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  • RIcardiano

    i wanna one noooooow!!!

  • This is , however – not what anybody really really wanted. Nikon – you have selectively marketed your products with a planned gap – so as to best capitalize on our loyalty to the brand.

    Granted 5dmk2 has issue – but it really trumps anything Nikon offers at the moment.

    Nikon Owner.

    • David

      Disagree with a comment re: 5DII. 3.9 fps????? I won’t pay $2500 for a camera with 3.9fps.

      • RIcardiano

        Is 21 MPX camera… you pay $2500 for a camera of 21 MPX and full frame

        • Michael

          Great.. all the resolution– combined with all the noise. Try ISO 6400 on a 5DMKII– No thanks.

          • namphamq

            actually, the 5DM2 even with all it’s megapixels still beat out the D700 at noise. ANd yes I’ve tried both.

            D90 shooter

          • STJ

            Most tests only say they are more or less equal with respect to high iso… However, that it should “beat” everything in the Nikon lineup is maybe true for Woodrow, but I take pictures and not video and my preference is inverse….

        • Ryan

          ya? and nikon offers a full frame 25 MP caamera… your point?

      • Marc W.

        Not everyone is making home movies with single frames from their DSLR. Do you shoot sports? Do you use 6-8fps?

        • yrsued

          I shoot at Full FPS every time I cover a Sporting Event!!

          In September I’ll be di]oing it every day for 15 days straight!!

    • zzddrr

      I second your thought s on the 5DII Woodrow. I am still trying to wake up. It’s like a bad dream, I just cannot believe that after 2 years, all Nikon can do is to add the video that does not even match the 5DII. Are these people insane? For crying out loud, at least match that one. I understand that there are quite few who is interested in playing with video on a DSLR but on a “pro” style camera for many is not priority.

      No question about it, I guess I am not the only one who is very disappointed.

      • bigmouth

        I think video function is something Nikon will have a harder time to compete. Nikon simply don’t have the tradition and expertise to implement good video functions. On the other hand, Canon and Panasonic are experts in HD video cams. So we will likely to see Nikon to fall behind on this area.

        • zzddrr

          bigmouth, you are absolutely right.

          Look, what’s really interesting is that Sony did not put Video in its DSLRs although Sony does have professionals in that area. I think Nikon should let the Video alone in DSLRs and if it really want to add this to image capturing then they should develop the concept from the ground up. That is because the current DSLRs designs are based on the notion of still image capturing.

          It’s like you have an Airplane and you decide to make some minor modifications on it to add the functionality of a submarine.

    • STJ

      The 300s can never be a Canon 5II killer – it’s not FX! Wait for the Nikon 700(s/X/?) – now if that hasn’t got full HD video, >5min recording and manual video – THEN I’ll be pretty dissapointed. That said – if it has the D3X sensor and 5fps my smile might just come back on my face 🙂

      • zzddrr

        How long do loyal Nikon users have to wait for it?

        2 years and Nikon just added a crappy video functionality. I mean, if these morons at Nikon just created a dedicated VSLR line….

        Let’s call it VSLR!
        Basically a dedicated video camera so you can use all your Nikon lenses but with real performance. Not like the jelly dispenser D90. Now that would have satisfied everyone. But I guess that the D300s will be a best seller for the Star Wars Kids.

        I mean, I tend to feel that either Nikon is deaf or the effectiveness to listen to its customer is equal with nailing jello to the wall … really disappointing.

        • T140Rider

          I don’t give a hoot about the 5DII and its famed video capabilities.
          If I want to shoot video and after shooring still since 1969 I have yet to have the urge I’d buy a proper video camera.
          For the moment, my D2X & D700 are just fine & dandy. The two people I know who have a 5DII are pretty unimpressed with its Video performance. They are experienced Cine/Video cinematographers.

          I am certainly interested in the new lenses but I’d need to see some direct comparisons before I shell out my hard earned $$$. I have the current 70-200 and have not experienced the vingnetting that is supposed to be rampant.

    • Guest

      Agree. New Nikon’s models completely disappointed me. Bullshit. Nothing new. No improvements.

    • pete

      9 AF points using the ame old antiquated design ? please. obviously you’ve never used one.

    • Dude

      I Agree There Is Nothing New In This Camera, I Could Buy A Canon 50D With 16 MXP And 6.3 FPS For $1200 I Mean I Really Would Switch To Canon

      • yrsued


        If you do, sell me all that crappy Nikon Glass for 1/4 of B&H Prices, I’m here

        Heck, Nikon is soooo bad, that 1/8’th is better!!

      • You Really Would Switch To Canon?

        Have at it! Put your money where your mouth is and go buy a 50D!

        • zzddrr

          Don’t be rude Fried Toast. Respect others’ point of view of dissatisfaction of the current Nikon offerings. There is nothing wrong with that. If we wouldn’t have people like Dude who considers to switch to a competitor than try to imagine how much more crap Nikon would throw at us. This concept is called healthy competition.

          • He said it himself that He Really Would Switch. So how is it rude if the competitor has offerings that would satisfy his desires?

          • zzddrr

            The repeated use of exclamation mark indicates that you instract somebody. Now put that in context and it can be interpreted that you sent the person to …..

            Maybe that’s not what you meant but that’s how it came accross.

  • MikeO

    well, NR admin you prob dont remember but I had a d60. sold it for 20$ more than I paid (500), anticipating a better camera to replace it as “entry level”.

    I’m not really impressed. Looks like a dumbed down d5k w/ a built in tutorial. Well, at least this camera has the CMOS sensor and will be better in low light than the d60(at least I hope for 100$ more).

    • Captain

      Sorry to disappoint you Mike but the D3000 has a CCD sensor (probably the same as the D60). The D3000 is a minor upgrade to the D60, not a dumbed down D5000.

      • MikeO

        damn are you serious? i might ahve to cancel and go for the d40 instead now!!!

