Nikon D3 successor in autumn

I received this tip two weeks ago and was waiting and hoping to receive some more information before posting, but unfortunately I did not get any - hopefully this post will spark a new wave of rumors:

Nikon D3 successor will appear on Autumn. It will still contain 12 mp but with dust removal system.

The tipster mentioned also the  possibility of a 24 mm f/1.4 lens. I will not comment on the source, but I have a reason to believe that it is reliable.

I still have the feeling that the D300 and the D3 will be refreshed at the same time (they were released at the same time) with some minor updates (see potential Nikon D300s specs).

Nikon Rumors rating system: 60%

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  • Vendetta

    fed up with D300s, D3h , fed up with 12 millions pixels. We want 16 millions ! 6 years we are waiting for it …

    • Alex

      Why? That’s fine if it’s on a full frame sensor, but on a DX sensor that just means more noise, which means more high-iso noise reduction, which means softer images. To hell with more megapixels.

      • 3space

        less pixels + full frame = larger photosites ….

        greater dynamic range

        • Stephen

          Doesn’t the D3x effectively disprove this idea. It has the highest dynamic range of any camera. Now it’s not as many stops on the bright side as the S5pro, but large photo sites don’t fix that, smaller ones do.

          • Misora

            Don’t forget us that do mainly telephoto work.

            DX sensor + Higher MP count is what we dream about at night.

          • Rob

            and thats 100% normal. dont worry, your not wierd. at all. not one bit.

    • Anonymous

      In hell your megapixels! Megapixel onanist. Because of people like your we have damned megapixel madness.

      • LOL!

        At the risk of offending the tele-shooters and pixel-peepers, I agree 😀

      • Ola

        This is a common myth! The reason we get more MPs is because it is the fastest way to better IQ.

        More MP using the same technology is ALWAYS better. The quality per pixel might be lower, but it is the quality per _image_ that matters. Thus, do NOT compare at 100%, because that is comparing images at different sizes!

    • donde?

      The most important technical factor to high image quality is the lens (and lighting of course, but you can’t always control that). It doesn’t matter if your camera has 6MP or 16MP. You can blow both up to extreme print sizes, far more than what 99.9% of all people need. I’ve had a smaller crop from a 5D, of about 2400px longest side, found on the web, printed to 60cm by 1m and it looked gorgeous. I’ve had 10MP of my D80 regularly print to 50x75cm and more than 1meter as well and it’s looking perfect. Some images I took with the 50 1.8 stopped down to 3.5-5.6 and others with the Tamron 17-50. Two extremely sharp lenses. You notice a bad lens much earlier than you notice the megapixels.

  • Zoetmb

    If the D3 successor is still going to be 12MP and not really have any other features aside from dust removal, it definitely will not be badged as a D4. It will be far more likely to be badged as a D3s.

    And people will complain like hell if that’s all it is, even though it would really fall under the category of “continual improvement” and not “..a new model”. And the people who will complain the most will be those who never would have purchased it anyway.

    But I personally find this scenario unlikely.

    • I.T

      i agree people woul cause an uprising just like with the bloody rumor on a D300s
      only minute additions to it
      it would be pointless to add a few things to the D3
      but as i’ve heard from a VERY reliable source directly inside an important nikon department. that the D3 will be replaced by a 16MP D3H capable of shooting with minimal noise at ISO12800 and have the ability to shoot at 12fps in FX
      as for the D400. it is more probable so yeah

      D3+ one tiny upgrade. not worth it

  • 24mm ƒ/1.4?!?! Oh my…

    • shivas

      that’s what I’m excited about too!!

      A newer D3 just means 20% reduction in existing body prices, which means I can get my D700 and 24/1.4 for under $4000??

  • pstreak

    First D300 with movie mode, now D3 with dust removal?
    Why would Nikon bother?

    • monty11

      Remember that your opinion is based on vague rumours 😉

  • gg

    So much waiting! Am going the 5DM2 route now. Am selling all the Nikon stuff. Good luck to Nikon 🙂

    • Steven

      another with the attention span of a gnat. you have in my opinion higher quality lenses and a more reliable product vs canon. take it from someone who went through quite a bit of canons livery. i am considerably more satisfied with the nikon product

      • gg

        I would have to agree with you. but choices arent as diverse. Hmm let us see. Try all-nikon, bird photography for example in under 3000 us$, if you can get a very consistent tack sharp rig that can compete with Canon’s high quality output, i’ll reconsider.

        • Roger

          Umm, Canon really leads in the tack sharp photography. Yeah. I used to shoot Canon. Until the 1DMk3.

          Which still isn’t fixed.

          • Stephen

            Ever hear of the term Canon sharp. Dude, Canon has always been known for their less than sharp cameras and lenses.

        • Steven

          i have to ask canon and tack sharp in the same sentence. after going through a 1Ds 1Ds2 1D2 1D3 i have to disagree with the time spent in PS just sharpening them up. and yes there is the imortal 1D3 there too. thats the one that sent me over the edge.

          • gg

            well am not refering to every lens out there. i was refering to bird photography. have you tried some serious bird photography with nikon on an under US$3000 rig? give me that nikon rig that can compete with canon’s in the same price range and ill reconsider.

    • 3space

      canon has no answer for the 14-24 and 24-70 2.8 zooms

      I have to stay nikon cause the glass is so good… given time they will release the right camera….

      better hang on to your nikon gear and buy the 5D Mk2 with the kit lens, then when nikon drops the bomb sell the canon and return back home…

      • Henry Nikon Fan

        I would have to agree with the glass. I own the 14-24mm, 24-70mm and the 70-200mm and use on a D300 body.

        Bodies come and go from cycle to cycle, but the glass will last many more years than the body. So I say buy quality glass and the bodies will take care of themselves.

        • Barter

          Yes, take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

  • chuck

    Well, it would make sense to release an updated D3 covering issues raised by working professionals. So I guess we can make a list of stuff that would fit that category:
    – AA filter dust removal, but still enabling 100% viewfinder
    – Even larger buffer for continuous RAW shooting
    – More flexibility to Fn button, and other smart shortcuts to make life easier (read faster).
    – SW update to match all improvements that showed up in D700 and D90
    – Video, anyone? (don’t shoot me)
    – Fast and accurate focus in live view

    I could go on and on about small details, but the bottom line is that no one believes a technology leap is here to justify a D4, so we’ll get a D3[insert_letter] with a bunch of improvements.

