Which one is it going to be? (Nikon D700s or Nikon D700x)

At, that point it seems that the chances of a Nikon D700s (D700+video) are higher than a new Nikon D700x (D700 + 24 MP sensor).

Nikon Australia seems to think so - a technical rep said to a dpreview reader "We've just heard, there will be no D700x".

PhotographyBay caught another tip from Southern Photo Technical Service (this site have been posting weird Nikon rumors for a while, so I am not sure how reliable this info can be):


As I mentioned before the Nikon D700 has been deleted from Best Buy inventory system.Β Maybe it did not sell well. At the same time they still carry the Nikon D300s (which is also a pro camera, not to mention that they were the first to get it in stock in the US). Here is the proof - the Nikon D700Β status is "Deleted":


Reminder: Nikon D300 was also deleted from Best Buy inventory system aprox. 3 months before the D300s was released. On their website they still have the D700 listed as backordered.

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  • Jon Paul

    The D700s makes more sense to me since it seems like Nikon decided to be a bit cautious during the global downturn (I’m thinking of the lenses that were backordered presumably because Nikon underestimated demand).

    • Zograf

      Quite opposite(IMHO) – the 700x makes more sense as it needs less development, 24MP sensor is already available, etc. If indeed Nikon has to be cautious in this economics, adding movie mode to the old 12MP sensor doesn’t seem logical. Frankly I would be surprised if Nikon adds at all movie option to the FX sensor, at least in the near future. It looks like that all consumer zoom lenses and such features like movie mode, etc., are targeted at the DX sensor.

      • Jon Paul

        I stand by my original comment. The 12MP sensor is also available and is amazing. Most consumer zooms are DX because most consumers own DX, but not all are (take the 70-300 VR, for example). Besides, I’m not sure why consumer lenses and movie mode would need to be linked in any way.

        • A.S.

          Nikon is dead if won’t release a D700x with the D3X sensor, cause Canon already has that market segment and now with the release of 7D it will also eat D300s.

    • Shan

      I dont know this is true or not ..but this guy has d700s in his hands…check this foto..looks real…


  • NikoDoby

    I’m thinking an S upgrade is just about a sure bet now. All the good stuff is gonna happen next year πŸ™ but a D700S with video is still pretty sweet I think.

    • specs

      Yeay, a D700 with ‘Jello’-option. No surprise Nikon takes the D700 out of stock to prevent people from buying the cheaper camera.

      Wonder if there is real improvement. Perhaps a better working live view and a silent shutter option. I guess there are a few people who would spend money for those options. Question is, how many?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, the video is next to useless, and only “justifies” a higher price tag.

        But still, two things about the D300S update, I really liked. As you mentioned, the silent mode, second would be the dual card slot, as a backup. Didn’t have a problem with cards yet, but I have pretty bad experiences with USB sticks, even Buffalo Firesticks.

        So at the end of the day, a silent D700 with a SD slot addition, would be my choice, which I would pay 100-200 more for, but the video is nest to useless in my eyes.

        • Ryan

          you guys are ridiculous. I’m sorry but you have no idea how to use a camera, and you clearly don’t have stables hands if you have jello problems with your D90’s. Im just curious, have either of you tried the D300s or D700s? I would figure not since it just came out and i doubt either of you have them by the way you talk so ignorantly. Maybe we should get you two( specs and anonymous) to join the P & R team. By the way, the video is far from useless, its actually slowly becoming part of mainstream documentary and photojournalism. As a student going to school for it, we are now calling it Visual Journalism, because it includes video which gives photographs a much more dynamic touch to them, making them even more precious than we consider them today. Am I right in saying some documentaries you’d never make using video, and some stories you just can’t 100% accomplish what you want with still photos?

          • Twoomy

            Hey Ryan – Do you even know what the “jello” effect is? And why it can be a problem for shooting video from a dSLR? Yep, you are definitely a student. Pompous and wet behind the ears.

          • Nige

            @Twoomy: +1

          • Char

            Uhmm…. buy a video camera? And the jelly effect has nothing to do with the steadiness of your hands.

            I do not need video at all. I do not do journalism, and I guess there is lots more guys here who don’t. I actually do not give a shit whether video is mainstream or not. I do not use it cause I can not print out videos and put them onto my wall. Thus, I shoot still images.

            Other than that, I do not actually care whether my next camera will have video or not, I don’t have to use it, do I?

          • Anonymous


          • phb

            The D700s is inevitable regardless of plans for the d700x

            They are different price points for a start so a d700x would never replace the 12 mp version

            The d300 and d700 share a lot of components. In particular I will bet the main circuit boards are using the same support chips. So when one is upgraded the other will be

            But what we might see deleted is the d3. A d700s would be as fast

          • I think the problem here is either

            A) people bashing the video feature don’t really need it, and can’t see a way to make it worthwhile investment for themselves, or

            B) View anything difficult as impossible.

            I’d hazard to guess there’s as much of the latter as the former. It’s quite common for people to WANT to do something great. We all have the desire to create. Yet we struggle to find the initiative to overcome the challenges between the want and the accomplishment. So when we’re not 100% committed, we often complain. We whine that things just aren’t possible, and that if only X, Y, or Z were different, we could do what we wanted.

            Yet, there are others that are out there overcoming the challenges in creative ways, and they are reaching their goals and passing them in the process.

            I think we need more initiative, more naivety, and more determination. Would a better readout from a CMOS sensor be nice? Sure. But it’s not going to stop me from learning how to communicate in the motion picture medium today. I’ll start with today’s tools, and when the better camera comes out, I’ll be that much further ahead of the pack.

          • @Char
            Actually, it DOES have something to do with the steadiness of your hands, or the gear you use to stabilize it. If you’re careful, the Jelly effect isn’t apparent, which is all that really matters.

            Sure there are restrictions. Same goes for just about anything in this life. There are tradeoffs. I prefer the greater DOF control and larger sensor at the expense of a bit of rolling shutter. On a professional level, there is a tremendous amount that can be done with the DXXX lines which include video, and we are only limited by our own perceptions.

            Just because you don’t find the video helpful doesn’t mean nobody will. Truth is, there are apparently millions of folks who are seeking just such a feature in their DSLR’s. That’s the reality.

          • @Twoomy
            Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe we all need to get a little more “wet behind the ears”. After all, I’ve heard more stories of great men accomplishing great things who have stated after it was done that the main reason they felt they were able to accomplish such a great feat is because they didn’t know how difficult it would be. Getting great looking stuff from the D90 is extremely difficult, IMO – not impossible. So the committed will no doubt (as has already been seen) get excellent results that will change the game forever. The game is changing. Adapt, or die. That is the new mantra, not decreed by any one person, but by the economics of todays technology.

  • It seems to me that Nikon needs a camera to compete with the Canon 5D MarkII and a 12 MP D700s won’t do that. A 24 MP D700x with video capability that matches or hopefully exceeds the Canon 5D Mark II’s video capability can do that but it may be a case of too little, too late anyway. . . Maybe Nikon needs to think out of the Canon competition box and come up with something a few steps ahead of the Canon 5D Mark II.

    • Anonymous

      WelI, believe I believe Nikon is doing just the right thing. As of now, there is the really cheap A850, and whoever needs, or thinks he needs 24mp, will get this one. There’s no need right now to get into this battle. On the other side, who wants a FAST camera with clean high ISO abilities, offering twice as much pixel as 98% of all commercially used photos, has only one option, the D700(S).

      I personally believe that FX itself is overrated, but the 20+mp… Well, I doubt not half of the people begging for, don’t even remotely have a NEED (in it’s true meaning) for it.
      Anyway, add the silent mode to the D700 and the optional SD slot, skip jelly-rrolling-video, add $250, and I’m happy.

    • Ronan

      If MP is your thing, then its the D3x or medium format.

      What people want is clean high iso, fast DSLR with video.

      • Daf

        Some of us want Mpx without the bulk or cost of the D3x/medium format.

        i.e. 5Dii equivalent (but better ;o)

    • Davo

      How many people really “need” 24MP. Studio folks and landscape photographers come to mind but those that absolutely need it would already have bought something.
      12MP makes more sense to the folks who are buying it for the video so D700s and/or D3s with video’s still my bet.
      Nikon rarely compete directly with a competitor’s product so even when the D700x comes out, it will likely be at a much higher price point than the 5D MkII and the A850.

      • Daf

        10-12Mpx is really scraping the bottom for stock these days and it’s a field/direction that lots of people can get in to.

        Although 24Mpx is lots, the high teens would be good.

        • Jon Paul

          I thought there was a rumor that they were also considering an 18.5 MP sensor back when either the D700 or the D3 came out. Maybe they’ll put that in if there really was one.

          • Neogene

            Now that Canon is releasing the 7D i dunno when and how Nikon will answer…

  • Alex

    I noticed that the price of the D700 dropped somewhat during the last week or so in Canada (you can even see a graph of the price here: http://www.photoprice.ca/product/02510). I’m thinking now might be a good time to buy. Could it also be related to a D700s coming soon? I never really checked how the prices of a camera about to be replaced fluctuate.

  • Jack

    It would be a shame, because this would force me to switch to Canon or at least switch to having both systems.

    • Tabitha Green

      It seems just downright silly that Nikon would not release a high-res camera to compete with Canon and Sony’s affordable high-res dSLRs.

      • Daf

        I’m sure it’s on the way – just look at how much people are talking/wanting the 700x – I think it’s just a matter of time.
        The big question is When…..

        • regular

          Canon is attacking the D300’s marketshare with its 7D.

          If I were Nikon, I would not hesitate to introduce a deadly weapon against the 5Dmk2 : a 24MPx sensor with a decent auto-focus! Throw a couple of additional fps in, and the 5Dmark2 is deadish.