  • Aussie

    Just ordered the 70-200

    • dB


    • yrsued

      I did the NPS Priority Order, it ships sometime in November!!

  • rad

    I feel that the D3000 will be a success. I think the guide mode is brilliant! P&S users will really benefit from this. If Canon wants to tell the rumored T1, it better have something close to this. The D60 was ok but this patched most of the complaints that consumers had. As for the D300s and the 18-200 Meh. I hope the 70-200 has some of that jesus glass some one talked about to justify the cost.

  • Both the other two N series lenses are up there in price – at around $1800 so the big long lens in the N series costing abt $2400 isn’t that big of a shocker.

    I’ll put myself on the list this week for the 70-200 and the D300s

    But the question is… which is the best list to be on and not just for who gets it first.
    But who has the best “list policies”?

  • JM

    Here are some sample clips from D300s! I don’t own a D90, but looking at the left bottom corner movie (colored buildings at night), the rolling shutter doesn’t look as bad as D90’s. Can anyone else confirm what I’m seeing?

    • zack

      not really true. D90 initial sample footage even better on Nikon website. Note that all shots have locked frame apart from the third one which is a tripod slow pan wide angle shot ( that-s how you ‘mask’ jello anyway)

      • zack

        wanted to say D90 initial sample footage (DMOVIE) WAS even better THAN d300s when it was first announced on the Nikon website so…let’s wait and see. That said, I don’t think they improved at all in that respect.

  • JM

    And by “rolling shutter” I mean the JELLO-effect.

  • Glad i bought the 70-200 on the discount / clearence stock price. Would have been dissapointed if it were a major upgrade, but doesn’t seem so (unless jesus glass is really there).

    no major improvements on none of the equipments. i think they are mostly marketing tools for selling more based on what the marketing says is good for the photography (not satisfying clients real demands).

    • Anonymous

      No major upgrade??
      The design is totally new… It has Jesus glass and it will probably be better than the actual lens.

      • have to see how it performs in practice, if the developments are observable or only on paper….

        • Anonymous

          Yeap. I agree.
          But it’s a major upgrade… now we must way to se if it is worth it.

          • Tim Catchall

            Have you seen the MTF charts? They look incredible. This is a major upgrade for sure.

    • STJ

      It does look like the old one on the outside – but hey! It’s the inside that counts… And I’m no optics genious but it does seem like a completely new optical design. On top of that it has VR II and Nano coating. I cannot help laugh of how many wrote about how crappy the FX performance was on the old one and now how many complain about the price of the new one. 🙂 If is was any less expensive we would have to listen to all those with the old model complain about how is sucks that their precious lens will devaluate – heck we have to listen to that anyhow. Amazing how difficult it is for Nikon to please everybody…. 🙁

  • Alex

    I am not excited either.. I am about the new 70-200. But you can’t compare the D300s to the 5D2. It’s not even the same price. You won’t be able to compare the 60D to the D700x either.
    I like how Nikon uses 24p, instead of 30p… But I am really hoping the D700x will have switchable 24p,25p,30p,50p,60p… with at least 1080p. Then 2160p would be really nice too. And 4K would be the icing on the cake.
    Audio, 2 channel PCM 16 Bit 48Khz minimum! with an available screw-on XLR adaptor with manual controls that interfaces with the camera body.
    I also want Zebra pattern, VU meters, genlock sync, timecode, ergonomic access to iris and zoom and AF in video mode.
    Note to Nikon: This is how to make a 5D Mk2 killer. This is also how to give RED a run for their money. You could make so much money selling accessories if this is worked out during development, and not as an afterthought!

    • Jon Paul

      I was about to say I think what you really want is RED. I think adding everything you listed would push the price out of the range of many potential buyers.

    • STJ

      Maybe you really need a video camera. I for one want Nikon to make DSLR’s and not video comeras, so I think adding video is a step back. And I would prefer not to have Nikon add all that stuff in their cameras which will evidently add to complexity in at least handling and menus if not in the actual picture performance. Seems like what Nikon should do was to make a dedicated videocamera that uses their SLR lenses – how about that?

    • Ken Elliott

      I’m with you on the wish list, but I’d rather they just make a SLR-like video camera. If you don’t have the ability to create still shots, then you’d use a dedicated video chip with huge pixels, so your high ISO performance would be even better than the D3. It would need a true electronic viewfinder and non-rolling shutter. By getting rid of all the still photography stuff, you end up with a true camcorder. Record on SD cards and give me a port with raw 4,4,4 video output, and XLR mike inputs and you’ll have a pretty darn good Red competitor – for a fraction of the price (I hope).

      Remember that both Sony and Canon have camcorder divisions that the still camera division is now starting to compete with. Nikon would be free to create a DX and FX video camera that would fit nicely into their SLR system.

      All the current prosumer camcorders are too small and have bad handling (to me). All the better ones are expensive / very large / incompatible with my lens collection. I think Panasonic is on the right track with their Micro-4/3 system. I’d rather see Nikon produce a camera like that. Perhaps a DX model for most people, and a FX model with pro features (XLR, 4/4/4, etc.)

  • Roger767

    Im a canon shooter (40d), all you guys are disappointed with the D300s i’m impressed with the D300s its way better than the canon 50D. Heck the the old D300 is better than the 50D and that camera is 2 years old.
    1 thing I dont like is that nikons cant shoot fast in 14 bit mode. Canon 50D is 6fps in 14bit. D300s is ONLY 2,5fps in 14bit. Cheaper processor i guess.

    • David C

      I just read the press release. I remember when they were talking about frame rates in the original D300 release, they footnoted that the frame rate was only for 12 bit mode. This press release has no such footnote so I am hoping the rumor was true and the D300s now supports 14 bit and full frame rate. I guess we’ll have to wait and see though…..

      • David C

        I should have said “14 bit WITH full frame rate”. I didn’t mean to imply that the D300 doesn’t support 14bit since we know it does.