    • Steven

      – one has nothing to do with the other
      – available now as a option
      – still better then my former canon
      – pretty much there already
      – right between the eyes with a large caliber projectile
      – works pretty good for me

    • nikkor_2

      As a semi-pro, here’s my wish list:

      -A significant buffer increase, perhaps quite a bit larger than the current optional upgrade;
      -16 bit capture;
      -Improved AWB; I realize Nikon updated the firmware to address this issue; but, further improvements are, without a doubt, needed here;
      -Improved shutter release button on the vertical grip;
      -Larger LCD screen;
      -Improved Active D-Lighting; in particular, I’d like to see more choices here — more user control — and a wider range of impact;
      -Smaller, less sensitive lens release button.

      Interesting ideas:
      -Removable AA filter;
      -Built-in wireless;
      -Built-in GPS.

      • Steven

        – so 36-38 14bit raw images isn’t enough? some people will never be happy
        – 16bit now? no one yet has figured out how to work with 14bit ones yet.
        – NO VIDEO
        – GPS over the next few years is going to change. the L1 signal is just the baseline. you ain’t getting to use the L2. but the L5 is going to be interesting in its usage. so you are willing to pack last years gps hardware into you little box and give up the future? thats brilliant. there is a distinct advantage to modularity

        • fotosniper

          man some people are so anti video Nazis
          video does not reduce function and can be a valuable tool. thats like people saying “no hot shoe!!!” if you dont like the function, dont use it. I like the function, i want it.
          if you dont understand the advantage of shooting video with interchangable lenses, large apetures and high ISOs then just cry yourself to sleep. let those of us who understand be happy.

          • Ennan

            I own a D3 and I love it – best camera I’ve ever used. Things I’d like.

            1. Larger buffer – couldn’t hurt.
            2. mechanism for removing low pass filter – I shoot infrared on a butchered D200 and I love it, but the image quality and low light performance pale in comparison to the D3
            3. Video – I do quite a bit of video work. I personally would love video in a full frame camera if only for the occasional pick up shot – say in very low light where my camcorder struggles or if I need great depth of field or say a crazy field of view like from the 14-24.
            Video quality would have to be improved and the file type would have to be better than motion jpeg. Also the ability to plug in an external microphone would be essential. Also the ability to turn down the cameras sound amplifier because they always suck.
            Manual control over everything would also be a essential.
            4. Firmware update – improved WB, autofocus etc – never hurts.
            5. Active D lighting – would like to see this expanded more. Would love the ability to create custom curves in capture NX or something and import them to the camera. I really love the picture controls of the D3 – it would be nice to have more options here.

            This is a wish list obviously. What I expect is dust removal, less than great video and a bigger buffer. Probably minor tweaks in the firmware too.

          • RSM

            Video doens’t reduce functionality, but it reduces admissibility.
            I can compensate lets say for a slower AF in the 80-400 vs the EF100-400 when shooting birds. I can live with any bodies buffer size, this and that.
            But how do you make up for “no video capable equipment allowed”? The last year was the first time my DSLRs /were/ checked for the absence of this feature…

        • nikkor_2

          “so 36-38 14bit raw images isn’t enough? some people will never be happy”


          Without Nikon’s optional upgrade — currently priced at $500 — the D3’s buffer for NEF (RAW) 14-bit lossless compressed is 16, not 36-38.

          • Steven

            thats right i have a D3. i also have the upgrade which i did state was $500. it was the best $500 i spent. it extended the cameras capability for more specialized uses.
            RAW 14bit lossless compression= 36 images. just like blowing through a full roll of film. im not sure if your old enough to remember that). and then if your shooting optimal quality jpg its 53. i use this capability about 15-20 times a year. i’m going to use this one for awhile so instead of gnashing my teeth for the next big thing i made my thing work the way i needed it.

    • 3space

      agree add1080p 24fps video to the D3 and the canon 5D Mk2 is toast….

      • Anonymous

        assuming the compression used is high quality…

      • Steven

        keep the 5D2

  • chinnr

    I’m starting to lose patience with Nikon. They have no idea the opportunity that is sitting right in front them, but they are blowing it. They need to add real HD video to their cameras – to any new cameras they come out with. It can’t be that weak video they put in the D90 though just to get it out the door. They got 24p right, but blew the rest of it. If they don’t have a 5D Mark II competitor by the fall, I’m afraid I’ll be switching too.

    I don’t understand why Nikon can’t make this happen. Canon is dragging their feet because their video camera group is pissed off the 5D Mark II is stealing their sales. Nikon doesn’t have an internal group like that to worry about or fight with, so what’s the deal?!

    I love my Nikons, but they really need to address this before they lose all of the pro market, and probably more importantly, the emerging pro and video market, to Canon.

    • gg

      Video is just one item. They need to come up with something that would outdo 5DM2. I have seen it, I have tried it and I fell in love with it. I was actually waiting for Nikon to give me an equivalent but as one has said, I have an attention span of a gnat and got no patience waiting for things to happen. With the ‘s” rumors, it gave me a real excuse to decide. My D300 and D90 should go.

      • 3space

        agree sell the D300 and D90… but keep your glass…. buy the 5D for now but mark this day… Nikon will strike back

        then just sell the canon and pick up where you left off

        • donde?

          Some people have more money than brain

          • gg

            how i wish i got more money so i dont have to deal with less options. it is precisely the reason why i am shifting. I can do the things that I want in under us$3000 in canon, but i just can’t in Nikon. That is not to say that Nikon is inferior with Canon. I love nikon, but I dont have anything from Nikon in under us$3000. In my previous post earlier, try bird photography in us$3000 price range with Nikon.

      • Steven

        have at it

  • Couldn’t agree with you more chinnr – the potential for commercial applications using HD video and 35mm lens systems is incredible. I have already booked a heap of work – and couldn’t wait any longer for Nikon – so hello Canon 5D2. Will still use Nikon optics on it – with adapter – but why can’t Nikon see this market?

