First Nikon D3s picture

Click on image for larger view:


We now have a LV button, dedicated info button... what else?

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  • 芽依

    dang it !

    • iHateCanon

      I am wanting a new body design !!!

      • iHateCanon

        ONLY 7 MORE MINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jose

      D3s offers Just what a pro needs, tiny buttons!!!

    • Zograf

      Bravo [NR] it has arrived. It is no rumor anymore.

  • johnny

    iso-auto @ 8000 ?!!

  • Gordon

    And so it begins… 😀

  • pulu

    rear speaker is gone

    • Tabitha Green

      Optional subwoofer to be announced simultaneously.

      • eddie


    • Since we can’t see the entire backside of the device, I think it might be premature to claim this as an absence. Perhaps a relocation.

      • pulu

        well it can’t be gone if there is video. but yeah it’s gone from where it was previously.

  • nubz

    I want one

  • Gordon

    Any D700X pictures tucked away too?

    • Like a Nikon official already said, the D700 is only around a year old. It’s a little soon to be replacing this, isn’t it? It’s still a good performer. More than what most people reading these forums would need.

      • Yeah, but the D3X came out less than a year ago and they’re updating that…

        • TJ

          Nope, they are updating the D3, that one came out/announced 2007 I believe.

    • iHateCanon

      Are you Gordon Lang from ?

  • albert

    I like where they moved the live view button to. Next to the mic button is really making sense.

    • Zograf

      Yeah, also the rear wheel dial – it is slightly tilted which makes it easier to turn.

      • albert

        Nikon’s camera body ergonomics is already THE best in the world.

        It’s even nice that they keep on improving themselves. Good one!

        Keep it up, Nikon!

  • iHateCanon

    Wow seriously ? New body design ? Come on !

  • Father Merrin

    waiting to see the new lens on the other side 🙂

    • albert

      Me too. Waiting for the new lenses rather than the D3S.

      My D3 is good enough to make wonderful pictures.

      Prime lenses!!!

      a) AF-S 24mm f/1.4 N
      b) AF-S 35mm f/1.4 N
      c) AF-S 85mm f/1.4 N VRII
      d) AF-S 135mm f/2 N VRII
      e) AF-S 180mm f/2.8 N VRII

      • pulu

        no doubt. this is going to be pretty effing disappointing if there are no lenses.

        • albert

          YES. Damn disappointing.

          But, i guess they will announce at least one new lens with this new professional body.

          They should !

      • Father Merrin

        That list is giving me a chubby – which means I’m only gonna end up with blue bawls! :-p

      • Zograf

        Right away I am gonna buy the 24mm, if it is no more than $2K

        • albert

          I’ll buy most of them right away myself too.

          Can’t buy them all in one shot !

          Else, my wife will shoot me !

  • Robert

    let it begin Bring it Nikon

  • Look—the info button is still at the left!

  • Robert


  • Anonymous

    check out that improved AF-ON button!…. On a more serious note I am so pleased with my D3 it is near impossible for the D3s to disappoint me…..

  • Steve

    Any news on the price in dollars? I know the expected price in british pounds.

  • I’m really hoping that the price flattens out to being equal to current D3 prices, or that the D3 undergoes a few more production runs, because some people, including myself, need to purchase the D3, but if it is to be 4200 pounds sterling, I’m worried about the US price.

    Also, is there any word as to it using SD instead of or in addition to CF cards?

  • Ken Rockwell

    I wish I could take all the bad thing’s I said about Canon

    • NikoDoby

      Yes Ken take it all with you and just go

    • Ken Rockwell

      Take back*

    • Yeah. I’ve been eyeing a 5D Mark II for a while. Sometimes I think of going Canon just for their 35mm ƒ/1.4 lens. What gives? Why can’t Nikon make an AF-S 35mm ƒ/1.4G?

  • Chance

    The Mic button is there, it was cut off by the administrator… it’s 11fps full frame, not 14 as previously talked about… iso 8000 was auto and the lens was pointing at a dark spot… the 70-200mm lens is nice as well, a little beefier and the VR is suppose to be good for 3 stops instead of 1 stop, although I tested it during the day.

  • Ken Rockwell

    I already did, my Leica is waiting.

    • NikoDoby

      You already have an M9 remember Ken

  • not really looking forward for d3s. no 1080p video mode and high price tag. more interested in d700s

    • Tod

      mee. too. I was expecting a release this year. I guess not anymore. I hate Nikon Resellers and their customer service. They should join with Apple as Canon did. That would be a great experience to shop.

  • GlobalyGuy

    Why does this photo look so OMINOUS?

    It mustve been taken by a camera in someone’s tie….. =P

  • Nick

    It seems like most of the changes in then D3s are not hardware changes…that is if it truly is then same sensor as the D3. If thats the case, is a firmware update for the D3 going to be made available. Maybe this is a stupid idea, but just throwing it out there.

  • Father Merrin

    how come it’s not in French? lol

  • ruben

    there’s noise and (a kind of) cromatic aberration around each white letter or sign, but not around “Nikon D3s”, where I see a different noise… So… is it a fake? 🙂

    • Chance

      it’s not fake dude, I sent in a few pictures…. but I’m sure you’ll all se the same stuff on Nikons’ site very shortly…. your all welcome by the way, I’m still sad it’s not 14fps personally.

      • Father Merrin

        no lenses man? epic fail 🙂

        • Chance

          I shot the 70-200mm 2.8 but I didn’t think of taking a picture since I thought that was old news, sorry, lol


    I want one. Looks like I’ll be selling a lot of stuff that I don’t use or need any more.

  • Anonymous

    It’s past 12, where is the announcement??

  • Jack

    Do we know if it shoots laser beams out of its body? That’s high on my list.

  • Carl

    In the nikon japan site there is a new lens: AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

  • bring it on nikon – bring it on…

  • Carl

    And the D3s is also there (Nikon Japan site)

  • Carl
  • Blah

    Ugly…..Nikon hits the plateau….boring….


    I am tired of waiting and waiting for Nikon to come out with what the people want.
    I have bought the full line of Nikon cameras and now I think I am done waiting and waiting. I currently have a D3 and love it, but was very excited about the next big thing. Were is the 1080p? I think, I am going to sell all of my gear and give in to a company that give the people what they want (Canon). Why, why, why?

    • T140Rider

      Funny how many Canon users think the Canon don’t give people what they want.

      IMHO, both companies play functionality leapfrog. The Canon 7D has just about sorted out their AF issues.
      I consider the D3s to be what auto makers term a ‘mid-life-kicker’. Good for new buyers but not worth existing D3 owners to trade up (unless you have a well worn D3 ans would have bought another D3 anyway)

      Please go and get a 5DII and be happy with the crap autofocus.

  • Tas

    If NikonD3s doesn’t have the implemention of 1920 by 1080P video, I’m off to 5D2 or Sony Ex1. That’s it.

    • Tod

      I love the Sony. with the Minoltas patents. Absolutely great. Pitty It would cost me fortune as I have Nikon stuff. unless someone would like to buy it from me 😉

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