      • scott s

        actually there IS a footnote in their presentation material linked on the original thread. The brochure states “Approx. 7 frames-per-second*”. The * is “Continuous shooting speed for 14-bit NEF (RAW) is approx. 2.5 fps.”

      • Jon Paul

        I’m just curious to know if anyone can tell a difference between 12- and 14-bit modes on the D300. I’ve been shooting with it since it came out, 14 months in 14-bit then then the rest in 12-bit, and I haven’t really been able to tell a difference except that the frame rate is stellar since switching. Am I going to regret it later or is it just to save seriously mistaken photos (e.g. underexposed a few stops) or especially tricky white balances?

    • Aussie

      Huh? My D3 can shoots 9 fp/s in 14 bit mode. Not that anyone needs 14 bit.

  • BC

    I think the 300s is just the ticket. I am a pro who recently switched back to Nikon after using the Canon kit since the introduction of the 1Ds.

    I use the D3x and am very pleased. My interest is in new glass.

    A new 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4 is of great interest to me and a replacement for the 28mm f/1.4.

    Shooting video is becoming important in some way and it seems like Nikon would rather do it right (24 FPS versus 30 FPS int he Canon) than rush it.

    I owned the 5D Mark II and was less than impressed with the build quality or the high noise level. Straight away, the Nikon files from the D3 and the D3x are sharper out of the camera than the Canons could ever hope to be.

    I am looking forward to the new glass. It seems to me that Nikon is listening to the needs of their customers not just the wants.

    • Jon Paul

      Amen! Work on glass before video, Nikon. I’m not anti-video, but I’m not going to use it for more than memories.

  • David

    I’m a D300 owner and although its not enough change to make me upgrade, I think its what they need to keep the D300 interesting compared against its competition which I consider to be the 50D, etc (5DMII competes against D700 line, not D300), while they prep a D400, which given Nikon’s history, I would assume is still a ways off, so I think it is exactly what they needed for now.

    I am excited about the Quiet mode, and I’m interested to hear more about the ADL stuff. Are they nearing in camera HDR with the bracketing capability? Also, I didn’t see a reference to this in the announcement, but I think the rumor was that the D300s could handle 14bit at same frame rates, etc that it could handle 12bit. If this is true, this is a big advancement. I don’t use 14bit on my D300 for general shooting because it basically cripples the camera from a frame rate perspective (I know, there are debates about how much pp leeway really gives you over 12bit, and I haven’t been crying too much about being ‘stuck’ in 12 bit, but still cool if it can handle 14bit at full speed).

    The good news also is that in video, there are some advances there, such as autofocus, that should make it into a D700 upgrade, but would agree with the rest, when upgrade to D700 comes, hopefully it will have 1080p, fixed the jello effect, and be configurable to 24fps or 30fps.

    Now onto lenses, glad about the 70-200 but I’m happy with what I have (80-200) so doesn’t impact me. 18-200 is only good if it has a significant boost in IQ that makes it a compelling choice against the 18-105 or 16-85. I would have rather seen VR added to one of their faster lenses like the 17-55, OR revised the 16-85 to make it a faster lens (2.8-4 or 3.5-4.5) although I know the 16-85 is too new to revise at this point (still dissappointed that it is a 4.5-5.6 lens – if it was faster, it would make it a super easy choice over the 18-105 and the 18-200 and fully justify the cost difference – I iknow its probably justified now, but just barely since from what I have read, the 18-105 is pretty decent at $300 less).

    • Jon Paul

      It’s still slower in 14-bit (see above). I’ve shot the 18-105 on a D90, and it’s a pretty impressive lens for the price, and the VR really helps with movie mode handheld. I actually agree with you on putting VR on a shorter, fast lens like the 17-55 instead of updating one that already had it. I guess we’ll see how the new 18-200 performs, though.

  • gurbally

    David, you pay $2,500 for 5DmarkII’s overall capabilities, not for only 3.9 fps.
    I am really disappointed with Nikon. Sold my D300 last month and was waiting for Dx700 and primes like 28mm 1.4 or 35mm 1.4 and updated 85mm 1.4.
    May now go with 5D Mark II because Canon has 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.2 and 135mm f2.

  • JAZK

    I’m was about to buy a D300 but now that D300s is for real i don’t know what to do. I don’t mind about the video, but i do care for an improved noise reduction algorithm on the D300s over the D300. What would you say? Are the minor fixes to the D300s a reason to wait one (maybe 2) months for it to be available in Switzerland? or should i just head to the shop and get the “old” D300??? Thanks!!

    • Jon Paul

      I think it depends on the price difference, your budget, and how you want to use it. I love the D300 and it takes great pictures, but ever since the D700 came out I’ve been wanting to get it because it would make life easier in low light (the price is only $2,350 at Amazon–I know because I check weekly). I’m waiting for a D700s/x to come out to either sway me that way or to drive down the price of the D700.

      If you have something that will work for you for the next few months, I would wait to see what happens to the price of the D300 when the D300s actually comes out (most stores will probably leave it near list price until then knowing most people aren’t avid followers of Nikon announcements). The D200’s price dropped dramatically when the D300 was finally available (from $1500 to $1200 or something), and then eventually took a dive after another 12-18 months–they were available at Best Buy for $600 in April or May of this year.

    • Jon Paul

      Oh, and I forgot to mention about the better noise characteristics. I think the D90 has the same sensor and I’ve used it, too. If you showed me pictures from the D90 side by side with pictures from the D300, I don’t think I could tell you which they were from. But it might be worth waiting for the results at some site that does tests to see if there really is a big difference between the D300 and the D300s. My guess is that you won’t be able to tell a difference (maybe I don’t know what to look for, though).

    • STJ

      I dont know, but I would GUESS that the picture quality is almost the same. The cost of the new 300s will be higher for sure. Ever thought about the 700? Having tried the 300 and the 700 there was no question for me – unfortunately for my bank account….

