Nikon double gold medalist at DIWA awards

"DIWA, or Digital Imaging Websites Association, is an international network of independent websites focusing on digital imaging. Its awards are chosen by professional photography websites and are based on unique test samples and evaluations of more than 200 functions and features in a standardised testing scoreboard. Nikon was awarded Gold in the categories Semi-Professional D-SLR (Nikon D300) and Consumer D-SLR (Nikon D60)."


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  • proud to own an D300~~~ it delivers great image! no worries!!

  • SkaterGUrL!!1!

    true dat!1!1!

  • Siletto

    how did the D60 get into the semi pro category

    On a separate note, if the D50 won gold, did the D40 won the same when it was young

    • Anonymous

      The D60 didn’t get in the semi-pro category. It won for the consumer category

  • somebody

    d300 deserves t of course.
    d60 itself earns it too

    but d40x–>d60 was just disapponting 😉

  • Mediawatcher
  • Char

    I cannot find the awards on the DIWA website… is that website just poorly administered or what is the reason for this? Or am I just too stupid to look correctly?

    • I couldn’t find it either – my guess is that they have not updated their website yet (?)

  • Craig

    Another pointless award.

    These folks have given awards to HP & Samsung, clearly you just have to pay to get the award. I’m sure Nikon has spent a fair bit on advertising on these sites.

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