Nikon D3s, 70-200 2.8 in stock now!

Update - everybody got them:

It seems that Nikon has plenty in stock (that's a surprise!). We are still waiting for the new 85mm DX macro lens - it would be the last of those "in-stock" posts.


photo credit: flickr | rcmichael


photo credit: mrmugman

B&H just listed the Nikon D3s in stock. They started shipping them yesterday and if you got overnight shipment, you will have it today:


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  • Kr3st
    • Bluecow

      Through what method did you order yours?

      • Kr3st

        Pre order at my local shop. They called me bright and early this morning.

    • Wahlroos

      Me too got the VRII today 🙂
      Impressed on VR performance!

      • also have it. Love it. I can put AF-S 80-200 to sleep now – unlike the previous one, the new one is better.

  • low

    canon better run!! 😛

  • Lucky Ducks :^)

  • Bluecow
    • Bluecow

      I mean it says the 29th it will be in stock.

  • Alex

    The D3s is in stock ! Great, so maybe the D700x will also be in stock soon !
    Just in time for Xmas !

  • Bluecow

    In case anyone was wondering, I ordered the 70-200 through Adorama and they have charged my credit card for the lens. They don’t charge until the item is in stock, so they must have it in stock now. I ordered the lens on August 3rd, so anyone who ordered then should be expecting the lens very soon I would assume.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    FYI, if your looking for a NEW 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII to go with your D3x, D3s or D700 they are now available online thru Amazon (shutterbug is shipping), and I also received a email confirming that 17th Street Photo has stock now and is shipping. !!!!!! Finally a FX replacement for the older lens has arrived….

  • low

    queue the blue sky photos in 3….2….1..

  • Anthony

    i ordered the first day amazon had the 70-200 vr ii lens for preorder and the shipping status says they are preparing my order for shipment.

  • Bluecow
  • Anthony

    for those that already have received the 70-200 vr ii, is it made in japan?

    • DNHJR

      All pro lenses are made in Japan.

      • not true, most of them are though. but mine 70-200 VRII is from Japan

  • Kuri

    I’m SO disappointed…

    Received my 70-200 VRII today… The lens hood is so much smaller than on my AF-S 80-200/2.8. It just looks… much less professional…. I could cry…

    I’m sure Canon has bigger lens hoods throughout their entire L series…
    WAKE UP NIKON!!! Canon is winning the lens hood war…
    Seriously, if Nikon releases ONE MORE lens that has a smaller hood than the equivalent Canon version, I’m going to switch. I’ve been waiting loyally for years but nikon just doesn’t listen to me… No matter which forum I whine on..

    How can anyone expect me to do my job to a perfessionell level with undersized hoods… In fact, I think it is about time Nikon upgraded their entire range of Pro Lens Hoods, some of them haven’t been updated… ever?! Clearly Nikon thinks it can fool the amateurs with pretty flowery shaped petal hoods that bring them the big profits, but us professionals are being sorely neglected. Again…
    I think the last true PRO level hood may have been as far back as the HS-9…
    And that doesn’t even have Ninja coating or Envy Reduction III, like the new awesommer Canons…

    Pretty soon Canon will trump Nikon with camouflage patterned hoods and then us Nikon shooters will have no choice but to switch… GET A GRIPPPP NIKON!!!

    • GlobalGuy

      Lens hoods aren’t exactly expensive to fabricate — get one made. Better yet, start a business making them. If the pro demand is there, you’ll make your money on it. Hell, there are guys who are willing to make it they just never knew there was a need for it — go to them and tell them. This isn’t tongue and cheek, I also notice how tiny that lens hood is — it is somewhat ridiculous.

      That being said, Nikon is being fair. The reason is simply that most users hate lens hoods. They hate them with a passion. They get in the way, they are impossible to carry without fiddling, they dont fit into bags, and quite frankly most people don’t have the need. You are right about pro needs though, and you are right about this being one dinky hood.

      Somebody needs to make an alternate for the pros. But all things begin with someone making it happen. Nikon can only serve the majority of their customers. If they try to serve everyone its not going to work. However, they could at least consider a “travel hood” and a “pro hood” at this price point…………………..

      • Kuri

        I believe the future lies in ‘modular’ hoods where parts can be removed as/when needed.
        I’m designing one right now in AutoCad and will have a protoype CNC milled out of a block of solid aircraft grade aluminium after I’m finished prototyping/patenting my Universal Hotshoe Cover with built-in LED lighting.

      • iamlucky13


        But on the topic of size, that is a gigantic box the 70-200 comes in.

        • Canon Fanboi

          Canon lenses come in smaller boxes.

          Nikon should bring out lenses that come in smaller boxes or they risk losing the entire camera market.