        • Jack

          I’m absolutely sure it is, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

    • Anonymous

      I share the view that Nikon has fallen behind Canon with 5D Mark II. D3x is far more expensive and Nikon has a problem now on how to position the next generation price-wise. D700 is an excellent camera but the standard has moved up to 20M+ level. I have a D90 and I am considering a more powerful camera. Canon 5D Mark II looks increasingly appealing to me, unless Nikon comes up with D700x at a competitive price. But if Nikon lowers the price of D700x, it kills the higher end line of products. I think the price setting for D3x was a huge mistake, because it forces a position that is undefendeble against the Canon product/price line.

      • Davo

        I wonder why people want more ‘powerful’ cameras.
        A theoretical D700s with good video implementation would cater for just about anyone, except those that absolutely need the extra MP.
        Do u crop much or print posters often? Perhaps so but it get silly when ppl think they must have 20+ MP just because the perceived standard is there rather than matching their needs.

        • Jack

          The agencies I work for have informed me they want me to shoot a camera with more than 12MP and have advised me to buy the Canon 5D mark II, so there is a big need for Nikon to come out with a comparable camera. I could definitely use it too – 12MP doesn’t cut it for me although I can and do shoot many good photos with it, I still need more resolution for the details and also the ability to crop.

          • Davo

            May I ask what sort of agency it is?
            I can understand for stock, advertising, fashion etc. I’d be surprised if its newspaper though.
            I agree that Nikon needs a lower priced high res camera (not necessary a Canon 5D mk II like one but below the D3X of course) but I’m just wondering is this the same crowd who want video.
            So if D700x comes out without video and a D700s also comes out but with video what would ppl think.

        • I agree with @Davo. The D700 easily matches the quality of a comparable 17-18 MP sensor in sharpness, color fidelity, etc. If you need more than this, the more likely scenario is that you are failing to “get the shot”. If your agency is asking for greater MP’s, then it’s likely they are following fads, rather than real world needs. Sure, there are select uses for 25mp, and there’s not doubt that it’s a welcome resolution jump.

          I will buy a 25mp camera when it becomes more affordable. However, for most situations, a clean, well performing high-iso chip is preferable to a super high resolution camera, and I’m glad that Nikon focused more on the image quality of the D3 AND the D3x, rather than just the MP’s. I’m sorry, but the IQ of the 5dMii and 1Ds, etc is CRAP. Just look at the images at full res, and even the 100 iso shots have noise, banding in the shadows, and color degradation. The Nikons outperform the Canon cam’s in all these areas, not to mention the Nikon glass that wins hands down.

          • Jack

            They are mostly stock agencies and they may be following fads, but that’s who I work with so whatever the reason is it’s irrelevant. Some galleries and shows I do request huge prints, so the increased resolution also helps. I agree that you can take great shots with the current Nikon lineup and I do. I shoot mostly wildlife and most are macro level or close to macro level, so I almost never use an ISO higher than 200, so I don’t care how great ISO 1600 is on the D3 or D700 since I would never use it and I actually don’t think the quality is that great at those levels on any camera out there. The quality is amazing for most things, but for what I shoot, it’s not that great. Also, you really can’t crop much with a 12MP camera – sometimes you can with great results while other times it doesn’t work, so I always want more resolution even if the jump from 12MP to 24MP isn’t that huge, it still helps.

            Probably for the majority of photographers, 12MP is fine, but for what I shoot, increased resolution is important.

          • Sounds like you’re a special case, and as I have stated numerous times, they do exist. I think you’re right that for most photographers (read: 95% or more) the current lineup is more than sufficient. Yet 50% want to complain because Nikon isn’t following fads. But why? They’re setting them. Look at Canon – finally (maybe) relenting on the MP war, and returning to better ISO. I hear nothing but bad reviews of the current 1D and 1Ds.

            And even if every other camera company continues to climb the MP ladder, it’s sheer lunacy with the tech we have today. It used to be that 6mp was incredible. Now the sheen has worn off, and people seem to have an insatiable appetite for sheer resolution, at the EXPENSE of image quality and clarity. Shame.

            BTW, Jack – have a link to your work? It sounds interesting!

          • Jack

            I agree, Ron. I’m definitely not saying that 12MP is not sufficient for what I shoot, it’s just that increased resolution would help and that’s what some agencies prefer now it seems. You’re also right in that I wouldn’t want the increased resolution to come with subpar IQ. That would defeat the purpose. Right now, I’ll continue to shoot with what I have and be happy, but I also hope that a D700x or similar camera will come out.

            You can see some of my stuff on my Flickr stream, but there’s a lot of crap on there too. http://www.jackgoldfarb.com

  • texastornado

    I work for Best Buy and a “deleted” status very often just means that an individual store will no longer be carrying it. Sometimes due to sluggish sales at that location. A status of “discontinued” is more indicative of the manufacturer stopping production and all locations will no longer carry that product.

  • Nathan Shane

    I also think a D700s makes a more logical choice because you can replace the D700 with the D700s and still have it technically be a D700 (with some added features). Whereas a D700x w/ 24MP sensor would be more of a whole new camera altogether at a much greater price. It wouldn’t make sense to leave a full-frame void where the D700 stands (not this soon after its release), so an incremental update such as a D700s would seem to make better sense. I think they should follow the D700 with a full-frame that supports a 18-20 MP sensor. Perhaps doing it that way they could significantly lower the cost for a full-frame with more pixels and keep the 24 MP cameras for the pro shooters.

    • Jack

      They already have a 24MP sensor to put into a smaller body, why would the develop another sensor with 18-20MP? That makes no sense at all.

      • EAJ

        It makes sense to Canon – have you heard about the 7D. Smaller files with more than enough information, better signal-to-noise ratio, faster capture rate, just to list a few desirable attributes.

        • Adam

          cause Canon makes their own sensor whereas Nikon gets their sensor manufactured by other company. Besides the rumor about 7D with 18mp on APS-C worries many Canon users, 50D already proves that and now Canon decides to slap on another 3mp on APS-C?

          • From the number designation alone I would expect the Canon EOS 7D to be a full frame DSLR not an APS-C format DSLR.

          • Adam

            Its already pictured with an EF-S lens and from the leaked specs states it is APS-C, who knows but my bet is on APS-C, remember Canon does not make their EF-S lens compatible on FF unless they change their body design cause currently if mount an EF-S on a FF body it could risk hitting the mirror box

        • Ennan

          Lets not forget though that it’s a canon and therefore handles like a pile of a$$ and elbows…

  • steve

    I would personally prefer a D700s. I think the low light capabilities make the D700 it a good all around camera.

    While a D700x seems like it would be a little more specialized, and as a result, desirable to a smaller segment of DSLR buyers.

    • regular

      I would prefer a D700x with pixel binning!

      • Jon Paul

        Couldn’t you just bin pixels post-process? Or are you saying that would keep file size down?

      • Soap

        Pixel binning doesn’t regain lost SNR.

  • sgts

    oh dear – looks like my move to sony is definitely on – maybe sony arent letting nikon release 24mps at a good price, or something.

    this is a disaster for obscure student landscape photographers who dont want to lug 5×4’s up mountains.

    • EAJ

      I hear you. Getting around with the 4×5 and seven lenses is tough so I’m looking to a dSLR to save my back. I’m thinking about treading water with a d90 until Nikon comes through with some more desirable offerings, rather than going Canon or Sony. I like the build quality of Nikon too much to abandon ship.

      • The D90 is a great camera but you might want to look out for a used D300 now. . .

    • Tabitha Green

      “maybe sony arent letting nikon release 24mps at a good price, or something.”

      Nah, that wouldn’t make sense, since Sony makes money on the sensor no matter what body it’s in.

  • shivas

    This actually makes perfect sense, the D700x was a bit of a stretch. . .

    The D700s will “replace” the D700 with video, dual card slots, (hopefully a better viewfinder), and “raise” the depressed D700 price ($2300 new on amazon?!) back to $2699 – a full $1k higher than the D300s, which beats the $hit out of me, but would compete with the larger mpx Mdk2.

    I hope they put in 1080p video though, which could *maybe* place them on equal footing? Optimized AF that’s faster than the current D3/D700?

    I’d still lean towards the D300s because of the viewfinder and *now* speedy AF equivalent to the D700/D3 bodies. . .

    • Tim Catchall

      Yep, I’m guessing a D700s would be more or less the same as a D700 with just the addition of video. And an extra $1k on the price tag…

  • Dan

    Best Buy is odd in what they choose to carry – they have carried the D700 in many locations where they didn’t have a truly compatible lens for it (other than, perhaps, the 70-300 AF-S G VR). This may simply be a decision NOT to carry FF Nikons anymore because all their lenses are DX (I once caught a Best Buy salesdroid trying to sell someone a D700 with an 18-200 DX)! Of course, that decision would make the most sense during a model changeover.

    • Best Buy sucks

      I know the Best Buy near me carries NOTHING. No D700, D300 or anything higher than D90. Only lenses are 70-300 or kit lenses. Best Buy sucks!!!

      • Anonymous

        No, it’s the consumer that sucks! Best buy only offers what it believes the market demands. The average DX00 buyer gets his camera online, and if your BB is around a place with little people around that are interested in high end photo gear, well, why should they keep it in the shelf and watch it dropping in price? BB is not welfare, it’s a business. And one condition to make business is to earn more than you spend, which is really difficult with stock one can’t sell.

  • jbl

    A D700s is exactly what I need and I think it’s a wise move from Nikon. Offering the D3x performance in a 3500-4000$ body is what everyone was hoping for first but that might cannibalize their D3x sales for those who really need the 24 mp beast.

