“Nikon D-X00”

A german photo store is currently having a contest where the second prize is (translation from the pdf document): Nikon DSLR D-X00 (D300 replacement)


The end date for this contest is October 22nd, 2009. Nikon better hurries up with the D300 replacement, otherwise the second prize winner of this contest will be disappointed...

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  • Can Canadian citizens enter this contest. 🙂

  • johnny pierce

    Nachfolger: The next heir in order. Just a little German for you all.

    • dredlew

      it’s “successor”

  • flipperman

    My German isn’t great, but I think “Preis” can be translated as either “price” or “prize,” and in this context, “prize” is correct.

  • low

    those are some nice prizes


    And less than 1800,- Euro

  • nikkor

    “Nikon better hurries up with the D300 replacement, otherwise the second prize winner of this contest will be disappointed…”
    I think the winner of the 1st prize will be more disappointed… 😉

    • Haha, I actually laughed out loud at that.

  • D400

    Nikon D-X00 mean D400/D500/D600 .. y not D-X00x ? hahaha

    • Lamergod


  • giz

    D300 replacement cheaper than 1800 Euro?
    hummmm, otherwise it would be 1st price.

  • getanalogue

    the prize handover ceremony will take place 6 November 2009, 20:00 PM. All people curious about D300 successor should go there having a look. I am really excited to have a replacement for my D90 soon – just have to wait 4 more months. Nikon must do something about their dramatic losses in market share in SemiPro and Pro segment.

    • D40-Owner

      Yeah… those dramatic losses in the Pro segment where the D3 sells like hotcakes and still blows everything around it… You kiddin’?

      • getanalogue

        just check 5dmk2 sales

        • D40-Owner

          You don’t truly think a 5dmk2 is in the same pro-level as the D3, do you?
          A 5dmk2 is a direct competitor to the non-existent D700x, I agree with that, so the amateur/semi-pro high-MP FF market is going Canon.
          But for rugged, no-compromise, insane AF performance, incredible high-ISO, needed for sports and PJs, nothing replaces a D3.

          • getanalogue

            completely with you, but please consider: there are 10000 pros here in Germany, but hundreds of thousands willing to appear pro – these people are the majority of the target group for Dx00 nikon or comparable canon cameras. they still look for mp’s and resolution, not even knowing that there are other factors defining technical picture quality. you know, i know but they don’t know. reason for canon commercial success: mp’s – crazy but its like with the ferraris: everyone wants to have it, noone can use it to its full extent. thats how human beings are.

        • funny

          5DII sales are good. So were D3/D300/D700 sales.

          indeed the 5DII is a nice toy but not a serious pro camera in the same league as the D700/D3 and 1D/1DsIII. It lacks the speed, the AF performance, and the features pros have become acustomed to.

          The reason it sells well is because think about this:
          canon fans have been dissapointed time and time again with their bodies and finally canon makes a camera worth upgrading to. Plus a lot of the extra fuzz came from the HD video novelty which many desire.

          Nikon’s D3/D700’s home runs were also due to the same reason: before then, nikon shooters were begging for an upgrade.

          I still don’t see how the 5DII would ever compete with a D700x. canon should have made it faster and gave it the focus system of the 1DsIII. They probaby were affraid of canibalize the 7K 1DsIII. Nikon on the other hand has a lot less to upgrade to the D700 to trash the 5DIII. A slight bump in MP and video while retaining the speed ought to do fine.

    • d90 owner

      A replacement for d90?

  • rwpl

    Maybe the just were informed that Nikon will give them the d300 successor but dint give them the name. so they wrote: 2nd award D-X00 ( what ever will be the name ) – a D300 successor.

  • Ten2Twenty

    I’m starting to think that the D400 might end up going full frame with the D3 sensor. With the D5000, D90 sharing the same sensor.. and probably the D300s if it ( hopefully ) comes out soon. That would be pretty hard to differentiate the camera and justify the cost.

    I’m not sold on the DX is dead argument, but at some point the prosumer models will go FX.. Wonder if it will be the D400. If not, what other sensor is Sony making that Nikon could tweak and use that would give equal or better performance to the D300. Many people want higher resolution, but not rarely at the expense of high ISO performance.

    Personally 6MP is almost always enough for me.. I’d love to have a 6MP sensor made to work at insanely high ISOs… say half again the D3/D700. Unfortunately it would be a real niche market as it’s hard to convince people that have been counting MP that there is another measurement to look for as well.

    • Anonymous

      What exactly would differentiate a D400 with the sensor of the D3 from a D700? Personally, I am quite sure that we will see a D400 and a D500, both DX. We just have to wait for long enough.

      • Anonymous

        Most definitely. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a 35mm f/1.8 at that point.

  • i just checked the website and now it states:
    # 2. Preis: Nikon D-SLR-Digitalkamera im Wert von 1.800,- Euro

    this translates to:
    2nd prize: Nikon D-SLR Digitalcamera with a value of 1.800,- Euro
    (I’m German native speaker)

    seems like Nikon complaint and they had to change the wording…

    about D700x/D800 rumors: right now, i am canon user but thinking of switching to nikon. i was at the pro shop (i am working for them as a lightroom trainer, too) to get a offer. it turned out to be around 8000 euro for all the equipment i need (including a d700). when i said that this is a bit too much for the moment the salesman (whom i know also private) responded: “In this case, I advice you to wait some months. There will be some movement in the product lineup making the d700 much cheaper.” On inquiry he specified “a new d700 with the d3x sensor instead of the d3 sensor with a release date later this year”. Personally, I trust this source fully…

  • Simon

    There won’t be any Nikon FF camera in 2009, they may have one in late 2010 before Xmas. Also Sony wont license their FF sensor to Nikon to incorporate HD video so it is either having video restricted to DX mode or no video at all. On the other hand Sony will take advantage of dSLR HD video for themselves to compete with Canon in a 2 way battle.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the video, but I do believe that we will see a high res DX00 body late this year, early next year. The time in which people that NEED 24-Nikon-Mpx buy a camera as expensive as the D3x is over. Now is the time for the people that WANT 24Mpx in a Nikon, but they are not willing to pay for a D3x.

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