    • chinnr

      I’ve got a $5500 video camera (HVX200) that can’t touch the 5DMarkII in image quality. As a freelancer, I shoot video and stills for my clients. The ability to do both with 1 camera, using the same lenses, would be a huge benefit to me. My D80 has been good, but I really need to update. So… what am I supposed to do? Right now I’ll try to hold out a bit longer, but many I know have not and made the switch. I don;’t really want to switch, but Nikon doesn’t offer a camera right now that can compete with it.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, I love hearing stuff like this!

        I hope Nikon doesn’t waste their opportunity to make sales in the video market.

  • Jack

    The only thing I really want from Nikon is for them to lower their prices back to or lower to the levels they were before all the prices increases.

    • Zoetmb

      Not going to happen. The US dollar has declined against the Yen by 18.7% since 2007. Nikon is predicting fiscal 2010 (ending March 31, 2010) to average out to 95 yen to the dollar, which is a 20.9% drop from 2007. (It’s at 97.74 today)

      And if the U.S. Government keeps printing money, it’s only going to get worse.

      Nikon is not going to take a loss on everything they sell just to maintain market share. And especially on the high end, street prices keep going up, especially on lenses. The 600mm 4.0 just hit $10K at B&H. The 14-24 has risen a number of times from $1540 to $1800. I paid $1450 for the 70-200 a few years back — it’s now $1900.

      The currency issue doesn’t explain all of Nikon’s price rises, but it explains a lot of them. In fiscal 2009, Nikon’s margin (in the imaging business) was only 6.7%.

  • Steven

    way too many people with ADD.

    • THAT’s an understatement.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, as the great fictional character Tyler Durden said:

        This is your life, good to the last drop. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time…

        • Andrew

          I cant wait for all these ADD people to sell their stuff. Just let me know when and where! LOL

  • thanks for the post! really looking forward to the new D3 and more new f1.4 lense! my wishlist….85mm f1.4 AFS

  • Nutter

    Did all of you (but 1) not read the words “24mm 1.4” !!!! Stoked on that and can care less about a new body with video or no video, my D700 is all I need and then some

    • gg

      I was hoping they would come up with a better 80-400mm. Better if they can come up with a 400mm f5.6. I am shifting to Canon becuase of 400mm f5.6. The next option in the Nikon line up is way above my pocket’s league. Tsk tsk … I will really miss the AF assist lamp of Nikon. Tsk tsk.

    • I read it, too (so there were 3 of us). I just hadn’t commented about it 😀

      I’m perfectly happy w/ my D700 as well. Life is good.

    • Ennan

      It does sound tasty. If it’s real I’ll buy one!

    • shivas

      I need something wider than my 35 1.8 too, so this 24 1.4 is up my alley – I hope it’s not more than $999.

      That would be the max I could justify, and I could then skip over getting the 14-24 f/2.8 as my wide lens on film body. . .and continue to save for a D700, lol!

  • NikoDoby

    Funny that there are people who switched from Nikon to canon for full frame. Then they switched back to Nikon for the D3 and D700. When Nikon builds the D90, they complain about video not belonging in a still camera. But when the 5DmkII comes out they switch again to canon for it’s HD video. But when they do that, they hate canon’s autofocus and quality control and cry about Nikon not offering real HD video!

    • nikkor_2

      I think this group is quite small.

      While very willing to bemoan their fate, I see very few of these repetitive switchers in the semi-pro or pro world.

      • PHB

        I use Canon for HD video.

        I use one of their video cameras – a Vixia HF11.

        Yes it would be nice to have a great DSLR camera that does great video but that will take several years for Nikon and Canon are not there yet.

        If the D3s has more processing welly it might be a good video camera, but its not going to be a camcorder replacement at this point. Nor are any of the Canons in that class.

        But but 2012 I think that will be very different and I think you are going to be seeing dedicated video camera bodies that take F-mount lenses.

        • Steven

          its already there

    • chinnr

      I agree with Nikkor_2 here. I don’t think multiple switchers are that common. Multiple gripers, that’s a different story.

      I for one have never said that video doesn’t belong in a still camera. I’m all for convergence, and the sooner the better. I don’t here anyone complaining about Apple putting a camera in the iPhone.

      My point is that right now, Nikon does not offer a camera that competes with the 5DMark II. They need to put 1080p/24p video in to full frame and crop frame sensored cameras (i.e. the D3 or D700 and D300 replacements). And you have to be able to record for longer than 5 minutes or whatever that goofy limit is on the D90. I totally agree with you that the Canon Autofocus is far inferior to Nikon’s, along with their quality control. This is exactly why Nikon needs to get this done. They would kill this market, and trust me, it is big, if they would do it.

      • gg

        At first I thought AF in Nikon is far superior. I am quite fond of shooting birds in flight, surfers and wakeboarders and my D300 did a great job at it. I seldom miss a frame in like 15 frame burst. When I got my D90, AF was way too lousy. When I got to try the 50D and 5DM2 on a 400mm f5.6, it is comparable to what I got with the D300. The 5Dm2 is slightly better too especially when the subject is coming towards you. So I am not sure about Nikon’s AF. I havent really tried D700 enough to make conclusions.

        • 3space

          dude your on crack, the D3 AF smokes canon…

          I shot canon for 10 years… I grew up in under a canon dealership…. but I sold all my canon stuff when I shoot with the 14-24 and later the 24-70 2.8

          Nikon has the best glass, maybe not the largest selection, and not the fastest glass but the best….



          and now for the winner… edge sharpness smokes all and its a freakin zoom…


        • So you went from a semi-pro camera down to a prosumer camera and are surprised that the results were lacking?

          Not sure how you’re coming up w/ Nikon’s AF being bad when all you’ve found so far is that the D90 doesn’t AF as well as the D300, 50D or 5Dm2. D90’s in a class underneath all 3 of those. Nikon most likely crippled the AF *on purpose* in order to slot it where it is right now.

        • nikkor_2

          “So I am not sure about Nikon’s AF”

          I am.

          I shoot a D3; I’ve shot many sporting events with fast motion, sometimes in dim light with low contrast. The D3’s AF — coupled with high-quality Nikkor glass — rocks; it can not be beat.

          Several prominent Canon sports shooters have made the switch to Nikon’s D3: the D3’s AF is one of several reasons driving them to do so.

