Nikon D5000 @ PMA

Today I got another confirmation form a source that has never been wrong before: the Nikon D5000 is real - it has a swivel display that rotates in all directions; 12.3 Mpx sensor. That's all I got for now. I would say 90% chance it will be released at PMA next week.

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    Thath sounds nice, any word on new lenses, from your scource???

  • Sam27

    Sound great!
    Still wishing for the new FX primes.

  • Sam27

    Sound great!
    Still wishing for FX primes, though

  • Niloy

    Real post- I think this could be very true. But with the same, and the swivel screen, it sound like a super-zoom bridge camera. Not a SLR.

    • what?

      so if something has a swivel screen then it is not a DSLR?

      • Niloy

        Yes. Defineatly. I also tried to say how I didn’t like the name… but the spelling mistakes stopped me.

        • Well the mirror and shutter take up a fair bit of room. A swivel display needs its own housing and takes up more room when not open.

          I don’t see how Nikon could fit, a mirror, mechanical shutter and swivel display in a body that’s small enough to be a non pro/pro-sumer camera. If it is huge, it would need features (beyond a swivel display) to make it worth while.

          A P&S doesn’t need a mirror or mechanical shutter, which leaves it more room for a swivel display.

          I vote it’s a super-zoom point and shoot with RAW support and built-in GPS.

          • rhlpetrus

            E620 does exactly that, smaller than present D60.

        • Joel

          funny I thought my e3 with its swivel screen was a pretty good DSLR (I just didn’t like the lack of primes with decent bokeh)..

          Actually I use a d90 and am happy with it but if the D400 had a swivel screen I would actually upgrade.. but they seem to be making the lower models with features lacking on higher ones?

    • Tom

      Olympus have swivel displays on several of their cameras, most recently on the E-620 announced a day or two ago – a camera that by the look of things could best be described as a D60 killer… It would make perfect sense for Nikon to launch a new entry level DSLR now.

      • luk

        To be fair though, 4/3-based cameras are easier to engineer if you aim for small size.

        • Tom

          True enough but doesn’t change the fact that the spec sheet for the E-620 is quite amazing given the price point.

          • pete

            why have live view without a swivel screen ? its just about useless. stop making excuses, nikon have to implement it just like oly did. period. to say its not a dslr cos it has a swivel screen is retarded to say the least.

  • Zabbu

    This might very well be a Super Zoom. I think it makes sense what Niloy have stated above. Until they say that this model also includes a lens kit, I really don’t think it’s the new entry level DSLR.

    • WoutK89

      How about an APS-C sized Coolpix, like Canon has?

      • RobJ

        Canon does not have an APS-C compact camera. Not sure what you’re thinking of here. The only company to currently make such a camera is Sigma, with the DP1 and DP2.

        • WoutK89

          Well, my bad, I thought I had seen it somewhere around Photokina, maybe I mixed up with Sigma indeed :-O

    • rhlpetrus

      Nikon won’t launch a D-named camera if not a dslr. And this is the D40/D60 line camera people expected to see last year already, with LV.

  • Marc W

    “it has a swivel display that rotates in all positions”

    Rotates in all positions including broken in your hand πŸ™‚

  • cesar

    i really dont like the name

    • Anonymous

      what does that matter? anything?

  • Romel

    Finder: 95% coverage. 12mm eyepoint.
    Electronic Level: No.
    AF: 11 points.
    Shutter: 1/4,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb.
    Flash Sync: 1/200.
    Frame Rate: 3 FPS.
    Built-in Flash: GN 39/12 (Feet/meters at ISO 100). Controls wireless flash.
    Sensor: 16MP CMOS.
    Sensor Size: DX.
    Live View: two modes.
    ISO: 100 ~ 6,400. Nikon really only want you using ISO 200 ~ 1,600, so lower ISOs are read as gibberish like “Lo-1” and higher ISOs are coded as garbage like “HI+2.”
    File Formats: JPG, NEF. NEF in 12- or 14-bit with no, lossy or lossless compression.
    Rear LCD: Exquisite 3,” 920,000 pixels. HDMI HD output, but it uses a screwy, non-standard mini HDMI connector.
    Storage: Single SD card.
    Data Communication: USB, Wi-Fi.
    Power: EN-EL5e, new for the D5000.
    Weight: 530g, less than the D90 (620g) and not much more than the D40 (475g).
    Price (USA): $649, March 2009.
    Introduction: 03 March 2009.
    Available: Early April 2009.

    • Tom

      No chance. Never in a million years would Nikon be so dumb as to release a camera in their own line-up that is cheaper than a D90 and has higher resolution.

