Nikon iPhone app

Update: few days later came the official press release from Nikon.

Nikon released My Picturetown app for the iPhone. The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes. This is Nikon's first iPhone app.


  • Access to all photos stored in Picturetown account (2GB free)
  • View and create albums
  • Upload photos from your iPhone
  • Add tags
  • Access to stored EXIF data
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  • Jonathan

    i guess Nikon doesn’t hate Apple that much after all…maybe.

    • That’s why I posted this – I did not want to comment in the post, because no matter what I say somebody will not be happy, so I will leave the commentary to you…

  • James

    only good if you use my picture town
    now what i want is a full photoshop app and a app to trigger your camera from afar

  • Dave

    Okay… So, Nikon and Apple are on speaking terms after all. My guess is Nikon doesn’t care about their software a lot. They are busy making great cameras for us! 🙂 I’ve tried several Nikon products, but in the end none of it work for me (all windows versions). Even that plugin to make NEF thumbnails in explorer… Worked for 3 weeks and now nothing… I know what I want from Nikon and that are cameras and lenses. For the software I strongly stick to adobe and co who make terrific, intuitive and powerfull software applications for us to manage our photos.

    • Willis


      Compared to Lightroom, Photoshop, iPhoto, Picassa, Aperture, etc… Nikon’s software is… scary. Aside from the interface being atrocious, its just plain buggy and doesn’t run very well. If I were Nikon I’d ousource all my software development to somebody w/ more expertise on that sort of thing (I think they may do this already, but its still lousy).

  • Paolo

    i don’t find My Picturetown in the Apple site. Can someone help me?
    Thank you

  • bigmouth

    my picture town is not going to fly no matter how hard nikon pushes it. the harder they try it the more money they will lose on it. Why not just embrace flickr and build some kind of alliance with yahoo anyway? Yahoo is going to be eat up by Microsoft eventually, and flickr is one of the few things yahoo actually makes money on.

  • Martin

    Paolo, just search for nikon.

  • ChrisL

    Yes but who cares about “my Picturetown”. Better flickr integration (or mor generally, ability to choose your own image hosting service) is better than some attempted lock-in to a less popular, vendor-promoted service.

  • xpez

    I was hoping to have some kind of nifty black and yellow app that was useful for photography.; a techo-gadgety thing that extends the use of my D700 – 0_0 – no dice..

    The iphone already has a slide show function.


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