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I thought I was done for this year but then I came across those charts for the best selling DSLR in Japan for this year. I think this is a good way to end 2008.

There is also something important that I forgot in my previous post:


Via SlashGear

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  • Cache

    What is the interesting part of these two charts is that if you calculate the share by individual model for NIKON and CANON. You will come up with percentage number for NIKON and CANON are 39% vs. 38% repectively.

    So where does that additional 1% for CANON come from??

    • NikonMan

      I suspect that it came from cameras not in the chart which individually make up less than 1% of the market (EOS1 etc).

      Adding up all models in the chart leaves quite a chunk of the market for all the “low volume” DSLR’s

      Then the question: “did Nikon not sell ANY D3’s in the Japanese market?” I can’t believe that the Eos1’s outsold D3’s by any significant margin.

  • John L

    Interesting to me is what a big success the Canon Rebel XSi is. Even though it was only available for about 3/4 of 2008 it about matches the D40 + D40x/D60 together. And when you throw in the other Rebels Canon is the clear winner in the DSLR low end range. (I’m assuming the D80 has to be compared to the Canon 40D even though it’s now well under $1000 in the US.). I believe the XSi is a big winner in the US too. It’s been the choice of almost everyone I know who bought their first DSLR in 2008. I’m a Nikon person myself and as such my takeway from these numbers is that Nikon really does need both the D40 and the D60 – or something new – to compete with Canon in the DSLR low end.

    • bigmouth

      Nikon lacks a single model that compete with 450D/XSi is troublesome to many and rightfully so. I believe Nikon is fully aware of this as well. It’s very likely that by some point 2009, Nikon is going to release a D60 size model that matches the configs similar to that of 450D/XSi. If they can make D60 as cheap as D40, then the low-mid-high strategy will pay off handsomely. By the way, the Rebel series in Japan is not Rebel, but rather with a much more famine name of “Kiss”, ewww, but you can see it was originally designed toward quite a different crowd. The thin small handle fits those tiny delicate japanese women’s hands quite well.

  • Zoetmb

    I think you’ll find these numbers quite different outside of Japan. While Nikon/Canon spit 40% each at the end of Nikon’s fiscal 08 (March 08), I think you’re going to find a big drop for Nikon (and probably for Canon as well) at the end of Nikon’s fiscal 09 (March 09), probably due to Sony, but I can’t back that up with real numbers.

    Comparing to CIPA shipments, Nikon was running about a 36.7% share as of the end of September (fiscal 1st half). That’s DSLR bodies only. Nikon probably won’t release the 3Q numbers until first week of February.

  • lensbaby

    It would be interesting to see a chart like this for camera lenses

  • I live in Tokyo and always take note of what DSLRs I see being toted around and these numbers seem more or less to be what I see in my unscientific visual survey. I feel maybe I see more Canon DSLRs though, like maybe a 55 to 45 percent split, Canon to Nikon, respectively (I have a Nikon D80).

    I very rarely see D3s or 1Ds Mark IIIs out on the streets.

    I see a lot of Canon 40Ds. Then a lot of Nikon D40s and D60s.

    At smaller events, and lesser known events, that’s where you see the big boys. At a very good but little known festival last weekend, I was there with my D80 surrounded by two dudes with D700s.

    • Happy New Year All

      “At smaller events, and lesser known events, that’s where you see the big boys”

      This makes no sense!

      1. I regularly see, particularly D3’s “on the street” – PJs usually on way to or from events/incidents etc.

      2. I suggest that smaller events are less likely to attract “big boys” rather than more.

      3. The “dudes” you saw were unlikely to be pros/big boys if they had just D700’s. It’s a great back-up for a pro but not as a main tool – slower frames/crappy CF slot cover – why oh why did they put that prosumer level plastic ‘flip’ door on the D700? Then there is the viewfinder – crappy frame crop when using DX – you have to train your eyes to frame in the smaller frame and ARGHHH – my pet hate… less than 100% viewfinder coverage… critical for most pros and extraordinarily useful for everyone else AND A REASONABLE EXPECTATION in a camera costing THAT much!

      • Zoetmb

        >>>my pet hate… less than 100% viewfinder coverage… critical for most pros and extraordinarily useful for everyone else AND A REASONABLE EXPECTATION in a camera costing THAT much!

        The difference in coverage in the viewfinder is so small, unless you’re on a tripod, it makes no relevant difference, ESPECIALLY for PJ work, where most photogs are just trying to capture the scene and doing it quickly. They’re not composing for the edges – in fact, most will do the opposite so that the photo can be cropped. And I haven’t heard of one case of someone breaking the CF card slot door. So I think this is a big over-reaction. Also, not every pro operation is going to fund a D3-level camera and many photogs prefer a lighter-weight camera anyway.

  • Adam

    As a Canonite, I wish I could say “Thank you Canon, keep it up in 2009” 🙁

    Stupid company.. anyone willing to sell me Nikon gear? 🙂

  • Funny how only pro camera in above 1% is D700.

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