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The new PocketWizard Mini for Nikon

  • I keep coming back to the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj camera - based on the information I received, this camera is selling very well (in Canada for example there will be no new shipments till January 2010). Detailed teardown of the S1000pj can be found here and this is the video:


Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens on a Nikon D3x

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  • rhodium

    I’m very interested to see how the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 lens performs. It could very well be the best bargain of the year.

    • eval nx2.4

      i can tell you that it will disappoint you big time.

      • soap

        I saw nothing in that review of the 14mm 2.8 which is not also an issue with the Canon and Nikon ones:
        Complex distortion on FX / Film.
        Ghosts and Flares easily (DUH, look at the front element)
        Soft at the corners (DUH 114 degree FoV, try bending light that much)

        The only thing this lens doesn’t appear to have is a gel slot on the back. This is something important for those of us who shoot film, but if you’re digital only who cares!

        Appears to be a fine bargain (assuming this review is spot-on) as my Nikon was ~$1000 USED and this is an unbelievable $300 new.
        If it’s half as good as the review say it is and the price is actually that low I think it’s a no-brainer for FX.

        • rhodium

          That’s what I thought too. If this lens performs as expected, and yet retails for that price, I might just get it.

          • Nikoner

            The lens better have a DOF scale!
            Come on…

          • soap

            You don’t need a DoF scale, just remember this:

            A 14mm lens at f2.8, when focused @ 8′, has a focal depth of 4′ to infinity. (On FX)
            You barely need to focus this lens, and if you don’t:
            At F11 and above this lens in in focus from it’s near-focus point to infinity when glued to 2′.

  • STJ

    The delivery time for the pocket woizard is written on the Pocketwizard homepage since a few days, they hope for December, but early 2010 seems more likely….

  • Vasily

    PocketWIzard Flex TT5 for Nikon already available on (it also says “Available in Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Ottawa and Toronto”).

    Price for Flex TT5 is 299.95 CAD + tax
    Price for Mini TT1 is 269.95 CAD + tax

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