        • Andrew

          Really? I have never heard anyone anywhere come to that same conclusion. regarding the Canon have batter and even equivalent auto focus. Further comments will be taken with a grain of salt. 😉

    • Joergen

      I don’t care anymore, now I just take pictures…, I mean I have been through this shit already, one brand with good glass is the right way to go for me, it feels good to have settled down…., I just wish more people could see the light or logic if you like…

  • ploo

    If still stick with this D3 spec. and just add the dust removal……….
    I think i will prefer my D700….
    NO changes on the camera…………………….
    At least nikon release the spec. below:
    1. 15mp
    2. shutter speed remain(Is good enough with 9 fps)
    3. Better live view….
    4. New Expeed…….
    5. Build in GPS module.

    I think this will give me some interest………..

    • nikkor_2

      New EXPEED is a very good point; both Nikon and Canon will likely always benefit from tweaking the in-camera boards.

    • ArTourter

      I must admit I agree with people against the built-in GPS, the technology will shift and render the GPS module out-of-date, however, including built-in bluetooth suppot for GPS and other type of wireless use (such as remotes) that would be a nice feature. I know there is a manufacturer that has a BT dongle that plugs in the 10pin plug, but having it internal and standard would be nice.

      This is irrespective of the D3s/D300s discussion though, just something I think would be nice to have in general.

      If I want to add a feature request for a potential D4 would be replacing CompactFlash with the new CFast (CF over SATA rather than PATA with 3Gbit/s bandwidth 😛 ) it will come at some point, I know, just would be nice to see.

  • Anonymous

    Some minor changes with the same sensor should be D3s and D300s then.

  • grumps

    This rumored upgrade sounds useless, camera-wise. Lens-wise is fantastic!
    Problem is most important FX Nikon lenses have an OUT OF STOCK situation, which is all too common for Nikon, and currently I have been held on a backorder for a couple of months now from some major camera online resellers. So if Nikon is reading this…. fix this problem first!
    Next all Nikon FX shooters know and especially wedding and portrait photogs know is that their lenses are seriously outdated and need some updating (Yeah sure, we have some legendary lenses that are antiques!… okay not quite, but pretty close), and I really hope this can happen this year (I doubt it, or too little of an update that is way long overdue). f/1.4 and f1.2 primes PLEEEASE!
    Nikon already has a lighter dust removal FX called D700, and works great, need more? Well D3 owners won’t upgrade over just that, and the D3x is already available, so I don’t really want to believe that there is room for such a rumor with the competition. Most Pro shooters already have one or another or a couple of each… I can’t picture how this one will fit in anywhere!
    If there is a next iteration, I can’t see a rebranding of a D4 upgrade this year, 2010 is an important year and number, and until the Canon counterpart releases their model first, in it’s current lineup, I can’t see a release for FX this year (I hope I’m wrong). D400 could be.
    Sure there’ll be a D3 successor…. someday, it’s just doesn’t make any sense for current users and something that will bracket into US$5000 in today with still 12MP, isn’t really worth the effort. Okay gonna watch my Annie Leibovitz DVD again now…. enjoy!

    • PHB

      These cameras are almost certainly made in batches. It is quite usual for electronic items to only ever have a single run.

      A refresh likely means no more than that they are planning a new production run of the 2008 models and that there are a couple of engineering upgrades that have been made. Processors get faster, memory cheaper.

      Its not about getting people to upgrade from D3 or D300, its about persuading people to upgrade from D200 or D2H.

      • grumps

        I understand your point, however, if the specification were different than the ones in this rumor, I would agree, as of right now, as it stands, this production push will only result in loss, not something any company will want in this economy.
        I have FX in more than one system and I work (and purchased) a lot in electronics, so I agree there’s no surprise in limited production runs, but Nikon is notorious, and I am sure those who have lived with Nikon and bought over the years would agree with me on this, as compared over Canon (closest competitor).

  • PHB

    For the folk asking what is the point: well to tell folk not to expect another revision of these models for another 12-18 months.

    I had forgotten about the dust sensor complaints. That sounds like something that Nikon could have reasonably responded to in the time available. They probably intended to roll it out on both cameras originally and have issues on the larger FX sensor that they have only fixed with the D700 rev.

    Video is mostly a software upgrade, so is whitebalance. Can’t really see a justification to do an s revision for those alone. But an increased buffer and a dust eliminating sensor would justify an S version.

    Pro-Cameras are like cars, you don’t want the models to change too quickly. There are handling issues that take time to sort out.

    I agree that an 80-400 AFS is a bigger priority than a 24 f/1.4. But there is no reason not to expect both. The 80-400 would match the D300s very well and allow people to go from 15mm FX equivalent to 600 in three reasonably sized lenses. The FX format is about wide lenses, not telephotos, so a 28 or a 24 would be the lens to launch with it – if there is one in the offing.

    A 24 would make a lot of sense on many levels. Nikon already has a great design, it was just the manufacture that they had issues with the first time round. Now they are churning out millions of aspherical lenses a year. Also look at the other prime lenses in the lineup, they have a 50 and a 14 in FX format and a 35 in DX. Wouldn’t a 24 be a logical choice?

    Gonna be pricey though, I would guess at least $1500 looking at the price of the 14mm prime.

    My guess would be that we will only see one of the tele zooms updated this year. And the priority for those has to be AFS on the 80-400 rather than a new 70-200. So I think a wide prime sounds very credible.

    • nikkor_2

      “The FX format is about wide lenses, not telephotos, so a 28 or a 24 would be the lens to launch with it – if there is one in the offing.”


      There are many pro sports photographers using the D3 with the 400mm f/2.8 VR AFS; the combination is top-drawer; in my opinion, this pairing absolutely lays Canon’s offering to waste!

      I’ve shot many, many images with the D3 and 400mm f/2.8 AFS VR; at present, it can not be beat for shooting sports.

      • Sproutey


        Canons 400/2.8 is a phenomenal optic and the 1D3 AF only has an issue, often not repeatable, in one regard. In other regards its fair to say the Canons AF is at least as good as the D3’s and often superior.

        To say “it lays waste” is absolute rubbish. Lets keep some perspective here.

        • c hris

          Eeehhh… ever heard of 3D, color tracking AF? That’s how the D3 rules in the pro sports world.

