Political ads on NikonRumors

Update: Google explains how the political ads got to this blog.

Several readers emailed me about a political ad that was running on NR - "Yes on 8" which would eliminate same-sex couples' right to marry in California.

Contextual advertising means that ads should be pushed based on specific keywords found on a web page. My guess is that somewhere on NR there is a text with the keywords "yes", "on" and "8" which triggered that ad (this post may trigger the ad again - I still do not have a link in order to block it).

I do not have a way to select which ads are running on NR. I can only block certain sites, so if you see a banner that doesn't belong here, please sent me an email with the link.

To be fair and to balance things out, I will create my own ad:


Now everyone should be happy!

In order to prevent this to happen in the future, I have included a survey which should help advertisers to push the correct ads to NikonRumors. The survey will be available for a while in the top navigation bar. I would appreciate it if you fill it out - it takes only a minute.

On the positive site, Nikon is also advertising on NR:

But then, almost everyone here is a Nikon fan and we may not be the best target audience for Nikon marketing.

I am sorry if I have offended someone - this was not my intend.

Don't forget to vote!

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  • rdxfred

    Maybe the guys that are bothered by stupid ads should switch to Firefox and install the ad block plus add on…

    • Do you want to kill me? Hosting and running this site is not free 🙂

      • rdxfred

        I know, actualy, you should get a grant from Nikon for creating all this buzz around their brand and products.
        Maybe you are on Nikon payroll ! Who knows…

  • JHarris

    I think it’s mainly based off your IP, I have a “Defend Oregon” ballot measure ad running on this page right now, and I am in Portland. There’s no other way to have determined that other than my IP. The reason people complained is probably because they actually were in California, were already familiar with the issue and got targeted the same way.

    • Could be – this probably explains why I haven’t seen the ad. I am glad it will be all over tomorrow 🙂

  • I just blocked another one – hamptonroads.com.

  • Bob

    Vote HELL YES on #8!!!

  • D

    yes on 8, yes on 8, yes on 8.

  • It’s pathetic that the YES on 8 campaign is using Obama to prompt it. He has specifically stated that he is against 8 and agains the kind of discrimination it represents. If you disagree with GLBT marriage that is your right, but that doesn’t mean the United States should make it illegal to marry for same sex couples anymore than it should disallow any minority group from marrying. Interracial marriage used to be illegal — do we want to go back in that direction?

  • Chevypower

    Actually Prop 8 doesn’t go against civil rights nor does it discriminate, it just protects the meaning of the word the way it was “between a man and a woman” I am for prop 8, but I also think everyone should be treated the same, and if two people of the same gender want to legally be together, then that’s their business. Although when it comes to adoption, that involves making a decision for another human being without their ability to give (or not give) consent.
    There, enough political crap…. When’s the D800 coming out?

    • Hans

      Protects the meaning of the word?

      One has to wonder why someone thinks that the word marriage needs to be protected (beside religious beliefs)

      I guess we need a law to protect “PC” as well since the original meaning does not exclude non x86 based computers. (And even though macs are based on x86 today, most would reject the idea that their macintosh is a pc)

      • cv

        Yes. The definition of a marriage is between one man and one woman. If two people of the same gender want to have the same rights: fine, but don’t call it marriage.

    • Hans

      Oh, and regarding adoption, your argument goes for straight couples as well.

      • cv

        Generally spoken straight couples can have children the natural way, same sex couples can’t.

  • Chevypower

    Good ones Hans, I don’t care which way people want to vote for it. Just don’t be a misinformed twit and vote NO just because the propaganda is telling you that by voting “yes” means you don’t support any civil rights to gay people. I am glad you think computers and marriage have the same level of importance. It’s no wonder the election for the President for the whole country was treated like an American Idol finale.

  • Charles

    I saw ads for both Obama and McCain prior to the election. Did they “offend” me? No; I’m a mature adult who can encounter others who disagree with me, which apparently separates me from opponents of Prop8.

    It appears that the People’s Republik of Calliefawnya approved Prop8, even as Calliefawnyans went for Obama by nearly 2:1. One waits for major media coverage of the evil “blue bigots,” but such reporting shall likely never come.

    There is no right to not be offended. Shut up and go live your life.

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