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Nikon related news/links

New book: Nikon DSLR: The Ultimate Photographer’s Guide Ever heard of Nikon C mount or Nikon DS digital cameras? Yes, it does exists: Nikon just announced a SMZ-745T trinocular stereo microscope that comes equipped with a built-in 0.55x c-mount adapter permitting direct mounting of Nikon DS series digital cameras. The cameras looks like that: Nikon D90 is […]

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Nikon patents for this week

Nikon patent applications published (made available to the public) this week: Lens system: if I am not mistaken this patent appears to be for a zoom lens with 7-24mm focal length, maybe for a point and shoot camera: Electronic device (built-in GPS): the figure shows a point and shoot camera that besides geotagging also displays a map on […]

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Nikon signed a multi-year license agreement for access to WiLAN

Nikon is probably planing to push built-in Wi-Fi to new camera models – they just signed a multi-year license agreement with WiLAN which will provide Nikon with access to WiLAN technology for use in Wi-Fi-enabled products. Several Nikon Coolpix models already have built-in Wi-Fi (for example the Coolpix  S50c). It is interesting to see if Nikon will […]

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New iPhone app from Nikon

Update: it seems that this iPhone app is for the US market only. Nikon somehow forgot to officially announce this new iPhone app (available in the app store since October 19th, 2009). This is Nikon’s second iPhone app (the first one was My PictureTown). The app is free and Nikon claims that will constantly update the content, […]

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Nikon rebates coming soon

Update #2: Nikon D300s rebate in Germany (this rebate seems to be for whole sale only). Update: Nikon rebates in France are already official: In his post from October 26th, Thom Hogan writes about the upcoming Nikon instant rebates program in the US that should be starting any day now. Some rebates may be valid only for […]

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Nikon related news/links

RSS feeds are back online and those annoying ads are gone (make sure you clear your browser’s cache) More 70-200 f/2.8 VRII shots also available here and here Nikon press release: D5000 D-SLR and COOLPIX S230 among products compatible with Windows 7 I have posted a Nikon tattoo in the past. It seems that this […]

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RSS feed

The RSS feed is currently not working. I expect to have it back online by the end of the weekend. Sorry for the inconvinuence. Please make sure your RSS feed subscription points to: (for posts) (for comments) All other (previously used) RSS feeds will be shut down in few days. Thanks!

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What about those lenses?

I will stick with my initial report on the next set of Nikon lenses (done before the D3s announcement): Nikon AF-S 24mm f/1.4 lens: I expect this lens to be announced during the first quarter of 2010. Did not receive a lot of communication on that lens. Nikon AF-S 85mm f/1.4 lens: based on a […]

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