          • Ennan

            Agreed. The colour tracking is amazing, plus the 51 point module covers a much better area.

          • Jeff

            Color is nice, but the 51 point covers a smaller area than the 45 point in the Canon

        • nikkor_2

          “…absolute rubbish”

          Agreed; my phrase is too ‘over the top’.

          But, I think my intended point is valid; I’ve now seen some very, very prominent full-time sports shooters switch to the Nikon D3 — from the Canon 1D Mark III or 1D Mark II — primarily for Nikon’s AF.

          • Jeff

            actually the people I know switched for low light

      • PHB

        All the huge telephotos were refreshed quite recently and it will be another 5 years until they are due for an update. And those lenses cost much more than the bodies. So I don’t see it very likely that there will be a prime longer than 135mm launched.

        They might be fixing the 70-200 vignetting issue, but the 80-400 has to be a higher priority.

        FX lenses cost no more than DX versions above 50mm. So any lens that is specially designed for FX is going to be a wide. The 35mm f/1.8 would cost three times as much as an FX lens.

  • joeyboy

    24mm 1.4 is what i am waiting for Nikon version, IMO this should smoke the canon version – fantastic bookeh and AF is faster similar to the 14-24 or 24-70 in low light…. AF-S G N IF ED should be included…

    But a slight upgrade for the existing model is a lousy marketing move….
    specially if the slight upgrade is not significant or in demand by he market….

    we want a 16 megapixel or higher for DX & FX….
    and a bunch of 1.4 or 1.2 prime lenses..

    and also don’t forget, at least organized NIKON SALE GLOBALLY 20-30% OFF on all items……


    • “we want a 16 megapixel or higher for DX & FX….”

      Might want to write “I” instead of “we” next time. Not all of us want more megapixels. I wouldn’t be bothered in the least if they took a few away, actually.

  • 3space

    Why nikon must answer the 5D MK 2… Most still shooters don’t see a great need for video… but canon has heard from the masses and responded.. The 5D MK2 great low light speed, full frame, fast prime glass is a combo that is turning the video world on its head. A lot are resisting but the images speak volumes….

    If Nikon would get it together they could dethrone the 5D… better glass, correct frame rates, and some type of RAW video workflow… the d3 is the prefect body to make it all happen,,, tough and rugged…

    so nikon updated the D3, add video support, gps, ect and lets get this party started…

    did I mention the 14-24 & 24-70

  • Anonymous

    Whooohoo, a dust shaker. That can’t be the only update. The poblem is that it’s hard to update the D3. Ob the other side there are still a couple features that could be implemented. WiFi, GPS, Video.

    But I think what the D3, and the rest of the FX gang, needs the most, is an updated AF-System. There are still the 51 Points, but they are too close together in the center of the image. A coverage like on the D300 would be very nice, just on FX.
    That would be at least something useful.

  • Ivan

    Why is it so difficult for Nikon ? All that we want is a decent piece of glass like a AFS 24-105/4 VR with nano coating.
    The 24-70/2.8 may be awesome – but in reality it is too heavy and too big to travel with.

    • Char

      That’s what YOU want. Many people want something else. I for one would most likely not buy a 24-105/4 VR.

      • Ivan

        No, I think that’s a lens a lot of people are waiting for.
        If you look at Canon – a lot of wedding photographers are using the 24-105/4 just because of its versatility.
        Nikon has no alternative (longer) zoom for the 24-70/2.8.
        Most older lenses are not up to the same standard.

        • Like I said to the poster above, use “I” instead of “we.”

          I’m w/ Char. I don’t feel any need to run out and buy a 24-105mm f4 if it comes out. That may change in the future, but for now, I really couldn’t care less.

          I’m not saying that there aren’t interested parties. Obviously there are. But it’s a bit disingenuous to say, “we” when you can’t speak for anyone but yourself. You’re definitely not speaking for all of “us.”

  • rwpl

    So the ‘s-event’ is comming..

  • Don’t care about video in a DSLR. I don’t even use it in my LX3.
    A new <24mm f/1.4 lens would be highly appreciated (understatement of the year), since I mostly shoot <=35mm on DX.

    /me starts saving 🙂

  • NikonMan

    Video on D3?

    What about the seperate stills and video rights being sold at all the sports events? A DSLR with video feature would require the photographer to hold rights for both stills and video, how expensive would that be? Otherwise the camera would be excluded from the event.

    It’s possible that the D3 of all cameras will be the LAST model to get video for this reason alone…

    • Jeff

      You don’t have to have the pass for the capability, only for the usage

      • ArTourter

        That’s not entirely true, in some venues/events, video equipment are not allowed, whereas photographic equipment are. Would be rather bad to get your photographic equipment refused just because it has video capability

  • Kwartjuh

    Oh God, you people are the neediest spoiled little kids i have ever seen. We don’t need more MP, the choice between 12 or 24 mp is excellent.
    Video addition is a gimmick for most people, i think very few pro’s are going to shoot films with it. Maybe only the photo-journalists.
    Out of the 3 small-body Fullframe camera’s that have been releases last year, the D700 is withouth a doubt the winned in terms of what you get and what you pay for it: it is an outstanding, fantastic camera that 2 years ago everybody that used nikon was just DREAMING about.

    People, get a life. Honestly, Nikon should update some of it glass. That has a higher priority than bodies i think, especially considering the incredible powerfull AF-speed and abilities of the D300, D700 and D3: AF-D doesn’t do it fully justice. So, we need AF-S primes and Zooms. And while they are at it, Nikon should ad this wonderfull N coating on the pro lenses.

    • Joergen

      AMEN to that….

      • Anonymous

        “People, get a life. Honestly, Nikon should update some of it glass”

        I don’t understand… Other people’s lives are unfulfilled because they desire different products from a camera manufacturer than you?

        • Kwartjuh

          No, my opinion on this matter is still
          an opinion.I am only reminding
          People that what have dreamed of for years – not only fullframe but even in an affordable body and canon-beating AF system (in a <€1300 euro body) – has only been on the market for about 18 months, and allready people are complaining that they want more.
          people, without trolling and with respect to the canonians: with the introduction of the D3, D300 & D700 Nikon has given canon a serious asskickin terms of proffesionals using their system.