      • Jim

        Think Kuri is joking

    • johnny

      Just download Ken Rockwell’s 70-200mm VR II lens hood template.
      Print it on black construction paper, tape it on the side and voilà!

    • Alex

      I live in Florida, I wish they will make a sun-rain hood.

      • WoutK89

        With a cocktail umbrella? 😀

    • MkII

      “Perfessionell” LOL.. Nikon users..

    • Nikonist

      love the sarcasm of your message, Kurt! you made me laugh!


    • Lol.
      On zooms i use collapsible hoods from MF lenses. They can be made in two sizes + flat to better fit FX/DX use and wide/long setting. Original hoods are never much worthy on zoom lenses

  • funny

    mine is shipping today from BH. bye bye vr1 vignetting! won’t miss you.

  • Bluecow003

    I just got my tracking number from Adorama for the 70-200. Can’t wait!

  • Ronald Jeremy

    Hey, that lens is longer then my infamous tool! :-p

  • Dweeb

    This would be great news — a year or two ago.

  • Jer

    Just bought my first Nikon piece today…….the new 70-200 2.8 from Amazon. Don’t have a body yet to mount it on…….so will be an excruciating wait for the D800 or 700x.
    Can’t wait to start my new road of photography with Nikon:^)

    • Anthony

      same here!

    • Nau

      aaaa… speechless lol

      aaa new body might be here in 2-3 month if lucky 🙂 why would u get 2.5k lens before the body ????

      • GlobalGuy

        Some people think the body is more important than your set of lenses.

        Others think the lenses are more important that even having a body at all. At least get a used D40 for that thing, guys!!!!! =P

  • How come everyone but Adorama has it in stock :(( I ordered mine from Adorama August 4th and was told am #20 on the waiting list. as of today nada zilch …

    Anyone else ordered from Adorama?

    • Anonymous

      Like I said earlier in this section, I ordered from Adorama on August 3rd and it shipped today. I guess they didn’t get enough in stock to fill their pre-orders. You could always order it from Amazon or B&H since they have it in stock right now, then just cancel the order with Adorama.

  • JT

    I ordered from Adorama in September and I haven’t heard anything.

  • low

    will this make my landscapes look sharp at 2.8?

    • DNHJR

      why would you shoot landscape at 2.8?

      • Anonymous


        • D40-owner


          • low

            i thought this is what all of us landscape whiners, err..i mean photographers; were crying about? even though a 80-200 wouldve worked just as good, lol.

      • Jay

        This is how you know we have a bunch of ignorant noobs in here

  • zen-tao

    It’s come out to me that Nikon has only raised the price of the D3 with this new model with the excuse of implementing video features that won’t be useful for the great majority of the photographers. Only marketing and washed image. When they will quit playing with us and launch a really new and affordable camera with the features that every professional demands?

    It doesn’t seem to be soon.

    • M!

      i don’t quite understand these “professional” photographers trying to get “affordable” cameras. doesn’t seem to be in line with the business as a professional photographer, unless you charge your clients affordable prices.

      • GlobalGuy

        Agreed. Nikon sells consumer cameras, not professional cameras. What the consumer does with it is their own business. Nikon sells the D3x, if thats not what you want, they have the D3s, if thats not what you want, they have the D700, if thats not what you want they have the D300s, if thats not what you want, they have the D90.

        You could buy the Hubble Telescope if you’d like, but even NASA is replacing that with an upgrade pretty soon. “When is NASA gonna provide us with the telescopes a professional nation demands!”

      • zen-tao

        The life is too hard my dear…
        Nikon prices are not real . Are just market prices.
        I can´t understand why with a little more features a Nikon camera is worth more than double than his next prosecutor (Canon for example) let go and see what cameras are used in sports, press, etct. Most of them have the withe lenses, Why? To be a professional doesn’t mean squandering money.

        • GlobalGuy

          Until Nikon is doubling their PROFIT every year, they are not price gouging. Insurance companies price gouge. Nikon is just charging based on costs of materials and quality control and research and development and real estate and retaining its best employees, the cost of oil for transport and the cost of the inherent risk of Yen-Dollar-Euro, etc, exchange rates, etc, etc, with enough profit in there that a GOOD company deserves to have. Now, it may be the case that the professional class cameras and lenses bear the burden for the cost of competing at the lower entry level class range — but keep in mind, its also far less profitable than the point and shoot range. So who is kidding who? Why Nikon doesnt offer more of the “simple features” — i dont know the answer to that. Companies dont like to give away things for free. Standardized freebies tend to pile up and get expensive fast. I agree that there are some simple ones they can implement. But lets not pretend that Nikon is evil. They are just operating on sound financial fundamentals for a business they know quite well. So far its working for them. And its working for us. Now, maybe the increase in competition should change things. Maybe it SHOULD. But we will have to write letters to Nikon, not to chat boards to push that view. And it might help if you got a Japanese friend to help translate it for you. If you did that, Nikon might start taking voices that make an effort seriously. At least for some small things.

