Nikon D3x – 90% certantity if I have to put it in numbers

Based on the information I have received from multiple sources from around the world, I am now 90% certain  that we will see the new Nikon D3x by the end of this month. I keep getting the end of November or December 1st as a potential release date. I still do not know what will happen on November 20th. The new model will be called Nikon D3x (not D4) and it will have more MP (as expected).

The above statement is purely based on emails/tips I have been receiving in the past few days. The frequency and quality of the reports has definitely picked up. Of course this could be all just wishful thinking and speculation based on previous information posted on this blog.

I am still evaluating the best way to represent such an increase Nikon rumors chatter. Maybe I will introduce a Nikon Rumors Advisory System (similar to Homeland Security Advisory System).

The current level of Nikon rumors chatter would be HIGH.

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  • Anonymous

    home land security is a farce

    • Markus

      Depends from your point of view:

      If you have a company selling all this stuff (X-ray detectors, RFids) required for homeland security, or all the shops in the air ports where you buy the things you had to throw away at the secutity check, you might think in a different way.

      If you are a normal citizen (like me) probably you’re right with your opinion!

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  • Pablov

    It would make sense if Nikon has something ready to be shipped after the announcement. That would increase sales for the coming season.
    and that would correspond with the D3 price drop too.

    – What would include the new D3x besides more MP ?
    Maybe Movie/Video in a Professional implementation? That would certainly put Nikon ahead again, and what is more important to the users, it would bring more possibilities and versatility of features, thus creative capabilities

    (please, don’t compare (or think) a DSLR capable of good/very good/pro video capability with a home/prosumer camcorder. It has nothing to do in a lot of technical and creative aspects)

  • Max

    The HSAS was a joke. It is all about things that could happen but never will happen. At least, that is true.

    It is quite logical Nikon will bring out the high MP full frame due to the market pressure. It is most certain. The timing is about right as well.

    Any pricing information?


  • Martin

    I think lots of people are expecting a D3x. I also think the chances that we will see a D3x are very nearly 100%. Why?
    Canon has a EOS 1Ds Mark II with 22 megapixels (if I’m not mistaken) and Sony has a 24 megapixel alpha900 (albeit with very limited quality at high ISO speeds).

    The next clue is: after the D1/D1h there was a D1x — after the D2h there was a D2x — everytime with higher megapixel count albeit slower frame rate.
    So, it’s only logical that Nikon will come forward with a D3x.

    And since the D3 is out in the market for more than a year, I think it’s only logical as well that we’ll see a D3x this year.
    Now, this year only lasts for another 7 weeks … Nikon will present it before christmas, because during the holiday season chances are nobody will listen.

    What I’m saying is: thank you for posting this information, but I don’t think it’s significantly new. I mean, it’s not a question of ‘if’ Nikon will release a D3x, it’s a question of ‘when’ Nikon will do it.

    If you follow the things a certain manufacturer does closely enough over the years you’ll get a feeling for what the manufacturer will be doing next. The most important bits and pieces can be deduced logically by looking at the competitors. I knew that there would be a D90 with minimum 12 megapixel and sensor cleaning unit, the very day Nikon released the D80. And I have been waiting patiently for it ever since. I haven’t been thrilled with the D80 because I felt it wasn’t a proper replacement for the D70s. The D80 was only a little better in most areas, while it was lacking in some other. And I was very disappointed to see that Nikon missed to incorporate a self cleaning sensor unit into the D80.

    In any case, since we have a D3 which is only a little more than a year old, you can deduce logically that the new camera will most certainly not be called D4. Unless of course Nikon is willing to throw all their remaining samples of the D3 into the next bin. If they were to release a D4 they won’t be selling much of the D3 anymore. But if they’ll be releasing a D3x they can keep on selling the D3 alongside.

    • Martin

      Just realized that, while I was writing my comment, a few other people had similar thoughts. 🙂

    • finn

      I also think that it would not make that much sense
      to not call it D3x (x=whatever).

      It would make sense to call it D4 if it would be a major
      development step. By assuming most likely more megapixels and a bit of new stuff (I could picture a integrated dust removig system and/or GPS and/or some hd-video and/or wlan (in this order) … )
      Buy assuming that not all of the above is inside I
      say it will “only ;-)” be a D3x

      Also a reason to change the name would be a bad
      history with it, but with the great D3, … no, no reason!

      So just wait the 10 days and see what nice
      present Nikon will bring us!

  • NikonLand

    Nikon-land Security

    Too cool

  • *yawns*

    Looks like everyone forgot about D3H model.

    • oh, right, i forgot everybody wants more MEGAPIXELS.

  • Chevypower

    More megapixels? pffft… we should be at GigaPixels by now!

  • perca fluvialitis

    The 85/1.4D is in low or no supply around the world, and Nikon Australia’s website shows it as “discontinued”.

    Announcing an 85/1.4G AF-S together with a larger FX sensor sure makes sense given the target group of studio photographers: the fiscal year is drawing to an end, lots of people writing off gear soon and purchasing new in the beginning of next year.

    • Matt


  • lox

    No doubt about that there will be a D3 version with enhanced resolution, sooner or later. The question is: Will this lead to a D700X / D800 too? And (what I care most for): Will there be a new AF-S 70-200/2.8G? The current one won’t be a big deal on a D3X, since it’s kind of weak on the D3H already. And finally: Will D700 / D3H prices drop by christmas? _That_ would be good news….

  • my bet is… no new camera will be announced but *maybe* updated 85mm 1.4 because it is now discontinued. plus they haven’t begin selling the DVD about creative lighting system plus the GPS, remote for D90, color filter set for SB-900, and weather-guard rubber thingy for SB-900.

    anyone want to put bets on the table?

    • Pablov

      you always want to bet, lol

      I bet a candy, is it ok ? 😛

  • paul

    any sense of whether this announcement will include lenses? the obvious candidates would be fast primes or a new 70-200.

  • Pablov

    I forgot to mention, I like the idea of “plausible rumor” meter.
    But I suppose it’s not easy to get a clear or reliable way to determine the level.

    I guess this site is getting more useful with time, specially for those who are willing to purchase any Nikon gear.

    Thanks for that Admin 🙂

    (I still wonder how you do to deal with all the info and stuffs regarding this.. very time consuming! Hope it brings benefit to you too )

    • Thanks – it does take a lot of time, but again I like doing it, so it does not feel like a “job” but more like a hobby.

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  • Chris

    I’m getting the feeling there is going to be a nice surprise to go with any D3x announcement – like a 70-200 or 80-400 update.

    It’s a xmas killer aimed at Canon. Get Nikon in lights in early December, it should do wonders for market share.

  • Rob

    Im a Canon user, i cant wait to see a hi res full frame Pro Nikon, hopfully a lot cheaper than the 1Ds, so Canon will be forced to make the 1Ds mark lV more affordable.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure the Nikon high rez DSLR is most likely Q1 2009 ( perhaps late March 2009 is my guess), not anytime in 2008.

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