Nikon D5000 in Best Buy this Friday

best-buyAccording to Gizmodo's anonymous tipster, the newly released Nikon D5000 will be availble in Best Buy stores this Friday (April 24th) - a week before the officially announced release date of May 1st.

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  • moshangwusheng


    • Anonymous

      my best buy got D500 today

  • Roger

    Great. Hasn’t Nikon USA learned their lesson from Circuit City and Ritz Camera? I hope they demanded COD. No exceptions.

    • Nikkorian

      what ist COD?

      • WoutK89

        It is a fish, right? 😛

      • Roger

        Cash on delivery, since Circuit City and Ritz have already stiffed them.

  • 10to20

    I really hope they come out with a lower model.. say, D1000 or so to replace the d40 at the low end. I think the D5000 is a fantastic camera, but Nikon needs something at the real low end. Drop the adjustable screen, bracketing and sell it cheaper… probably lose the movie mode too, but I really think that should be standard on all cameras from now on.

    • Nikkorian

      drop movie, but not bracketing

      • Zoetmb

        People who buy low-end cameras do not bracket. They generally put the camera on one of the auto modes and shoot. If they don’t like the results, they shoot again. Even on the rare occasion that they shoot in Manual, they would readjust the exposure and shoot again.

        However, the cost savings to Nikon for removing bracketing is probably next to nothing. Aside from body construction and sensor cost, I can’t see much more that they can remove.

        • Eric

          All newcomers would love to have bracketing when they learn about the possibilities of HDR.
          I sure know I missed it when I first got a D40 and was experimenting with all the features of the camera.
          Creating HDR was a major pain with the D40, fiddling in the menu between each shot. And I remember beeing envious of my friends old canon 350d when he had the feature. (even the cheap 1000d has it)
          And it is PURELY a software ting, just as interval shooting… stupid features not to include IMO

          • Phoggy

            I agree, having no bracketing on the D40 totally sucks!

          • DNHJR

            I’m sorry, but I have never seen an HDR photo that is really any good. HDR makes the photo to fake looking IMO. But each to there own.

          • CLP

            You probably have seen a good HDR photo but didn’t realize it was HDR. Thats how you can tell its a good one…
            The obvious ones are when you say whats wrong with that picture. Because an HDR thats gone awry has a very distinctive look that screams “LOOK THIS IS A CRAPPY HDR”

        • Anonymous

          LOL it took me perhaps 6 months to venture away from that friendly green AUTO when i first got the D40

        • Anonymous

          Just because they use a low end camera does not mean they dont use the features… perhaps money is just an issue for them.

          Don’t assume that every person that wants to do good photography has thousands of dollars to burn on higher end equipment.

          That being said, I’ve never once missed bracketing on my D40, though I consider most HDR work crap (there are some exceptions, of course, where it isn’t overdone, but this is greatly in the minority).

          • Eric

            If the person making the HDR likes the output why should he not be able to do it? Just because some people find it to be crap? Very many people take pictures for them self and not for others.

          • JohnS

            HDR should not be any sort of priority for a camera, most of the pictures come out looking like cartoons and a strange computerized creation, why not decide to make an accurate image first before making a camera that can create some fantasy digital art?

          • Anonymous

            I’m not saying that cameras shouldnt have bracketing or that no one likes HDR, I was simply saying that just because someone uses a d40/40x/60/whatever does not make them just want to point and shoot. I added my opinion that _I_ do not miss bracketing and do not like HDR, but to each his own.

          • Nikkorian

            I have a D40X and I shoot aperture priority or manual all the time – don’t need any auto modes. I would love to have bracketing not for HDR, but just to have a backup exposure in difficult light situations. I would buy any D40 successors for better sensor, but I would not pay hundreds of dollars for bracketing or stuff like that. Maybe for aperture preview…

            By the way, when doing bracketing on a D90, does the mirror flip several times or just once for all three exposures? Of course it would be cool having three pics taken only 1/125 of a second apart?! That is the curtain time I believe, or does the sensor readout set a limit?


          • Eric

            Ey Nikkorian,

            I think the curtain time is 1/250, that is the reason you can not shoot the internal flash at higher speeds. With an external flash like sb600 or bigger you can shoot at any speed, even 1/4000. (1/8000?)

            But back to your initial question, my d300 flips its mirror down every time and the d90 does it the same way to my knowledge. Only difference is the d300 can do bracket burst and do 8fps without the grip. Shooting 7 exposures in under 1 second is great for hand held shooting. FYI 🙂
            And I think it is a sensor readout limit.

            I also had the D40, and after some months I never used auto mode.

