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  • zzddrr

    if we all behave we can even get this projector in a D3p

    I know, the 700 series would get a D700p


  • soap

    Very curious to see this IRL. Inexpensive projection TVs have a hard time competing with shaded daylight, I’m having a hard time imagining the pictures will be very bright unless conditions are ideal.

    Hope to be proven wrong!

    • soap

      Hmm, 10 lumen projector bulb. That’s 5 lumens less than my small headlamp, which is currently near invisible on my hotel wall when the window is open on a cloudy evening (5:30 pm).

      That being said, 10 lumens is about middle of the pack when it comes to these “pico projectors” – has anyone seen use a pico projector in the wild? Impressions?

  • From the Annual Report Interview with the President:
    Q. What is Nikon’s policy regarding CSR?

    A. We must not forget that our corporate phi-
    losophy of “Trustworthiness and Creativity” is
    especially important during difficult times.

    The Nikon Group currently faces an extremely difficult
    business environment. However, it is precisely at such
    times that we must act with sincerity in our dealings with
    all stakeholders. We must never betray the trust placed in
    Nikon merely for the sake of short-term profits. We recog-
    nize that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is essential
    no matter what the state of the business environment…

    Based on our corporate philosophy of “Trustworthiness
    and Creativity,” the management and employees of Nikon
    will work together with timely, accurate and bold action to
    overcome the current difficulties.

    Thing is, I really believe that Nikon feels this way. I don’t just hear the words, I see it in their corp. philosophy with everything they create. Sure, they’re not perfect, but a great deal of what they produce is well thought out, high quality, and fitted to the needs of the user for which it is intended.

    Nikon is saying that this is how you keep a good name, and continue to build trust. It’s not necessarily the popular route (in the short term), but it’s the way to build a strong and dedicated following.

    Thanks, Nikon!

    And Thanks, Admin, for posting!

  • chr$yoko

    Japanese companies do not fire employees because :
    (1) Employees have life-employement contracts
    (2) Company would loose its face vs competitors and universities that suplly young employees
    So Nikon statement just means that whatever the short term issues, Nikon will not sacrifies long term employees just to get better figures on the financial report.

    My company fired 25% of its workforce just for this year and now is posting profits.
    Very different way.

  • Andy

    I have testet the camera in the store. In a very well lit store, the projector was a bit too dim on a distance (3-4m), but worked perfectly fine in a 30-40cm distance (making a 30 by 20 cm image). I am quite sure this will work perfectly fine in most party/diner-conditions where lighting conditions are more favorable.

    I am starting to believe Nikon might have a really good thing going here. In the young generation (16-20 yrs), it is all about sharing and showing off. This might be a big hit. Hope they patented it.


    • zzddrr

      Yes, it’s a nice gadget but does Nikon have experience in making MP3 players, phones etc. Because those who buys these little projectors most likely want to have this feature in an ipod type thing. I am afraid this success will be short lived.

      • WoutK89

        That would be cool, a Coolpix with an MP3 player built in, NIKON are you listening to this? 😛

        • zzddrr

          and a GPS (that actually works), bluetooth, wireless N, wifi, wireless charging, etc.

          The only problem I can see is that none of them is among Nikon’s core competencies. (Meaning that there are others who are much better)

          Then again, Nikon will compete with Nokia, Apple, Microsoft, Sony/Ericcson, Toshiba etc. That would be like watching a fight with Mike Tyson and MiniMe.

    • lyr

      Proof of projector working:

      • Jurno

        That’s pretty impressive right there.

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