      • +1 I’m doubting 11 autofocus points either.

      • Joel

        with those specs and the swivel LCD I would almost sell my D90 to have it LOL.. of course lacking the motor is a big problem for me at this point…

        Though I still have this feeling that the D90 line will disapear…

      • jp

        The D90 is 12.3 mega pixels so it will be the same resolution!!

    • Niloy

      Man, that sounds like a dream camera. It sounds way to good to be true. Sorry man, but to me, a specification like that *almost* beats a D300. [After all that, the D300 would only rank higher because of it’s 51 af points and betting metering and tougher body.]

      • a

        and frame rate.

        and AF tracking.

        and almost 100% coverage.

        • Mike

          and 14-bit NEFs and battery life and accessory options.

          What is “betting” metering, anyway?

    • John

      Bear in mind that these specs are made up by Ken Rockwell… and as we already know old Ken lost it a long time ago. However a stripped D90 in a D60 body with, some extra “fancy” features to attract prospective Sony and Olympus buyers might just happen.

      • Tom

        KR ? Say no more.

      • Anonymous

        If it was by KR then it would say: takes film.

    • Sensor: 16MP CMOS…. what?!

    • d40-owner

      I can’t believe this.. You actually copy-pasted the specs from KR site??????
      Dude, you are going to be m,ass-murdered in this post… πŸ˜›

      • rhlpetrus

        Yes, let’s mass-murder this child-eater! KR! πŸ™‚

    • Juergen


      Available: Early April 2009.”

      You should state the source!
      And as it’s Ken The Liar these “specs” are – how to say it politely? – _not that realistic_

    • Eli

      “No chance. Never in a million years would Nikon be so dumb as to release a camera in their own line-up that is cheaper than a D90 and has higher resolution.”

      Canon did it with the 450D vs. 40D (although the 50D came out soon after).

      Although I think you may be right–16MP is a pretty big difference, and it’s not necessarily a good thing; I’d rather stick with excellent high ISO performance. It would have the most resolving power short of the D3X and that would be a little silly.

      • Tom

        Indeed they did. So let me re-phrase, “perhaps once in a million years…..when the D90 is being put out to pasture…..”

        Actually, whisper it quitely, but KR does get it right sometimes and he isn’t exactly a moron. Maybe he just likes getting high from licking toads or something. It would explain why he likes oversaturated colors….

    • please stop posting ken.rockw3ll garbage specs. he is a joke to anyone that is serious about photography.

    • JIm

      Ken Rock deserves credit here

  • Anonymous

    admin have gone sleepwalking again.

    share your source with us.

  • Romel

    16MP DX, Movies, Tilt LCD, Wi-Fi?

    Chances are though that this will not be the only entry level DSLR announced next week. Pentax just dropped the price on some of its models and Canon knows what they are doing. Next week should be a great time for camera frenzy.

    • Niloy

      Yay! Can’t wait!

      • Anonymous

        A full-on frenzy ! Foaming rabid shoppers fighting over the lusciously exquisite tilt+swivel new models with implausibly impressive specs….. I’d love to photograph that ! Shame it won’t happen in a recession.

  • cww

    Let’s go for a D700x with a swivel screen.

    • HDZ

      Hey, you’re make me panic!! lol.

  • Daniel

    pocket camera with APS sensor perhaps?
    About time.
    That would explain the strange naming too.

    • WoutK89

      I thought that too πŸ˜›

    • Bob

      Why use the D90 sensor then?

      • WoutK89

        Because they already got it, and maybe because it can still be downgraded in performance, it is top of the league atm πŸ˜‰

      • markdphotoguy

        The more cameras that take the same sensor the less it costs Nikon to purchase/manufacture the sensor. That’s why we saw the D700 less than a year after the D3.

    • Jason

      Why discontinue the D40 to introduce a pocket camera?

  • Anonymous

    I think a swivle screen on a camera is the
    Cheesiest and most dumbest thing nikon will ever do!
    not that I really care for an entry level camera but it’ll be hard to make the camera look good from behind.

    I just hope they won’t continue to do this with other camera updates.

    • Mikael Willberg

      Sviveling LCD FTW!

      Looks like people have not used one or have no idea how to make use of it. And having it move only around one axis is not good enough.

      Few of my personal favorites: using walls etc. as an extra support. And to take shots around a corner to get angle that cannot be achieved other way, like in a housing fares which have strict path where you can walk. Sometimes you even have to hang from a second floor inside balcony AND shoot around a corner to get good overview of the living room πŸ™‚

    • I had 3 Sony Cybershots that had swiveling screens. Excellent idea. Don’t know why it took so long for people to finally catch on (other than Sony & Olympus) that this is a *good* thing.

