The next set of rumors: Nikon D400 & Nikon D750

I would not put much faith in those rumors for now (D750?) but I still find them interesting, especially the Nikon D750 back image: FF with swivel display - now this will trigger some serious discussions here 🙂



What say you - do you like this D750 with the swivel display and how much would you pay for such a camera?


Via Digitalrev

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  • i just love the idea with the flip screen … this is just so cool and gives so many new shooting options with a DSLR

    • gonz

      personally, I find the swivel LCD totally disgusting.

      • 10two20

        Disgusted? Seriously? What is “disgusting” about it. Sounds like a pretty extreme emotion for a use of technology.

  • rwpl

    If nikon D400 would have more the 15 MPx then… it will be a total failure

    • Gustav

      Not everyone has to print billboards to be viewed from 2 feet away or crops 50% of their photos away. Read above, people are printing 20×30 with 6 MP.


    Unfortunately, this rumor is completely false and dishonest. It is just a trap to attract people to check this web site (that I avoid mentioning again!).
    Why? Click on the photo showing the back of the supposedly D750 and the filename of the photo is nikon_d5000_01big.jpg as one poster mentioned above. So, this rumor is false!

    Having said that, the D400 and D750 specs shown are not very far from what might be for these two updates.

    One thing is sure, the updates to the Nikon D300 and D700 will surely have video.
    If Nikon would not put HD video, they would lose many sales to competitors and they cannot afford doing such a big mistake. The rest of the possible specs for these two updates is anybody’s guess.

    For the D700, Nikon has shown for several other products in the past to use smartly what they have for higher models to trickle down to lower models (in particular the sensor).
    For the megapixel count, again, it will all depend on what sensor Nikon will choose to put in the updates to these two cameras.
    It is possible, but not sure at all, that again the update to the D700 will use the D3X sensor (as Nikon did for the D700 when the D3 was available).

    One thing is sure, video is coming on ALL the new DSLR Nikon cameras, as Nikon cannot afford to lose many sales to competitors that put video on their DSLR cameras.
    Most would be buyers of DSLR cameras want video and that is a very good added feature to have.
    To carry two bulky tools (doing video and still photos) is worse than carrying only one tool (doing both still photos and video). It does make a lot of common sense to put video on a DSLR camera after all. Only Luddites would object to such a great feature!

  • Hor

    hope D750 coming out soon, so i can get a used D700 at cheaper cost. 😛

  • Mike

    D750 please please please!

  • giz

    D750 with 3″ swivel 920k pix screen would be great. The 15-16 MPix and the video mode are nice2have, but i really like the idea of having a 3″ high res swivel screen.

    I would definatly buy one

    • Joergen

      No thank you, swivel sucks!

    • Remington

      I like the idea of a swivel LCD. I shoot landscapes where I like to get low to the ground and can’t bend my neck to look through the VF. Live View has improved this somewhat but to have it swivel allows for less body contortions.

  • dino

    Nikon D750…
    hmm, allow me a foreseeing… all newer FF DSLR with (ALSO) video capabilities will be signed DX50 (D850, D950), while DX bodies customers will have them in any further D500, D600; I think for now Nikon is just trying to estimate if real pro’s could need a video capabilities on the high-end FF bodies or not, while probably other pros working with longer distances, some semi-pro or rich amateurs might like it in the high-end DX ones.

    Actually, it’s not interesting to me. Although I fear we’ll end with one body which will be able to do everything, I always supported the “camera” as a “camera” and nothing else.
    More MP? No thanks, I have enough
    Video? I don’t care
    No higher D/R or iso capabilities than actual D700? Another “cons”; nay, I even fear that the overall IQ will finish to get worse (remember the FF D3x, great at the lower end but horrible (really not comparable with D3) once over iso 800?)

    • peter

      the d3x was not desgined to shoot at higher iso’s. nor was it made to be comparable with the D3 at those higher sensitivities. just like the D3 was not desgined to be compared to the d3x at lower iso. that is not a flaw in the camera, that is called “fit for purpose”.

  • dito

    lets just wonder about cameras, rumors or just imagination? I think if you have a read at macrumors you’ll get some inspiration.

  • funny

    sooooo fake.

  • 16mpx or higher….

  • Halogenic

    Please no more megapixeles unless sensor size is bigger.

  • Well, Nikon did mentioned that they’re gonna out the D400 or something, but then that doesn’t mean you should expect the price to be cheap. Look at the D5000. Now look at the price for an entry level.

    So what say you about the D400.

  • jay

    I didn’t get D3/D700 (not enough pixels for landscape, no video) nor D3x (too expensive, no video). The D750 would be the perfect machine to have if its IQ beats D3/D700. The LCD is a huge bonus.

  • Kozłowski Artur

    So is it 16 or 18 megapixels? Why the difference???
    I can get it in the D750, since it has a large – double format sensor, but D400???

  • afterdarkernikon

    Opinions opinions. Good if NIKON is reading this thread. It has generated a lot of traffic for this site and I hope that NIKON is listening not only here but I do hope they make surveys from REAL PROS!!!

    One or 10 comment saying I don’t like swivel or video doesn’t represent the opinion of the whole Nikon community!!

    Do a proper market survey and you can’t go wrong!!

    Now where is my D750 ?

  • woble

    Seriously, look at the pictures and the text. The font has one of the Photoshop anti-aliasing methods applied to it and that’s all. Obviously someone didn’t take the time to fake it properly. The photos of the bodies are not sharp enough and wtf is with the silly reflection. If those were real, would the bodies look so unsharp. And why the fuck would anyone put it in a gradient frame.

    Fakes. D400 maybe be coming, and maybe D750 as well, but these are fake as anything.