    To me, my priorities are low light performance and video. So if I can get a D700s that has better low light performance than a possible D700x and that is also cheaper, I’m in.

    However, it needs 1080p, if they give us that pathetic 720p/24 I’m going to Canon.

    I don’t really mind the Jello effect, I dislike camera shake anyway, the only camera movements I want are smooth travelings… These cause much less jello and there’s a plugin to fix that anyway.

    • Anon

      Buy a camcorder.

      • Peter Pan

        Right, check what a camcorder with an equivalent 28mm lens cost.
        And I haven’t even started to talk about DOF control.

    • WoutK89

      I am with Anon… Buy a camera for the lenses/body build, not for Video capabilities! Video is still new and needs improvement what I hear, but dont expect miracles soon

    • Anonymous

      Ha, “it needs 1080” what the Nikon video feature needs is a better implementation. The jello/rolling shutter effect renders the video function next to useless, from a somehow professional point of view, and if you don’t mind that the 5 minutes limit will break the deal.
      The last thing we need are more pixel in this useless video. More pixel make your picture bigger, not better.

      • Yeah, because 5 minute scenes in video production are the most common type. Seriously, the number of people needing clip times above 5 minutes (i.e. concert shooters, which I admit is a real need), is so low it’s a non-issue. The 5 minute thing is just an excuse to avoid doing something great today. 99.9999999% of scenes in Hollywood, (you know, the place that is producing stuff that you’re trying to replicate) are shot in 1-3 minute scenes tops. Most scenes, in fact, are no longer than a few seconds in their final cut form.

        • But the .0001% of movies that surpass the 5 minute limits are the ones winning in cannes, hollywood is just a pityful example of what movies should be.

          • And they’re winning because of the > 5 min. film takes? Really? Can you point to a handful of examples where that is the defining feature? Otherwise, I still say this is pure and simple whining in place of action.

  • lox

    How about a D700xs with 720p video AND 24MP sensor? That would be fun (not for the balance of course).

  • zzddrr

    It would be a nail in its own coffin. Have you guys noticed that Nikon this year just throwing plastic crap at us? The only exception is the D300s because it is made out of Jello.

    Also, have you all noticed that in the meantime Sony does not bother with Video? There must be a reason for that….

    I think Nikon does not understand the new business model Sony is trying to implement. Provide the hardware and make the money on the items you can put into or onto the damn thing.

    My prediction is that if Nikon comes out with another Jello version crap that does not add much to the original D700 then it will lose significant market share so badly that it will make it extremely hard to regain its real name. That is because people won’t be able to distinguish between D700 and D700(s).

    In the meantime Sony is hitting hard where it hurts most Nikon and Canon with its affordable FF at 24MP at below 2k. Did you realize that you can buy 4 of them for the price of 1 D3x that uses the same sensor. This clearly shows how nasty Nikon and Canon were and overpiced their DSLRs.

    So, let’s welcome Sony in the DSLR camp and hope that the stone stupid people at Nikon will not try to implement another set of Jello shit.

    • Mark

      Got to agree with you that the new D700 needs to stand out to compete with Canon and Sony. I would like to see no video, and a higher megapixel for the new D700.

      ….. and the old D700 stay around and drop to either match the new Sony A850 in price.

    • Adam

      haha, I can tell you why Sony is doing this…cause Sony wants market power! Believe me, when Sony will/if get its market power, then all of these will stop coming

      • zzddrr

        That’s the whole point of competition. Don’t you think that Canon and Nikon quite become an odd couple? Give me a break, they basically controlled the DSLR (pro segment) market for 5 years. The way they competed was more than predictable and as such they managed to jack up the prices.
        Now since they were greedy, others became interested in those profits and as a result we see Sony (and even Samsung. Watch out for the Samsung – they will go after the consumer). Sony really got them offguard with the 24MP sensor.

        I bet that Sony already has the Exmor R (rear backlit) 24MP under testing and will launch it next year in the A950.

        I think that Nikon is passing on the 24MP current sensor and is more after the 24MP R (rear backlit). The problem Nikon has right now is that it is really hard to differentiate. Just print on an 8×10 from the 24MP D3x and the A900…. the problem is that it is really hard to see the difference.

        I think Nikon may have to come out with a D4 to start the project life cycle again. I read that somewhere that Nikon can develop a new camera from the scratch in less than 6-8 months. The question is whther their engineers got the right input. As far as I can see from their 09 performamce, they really smoked some weird stuff…. πŸ™‚

        • “Just print on an 8Γ—10 from the 24MP D3x and the A900…. the problem is that it is really hard to see the difference. ”

          I could be mistaken, but I expect that it would be hard to see the difference between a Nikon D70 or other 6-8MP camera and the 24MP D3X and A900 on an 8X10 print, at least at low ISOs.

          • zzddrr

            The point is the differentiation when differences are becoming very minor.

        • Yes, that’s why Nikon took the prize home for the EISA award. Because they were “smoking some weird stuff”. These guys have blown away the market expectations over the last few years. ISO 25k? 25MP DSLR? Video in an SLR? Sure, there are a few flaws with the last one, but show me how the first two didn’t blow the crap out of what we had at our disposal as photographers before. Sheesh.


          • zzddrr

            Ron, there is a big difference between winning an award and differentiation. There is no way that you can differentiate at 24MP between the Sony and Nikon sensor at 8×10 printed in Wal-Mart or Costco. Average Joe is not Ron who looks up all the awards Nikon ever won.

            In addition, my second point was the price. Unless your full time job is not in photo you really have to have a reason to justify that 8K.

            Ron, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that the D3x quality is equal with the Sony. Of course its better BUT at 24MP the difference is much smaller than you compared 12MP and 12MP (older technologies).

            Now, let’s take this thought further one step. I think that the Nikon execs are changing each others diapers. That is because

            (1) Nikon batch produce cameras Sony doesn’t
            (2) Sony’s name is as big as Nikon
            (3) Sony spent something over $600M on researching imaging sensors
            (4) They do have know how in professional segments (such as Video and broadcast)

            Just an example, Sony can easily convince average Sony TV owners to upgrade their Nikon DSLR to a Sony one…. Think about it.

            Now, what I can see from Nikon is just pure ignorance. People are talking about over a year now that they need high res small body. The problem is that Nikon firmly believes that since many people already have Nikon glasses they will not switch. I would not base my strategy on an assumption like that.

          • Glass is a huge consideration, but hardly their only trump card. Just look at the Nikon gear compared to either the Canon or Sony equivalents. Then HOLD them. I’m sorry, but they’re just crap compared to the build quality of Nikon gear. The 5dMii feels like a plastic chew toy compared to the D700.

            I’ve seen the resolution and noise tests of the 5d. I’ve also shot it myself. In no way does the Canon trump the Nikon, and the Nikon is HALF THE RESOLUTION.

            So Nikon takes their time to make sure what they produce is quality. So Nikon doesn’t play the “first to market, first to fix” game. I’m in this for the long haul. Sure, I’d LOVE a 24mp D700 sized body. Heck, I’d love the D3x. But my economics don’t justify it right now, and apparently Nikon’s economics don’t justify selling the D3x for less. (If you haven’t noticed lately, their books aren’t looking all that great).

            I know that just like with the D3/D700/D300s, when I needed it I could rent it, then when I could justify it, I could buy it. It’s simple economics. If you’re in this to hobby around, then I’m sorry, saying you NEED the latest, greatest, 25mp flagship camera sounds a bit silly.

            If you want to go to a lower quality, lower value camera (5dMii), then that’s cool. I feel sorry for the folks that think that’s worth MORE $$$ than the D700.

          • zzddrr

            I hear you Ron, and kind of agree with your points.

            On the other hand, it is not a good business strategy that Nikon is following with the D3x or with the high res small body. It’s been a year people are asking for and the competition provides an alternative at an affordable price. I agree you have a tradeoff (arguably lower quality Sony/Canon) but they do provide something.

            As I said before the arrival of Sony may change the whole ballgame and Nikon may not have the luxury that enjoyed (and jacked up the prices with Canon) a year ago.

        • Uh oh

          Uh oh… Back illuminated Exmor R helps only in high pixel pitch phone/pocket cameras. It would help if the FF camera had 200Mpix or so. The advantage is purely about getting wiring out of the way of the photo cell. It’s currently not a problem in any DSLR camera.

          • zzddrr

            Do you think that an Exmor R would not perform better than the current DSLR sensors? I think if it has benefits compared to the current tech maybe it has been tested by Sony and Nikon.(?)

            There is one thing for sure, it does perform better on p&s. Now, let’s assume that it is not the most cost effective way of improving at 24MP using the current tech. then…..maybe exmor R makes sense.

            On the other hand, I think a bit the 200MP is overestimated but I do agree with your thought. Now, I was thinking about that Nikon and Sony knows that you cannot further increase the MP count with the current tech, But the question is whether they can increase it by switching to the exmor R. Just think about it, it is much cheaper to do so by switching in mass and start with some p&s.

  • Luke

    A D700s makes a whole non-sense to me. The stellar low light/high ISO cababilities are already reached by Canon with the 5D-II and the the AF responsiveness will be reached by Canon with the 7D …

    At this point there are no more stars in the Nikon sky I guess, they urgevery badly to develop new models and not to upgrade the old (and good) ones.

