New versions of Nikon Transfer and ViewNX

Nikon ViewNX 1.4.0 and Nikon Transfer 1.5.0 now available for download (US link).

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  • NV

    wow new application

  • NikoDoby

    Good because my Nikon ViewNX was really starting to act up on me !!!

  • Ben

    It still ONLY supports 32bit OS.

    • Jason

      That’s disappointing – It’d be nice to be able to update to a 64-bit OS without losing one of my most used applications

      • rciu

        If you run ViewNX in admin mode on Vista 64bit, it will resolve any problems.

    • mape2k

      I am using ViewNX on a 64-bit machine and so far i had no problems.

      • Biziclop

        Good for you because I did. I had to add ViewNX to DEP exception list otherwise it crashed on me all the time. I had no such problem with a 32 bit OS…

        • Mikeg76

          Never had a problem with ViewNX on XP64 thus far.

  • Incognito

    When is nikon going to realize they need to release a raw codec for lightroom? I would pay $200 just to have nikons jpet settings imported into the raw files of lightroom for my weddings!

  • retox

    totally unrelated but what the hell…

    Sounds like built-in HDR-type processing on 2 new Sony p&s cams. Very cool. I love well-done HDR’s – would be a great future DSLR feature for Nikon.

    “The speed of the Exmor R CMOS sensors allows the capture of six separate images in less than a second and Sony’s Bionz processor then combines the shots into a single image with enhanced detail and noise reduction.

    The result, Sony said, is the ability to capture highly detailed low-noise images of scenes with “no more than candlelight – without flash or the need of a tripod.”

    The DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 also feature Sony’s Sweep Panorama capability which uses 10fps burst shooting to horizontally or vertically sweep the full dimensions of wide or tall subjects to create a single image comprised of a collage of consecutively shot frames that are automatically stitched together in the camera.

    The TX1 and WX1 Cyber-shot models can take up to 185- and 256-degree panorama shots, respectively, with one press-and-sweep motion. The resulting ultra-wide horizontal image size measures 7,152 by 1,080 pixels.”

  • Anonymous

    It has so not begun on that one. Where is my Capture NX update??? I want a real app.

    • Jon Paul

      It began a couple of years back with Lightroom.

  • John

    Downloaded this version and imediately removed it. Went to do a NEF convert to tiff and the tiff image was just a few kb’s in size. It should have been 34mg.

  • D300 firmware update anyone?

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with the current version?

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t install it at all. Weird. My info page says I’m still running vers 1.1 of both programs.

  • Andreas Berglund

    Sounds to me that this is an indication that the D300s (and D3000) are very close to shipping. My dealer told me they expected the D300s in 2 weeks or so, and it says august on the Nikon USA website for availability

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