      I agree w/ Mikael that anyone against it surely hasn’t ever used on or never thought about what to do with it. Very useful!!

      • Tom

        Minolta used it too – I had an A200 with one. They rock ! The only real disadvantage is the way they take up space for hinges etc that could be used for buttons.

    • ‘I think a swivle screen on a camera is the
      Cheesiest and most dumbest (sic) thing nikon will ever do!’

      No, it’s the best and smartest thing Nikon will ever do. What do a lot of consumer DSLR buyers photograph? Landscapes and water. Want a really eye-catching shot of that beach you’re on? Want to rest the camera on a tripod a few inches above the surface of that stream?

      These things require a swivel LCD (assuming you aren’t just going to put it in auto mode and hope it works!), and having one on their consumer camera (IIRC the new Canon EOS doesn’t, and in any event it’s priced at D90-type levels) would help Nikon take a lot of consumer buyers away from the EOS 450D and the Sony Alpha.

  • joypog

    I photograph my pet rabbits all the time so I am usually crawling around on the carpet to get halfway decent shots… So…swivel screens have their place…and it may sway me towards Nikon now that I’m finally in the market shopping for a SLR)

  • MB

    Seams to me that some people have mixed some rumors they have overheard.
    Nikon is actually preparing two new entry level cameras this year (one is D5000 and the other one is yet unknown), and also an upper level camera that we all know as D400.
    Turbo flash, 16MP DX and Wi-Fi for D5000? No way Hose!

  • Anonymous

    I ll pick one for my 6 year old daughter so she won’t touch my cameras.
    She can take pictures of her self and her stuff animals with the screen rotate.

  • Niloy

    What would be pretty cool is if they make a bridge camera with the sensor from the D90… then again, I fear of the compromises needed to be made for such a product. But yeah, no way they’d bring out an DSLR with a name like that. Then again, before the D40, no one would have believed they’d bring out a DSLR line without built-in motors.

  • vic

    I suspect D5000 will have image quality that is slightly better than even D90 but like the D40….its a multi-step button pressing process to change the majority of the fine tune modes — like white balance. Hopefully they can sell it for the same price. Swivel screens….is a feature that enables Nikon to sell more cameras since they are easier to fail or break (sort of like flip phones).

  • Anonymous

    No en-el5, no 16mp, no 3″ screen, no 3 fps, no flash commander, not at PMA.
    Yes, is true, is here, i love it. Is not an allien. 12 Mp like D90, incredible flexible screen, LV, movie. Small, nice, fast. E-620 it’s “old” from the day of launch. Wait a little bit. It’s the final countdown, Happy Easter!

    • Tom

      Care to justify the E-620 comment? Based on what you do write it sounds like a D60 design wise with the D90 sensor/processor and a swivel screen. The E-620 has a bunch of tricks that makes possibly the most interesting 4/3 camera ever.

    • C

      What about the built-in flash, Anonymous? Is it bigger than D40/60’s?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for my E-620 comments. I was rude. I expected something different from Olympus

  • rhlpetrus

    Ok, sorry for the KR comments πŸ˜‰

    Now, would you please find a pic of it!?

    • There’s never any excuse for KR comments πŸ˜›


  • Martin

    How ’bout flash rumors?

    I’m all up for a SB-500 or a SB-700. It makes sense since the SB-900 was released not too long ago.

    Have you heard anything admin?

    Note to self…I don’t have money to spend, I don’t have money to spend, I don’t have money to spend, I don’t have money to spend.

  • camdesigns

    I hope that it isn’t the new entry level DSLR as I just got a D40 and if it is the new one I’ll kick myself.

    • MattM

      I just got a d60 myself, I know how you feel. I guess we just need to get used to the digital rot. What I keep telling myself is that all of these new features don’t equate to better pictures, they just make certain things more or less easier. In terms of MP, they are more or less useless unless you are doing sssssssssssuper cropping, in which case, your kit lens isn’t going to cut it anyway. More AF points? 3 already annoy me when it can decide which one to pick, I can only imagine how much more annoying it is with more. And a tilt screen on a plastic slr body is just asking for a warranty nightmare. At least that’s how I console myself…

  • Wiilyb

    Why do you allow ads for the gangsters at ProPhotoNation when they appear to rip-off anyone who orders from them?

    Nikon D3 Kit- 2299.99
    USA warranty, free shipping Brand new, factory sealed!

    Yeah, right!

    • I just blocked them – I cannot choose which ads to display – google takes care of this. I can only block certain advertisers and I have done this for many stores with low rating. If you see another questionable ad – just drop me a line and I will block it.