      • JAZK

        Yes, i am considering as well the D700, and obviously the only thing holding me back is the price. The thing is with the same amount that i would spend on the D700, i could get myself already a nice glass for portraits (what i shoot most of the time). And the main reasons for which i am considering a D300 over a D90 are: weight ( i’m tired of cameras that i weight less than my lenses), toughness, speed (AF). Anyway, i’ll wait and maybe in the meanwhile i convince myself to go all the way to the D700 🙂 (Oh to dream)

  • hero


    The D3000 is the best thing here. We had all the rest.

    • pete

      oh yeah, a 10mp ccd noise-machine is a real winner !

    • Jon Paul

      I was about to say–we’ve seen it all. How is the D3000 substantially different from the D60?

      • hero

        Actually I agree with both of you. I thought it had a new sensor. Now I realize we already had everything they released today.

        I have the 70-200 and it has vignetting issues, but I bought it for $1200, I am not going to buy the new one for 2300 for an easily correctable issue. This is all boring. Video is boring.

        • Jon Paul

          Where did you get the 70-200 for $1200? Now that’s has me interested.

  • joopajoo

    70-200 is just what I need, but not that much difference with bodylineup that I would change my D90 for D300s, I rather wait for the FX successor with video. It will have jello, and other disabilities but if I want videocamera I´ll buy a videocamera. like Panasonic HVX instead. Nikon are not videcameras, and not intented to be, they are meant for shooting photos, plus video on the side. 18-200 is not my favourite lens so nothing interesting in there…

    • Andy

      Uhm. Maybe i am slow, but what is this jello everybody is talking about?


      • zack

        when you shoot video and move your cam, your video looks like it’s been drowned in a jello. Check this example here: (this is due to slow rolling shutter speed)
        It is less visible if you use tripod and super wide angle, but it’s still there.

      • Jello’s what you get when you take pictures of Bill Cosby 😛

        • Hopefully I didn’t just date myself too badly w/ that comment. Half this forum probably has no idea what I’m talkin’ about.

          • ghost

            I think you’re fine, it really wasn’t that long ago that cosby was doing jello commercials.

            Or damn, maybe I’m getting old myself!

  • gurbally

    Jazk, D300s is no great improvement on D300 which I used considerably. Unless you want video, there is little else in D300s which D300 does not offer.

  • 70-200 f/2.8 VRII comes out in November for a retail of $2399.99!

  • photogirl

    So… Nikon brings out FX sized cameras…..

    then leaves us all high and dry…..

    wow. an update to a lens most Full frame users already have. yay.

    • hero

      agreed. its not worth it. Looks like a nice lens, and a good update, but not in replace of some lenses we really do need

    • Bluecow

      What makes you think these are the only products Nikon is coming out with this year? This release is obviously aimed directly at the DX consumer, not the people using full frame. I’m sure sometime in the next 2 months there will be a release that is specifically geared toward FX consumers.

    • How’s a new 70-200 “high and dry?” Not everyone has one and those of us that held off and have been getting by w/ our 80-200s can’t help but be happy 😀

  • Slim

    I’m totally disappointed, but not surprised. From the company that once beat Canon at every turn, now can’t find its butt with a flashlight. I was going to upgrade a D300 to a D300s, presuming that it would have 1080 HD video. The D300s seems only to be an interim camera, until the 4/400 series is introduced. I was also going to upgrade my 70-200 to the newer model. However the “improvements’ don’t justify the price. For every home run Nikon hits, D3, D700, you can expect as many strikeouts. Remember the D2?

    • So you’ve shot w/ the new 70-200 and can verify that it’s not worth the price? You must be pretty high on Nikon’s VIP list.

      • STJ

        Ha ha ha! Seems like that list is long on this forum 🙂 If Nikon gave it a lower price we would have to listen to those who complain about their old lens devaluate.. Actually we already do, but now we also have to listen to this – it’s pathetic with all these complaints. Yeah I would like Nikon to change their bodies to the latest tech for half the cost and add 10 new primes to that… ha ha!

  • Darren C.

    D3000: You have to be kidding me? No live view or auto bracketing on the new low-end model? I sold my D40 in January because it didn’t have those two features. Even some of the better point-and-shoot cameras feature auto-bracketing, and with the popularity of HDR, it’s a must for a digital SLR camera to have. And Nikon didn’t even upgrade the sensor from the D60. We waited more than two years for this?

  • zzddrr

    I still cannot believe …. I guess my comments couple of days ago was right on.

    Lord, please stop Nikon throw more plastic crap at us.

  • Marc W.

    18-200mm Adds one ED glass. Big friken deal, it’s probably as crappy as the old one.

    Now if the 70-200mm doesn’t vignette on FF and the Nano coating helps, that’s nice. But then again it’s $3000.

    D300s? I’ll keep my D700.
    D3000? NO AF MOTOR!?! WTF.

    • Mike

      Where have you been hiding? The D40/40x/60/5000 do not have AF motor. Why on Earth are you suprised (to the point of swearing) that the entry level D3000 would be different? Especially that it uses a 4 year old CCD sensor? If you haven’t noticed, Nikon is gradually going to eliminate AF screw drive motors altogether. Probably 5 years after the last screw drive AF lens has been replaced. CF memory cards too in their higher end models will probably go too. The D50 and D70 had CF. The D40 and D80 went to SD. Now the DX pro body D300s has both… to wean us off CF cards. I wouldn’t be suprised if the D700x or whatever has the same and the D400 has 2 SD card slots.

      • Hey-nonny-mouse

        > Probably 5 years after the last screw drive AF lens has been replaced.

        That’ll be in 2030 then 😉

  • d300s i can not think it will come out in this specs i’m think about real upgrade , something like D400 with real specs. crap cam,,,

  • shivas

    I’m surprised at the D3000 – it looks like an updated D40/D60, I thought they’d at LEAST throw in the CMOS 12 mpx chip – I guess in 2 years now?

