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  • Anon

    Mmh the Jim Reed article on the D700 is hardly new. This page has been up on his website for more than a year, and obviously the D700 has been out for even longer than that. Furthermore, I find it strange that this infomercial (don’t tell me he wasn’t paid for this piece) focuses on water sealing so much when Nikon specifically says they won’t cover rain damage. This is all BS from Nikon and Reed.

  • WoutK89

    Am I right, saying that the beautiful 14k lens is not even F-mount anymore?

    • Sounds like it just comes with a custom Arri adapter and the lens is otherwise stock. I could be reading wrong myself.

      The store selling it has a lot of nice gear selling for way more than it’s worth. It’s in LA so maybe they can ask outlandish prices. They have a lens I’ve been eyeballing for over a year, which they keep raising the price on, but that tack is obviously not working since it’s still there after over a year.

      • Andreas

        the nikon 300mm f/2 is an ai-s lens and the adaptor it comes with is for video cameras, as alot of these were bought up by major movie studios.

        • iBhackNu

          ahhhhh…. forget it! no VR. my search goes on

  • Anonymous
  • this CF cards looks exciting, but is there really somebody who would risk to use them without immediate backup (like in D3)? Losing 4 GB is something to drop a tear for, but damn, whole day of shooting going pwoof…

    • WoutK89

      Beautifully put, “pwoof” 😀 I have always been told, better to carry around more cards, than just one and risk losing all at once.

      • NikoDoby

        I think you can easily fill up a 64gb card if your shoot 1080p video from a 24megapixel camera while your on vacation or on assignment.

        • i can easily fill that too, but it doesnt say anything about how easy is to lose the data… Call me old school but i am still using 4 GB cards max even in d3x and going up from 2 GB which i have proven to be reliable was painfull (but knock knock) so far without problems.
          However one 8 GB and one 16 GB (Sandisk and Transcend) are gone. Dead, even rescue pro cannot touch them. SD cards seems to be even more unreliable. Seen much more dead ones even though using them only in “P&S” cameras.

      • Soap

        You are doing nothing but shifting the distribution of lost photos by employing that technique, and arguably increasing the photos lost per unit of time.

        Spreading risk is not the same as decreasing risk, and basic statistics shows that using 16 x 4GB cards with a MWBF of N is riskier than using 1 x 64 GB card with a MWBF of N. Not to mention the dramatically increased risk of physical damage to a card or the card slot when using multiple cards.

        The only statistically sound way to decrease the likelihood of lost photos is to use a camera with dual slots and write in parallel.

        • Soap

          That being said, there clearly is a benefit for many to spreading risk at the cost of increasing it, but that depends on how you get paid. 😉

          My point was that it isn’t as black and white as saying “carrying multiple small cards is better than one large card”.

  • Anonymous

    64bit software. Nobody seems to have noticed that… Works too! Been waiting about 3 years for that. Now just need that 700x.

  • Gary

    That Chase Jarvis link is pretty cool…I like the video where he shows his gear. Interesting that he gives a pretty good look at the new D300s, and then on the same page, is a video shot w/ the D300s.

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