      • PHB

        $1,500+ certainly looks like a professional price as far as I am concerned. In the film days the F5 cost circa $3K and would last you a minimum of ten years.

        Given that the D1 came out only in 1999 and every DSR since has become practically obsolete within three years, it is pretty clear that the only people for whom the D3 makes any sense is folk who spend all day every day taking pictures for money, and even then only perhaps.

        The D3s is not aimed at people who own the D3, not as a replacement at any rate. Though I would think that most people who own a D3 who are thinking they need a second are probably more interested in a D3x. The target audience will be D700, D300 and D90 owners.

        The D3s is simply a performance upgrade to the D3 to take advantage of the fact that VLSI chips have got faster since. The only group who might trade in a D3 for a D3s would be people who absolutely must have the best ISO response or the highest fps.

  • Kwartjuh

    So can somebody explain what the 3rd ring is for? or is it no ring?

    • WoutK89

      I am curious for that too, tell me

      • Kuri

        it’s a new feature, a lens hood rotating ring, to get that old school vignetting feel from the previous 70-200/2.8 back if you miss it.

        • Kwartjuh

          Woah! Gotta love Nikon! First their support for a 30-year old mechanically outdated lens mount, and now this! Go Nikon! 😛

  • Jabs

    You folks are NUTS!

    Seems like the new 70-200 has driven ya all nuts with happiness.
    Love makes you giddy and stupid, eh?
    Next, someone will probably write a poem of love to this lens!

  • yrsued

    I have a lens and a D3s coming tomorrow (Friday) from Roberts Imaging, NPS membership has it’s Privileges

  • deals

    B&H has 10% back on everything. Go to Cashback and type: “70-200mm”…on the right hand side you will see:

    Buy 70*200Mm @B&H Photo
    >10% TILL NOON< on 70*200Mm Save on Cameras, Video, Audio, Computers*200Mm_Sale
    Bing cashback

    Not sure what the "TILL NOON" part is about but I just purchased the Nikon 70-200 VR II.

    Once I clicked the link, it took me to the page just before B&H and it said "Your purchase during this visit to B&H Photo-Video will earn you 10% cashback."

    I guess it works for anything you buy and B&H. I did it about an hour ago but am still waiting for the confirmation from

    • Lance

      So those of us who gave B&H our money two weeks ago when we pre-ordered a D3S or 70-200mm lens, are shut out of $500 or $250 of savings? They have been making interest on my five grand all that time since they charged my card. My new camera won’t be delivered until next week sometime because UPS truck drivers are taking the long weekend off, and now this?

      So let me get this strait, if I had waited to order my D3S until tomorrow, Friday, and paid for Next day shipping with part of the $500 I would have saved, I would be getting my camera on Monday, a day before I’m scheduled to get it now by ground with no savings? Is this really true?

      • Lance

        Actually, I can’t find this deal anywhere on B&H’s site.

  • Lance

    Okay, here’s a link to the fine print on this deal. It’s not B&H specifically. is apparently owned by Microsoft, who I would not trust as far as I could throw them. Sorry about my rant above, I should have checked first. It didn’t make sense that B&H would do this, and now that I see all the loopholes, it’s riduculous.

    • Bluecow003

      Actually Bing’s cashback program is legit. I got over $200 off my D700 when I ordered it in August from Calumet. All you do is search for your item through, click on the link to the item at the place you want, and before it loads the page it will say how much % cashback you’ll be earning. Then it goes into your Bing Cashback account for 90 days just so they can make sure you don’t return the item. After 90 days you get the cash in any method you prefer. It actually works, I mean it’s free money. It applies on top of sales and other deals the merchant is already offering. It’s how I got my brand new D700 for $2000 in August.

  • Lance

    UPS Ground is shut down until Monday. Anyone like me who choose that delivery method can forget about checking UPS tracking. The trucks will not be in transit on Nov 26, 27, 28 or 29. As usual they refuse move on the weekend, unlike Fedex ground and even the post office. My D3S arrived in Chelmsford, Mass at 5:36 am Thursday morning and won’t begin the three hour drive remaining to get to me until about the same time Monday morning. Four more days to wait thanks to our “friends” the Teamsters.

  • Cosmokanga2

    Lens and Shutter here in Vancouver Canda has gotten there 70-200s in. Going to pick it up today.

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