          We should be pretty happy about that. We have every reason to.

          Canon, just like Nikon, is a fine brand with great products. But
          Nikon is ahead now for the time being as far as I see it.


    If the update the D3, they will not only add a dust removal system, they very probably will add HD video too.

    Nikon, if you hear me, bring video on ALL YOUR CAMERAS, even on the pro ones (D3, D3X in particular).
    For the top of the line cameras (D300, D3, D700, D3X), bring 720p and 1080p at several frame rates: 24 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps.
    In the other cameras, just put 720p at at least two frame rates: 24 fps and 30 fps.

    • Anonymous

      LOL 60fps.

    • Char

      Do you actually OWN a D3 or D3x? Or even just a D700? Are you actually the customer for these pro camera bodies?

    • Nikon



  • Chris P

    I have a D700 and I can’t agree that FX is for wide angle only. I have been forced into buying a Sigma 120-400 because Nikon still haven’t upgraded the 80-400, which I thought they would do to partner the D700/D3. Likewise where is the 35-105 pro lens to partner the FX cameras for portraits? The 24-70 is too short and the 70-200 is too big & heavy and the range from 135-200 is too long for portraits, except candids, anyway. But these are gripes which do not detract from the excellence of the D700 or the quality of the Nikon lenses which I own.

    As regards the posters who say that they are fed up with what Nikon is offerring and that Canon is so much better, why are they looking at a Nikon site anyway, just sell your Nikon equipment and buy Canon, then try taking a manual Canon lens and fitting it on the camera. My favorite portrait lens on my D700 is a 30 year old 105mm f2.5 Ais which can be precisely focussed using the standard viewfinder and gives stunning results.

    • nikkor_2

      “My favorite portrait lens on my D700 is a 30 year old 105mm f2.5 Ais which can be precisely focussed using the standard viewfinder and gives stunning results.”

      My favorite portrait lens on the D3 is the Zeiss ZF Makro-Planar T* 2/100 🙂

  • Chris_M

    It seems there aren’t many excited about the 24 mm f/1.4 lens rumor, a lens that, as far as I know, has never been in the nikkor lineup. Lots of talk about black plastic boxes called “camera bodies”…

  • I.T

    I was told by someone In Nikon someone very high up
    must not mention one’s name
    that the D3H will be
    16mp (could be 16.2 or 16.4mp)
    12fps (FX, 13-14fps in DX & 5:4 crop mode)
    ISO performance good up to ISO12800 (double the D3/D700’s)
    and yes the same dust removal system as the D700

    and as to bring back the D300s. its unfavourable to bring out an S version of the 300.

    D3H should be out in august along with the D300 replacement

    • Sproutey

      Don’t see it at all. 14fps in any mode is highly unlikely as the limits we’re hitting are of reliable mechanical speed rather than data throughput. Also no way Nikon will be increasing the resolution and doubling the ISO usability as well. I know they’ve had a lot of justified praise for the D3 sensor, but much of that comes from the unadventurous pixel density.

      Whether a D300s appears or not will likely depend on Nikons decision to retain the 12mp sensor or go higher to, say 15mp to match the competition. Its already specced highly. A decision on the addition of video on this generation or the next will also be a deciding factor.

  • Blago

    in August – forget it 🙂

    about the 24/1.4 rumor – canon just updated their 24/1.4L to II version .
    i believe we are all excited about nikon making tank-like barrels af-s versions of 50 1.2 85 1.4 135 2 , but with price tag 1500+ it would be more a dream lens than a lens that you buy at sunday at the mall….

  • funny

    no way. their flagship line won’t simply be upgraded in the same cycle as the lower end D300 and it won’t be just an upgrade to the anti-dust system.

    what’s next, nikon upgrading the paint on their bodies and calling it D5?

  • ace

    Once sony anounce their 16mp chip(full frame)this summer,nikon will bring d700x,d3h with video,i know they have several SLR cameras by end of this year (at least 3).

  • Greg

    When will the D300 be updated? This summer? I’m anxious to buy my first DSLR, but don’t mind waiting if the update will happen soon

    • Nikkorian

      If you wanna photograph, just start with any body, even a cheap ebay D40 will work 🙂 You can always upgrade. If you’re thinking bout D300, money can’t be the thing anyhow.

  • Ennan

    A 24mm 1.4 sounds like a dream come true. I’d love to see more fast primes. New bodies dont interest me that much unless they include something amazing and useful. Dust removal is not a deal breaker for me.
    A full frame video capable D3 would be tempting but only if the video was decent.
    In any case I think I’m better off expanding my lens and flashgun collection for now and wait till for the D4 rather than a D3s/h

  • mike

    Let me get this straight – you’re posting a rumor based on an anonymous source with the hopes that more people will make up rumors just so you can post more? I’m very confused. If you want more “rumors”, why not simply make them up and post them and say that they’re from an anonymous source?

    I’m going to say this as respectful as I can and I do not mean to attack you: Please go to and study it. There you will see how a rumor site should operate. If you don’t have any legitimate rumors to post, then don’t post! Post news. Post interesting videos involving Nikon equipment. Post something that isn’t the brain-child of some gear-loving tool who has too much time on his hands.

    • Mike, I think I can explain: first this tip was not anonymous – read the post: I said that I have a reason to believe (based on the source) that this is/could be true. I cannot give more info on the source – I hope you understand that. I do not ask people to make up rumors – I can do this myself. There are people out there that have the information I need and based on previous experiences I have received valuable info after such requests (remember the D90 picture leaks?). I know it is not easy to understand that since you are not running this blog and I cannot show everything. I would just say that you should pay attention to the ratings because I sometimes I may have to twist the facts in order to protect a tipster.

      Now about macrumors. The only think similar between Nikon and Apple is that they both keep their plans secret. That’s it – any attempt to draw a parallel between NikonRumors and MacRumors is foolish in my opinion. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of financial analyst, journalists, websites, newspapers, etc. that follow Apple – there are whole departments that analyzing every aspect of Apple. Apple also has a new product/update almost every 2 months. As a result of that the pool of information is huge compared to the pool of information available for Nikon – there are not even listed on the US stock market. I have very limited resources which I am using to predict Nikon rumors. This is an obvious fact, which should explain the differences between NikonRumors and MacRumors.