    I guess that being tied to Sony for the CMOS has been a huge error … as the 24MP CMOS cannot be pushed above 6400ISO (while Canon can) … and they don’t have no new CMOS in the range 14-18 MP in DX mode to fight the Canon proposals … πŸ™

    My hints are: Nikon will propose a D400 in the 2010 with the new Sony Armor CMOS 14,2 MP DX (possibily that comes up to 12K ISO) and I hope they will do it in spring … or even earlier. But they now need a FX CMOS that can compete in the Canon 5D2 market segment …

    My 2 cents …

    • your statement is definitely worth 2 cents. its not bad, but the 5dmk2 is not a stellar lowlight / high iso performer compared to the d3/d700 whose sensor was developed almost 2 years ago. also, its about time AF responsiveness of canon could reach even that of a d300 wc was released 2 years ago (still doubt it though).

      being tied to sony is the best thing that happened to nikon since they can produce better iq than the sony dslrs.

      no competition in the canons 14-18mp range? what you mean the 50d? hello. even canons old 40d has better iq than that.

      its called sony “exmor” not “armor”. read articles slowly, and if possible read it twice, its embarrassing.

      • Luke

        ok, Exmor … but what’s so embarassing in a typo!? πŸ˜‰ ahahah!

        PS: 50d? 40d? Not in that range of price … Canon 7D will be cheaper than D300s and with the 50% MP more … a new AF, a new metering … hello!

        • No dude, it really is embarrassing – your whole spiel about how Canon is butterflies and strawberries while Nikon has fallen in the mudbog. Have you actually held a 5d? It’s crap. Have you actually used an 5d? Its IQ is not much better than the build quality. The video looks great, if you slow it down to 24fps in post and hold VERY still while shooting. There are advantages of Nikon, and advantages of Canon. Choose one, and make it work for you. But please, stop whining.

      • Ryan

        cameras are just another avenue for Sony. they are a bunch of greedy techno geeks who could careless about photography. I am a Nikonian till the death, but BOTH Nikon and Canon get my utmost respect for their care and tenderness towards the subject and industry of photography. Stop following Sony just because their name is Sony, they make TVs and PS3’s, and camcorders, and well, everything else. They have no specific niche, they are just a general electronics company trying to hit everymarket. Why do you think they only have 8 or so different lenses and like, 4 camera bodies… they dont want to put too much time into it, but they have the know how and money, so they invest into ANOTHER electronic market, and try to dominate THAT one too.. working at a camera store for the past year, i’d say they aren’t doing so well in DSLRs. No one comes to our store to buy them. They come for good stuff like Nikon or Canon

    • Adam

      lol, another hilarious comment, first of all the 7D is not even released yet…hello! What you see is only the specs and you can’t really judge the specs will reflect the camera; 50D comes in mind, it has much more noise then the 40D which yells the poor sales of the 50D and now Canon decided to smack another 3mp into it, only time will tell if Canon made a winning move or a terrible move cause high ISO will be affected.

      Besides, from the leaked price and specs, it will only be cheaper by $100, and if its that good, I expect Nikon to announce a price cut pretty soon. Oh and a new metering, not sure about that, from what I heard it just gets the 1D series metering and regarding the new AF, again the camera hasn’t release yet so nothing much can be said about the new AF and how the layout will be (the 5D gets more AF points then the xxD series but its placement makes it worse then the xxD).

      I still find it funny how you said:
      A D700s makes a whole non-sense to me. The stellar low light/high ISO cababilities are already reached by Canon with the 5D-II and the the AF responsiveness will be reached by Canon with the 7D …

      Fyi, the D700 has amazing high ISO performance, Nikon will upgrade once it feels their ISO performance is good enough and again how do you know that the 7D AF is going to be better then Nikon if it hasn’t even been released yet and knowing Canon, I won’t put my hopes too high up on it.

      Another LOL:
      At this point there are no more stars in the Nikon sky I guess, they urgevery badly to develop new models and not to upgrade the old (and good) ones.
      I guess that being tied to Sony for the CMOS has been a huge error … as the 24MP CMOS cannot be pushed above 6400ISO (while Canon can) … and they don’t have no new CMOS in the range 14-18 MP in DX mode to fight the Canon proposals …

      Well I disagree there is no more stars but I do agree that Nikon will eventually need to release a D700x but I believe not this year, maybe early or middle of next year. And VST got it totally right, 12mp is enough on APS-C, Canon 15mp high ISO performance isn’t that great and if you see the reviews, people still call the D90 as the king of APS-C high ISO (which will soon be overthrown by the D300s unless Canon made something revolutionary with their APS-C sensor that is) and well Canon might have a much higher ISO range, what’s the point if it end up reaching the point of unusable.

      • Luke

        LOL .. sorry but also your comment sounds hilarious,

        Adam, Nikon is already losing sharing because it’s not producing any new model accordingly to customers’ requests.
        My point is that D700 and D300 have been fantastic gears but tech progress must go on and the others are not sitting on the desk but making new better models. So D700+300 won’t last forever and most (all?) of their pros will be gained also by their competitors, Sony and Canon. That’s the way it is. Now Nikon gotta move on.

        • Adam

          Not producing any new model accordingly to customers’ request?
          Lol, when they released their D3 and D300, they answered their customer request and when they release the D700 they also answered their customer request and just cause now suddenly a minority group suddenly says that Nikon needs this Nikon needs that it implicates that Nikon is not satisfying customer needs?

          Nikon will introduce a high-res D700 but instead of whining that it should be introduced this year, my bet is it will be next year. The D700 came late to the game but hey it’s still a winner rite? Nikon is just late to the game but each time they enter the game they usually end up victorious.

          • zzddrr

            Then explain this bs in a boardroom…. πŸ™‚

            Do you think this day and age it is an excuse that “sorry we couldn’t come up with something for 1 yr after Sony announced the first 24MP at an affordable price.”? But believe me we still are the best.

            I can tell you that Nikon is royaly screwed up. People are asking for the bloody high res small body for almost a year now and Nikon is just throwing more Jello on them. (Not even a bloody HDR function).

            This is what I like in these forums, if somebody has a different opinion then let’s just call the person whiner. Now, the point is that everyone is different hence has different needs, such as high res, or video etc. I think that is exactly the problem with Nikon. It surrounded itself with a bunch of “experts” or “professionals” who live in an incubator and don’t listen to other inputs.

            I mean, just take a look at the 09 releases. I think the landscape is pretty poor. From D300 to D300s? Really, the only people will shell out more money for that who want Jello.

            So my prediction is that if Nikon comes out with another Jello version of any of their cameras (e.g. 700) they will slip below in 12 months of Sony’s market share. Now then the smart Nikon guys can explain to the board what happened.

            Other than that, I really think Nikon should scrap D3 and D3x and deliver the D4 which would be much smaller than the predecessors.

          • Adam

            yes, I agree that there is need of a high-res cheaper Full Frame in a compact body by Nikon but just cause Sony recently announced doesn’t make it that Nikon has to comply, they can still release it next year and beat the crap out of the A850, just look at the D700, when 5D was announced people start forcing Nikon to release a 5D competitor very soon and threaten they will jump ship and etc, but look, 1 year later Nikon releases the D700 which beats the 5D in almost every way.

            And I don’t get it about scrap the D3 and D3x and deliver D4 which would be much smaller? What you mean by smaller, the D700 is your answer for a smaller D3.

          • zzddrr

            Adam, no the D700 is not the answer for Nikon. The D700 upgrade (x or s) would limit Nikon’s choices and increase the production cost of the cameras overall. That is because in order to make the D3x perform better Nikon had to perform probably expensive woodo science on the Sony sensor. As we know, to make the current generation of Sony sensor work (at Nikon standards) they have to put more money in it.

            Nikon should be ready now with the D4 that adresses the main issues (low light, high speed, maybe video at 24MP etc.). But most importantly the trend is to buy cameras that does not require fork lift to carry. It is clear that pros need a more versatile camera that is small enough to carry but performs like D3. So, if they are ready they should definately scrap D3 and D3x taking out complexity from their supply chain (and marketing etc.).

            Also, that would address the price drop they have to do. That is because you no longer can sell 8K 24MP cameras (especially in the long run since Sony just targets that segment). Now, with the D4 technology they can easily say that they heard what the people asked for and they developed techlologies that enabled them to deliver a better camera at lower costs.

            Then next year they can scrap D700 and introduce in February a D800 that would have the Video.

            The only problem with that would be addressing the Jello fans. So it is possible that they will do exactly the same with the D700 and add the Video. Personally I think this would be a mistake since we know that would open up a whole new set of bashing Nikon since it will definately have the Jello effect. (They need new sensor tech or more computing juice to address the issue in the camera)

          • You newbies are funny, talking about how pros need a smaller camera that cures cancer and doesn’t break their back:


            Your comments show your youth. And I’m not even 30 yet. Wow.

          • zzddrr

            Ron the young gun! (take this as teasing) πŸ™‚ I suggest to run down to the Colorado in Grand Canyon and back with couple glasses and your D3x.

            By the way, I did it 8-10 times with the F5.

            You can call people newbies but that will not make you an adult. πŸ™‚

            In addition, since I travel a lot, sometimes at airports the security people give hard time when they see monsters like the D3. (And I do not want to put it in my lagguage because I just want to have a carry on).

          • Adam

            lol, you totally forgot Nikon naming scheme I guess, the x always mean higher resolution, so what the D4 should have 24mp and be slower then the current D3? No chance.

            Like I said earlier which you clearly missed the point, the D700 is Nikon answer for those who want a compact D3, the D700x (eventually to be released) will be Nikon answer for those who wants a compact D3x. Its as simple as that and Nikon doesn’t need to scrap all of it and suddenly release the D4 series, they got other priorities. Such as to update all their old FX primes to AF-S.

          • zzddrr

            Adam, it does not make business sense releasing a D700x using the current 24MP sensor. It will be too expensive for Nikon and it will not yield long term benefits with the same weight as other options. I bet that Nikon will not release one (D700x).

            It makes more sense rebuilding their top line using newer sensor tech. That is why I said D4 with the speed of (at least D3 and at 24MP.

