I am very excited... I stared NikonRumors back in May. Eight months later we have: 508 posts, 10,107 real comments, 4,932 spam comments and over 1 million unique visitors...

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone - I've said it many times before: this site is a community effort and I could not have done it without your contributions.

Here is a look back - the most viewed items in 2008 (most visited posts on top):

Of course I had several screw ups, busted rumors, spelling mistakes, etc. but who cares.

What will come in 2009: some sweepstakes, maybe a forum, some lens reviews (first in line: Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX) and of course more rumors. If you have some other ideas drop me a line.

Happy New Year! Stay safe and remember - send them if you get them.

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  • Legal Eagle (not!)

    I am not a practicing legal professional but isn’t that big red ‘flash’ you have used on this post a Nikon trademark? I recall reading a Nikon Europe brochure a few years ago that had in the small print at the back a list of the copyrighted and trademark objects/symbols/words in brochure and it specifically mention the “red Nikon flash” which was interesting at time as I had always wondered what to call the red stripe/swoosh/kiss on the handgrip. They apparently call it a flash. Anyway, you prob know better than I do but thought I would mention. Happy New Year to all… soon be here where I am!

    • I did research that – I searched everywhere, I posted this on forums and the feedback I got is that it is not a registered trademark/tradedress of Nikon. If it was, I would think that they would published it everywhere in the small prints. Can you maybe send me a picture of this brochure? Or maybe I should remove it just to be on the safe side. Has anyone else seen this as a trademark/tradedress?

      • Legal Eagle (not!)

        I will see if I still have it. Its definitely not in my current brochures so perhaps its not – or they couldn’t demonstrate it being exclusively identifiable with their brand.

        have you tried emailing Nikon themselves and just asking if it is a trademark?

        I can imagine there would be a stink if Canon introduced a camera with a similar red flash on the hand grip which makes me think that they could claim it is theirs and part of their brand image. I have an early F3HP when it was just a red vertical stripe so it has been an identifiable feature – though evolving over a couple of decades.

        I wouldn’t rush to remove it – if it is theirs they will be sure to let you know ‘politely’ first before sending in the lawyers ;o)

  • Anonymous

    4,932 spam comments? Hmmm, is that all? Hahaha.

    Keep up the good work!

    • This is since I moved to WordPress 3 months ago. I got more before… Askimet is the best!

  • Michael

    Admin, thanks for a great 2008!! You have kept us well informed and I know you will in the future. Thanks again for ALL your hard work and all you do.

    God Bless! Happy New Year!

    • Maxime

      Yeah! Thanks NR! 😀

      • Pablov

        yes, Best Greetings from me too 🙂

  • Emil

    You’ve done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Eric

    Great job, this has been a great year to shoot Nikon, and a gret year to rumor mill, and a great job was done!

  • Joe

    Great job! I’m looking forward to that review of the tokijna – it’s the next lens I was thinking of buying.

  • Thank you all!

  • Rebel

    Wish you good luck and many-many readers!

  • Thanks for a great site!!

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