      Also, MacRumors has been around for over 10 years. NikonRumors has been around for 1 year. I would love to have a discussion with you on this topic in 9 years. Just go and look up some of the very old MacRumors posts and tell me what you think. I am ruining NikonRumors to the best way possible given the available resources. Just read the posts on MacRumros for this week – there is not a single rumor there – just editorial on the latest released products (don’t get me wrong, I am a MAc used and a big MacRumors fan).

      So again, I appreciate your feedback but my answer has been the same and I don’t understand what is the purpose of re-posting the same concerns over and over. Obviously if you are not happy with the NikonRumors, you should not visit it any more – I will hate to loose you as a reader, but I really don’t know what else to tell you.

      • mike


        The reason I decided to chime in on this post was because of this line: “..hopefully this post will spark a new wave of rumors:”.

        Hopefully? Spark? Rumors? Can you explain why posting something and calling it a rumor will cause more rumors to be made? There’s an inherent problem there. If you had made that post and left that statement out, it would be a completely different animal. You could have said:”Hey! I received this information from a trusted source, but I need to keep his/her identity secret!” Then you go about posting the ‘rumor’ and wait for people to complain about it in the comments. But hoping a speculation leads to more speculation is the wrong way to go about it, IMO.

        I understand that NIkon and Apple are different beasts – in size, scope, traditions, etc.. I was referring to the way the macrumors is currently run. I don’t care about 10 years ago. I care about now, and that site is run pretty nicely. You can use the way macrumors is currently run as a model…not a blueprint for what you do here, but more of a guide. Posting news is fine! Macrumors tagline is: “news and rumors you care about.” Nikonrumors’ is “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. One comes across as very NPR-ish and the other as very TMZ-ish.

        I’m sure you get countless “rumors” emailed to you on a constant basis and maybe you just haven’t built up enough trusted sources to post information that has a higher accuracy rate than probably 10%.. But that doesn’t mean posting garbage is OK. I recall there being a little issue with something from Thom Hogan recently and I think the problem was, aside from you just not asking the guy, was the way you worded your posts. Your wording is typically what gets you complaints. So I guess my only suggestion would be for you to chose your words carefully

        Here’s a little article about the guy who runs macrumors:

        • On the Thom Hogan issue – 87% of the readers agreed with me. On the request for rumors – sometimes this is the only way I can communicate with an anonymous source – see those links for an example:

          This is why in my wording I was asking for rumors from a specific person who has info and has indicated to me that a new D3 is coming without any further details.

          Maybe this request was directed to Nikon – after they read this discussion they may leak something themselves (in no way I am indicating that this has or has not happened in the past, I just give an example).

          And one more note: our discussion here is useless to probably 98% of the readers. I can open a new topic on the forum where we can discuss issues like that, but I think that it is not appropriate to waist the reader’s time (and I have done several polls that indicate that the majority of the readers are happy the way this blog is operating). Of course there is a room for improvement, but this won’t happened overnight – this is why I mentioned that MacRumors is 10 years old. Look at my first posts from a year ago – there is a huge improvement (IMHO).

          • mike

            Fair enough; I’ll end it here. But you can include me in the “13%” who did not agree with you on the Hogan thing for reasons that have been discussed ad infinitum.

            But don’t worry, you’ll still get traffic from me.

          • np – good to know that you will continue to be a reader and trust me I am trying my best – hopefully you will see a difference in the quality of the content posted here. I have been much more selective lately and spend more time on a given rumor before posting it – this will explain the reduced number of posts in the last few weeks.

        • funny

          mike, if you want facts go read cnn. I love this site. even if a lot of the stuff posted never comes true, pretty much everything that has come true got posted and I found out about it in NR first.

          that’s the essense of this blog. I think you got the wrong idea. not everybody has to run their blog the same way man. just take it for what it is and chill a little. you’re just too serious for the internet.

  • Mike

    I could see this as being true, IF they put this upgraded D3 into a lower price point. Say drop the price to $3,000 or $3,500US. Then it may be worth it. Companies sometimes do this. The D3 is still an amazing camera eventhough its been out for almost 2 years.

  • John Dosy-Doe

    In reagards to the Nikon vs Canon Debate (Oh Lord when will this ever end!?)

    One the main things these conversations usually omit is that Nikon refuses to release a sub-par body when it comes to features. They shocked us with the D200, D300, D3 and D700. All of these cameras were always superior to their competitor’s in terms of quality and functionality. However, Canon always released their bodies earlier so it seems that Nikon is always playing catch up. I guess that’s a reputation you have to live up with when you are not willing to sacrifice the brand’s integrity.

    Nikon does have the technology to offer HD video in the pro and semi-pro bodies. However, there are additional things in HD Video that restrict its full functionality. hence why Nikon has only added video to its consumer SLR’s.

    If I had to take a wild guess is that Nikon is working on real time focusing/exposure adjustment on the video functions within SLR’s. This is a major attribute that anyone who is resious about videography needs. This is a function that none of the Canon bodies featuring HD video offer (to the best of my knowledge at least).

    So for those complaining about Nikon not offering video in their pro bodies, realize that until Nikon can offer pro quality controls on HD video, they are not going to simply add a feature to satisfy the few techno geeks. When Nikon does decide to include video on their HD bodies, it’ll probably knock everyone’s socks off. I am confident in Nikon’s capabilities, even though frustrated on their timing, but they have never failed to deliver a high quality product. I doubt they’ll let those who truly want it down, even that means they need to be patient.

    • Michael

      Ooh Rah! I have to agree.

      Now if dust removal is all they are offering for an upgrade, I won’t do it. Great thing but not tossing out D3 for a D3s or whatever just for dust removal. I’ll wait till next time. If you don’t have a D3, then the D3s with the added dust removal would be better than a stock D3.

      I personally don’t know that they would release a D3 “replacement” yet. The D3 is great and although the 2010 Olympics are coming up and they want to sell tons of D3 bodies or replacement, which I hope they do, people aren’t going to trade in just for that. Even if they get a replacement out in the fall, they will probably have issues getting them to the masses by February for the Olympics.

