Capture NX 2 Free Upgrade Offer from Nikon

You still have more than a month left to take advantage of this offer from Nikon (US only):

Purchase Capture NX Version 1 from a Nikon Inc. authorized reseller, (Product number 25338) between May 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 to receive a FREE Capture NX 2 Upgrade directly from Nikon. Simply call 800-Nikon-UX with your product key and provide a copy of your proof of purchase to receive a Capture NX 2 key code free of charge.

Currently Capture NX Version 1 sells for $102.33 @ Amazon - so you can safe about $40, since Capture NX2 goes for $145.47.

In the UK, you can still get version 2 for free with a purchase of D700.

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  • Carlos

    Do I get it for free if I got NX 1 with D300?

    • If you bought your D300 after May 1, 2008 – I would say yes. Call them up and let me know.

      • ZwedeInExile

        Sorry – I just did the upgrade. I bought the D300 w/ Capture NX. The CSR told me the FREE upgrade is only if you BOUGHT and PAID FOR Capture NX. So I had to shell out $109.95 + shipping.

        BTW – anyone care to comment on Capture NX2 vs Lightroom 2 vs Photoshop Elements 7. How do u get the most out of ur pix without spending more time at the PC than u do shooting?

        • Carlos


  • GT

    TO: NR Admin…
    New Thread?? up to you?
    Will next Nikon use an INTEL chip of some sort??
    Link on Nikon Australia site:
    —————————— reads:
    1, Purchase a desktop computer with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor (from November 18, 2008) from a participating reseller or any Nikon digital SLR camera from any Nikon Australia authorized reseller (from October 1, 2008). (Please retain your receipt & warranty slip as proof of PC or camera purchase).

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