    Same sensor as my D200 – lol, at least I’m not TOTALLY antiquated. . .(I think it costs as much as my D200 too, $599!!) Technology cracks me up.

    The D300s does impress – I’ll wait to see what new algorithms they added to noise reduction, but I suspect it’ll be a league above the D90 noise control, probably approaching something like noise control of a D300 ISO 800 at ISO 1600 (2 stops better?)

  • shivas

    so admin, any leaks on 8/4, or is that P&S bonanza?

    I’m holding out on buying a SB-900 for a SB-700 release. . .

  • Mike

    I have a D300 and am hoping there will be a firmware upgrade for it. Things like increase noise supression would be nice, virtual horizon, basically D300s software minus video of course. Hoping, hoping….

    The D3000 would not have been able to get to the price point that it is (I’m guestimating) if it used the 12 mp CMOS. The 10 mp CCD from the D200/80/40x/60 has probably paid for itself many times over and keeps the price low. Any P&S user moving up to a DX sensor’d D3000 will enjoy a huge increase in IQ that it provides.

  • zack

    I bought D90 year ago and was waiting for D400 or at least firmware upgrade to fix the Dmovie capabilities. Non of that arrived. I agree with many who are actually disappointed with this announcement. Nikon, I’d fire that development team if you can’t keep up with the market..

  • zack

    And yes. IT HAS JELLO, the same one as in D90. I’m 99% positive. If it didn’t have they wouldn’t use tripod and super wide angle lens to mask it as in that red-ish night shot pan.

  • zack

    I really don’t see a point of buying 300s, I really don’t. If you wanna buy such a thing, buy a cheaper D90 instead or better wait.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a perfect D3000 user if you think the D90 is at all comparable to a D300 or D300s.

      • Glad there are a few people out there that see there’s a big difference between the D90 & the D300(s).

        • Jon Paul

          I agree there’s a big difference, but not in image quality. You have to decide if the differences matter to you (and to most pros the differences matter).

      • zack

        Well, according to some people whos opinion I respect you’re wrong. I do have D90 and it’s great for what it is. The fact that some pros are saying it matches and even outmatches D300 in performance is enough for that claim to be put on a table so keep your sarcasm to yourself please.

        • I am sorry to bring it up again but KR is not a pro – he is a journalists that right about photography.

  • Zoetmb

    Why do people keep comparing the 5D Mark II, a $2500 body, to the low end and medium models of the Nikon line? It makes no sense. The only fair comparison is to a D700.

    Why do people complain that a D3000 is not what they think a D400 should be? That doesn’t make any sense either. It’s like complaining that a studio apartment doesn’t have four bedrooms. (I would never buy a D3000, but I’d also never live in a studio.) Why would the D3000 have a better spec than the D5000, which costs more and was released only 90 days ago?

    The D700 was released only a year ago. It’s unrealistic to expect an upgrade or replacement before another six months.

    The web creates expectations for new models based on no or the slimmest of evidence and instead based on wish fulfillment with no basis in engineering/marketing reality and then when the manufacturer doesn’t meet the expectation of these pixel peeping fantasies, you feel let down. That is absurd.

    I also feel it causes manufacturers to not take web comments into consideration when planning their product requirements because with so much absurdity, who knows if any comments make any sense?

    There’s now 10 bodies (probably soon decreasing to 7) and 56 lenses (probably soon decreasing to 54) in Nikon’s current lineup (including the newly announced, but still unavailable lenses.) If you can’t find something to shoot with, perhaps photography really isn’t for you.

    • peteris


    • shivas

      true dat!!

    • Jon Paul

      Well said.

    • I second that motion!

    • STJ

      So true – people forget how long the Canon users had to wait from the 5D to the 5DMKII…. THAT was unbearingly long. Now 12months after the D700 we want to have a D700X with 24MPix and 1080p video and and and… for the same price…. Yes I would buy that…. 🙂

      • zzddrr

        There is only one problem with your argument STJ. At that time there were no 24MP Sony at a reasonable price.

        The fact of the matter is that Nikon is taking advantage of its loyal customers who piled up quite few lenses over time and patiently waiting.

        Believe me, if Nikon does not change it will disappear like the dinosaurs. That is because Nikon is not a leader in innovation. There are quite few companies that underestimated the potential of new technologies.

        No question about it, I am disappointed (deeply). Not because of the Video but this new crap they came out with has not much to do with those who actually want to take still pictures with higher resolution.

        It is clear that a bunch of cheap bastards at Nikon decided to come out with something “New” at the lowest possible cost. But it is clear that they were not even innovative. Ok, just look at the CF and SD slots. Well, my guess is that they did not have the guts to remove the CF. So, let’s create more complexity they decided to put both into the damn thing. Results, higher costs due to multiple parts, sourcing, assembling, servicing (because CFs have a higher ratio of failure when it comes to those tiny pins), writing the algorithms etc. Instead of just using 1 or 2 SDHC cards and giving 1 for free with the camera. Nowadays the SDs are very cheap. So, if you think that somebody who shells out close to 2 grands for a camera will be turned down by this move than you are wrong.

        My conclusion is that Nikon did not do its homework to understand its own customers. They have a bunch idiots who gave out pre-announcement cameras 5 days before announcement to the Star Wars kids. Do you think that it is professional? This clearly explains what and how Nikon does. You want to bet, I would not be surprised that in October (or hell knows when this year) they will come out with the D700s. Not D700x! Why, because it is much easier for them screw with an existing crap. I bet we will never see a D700x.

        On the other hand, look at Canon 5DII. They did the homework. They clearly identified the target market, determined the right price point, delivery time, features needed. Then they went back and designed something to meet those requirements. Results, low cost high res camera with fairly decent built (you can’t say that it’s totally crap) at an acceptable price point with features that are ok. Look at Sony’s 900D, again their conclusion was very similar to Canon. Except Sony has to learn a bit more to get it right for the first time, but believe they will at one point. Look at Samsung or Pentax. Very impressive. I would say Nikon has a serious issue here.