          • Phoggy

            I’ve had the D40 for a couple of years now and I almost never used the green Auto setting on it because I hate flash and it would always pop up. For a few months I did let the camera choose the exposure for me with the P setting, but after being educated on the creative use of aperture and DOF I switched to almost exclusive use of Aperture Priority. Now that I’m a more advanced shooter, I’d appreciate a few extra upgrades (especially a bigger sensor) and bracketing was one upgrade I wanted. I have only attempted to do a couple of HDR photos, but I always seemed to bump the camera out of place when making the multiple exposures on the tripod. So that’s why I would like to be able to do this automatically, then I might do a few more of those HDR photos. Just to have another creative tool that is available to me, now that I’m more than just a beginner.

      • 10to20

        I’d say the vast majority of new users rarely ever leave AUTO or even P mode. I don’t know a single non-enthusiast that brackets.

        I’m just trying to find a way for them to make a replacement for the d40 while keeping the d300 sensor. I want bracketing, I’m just saying most people don’t.

        • Eli

          How about, not the D300 sensor? CMOS, but less MP (8-10) and better high ISO performance.

          • 10to20

            I think that would be good, except I don’t know if one exists that they could use. I’m assuming designing sensors is pretty tough as well, or Nikon would have designed their own for the D3x.

            I also think if they used the same manufacturing process to create a new 6-8MP sensor, it would have better low light performance than the D300 due to larger sensor area. Just think of the gnashing of teeth that would cause!! 🙂 Is there a lower MP sensor by other brands with similar ISO performance to the D300 they could use? I don’t see them developing one from scratch for their low end camera if they didn’t for their flagship.

            but hey, I’m just guessing too.

      • eh??

        sure, nikon would be happy to drop the bracketing because you can do the same by using EV compensation button… SAME thing.

    • DNHJR

      D60 can fill that spot. Just lower the price a bit.

    • Willis

      Erm… so a D60 then?

  • Phoggy

    I don’t know if this is an obvious question, but why would it be an anonymous tip? Wouldn’t Best Buy ligitimately want people to know they will have this camera in store so that you can go and buy it in advance?

    • jettblack

      If this is true, I am sure that they will advertise it in their Sunday flyer and then they will have them in the store to sell. Maybe they are getting special consideration for all of the point and shoots that they sell…

      • the word is that it will be out in limited quantities in NYC stores as well…

      • Phoggy

        From what I gather the shipment will come in on Friday, but not be available for purchase until Sunday? That makes more sense why they wouldn’t announce it yet, if that’s the case. I’ll probably go in and play around with it if they have one available for display on Sunday.

  • Q

    Forget bracketing. The D5000 removes a Depth of Field preview button. I’m looking forward to see how it does with low light/high iso – my major interest. But, without that depth of field previews, it’s a deal breaker for me and I’m back to the D90.

    • DOF preview is almost worthless with the tiny viewfinders the same as manual focus is a nightmare…
      i guess if you were shooting in live view then it might be worth something….but then again i think it does exposure simulation in the live view so that is pointless also…

  • J

    I was hoping nikon would take the opportunity to integrate gps into the camera. The current solution us definitely not consumer oriented.

  • Hooterville

    Is Best But taking pre orders?

  • benalexe

    Sorry to be Naive but what is bracketing? Also I am a beginer user of DSLR. I have a rebel xti which I just sold on ebay. 2 reasons.. A friend of mine got a d60 and the photos are dramatically better. Second I really want the video mode.

    Why is the current gps option not consumer friendly?

    How can I decided between the 5000 and the d90 they are both similar in price.

    • Hooterville

      I’m in the same boat.

      I was going to purchase the D90 and think I’ll go for the D5000 instead.

      The D5000 is $450. cheaper so I might go with it instead of the D90.

      Can’t make up my mind.

      • explain how the d5000 is 450 cheaper…
        from what I’ve seen – it will be around 850 – with an 18-55. the d90 is 1150 with an 18-105. that is 300 but then add in the lens difference and it’s only about 200…

    • Kit

      Just so the question isn’t ignored, bracketing is having the camera automatically take several exposures in sequence.

      For more details see:

  • eh??

    let’s see here…

    why don’t someone explain why you MUST have bracketing button, even if you can simply do this manually by using manual mode and fool around with EV compensation button?

    or do all the work in your head by changing the shutter speeds from 1/125s to 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/60s, and 1/30s?

    or is it too much work for lazy yourself?

    • Joe Boston

      Because low-end models take forEVER to navigate menus.

      What if, in the time it took to go through the lenghty menu the D5000 has, that person has already lost their lighting?

      Would certainly piss me off.

      • eh??

        then buy used D50, D70, D70s, or D80? those have BKT button and way way way cheaper than new D5000.

      • drkbl

        You have never ever have to enter the menu to compensate exposure or flash, or to change flash mode.

        • drkbl

          I have to forgot:

          Exposure bracketing is good because it uses a burst so can be used to get a good picture of unrepeatable events in strange lights.

          • 10to20

            Exactly. You can do the same with manual controls, but bracketing does it automatically at near your burst speed. If it’s a rare event and the lighting is difficult.. OR you want to do a HDR of something not quite stationary, it’s not possible to adjust those settings by hand for 3 shots in 1 second.

