Sigma APO 200-500mm F2.8 EX DG super telezoom lens for Nikon

Sigma Corporation of America is pleased to announce first availability of the new Sigma APO 200-500mm F2.8 EX DG super telezoom lens for Nikon.

This amazing new lens which has been available for Canon cameras will arrive next week in a model for Nikon cameras. Quantities will be limited. Sigma dealers can order this lens immediately.

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  • Pablov


    wonderful and inspiring zoom range at f2.8…
    at a mere ~22K … πŸ™‚

    this remind me my little 1000mm telescope I used to shoot the moon is f 11; this zoom with the 2x converter is f 5.6, with AF and LCD panel…

    The only feature I would miss on this huge (and cientific) tool is a VR system πŸ™

  • landon

    sweet. now to figure out how to broach the subject with my wife.

  • MAO

    But …….22.050 $

  • Owl Clerk

    Pah! Who needs this? I only buy Sigma lenses to review for all my readers then I use them as doorstops – I would never put one on my FANTASTIC D40 which is the only camera you will EVER need!

    I can get better shots with my D40 and its 18-55 zoom than anyone with this new Sigma lens even if they had a D3x. Why? Because I am brilliant!

    I don’t sell my work as it is too brilliant to be allowed into the real world. People would suffer saturation blindness – like snow blindness but caused by psychedelically saturated images – if they were to mount one of my images on their walls. In fact a beam of psychelicidity would race into the greatness of time and space itself – until it actually bent time itself, then reality and everyone would find themselves on an island in space – Rockwell Island – with a left handed anti-gravitational D40 floating around their neck complete with a right handed, 18-55 zoom with built in SADR (sonic astro-dust reduction), commonly referred to as ‘SADER’ and they would discuss JPEG vs RAW vs KREG (the ultimate in image quality files created by myself – basically they take any image from any camera – no matter how many pixels it has – and reduces them to 2MP which is the most the human eye can identify.

  • Pablov

    Does Nikon offer similar lens in this range ?

    And other 3rd party manufacturer?

  • Bob Howland

    I’d be a lot more impressed (and a lot more likely to pull out my credit card) if it was an f/4, cost $4500, and weighed 9lbs.


    I really don’t see the point of this lens and really don’t think sigma will sell that many. I would rather have one of the 300-800mm f/5.6 lens or like the poster above said an f/4 in that range.

    • I can see a point for it: It would be ideal for when you had to stay in a fixed, distant position while covering a fast-action event, such as stadium sports or, um, weapons tests.

      So I suspect that most of the purchasers are going to be news agencies or, as a previous poster mentioned, governments.

      On the individual level, I guess the focal length and aperture range would be ideal for snaps of your entry competing in a yacht or camel race, and if you’re the kind of person who enters yacht or camel races, you’d have no trouble either affording it or transporting it (most likely you’d be spectating from your helicopter, right, Your Highness?)

      • DNHJR


  • Mike Hunt

    I’ve already used one when I worked for the British Government. It has a separate battery to power itself. It doesn’t use the camera to focus at all, nor a version of SWM – your camera would be drained in about 17 seconds! This means it packs up when its own battery packs up.

    We went back to using the Nikon 200 – 400 f4 – with TC when required.

    • I don’t want to know what the British Government was using this lens for…

  • Cache

    SWEET!! You can buy this and use the rebate amount to purchase a D700 body!

  • David Olsen

    This lens is on display ( and open for all to try ) in my local foto shop ..Awesome but you would need a fork-truck to move it so just forget hand-hold work ( with or with-out VR πŸ™‚ ) ..They actually had it discounted during sigma day ..down from 161 000 kr to 134 000 kr … Think I will stick to the 200-400 which is a snip at just 54 000 kr ;-(

  • Pablov

    Interesting details from readers πŸ™‚

    right, with its weight….. who would need VR ? it’s a tank and you need a more than stable base to use it πŸ˜€

    about the battery, can’t you still use it in manual focus when the battery is over? (if not, then I won’t buy this “cannon” -with double “n” :D)

  • Tommy

    people who can afford this can afford an open-top jeep and a remote-controlled machinegun tripod.
    actually, after buying the tripod and the jeep, they file an order for the quarter-of-a-ton 1700mm F4 Zeiss and a few MF systems.

  • One cannot appreciate the size of this beast until you see it in person or at least with a human being standing next to it for scale. Here is a picture I took of on at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC.

    The New Bigma

  • Alan Dooley

    Two of them would make a super stereo imaging device, wouldn’t they?

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