        • STJ

          Thanks for the serious comment zzddrr! I’m not at all saying the Canon 5DII is crap – I’m sure it’s really good and with the time Canon spent on it – it should also be pretty innovative. However, when Nikon released the D700 everyone was aved with the iso performance at that cost – ok that was so 2008 I know… 🙂 The latest and greatest is always the best, and after a year the competition has cought up. Better stick to the manufacturer that makes a kamera that feels good to work with. Nikon (typically) sticks to lower res. cameras (typically with good iso performance) and is generally more conservative than Canon, this is generalizations for sure and Nikon was for example first (with a couple of weeks) with Video on a DSLR and now 24Mpix (considerably better quality than Sony). However, Nikon (for me) put the research where it counts like in auto focus system, impressive buid quality and a great user interface. And I dont mean to say that Canon is bad (have had several Canons), I just (personally) think that Nikon does these three things considerably better. It you want the most functions Canon has (generally) always been the better choise – more megapixel, higher res video, more ultra light sensitive lenses (that I don’t want to carry, not pay for). However Nikon has other values… To each his/her choice. Bashing Nikon for being a non-innovative dinosaur is a bit harsh – the 300s has contrast detect autofocus and 7fps – I think these are real improvements. It’s also an “s” model (as could be expected after 2years) and not a D400 which will most likely be a bigger step with: more resolution, better video (1080p 24,25 and 30fps), 2 SDHC cards, double HDR exposure, improved speed with live-view, WI FI and GPS etc etc. I guess everything comes to those who wait a bit. If you want it now – go where the fuctions YOU want are found and be done with it. In 8months when the next Nikon arrives and someone got the Canon 5DII , then someone will complain that Canon is not making a camera with all the new features…

          • Anonymous

            please dont forget both of you that there are some photographers out there….. we are not all of us analist, marketing (freaks), ceos, ………and yes D100 is a fucking great camera and yes again canon D30 ROCKS!!!!!!!!

        • zzddrr

          STJ – I agree with your comment. That is what we call healthy competition. On the other hand, it seems to me that Nikon misjudged the current situation. It is clear, something is missing to connect to its core users … The problem Nikon has right now is more complex than it looks. For example, Many loyal Nikon users waiting for almost 3 years now for a high res Nikon. Yes we got it, but people whose full time job is not photography it doesn’t make much sense to purchase the D3x (at that price). (1) It is simply beyond their range (2) It is big as a Sherman tank. Did Nikon do the homework?

          Of course most Nikon users almost take granted all the goodies such as ergonomics, outstanding AF etc. But this is not their fault, Nikon set the bar high by providing that. This really leads to the chicken and egg question.

          • Jon Paul

            I’m not trying to be rude, but I think it’s only fair to point out that the D300 has the same resolution as the D3x. The pixel pitch is identical, which is why some wildlife photographers won’t give up their D300 even with the D700 out. The D300s doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

          • zzddrr

            Excellent point Jon Paul. I admit I quite missed that.

            Having said that, the above fact clearly illutrates that the technology is available for a lower cost 24MP FX. (As Canon and Sony illustrated). This makes me conclude that Nikon is too greedy and it’s milking it’s most loyal customers. People are not stupid competition is increasing so one day Nikon finds itself in deep trouble.

          • Jon Paul

            You may be right.

          • STJ

            We’ll have to wait and see. Mr. Thom Hogan has said he believes in a 700x this fall, that is not long to wait if one is in the business for a cheaper high res alternative to the canon 5DMkII. Thom sais a lot of stuff ,but he really seems to insist on this one and he has been right before. Personally I’ll like “when” NR admin puts the D700x at 99.9% in September – right admin 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Amen. 🙂

            My bet is that Nikon will take the easy way in the autumn.

            D700s – Same as the D700 + Video + SD/CF slots

            What do you think?

          • Jon Paul

            That seems like the most likely release, and I’ll get it if that’s what comes, but the uncertainty is what will keep me coming back here. 😉

  • rad

    How many readers on NikonRumors were actually going to buy something? Everyone I have herd whine about not having a Nikon Killer for the 5D MKII has no intentions of buying it anytime soon. So why whine about it? By the time you actually have the money and intentions of buying something like this, Nikon will have it and it will kick its A$$. These are nothing more that the same whiners who complained about Nikon not having a 5D MKI body for a while. What happened? The D700! I would put my D700 against any 5D MKII any day. So stop whining. The equipment you want will be there when you actually will have money for it and want to buy it. If not switch already and stop whining. In the mean time go photograph something and enjoy what equipment you do have. (Same goes for glass!)

    • Jimmy

      I have money to buy either the D90 or the D300s. I have waited until the real announcement. But I can’t see paying nearly 2x for the 300s versus the D90 with the released D300s specs. I shoot for fun, not money. Who here can convince me to buy the 300s instead of the D90??

      • zack

        No one with a right brain to start with. D90 when it came out beat D300 according to many reviewers. What have we got now, D300 with a D90 software+AF in video mode and that cost twice the money? NO thanks.

      • Jon Paul

        Not me if you’re shooting for fun, and maybe not even if you’re shooting for money. You have to ask if you can make up the difference with the D300s over the D90, and I think most people would have to answer no. There are some exceptions, though. I shoot weddings and need to be able to adjust settings quickly because things happen fast and they happen once. If I shot sports I would also be looking for higher frame rate than the D90 (though 4.5 fps on the D90 is nothing to sniff at, either) and the better AF system of the D300/D300s. It’s also nice not to worry so much if your camera gets caught in the rain with you, but most people shooting for fun won’t care much about that. If none of that is making you have second thoughts, I don’t think the D300/D300s is worth the difference.
        The D90 is a fun camera and a stellar deal. I’d go with that.