            It’s not just being lazy, for some things it’s impossible do do by hand.

  • raito-photo

    “Coloring paper” function is a topic in Japan.
    The coloring paper to the child by using D5000.

    The following are sites.

  • TTI

    As I’m not a fan of HDR (i should said i’m a fan, but never really gets one working… LOL), BKT fn is not big issue. I manage to take pictures by Grad ND filter (those square ones)… it works more or less the same way and allow me to capture good enough shots… I’m not a pro so this solution satisfies me enough though…

    Anyway, shooting pictures doesn’t always come down to equipment… but to the perspectives… i shoot for ~3yrs now, and my gf who just starts about 1/2 yr ago can do shots better than i do for those portraits and event shots (me D300, my gf D60)

    For Best Buy things, i didn’t think they’ll have enough in stocks to satisfy all the customers, seeing May holiday is comin ’round the corner

  • Trevor Nelmes

    Not that I’m in the market, but let me get this right. I can buy a D90 body in the UK for $800 plus tax or buy a D5000 body for $915 plus tax. On that basis the D5000 is the better camera, yes?

  • Hooterville

    Just called 3 Best Buy stores and not one of the floor morons can find anything in the computer or know anything about the D5000.

    Are we sure Best Buy will have them this weekend?

    • sorry, just a rumor for now

      • Hooterville

        Some rumors come true.

  • benalexe

    Usually costco has good pricing and they often bundle it with 2 lenses like they did with the D60. I you are considering buying you may want to wait for costco.

    • Hooterville

      I’m going to purchase one at the first place I can get one.

  • Anonymous

    oh…but they will be available in canada’s Bestbuy and future shop on 8th May
    they accept preorder now

  • Aaron

    Well whoopity doo! Best Buy’s selling another consumer camera. Wake me up when the D700x arrives.

    • 10to20

      So, would you please explain what you have to offer to the conversation with snide elitist comment? Without consumer camera sales, Nikon couldn’t afford to make your fancy toys. Do you realize that? You should be thankful, not spiteful. Geez.

      • Aaron

        I have absolutely nothing to offer to the conversation other than I don’t care about this camera and am excited for something higher end to come out. I’m sure many others on feel the same way. Sorry for being an “elitist”. That’s all I can contribute.

  • Hooterville

    Local Best Buy now as of 4-22 is showing the D5000 in their system with 7 units on order. The Friday date is looking better already.

  • OhSnap!

    The Best Buy stores may not actually have the camera for sale until next Friday, May 1. They may only be getting in the shipment a week early, possibly for training purposes for their floor associates. I doubt they would have exclusive ability to sell the camera before other retailers.

    • Hooterville

      Best Buy training purposes? I don’t think so.
      Have you ever talked with a best buy sales associate on the floor?
      They have no idea about anything.

      • Phoggy

        I figure they ought to have at least seen the thing so they can bullshit some half-ass answer if you have any questions.

  • Andrea

    Nikon is very expensive now. When are they going to low their prices again?

  • Hooterville

    Is it worth the extra money for the D90 over this D5000?

    • benalexe

      interesting.. I wonder the same thing about the d90 vs the d5000. It seems to be the 5000 has some better beginner features like the different shooting modes swivel screen. It is also smaller and lighter for those who care.

      I don’t understand the benefit of the focus motor on the flash vs on the body. Can someone explain that one to me.

      lastly the 5000 is smaller and lighter which may be a benefit to some.

  • Hooterville

    Is J&R a reputable place to deal with?

    • I think so – I never had a problem with them.

  • Anonymous

    I am leaving for vacation early morning Wednesday the 29th of April. And I better freaking have a d5000 with me! Come on, retailers, sell me one of these babies on Friday!!!

    • Peter


  • Hooterville

    Can’t make up my mind.

    D90 or D5000 ?

  • Hooterville

    Just picked up the Nikon D5000 at Best Buy today.

    • sometimes rumors do come true 🙂

      • Hooterville

        Yes, They had them in.

        I have not even opened it yet and I might bring it back in the morning and get the D90 instead. I think the D90 is more bang for the buck.

        • LOL – make some pictures/videos (unboxing, what’s in the box, etc.) and send them to me before you return it, please?


          • Hooterville

            How would I send them to you?

        • just email them to me:

          t i p s {at} n i k o n r u m o r s (there is a dot here) c o m

          you get the idea (damn spammers!)

          if you have a website/blog/business – send it over so I can give you credit


          • Hooterville

            Just sent you a pic of the box.

  • Hooterville

    Took the D5000 back and got the D90 and I’m glad I did.

    The D5000 seems like it’s for people with small hands.

    The D90 seems so much better to me.
    This conclusion is based on about 15 minutes with each camera from a total noob that has no idea what they are doing.

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