUL (not just fluff stuff) that my husbands Pentax K20D has. The features make his imaging experience very smooth and produces some wonderful results. We all want high IQ, but the useful tools to get there encompass more than just the sensor.

    I am a non-professional photography enthusiast who has a nice stash of cash waiting for the next full-frame as long as it suits my needs. I am an amateur visual artist who uses photography to increase my artistic options.

    thanks for listening Nikon!!

    • WoutK89

      These will probably collide:

      8. Full 100% viewfinder view. And more diopter magnification for those of us getting older with poor eyesight!
      9. Pop up flash which the D700 has now. Don’t get rid of it.(Someone up above said to get rid of it. Nooo!)

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