      Personally I look more for a D700x type camera in this time frame. I am probably wrong though. If they did this they could add a 24MP to the photographers bag to take with them to the Olympics, add one to the regular PJ bag for hi res stuff and share the same lenses. It could also be a great thing to take with you to the Olympics. It worked out great for the D700, right before the 2008 Olympics. Also, a D700x in the fall would go great under the Christmas tree. The D700 was a 5D killer. The D700x would be a great 5D Mark II killer.

      That is my speculation. I don’t think we are going to get a D4 this year, maybe next. Will they do a minor change i.e. D2X to D2Xs? Possible but they would have to offer more than that to lure me. I’ll wait for the D4 for All the new features, video or not.

      Just my two cents worth.

  • I love to take landscapes photos, so i need i wide angle, i’m using the tokina 11-16 on my dx camera, a nice Nikon D50; without thinking about the medium format the solutions for a full frame camera are:

    1) nikon d700 + 14-24 G nikkor (2200€ + 1500€ = 3700€)

    pro: full operating lens (autofocus included)

    drawback: no video and “only” 12mpixels

    2) canon 5d mark 2 + nikon ring adapter + 14-24 nikkor ( 2200€ + 160€ + 1500€ = 3860€)

    pro : >20mpixels ; many details that a 12pixel sensor can’t capture; video mode; when nikon, will release a >=16MPixels camera keep the lens and sell the canon body and be happy; in the meantime shoot with the max combo

    drawback: no autofocus, rumor comparing to the nikon d700

    3) canon 5d mark 2 + 17-40 (2200€ + 700€ = 2900€)

    drawbacks: none

    4) canon 4d mark 2 +16-35 (2200€ + 1300€ =3500€)

    drawbacks: none

    If nikon is planning to release some cameras with the same “12mpixel” sensor for the 2009 and at least the first half 2010 i’ll say hello for this years to all it’s equipment i have.

    • funny

      the D700 came before any camera had video. wait for nikon’s answer to the 5DII if you want video. The D4 won’t be squared agaisn’t the 5DII. it doen’t have to.

      second, the 5DMII is good but please, it is slower, has an outdated AF system, the IQ is close in noise to the D700 but doesn’t beat it, has less dynamic range, video lacks 24fps, has rolling shutter artifacts, no correction for CAs in camera. It isn’t w/o drawbacks as you so candidly paint it.

      nikon can easily beat that. They already have a superior sensor with higher resolution, dynamic range and noise levels. A superior PHOTOGRAPHY camera with superior features and only need to add simple video (A mere software update). Nikon could throw a D700x w/ the d3x sensor and just errase the 5DII out of the map without even chaning a thing on the D700.

      but I’d much rather have a new 12mp sensor that wipes the 5DII off the map in low noise performance. Nikon’s 24mp sensor is on par with the 5DII and it has higher density, if they applied that tech back to 12mp…ISO 12800 would look like iso 400. I much rather have that than a stupid MP bump.

      canon is all about the paper specs. Nikon is all about the results.

      • Hey slow down: the list is a simple comparing based on prices and the features; you have readen under the lines what i never said:

        1) i’m a nikonist with three cameras, i love their lenses, i’m following their camera releases from about 6 years.

        2) i wrote: “I love to take landscapes photos” so i don’t need 5-8 fps, i never put it in the pro/cons area ’cause i don’t care

        3) i wrote in the Drawbacks of Canon: rumor comparing to the nikon d700

        4) The video is a plus no a “i need it”, better to have in any case, if available, do you agree ? or you hate it like the devil if there is something plus available in a camera. i know the 24fps “limit” but i don’t care, ’cause, as i wrote, i’m a landscape shooter; now you are who is talking about the video features in details.

        5) CA controlling in camera? i don’t need, i use my 20” LCDs to check and correct it in photoshop if any.

        6) if a pixel is the atomic unit please tell me how you can represent with 12MPixels the details of 21Mpixels? please share with us your math cause i never heard this new “inverse ratio”.

        “stupid MP bump”? maybe, but if i can crop a pice of an image an enlarge with less image degradation is really “stupid”? maybe not.

        With nikon we ask and they answer what they want, or better they don’t answer.

        Nikon SHOULD, Nikon WILL, Nikon COULD! hey face the facts! when was the last time we have readen a spec about nikon (except for the d3series, i mean a under-pro shooter) and say: WHOA this camera is really a jump of quality/features? they are giving us small improvements in every model, this is a simple commercial strategy; they are feeding us like fishes with small quantity of food to have we always hungry.

        “Nikon could throw a D700x w/ the d3x sensor and just erase the 5DII out of the map without even chaning a thing on the D700” ?

        -In my country they say “with the “if” and the “but” you can’t obtain anything”; or better “if my grandfather has three balls he could be a pinball”.

        I’m not the only one that’s waiting for an at least 16Mpixel FF (video or not video believe: I DON’T CARE) to switch and be happy for many years?

        Here we are always talking about rumors, but how many times we were disappointed when they released a new model?

        Be fair and admit that this is the reality.

      • chinnr

        “nikon can easily beat that.”

        This is my point. They can… but so far they have chosen not to. Why? The specs that have come out for the D300s does not get them any closer.

        I’m just saying they are missing a HUGE opportunity. Hopefully they come to their senses very soon.

  • I would like a D3H with 12 or even 10 megapixel if Nikon can make it noise free at ISO 3200 (same quality as D3 at ISO 800) Price would not matter. Please give me higher ISO with GOOD quality!!!

    // A

  • joeyboy

    i want the 24mm 1.4 to complete my prime lens combo with my 85mm 1.4

    i hope the rumor 85mm 1.4 AFS-G will also release this year, i will be also getting that to replace my D version, which weakness is AF in low light…

    two body & two 1.4 lens – AWESOME – BOOKEH FROM TELE TO WIDE!

    saving now to get the 14-24 or maybe the 24-70

  • zen-tao

    Dust removal technology to remove dust…Where? to other place in the sensor? I´m no so bad cleaning the dust by myself, it´s not so difficult. Don’t try to convince us with the tale abut that less mpx is better and bla, bla,….They can launch a more mpx camera, cheaper than D3x and they don´t do it. Why? I don’t know, but that’s bad policy. Nowadays, If I wan to purchase a new DSLR equipment, which one could I by with the same money: Canon or Nikon?

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