            Lens is a totally different ballgame. I agree with you, they have to update quite few…

            Of course, all these and above are theories and speculations since none of us works for Nikon and/or has chrystal balls. πŸ™‚

          • Adam

            dang I wish we have our crystal balls right now and see what the 7D will actual be (latest rumor is its 1.45x, not much difference then 1.5x?)

          • zzddrr

            Yes, if the leaked info turns out to be correct than we may see a good camera.

            I am curious to see:
            -how the dual proc will work
            -whether they address the AF issues with the new system
            -whether it has some surprise functions such as HDR

            So let’s wait … since we don’t have a darn chrystal ball πŸ™‚

  • bob

    Maybe I missed it, but when could we expect Nikon announcements for new equipment?

    • WoutK89

      Last I heard was November

  • David

    I love this site and these rumors. Reading the stark white and yellow text however is brutal and often has me leaving the site sooner then want too. Can you please try some other colors for this site?

    • David, I did try to do custom background where readers will have the choice of black and white background. Unfortunately I was not happy with the test results. I haven’t gave up on this project, but I just cannot change everything overnight. In the mean time you can subscribe to the RSS feed which have white background:

      What do you guys think – how bad is the black background? Should I change it to white?

      • I don’t have any problem with the white on black text but you might want to consider increasing the font size a bit. . .

        • Ken Elliott

          Font size? Press “Ctrl” and “+” keys to make it larger. “Ctrl” “-” to make it smaller. This is a feature of Firefox and more recent versions of Internet Explorer.

          I’m seeing white text on black, so I’m not sure what the yellow text comment is about.

      • NikoDoby

        I’ve gotten use to it.

      • Micke

        Perhaps an ability to chose whatever color scheme you desire would be an ideal solution….? Personally I have no problems with the white on black scheme.

      • Readability is lowest with white on black. That’s a fact.

        That said, I have no issues reading your site, as the line heights are proper, and text widths aren’t huge.

        I can understand some finding it more difficult to read than I, however, as this is a real problem for some.

        • alvix

          IMHO the problem is not the reading in itself, but when I leave the site,close this page or look around over the lcd screen..my eyes take a little to accustom and they kinda “flicker”…but maybe its just me..

      • Jack

        The black background is awesome. Please don’t change it. I hate white backgrounds.

      • Twoomy

        I like the look of white on black, but I have to admit that my eyes kind of wig out and see ghosts and trails after reading it too much. Dark text on a white (or light) background is much easier on the eyes.

  • tibor

    I need something new & will pay the price if it comes out:

    24MP FF
    16 BIT
    integrated HDR or MULTIEXPO mode
    HD Video without Jello 24F/sec & higher for slow motion. (without the pudding or lub. jell of course)

    Thanks !!!

    • Anonymous

      So what are you waiting for??? Get a D3X and a camcorder.

      But if you want to wait until you get all that in a (Nikon) DSLR, especially multiples of 24fps, you’ll be waiting a really long time…

      Oh, and if you would really “need” it, you would already have it. What you probably meant was, that you “want” something new.

  • Mark J

    Sounds good to me. Been waiting for a D700 replacement so i can upgrade from my D300 to full frame. and while a D700x and its 24mp would have been nice, i would be just as happy with the low noise capabilities of the D3/D700 with video added to boot. Hopefully it stays in the $2500 range, if so ill buy one the day it releases.

    • nickM

      agreed! i’m chomping at the bit for a D700s

  • Admin,

    There’s something behind the logic of the names (and these names stand for concepts) that I don’t get. I must have missed an episode… πŸ˜‰ Please forgive (and correct) me if I’m wrong, or someone please redirect me to thay episode…

    Once upon a time we had D1s and D1x. They were quite different from each other. There was a reason, a purpose and a user for each one.
    Then came the D2s and D2x. Same logic applies.
    (So far, Canon was using similar thinking pattern)
    Then came chaos and disorder. D3 lineup for pros D300-D700 etc for prosumers (yes, I know there once were D100-D200; let me skip them for a min or two), D70-60-80-90 for entry level.
    First thing that disturbs me is the number of cyphers: Dxxx is closer (as in better performance) to Dx than Dxx. Ok I have learnt to live with that.
    Second thing that uneases me is the fact that Nikon dropped the letter in prosumer lineup (here they come: D100-200-300-700), but now we need the letter back for fully-upgraded versions, or to describe minor upgrades, tweaks, optimization, new features that do not represent a full upgrade.
    I don’t get it. The quantuum leap between D100 and D200 explains why letters were not used. But why on earth did Nikon come up with a D300 (no letter) + a D700 (again no letter) + a D3 (once again no letter), if they were planning to come up improved versions for different purposes? Sounds to me like:

    a/ Nikon is designing series of 3 cameras (for instance D700+D700s+D700x) and deciding on the last minute which 2 will be produced;

    b/ Nikon will end up having series of 3 cameras; how to place 3 such similar bodies without collisions between them and other Nikon models (D300-D700) I have no clue.

    c/ (this is no valid any more since the anouncement of D300s) Nikon simply decided to drop the “s”, as in D3-D3x.

    Please someone explain this logic to me. So far, sounds to me like Fuzzy Logic….



    • I am just following the trend from the past few months:

      D3->D3x more MP
      D300->D300s adds video

      of course I could be wrong

      • NikoDoby

        NOooo, you’ve NEVER been wrong ! Have you? πŸ™‚

      • exactly!

        but I have two objections to that

        – Nikon is moving away from the 2-series scheme: D1s/D1x, D2s/D2x, D3/D3x and Canon’s 1D/Ds Mark1-2-3(and 4?). They are coming up with THREE models per series… (the plain D_ _, D_ _s and D_ _x)

        – they have just implemented video in an old body (D300s)! Cause, gentlemen, they didn’t call it D400s, they called it after a model that was launched 2 years ago!

        It sounds to me like their formula is: take an old body, great seller, good price, and (Joe McNally’s) “a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat” (whatever the maket is expecting) and hop-la: we get a li’l Frankenstein that has… well… everything! And now you’re telling me they are doing it again with the D700s!!!

        I call this IMPROVISATION.

        Well, that’s gonna save me some cash. I bought a D300 two years ago. I was thinking it was about time I got an upgrade… But guess what, turns out that my camera is now hot: turns out that I own the video-less version of Nikon newest model!!!! πŸ˜‰


        • Sergey Shandar
        • Anthony

          The concept of the Mid-Life Kicker is hardly new. Modest updates to freshen an existing product in the buyers’ eyes while next-gen ones are developed.

        • Twoomy

          Guys — it’s D1h and D2h. The D2s is a camera model that people like to make up.

          The ‘h’ was always the faster “sports” camera and the ‘x’ was always the higher-res model of the same generation. In the case of the D3, it already is a fantastic fast “sports” camera, so no need for a D3h, but the D3x is still the high-res model.

          The ‘s’ is always a minor upgrade to milk the current generation of cameras for just a little longer: D70s, D2Xs, D2Hs, D300s, etc. The feature of this generation of course is video, but this hasn’t always been the case. Also note that not all models are followed by an ‘s’ version; Nikon only does this with models they feel are worth milking with a step increase.

          A D700s doesn’t seem very necessary at all, except maybe to give it video capabilities, parallel to the D300s. But this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a D700x in future, although it sounds like a D700x might not come as soon as we had hoped.

  • bobby penthouse

    when the 700x version isn’t going to be released, Nikon can kiss the highres mid/low priced FX market goodbye. A whole bunch of photographers will switch to the other two manufactorers of Full frame camara systems (Canon and Sony).

    • Adam

      haha, and give up all their lenses, no chance, not everyone needs high res and what makes you so sure that it wont happen to NIkon even if they come late to the game, maybe it will be so revolutionary till ppl will end up switching back to Nikon like how when the D300 and D3 was released.

    • zeeGerman

      I think it’s funny how people are bitching around about the fact that there isn’t a D700x yet. The use out of 24mp is so little. somewhat between 95 and 99% of all commercially used photos use not more than 6mp, most even far less.

      And frankly, I don’t know any professional who switched from Nikon to Canon because of the 5Dmk2, but on the other hand I know a bunch of people that made the jump form Canon to Nikon with a D3, D300 and especially the D700. Instead of concentrating on what Nikon doesn’t have, we should come back to make the most use out of what we do have.
      I don’t think that it would be a wise choice to get in this MP fight, which Sony now opened completely with their A850 (which surely wasn’t a surprise for Nikon at all).
      They can’t offer it cheaper than Sony, because a) they get their sensor from Sony (which might have a pretty steep price tag already, making it difficult for Nikon to release a D700x at that point) and b) because Sony is selling only at such a low price because they want to gain market shares at all costs.
      So why should Nikon jump in that boat and offer a $4000+ body? Everyone would say, look at Sony, they offer it for less than half the price, that’s ridiculous, I won’t pay twice as much!
      But on the other hand, there isn’t any competition for the D700. At. All.
      A really fast camera with only little noise and a superb Af-system. So why not tweaking this baby a bit? The second card slot, even a SD one, is a welcome addition, the video is more a constraint than a feature, but well, people like to believe that it makes them videographers…

      • Jack

        The point you guys are missing is that you don’t have to completely switch over to Canon from Nikon or vice versa. You can just start buying the other system instead of sticking with one, so you use two systems. If I did that which I might, Nikon would lose thousands of dollars from me that they would keep if they released what I needed. I wouldn’t stop using Nikon, I would just start using Canon as well. Maybe they don’t care, which is fine, but I would just prefer to use only Nikon.

        • Adam

          Geez the D700x will come, just give it time people! You guys are talking as in you all cant take photos or something if Nikon doesn’t have a cheaper high-res D700. sheesh

          • Jack

            Some of the wildlife I shoot is only active for 2 months out of the year and they’re extremely difficult to actually locate, so I’m just hoping that Nikon releases a D700x type of camera before about February.