      • Go borrow a friend’s D200/D300/D700 and go shoot for a day with it. Or rent one if you can. Then go spend a day w/ a D80/D90. Come back and tell us that the D90’s a better camera.

        Personally, I’d take a single D300 over a pair of D90s.

        • zack

          I disagree. I’d go for D300 only if I shoot sports and I don’t.

          • Jimmy

            I don’t shoot sports either but I do carry a camera on hikes, backpacking, flyfishing, etc. and the lighter weight of the D90 is a big factor to me. I am going to spend the difference in money between the D90 and 300s and buy a new ultrawide angle zoom like the 10-24.

        • Jon Paul

          I usually agree with things you say, FT, but I don’t think it’s right to say that the same thing is right for everyone. No one is arguing that the D90 is the same camera or has the same features, but it still might be better for things that some people do, especially if they can use the difference to buy a nice lens to go with it. I’d take a D90 and a couple of good primes over the D300 and a kit lens.

    • Mike

      Amen! Mercedez has 4 cup holders, BMW has 6. I’m getting a BMW. Oh wait, I can only drink one cup at a time. Oh wait, I can’t afford either. Mercedez and BMW both suck. I’m getting an Audi. But can only afford a 1/32 scale model. Harumph.

      • STJ

        Ha ha ha!

  • peteris

    we all would like a better cameras, sure, but we all would like better pictures at the end. I cannot understand all this lament. If we are serious about photography we just go and shoot with a right tool for us. If the one you own isn’t sufficient – go for other, otherwise take nice pictures and don’t worry. If you are just gear collector then put it on a shelf and be happy. Do you think 10-12 Mpix difference really matter (especially for beginners)? Do you think you need new body each year? Do you think it’s possible for Nikon to push out revolutionary technology each half a year? We could worry about Nikon’s not so strong marketing capabilities to catch DSLR newbies with some entry-level models though.
    Of course, not all is ideal on Nikon side, but Nikon have many nice things and others (Canon, Sony etc.) have their own gaps too. We know that D300 is already very good camera. And if you need what it can deliver you cannot find comparable one on Canon side (same for 5D2 too). Just stop whining.
    Need all D300 owners upgrade to 300s? – sure no. But what about all D200/D80 owners? – o, it’s more likely. And we can admit that Nikon need something new in these market segments.
    I suppose new 70-200 will be much better for FX. I owned 18-200 for some time too and zoom creep was very annoying.

    • STJ

      I actually find it cool that people compare the 300s with the Canon 5DMKII – a camera that is much larger, is full frame and cost much more. Thats not bad at all – guess what will happen when the D700X arrives 🙂

      • peteris

        actually I not compare D300 with 5D2, these are so different beasts. Although we as customers compare.

        • STJ

          I know – I agree with your comments – (sorry if that was not clear) – I actually thing you nailed the argument correctly!

  • Rich

    Kenmore Camera in Kenmore, Wa is taking pre-orders as well! They are one of the largest camera stores in Washington State!

    • STJ

      Thanks! My lokal shop in Zürich (that is Switzerland) is doing that too! 😉

  • shivas

    woah, just read the D300s has AF WHILE recording in video function??


    (and better than any other dSLR out there, no? I don’t think mk2, d90, d5000 do that?)

  • Brian

    I dont understand why people click on the “dislike, do not post again”.

    These updates have a lot of good info. Is it just Canon user that click on the “dislike”?

    • BrianO

      I think the meaning of that vote is a bit ambiguous to some people. I’m betting the ones who clicked “dislike” actually dislike the specs of the cameras rather than the post itself.

    • Because on the internet, people w/ lots of time on their hands have nothing to do but complain.

  • eee
  • John C

    Great coverage Admin – both leading up to the announcement and as it happened. Nice job. The most recent post is a little misleading though. “Notify me when available” isn’t the same as a preorder. Anyone know when to expect the ability to submit real preorders? I just want to type in my CC info and be assured of getting one of the first 70-200’s to arrive in a store without having to check back constantly. Any chance B&H or Adorama will have that within the next few days for a lens that doesn’t hit the shelves till November? Is one or the other better in any way in terms of preorders? Thanks.

    • Thanks! I think the 70-200 release date is few months away and that’s why we don’t see any pre-order options. Stay tuned – I will post when the lens becomes available.

  • grumps

    Hugely dissappointed bar one!
    The 70-200mm VRII is the only good thing to come from this announcement.

  • Steven

    Get a cheap used D300 and put the D300s firmware to it and youre done! (if it is compatible)

  • John Dosy Doe

    hmmm, so when will the price of a new D300 drop, right now they are listed at the same price as the expected D300s.

    • Jon Paul

      The D200 dropped within a month of the D300 release.

  • Astrophotographer

    Anyone noticed Nikon’s published MTF charts for the new 70-200. Looks like they improved FX performance at the expense of DX.

    • Did DX users ever have any issues w/ the 70-200mm VR? If not, then this release would slot the DX & FX users perfectly. The 70-200 VR drops in price (or is eliminated in which case used lenses can be found for cheap) and the 70-200 VR II made-for-FX props up the D3/D700/D3x crowd. Seems like a win-win to me.

    • STJ

      Now that really is speculation beyond reasonable limits…

  • I have the 70-200 which I use on my D700’s. Can anyone tell me why I would sell the current 70-200 for the new one. If it’s purely down to the vignetting I’ll stick with what I have but if there are other benfits I’m all ears…..

    • grumps

      You wouldn’t unless you felt like it wasn’t good enough for what you need.
      That makes sense right?

    • shivas

      i think it’s purely that, and “optimized” AF to work in concert with the newer 3D AF systems on the D300s, D700, D3, D3x. . .so, in essence, you’ll noticeable improvements, but to what extent, who knows.. . .