  • Hor

    looks like Nikon more concern about the low end market now.

    • Eli

      What are you talking about? They released the D300, D700 and D3 all within a year. The D40 and D60 are old and in need of replacement! It would only make sense for them to come out with the best entry-level dSLR that they can.

  • None of these comments hold any real value.

  • Anonymous

    a good tip for admin: post your source to support your assumption. gizmodo is famous for rumors because they post their sources, but where’s yours?

    • markdphotoguy

      If NR posts his sources, his sources will cease to be his sources. Nikon has a serious NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and the ENFORCE it seriously. People can loose their jobs AND get fined on top of it. I’ve never read the Nikon NDA but I know a couple of Nikon reps pretty well (and one photog who was under NDA at a sporting event) and I’ve read through a Canon NDA (but was not made to sign) right before Canon’s Canadian Avril Lavigne ad campaign that my co-workers and I got a sneak peak at. The Canon NDA is serious and I’ve heard Canon’s isn’t as harsh as Nikon’s NDA.

    • BSN

      Ha. But Gizmodo cited NR on this yesterday…

  • Anonymous

    I want a D400 ar >..<

    • Anonymous

      me too

    • Anonymous

      Me three.

  • JakeB

    So what do you think the chances are that this D40/D60 replacement will also use the Nikon EN-EL9 battery? I canceled my order for the D60 on the grounds of rumors of a replacement next week, but I still have the ‘extra’ battery coming.

    Putting the cart before the horse, I know.

    • Anonymous

      The battery will be EN-EL9. You canceled your order for D60, but the new camera will be at a different pricepoint, much higher than D60.

      • JakeB

        Thanks for your reply, Anon.

        To be honest, spending a few hundred more doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, especially for more focus points and exposure bracketing — I’ve come across so many situations where HDR would be the way to go, but I don’t want to move up to the weight/price of the D90.


  • Anonymous

    NR: Home for Nikon Rumbling Gearheads.

  • web

    So we’re just a few days out from PMA and no pix of this mystery D5000 have surfaced? Based on Nikon’s track record of either intentional or unintentional leaks with their last few DSLR’s, I’m wondering why we haven’t seen this beast yet…

  • wish1510

    Great my first post in this site is deleted and all I told the guy was to wait till next week before he buys his New Nikon.

    • I don’t remember deleting your post – let me check the spam filter. I hope you understand that I am doing this to make it easier for the reader – when you have 100 comments, it is dificult to sort out what to read. I do aplogize if I have deleted a valid comment.

  • wish1510

    Admin, It’s ok. I understand if you deleted my post. I love your site, one of the first sites I check everyday. Can’t wait for both D5000 and D400. I hope they both have video. I like both photography and Video. It would be awesome if I can buy one camera to take awesome pictures and turn around and use it for making my short films at 24 frames for second at 1080p using those awesome dslr lenses. Ohhhhh, yea can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait.

  • Ivan

    I’ve been thinking about purchasing the D60 (my first SLR) for weeks. I’m a full-time student and have saved around 600 to get the 18-55mm VR kit along with the 55-200MM VR kit, which currently retails for $700 at Costco or Cameta Camera.

    Now that I’m hearing about the release of the new D5000, I’m thinking of holding off until mid March or early April. Any expectation that the 55-200mm VR kit will drop to around 600-650 or possibly even less?

  • could this be the M8/Konica Hexar rangefinder type portable camera with a fixed zoom lens that many have been waiting for?

  • JIm

    No D5000 according to Ken Rockwell

  • Chris

    Sorry, but I am completely new to DSLR’s. I had my experience with various Canon point and shoots, but wondering about your responses to KR. He made some good points about the D40 and I just ordered one. I really just want it for good pics of family and action shots of friends and family. KR mentions flash sync speed on the D40. Just wanted your take on his views of this camera and why you guys don’t respect his opinions?

    Should I wait for this new model? thanks.

    • no, your D40 is just fine

    • JM

      All these rumors! Wow. I’m a D300 Guy. Love that beast. It’s amazing how many photogs out there salivate over this stuff. I used my finepix s1 pro, and my s2 pro between 2001 and 2008 (when I got the D300 as my birthday gift) Never once did either of these two fine cameras fail me. I still use them today even though I’ve pushed 43,000 images through the D300 alone since February ’08. I say, forget the rumors, and go out and PRODUCE GREAT IMAGES with what you currently own!
      My two cents worth, oh. wait. Economic downtown it’s now worth 1/2 cent.
      Best to everyone and I hope to see you out in the field, not here…

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