          • Adam

            rent a D3x perhaps?

          • Jack

            Yep, that is something I might do.

        • Ken Elliott

          Exactly. I’m considering adding a Sony strictly for the 3% of the time that I _need_ >20MP. I’d rather have a Nikon, but I can buy a Sony and some Zeiss glass for a lot less than the price of a D3x, and the resale will be better.

          90% of my work is best with a 12MP, fast focusing, high ISO camera. The D700 is perfect for me. About 7% would benefit from a DX format, so I use a D300 for that (and as a backup). The big-print landscape stuff would be the only area that 24MP would help. I’d rather have a D700x so it would give me both DX reach (@~10MP), backup duties and 24MP landscapes in one camera.

          But it is hard to justify buying a D3x for what is left, so I’m considering a Sony and two lenses. It should hold me over until Nikon delivers, or I’ll just rent a D3x on a job-by-job basis.

  • JP

    Come on give me a D700x 24 Mpix !!
    I don’t care about the video. If I want to shoot video I rather buy a red camera instead.

  • JP

    I lean more toward the D700x – nikon need a camera to compete with the canon 5D Mark II.
    Think about it, Nikon have the best low noise on the market right now (when it comes to SLR cameras)
    So low noise + 24 Mpix = a really good camera that will jump even higher than the 5D Mark II.

    The time will tell.

    • Luke

      I agree w/u but at the moment it seems to me that the 24mp Exmor CMOS is NOT ready to become the lowest noise 20+ mp class sensor in the market … and Sony does NOT have anything ready in the FF arena for Nikon to customize .. plus I guess the EXPEED logic needs to be updated to the new version .. and not sure if they are ready.

      I’m with Nikon when they works hard on low noise/high iso/high qp of their products but … it’s time to go up with both the ISO and MP and do it soon .. or, otherwise drop significantly the prices compared to Canon and Sony.

    • Mark

      JP, I have to agree with you. If Nikon has a 24MP version of the D700 to compete with the Canon 5D II then they can market that they have more MP than Canon, with a 24MP over the Canon’s 21MP. They can market the better low light ability and better auto focus.

      I still say keep the old D700 for a while and drop the price to $1999 and try to keep Sony working hard if they want to gain market share.

  • Gary

    This makes more sense…it’s easier for Nikon to engineer, and the price will be far better and make for more sales.

    It would make no sense to release aD700x significantly more expensive than the 5dii…better to release a competitively priced D700s.

    Most people don’t need the extra megapixels, but do want video. Add that to the D700 plus a few tweaks, and they will have something to compete against the 5dmkii.

  • Who cares a D700s, meaning a still-12mp D700+ some useless video. All I need is an affordable 24mp D700x with weak AA-filter mainly for landscape photography. As a Nikonian, my patience is almost up; waiting for 2 more months or I’ll get the 5D II.. Priorities differ in that branch of photography. I rarely go past ISO 800, yet fed up from sharpening as a substitute for real details. More resolution, clean image & good DR at base ISO with a good compact lens is the answer.

    • Hear, hear. I agree with you, and there must be more of us out there waiting, waiting for 24 mp. I don’t want video. I don’t care about high ISO. I do need more resolution. I still have to up-sample for stock and I hate that. Nikon’s a year behind the competition. I don’t want to wait ’till 2010.

      • Gary feldman

        I couldn’t agree more! I bought both the d700 and d90 the first week they were released. I was so disappointed with the d90 video, that I decided to pick up a 5d ii. There really is no comparison with the video quality. I hate 30fps, but there is no denying the quality.

        I was always a Firm believer in the 12mp ff sensor for awesome high ISO’s.. But, to be honest, I don’t see a difference between my d700 and the 5d2 at 6400! Wake up Nikon.. We need the d700x @ 24mp with 24fps video!! There is a reason that the 5d2’s are sold out everywhere.

        • Geoff

          I’m the same. I don’t care about super amazing high ISO, and I don’t care about video. I just want an affordable camera that has really nice DR, colour, high resolution(18mp or more), and a weak AA filter too in FF. I would love that.

          • Rangefinder Bob

            Agreed 100%. Without taking anything away from my D700 and its wonderful results, the Canon 5D Mk II is a phenomenal camera, and at $2800 (and dropping) with video, super high detail (I’ve seen clear reflections of the photographer from subjects’ eyeballs!) and very good high ISO performance as well, is very tempting. The D3X, 5D and A900/A850 all have very similar specifications, and are all really aimed for portrait, studio/landscape/travel, and less so for sports/action/pj (D3/D700). Without the D700X, though, Nikon is out of the 20+ MP affordable market. And while the D3x surely is a wonderful camera, I could buy an entire Canon or Sony/Minolta setup (16-35/50 prime/70-200/speedlights) for the price of a D3X, and still have some left for a used film camera.

            At $2000 or less for a 24mp Sony A850 (maybe $1800 in a few months) and without a viable alternative from Nikon, I’d try the Sony. I can live with 3 FPS and other shortcomings from the Sony. And given CZ and MInolta lenses, I’m not worried about lens quality. And, who knows, if I like the Sony, …?

  • Alex

    D700s (12mp FF cam with HD video) – probably wouldn’t upgrade
    D700x (24.5mp), dual EXPEED processors (to compete with Canon’s dual DIGIC and Sony’s dual Bionz processors), 1080p/24/30 video with audio inputs – heck yes i would upgrade in a heartbeat. Are you reading this Nikon?

  • i personaly prefer for a D700s basically because of the following reasons:

    1- I dont need 24 MP as it is too much space taking ( my friend has a 5D mak 2 and he says that each photo size is around 10 mb ! and its making his laptop go slow)

    2- Higher megapixel means comparitively less performance in low light. This is the reason Canon has reduced its MP on the New G11 from 12 to 10 MP.They themselves have stated that it was done to perform better in low light.

    3-I dont care about the video if i need i would use my handy cam .and trust me video-graphy is boring from my experience.

    4-I would like it to have the dual slot which will a great bonus as well better shutter sound.

    5- A D700x will have lesser shutter speed than a D700s.

    If Nikon releases the D700x then i would opt for the D700 ( since because of some of these reasons (HIgh MP.space,low light performance, sutter speed,cost)

    Moreover its not economical for Nikon to increase its price drastically by introducing a D700x in this period of economical crisis.Play it safe

    As for the new Canon 7D my freind is not that interested as its just an upgrade to the 50D which was a flop due to its noise issues and i guess they have are doing the same mistake here ..cramming up too much MPs.

    Nikon should concentrate on meeting the demands of its customers which is the main cause of losing some its clients to Canon.(I heard this from some retailers).

    They should improve thier existing glass like 80-400 Vr or 24-120 Vr etc.

    I would welcome the advent of the new D700s ,,,is this rumor is true.

    These are my views..

    So Admn..whats the probability of this rumor?

    • Adam

      yup, finally someone who talk sense (I began to think I was the only one), I guess what Nikon will do is bring down the price of the D700s to Sony pricing to make it hard to beat the amazing low light performance of the D700 and maybe release a D700x next year at the original price of the D700 (but knowing Nikon, it will likely be more expensive then the original D700 price point, maybe it will be priced between the D700 and D3?)

    • i would also like to add the fact that the pricing of the rumored 7D is way too expensive around 1600-1900 $ ( Body only )..D700 is way better ( FF, way better AF, ergonomics, better build quality (better than the 5D M2).

      I guess who cares for a 24 MP camera unless u are interested in making poster size images.My friend has a D3x and hes a sports photographer and he says that his PC in office is full with images .

      I had suggested 2 D3 would have been better than 1 D3x ( Anyway thats the companys problem not his ..hhee)

      One thing about technology i personally feel and advice is that no matter which item use , whether a 100 $ mobile phone or a 8000 $ camera.. the more complicated features are imputed the less durable it is for longer use !
      ( This is my personal view only ..maybe iam wrong here! )

      So D700s iam welcoming you just like i had welcome the D70s ( a great camera indeed)

  • D700x is the obvious, non-debatable priority. D700s may follow later on, or both may be introduced at the same time. As for low-light photography, D700 shines; then for video enthusiasts, D300s may suffice. But, where is Nikon’s affordable hi-res full frame camera, while Canon’s has been blinking its eyes over there?

    • Anonymous Cowherd

      At the moment the D700 and 300s are too close together in price. Launch of the D700s gives nikon a reason to raise the prices of the D700 which is probably stripping sales from the newly launched 300s.

      Ignoring the competition for a moment, Nikon doesn’t need their own cameras competing with one another.

      • Adam

        Hmm, I would prefer if the D300s gets a huge price cut (maybe $300) but that will surely pissed many ppl who got it first, then release the D700s at the current D700 price point and introduce a more expensive D700x priced between the D700s and D3 πŸ™‚

  • X Ray Spex

    Hope it’s the D700s. I don’t really care about more Megapixels but it has to have 1080p (h.264 not MJPEG) to compete with Canon. The 5DmkII is apparently being used on “Reality” TV and on commercials. The Jello effect is fixable and avoidable (especially if you’re shooting product), the time limit on recording is because of the file format of the card not the camera. Apart from Hitchcock and wedding/docu who shoots clips longer than the 12 min. (1080p 30fps h.264 .MOV) of the 5DmkII? Canon (and Sony) don’t want to cannibalize their camcorder sales and will have to limit their innovation (does the A850 even have a Movie mode?). Nikon could dominate this market, and if they want to make their competitors wet themselves, they would pump the Live View (pre compression) out over HDMI simultaneously. There are already devices that will take the HDMI feed from a camcorder (almost an uncompressed signal) convert it to a codec like Apple’s ProRes and record it to disk/cards. This would resolve most of the workflow issues currently with the 5DmkII, absolutely thrill indie’s, and flood eBay with Canon product. This might even cause RED some concern. Even in the wedding/documentary market, a D700s would give you beautiful B-Roll with beautiful DOF when you’re not shooting stills with an amazing FX camera (with the “s” improvements). I hope Nikon do this so I don’t have to go Cannon on future projects.