  • Anonymous

    What boggles me is the infatuation by everyone these days of needing video in their SLR. Did the world suddenly turn upside down changing the laws of physics, making it impossible to take photos unless said camera has a video mode?

  • Florian

    I don’t think that the D700 will be updated BEFORE the D3. Better Noise and more megapixel would make it better than a D3 in picture quality.
    Probably a D4 comes the same time with the D400. Just like it was with the D300 and the D3. Don’t forget, that the D3x is a studiocamera. Not realy the best thing for available light or for sports. A D4 could be a camera with a faster fps than the D3 and with the sensor later put in an D750 or however it is named.
    Than this would be the three DSLRs for this year mentioned in another rumor. A D700 would be about half year after the D400.

    And hey, I am still shooting with my Nikon F5 on B/W negative film……. Okay, I have a D3 also….

  • Joe

    Video are always welcome on DSLR. But what I want on a D400 is a larger and brighter viewfinder. A quiet/silent mode that allow me sacrifice speed for lower noise(Since they have it on the D5000??).

    Different people have different needs or wants on their tools, but this is what I want.

  • ryan

    For all of those at the beginning of the posts, and im sure some where mixed in as well…. Alex makes a huge point, and a few people below him, someone says that it would be huge for a photographer at a news conference, or if a building was falling on fire…. then don’t become a phootgrapher, the essence of photography is to stop a moment in time, bending the light as much as possible, to relay a message to the public…. video cameras are for videographers, much different…

  • ryan

    (that goes for photojournalism specifically))))

  • It’s too soon for a vari-angle screen to be implemented on the next semi-pro camera; Nikon just introduced it with D5000 and this camera starts selling on May 1st, which means Nikon gets zero feedback on this type of screen.

  • ghadhkjh

    perhaps only 720p for the d400 for more difference between both – d400 and d750.

  • MB

    I find both rumors plausible to some degree.
    Nikon has to do something against 5DII, and adding swivel display to spice up things a little seams logical choice (it is actually easier to put this kind of 3” display on FX body because of it larger size).
    I would much prefer D3X sensor in a lighter and lower priced body of course, but video is what currently attracts the masses and, if Nikon has the resources to develop yet another FX sensor chip set, this could very well be what we will get.
    As for D400 I doubt anything more spectacular will happen other than higher MPix and video capabilities. Higher dynamic or ISO range that many of us would probably prefer are unrealistic if more MPix are required, and they are by the popular demand.
    But we are talking about something that could happen no sooner than in a six months, and more likely in a year or so.

  • BJamy

    I just hope that whatever new FF camera that Nikon will release can match the 5d mkII when it comes to ISO performance in low light. If it does, I might concider upgrading from my D300. Video? Just a bonus. High MP? Could be cool if the price is right. Gotta hand it to Canon making a camera like the 5d mkII…

  • Gerard

    Whilst I would like these to be real, if you look at the reflection of the D750 you can’t see the flip-down screen.

  • MB

    I thought we all understood that the pictures are fakes, no?

  • shivas

    so any takers on a release date for the D400??

    May 2009?
    June 2009?
    July 2009?

    I suspect a D700 addendum would come later in the year. . .

  • John

    Nope. My D700 will serve as my only DSLR for a long long time. Spend money on lenses…

  • Roger

    If I needed a swivel Viewfinder screen, I wouldn’t need an SLR. I like looking through the optical viewfinder. I only need the LCD screen to check my work.

  • even if they don’t come out this year or it’s a fake what I want is a d7xx (or whatever the name should be) with 16-18Mp same noise as the d700 and off course same shutterspeeds and AF instead of a d700x with 24Mp and slow shutterspeeds. I think that needs a new processor and very high memorycards. To develop it will take a while. So my best guess is that you won’t see a new FX camera from Nikon this year with fast speed and high pixelcount. An possible update adding HD video to the d300 would be an option as well as a downgrade from the d3x to d700x with hd video. But then you loose fast shooting e.g. form D3 to D3x.

  • john

    My view is that if you want video go for the new Sony models they are great. If you want a camera Nikon or Canon have great products. I use a D700 after selling my D300. Both great cameras and only think to make it better would be a 24mps. Don’t need th swivel or video or audio stuff. I will never publish so will go for qulaity stuff that i can hang on ny wall and the D700 or its 24mps successor will be just great.

    Forget about anything revoltionary or substantive for a few years from either Nikon or Canon…just product gimmicks is all we will see as they are slowing R&D during the economic meltdown going on worldwide. Right now there are not enough people witj the money to justify serious R&D for such products so wait a few years for leaps in techonolgy.

  • fxed

    Bring on the 400/700X, swivel screen or not, video or not and anything or not. For those who want one or not. But………..

    Please Please Please, we need lenses fellas, by God lenses. f/4″s with VR, up-dates of classics, new focal lengths and one or two that are discontinued, like the 70-180 micro nikkor with AF-S and VR. For those of us that have their cameras and are happy with a crappy D700 and D90 with shabby video that I don’t use anyway but can if I want to.

    BTW, I buy from Ritz because I get a military discount which makes it in some cases less than bh. They advertise but ninety percent of the items show “ships when received from manufacturer”. I know about the bankruptcy filling question is they advertise like their not. Moderator any word on what is going on?

  • Max

    I hate the vari-angle screen. It makes a camera look so cheap and entry level. I really hope they don’t put one in the D400.

    • tomm

      OMG, the looks!!!!

  • Matteo Virga

    still compact flash :(?

  • Edmund Dworakowski

    I would love a D750 to be built with the same type of body as the D800 platform. The size and weight make it feel right in the hands. Save the small, plastic feeling bodies for the amateur models. My first camera was the D300s and when you get use to a real pro body, the others feel cheap.

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