      I’m not sure about someone’s comments on reducing DX performance on it though. . .especially judging from a MTF chart. . .that seems to be impossible to do, no?

  • Bluecow

    Well I think the lack of groundbreaking improvements to the D300s convinced me that an upgrade to the D700 is more worth it now. I know the D300s is only an incremental upgrade in their product line and not a full fledged upgrade, but I think the only people that it targets are people who don’t already have a D300 and also have a lot of DX lenses. I’m not sure who else the D300s targets.

    I’m coming from D70s actually (yes, it’s old I know) and I was looking to upgrade to something more in the advanced amateur/pro bodies. For $550 more than the D300s you can get virtually all the same features or better (unless you care about video and the quiet mode I think) and full frame. I think the D300s just shows how good of value the D700 is. Now if/when a D400 comes out, things may be different. The only downside is if you have a lot of DX lenses, but I don’t so a transition would be easy.

    • rad

      Do IT. The D700 is my absolute favorite camera ever. I was in the same boat as you and i didn’t look back

      • Agreed. The D700 is a serious piece of kit. LOVE mine.

    • STJ

      D700 – go go go!

  • Gary

    I agree with Bluecow. If someone is serious enough, and has enough money, to pay $1800 for the D300s, then it makes more sense to go the D700 for 2350.

    The D700 is a far superior camera, being full frame and having far better high ISO performance.

    If someone cannot easily afford the D300s, then they should just go for the D90. The problem with the D300s is that it’s priced too high for it’s niche in the market. It should be under 1500 to entice would-be D90 purchasers upwards. At it’s current price point, the D700 looks great.

    • shivas

      that’s as stupid as saying the D300 didn’t have an ideal place. . .it was at $1696 for many months before the 300s came out, and the D90 was $899 then. . .yes, the D700 was priced slightly higher, but you have to remember, the $1799 is for the ENTRY MSRP, it’ll be A HECK of a lot cheaper shortly. . .could one have spent an additional $600 to get the D300 from the D90, yeah! Could one have spent an additional $800 and get the D700, hell yeah. But they have their needs and niches. . . .the D700 isn’t the easiest camera to “master” for many, it’s as semi-pro body. . .a D90 is usually the best compromise for most out there. . .

      And you can’t compare an FX body with no video, one slot, and amazing ISO performance in low light to a DX body with AF video, 2 slots, and we don’t know it’s performance. . . .

    • Bluecow

      Like I said, I’m in the market for something above the D90. If I’m going to pay twice as much for the D90 to get the next camera up, then I might as well go D700. If the D300s was $1500 or less, it would make my decision a lot harder. It’s just priced a little too high I think for the people who want something more than the D90. To me, DX is a compromise in photography. We all know all the best lenses are made for full frame cameras. If I’m going to make a compromise, $1800 is a lot of money for that compromise.

      I agree that $1800 is the MSRP for the D300s and prices will fall some in the coming months. I seriously doubt it would fall to $1500 though.

      • Jon Paul

        Do it, Bluecow. I’ll join you shortly (been saving for a while now).

  • Chad

    Your page is giving database errors tonight man.. that engadget post has put you in the spot light. Nice work! Keep the rumors coming!

    • yes, I know – I fixed it already. It is not engadget – I can handle them, I broke my own traffic record the past few days.


    I’ll wait for the D700x w/ 24mp sensor.

    • STJ

      And what if it becomes a D700s with 12Mpix, 1080p video and 7fps without the extra battery instead?

      • zen-tao

        It would be a big failure.Nikon should have improved the D300 full HD 1080p because they have only made a pretty gadget. PROFESSIONAL CAMERA = PROFESSIONAL FEATURES. what of these words Nikon doesn’t understand?

        • When the D300 came out w/ the D3, they were both hailed as groundbreaking cameras. Now the same camera is hailed as *not* having “professional features? ” Oh, how things have changed! I feel sorry for all of the professionals who have to sell their D300s because the features are no longer “professional.” Whatever shall they do?

          Maybe I’ll take my D300 out tomorrow and leave the D700 at home. I need to reacquaint myself with how unprofessional it is. I’m glad there are experts here that can explain to us when such a danger is upon us. I would have been shocked to have found out the resale value was *zero.* What a close call!

          I am going to Tokyo tomorrow and will search high and low for a suitable “professional” camera. I hadn’t realized what I was missing!

          Thank you!!

          • shivas

            seriously, I know, almost 90% of these people don’t even have a D200/D300 series body, just e-photographers pontificating!!

          • Jon Paul

            Nailed it, FT. I can’t believe how many negative comments there are about a camera that can do what the D300s can do. 10 years ago (or 3, for that matter) they would have been awed speechless reading that spec list, and thirty years ago it would have given heart attacks if photographers could have even understood the spec list (I can shoot how many pictures without changing rolls? At what frame rate?). Have pictures become so much more technically demanding during that time that these new releases aren’t measuring up? You’d think people expect Moore’s Law to hold for almost every specification on cameras. I think people need to remember to count their blessings and go out and shoot.

          • STJ

            Personally I have the D700 and I’m pleased with it. Now I have had a go (15mintest only) with a D3x and what can I say – that camera is dam’n impressive! Try it and see for yourself. For me the D3x rocks, but it’s not for my wallet…

      • quatschmacher

        For me, that would be my ideal camera. Basically all the performance of a D700 with the added bonus of being able to shoot short clips on those few occasions when I need to.

        I’m shooting a D90 and am really annoyed that I can’t use my manual lenses (they don’t meter on D90). The D300s is actually quite tempting too, but after shooting film for years I’d really like to go full frame – I still get frustrated with the crop factor on DX.

        • Jon Paul

          I’m sure it will come eventually.

  • 1 $ = 1 Euro …GRRRR!!! >:(

  • zack

    If they crammed full HD with AF inside, I’d be tempted, honestly. I’m more and more into video and my clients are asking for it.

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