    • “Apart from Hitchcock and wedding/docu who shoots clips longer than the 12 min.”

      Well, since you asked, I shot rock concerts and classical music concerts and found it rather bothersome that the video on my Nikon D90 would cut out after 5 minutes, especially if the song or piece only went for 30 seconds longer. . . I agree that 12 minutes of shooting should be more than adequate for most purposes but, so far. . . Nikon only gives us 5. That is *one* of the reasons that I decided to sell my D90 the other day although I am hanging on to my D300 for the time being. I kind of “swapped” my D90 body for a kit of two Pentax 67 cameras with a 75mm, 105mm, 135mm macro, 200mm and a bunch of accessories. Got a bit nostalgic. πŸ™‚

  • Jkilroy

    Huge mistake on Nikons part if this is the case. The 5D Mk2 is selling better and the D700 price is dropping faster, who is winning that battle. Nikon is loosing market share to Cannon in that bracket. Sony has nothing to loose in this fight, they can only take market share from the two leaders.

  • M

    I think, that D700x may be based on other image sensor than this known from D3x.
    It’s probably, that Sony sells 24mp sensor to Nikon for a very high price (afair, S claimed that they will not sell 24mp sensor to any other company). The price may be similar to the price of whole A900. Sony rather want to built their own market, than support Nikon. Yes, I know it’s different chip than this known from A900, but it’s probably based on its structure.
    Therefore we have to wait for a good quality sensor from other manufacturer than Sony. We have to remember, that almost for sure D3/D700 sensor comes out from fabs other than Sony’s.
    It’s quite probably to me, that it will be fine-tuned 12MP sensor, stretched to 17-18MP. It also may be a component to build new “D3H”.

    BTW, i think 18MP FF will (would) be fine.

    Just dreaming…

  • Alex

    If it were down to Nikon’s regular routine. We wouldn’t have a D700 update yet. We would have a D4 with the D3x sensor first. We would also have a D90 size camera with the D700 sensor. Then next year the D3x/D4 sensor would wind up in a D800. I don’t think Nikon can afford to keep this predictably slow pattern going.

  • D700x sensor will outresolve both of the 24-120mm Nikkors, VR or older, especially at the corners. That’s why we see a new design, compact 24-135mm VR all-purpose quality gem on the roadmap. I wish D700x comes bundled with this hopefully-sharp lens. Though 12mp may be even more than what most photographers need, it’s still not enough for landscapes or cityscapes. Nothing compares a high definition image with crisp details and acuity. While D3x is too bulky and financially out of reach except for high-volume studios.

  • jml

    How do we know that the D700S will not have a 24mp sensor?
    could have both video and a 24 mp sensor

    • Sergey Shandar

      Usually, S means minor upgrade and no megapixels count change. For example:

      D2X => D2Xs
      DH => D2Hs
      D300 => D300s
      D70 => D70s

  • Alex

    Nikon has a history of using X to denote a higher megapixel count. There isn’t much of a history of using S. But S on D300s meant no change in resolution, but added video. I don’t think the suffix X would rule out any video features. I think video will happen either way. If it does have 24mp, I would expect it to be called D700x or D800.

  • Ronan

    ‘D700s’ it’s a MUST HAVE to compete with the latest FF DSLR.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be one of those switching to canon if they don’t have something comparable to the 5D MKII.

    You can argue pixels don’t matter, or the video is useless, but for the same cost why would I not take the more developed camera?

    I’ve been waiting a long time to upgrade from my D80, I hope the wait was worth it.

  • Emile

    I would like to point out that for the semi-pro and pro users that need high mpix, not only the new body/sensor combo is an issue. 24 megapixels demand a LOT more from lenses than 12: Lenses become noticeable less sharp wide open, it becomes apparent that the edges are not so sharp and for the older primes CA and loCA become quite disturbing. This is why I think a lot of lens upgrades are necessary to be released before or at the same time a new body is introduced. I hope nikon is making a smart move and does that. For the semi-pro users we need a HQ long range zoom, and for the pro’s we need new primes.

  • What feature is now missing on D700 relative to the latest FF DSLR? HD Video & high resolution sensor. Well, D700x will be the answer for both, and it needs urgency for obvious reasons. Can you show me anyone who will not be happy from such a product? Maybe:
    1- D700 ISO 25600 are cleaner than that of D700x even downsampled. I don’t need extra resolution, but low light performance is my priority. (Then get or keep the D700.)
    2- I want to shoot video at ISO 25600. (Do it with D700x. Noise is not a concern at 2mp frame.)
    3- I want to shoot video, but a D700s would be a little cheaper. (If you can’t afford, get the D300s which is better than you may need.)
    4- I want both the ultra low-light ability of D700 & shoot video in occasion (Well, hope Nikon may launch a niche-product to be called D700s)
    5- Everything is fine, but the price of D700x (Nikon can’t afford to position it wrong. The main income will be from new lens sales)

  • King of Swaziland

    If it’s a D700s and no D700x, then Nikon marketing and R&D have their heads up their posteriors. 5D mk II is selling buckets because of the resolution, not the video.

    • Jkilroy


  • tibor

    I also really would like to see a “FX Squared sensor” in a Nikon body who uses regular FF lenses :

    24-24mm sensor
    16 BIT
    Auto Multiexpo modes-stitching
    Pano Stitching.

    This would be the perfect digital Hasselblad from Nikon, who’s AF & Flash system are king.

    • Mark


      I think that is a great idea, in fact, Nikon can just offer an FX camera that offers three formats. The camera can offer 3:2, 5:4, and 1:1.

      I’d buy that for a dollar!

      : )

  • Ronan

    This is whats going to happen (from a marketing point):

    D700s to replace D700. It will be a bit faster and have video.
    D700x for a cheaper high MP, FF camera.

    It’s only logical to replace the D700 since its already oudated compared to the other DSLR in its category (aka it lacks video).

    D700x will come in 6-12 month.

    • Jkilroy

      A D700, like we have today, with 24mp, will not be up to snuff in a year. Hate to say they will probably loose me to Canon before that happens, why go with a company that is always playing catch-up? And costs more money?

      • Ronan

        Nikon is always ahead of Canon, not sure where your information is from.

        Do a little bit of research and you’ll see.

        And yes, D700x will be around in 6-12 month, again do some research and you will see why.

        Doesn’t anyone do research before posting crap anymore??

        • Ronan

          Oh and i love the ‘but but but Canon has more MP!!!! Q_Q’

          They can keep their high MP, ill keep my ‘low’ MP that has sharper, cleaner high iso images.

          If high MP is your thing, go medium format and stfu.

          The amount of Canon shooters i see at events that cry on my shoulder because i’m shooting at higher ISO with a MUCH cleaner images than them, makes me laugh. 20+MP is useless if its full of noise.

          Theirs a BIG difference between stats looking good on paper and real world usage. Thats why Nikon is #1 for pro shooters (unless you do sport, gotta love those primes).

          • This i

            I’m not talking about technical ability in any real sense but in terms of marketing ability. Nikon is playing catch up to Canon’s market share. Its not likely that Sony will only take market share from Canon, or somehow push people to Nikon. This is about the long term viability of the company to stay in a position to compete. They are already buying sensors from Sony.

            Both Canon and Sony have a much easier time weathering a bad economy. Now is not the time to be timid with marketing. If the market wants a canon 5d mk ii competitor then waiting on it is probably not the best idea. It seems to in that the D700 was released later at a higher price and has already dropped below the 5D price, thats supply and demand. Don’t believe the “build a better mousetrap” bs, its all about marketing.

          • Anthony

            Almost nobody makes end use of high-mpixel images at 100%. For prints and especially for online use (which is what most people today target), you effectively scale way the heck down. Scaling reduces the effective visibility of noise (and blur, for that matter). The real quality comparisons would be between a D700 @ 12mpixel and a 5DII 21mpixel shot *scaled* to 12pixel, or better yet, both of them scaled to a size that actually gets used.

  • Gary feldman

    D700x !!!!!

    Nikon is on the verge of catching a ‘Beat Down’!!

    If the 7d shows even decent high ISO performance, It will be a sad day for nikon.
    8fps @ 14 bit(no grip), 18mp, improved af, 1080 video/manual controls.

    Every nikon sportshooter will consider this camera @ $1600.
    And if they make the switch, imagine all the sales of 300 2.8’s, 400 2.8’s etc.. That nikon looses.

    We need the D700x with 1080/24p video @24mp NOW!!

    • Whatever

      No serious sports shooter is going to care a whit about video. Besides which it’s basically useless do to lack of a serious autofocus capability.

      • Gary feldman

        Every sportshooter I know uses 1 center point/servo… Shoots for focus rather than composition.. Then crops for composition.

        Btw.. It has a double cross center point.

        Have u ever used 51pts to track a 4.4/40 yd. Reciever?? Don’t work!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody wants to see 14-24 full frame video!?!?!

    • Gary feldman

      14-24 1080p video shouldn’t be Legal!!

  • Henrik

    I would you like to see a full frame camera in a smaller package than D700 and less weight (yes I can trade away full coverage of the viewfinder for a smaller camera). The reason for full frame is that I already have nice FX wide angle lenses from my film days and that I love to use them (use them on DX as well).

    For me I would rather take 6M sensor and even better low light performance than todays D700 instead of the 24M that “everybody” in this forum just must have or they will switch from Nikon…

    Don’t get me started on movies och live view, what is up with that? I already have enough of sensor dirt problems as it is! remove those “features” and cut the prices instead.

    • Henrik


  • Dennis

    i Run a landscape photography business. I was looking at medium format cameras, but they are way to expense. If Nikon carnt release a 20mp+ camera buy christmas, they cannon have my money, simple as they. Its been a year now since the mkII, and Nikon has nothing to compete MP wise. If i did sports or low light work, then fine, i would pick up a d700 tomorrow. Bu i need the mp for my large prints. Ive got $15k in my account for a new full frame high res camera and lenses. If Nikon carnt deliever it, then Cannon take my money.

    • Henrik

      Why not use a medium format film camera instead? or if you would like to use your current Nikon lenses a F6? πŸ™‚

    • Gordon

      Exactly, I see a tonne of landscape photographers moved to the 5D Mk II if they didn’t already have the 1DsMkIII, Nikon is ignoring this popular segment of photography and losing out in a big way. The D3X unfortunately is not an option for many photographers.

    • WoutK89

      15K buys me: D3x, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 if thrown into one buy, they probably wont hesitate to give a little discount on the price πŸ˜‰ So what is missing in this set for you?

    • Mike

      “Run a landscape photography business. I was looking at medium format cameras, but they are way to expense. If Nikon carnt release a 20mp+ camera buy christmas, they cannon have my money, simple as they. Its been a year now since the mkII, and Nikon has nothing to compete MP wise. If i did sports or low light work, then fine, i would pick up a d700 tomorrow. Bu i need the mp for my large prints. Ive got $15k in my account for a new full frame high res camera and lenses. If Nikon carnt deliever it, then Cannon take my money.”

      What on earth are you talking about? Haven’t you heard about the D3x? If you were looking at medium format, than the D3x will be a bargain for you. D3X plus 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 VR II will get you within your $15,000 budget. In current CDN dollars anyway.

      Do people really think Nikon will stop at 12mp for full frame? These two sensors are their first attempts at digital full frame. If you haven’t noticed, Nikon and Canon flip flop in leading technology all the time. The 5D Mk I was around for 3 years and people were complaining it was getting long in the tooth eventhough it had no challengers. Then the D3/D300/D700 were released in succession and Nikon seemingly could do no wrong. Canonites were pining for the D3/D700 low light abilities. One for Nikon. Then Canon released a higher MP 5D Mk II with video. A nice return salvo by Canon. Suddenly all of Nikon land starts pouting that their penis, er uh, I mean their camera has become inferior to Canon and Sony (Admin; that is a medical term). Nikon’s 12mp bodies are briliant cameras period. I would actually like to see all these whiners jump ship to the Canon or Sony side. These forums would suddenly be a more rational and calm place.

      For low light shooters (I’m in this camp), it’s hard to beat the D700/D3’s abilities. Yes the D3x is more than most shooters could ever afford, but there are options. Dump all your Nikon gear for another brand, only to envy what Nikon releases later on, or adopt a 2 system kit. Sony/Canon high MP for landscape, and what-ever-you-currently-have Nikon for low light.

      I don’t think Sony has implemented video in their DSLRs yet for one reason; canibilzation of their video camera line. Why let thier customers streamline? They also want to be taken seriously right now as far as photography goes, so video ability in their DSLRs doesn’t fit for the time being. Right now Sony is buying their market share. Their lens prices are in line or slightly higher than their competitors, but their bodies are subsantially less. Their motive is pretty transparent.

      Nikon and Canon meanwhile will continue to leap frog each other in what ever technology is current. I have confidence in Nikon that when they release the next generation (D4/D800 ?) they will again silence the critics and make other brand users a little bit envious.

      Lastly, I’m hoping for a D700s. Not necessarily for video, but for the dual card slots alone. Video is bonus for the home video clips I take of my son and (7 weeks to go) baby II. I don’t expect I will be shooting feature films with it but for capturing life’s precious moments, it beats having a dedicated video camera.

  • GSpot

    Nikon HAS to come out with a new FF sensor camera, that’s around 3k to compete with Canon and Sony. Need more proof on why this HAS to happen, and soon?


    • Alex

      you know the 7D is not FF, right? But your point is still valid. Sony A850 at around $2k with 24.5mp…. still no video on the Sony FF cameras though.

      • GSpot

        I realize, but my point is Nikon’s competitors are releasing various cameras around 20mp, w/HD video for much less than the D700 with less mp and no video. I know that the low light performance is stellar but most dont use it. I don’t care about video either, but Nikon has nothing to compete with those cameras. The average Joe will just look at functionality, mp, mp, etc. not low light performance, etc. Nikon HAS to up the mp on the D700 and add video just to compete, and they also have to do it at a comparative cost. The D700s makes no sense, at all, unless there’s a lot more mp included.

        • Mike

          I don’t think the average joe is looking to spend $2000-$3000 on a camera. The average joe looks to spend an average price like $500-$800 on an SLR type camera. The average joe will balk at a $2000 camera that doesn’t come with a lens. The average joe will not want to spend another $500 for a lens to use on a $2000 camera. Just my thoughts. I think the people who are looking at that price range are either invested into their systems or at least know what their getting and that MPs aren’t the end all be all.

  • Mike

    i cant wait for the d700s. i just sold my t1i and was hoping canon would have come out with a cheaper full frame to the 5d mark ii. i only have a couple of canon lenses left, but i cant wait to sell them to come to nikon side.

  • Rangefinder Bob

    The D3X sensor is Sony made. Nikon is asking around $7-8K for its 24MP camera. Sony is coming out with 2nd FF 24MP camera at $2,000, and conceivably at around $1800 in the not-too-distant future. Certainly, if the rumor is accurate and no D700X this year, it can’t be the cost of the sensor that is the cause.

  • Gordon

    Nikon recently was awarded the 2009-2010 EISA Award for the D3X for best professional camera, why would Nikon squander this recognition and not make use of it’s superb 24MP sensor again in a smaller body? There is still a megapixel war going and Nikon are way behind the eight-ball.

    Nikon bodies 12MP or less: 8
    Nikon bodies >12MP 22MP: 1

    Canon bodies 12MP or less: 4
    Canon bodies >12MP 22MP: 0

    Canon is ahead of the game already with two cameras with 15.1MP sensors and another two with 21.1MP. Nikon only has one very high end camera to compete with these and that is the D3X. It would be a huge mistake of Nikon to release another camera with only 12MP sensor now, video is only a secondary function for a stills camera, they need more high MP offerings because one is not enough for Nikon’s entire line-up.

    Delaying a D700X another year would be extremely poor marketing decision, by then they’ll be playing catch up to their competitor’s two year old camera and then it would be too late. Sony is already biting at their heals, a D700s now instead of a D700X would make all they’ve done over the last two years be in vain if they are just going to play safe again. A D700X now would show Nikon are serious about stills photography, a D700s to me spells panic by Nikon Execs.

    • Adam

      lol, oh and if Nikon doesn’t release a D700x this year means Nikon are not serous about still photography? PLS! Thats utterly ridiculous, You already stated that the D3x won awards, don’t you think Nikon wants the same thing for their D700x? It will come just not this year.

      And Canon having 15mp on their APS-C is not great, in fact it is worse, the 40D scores better high ISO result then their 50D, so Nikon doesn’t really need to increase their APS-C MP, look the D90 is considered as the best low-light APS-C DSLR, even the 50D which is newer doesn’t manage to topple it even with a higher MP count.

      • WoutK89

        And now they even think, if the specs are right, to launch a 18 MP 7D, with 8fps (14 JPEG/15 RAW), this will be the joker of the year award, if they think they can squeeze 18 MP on an APS-C sensor

        • Anthony

          Remember that the APS-C class of sensors is just that, a class not a size spec. Nikon crop-frame sensors are 1.5x FOVCF relative to classic 35m. Existing Canon crop-frame sensors are 1.6xFOVCF. Today’s rumors are that the 7D will push the FOVCF to 1.45, the largest they can go without general vignetting using EF-s lenses. The sensor area would then very roughly match the pixel count increase relative to the 50D, so an improvement in basic sensor tech, and/or a DIGIC V processor, could feasibly take noise back to the 40D level or better.

      • Luke


        if Nikon D3x won awards in PRO series, also Canon won awards in semi-pro (advanced amateurs) cameras with 5D2 … that should suggest Nikon something .. if the drop in selling units already did that!

      • Anonymous

        It comes down to priorities, I can’t see how adding a gimicky video mode to an existing model is progressing their SLR range. There would be far more chance of people willing to upgrade/cross-over to a D700X then a D700 with video mode, heck how many existing Nikon owners would be willing to just add a D700X to their kit instead of replacing? I know I’d be willing to add one and make it my primary camera.

        A lot of landscape photographers have already moved to Canon for either the 1DsMkIII or 5DMkII for the extra detail and resolution, Nikon needs another body that offers high-resolution besides the D3X.

        • Adam

          yeah we know, it will come in time. We can wait and stop bitching bout how Nikon NEEDS to create a D700x. Now let us all grab a kit kat or something πŸ™‚

        • Anthony

          Don’t assume that the target market for a D700 follow-up is entirely pros who already have a D3 or something. Video appeals to a wide enthusiast market.

          Also why would Nikon care if someone added a D700x to their set of gear compared to replacing some existing body with it? Either way they sell a body.

          • Gordon

            I wouldn’t see it squarely aimed at pros but I think many enthusiests would look at it as well.

            Nikon wouldn’t care if someone was adding to their set of bodies but I can see more sales coming Nikon’s way from a D700X release then a D700s.

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